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Would any of these Disney couples actually live happily ever after?
Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright dive back into the world of Disney animation for round two of ranking Disney romances! They're taking a look at 5 more classic Disney couples to see what's good, what's bad, and what's ugly. This time we've got The Aristocats (Duchess and O'Malley), Hercules (Hercules and Meg), Mulan (Mulan and Shang), The Princess and the Frog (Tiana and Naveen), and Tarzan (Tarzan and Jane) to see which couples might be headed for tough times ahead, and which seem to be on pretty good footing to get to happily ever after. From lying about their identity or goals, to facing preconceived notions about people or life, to literally dying, there's some pretty big hurdles for some of these couples to overcome.
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26 Eyl 2022




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When did Hal do any favors for Roxanne just your own ideology and worse people thinking they deserve it. Niceness is actions goodness is belief kindness is both
Goodness without niceness is
Do you think the defense attorney in the green mile was good. He believed he was guilty and didn't want him to get way with it . Do you wish real lawyers were like that
Talk about the series of these shows.
Did you watch the Tarzan series
@reirawho6174 Yıl önce
watching two grown men contemplate on the similarities between their wifes and their disney princess crushes is the cutest thing i have seen in a long time.
it's wholesome.
@cookiecat7759 Yıl önce
@Joee003 Yıl önce
A happy marriage is dope af
@ilovecairns5181 Yıl önce
And tarzan
@eevee.55 Yıl önce
I want to point out how Naveen specifically says as he is practicing his proposal, “I can get a job, maybe two!” This says a LOT about how much he respects Tiana and her desires and dreams. He comes from royalty and could probably win his parents over to get them money, but no. He is excited at the thought of supporting her through genuine hard work, just like she has always done. It shows he is willing to make sacrifices for her and that he now shares her dreams and aspirations. And the best part is that, in the end, they find happiness and a comfortable lifestyle in the middle.
@pvp6077 10 aylar önce
I kinda disagree. It just shows his magical thinking and lack of practical knowledge of the world and his own capabilities. What job does he think he's going to get? How hard does he think a job is? How many hours does he think he'd be working? Tiana's been busting her butt from birth and is exhausted working two jobs but Naveen thinks he can just go pick one up because he's decided to start working and a job will just fall into his lap. At this point, he's been cut off from his parents, he can't even handle "be rich and don't do dumb shit", we don't know if there's any future prince or princesses about to pop out of one of those **thousands** of women he's been with already or how many stds he's picked up along the way. When she meets him he's planning on marrying her friend for her money, and spending his life cheating on her. He spends a day or so with Tiana before he decides to just be a completely different person because that's what she likes, despite having no foundation to achieve his goals. He spends all day on a date she wasn't expecting because **he's planning to marry her rich best friend** then is surprised to discover she actually has dreams and goals. Literally the one thing we know about Tiana is she's working towards her restaurant. Everyone who's ever met her knows that. This guy is trying to propose before he ever finds that out. All he knows is that she likes working on things so he's like "ok cool I'm going to work on things too .... what's work and how is it done?" Her bar is so low he doesn't even need ro cook to impress her, just cut things into smaller pieces. Every single man Tiana knows can cut his own damn food without her instructions. He likes to sing and play music but he's not even good at it .... does he have one single talent or skill? One redeeming quality other than "changed himself for a woman", but changed from "useless arrogant womanizing gold digger" to "useless romantic sugarbaby"? Like, it seems like his job in Tiana's restaurant is "host" at best. His parents show up with money, she does the real work, and he just kinda hangs out having fun. His contribution to her is "teaching" her to have fun or whatever, because apparently her friends inviting her to go out all the time and her suitors trying to get her to relax once in a while were just background noise and only this guy's opinion matters. Tiana isn't having a romance with Naveen, they're experiencing the bridge effect. They barely know each other, their views and dreams are diametrically opposed, and they have no topics in common whatsoever. They fundamentally do not and cannot understand each other. After the honeymoon period ends, how would they really live? What would they talk about once they're no longer frogs? Does he know anything about business, cooking, running a restaurant, or living in pre civil rights american south? How's he gonna settle down to a lifetime of planning menus, dealing with suppliers, arranging employees, cycling product, holding staff meetings and all the other day to day of running a business? Tiana was fine alone, but how's Naveen gonna handle her having no time for him because she's running a business and can't hold his hand through every learning step like a child. How's he gonna handle being the only person in the building who cant boil an egg or tie his shoes without a servant? When all the men he sees are stronger and more competent and all the girls would be happy to be with a rich handsome prince even if he was a lazy bum
@jinkieez 10 aylar önce
@@pvp6077 you really wrote this wack essay comment over a kids movie character....
@lanalr4319 10 aylar önce
@@pvp6077 my god... get a job
@kigut7443 9 aylar önce
@@pvp6077 ratio, ik, but i agree tho? that relationship had like no chemistry and it bugged me too
@sipliza6568 9 aylar önce
@@jinkieez and you're on a channel ehere two people discuss cartoons and movies. So? What are you doing here then?
@umbria_666 10 aylar önce
O'Malley is also a VERY positive example of a stepfather entering into the lives of a mom and her kids. His main goal is always to aid the mom in not only raising and helping her kids, but also to make her, and therefore the kids, happy as well. They step up to a role where they really didn't have to, which my own stepfather did.
@Furienna 10 aylar önce
True, there are still very few positive portrayals of step-parents out there.
@omipolonejewelry6502 9 aylar önce
I always loved that movie and loved O’Malley wish I was lucky enough to have a step father that made my mother happy.
@serenamorton828 9 aylar önce
I love that he makes a point to include the kids in just about everything he does with Duchess. He gets a bit of one on one time with them and bonds with everyone individually and collectively. He doesn't try super hard to get them to like him, he just treats them with respect and is himself around them.
I wish my stepfather was like that.
@Furienna 8 aylar önce
@@alexanderv.domanski9246 The reason why we've got a strong "wicked step-parent" trope is probably that many people have bad relationships with a step-parent in real life.
My favorite Disney couple is Rapunzel and Eugene. ESPECIALLY if you watch Tangled: The Series, when he tries to propose to her, and she ultimately says no ( which is shocking for everyone. ) But GOSH, the scene where Eugene talks to her about it, and he's so understanding, compassionate, and basically says he'll wait as long as he has to to make sure she is ready, and he's sorry for springing the question so early. Just, ugh, they're good.
Yes! They’re definitely my favorite along with Pocahontas and John Smith! Both are very beautiful couples and are my favorite Disney movies too!
@Simplenotion Yıl önce
@@kristinahuchison2511 You do know about the real story, right?
@skydragon84 Yıl önce
She eventually decided to propose to him instead. Though things happened instead.
@s_nappsi Yıl önce
I love that in that show the writers gave them problems, real couple problems. It wasn't happy ever after. There were doubts and fears and so many little things that everyday people live through.
@matariki9818 10 aylar önce
Watching this, I cannot believe how old the Aristocats is (1970) and how modern its romance plot is compared to some more modern Disney movies. I mean, single mom with three kids ? Lonesome alleycat who just wants to flirt at first but then takes the kids as his own ? Them working out their class difference AND the question of the kids AND Madam AND being healthy every step of the way ? Given it was the last movie Walt Disney was personally involved in, it's amazing how the studio evolved from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to this dynamic, and the many layers of Duchess : she's a mom, but she's also a girl smitten with a boy, loves to sing and dance, cares for the kid and Madam...
@Furienna 9 aylar önce
I guess it was more possible to be "modern" if the characters were animals? "Lady & The Tramp" is an unexpectedly mature story too, but they got away with it because the main characters are dogs. "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty" are fairytales though and didn't need very complex romances back then.
@sarasamaletdin4574 7 aylar önce
It’s not like Disney can’t do “modern” but of course if they adapt cehturies old material they aren’t going to add the Prince or Princess having kids to it just to be modern. Although I would love to see Rumpelstilskin from Disney. The second half of the story is when the lead is a mother is trying to save her child from the bargain she made with Rumpelstilskin in the past to save herself. The DisneyToons films Lion King 2, Little Mermaid 2, and Return to Neverland had Simba, Ariel and Wendy have children, but the main studio hasn’t had movie like that. Although maybe in Frozen 3 Anna and Kristoff have kids. If so I hope it’s a girl called Gerda who needs to find Elsa to save her cursed friend. You know, close to the original plot of Snow Queen.
@Furienna 7 aylar önce
@@sarasamaletdin4574 Nice idea!
@themisfitowl2595 4 aylar önce
@@sarasamaletdin4574 I mean Rumpelstiltskin was a major character in the live action show Once Upon A Time which was made by Disney. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend giving it a watch!
@waterwindow Yıl önce
They forgot to mention that Tarzan chose to go back to England with her first before Clayton's betrayal changed his priorities towards protecting his family, where then Jane changed her mind near the end of the movie. So they both made the choice.
Yes! Exactly! I was surprised they didn't mention that part!
Also I think you need to take into consideration that he doesn’t really know the extent of what she sacrifices. He never lived it or really know much about what such a life might be like, even following her civilising efforts.
@noahxavier6253 11 aylar önce
To add to this, Jane LOVES the jungle. Like, she actively shows a love for gorillas and the other beings in the jungle, its something she shares with her father. Jane has the capacity to enjoy and be free living in the jungle. Tarzan, on the other hand, doesn't know if he'd like London life, and he would be going back as a scientific discovery, making it far less likely he'll be happy in Jane's Victorian society. The choice she makes truly benefits both of them.
@waterwindow 11 aylar önce
@@noahxavier6253 well said!
@trinaq Yıl önce
I found it refreshing that Mulan and Shang aren't properly together by the end, but are taking it slow. They need time to know each other as themselves, and not as comrades.
@kittylover4974 Yıl önce
Agree!! I also like that he visits her home and have her family knowing about him as they get to know each other. I really think, unless you have a toxic and controlling family, getting families involved early on is a wise thing. They know your greatest downfall and your best self. They have your best interest in mind. And meeting each other’s family doesn’t mean the relationship is now serious or has a level of real commitment at all. I always hated that pressure on meeting each other’s families.
@eliselamb553 Yıl önce
Love your profile pic
@Liz66. Yıl önce
@@kittylover4974 Could you explain the pressure thing? Like, isn't that natural? :')
@@Liz66. The way I see it, there is pressure in wanting to show your best sides to the other's parents/ family and have them like you. However, I also dislike the ridiculous exaggeration in movies, when i.e. there's palpable fear of the SO meeting the parents or the father being all overprotective and threatening dismemberment. It's overplayed in cinema and therefore,too many people take it for real.
@liamnehren1054 Yıl önce
which obviously would be the best idea even if they hadn't met like they did since the 1st year of a relationship doesn't give you a real idea of who the person is unless you were friends first and feelings only came later.
@TheVeyZ 9 aylar önce
I always loved O'Malley. He never tried to do nice things in order to get with Duchess. He just genuinely wanted to help her and her kittens.
@BPJD2004 9 aylar önce
I love that scene in the movie, because when he sees her kids (and obviously they're hers), he looks worried for a split second that he was flirting with a married woman. And he later becomes a father to them because that's what they needed.
@user-sg4ov7ng4h 8 gün önce
​@@BPJD2004i thought it was like a "oh sh*t she has kids"
@Anonymous-in4ed Yıl önce
They didn't talk about how Tiana basically sacrificed everything in the end as well. She chose marrying him and staying a frog over becoming human and getting her dream restaurant. She sacrificed her entire life's hard work up until that point. Hence they showed that they would both sacrifice anything for the other. In the end she became a princess and broke the curse because of their love.
@oahupuppy6903 Yıl önce
I see this point get brought up a lot, but the thing is, she didn't really sacrifice her dream. Sacrifice involves personal choice, willingly giving something up in exchange for something else. She didn't willingly give up her dream restaurant to marry Naveen, nor did Naveen coerce her into letting go of her dream. Outside circumstances made it impossible to attain, so she made peace with that and let it go in order to be happy with the person she loved rather than blame him for the loss, becoming lonely and embittered. The loss of the dream restaurant is like putting an offer down on your dream house, or applying to your dream college, and not making the cut. It's outside of your control, so it isn't a sacrifice, it's just a lost dream. In a way, I think it was good for her to lose it, because I think making peace with the idea that you could lose the thing you want most can make you think about that thing in a healthier way (à la Jedi Code, lol). She was determined, but also I think a little misguided, when trying to make her father's dream of owning a restaurant come true. Having the dream snatched away allowed her to let go of that lingering grief over her dad's death and find a healthier reason within herself to want the restaurant. She realizes that the restaurant isn't the point of her dad's dream, her dad's dream is about doing things he loves with the people he loves most. So she's not being pushed to the brink of her capabilities by the weight of her dad's memory anymore, now she's walking hand in hand with the love of her life and blossoming into her own.
@xejelah 10 aylar önce
I don't see how not knowing how to change back is a sacrifice. They didn't have a choice. By happenstance, marrying her made her a princess so kissing a princess breaks the spell. They didn't have any other royalty around to try that on.
@opheliebell22 7 aylar önce
@@xejelah still the best couple
@nevaeh9171 2 aylar önce
@@xejelahthey are sacrificing their dreams. The sacrifice isn’t them not turning back human, it’s them letting go of the dreams they would only be able to achieve as humans.
@RandomJayne Yıl önce
I think Ariel's willingness to throw away her life wasn't just because of Eric but because Triton had just committed a major betrayal of her trust and made her feel like she didn't really have a home where she could feel safe and be herself anymore. So at the time it didn't really feel like a sacrifice, it was like Luke Skywalker leaving Tatooine after the moisture farm was torched.
@nikkipittman761 Yıl önce
Exactly! Before the Under The Sea sequence, Ariel was talking about connecting with Eric while remaining with her family... and then Triton wrecks her room and destroys all her stuff in a violent rampage. Criticizing her choice to leave reeks of 'stay with your abuser! It'll work out, probably!' which is honestly shocking coming from this channel.
@b.l.a.c.k-shiva Yıl önce
Amen 🙌🏼
@b.l.a.c.k-shiva Yıl önce
@@nikkipittman761 I think he clearly explained that he meant a totally dropping everything and everyone she ever knew. Perhaps he forgot about that scene. The movie is like 30 years old lol. They must have rewatched it for their new review. I'm checking it out now!
@Whatlander Yıl önce
Yeah TBH Triton was _terrifying_ and I would've thrown it all away to get out, too. And it's totally fair not to factor in the sequel, but Ariel wasn't trying to dump her old life entirely - they had to come up with a plot device for that to even be a point of conflict. And then in the movie after that we find out Triton tried to _ban all singing_ because it made him sad. Seriously he is a monster. Ariel wanted legs so she could RUN.
@alicep91 Yıl önce
Also she was pretty much obsessed with humans and their world way before she met Eric
@christianmarshal6117 6 aylar önce
Shang doesn’t completely ignore the “why”. She tells him she did it to save her father and you can see in his face that this strikes a cord, as expected considering how recently he lost his own.
@sloansteel1705 Yıl önce
I love Meg as a character. I'm glad that you brought up the fact that even though she seems like a villain, she herself is a victim. It annoys me when ppl say "oh she started off bad but Hercules changed her view on people and she became good." No, she started off as a good person and got slapped in the face for it. I think that's extremely relatable. Trying to be a good person, but feeling like all it gets you is grief, so you just stop caring. Hercules didn't change her, he gave her a reason to be the good person she always was. Love them as a couple 🥰
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
I somehow feel like it’s maybe just a tad bit idk🤷‍♀️sexist?misogynistic? like if Meg’s a MALE then would people say pretty much the same stuff but with like a gender swap? or gender flip or idk🤷‍♀️whatever
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
I don’t think I can/could really remember comments with people saying stuff like that about Meg but then again hello! duh! Meg’s a SHE so um uh OF COURSE there’s gonna be people saying stuff like that about her she’d be basically like demonized/antagonized:(with a certain male coming along and like “fixing” her or something whatever I guess): for having been victimized by a male of course that’s what happens to FEMALES victimized by males another example being how a blonde girl/blonde woman having been liked by the male protagonist but she got sexually abused by her own father so let’s condemn and demonize her cause she got victimized by a rather abusive make obviously
@TehMael 5 aylar önce
​@@noorbohamad5796 tbh if Meg was a guy it wouldn't really be talked about in this way. So many male characters get away with stuff like this or worse w/o being vilified by viewers. Ex. Aladdin, Bruce almighty, she's all that, 10 things I hate about you, breaking bad etc. I do see your point but I feel like you can't just genderswap an issue like this: Meg's situation is much like so many women today and in history, stuck with an abusive husband/boss with no way to get out of her situation because he controls her life. Yes men can get abused too but this is faaaaar more common and systemic with women. That's why it warms my heart to see them acknowledge the fact that she is a victim, even though what she's doing is wrong.
With Shang, I noticed after a couple more watches that after Mulan told him about the Huns and before he meets the emperor, he does very subtly look around. So he did believe her. And as for Naveen, the very first time he meets Tiana, he flirts with her but she brushes him off. And rather than doing the cliche of pushing it, he just casually accepted the rejection and went on his way. I always liked that about him.
@happybunnyntx Yıl önce
That's something as a kid I always liked about David from Lilo and Stitch. Other guys were very pushy in movies (even in disney), but David was ok with waiting for Nani until she was in a better place. He spent time with her and her family without any pressure or anger that they couldn't date yet.
@n4l9bx Yıl önce
@@happybunnyntx David is a gem
@@happybunnyntx It’s also clear that David has a great relationship with Lilo (like an older brother) and that his friendship with Nani is also solid. He could have easily been bitter toward Lilo and tried to convince Nani to give her away, but he knew how important they were to one another; glad he wasn’t a “Nice Guy”.
@ML-di8lt Yıl önce
THIS! On both parts. Shang had to almost pretend to hate Mulan for military/legal reasons. He did what he could do until all hell breaks loose and he could actually "listen to a woman." Naveen is straight up sex and I love that he learns to be more than that. He's a playboy who finds out there's more to life and that's actually kind of awesome.
@@TheMedicatedArtist david is a good egg.
@matariki9818 10 aylar önce
New idea for Disney couples to rank : - Esmeralda/Phoebus - very underrated relationship to me, especially compared to how Frollo lusts for Esmeralda and Quasi falls heads over heels for her and sees her as an angel. Phoebus sees her as who she is, they fight, argue, save each other a couple of times, and they kiss in the middle of the movie, so the rest of it is actually them being in a relationship and facing challenges together. - Beauty and the Beast just because I want to see how you guys handle the whole locked in a tower thing - Anna and Kristoff/Hans - compare the two dynamics we see in these couples - Not a Disney movie buuuuut sorta - Anastasia and Dmitry ! - The Encanto couple relationships - Felix and Pepa, Julieta and the dad, Dolores and Mariano...
@Furienna 9 aylar önce
They did a video about "Beauty & The Beast".
@elizabethhazell6496 6 aylar önce
Aristocrats is such a cute movie, and I absolutely love the female voice and the terms of endearment they use like "darling" it's just so cute
@user-dq6rp4sq1u 3 aylar önce
I will have to rewatch that movie at some point. It was my first movie I saw in theater when I was about five years old and I hardly remember anything.
@rachelh1720 Yıl önce
I'd love to see pacha and chicha from the emperor's new groove on the list sometime. Pacha's a great dad, they're such a cute couple and chicha is so helpful when they're trying to make it back to the palace before yzma. also robin hood and maid marian; one of the few relationships that had quite a bit of history and finding ways around the things that separated them
@alvafairchild13 11 aylar önce
@hospitalcakewalk 10 aylar önce
Pacha and Chicha are literally couple goals.
@alejandropetit6573 10 aylar önce
both is good
@alicecato7489 10 aylar önce
AND , Anastasia, anya and demitri
@sutyinszkializ9115 11 aylar önce
I know it is not Disney, but please do Anastasia and Dimitri in a future video. It is such a sweet relationship that builds up slowly.
@adjadenisedoumbia9305 11 aylar önce
@michelleruocco2737 11 aylar önce
Actually Disney bought the movie so it technically is now!
They are my all time favorite couple
@dianapopova8783 10 aylar önce
But their relationship starts in a toxic way as well. Dmitri lies t her all the way to Paris and wants to gain his own benefits from her situation.
@Space0fox 10 aylar önce
@@dianapopova8783 well, as person who know reality of those times in Russia - it is not 'toxic', this is how people want to survive
I think the one part you guys really missed on Shang and Mulan was the motive behind Shang trying to send Mulan away after they find out she's a woman. He was supposed to kill her, the penalty for what she did was death. He very well could have been trying to send her away for her own good, and the guilt during the parade is knowing that everyone is alive because of Mulan.
@trinaq Yıl önce
Nani and David from "Lilo and Stitch" could also be an Honourable Mention. David clearly has feelings for her, and doesn't rush Nani into anything, knowing how hard it is for her to find a job and raise Lilo. He also treats Lilo like a little sister.
@MikaMoonlight Yıl önce
What I particularly love about that relationship is that it's a slow burn throughout the movies ❤
@AliAngelpie Yıl önce
@@MikaMoonlight Plus he gets burned while working at the restaurant. He also jokes that she could date him, and they'll call it even when he gets her a job at the grocery store and she thanks him, asking him how she can repay him
@templarw20 Yıl önce
Just going to say, Lilo and Stitch feels VERY different when watching as an adult, and knowing just what Mr Bubbles was doing there. The aliens coming in to blow everything up actually eases the tension.
Watching Lilo and Stitch with adopted siblings has given me a completely new perspective of this film. Mr. Bubbles is the antagonist for most of the movie, but he really does want what's best for Lilo. Furthermore, he is right. Nani is not in a position to take care of Lilo at the beginning. By the end of the film they have two new parents and the situation has changed for the better. Bubbles lets the family stay together because now that is what's best for Lilo.
@PrincessMeggala0913 4 aylar önce
Fun fact about me: I actually have met Susan Eagan (the voice of Meg!) twice and she LOVED it when I told her my name WAS MEG! She was such a wonderful person and gives really good hugs 😊
@kaylalarson838 2 aylar önce
I think the whole tiana and Naveen’s first kiss put it in a much more realistic place. She’s disgusted by the idea of kissing a frog but she wants to help him.
@TheLordGojira Yıl önce
“Shang isn’t looking at Ping as a romantic interest because of heteronorms” Shang: “Ping, if you were a woman I’d kiss you”
@ellielovegood6307 6 aylar önce
Also Shang looked so disappointed that she was a girl 💀
@aster7482 6 aylar önce
​@@ellielovegood6307 dude is literally bisexual in denial 😂
His voice actor is gay also
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
@@ellielovegood6307 because he might have been kind of deceived? along with like literally all the other guys?
@dohavename6775 5 aylar önce
​@@noorbohamad5796you're a breath of fresh air 👌
@lia.w 11 aylar önce
The Princess and the Frog will always hold a special place in my heart. The way Naveen looks at Tiana when she talks about her dreams is just amazing. He’s genuinely interested in her dream and wants to help her to get there even if he has been cut off. Although Tiana is blinded by her dream, this helps the plot so much because it leads to him showing even more interest in her dreams. They would both do anything to keep the other happy and I live for that.
@phoebemcdonald6885 11 aylar önce
I love that Duchess and O'Malley were number one! They remind me of myself and my husband. We come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. He's more of that down to earth, says what he thinks type and I was raised to be more "proper" and gentle and censored in my speech. We had a lot of issues understanding why one another did certain things the way we did or why our life experiences shaped certain viewpoints that we held. You mentioned that O'Malley didn't really understand Duchess's love for her human and how that life meant so much to her, but he respected that it had importance to her and was sympathetic to that. In our relationship, we've discovered just how important that is. We don't always have the life experiences to understand the point of view that the other one has, but being sympathetic to each other and valuing each others feelings on things we don't understand has worked wonders for our relationship! I love hearing you talk about that because it really is super important!
@gabrielleelaine1515 10 aylar önce
Yes I’ll always loved them! 😭
@mamaseesa3122 9 aylar önce
Same here. I grew up an only child, not rich but not wanting for anything really, not spoiled but I never went hungry. Huge room, 4 poster bed, all that. My husband shared his room with his 3 brothers, didn't have hardly anything, and used an outhouse. DIRT poor. It really has shaped our lives, which in turn has shaped our marriage.
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
@@mamaseesa3122 so then um uh you’re middle class? neither crazy rich nor very poor is basically how I’d define middle class
@snapmyneck8818 Yıl önce
Alan: “Do they end in a healthy place or do they end at the beginning of a healthy place?” Me: *sweats in Greek mythology*
And herc umm unalived her and her kids in the og myth I think
@kendrajade6688 Yıl önce
@@gumdropthedutchie9012 In minecraft.
@@kendrajade6688 sorry what?
@coiler_119 Yıl önce
@Dustin W Megara was his first wife, iirc, the reason he had to do his 12 labors.
@DragonFae16 Yıl önce
@@gumdropthedutchie9012 It's a thing where streamers and TRvidrs will say 'I'll kill you...in Minecraft.' It's like to get around censorship or something, I think.
@bethgarden4537 Yıl önce
Can we also appreciate the fact that from the word "go" Megara was being manipulated by Hades? It was not her decision to deceive Herc; she didn't have a choice. Even then, she stands up to Hades after getting to know Hercules: "I don't care, I'm not going to help you hurt him". And her character growth is amazing - she goes from resenting men because she was so deeply hurt by one to sacrificing her own life to save Hercules.
@polevaultgirl33 11 aylar önce
I love how they only realize Mulan is a woman when her hair is down when she literally has the same length hair as 95% of the other men in the movie.
@chaoxiangalula4086 10 aylar önce
I thought it was bc they saw her chest binding 💀 and then after that it was bc she dressed feminine
@babyramses5066 9 aylar önce
​Captain Mercurian true but its still kinda funny that "Ping" had *shorter* hair than a bunch of the men but the exact same beautiful womanly face and feminine voice as Mulan yet everyone is still like 😱 she's a ladyyyy?!?! Only when they see the chest binder. I feel like Li Shang was attracted to Ping, felt conflicted about it and overeacts during the big reveal ngl 😬
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
Captain Mercurian 😂
@hazelpatterson387 17 gün önce
​@@babyramses5066It's a slight cheat in the animation choices. Mulan as Ping not only has her hair up etc. but her eyelashes are drawn thinner when she's in disguise, and come back thicker when she's "revealed" to be a woman
@indigowulf Yıl önce
Thomas O'Malley was the MAN! Ran across a damsel in distress and her children, takes the time out of his life to not only get them home safe, but also show them a great time and help take their mind off their problems, with zero expectation for anything in return. Then he stepped up even more to help save them again. Duchess is just an angel, sweet and devoted mother. Their love, including the kittens, seems like it develops naturally, with nobody trying to make it happen.
@keileyk8507 Yıl önce
Sometimes I forget you both have partners outside of this because you often give me the married for 30 years couple vibes AND THEN I remember that this is how actualy f*cking friendship looks like and apart from the amazing video I am very thankful to have you both on screen showing everyone that men CAN have very wholesome friendship with each other. I hope you get what I mean...
@cosmictreason2242 26 gün önce
Google a history of male affection on art of manliness
@lickmyballoonknot 8 aylar önce
Gotta hand it to the editors for this channel. They are so hilarious and do such a great job adding to the chemistry of our TRvid Dads!
@CinemaTherapyShow 8 aylar önce
Our editors are amazing!!
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
@@CinemaTherapyShow how lovely
What I loved about Tarzan’s ending is Jane’s father not only gave her his blessing, but stayed with her. You don’t always see that in films. It is always the parent letting go versus deciding to stay.
@FioreCiliegia Yıl önce
Yeah imagine Tritan just going “you know i bet I’d look great with legs and it would be a great diplomatic opportunity…”
@celianunn2070 Yıl önce
@@FioreCiliegia Well I mean that one makes sense as its a physical change, land or sea, it isn't just about a parent holding on or letting go. And honestly, a parent sticking around TOO long (Cinderellas stepmom, The Evil Queen from Snow White etc) can be a negative.
@MisterMuffinut Yıl önce
@@celianunn2070 Why does nobody know their names are Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) and Queen Grimhilde (Snow White)
@ohood1788 Yıl önce
@@FioreCiliegia That would've sucked for Ariel. I'm sure she very much appreciated the distance from him considering he's a terrible parent.
@celianunn2070 Yıl önce
@@MisterMuffinut While I did know Lady Tremaine's name, I never heard of Queen Grimhilde before. Ive only ever heard her be referred to as "The Queen" or "Evil Queen" (or Regina) So maybe that's why
@brigidtheirish 11 aylar önce
So true about it taking *way* more than love. Mom and Dad are kinda opposite sides of the tracks, Mom from a poor background and Dad being solidly upper-middle class. Dad was *thoroughly* smitten with Mom while, from her telling of it, Mom spent most of their courtship trying to *scare Dad off.* One of her attempts was bringing a list of questions from a Catholic pre-marriage course to one of their early dates and running through them like she was conducting a job interview. Dad's reaction? "Finally! Someone GET'S IT!" They've had a lot of rough patches, from Mom having to teach Dad what leftovers are to Mom almost dying, but they've been married 40 years and counting.
@vicram7022 10 aylar önce
That's pretty cute ♡ hope your family stay healthy and together
@AndreaDiaz-rc3iy 10 aylar önce
😭😭😭😭 This is so cute😍
@brigidtheirish 10 aylar önce
@@vicram7022 The *relationship* is healthy. Physically, well, turns out we're a bit of a genetic mess.
@brigidtheirish 10 aylar önce
@@AndreaDiaz-rc3iy Thank you!
@vladb2154 9 aylar önce
When there is understanding, love can last a long time! So sweet of your parents for putting that first. I hope your mom is okay now btw
My god I love this channel. You guys do such a good job of calling out actions that are red flags in relationships, but also of recognizing that it isn’t a black-and-white thing and that all relationships are different. I also really appreciate that you’re willing to talk about things like heteronormativity, racism, etc. instead of dodging around the topic or pretending it isn’t there, which is something that happens a lot in cinema analysis of various kinds. I feel like my knowledge of healthy relationships has improved massively since I started watching these, and I’m a lot more secure in what certain red flags look like and which problems can be solved. Thank you both. ❤
@CinemaTherapyShow 10 aylar önce
You're so welcome! And thank you for your kind words!
Thank you for rating Aristocats the best. Growing up it was my favorite movie, just because I love cats! I actually wore out our copy of the videotape, so we got a DVD copy. When I was older and better able to appreciate story and animation and all that, I loved it even more. My dad pointed out that the kittens are named after famous people who were French or associated with France: Marie Antionette is rather obvious, but Berlioz was a famous composer and Toulouse was a famous painter, and they even included those influences in the movie! Meg I really feel sorry for. She ended up in Hades' employ to save her boyfriend, who then dumped her to run after someone else. So, she's in this abusive deal with Hades because she sacrificed for someone else who proved to be not worth it. So it takes her awhile to admit that there are good people out there.
Mulan and Shang are my favorite because they have a relationship built on mutual respect. He doesn’t do a 180 when he finds out she’s a woman he already has a trust and respect but now that feeling can grow in an unexpected way. It’s the best because there was zero chance of romance when they met which means any emotions and impressions are pure and I uninfluenced by lust and romance. I think he’s allowed to feel a little betrayed by the lie but he comes around quickly and sheds an entire cultural norm and bias in less than ten minutes. He approaches the romance after with respect and no expectations. I don’t know I just think they are the gold standard of the Disney princess line up
@illyahrthebard3303 3 aylar önce
Something you have to remember with Shang is that he is running off of a thousand years of "women are inferior," and yet overcomes that. His trust in Mulan overwrote a lifetime of ingrained prejudice. Also something to keep in mind about Tiana is that she was dedicated to her dream to the point of obsession. She would consistently fail to notice the good things in her life over her single-mindedness, including her own health. So while Naveen did gain some perspective on his life, so did Tiana.
@NightTheKittenn Yıl önce
I love Aristocats so much. I love how even though Thomas is like "Oh shit kids???" for a second he immediately after gets this big grin on his face and starts doting on them, too. And Duchess isn't shamed for being a single mom ONCE throughout the whole movie.
Their cats though, being a single parent is normal lol
@LoreCatan Yıl önce
@@katlyndobransky2419 yeah obviously but it's a cat love story depicting human themes for humans to watch. The fact that the "single mom" theme wasn't shown in a negative light still counts for a lot.
@@LoreCatan no yeah I totally agree, but I feel like this theme would stand out a lot more if it was about an actual human single mom with children. I think this story’s message is mostly the fact that a single mother can still fall in love with a guy that loves her and her kids equally. I never questioned the fact that she was a single mother as a kid because they’re cats, and I knew that with animals, being a single parent is normal. Ofc changing the cats to humans would make the story really boring for a child, and I still love it non the less. But I feel like the idea of Duchess not being shamed for being a single mom falls flat just because she’s cat. However in all cases, single parents should NEVER be shamed. People change, and sometimes tragic things happen that we cannot control. Which is why I love the Aristocats’ message that some strangers can become family
Yeah, it’s definitely more progressive for its time and the owner herself is a happy bachelorette and not pining for a man. It’s too bad my 4 year daughter mover got into the movie 😔
@fatcat5817 9 aylar önce
Unless their kids turn out to be criminals. 😂👌
@ashrpark5790 7 gün önce
O'Malley and Duchess are a great example of not being in the same economic bracket and making it work. O'Malley didn't let her lifestyle diminish his pride, though initially he was uncomfortable in it. FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE
@tlrlghrdnbck Yıl önce
When you gave the initial list I thought “well duchess and Thomas are clearly the most healthy couple here” he immediately is down to sacrifice it all for her kittens 🙌🏻
@tarawhitt6441 10 aylar önce
My husband and I have been together almost 14 years now. We are still learning and growing. I even had a moment, the other day, where I did something INCREDIBLY stupid and I am used to the yelling/screaming from parents and his in-laws making fun of me and calling me stupid. So, when he got up and asked what happened...my natural instinct is to lie to make myself look better. I just sighed and looked at him. Then I said, "I did something so f'ing stupid that I want to lie. I want to make it seem....not as bad....but I don't want to lie to you." Then I told him what happened. All he did....was come up to me and hug me. Then he asked how he could help. Now that's love there. I am so grateful to have moments like that.
@jbro1293 3 aylar önce
Totally late to the game here, but my husband and I come from different worlds/cultures. He's from small town/cowboy lifestyle. I'm from the big city and am very indoorsy haha. We also have different political opinions. We went to therapy together when I started going for my anxiety (I had just been diagnosed) a couple years into our marriage. My therapist was big on having spouses attend so they can understand their partner better and how to support them. It made our marriage even better. Then we went back a year or so later because I could see some spots in our marriage that could create bigger issues later on. We learned how to communicate better and make decisions as a team rather than "compromising." On my anniversary one year, my coworkers asked me for my best piece of marriage advice. I said to go to therapy together because it only makes the marriage stronger and you'll both become better communicators. People were kind of shocked, but then I had two male coworkers come to me and ask how to approach their wives in regards to going to therapy. It was awesome!
@melissatreminio8884 5 aylar önce
This was the first ever video I saw of cinema therapy and then I went down the rabbit hole of this wholesome channel 💕 we need more romance ranking
@CinemaTherapyShow 5 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and for your suggestion!
I know Anastasia isn’t technically a Disney movie, but it still has one of my favorite animated couples in it so I’d love it if they talked about them. Or even the movie in general lol
@sierralovat5498 Yıl önce
its part of disney now. they bought the rights to it
@merry_christmas Yıl önce
@@sierralovat5498 if that's true: i hate it respectfully 😭🥲
Yess, we need an Anastasia and Dimitri relationship video.
@megarakadmea Yıl önce
For years, we go around correcting people only for Disney to retroactively flip the tables
Definitely one of my favourite non-Disney movie but wouldn't their relationship be on par w/ Hercules and Meg? He was only using her and didn't expect to fall in love. He got extremely lucky that she ended up being the real princess. Unfortunately, as w/ most Disney movies, I feel sad when I think about the true story.
“Shirtless Shang covers a multitude of sins. SO MANY” I CAN’T WITH THESE TWO 😂
@landmindssoul4636 Aylar önce
I relate to meg alot. Its hard to trust people when you weren't treated well and her redemption arc was so satisfying.
@mokbinnie Yıl önce
Is it weird to say that I never actually thought of Shang as a romantic partner for Mulan? Even when I was a kid, I just thought of them as a group of guy friends and one happened to be a girl
@rebeccahicks2392 2 aylar önce
Honestly, group of friends is the dynamic. It's only hinted at the very end of the movie that there might be the very buddings of a future romance, but "romance" is a change in their relationship, not what it was for most of the story.
@harmony137 7 aylar önce
As soon as I see the title of this video I just had to make sure Naveen and Tiana gets a good mention. Their love dynamic is so wonderfully written and so underrated! They don't just fall in love with each other, they introduce new perspective of life to one another, teaching each other necessary things that both are missing in their individual life. It sounds easy, but to execute the journey as well as the movie did wasn't easy! I love the scene at Mama Oddie's place, Naveen saw Tiana dancing and laughing, and he just was so in awe with her that the coin (representing money, what he originally wanted out of life) slipped and dropped from his hand. The way these two found each other and fit together feels so wholesome. Many praise Flynn and Rapunzel but imo these 2 had way a better love arc.
Meg and Hercules being compared to Delilah and Samson is hilarious and validates my feelings of that couple exactly.
As someone who adores cats, I always loved Duchess' line of "Oh no no, we mean FAR more to her than that." I would think to myself, "you're damn right."
@giyusfriendT-T Yıl önce
They are most definitely our fur babies
@katangel199207 Yıl önce
My cat is named Berlioz. Love the aristocats.
@Xehanort10 Yıl önce
I can understand Edgar being pissed off though. He worked for the old woman for years but she leaves her money to her cats. Doesn't excuse him trying to kill them though.
@dualkitsune3813 Yıl önce
@@Xehanort10 to be fair, this is an education issue. No one ever told him cats DON'T have nine lives.
@@Xehanort10 but the money would go to the cat’s _caretaker_ AKA him! All Edgar had to do was wait and he would have gotten the fortune anyway! Duchess can’t exactly take him to court over what he spends the money on 😭💀
@madeleinereads 3 aylar önce
I like how one of the animators, Glen Keane, animated Tarzan swinging through vines. He was inspired by his teenage son, who was doing a lot of extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding at the time.
@kaylagraham3457 10 aylar önce
I always think two of the best Disney romantic couples are in the same animated movie. Roger and Anita and Pongo and Perdita!
@Furienna 2 aylar önce
I think I would like a video about sequel couples, like Kiara and Kovu, and Scamp and Angel, and Quasimodo and Madellaine.
@ancientwonho2606 10 aylar önce
Duchess and O'Mally are my absolutely favorite Disney couple. They were so sweet, their growth is beautiful and the outcome is just picture perfect, literally 🤭❤️
@spirit0805 6 aylar önce
I must say about Tarzan, you kind of forgot that in terms of making sacrifice... Tarzan was actually the first one who was willing to leave everything behind in order to be with Jane (with Kala's blessing) - only to be forced to stay behind when not even stepping on that boat only to realize his only family and friends he ever known until that moment were in grave danger... so he had to go back, and when Kurchuk was killed by Clayton, when he finally got what he always wished - Kurchak's blessing and acceptance of him, so he had no choice but to take the leader role. and in their parting scene, he accepts that she needs to go back, especially because of her father, because like her, he understood family values - no matter gorillas or humans, they both had families they couldn't leave... He didn't try to convince her, nothing. so her decision to stay was only when her father gave her his blessing as well, reassuring her that he would be fine (only to follow her footsteps lol - can you blame him?) can i suggest that you watch the tv series "The Legend Of Tarzan" where you follow their first year as a newlyweds... and i think their relationship is one of the healthiest out there. both have huge respect for each other and the world each of them came from, they both learn from each other and give to each other equally... Tarzan benefited from her and her father's decision to stay behind, as well as they did. that's all, have a nice day :)
@travisboutilier2220 4 aylar önce
Well Tarzan should have left anyway, he didn't need to take the leader role, his family and friends would be fine without him. he is a human and belongs in civilization with other humans, not a jungle with a bunch of animals.
When they said “Tarzan better build her a Swiss Family Robinson palace”, there was a TV show and they moved into his parents’ tree house. Also there was an episode I loved when Jane’s friends from England actually showed up in the jungle, and Jane is like “Tarzan please wear this suit we’re going to have a garden party” but he refuses, thinking she’s embarrassed of him. So Jane’s dad talks to him and is like “she lives in your jungle world everyday. Would it be so bad if you lived in her ‘civilized’ world for one?” And Tarzan finally gets it. Honestly so many moments in that show that address so many marriage issues lol.
@TokioTE Yıl önce
Yes! The show was great and it was great to see their married life
I'm so happy that someone else has also watched this series! Tarzan was my favorite movie as a kid, then I was obsessed with the show. I loved getting the deeper look into Tarzan and Jane's Relationship after her difficult choice made.
@maggie1000 Yıl önce
@@spamachuchan8824 Yessss the show is sooo good! They have their problems but it’s the way they always find an equal compromise
@locabsgg94 Yıl önce
I haven't watched the series. But this scene is actually the one from the movie Tarzan and Jane
I’m sorry to say that I hated it as a kid because my mom made us watch it at all times and it’s because she saw it when she was a kid herself and she was just reliving her childhood I’m ok watching it now she was actually extremely happy that Netflix had it and rewatched it all
@spiderinthecereal 10 aylar önce
My favorite Disney couple has been Thomas O’mally and Duchess for a long time. I adore how Thomas does everything he can to help Duchess and the kittens without holding back even a little bit. You can tell he really cares about Duchess due to the way he will jump in without a second thought to keep her and her family safe.
@Leapingspirit 7 aylar önce
The “opposite tracks” idea makes me think of my grandparents. My grandfather is very quiet and sweet and patient, raised by a quintessential sweet southern bell. My grandmother is a loud, opinionated, somewhat snappy army brat from New York. But they love each other deeply and they’ve been through a lot together and made it through by clinging to each other and their faith and supporting each other. They’ll be married 49/50 (i can’t remember) years in November.
Tarzan and Jane are one of my favorite (or even my favorite) Disney couple since their relationship develops over time and, even if its a montage, we get to see it bloom. Most disney couples have the '3 day' trope where they fall in love over a short period of time, but iirc its stated in Tarzan that the group had been in the jungle for several weeks. and the romance wasn't immediate, it started as curious friendship and there was a lot of mutual between them- she showed him human society/reading/writing, etc, and he would show her parts of the jungle (also the look they give one another in the montage where she looks away shyly and he just stares at her is so aaaaaaa)
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
I don’t really feel like it’s really all that “rare” for Disney couples to idk 🤷‍♀️ take kind of a while longer than some couples I guess to have their like romance/s like bloom or whatever
@noorbohamad5796 5 aylar önce
Oh yeah indeed a lot of mutual-ness between them indeed and all that stuff you’ve already mentioned so that I wouldn’t have to explain why to like Tarzan and Jane
@isabella6926 2 aylar önce
SAME THO??? i mean, i´m extremely biased when it comes to Tarzan, it´s my favorite Disney movie after all, but being totally honest, i think Tarzan and Jane are my favorite Disney couple. I just love Tarzan´s innocence and curiosity mixed along with Jane´s kinda of audacity and cleverness, they are absolutely ADORABLE
@PuddleOfDucks 10 aylar önce
I remember rewatching Tarzan as an adult vs child. I somehow forgot that Clayton was out to kill and he hung himself with the vines. Disney somehow slides in really dark topics in their movies.
It is crazy how you help me with every episode to understand me and my family way better.
@abbewinter9249 Yıl önce
I've always adored The Princess and the Frog because it was one of the first movies in which I personally could ever identify character growth on *both* sides. It wasn't just "Oh, the guy decided he could give up his free wheeling ways," or "The hard working girl realized she had to cut loose once in a while." There was a middle ground that they discovered together. And then you throw in Lotti, who was willing to pass on her dream of marrying a prince so that she could save her friend. There is so much selfless love in this movie, and it remains a favorite of mine to this day.
@leighmartin9187 Yıl önce
I absolutely adore Lotti. I think a fair number of us can see ourselves in her or see Lotti in our best friends. Tiana and Charlotte grew up in completely different backgrounds, but that never really made a difference for those two. They were just BFFs. Lotti grew up spoiled, but she was never a brat. She always went out of her way to help her best friend. Lotti may be boy, or prince crazy, but she is the definition of sisters before Mr.'s. I love that despite her dream of being a princess, she realized her friend's dream was more important.
@TruthNeverFade Yıl önce
Gosh I love your comment and this reply 😭❤️
Yup. Underrated movie for sure
Lottie is HILARIOUS.
@JDMatthias Yıl önce
The Princess and the frog is probably the best not talked about Disney films
@art4023 Yıl önce
I totally agree that Dutchess and Thomas O'Malley is a great couple ❤️
@abigailkaitlyn256 8 aylar önce
I love that this is a fun way for people to navigate healthy and unhealthy behavior in relationships
@DarkPrincessOfLight 7 aylar önce
Awww i love the aristocats. So cute that you reviewed them !
@beastwriter3915 4 aylar önce
At first I was upset at Hercules being last, but then I look back at the list and this episode is stacked, all these romances are good. In their defense, they both made a lot of sacrifices for each other, which was addressed. Meg sacrificed her deal with Hades, practically her soul, and later her life, while Herc sacrificed his soul, his life, and then his godhood. If I were to choose my favorite Disney couples though, it would be 4) Shang and Mulan: While we don't see much of it, since we spend most of the movie with her disguised as a man and a soldier in his army, at the end, they seem to be at the start of a relationship that is built on mutual respect. 3) Tiana and Naveen: He starts off as lazy, greedy, and self-centered, and changes to be willing to work hard to help her achieve her dream. She also learns to open her life up to more things, but this is mostly Naveen's redemption. 2) Eugene and Rapunzel: Sort of tied with the previous, but Eugene takes it a step further by sacrificing his own selfish dream to help Rapunzel. 1) Nani and David: An underrated couple from Lilo and Stitch. She's all about supporting her family, and he's supporting her all through it. It's a wholesome and down-to-earth romance in a movie about aliens.
@CCYS4ever 4 aylar önce
I've binged quite a few of your episodes now and I just want to say thank you both for making these videos. I appreciate the work and effort you both put into it and I think it's helped me quite a bit already.
@CinemaTherapyShow 4 aylar önce
You're so welcome! :)
Okay but Wall-E and Eve are another great couple for people who come from different worlds (literally lol) but they come together and learn to accept each other. Plus Wall-E is such a sweetie
@elfteiroh Yıl önce
This is one of my favorite movie ever. But I’ll be honest, the #1 reason that I want them to do it is to see Jono masterfully extract all the details that make these two ridiculously “human” for robots.
@kellygreen7236 Yıl önce
My boyfriend and I grew up loving Wall-E and just how impactful the story was about taking care of the environment, an underdog saving an entire society, and the sweet love story of two robots. We were Wall-E and Eve for last Halloween, and I think it's such a healthy and beautiful relationship when the story ends. I remember I got mad at Eve for not seeing Wall-E's feelings and needs when I was little, but she had a mission to focus on. And when she did see what he sacrificed for her and took care of her during her shutdown, she pushed aside her mission to reciprocate.
@DustyStarrs Yıl önce
ooh have they done a ranking Pixar couples video yet? Because them, Carl and Ellie, Buzz and Jessie, Woody and Jessie, Bob and Helen Parr of course, Colette and Linguini, Lightning McQueen and Sally, and Atta and Flik make for some interesting looks at relationships all 'round! (I think I got all the main relationships in Pixar films?? I guess Violet and Tony count too??)
@meganlynn8751 Yıl önce
Yasss! They need to include WALL·E and eve in their ranks!
@pretendprincess6408 9 aylar önce
I don’t know if anyone else has suggested it but I’d love to see a video like this with Miss Bianca and Bernard from The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under ❤️
@ancatdal 3 aylar önce
Tarzan and Jane is my absolute favourite. They are the couple where I most feel their love and attraction ❤
@CeltycSparrow 3 aylar önce
I would argue that even with the Little Mermaid, the relationship between Ariel and Prince Eric started with a lie. She became human and lost her voice and didn't show him who she TRULY was, at first. Their love came later. In Tarzan, I would argue that he DOES kind of manipulate her to stay....by finally giving her what she wants (which is to SEE the gorillas). Clayton tricks Tarzan into believing that if Jane sees the gorillas, she will stay in the jungle (which is what Tarzan wants) but Clayton was ALSO manipulating because he only wanted Tarzan to show them the gorillas to satisfy his OWN greed....making money by selling the gorillas. But in the end, IT IS Jane's choice to stay with Tarzan. And the only family she seems to have is her father and he stayed with them. And I DO agree with your choice for #1. O'Malley DOES have integrity and he's a good character. Yes, he's a bit miffed when he realizes the beautiful cat he's found comes with three kids of her own....but he DOES keep his promise to Duchess to get her back to Paris. And he didn't just get her to Paris and say "Well, you're home now. BYEEE." and leave her to find her own way home. He made sure they had somewhere warm and safe to spend the night when the kittens were tired and then, he took Duchess and her children home to Madame, himself. He respected Duchess's choice to go back to Madame rather than stay with him (and I am GLAD that Madame allowed O'Malley to stay, so the kittens could have a good father.) And when the mouse tells him that Duchess is in trouble O'Malley, rather than saying "not my problem anymore" and walking away, he gallantly goes back to rescue Duchess and the kittens and protects them from Edgar's scheme. He rescue's Marie when she falls from the truck and then falls into the river and brings her back to her mother. He provides the family with food when the children are hungry. And notice HE'S carrying Marie on his back when they arrive in Paris.
I swear, Tiana and Naveen have such a good give and take, where he learns to take up some responsibility and work for things, and she learns how to take a break and let loose and simply have some fun. Like, even when they work hard towards her dream at the end, there's still an air of "we're making it, we're not working to the bone, we're joking and playing as we go."
I love Aristocats and am so glad they got a thumbs up for that wonderful relationship!
@js66613 Yıl önce
I love it when cats are portrayed respectfully, well... not as villains. Aristocats is one of those rare stories where I feel cats really get done good. So often they are villified and that hurts.
@JoyfulSorrow For some reason, you just reminded me of that scene in the movie, where the guy is having a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe, and he sees Roquefort the mouse chase the alley-cats. He looks at the bottle next to his glass for a second, before dumping its contents out onto the sidewalk. It was, like, "I've had waaay too much to drink." (9/28/2022)
@teresaellis7062 Yıl önce
@@daniellemusella1594 That was a fun scene. 😄
@@daniellemusella1594 That was EXACTLY the scene I was going to comment on, when I saw this... It was hilarious!
@-nymphomaniac Yıl önce
Couldn't have written or expressed that better myself, EXACTLY like my thoughts..!😸😻
@Jgamer-jk1bp Yıl önce
Wait a minute... ARISTOCATS How did nobody catch this pun! You cheeky bastard!
@graymalkin7645 11 aylar önce
I noticed something about Mulan when I watched it a couple of years ago: Her black hair is outlined in red, whereas Shang's is outlined in blue. Can't be unseen and I'm pretty sure it's a hidden clue at her gender.
@pGFTuv 10 aylar önce
That's interesting! As an Asian, I never realize this because the gender color assignment (i.e. red/pink = feminine; blue = masculine) is based on a Western culture. I'm sure in many Asian countries there is gender color assignment, but not necessarily the same formula (e.g. pink/red in my culture is worn by manly men).
@mariapittalis2147 10 aylar önce
@@pGFTuv in Western countries, until the last centuries (when colors were inverted), red/pink was used for males too, because it was related to blood, so courage and strenght, and blue was used for women because it was related to purity (ie. The dress of Holy Mary)
@esverker7018 10 aylar önce
It's almost certainly just natural highlights and a way to show variety in character design. Yao has reddish hair outlines too. Some people have natural reddish highlights. Using red can also indicate a more brown shade rather than black. Using blue highlights in the hair tells the viewer that the hair is truly inky black, rather than brown.
@mandeemonroe 8 aylar önce
Just to throw a couple more couples into the mix here’s some more you guys could review next time! Lady and Tramp Aurora and Phillip Anna and Kristoff Pongo and Perdita Sally and Jack Skellington Woody and Bo Peep Buzz and Jesse The incredibles Wall•E and Eve And also not sure if it counts but Roger Rabbit and Jessica would be interesting too! (My favorites are Rapunzel and Eugene and Tarzan and Jane 😊)
@29Renwick 4 aylar önce
I feel like they must review the sequels were i feel like the relationships really grow
@joeboyd5997 9 aylar önce
when i met my girlfriend for the first time i was stunned by her. She was and is absolutely gorgeous and i knew that i was physically attracted to her but i knew that i couldn't base a relationship off of that. I did everything i could to get to know her as a person, what she wants to do with her life, what she's been through, the ins and outs of her personality and after a few months i knew that i loved her so much. It was so difficult for me to deal with too because she obviously didn't have a romantic interest in me but i was possibly her only friend at the time due to all her "friends" being terrible people. When i finally told her how i felt (which was 2 am when i was bawling because i didn't know what to do at that point) she told me that no, she wasn't interested but she did love me as a friend. With the boundry set i became the best friend i could and when she started dating someone else i could tell that i wasn't welcome by her partner, so i decided that i should step back. Now granted, it was a bad relationship in the end but i never closed myself off, i just didn't push or pry. After her break up thought (one i ended up verbally supporting to her after some terrible things went down) i was there to help her through it and she was there to help me with a similar thing and i guess she fell for me too. it was so wonderful and im beyond happy to have her. i can't explain how amazing it felt when she asked me out and she told me she was being serious. it was just wonderful
@q12aw50 9 aylar önce
Rebound couple huh?
@Furienna 9 aylar önce
@@q12aw50 But it can work if you put the right effort into it.
@lilmao4482 11 aylar önce
26:44 There was a theory online that the reason why O'Malley's name is so long is because he keeps all of the names that his "owners" (or just people that feed him) give him. He says Madame only sees her as another pet is because of his own experience with past owners. I don't remember if it was put into the movie, but during the milk cart ride she sings a song as why they need to come home: not just because they love her, but she's genuinely concerned for her ("Her troubles would disappear as long as she had us near... They're (the kittens) her only family). That's why O'Malley doesn't say anything else in the moment, because she had already explained why they needed to come home (which shows that he remembers what she said :D )
I think Shang is more compassionate for Mulan and the why in that moment than you give him credit for. The very second Mulan reveals she did all of it to save her Dad, he immediately looks up in shock. Because he gets it. The war took his own father from him and he didn’t even get a chance to try to save him whereas Mulan sacrificed everything to save hers, fully accepting even the possibility of either dying in war or being caught and killed. You can see the conflict on his face as he considers whether or not to go through with the law of killing Mulan which eventually leads to his decision to let her go. There is compassion here even if Shang is putting up a front to keep his pride in tact and his soldiers still under his command. They both loved their fathers so much and as a result, they understood each other. Even if Shang is hurt about the deception, he still has to maintain his composure and have no outward compassion to keep pride and not look weak in front of his soldiers.
@ThePa1riot Yıl önce
I actually didn’t consider that angle with his own dad. Who he only lost like days ago and she even consuls him about it after he found out. Like, she gets it. Good catch.
@@ThePa1riot I simultaneously loved and hated Mulan for trying to console Shang in that moment. She did what was in her nature; she saw someone hurting, and tried to ease that pain. And I love her for that. But on the flip side, her doing so reminded Shang that he couldn't be a grieving son in that moment; he had to step up and be a military commander. To him, a Commander cannot show weakness in front of his troops. He had to set aside his pain, his father, and his duty as a son to keep things moving so that more people didn't suffer the same fate. And every single time, I wish I could reach through the screen to tell her to give him a few minutes more.
@LoreCatan Yıl önce
@@warriormaiden9829 Right, it is bittersweet, because they are not at that level of vulnerability in their relationship yet, but a really great character moment for both of them.
@cookiecat7759 Yıl önce
i agree
@ThePa1riot Yıl önce
@@warriormaiden9829 He would have had to face that eventually though. He did have a responsibility to carry on. If anything, her giving him her condolences might have made the reality of being orphaned so suddenly a little easier.
@ConnieTryon 11 aylar önce
i appreciate the editing add-ins 🥰 especially 18:26 , 28:50 🤩
@ellasummers9671 6 aylar önce
The reason tiana and naveen work well even tho they have opposite personalities is they bring out new dimensions in each other without giving up who are they are at their core or judging. Naveen helps tiana let loose and have fun every once in a while. tiana helps naveen to learn some responsi
We just watched The Aristocats the other week with our online Classic Musicals Club and I must say, they had a GROWN folks/cats relationship arc. It was a great discussion catalyst.
@skylean_dragneel2379 10 aylar önce
I just wanna take a second to brag about my parents. I see them as a blueprint of a relationship and love as a whole even though if their story were to happen today, it’d be so very sketchy. 😂 My parents have been married for a while, and while they’re not touchy or all over themselves or even seemingly neglectful of each other, I can tell they’re the happiest couple ever. Every so often I’ll have a random question that pops into my head, particularly ones about love and relationships and stuff; I ask mom about them. They have their struggles sure, but they’ve never kept it to themselves. Both sides are very open to their feelings and it being expressed to the other or as much as they’re able to tell what’s wrong. One thing I asked my mom about when it comes to marriage is how to keep a marriage in a general sense. I haven’t asked my dad about it but I know he’d say the same thing. They had a conversation before they got married. They talked through what each of them wanted for the relationship. My mom explained a marriage to me as an actual contract. A promise to one another with a set of rules and regulations, some minor details in fine print (meaning unspoken agreements that may just be common sense.) Every time my mom wants to try something new, he’s right there with her, asking her what he can do. She still keeps him in her mind with things he might like or when they might have their time off together. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them do something just the two of them, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s… the little things they do. Even if it’s just dad moving her plants into the sunroom or Mom buying him some doughnuts when he’s had a rough day. Now I know how they’ve fallen in love, I know small parts of their marriage, but I still have thousands of random questions to throw at them. A lot of times, it’s just us watching a tv show and I randomly ask if a couple on screen is worth it. I love listening and watching love stories unfold, I love shipping characters together that I think could make a healthy pair, I want to make stories (probably only fanfics) where their love stories don’t ever have to end. Major milestones just one after another, I adore all of those. With my parents as my “Steps” I can only hope that any possible love story I may dream of or run into is just as healthy, lovely, magical, and long-lasting as theirs. I love my parents so much…
I’d love you to comment on Pepa and Félix from Encanto if you ever do a part 3. I know they aren’t the main characters or the main couple but the short interactions they do have is SO healthy and romantic to me
@persefoniajax Yıl önce
I wish you would have commented on how Hercules handled Meg's false advances! He's very respectful of her, she puts her leg down and he looks away and respectfully puts her leg back down, she lets her strap fall off of her shoulder and he fixes it instead of letting it stay down or pulling it down further. I dunno, it just means something to me that he was very clearly attracted to her and yet he respected her instead of objectifying her and looking when he had a chance to.
@dollpickle Yıl önce
i feel like he was just more of uncomfortable than wanting to respect her, he seemed really thrown off by her weird actions.
@squarebear619 Yıl önce
@@dollpickle he was an innocent teen but when he gulped when her strap was down he was definitely nervous. He was never exactly taught about flirting and such.
@craigime Yıl önce
Respecting her? There was no reason for him to believe he would be disrespecting her if he reciprocated her advances. As far as he knew, she was very interested in him, and it wouldn't have been against either of their wishes-- especially hers-- had he, again, reciprocated her advances. It wouldn't have made Hercules a bad guy, had he done so. He had no context, and was oblivious to her circumstances.
Yes. I agree. That was awesome that they incorporated that into the movie. Tho I do think it had more to do with him just being uncomfortable in the first place as he's never been in a relationship before, but it's very nice to see that he's respectful of her anyway
@laegresada07 10 aylar önce
How can I feel so close to some random guys talking about Disney relationships? I genuinely feel like we could be best friends. Thank you so much for keeping me company 💜
@calidahill3374 9 aylar önce
I love this little series!! We for sure need more of this 🥰🥰
@alexiawhitecloud1238 2 aylar önce
Shang seemed like he was getting feelings for ping, and felt a sigh of relief when he found out she was a woman the entire time. 😂
@Smiling_Emz 9 aylar önce
I need one with Lady and the Tramp, and Anna and Christoph in Frozen 2 just cause they are my favorite Disney couples
@Furienna 9 aylar önce
They did a video about Kristoff and his relationship with Anna.
@jdng86 9 aylar önce
I request the Sleeping Beauty relationship because I like how much time is devoted to them getting to know each other.
@PoeticProse7 Yıl önce
Actually, Jonathan, Shang DID consider the why and that's what fueled his compassion. Watch the scene again and when Mulan mentions her father, there is absolute heartbreak in Shang's eyes since he knew the pain of worrying about his father at war all of his life but was powerless to save his life. If anything, Shang was angry, but saw her as an equal at least in motivation and truly admired that. Shang may not have been in love with her at the moment, but he respected and silently envied her sacrifice. Their bond is potentially the most powerful of any Disney couple.
@Emi-ze6yy Yıl önce
This comment needs to go to the top of the pile!! I think Mulan is the most powerful story of respect between a man and a woman, and one where the man must actually confront all his prejudice about women, making the choice to value and support her because in proving herself she gives him no alternative. But it's in line with what you said about their trauma bonding, and feeling most connected to her, like when she gives him her support in the camp and when his father dies, because she's almost lost her father numerous times (when he fought and then when he was conscripted). It's also why I find it so cute that he's completely disarmed by her by the end, he's unused to the feeling of being on equal footing with a woman. Ah, Ancient China.
Ooooh, I agree. I like this angle.
@kiwibug07 Yıl önce
Yes! I think the fact that he left her alive is proof that not only did he see her as an equal but he also saw her side in wanting to protect her dad, it's just that he is also a leader and has to follow the rules so that his men will trust and follow him.
@loregoblin3854 Yıl önce
YES. Shang and Mulan have massively strong chemistry because they are character foils. they each feel trapped by the gender roles they were raised in, but Mulan says "enough is enough" and casts off her obligations to femininity at the very beginning of the movie, as soon as her father is threatened. her goal is simply to protect the people she cares about, by any means necessary. Shang is kind of a representation of the equally stifled other path. he was raised with obligations toward performing masculinity, and that has led him to his position at the start of the movie, as someone who is leading soldiers for the first time, and trying to do it well so as to put respect on his father's name and career. this concept of being someone respectable for the honor of one's family can be seen in Shang's attempts to lead his soldiers, and in Mulan's attempts to become a perfect bride. we even see these systems represented in the characters of the matchmaker on Mulan's side, and the emperor's attendant who constantly follows Shang around, recording everything he does and judging him. the scene where Mulan tells Shang that she thinks he's doing a good job, even though the attendant guy is constantly complaining, is important. because it shows that Mulan understands his struggle, even if Shang isn't privy to how different her perspective really is. Shang is still responding to his obligatory role, and Mulan knows that that's difficult. she's felt it too. but also, she only ends up in the same place as him because she rejected her prescribed role, and this frees her up to consider out-of-the-box options. like, Mulan isn't instantly good at masculinity either! she struggles with it, and it is not portrayed as the answer to her woes, or anyone else's for that matter. these expectations lead Shang's father to his death, and nearly kill Shang and all of his men as well. Mulan saves them in the mountains, because she is different from them. they could not do what she did. and by the end of the movie, what we're basically seeing is a reversal of positions, even as they lessen the burden of expectations for one another. think of it this way: Mulan was initially expected to be a good bride, but was judged inadequate by society's standards. then she goes off to be a soldier and eventually excels when placed under different expectations... but the key to that, is that she's being judged by Shang. and he is the type who eventually comes around on her methods when they're effective... he would rather see her succeed than be staunchly archetypal. meanwhile at the end of the movie, Shang doesn't have to exist in the context of war anymore, which frees him from the expectation that he be a good soldier, and the judgement of those who felt he was performing inadequately. he then goes to Mulan's home and tries to make a good impression by a different set of standards... and you know he'll be okay, because the one who would be "judging" him, is Mulan. the ball is in her court now, and she is equipped with the wisdom to both be herself, and let him be who he is. she doesn't need him to be archetypal if they can find a way to be happy.
@rubybates6502 Yıl önce
Does everyone agree that Mulan 2 was garbage though?
@Mach1048 11 aylar önce
My biggest problem with Mulan, is that I'd read translations of the Actual Myth of Mulan. And the Disney movie, although having one of the best Disney songs of all time in it, really, REALLY, down plays just how awesome Mulan is in the Myth.
@asiarussell6610 11 aylar önce
At least it’s better than the disaster that’s the live action.
@Mach1048 11 aylar önce
I haven't seen it... Because, the Animated film exists.
@themisfitowl2595 4 aylar önce
The two of them thirsting over shirtless Shang and Tarzan's muscles, and then switching to comparing their wives to Jane and Belle is perhaps some of the best bisexual energy I've ever seen! 😂
@anjelica948 4 aylar önce
The bisexual energy in this show radiates like freaking Chernobyl man. And I’m sure its played for comedy (bc I believe they both have said they’re straight), but still. Damn.
@Ellary_Rosewood Yıl önce
I'd love to see you two do a reaction to the movie "Ever After". It's my favorite retelling of the Cinderella story and just such a great movie with wonderful characters. I hope you see this comment! 😊
@celiarisho7445 11 aylar önce
As a person who dos not experience love/attraction I find it interesting to see what relationships actually look like
@sugarplum6123 Yıl önce
I'm glad that you guys mentioned Tiana and Naveen. I absolutely love The Princess and The Frog.
YESSSS I’M SO GLAD THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT O’MALLEY AND DUCHESS. Aristocats was one of my favorites as a kid. I have a feeling they’re going to get a good rating because he’s all in, not just for her (even though that would be understandable, duchess is so dreamy), but for the kittens too.
@candellina6 Yıl önce
YES!☺ They are my FAVORITE couple 😽😽
@pokemonacer Yıl önce
You mean Aristocats
stepdad goals for sure!
@@pokemonacer autocorrect 🙄
@hexxidelux6224 Yıl önce
I was going to thumb this up, but the Duchess comment gave me flashbacks to my short time as a furry. I shuddered. But yeah, O'Malley was a really good person, even though he was a cat. I recommend you watch don Bluth's Banjo The Woodpile Cat before it gets locked up in a vault somewhere like Gone With The Wind did just for keeping itself in-theme for the movie's setting, oh, and the era it came from. *Any who forget history are doomed to repeat it. And we're starting to see that happen.*
@kendra_r4940 10 aylar önce
It would be interesting seeing the progress of Mulan and shang with there relationship through the 2nd movie. I feel like there are a lot of lines that are very real that can be addressed. Like the responsibility they both had, and the stress that made it a difficult environment to nurture their relationship. It wasn't until they lost each other that they finally returned seeing they have to work harder for each other
@yup_im_tiff Yıl önce
The Aristocats was one of my favorite movies when I was a child and I didn’t know the name of it until I was an adult. I would just call it “ the movie with the cats” and everyone would just know 😂😂😂
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