Redneck vs Fancy Whiskey Glass

Drew Talbert
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I’m just shocked Brad was able to sell him in that $20 hooch

Co-write w/ Andrea Kelley



28 Kas 2021




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MissDeep MIX
I love that I've found this series, and threw a subscription.
This series is amazing
Atiqah Diyana
I love how terry talks to Timothy without being condescending. He’s just explaining things on his level but still treats him with respect and I love how Timothy gives Terry just as much respect back. Love this bit
Love the series
I love that I've found this series, and throw a subscription
Drew Hempwood
Series is not only good, but it's a cool take and lesson on relating to people and giving them perspective on things even if you are different, shows that Timothy is not trash.
Em J
"roll tide"
Yondoth 21 gün önce
"Roll tide."
charizma baker
I love how he just gets fed up and walks away 😂😂😂
Nishank Pandey
I love the fact that Terry and Timothy are on first-name terms now. Great series development!
Javon Knight
I love that I've found this series, and threw a subscription. This was a good pick me up on a slow day at the shop.
Ginger Snappe
I like how Timothy is always quick to understand new concepts. Good for Tim.
Mary H
This “redneck vs” miniseries is my favorite thing ever. So glad I found you!
Short17 Beatz
Being from Tuscaloosa, Alabama I love your videos man it’s just something refreshing about your spot on display of our “southern charm”
The legitimate fear in Tim's face when he says "The fuck is that?" is real.
Burpo Stockings
The cityboy trying to roll tide made me laugh so hard, I nearly choked on my dip
shani yan
I love how at the end the last guy tries to join in with the „Roll tide“ and everyone‘s just like „NO“ 😂😂
Heather Keeton
Couple of these didn’t end with Roll Tide and I was sad! Glad this 1 did. It makes it 10x more funny.
NoThoughtsAtAll 28 gün önce
It's wild being from a southern state AND having twin uncles named Terry and Timothy. Series is a reeeeal gem to stumble upon !
Mary Poppins
There’s something so genuinely sweet about these videos. If we all had people to help explain things we don’t understand, I think we’d all be able to get along quite well❤️
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