Rebuilding The American Hotel Continues, Finally!

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Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for all the support over the past two years! If you're interested in trying LMNT, you can get a free sample pack with purchase here: drinklmnt.com/brent

This update is one I've been waiting a long time to share! We are rebuilding a hotel here in the abandoned mining town of Cerro Gordo. It's been a long, difficult progress, but progress is happening again and I'm very excited to share where we are at, and where we hope to go from here!

More photos here: instagram.com/brentwunder...

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Mailing Address: PO Box 490, Lone Pine, CA 93545

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has followed along for the past two years. Together we’re all ensuring Cerro Gordo’s history is preserved for generations to come.

A portion of this project has been funded by donations made to the Friends of Cerro Gordo NonProfit organization through the American Hotel GoFundMe. The support of thousands of individuals over the last two years has raised funds that will go directly into rebuilding the American Hotel, preserving history for many generations to come. It is through your unwavering support and generosity that this project is possible. Thank you so, so much! It’s beautiful to see so many people care about the history here. It means the world to me.



25 Haz 2022




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Ghost Town Living
Hello everyone! Thank you all so, so much for all the support over the journey here at Cerro Gordo. You all are truly helping preserve history for future generations. There is lots of exciting things to look forward to up here. If you aren't already subscribed, I hope you do! See you all soon!
Jeroen Zelle
Perhaps to raise money for the American Hotel, “sell” the option to write the name of the person who donated on the roof shingles (on the inside of the hotel, not visible from outside). This was done here in the Netherlands at a church which had major fire damage, the new roof now has many names on the inside.
Liana Colquhoun
Dave and his team from heavy d are fantastic honestly they are a blessing to so many people including their families and friends
That message at the end about how the internet is polarizing but this is something we can all get behind... that made me tear up. Thanks for being a spot of positivity and hope in a world of dread and doom, Brent.
The world is as a whole right now so awful and horrifying, watching this channel and you Brent has been fresh air in a vacuum! The risk you took on this place has paid off for thousands of people and hopefully you know how much you are loved!
Neng Moua
This is how people coming in together and don’t wait until their life ended.God Bless to all those people who’s helped.
Say it Ain’t so
Heavy D is a flesh and blood superhero. This morning I watched him a rescue an old man’s home/boat that had been stranded for three weeks on the sand at Lake Mead. No one would help him and his boat was going to be salvaged. It was a miracle. I have been watching you for years and was astounded to see him once again problem solving a situation that no one else seemed capable of touching. Brent, you should be so proud of what you have achieved at Cerro Gordo. You set out to accomplish a goal and always follow through with so much heart and soul. Just amazing!
Ed The chosen one
Heavy D is the REAL DEAL! He just helped a man at lake mead get his boat unstuck. He helps who ever needs it he’s a real one.
WenLoves MSU
I absolutely 💕 LOVE the help and village that came to you in regards to cement, labor, etc. I’ve been down this rabbit hole with you, thru your posts since 2020, my husband unexpectedly and tragically passed in 2020, and I have a passion for abandoned and historical sites….so THIS has been one of the things, pulling me out of a dark place. Thank you
I’m so amazed by you Brent. I thank you so much for your patience and positive vibes. It always helps me to stay strong and keep moving. I’m so happy to see you motivating yourself all the time. You are a great man and a hero!
Awesomeness ...YOU HAVE DONE AN AMAZING JOB Brent and THANKS to everyone that has had a hand in Rebuilding the American Hotel☺️✌️💗YALL ROCK!!!
I am so happy to hear that you're finally taking off with the construction. If it weren't so prohibitive for me to get out there, I would totally help you move some blocks around for a few days.
Christine J
Every volunteer and person involved in the rebuilding of the hotel should sign a block. A hidden tribute to everyone that will always be there! ❤
My great-grandfather owned a hotel in Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900’s. It burnt down one night when 2 miners got into a fight, knocked over a kerosene lamp, and it was gone. My grandma told me the story often. They (great- grandma, their 3 daughters and a son) eventually moved to Lone Pine, where he became a Sheriff, and did some mining in the area too. Moved to Bishop after that, and a couple generations later, I was born. I’m grateful for my history in the area, my heart will always be there. We celebrate Mules every year on Memorial Day, they were such a part of the growth then. You’re doing an incredible job, I’ve watched from the beginning!
Tammy Bueno
Hats off to Dave, he's one in a million, also to all the other guys who have helped out.
Mika Leino
I'm so stoked to see that you finally got the permissions to go on wards with The American Hotel-project! I'm so happy for you! Best of everything for you Brent! Oh, greetings from Finland :)
The sheer amount of passion you're putting into Cerro Gordo project is incredibly inspiring, Brent. It's a joy to watch you being so excited about rebuilding of the American Hotel. I'd love to have a trip to Cerro Gordo some day to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the place and all the labour that went into renovation. Cheers from war-torn Ukraine.
Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny 19 saatler önce
I am so excited for you ,Getting the motel going again! I almost started crying when I heard Dave say absolutely!! Such a Super Trooper!!!Such a wonderful bunch!! This has been a long time waiting for permits and getting supplies. I like what you did down town with your getting away from the hill , house! Prayers are being said for a safe and wonderful outcome for all involved with the new motel. Looking forward for next video!!🥰 and love to your animals!!
Wendy Moore
Very few buildings are built with love, you can honestly say the hotel will be, every block handled by people who care. Dave Sparkes and team are driven by the heart 💜
Buckshot H
I've worked in construction as a carpenter for 26 years. I can relate to all the headaches you have encountered. Once the framing begins you'll be amazed at how much more progress you'll make. Just remeber every good building needs to rest on an better foundation. Good luck👍
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Fall Guys But I Can't Jump Or Dive!