Real Madrid vs Bayer Munich 6-3 (Agg) Highlights & Goals | Quarter-final | UCL 2016/2017

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Real Madrid vs Bayer Munich 6-3 (Agg) Highlights & Goals | Quarter-final | UCL 2016/2017

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19 Tem 2021




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Hououin Kyouma
Hououin Kyouma Gün önce
It was very controversial game
Arkagiy Li
Arkagiy Li Gün önce
Столько негатива против Роналду и Месси от их фанатов. А ведь они друг друга подогревают своей игрой и забитым голами. Это их противостояние и стимулирует ещё круче вести игру. Вот если один из них завершит карьеру будет видно как у другого потеряется смысл самоотверженой игры. Так что они оба великие уникальные игроки и у обоих талант и стремление забивать мяч в ворота.
Rio Barkah Dinata
Rio Barkah Dinata 2 gün önce
ADriSKio 4 gün önce
alguien me dice por que vidal es tan manco?
Esteban Rey
Esteban Rey 4 gün önce
Que LaFamille
Que LaFamille 9 gün önce
Vidal is the one to blame . he missed a penalty . got 2 yellow card like an idiot...
er vi
er vi 9 gün önce
Two unfair red cards, poor refereeing both times...
Meditative life
Meditative life 13 gün önce
8:47 he doesn't even celebrate
Meditative life
Meditative life 13 gün önce
Ronaldo is so selfish player ever..
Dika Kurniawan
Dika Kurniawan 15 gün önce
Pro sekali Ronaldo😊
Joysree Das
Joysree Das 15 gün önce
That nutmegging Manuel
Robert Shinglai
Robert Shinglai 16 gün önce
God of football
Robert Shinglai
Robert Shinglai 16 gün önce
CR7 🙏
Mohit Kashyap
Mohit Kashyap 22 gün önce
The most dangerous duo of all time is Marcelo and Cristiano😐😐😐😐
Julian Navestad
Julian Navestad 26 gün önce
people saying its robbed, but bayern got 2 pens that shouldn't have been pens
jelka Turk
jelka Turk 29 gün önce
matej je gey
Jacob Aylar önce
Cr7 el mejor.
Elvis Obondo
Elvis Obondo Aylar önce
Ancelloti destroyed by a team he made.
Queezy Prince SA
Queezy Prince SA Aylar önce
I miss this team of RMA, one of the reasons why I was a fan of this club since 2010 but nothing lasts forever hey
AJAY S. SANDHU Aylar önce
Best telepathy combination of best LWB Marcelo n best LW CR7 in Real Madrid’s history they were unstoppable n unbelievable 🎩 off to these buddies 👍🎯🔥💪
Général Gladiateur
เจ้ทโด้ร่างนี้ โคตรเทพ ผู้เล่นชุดนี้คือราชันชุดขาวแห่งยุคจริงๆครับ เล่นบอลได้สวยงามตลอดทั้งฤดุกาล
Subhayu Sengupta
Subhayu Sengupta Aylar önce
Two offside goals lol
GUK Lawliet
GUK Lawliet Aylar önce
Without real Madrid Ronaldo is not a good player
M. Zuhri Wanda Purba
Offside goal by cr7 in first leg 😒
Akash Ajil
Akash Ajil Aylar önce
Hat trick 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
KemALex Aylar önce
marcelo can score but he gave ball to his friend for hattrick. Underrated legend M A R C E L O
D E M O N 10 gün önce
@Bobby Sandez he just clarifying for the people who are dumb
Bobby Sandez
Bobby Sandez 21 gün önce
Ok ok ,don't crave attention. We already knew it even without you writing it.
Aladins Wunderschlampe
what the heck is "Bayer Munich"? Do you really mean "Bayern München"?!
ᎠRICKZ᥊ Aylar önce
Sarvesh Saju
Sarvesh Saju Aylar önce
Two offside goals💀 undeserved redcard Robbery🙂
Асхаб Висерханова
Есть русские отзовитесь
Pettosno Aylar önce
Soy del Real Madrid pero la roja de Vidal creo que no era falta
Fadhlul Rahman
Fadhlul Rahman Aylar önce
B-34 Dhiraj Ganeshkar
8:15 Marcelo let Ronaldo score his 100th UCL goal😍
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Aylar önce
The nimble hub primarily shelter because shallot thessaly long concerning a wandering bed. pathetic, telling store
Jasjas Aylar önce
Those days when Ronaldo was feared
Danny Kwon
Danny Kwon Aylar önce
this real madrid was so lethal. im gunna cry T.T
Shxuryeet Aylar önce
Siiiiiuuuuuuuuuu 🐐
1990Thunderbolt Aylar önce
Bayern Munich's Kryptonite = Real Madrid! ⚪ >>>> 🔴
Diego Roque
Diego Roque Aylar önce
Así se golea al Bayern👑 diferencias.......8-2
abdou zoghmar
abdou zoghmar Aylar önce
Leawndowski and nuer: chooses messi over ronaldo Me: hmmm, i wonder why?
Sueli Pereira Basilio Andre
Eu nunca tive tempo de asstir um jogo com o Cristiano Ronaldo pois trabalho durante o dia e a noite para sobreviver e só vejo poucas coisas no iutub sei que é um dos melhores jogadores do mundo sei o que faz para humanidade Deus abençoe a todos sempre você merece Sueli Pereira Alvim Uberaba m g Brasil
Nobody ID
Nobody ID Aylar önce
Luar biasa sih Madrid Dari bek dan tengah banyak kreasi dan Umpan2 nya sangat cantik ke Ronaldo
Erk Fizban
Erk Fizban Aylar önce
Best goal was S.Ramos's own goal hehe I love to see all fails that bitch does :D
SilverBak Official
SilverBak Official Aylar önce
Ronaldo, Benzima & Bale this was the Ultimate Team
D'CHOKREKT Aylar önce
Amoo damil are
Amoo damil are Aylar önce
the best
David Crespo
David Crespo Aylar önce
Memorable! 💪🏼😎
qo2 co2
qo2 co2 Aylar önce
Navas Carvajal Pepe Ramos marcelo Caseimero Modric kros Bale Benzema Ronaldo The great starting Eleven
Vivek Shadow
Vivek Shadow Aylar önce
Ronaldo 😟😢😢
Addai Desmond
Addai Desmond Aylar önce
Hala Madrid
Hafeez Abdullah
Hafeez Abdullah Aylar önce
Lewa and cr7
Megumin Zaychik
Megumin Zaychik Aylar önce
GG marcelo
Mohamed Rahoy
Mohamed Rahoy Aylar önce
Vidal ,the source of all problems to Bayern
Prokash Mondal
Prokash Mondal Aylar önce
Ronaldo 🐐 × Real Madrid 🤍 = Most Deadliest Combination Ever ☠️🔥
Crott Critt
Crott Critt 2 aylar önce
2014-2018 Munchen ketemu madrid bisa apa ....😄
El Cabron
El Cabron 2 aylar önce
I remember this robbery
Rama Fabian
Rama Fabian 2 aylar önce
Don't be scared if you have ronaldo in your team
Mr. Karim
Mr. Karim 2 aylar önce
Hummels, Boateng, Neuer they all look avweage when Ronaldo is around. What a player!!
Stenly Lauw
Stenly Lauw 2 aylar önce
Wajahat Khan
Wajahat Khan 2 aylar önce
2nd goal from ronaldo was insane
Stiven Isaku
Stiven Isaku 2 aylar önce
That match is not a reminder of what an wonderful team RM was. It is a reminder for those who forgot how RM really won trophies. What a disgrace for the world of football, the real reason why this sport goes ugly from time to time. They deserve the conditions they are now, an average team fighting for pos.2 or 3 in La Liga. Seems like the referees cannot help them anymore.
Rhealou Malima
Rhealou Malima 2 aylar önce
The stingy poppy molecularly phone because look evidently multiply anenst a foolish storm. nappy, squalid craftsman
Marley Boy
Marley Boy 2 aylar önce
Never in a million years is that a 2nd yellow for vidal
takib abdullah
takib abdullah 2 aylar önce
Marcelo was ver generous towards ronaldo ❤️
José María Rodríguez
Vidal defeated Bayern Munich, not Madrid lol
messi leoo
messi leoo 2 aylar önce
Ti Ti
Ti Ti 2 aylar önce
omg so good moment .but i don't remember clearly that
Yames_ 🕸️🕸️
Yames_ 🕸️🕸️ 2 aylar önce
+VVHALE+ 2 aylar önce
So sick. 2 goals from offside for Real and Vidal's unfair red card. He made a correct clear tackle.
Jasjas Aylar önce
Cry louder Messi fan
Charel Benindra Manurung
always gives me a goosebumps
Kadam Nopi
Kadam Nopi 2 aylar önce
Bayern are the champion club is a bitch of Real Madrid
Y Subhasish Singha
Y Subhasish Singha 2 aylar önce
How can you even compare him to Messi. He just stays in penalty box waiting for tapins🤢....dont disrespect Messi by comparing him with this tapin merchant 🤣🙏
Mateusz Spyra
Mateusz Spyra 2 aylar önce
the second leg was a shame 2 offside goals from real and it wasnt a red card for vidal bc he played first the ball
elmousse007 2 aylar önce
Real Madrid really dominated Bayern and yet haters are talking about referee
Sadam Arslan AL nasser
Peter wah
Peter wah 2 aylar önce
No one gonna talk about that thumbnail?😳
HelloWorld 2 aylar önce
2016-17 best season ever for me
mr.sanseng 2 aylar önce
5:16 marcelo insane defending🔥
Amit Parihar
Amit Parihar 2 aylar önce
This was the most controversial match ever played. If it was conducted fairly, Real may still have defeated bayern but not by 3 goal margin, it would be lesser and ronaldo wouldn't have got his hattrick
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma 2 aylar önce
i had five girlfriends (ex) which i got broke off but neither of em i miss that much i miss that Real Madrid. Complete dominance
Hugo Peixinho
Hugo Peixinho 2 aylar önce
The Referee in the second match is literally why VAR exists now
Gloria Dubon
Gloria Dubon 2 aylar önce
Jajaja 😘
Alessandro López
Alessandro López 2 aylar önce
bad arbitration. well the goals of madrid when bayer was already played also with one less. If not, the result would have been different
star star
star star 2 aylar önce
Kevin 2 aylar önce
That was the REAL madrid
Burak Özyilmaz
Burak Özyilmaz 2 aylar önce
Ronaldo the BEST EVER!!! 3 years CL Winner. This guy is unstoppable
Kudiholoca José
Kudiholoca José 2 aylar önce
Meme Lordt
Meme Lordt 2 aylar önce
Comment section is full of arabic bandwagon Madrid fans who only watch highlights saying this game wasn’t rigged.
Harsh Minz
Harsh Minz 2 aylar önce
What if now Bayern vs madrid 😂😂 60-0
Ryder-Gem 2 aylar önce
You are comparing gold( real ) with silver, they managed to bag a hatrick of ucl, bayern cant srry couldn't
Rashad Iqbal
Rashad Iqbal 2 aylar önce
Worst commentary ever
PRB's Premiere
PRB's Premiere 2 aylar önce
Vidal - what a 🤡!
gxazz wqqrr
gxazz wqqrr 2 aylar önce
Who let Vidal take pen lool
FootballFan7 2 aylar önce
darshan sambar
darshan sambar 2 aylar önce
Real madrid only team to handle bayern in ucl . They responded to bayerns attack with attack
Rifda Fatihah
Rifda Fatihah 2 aylar önce
That time Real Madrid was glorious 😍
Ratna Ningsih
Ratna Ningsih 2 aylar önce
Barca 8-2😆
Minjuli Narjinari
Minjuli Narjinari 2 aylar önce
Name me a better duo then Ronaldo and Marcelo ... I will wait
bola pinalti
bola pinalti 2 aylar önce
Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Bee...