Reacting To True Scary Story Animations Of Being Home Alone (Gave Me Goosebumps)

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8 Aug 2019

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crazy cuckoo hii
crazy cuckoo hii 27 dakika önce
I was home alone in I was in the kitchen in all the power in the house when of I was so scerd in I us my flash light on my phone in grabbed a knife in left out the front door and when to my friend house in call my mom 😭😭😭😭 I was so scared
Zachery Derp
Zachery Derp Saatler önce
Thats why i keep i knife on me
Said _SavageLord
Said _SavageLord Saatler önce
I was watching this at 2:00 A.M fudge u...”what if they just come through when I’m alone” that is so scary cause I’m young.
Aria Moon UwU
Aria Moon UwU 2 saatler önce
Wait was that guy in the last part i think that could have been candy man...
kitty Hawk
kitty Hawk 3 saatler önce
Being home alone a lot after school I got a lot of paranoia and I feared for me and my sister. If someone wear to come banging on the door I'll probably grab a knife and atack them. To save me and my
stxr x
stxr x 3 saatler önce
I’m always home alone and when someone knocks I hide under my covers and put earbuds in 😭💀 Cause I get scared but it be the church people
Kaylin Yoongi
Kaylin Yoongi 4 saatler önce
This is so scary I'm watching this at 11:45 at night I get so many chills down my spine
Darkbaby56 l
Darkbaby56 l 4 saatler önce
7:27 when I put the chain on the foor I would of ran to the kitchen and grab a knife or a heavy pot with me
Darkbaby56 l
Darkbaby56 l 4 saatler önce
6:03 I would said yes
sahar rahemi
sahar rahemi 4 saatler önce
You were crying when the person came to the girls house
gBc x
gBc x 5 saatler önce
React to Llama arts
Dylanrobplayz 6 saatler önce
I watched this at night.... bad idea
Eli Vang
Eli Vang 6 saatler önce
jay is not that dude he was going to cry
Chris22 6 saatler önce
Jose Turner
Jose Turner 7 saatler önce
A cada rato paras 🙄😣😒
Clover Kaymia
Clover Kaymia 7 saatler önce
2:36 Why did that face make me cry laughing?
Taylor Meisenheimer
Taylor Meisenheimer 7 saatler önce
One time I was home alone at night, and I heard my dogs bark (they bark a lot when someone is outside my house) I looked out the window to see what they were barking at, and I saw an elderly couple (i assume) getting out of a pick-up. They came and knocked on my door, but I didn't answer cause my mom would have told me if she was expecting someone. I just let them wait outside and went back to my business, and then about an hour later I looked out the window again. The couple had left, but their truck was still there. That freaked me out so much, but I only sat in my room and pet my dogs to comfort me. I still haven't told my parents, and I still have no idea who the couple was.
legendary gamer
legendary gamer 8 saatler önce
When I'm home alone I'm alone from around 1:35pm-10:45/11:00, since I keep the outside light on and the front door is glass I always feel like at some point the lights will turn on and I'll see some one I don't know, also the lights have motion sensors and when I see them turn on I always look out the door, luckily nobody's ever there unless it's my dad or my dog wanting in. Good this is the door has two locks, one located on the doorknob and the other located above it, so I lock them whenever I'm alone with my dog
Vlogs with Matt
Vlogs with Matt 9 saatler önce
Soooo true about your bathroom story
Mega shark 2
Mega shark 2 10 saatler önce
Honestly I live in a Basement and you need a Key to open it and EVERYONE That lives in the building has the key to the basement because the one to go upstairs is the same to go in the basement so therefore If anybody knocks on our door It's either a Person from Upstairs wanting to barrow something or the Manger looking for my dad because he's the Super and People come to him for help so I'm A-OK a uwu
Bernardeen Cox
Bernardeen Cox 10 saatler önce
Me and my bro did
Nathifa Khan
Nathifa Khan 10 saatler önce
This was 20 minutes and 19 seconds long and it was made in 2019
Madison Phillippi
Madison Phillippi 11 saatler önce
Do you know what I would do the second he came to my window I'd be like "click" Send a picture to the police
Keloe Conway
Keloe Conway 11 saatler önce
😨 head ah 17:04
Richard Torres-Estrada
Richard Torres-Estrada 11 saatler önce
That physco went 28 stab wounds on the police officer in the mental hospital
mustafa kothari
mustafa kothari 11 saatler önce
Now that second one was really scary
Taleen Salaitah
Taleen Salaitah 12 saatler önce
5:36 thanks jay I now have actual anxiety of being home alone more than ever!
Juan Acosta
Juan Acosta 12 saatler önce
I always feel that someone or something like a cereal killer of a stranger
Slurp Slurp
Slurp Slurp 12 saatler önce
11:40 same bro
Slurp Slurp
Slurp Slurp 12 saatler önce
I’m home alone 23/7 soooooo..........................
yullenlover1000 14 saatler önce
I remember a couple weeks ago, my mom was out to pick up my dad from the airport. An hour later, there was a loud banging on my front door. After a few minutes of being frozen, I made my way to the kitchen, just in case, to grab a weapon. I carefully peeped through the window, but fortunately, no one was there. I also have two dogs ((though they’re small breeds)), so perhaps their barking scared whoever it was off. Nothing eventful really happened after that, but that was one of the scariest moments of my life.
Galaxy Wolf Animates & plays
One time i was in the kitchen all alone my mom went to the store and took my brothers there were no curtans in the kitchen after a while a loaf of bread fell but it wasnt any were near were it fell before i was terrifyed and my grandparents died when i was in 2nd grade at that time i was in 4th grade.
Amandaandy Oof
Amandaandy Oof 15 saatler önce
I Very Mucho Had Anxiety Momentos Too :( 😫😰😓
Amandaandy Oof
Amandaandy Oof 15 saatler önce
HeLp Me.
yullenlover1000 15 saatler önce
You’re telling me.....these two boys decided to check the closet without a weapon???? They’ve got some guts!!
Allan Scott
Allan Scott 15 saatler önce
Every night I'm paranoid af but I always remind my self God has under control then I feel better
I like pink 420
I like pink 420 15 saatler önce
Ok so i get scared alot. I Also stay Home Alone alot to take care of my dog. So i hear noises In my house alot and i check my house after hearing them but i never check the atic because i cant get into it. What the hell are the noises i think. Could they be coming from the atic? But my atic is like a sapce shorter thank a crawl space. Any theorys
Royler Lara
Royler Lara 15 saatler önce
16:57 What is this the 80s?
Pry King
Pry King 16 saatler önce
These scared the F‘ck out of me
Tokii_ Cat
Tokii_ Cat 16 saatler önce
Every night when I take my dog to pee I have a thought that at the end of the street will be a murderer so I always quickly run to my door. Is it just me :I
Jay 1341
Jay 1341 16 saatler önce
Jay I understand why you would not believe that, that one man went pow pow pow on the dudes face. But if your sister/brother gets assaulted or harassed Big Bro Instincts go on and adrenaline starts pumping taking off the “human safety limits” on our body and we could quit literally pick up a car.
Fairy Bless
Fairy Bless 17 saatler önce
In Philippines i never experience or even heard a Pilipino story like this happens and it's actually really nice being home alone here because it's safe uwu
Emily Lynch
Emily Lynch 17 saatler önce
Can you react to Steven D
Alexa Benjamin
Alexa Benjamin 18 saatler önce
My mum and dad were out of town, when I was home alone. I was doing my homework, when I heard footsteps in the hallway. Freaked out, scared for my life, I ran to the kitchen and got the sharpest kitchen knife. The footsteps belonged to my little brother who just woke up from his nap. I frogot about him
Ivy Williams
Ivy Williams 18 saatler önce
If i saw that weird guy i would grab a meatknife go up to him smile and do my sicopathic lafph
nicks channel
nicks channel 18 saatler önce
me and me brother and a knock at the door but it wasn't scary
nicks channel
nicks channel 18 saatler önce
CarlaDaLlama XD
CarlaDaLlama XD 19 saatler önce
When im home alone i would jump in front of the tv and when someone to the doors ring i look trough the window, and iff i didnt know him i would just cover the damn window, and keep watching tv like nothing happend. My mom and dad always told me to becareful of people i dont know, so i did
CarlaDaLlama XD
CarlaDaLlama XD 19 saatler önce
Im scared of ghosts, why? I dont know.. ive always believed cuz everytime im alone i feel watched.
Livyana Fritze
Livyana Fritze 19 saatler önce
When The first story was told I held onto my cat saying it’s okay it didn’t happen to me even though I live in the same country
SkyLightWolf Gatcha Vids
SkyLightWolf Gatcha Vids 19 saatler önce
When I'm scared my wind pipes get stuck ... I can't breath. I can't talk or move I would have definitely bin live bate in any of these situations.
wolf meme gameplay
wolf meme gameplay 20 saatler önce
If I would open the door If someone asks me am I home alone ill just say :"no, my mom is in the back talking to a police man's, thare is 5 of e'm" BOOM he will probably leave and never come back😏😏😏
Miz • Imperfect
Miz • Imperfect 20 saatler önce
First of all... buy a curtains like please don't leave your window open.. anyone can look through
ChocoS 21 saatler önce
Me: Homealone Also Me:Searches on google Pornhub :)
Transdimentional Space Goat
Bruh, that woman's voice is deeper than mine😂😂
KweenyAvi :3
KweenyAvi :3 22 saatler önce
video: **shows woman** deep raspy ass voice idk: THIS WAS A TRUE STORY OF WHEN I WAS HOME ALONE AND IT ALL STARTED WHEN I WAS 13
Syren Scyth
Syren Scyth 22 saatler önce
3:38 is it bad that i wouldn't be scared either? I would be absolutely pissed if anything and ready to go John wick on anyone's ass! if they tried anything like that on my siblings (I Learned hand to hand combat and self defence at a very very! young age😐) And I have anger issues at times I take after my dad
Aleesha Thaxton
Aleesha Thaxton 22 saatler önce
14:12 dazgames?
Some Random dude
Some Random dude 22 saatler önce
Video: The banging stopped Me: *laughs to self* haha that's what she said!
Daniela Schneider
Daniela Schneider 23 saatler önce
Horror game jumpscares:*mean to scare you* Jay: Eh, this ain't scary Boogie man:*exists* Jay:*spooked screaming*
natashia love
natashia love 23 saatler önce
13:20 lol me helirious
iammoon Gün önce
Bro I’m a deep ass sleeper. If someone was in my damn closest, I’d be dead. Period. I don’t hear shit when I’m asleep.
Some Random dude
Some Random dude 22 saatler önce
haha 😂
litboievan Gün önce
I would let him in and have ***
adham sameh
adham sameh Gün önce
You are a savage bro
Julia Cullantes
Julia Cullantes Gün önce
Zainab Sara
Zainab Sara Gün önce
Ruqayya Shaikh
Ruqayya Shaikh Gün önce
I am watching this video home alone
Some Random dude
Some Random dude 22 saatler önce
DrawsoAnimeEdit Gün önce
OkAy fiNe. Now I’ll go shopping with my family now.
Victoria Haynes
Victoria Haynes Gün önce
I'm always paranoid when I'm home alone with my older sis
Regular account
Regular account Gün önce
I beat the crap out of someone cause he tried to kidnap me
DracoDragonKing XX
13:33 holdup...you said chocolate skin? Boiiiiiii
Gildarda Vázquez
Watch llama arts they got good shit on animated horror stories
Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca Jackson Gün önce
Im sO scared at home because my dogs died & one night I heard my dogs nail it was taping on the floor & my dad Told me to put my toothbrush up then I heard the sound I was a sh*t head & I didn't do it i put My toothbrush on the step (-_- )
You should react to llama arts
strawberry _acai
strawberry _acai Gün önce
lol the only reason I watch these scary videos is because I have sum company with the comments and kubz scouts 😂
animal lover girl
Nothing ever happened to me whenever Im home alone since being home alone is my favorite. Ive always had things that can keep me safe since my uncles thought some things on how to protect myself like fighting how to hold a gun or knife just in case....so whenever Im home alone I would watch TV and eat FOODS!
Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez Gün önce
I watched these
Straw Hats
Straw Hats Gün önce
i heard a know asked who is it and it was UPS or FedEx forgot lol
pokemon rancher 101
The first dude in the closet is Sirius Black
TreePug Gün önce
My dad went in my room as soon as he said, "wrinkly skin, wrinkly balls, "
Ai No Ikari
Ai No Ikari Gün önce
Reasons why we need to hide weapons on our room, I have a butterfly knife in my room.
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