Reacting To True Scary Story Animations Of Being Home Alone (Gave Me Goosebumps)

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8 Aug 2019




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Kiss 1221
Kiss 1221 3 saatler önce
No one will ever hide in my closet they just won't fit in
James Prewitt
James Prewitt 4 saatler önce
First guy would have gotten one to the dome.....big ups to the kid though....the second would have gotten RKOed then punched till the principal came.....the third one shotgun definitely 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jasmine Adams
Jasmine Adams 4 saatler önce
from 11:35 to 11:59 is completely me
PakHoonUnnie21345 4 saatler önce
oo boy i have been alone home many times and i get this paranoid expression and thoughts that when i go get some water a random guy pops up with a knife or something like the second horror storry
Aime Castro
Aime Castro 4 saatler önce
Watch share my story
Christopher Cheah
Christopher Cheah 14 saatler önce
16:41 If I was the kid I would have taken a photo of him and then say “HA GAY I GOT YO FACE BETCH” then run to my parents
Kamal Abdullah
Kamal Abdullah 16 saatler önce
I have a scary story well my parents let me home alone and im only 10 and i close all the doors but when i was watching this video i saw my parents door open itself when i hold the doornob to close the door the doornob feel like there is another person is holding it to but im alone for now i dont want to be home alone again Like this comment if your scared and this is real not fake and
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 19 saatler önce
Jay im 10 Years old my mom got angry at me because I couldnt sleep it was 2:30am I had Anxiety
Ricky Li
Ricky Li 22 saatler önce
3:38 Definitely Jacky Chan’s move
Yaman Boy
Yaman Boy 22 saatler önce
Ya I’m from Iraq and we have a something like Halloween but it’s not it’s Halloween but we don’t dress up so my mom and my dad went to my grandmas I didn’t go because I was sick and kids were trying to get in the house they’re 5 kids and they were trying to open the door and they were throwing rocks and damaged it and I was scared because our door is light and I was like so scared and saw them in the camera so that’s my story (sorry for my English)
Joanne Mcardle
Joanne Mcardle 22 saatler önce
"And Chocolate skin" Reee racist
Terra Bailey
Terra Bailey Gün önce
I had a guy come to my back window with a knife trying to rob us, my sister screamed that she had a gun and he ran off
Rhi Noel
Rhi Noel Gün önce
My mom taught me to not open doors or answer calls unless I knew the people well. Even then, she gave me a safe word to ensure my safety.
Golden sisters Playz
Jay:HE AIN'T MICHAEL JORDAN PUT THAT TONGUE BACK IN BTS armies:aw no no no no no! Hell naw you ain't copying Tae Tae like that
The closet one made me even more paranoid about my own closet since it makes weird noises sometime ehh IDK, like it's shifting or something don't know how to explain it but it's creepy especially at night.
JuanCarlos Reyna
JuanCarlos Reyna Gün önce
I would start swinging my mlb style bat
Robert Stubbert
Robert Stubbert Gün önce
I’m home alone I have a Metal baseball bat so I’ll be good for a little bit
JuanCarlos Reyna
JuanCarlos Reyna Gün önce
these stories are 100% true?
Robert Stubbert
Robert Stubbert Gün önce
The weirdest thing happened about the story were like the guy was in the kids closet in the 15 years old boy became mad or something well he said you can stick out your tongue like that you aren’t Michael Jordan and I know he plays basketball and then as soon as he said that a commercial for NBA 2k20 it’s a video game came on and that was the freakiest thing ever and it’s a game about playing basketball like whattttt lol
Marissa And Julissa
Other people home alone : AYYYYY HOME ALONE!! Me : *Calls cops and screams : I'm hOme alONe comE savE MEEEEEEEEeEEEEeEEEEEEEeE!!
Francisco Azenha
Francisco Azenha Gün önce
am i the only one that is super paranoid but still watches this videos?
Poppe p
Poppe p 2 gün önce
Once when I was home alone, and my cat was out side... The kitchen closet opened and some of our cups just started to fall out... I went to Chek it and got so scared so I took a key looked my room door and called my dad, he then rushed home to see if I was ok
Au Souper ツ
Au Souper ツ 2 gün önce
I was home alone and there was somebody’ knocking on the door and I ran and got my air soft gun and put it on the couch and I went open the door and it was my dad’s friend asking for his check I was like 😂😂😂😂😤
Trishia Brandon
Trishia Brandon 3 gün önce
Death's Revenge
Death's Revenge 3 gün önce
Buy a airsoft gun and a handcuff. The pistol is the best because it's light. 1.Shoot the person in the leg (if you have a real gun) (the airsoft gun can do it too) and then say "Warning 1" . If he is still trying to attack. Shoot the airsoft gun (If you don't have a real gun) The Final warning is warning 3 and then shoot him in the head (The person will be knocked out I think)and then handcuff him. My idea for people who is scared of being home alone.
littlebody bigheart
littlebody bigheart 3 gün önce
"Scart Times With Your Old Pal' Jay" Sorry, just thought that was a good name for this series.......
isabella Cubero
isabella Cubero 3 gün önce
So my dad left me at home and my brother and a Wired man was knocking on the door and we rain up stairs and Lock the door the man stopped So he never came in I'm so happy he never Did!!!! 😬
Sophia Sneeringer
Sophia Sneeringer 3 gün önce
who else was home alone during this and made sure every door was locked
horse lady
horse lady 4 gün önce
This barn i go to is literally haunted i hear loud bang's and i look no one and nothing is there and the barn owner hear's door's opening and the door's shut so fast and they are open
Leland Philipsen
Leland Philipsen 4 gün önce
Someone knocks at my door and says let me in me: calling police
Patrick ørum
Patrick ørum 4 gün önce
How to be a child predator in 2000 hey want some candy 2019 He want some free vbucks
UNI 2 saatler önce
Patrick ørum or you want some WiFi
Patrick ørum
Patrick ørum 4 gün önce
I tought i was the only one that paranoid
Sophie Johnson
Sophie Johnson 4 gün önce
No one: Jay: *laughs* 😂😂
You need to check out lama arts
Anna -Leilah V
Anna -Leilah V 5 gün önce
After school I have to stay home by myself with my sister
Makin' It With Me & Miles
The man in my brothers closet Me:*burns his pp*lol noob get pp burnt
NatorTator 8108
NatorTator 8108 5 gün önce
“Tongue out and everything looks like there’s a spider in his nose” I was laughing really hard when Jay said that
Rôśhñî 5 gün önce
does your house also have two doors, one is wooden proper door and outside is a net door... Its much easier BeCuase u open the main door and then u can see who it is through the netted door.
6SA1TeD9 5 gün önce
Once I was home alone my brother was at school and my mum was at the shop then there was a knock on the door I looked through the peep hole then a random guy was there and he looked creepy I so I ran up the stairs phoned my mum and told the guy if he didn’t leave I would phone the police then he left then like 1 month after that me and my brother were home alone then he knocked again I phoned my mum she got my gran to pick me up that’s my scary story
6SA1TeD9 5 gün önce
Now I keep a knife beside me at all times when home alone
Renata Butic Iozzia
Renata Butic Iozzia 5 gün önce
Never open the door to strangers but it is the new breaking take a knife and kill them call the cops
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