Raya and the Last Dragon - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Raya and the Last Dragon, starring Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, Izaac Wang, Daniel Dae Kim, Benedict Wong, Sandra Oh, Alan Tudyk. Directed by Don Hall, Carlos López Estrada.




2 Mar 2021




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lvloneratata Saatler önce
cant stand how the fucking characters talk and these dragons must be the goofiest looking shit i ve ever seen
Anthony Chobot
Anthony Chobot 6 saatler önce
This one made cry
Osama Qasho'
Osama Qasho' 19 saatler önce
I really liked this movie too, but I would assume you haven't seen Avatar: The Last Airbender judging by how original you thought the movie is.
QueenKunta Gün önce
I would have loved this as a limited series. So we can really get immersed in the different lands.
Evelina Åkesson
Evelina Åkesson 4 gün önce
I honestly think the movie would've been much better as a musical, I think it would add the extra things that I feel are missing from the movie currently. Firstly, this would make the movie more upbeat and less grim. I don't know for sure but I have a feeling that children are gonna find it hard to keep watching this movie because there aren't things happening at all times to keep them interested. This also means that they wouldn't need the baby and the monkeys to keep kids entertained and I strongly dislike those characters because they don't at all fit in with the tone of the movie and feel like they've been completely ripped from a dreamworks movie. Secondly, they could make some of the exposition moments into musical moments, to make it more interesting to listen to, this kinda goes with the first one but I think the prologue or the slightly too long opening flashback would really benefit from some song because it just takes too long for anything to happen in the movie. Then thirdly, the characters would have an easy and quick way to portray their emotions and make the audience connect to them, because honestly I didn't feel attached to any of the characters in this movie one bit. Raya is in actuality pretty similar to Moana but the big difference is I really feel for and care for Moana whereas I just don't with Raya.
Muse California
Muse California 4 gün önce
I liked how it wasn’t a musical too!
Muse California
Muse California 4 gün önce
I really loved the artistry.
PrinityKat 4 gün önce
One thing I will say that irritates me is it doesn’t fully represent East Asian culture. I myself am Chinese so I can’t speak fully to their experience, but I will say I don’t like the design of the dragon as it’s not actually a dragon based on the design. The dragon is more indicative of the quilin/Kirin. Which is a mythological Chinese creature sometimes called the “Chinese Unicorn”.
Matt Grandich
Matt Grandich 4 gün önce
Is Stuckman getting easily impressed by visuals?
Robert Payne
Robert Payne 6 gün önce
Are you planning on reviewing new gods: nezha reborn? The animation is so absolutely top teir.
BAEDOberlik 7 gün önce
I laughed, i cried and i was actually genuinly happy with the end, its a loooong time since i was moved by a movie
Asif A. Ali
Asif A. Ali 8 gün önce
I wanna see it in a theatre!!!!
EkunA78 8 gün önce
Just watched it. And both me and my family we loved it. This was on the level of "Moana" for us. Yes, the "bad guy" could be better as it's rather something that you will quickly forget but loved main characters and the story. Awasome fun for a whole family.
Introverts World
Introverts World 8 gün önce
This movie is not good.
Matt Babineau
Matt Babineau 9 gün önce
If you can safely go see this in movie theaters, do it. There’s a short that plays before the movie and it’s beautiful.
fa peap w!
fa peap w! 9 gün önce
I didnt like the design of the dragon, bad representation of asian dragon. The design was like MLP which was a bother to me. Other than that very good movie.
Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne
The movie is dumb, the movie how to train your dragon takes time to establish relationship between hiccup and toothless, big hero 6 takes its own time to establish the relationship between his brother and hiro, raya and last dragon is a drag when it comes to establishing relationships and character development. Everything just happens and we take it granted.
Senor Studly
Senor Studly 11 gün önce
Wow I didn't know Kelly Marie Tran was Raya. She played her very well. She definitely deserved this after all the backlash she got from last jedi. I can only imagine how bad that must have been for her...
Stephanie Harlowe
Stephanie Harlowe 11 gün önce
This was visually stunning. The plot holes towards the end distracted me, I know its a kids movie, but still 🤣 Like, if everyone turned to stone 6 years prior, how did the baby have her mother turn to stone, cause she wasn’t six, she was a baby.
Shamantha B T
Shamantha B T Gün önce
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Senor Studly
Senor Studly 11 gün önce
Was that a plot hole though? The evil purple thing was an ongoing problem until the very end. I believe it explained that very well that the only thing to get away from it was water. So, it wasn't just an instantaneous thing that turned a certain number of people into stone. It was more like a 'don't go out after dark into the woods or you might get turned to stone' type thing. The kid and the baby could have had their parents turned to stone years apart.
Tsahai Morgan
Tsahai Morgan 11 gün önce
Not everyone turned into stone 6 years prior. Because the purple mist thing (can't remember the name) was still around, people got turned into stone at different times depending on when they encountered the mist thing. Still lots of plot holes, but at least this one is somewhat explainable.
windowpane 12 gün önce
It's really hard to please everyone. I love animations but I feel this is only made for children. Enjoyed some parts of it but I wouldn't want to watch it again.
companyoflosers 13 gün önce
This opinion has spoilers: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I did find the movie to be a bit shallow. All the tension and conflict between the MC and her rival simply stemmed from essentially a refusal to let the other be the one to take credit for re-uniting the world. what I mean by this is they both very clearly had the same freaking goal to save humanity in mind, but because the movie writers needed conflict, they just decided they weren't going to let each other succeed until the very end. I also expected more character growth from the dragon, but essentially all she had to do was be there for comic relief. The whole "I'm not really that great of a dragon" thing lead me to believe she was gonna go through some shit to change that, but by the end all she did was absorb her siblings' powers when others did the work to collect the gem fragments while she just stumbled around being out of touch. THEN we find out that the humans could have finished the job without her even needing to be there!
Star masterc
Star masterc 13 gün önce
This movie must start a new trilogy, it can be the next "How to Train your Dragon" . The world is amazing and it has a lot of potential for the characters.
chris stehn
chris stehn 13 gün önce
great music
Max Power
Max Power 14 gün önce
It's not good. Great voice actors, amazing animation and good soundtrack, but oh so badly written. The writers don't seem to have the faintest idea, what trust, their main theme mind you, actually is and which kind of distrust is well earned and which actually leads to unnecessary division amongst people. I mean it's bad, really bad. At one point the main antagonist says "You're as much to blame as I am." and that is just a bald faced lie, but no one, not even the protagonist calls her out on it and the writers actually seem to agree with her. The kung fu baby was stupid, but you wouldn't watch a disney movie not expecting this kind of comic relief. The same was true for a long time regarding the jarring current day youth slang in the dialogue, but that bad habit thankfully got better in recent years. Which apparently is why the writers thought it was time to bring it back...
Matt Jacobson
Matt Jacobson 14 gün önce
Like Chris, I thought it was a very imaginative movie and they did do a great job with the animation and visuals. I was also happy to see Kelly Marie Tran get center stage after suffering from the failed experiment that was Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker. However, the constant quips and wisecracks from the characters was quite irksome and distracting. Also, the movie seemed to push a message that you should put trust and faith in other people even when they don't do anything to earn that trust. Better than the cash-grab remakes we've been getting for sure, but it wasn't worth the $30 for me.
TKC gaming
TKC gaming 14 gün önce
I love this movie but i have a tiny tiny thing in the ending that i kinda dont understand. So...500 years or something long ago the dragon siblings trusted Sisu to “cleanse” or something with the orb thingy. But after the cleanse, her siblings dont turn back from the stone. BUT in the ending when the orb thingy get activated by the humans the dragons and people that have turned to stone turned back alive. Why? Can somebody fill me in this? Im kinda stupid in these kinds of thing. Still loved the movie tho.
stenobro 15 gün önce
Watching this on acid has been one of the most uplifting experiences in my recent life since watching Inside Out on acid (I'm joking but it's still true) This film reminded that I can still have the childlike wonder and enjoyment. I really almost forgot given our environment of distrust lately. This whole production seriously felt like a love bomb sent out to those who are receptive. I was amazed. The crescendo of tearful moments in the final act was perfect and finally overwhelmed me. I'm still in shock that this is a Disney movie. Disney felt like the bridge between powerful lands here. The story really says so much about what is happening and what has always happened but offers beautiful hope tucked inside. If this was some kind of propaganda, then it worked.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 15 gün önce
Raya is from the The South East Asian concept. Most of the Hand hand combat are Muay Thai, and she use Arnis which a National Martial arts of the Philippines and the swords that they use are pre-colonial weapons in the South East Asia.
1WeirdAwesome 15 gün önce
I didn't like this movie at all :(
NuclearSake 16 gün önce
I'm surprised Chris have the movie such high score. Personally, I thought it was a B+ AT BEST. The animation was 10/10 for sure but everything else, from the characters to pacing, really rubbed me the wrong way. I finished the movie feeling lukewarm, like I had just spent my time unwisely.
Lil_Dak_1 16 gün önce
I shouldn't have seen Return of the King before seeing this movie. The pacing felt breakneck in comparison.
Absalon 0912
Absalon 0912 16 gün önce
The Shining T-Shirt And Big Hero 6 On The Background 😏
lee 17 gün önce
Im a grown ass men, i was moved to tears by this disney kid's animation. The score is simply brilliant
KeybladeMaster Andy
KeybladeMaster Andy 17 gün önce
If you liked this, I recommend you watch "Over the moon" on Netflix.
Kerry Lynch
Kerry Lynch 17 gün önce
Profanity is never necessary. And the movie was stupid
starflame34 17 gün önce
I honestly don't see the "originality" part of this film. It's so predictable with full of cliches and the whole "learning to trust others" is something that's been done plenty of times. And the world wasn't exactly "at war". We're told this but never really see it. I don't get what people see in this movie that hasn't been done in other movies in some way or form already.
RockGoddess 18 gün önce
Heart of Stone? Somehow I don't think that is true.......
T WE 18 gün önce
I just saw the movie and it was pretty enjoyable and had some really good features, but also some noticeable problems that were present throughout the film that stopped it from being a really good movie like other animated classics from Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks. The music was amazing, some of the best I've seen in a while, I'm not sure if there is ever a moment where the soundtrack has its "Let it Go" moment with an unforgettable soundtrack like Han Zimmer's "Oogwa Ascends" from Kung Fu Panda or "Where No One Goes" from How to Train Your Dragon or the "Circle of Life" in the Lion King. But it was still really great music throughout the film that set the mood really well. And I might be underappreciating the music because I saw it at home with a lot of noisy distractions around me. The action sequences were really well done, and I really enjoyed the scenery/landscape. It reminded me of how Finding Nemo instantly stood out because of its very unique and beautiful under the sea landscapes. For me the biggest problems were the pacing, the exposition, and the lesson it really tries to make you learn. The pacing was so rushed and I felt like this movie easily could have been an hour longer. So much of what happens is told through exposition, like when each character explains how they lost loved ones. In some ways it did make it feel more realistic since in real life people usually hear about others traumatic experiences through story telling, not some magical flashbacks or telepathy. But people watch movies because they want the story to be shown, not told, and it could have been a lot more emotional made the audience feel more invested and related to the other characters had we gotten to see their own experiences, or at least spend more time examining their own backstory. Nothing too long would have been needed, just an extra 5 minutes for the main characters to show the audience what they went through before they met Raya and Sisu, similar to when Tigress gave Shifu's back story in Kung Fu Panda, or the intro in Frozen where you see Elsa and Anna as kids and then they lose their parents. It would have been so easy to show some flashbacks of the characters with their family, before they lost them to the Druun. But instead they basically go "yeah I had a mom and dad or a wife and child, but then the Druun came and now I don't see them no more and I'm sad about it". The whole point of having all the characters lose their loved ones was to show that they are all humans and all have people that they love and care for or are cared by and want to see again. But it's done so many times with so little attention or time given their individual experiences that by the end it feels a lot less personal and significant, and becomes part of the cliche "the world is gonna end unless we defeat the evil monsters". If you're watching a Disney movie and before you've even made it halfway into the movie it's become clear that it will end with either everyone as stone or everyone is alive and together again happy and cooperative then you already know what's gonna happen and the stakes are gone. And yes I know that all Disney movies have a happy endings but most of them aren't about the world being saved and usually let you know that the characters can experience permanent losses and consequences so you don't know how it will end, who will change and what sacrifices will be made. Simba lost his dad, Nemo lost his mother, Tarzan loses his biological parents and his distant adopted father, The Beast learns to love, Stitch learns to care for Lilo and live on earth, Wreck it Ralph learns he can be a good guy despite literally being programmed to be a bad guy and Penelope finds out she's not a glitch and is accepted in the community while staying true to herself, Aladdin learns to be honest, and Mulan learns to overcome her weaknesses and accept who she is, etc. While there are some good themes in the movie about having more in common with others than you think and realizing our ability to work together to achieve something greater than we could by ourselves, it's all told to the audience right at the beginning of the movie with the guarantee that everyone will all come together by the end because otherwise the world will end. And because they gloss over each character's history and their initial distrust of each other so quickly through exposition, having characters go from hating each other to trusting each other in a couple minutes because they found something in common (which they literally have in common with everyone else in the world) it doesn't feel sincere or actually challenging. It's as if literally the only thing that prevented everyone from ending their hate and lack of trust for each other was just a 5 minute conversation where there introduce each other and talk about their dead relatives. That's just not realistic most of the time, literally everyone has dead family members, nobody has a 150 year old grandma. Again I know it's kids movie and the ending is always gonna be predictable, but when the success of the protagonist is guaranteed with no permanent consequences and the challenges they had to overcome are solved in a couple of minute through simple exposition and dialog, it's not a very compelling story. It's like if a 10th grader takes a 1st grade math test that they merely need to get a passing grade, with no reward for getting all questions right and no consequences for getting any questions wrong so long as they pass the exam. You know the outcome and you know the struggle isn't real and the consequences are non-existant so it's not very interesting. And finally the lesson the movie was trying to teach was both a bad lesson and executed poorly. They literally tell you to trust everyone, even those people betrayed you multiple times, which is absolutely not something you do. They even have Namaari try to gaslight raya by saying she's just as responsible for Sisu's death, even though Namaari literally aimes her crossbow at Sisu and pulled the trigger when Sisu was continously trying to gain her trust and Raya only acted when she saw Namaari's finger start to pull the trigger, which ironically showed the audience exactly why you shouldn't blindly trust others, especially those who have already betrayed you before and are prone to do it again. They literally only trusted each other in the end because they had no other option. The moral of the story is honestly a bad lesson that executed pretty poorly. Aside from those criticisms though I thought the movie did really well and it was still an enjoyable film to watch, even if it was lacking at times.
Yuvia Florez
Yuvia Florez 18 gün önce
João Solimeo
João Solimeo 19 gün önce
It looks beautiful and the animation is great. I just don´t get why Disney doesn't trust its audience to watch a serious animated film, without some character cracking a ridiculous (and modern, and out of character) joke every thirty seconds. Robin Williams and Aladdin was ages ago, people, move on. That being said, the film is good and has some great sequences.
Donovan Delaney
Donovan Delaney 20 gün önce
We don't even know what timeline this movie takes place in. Noooo!!!!!
Travis Caddie
Travis Caddie 20 gün önce
The only thing that annoyed me was that it felt like this movie was held back by Disney, can’t have the kids sit with their emotions for too long, gotta show them that everything’s okay, always. Also should have been a multi part movie
Catkids Adventures
Catkids Adventures 20 gün önce
this seems to be alot weaker than other disney animation and pixar
Luke Sterling
Luke Sterling 20 gün önce
There was a lot to like in this movie, but also a lot not to like. The dragon's design was pretty bad. Everyone's been saying it looks like a fursona of Elsa from "Frozen" and honestly...I can't disagree. You can tell that they were trying really hard to make the dragon into a marketable character. But truthfully, just the fact that this movie is NOT a musical makes it an instant winner as far as I'm concerned. Fuck musicals.
k ren
k ren 20 gün önce
it looks like avatar.
micah white
micah white 21 gün önce
Tbh this movie was lackluster. It try to world build and do so much in such a short little time. Some of the dialogue also seemed too modern especially when the dragon spoke. Secondly, there was no scenes that Wowed me. Lastly, the whole message of "trust people" was handled very poorly because the movie mostly showed you really can't trust people. Saberspark said it best when he said that it would be better as a series. Overall it's a low 6 out of 10 for me and I was disappointed
Pat* Darko
Pat* Darko 21 gün önce
The movie is brilliant!!
The Don
The Don 21 gün önce
The movie was fantastic. A metric ton of HEART. A great lesson to learn. Hits hard at the end.
Michael Grande
Michael Grande 21 gün önce
I am in the theater right now and this movie is a complete piece of shit. I actually would be fine with everyone dying.
Vinnie J
Vinnie J 21 gün önce
I really hated how religious the movie was.
giorque 21 gün önce
That's AVATAR the last airbender by Disney.. 😆😆
Ava Nesbitt
Ava Nesbitt 22 gün önce
As a Thai person this really excited me seeing Thai elements throughout the movie! It was a great movie
ArtistAnthony 23 gün önce
It's not a great movie but not horrible, just really good and even though it's not great, it still rivals Disney Movies from my childhood such as The Lion King and feels like a true Disney movie I haven't seen in a long time.
Langi 23 gün önce
Wasn't really interested in it tbvh
CaptainClipy 23 gün önce
Glad to hear the trailers only made it seem awful
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes 23 gün önce
Hamilton: Free for everyone! 😃 Mulan (aka the worst live action Disney remake so far): 30 dollars, please 💰 Onward: Hey, let's not add it to our streaming service so people have to pay for it from other services! Soul: Yeah ok free Raya and the Last Dragon: Nope, 30 dollars again!
Mac Kettner
Mac Kettner 23 gün önce
Agreed entirely: Exposition should occur as discovery.
Lizard Man
Lizard Man 24 gün önce
Damn it was so boring. everything was like a race every land was like 5 mins long
Charles Cochran
Charles Cochran 24 gün önce
I was luck enough to see this in IMAX. I cannot add anything than what you said. I loved it.
Havok Fz
Havok Fz 24 gün önce
"Very much it's own thing"... there are a coulple of guys by the names of DiMartino and Konietzko that beg to differ...
Inspector Terry Patstone
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani 25 gün önce
raya the last airbender is awesome!
LightHawKnight 25 gün önce
Am I the only one that doesnt like the blind trust theme for the movie? Sure it is bad to never trust anyone, but blindly trusting everyone is worse. Specially blindly trusting those who broke your trust before.
Isabella66 25 gün önce
I liked Raya and the last dragon it reminds of avatar the last air bender but not as good this movie has flaws like some clingy modern slang it in and a villain that’s good but could of better she’s a female version of Zuko but without the complicated back story and not as strong as a character but still enjoyed the movie
Israel Chavarri
Israel Chavarri 25 gün önce
The pacing to this movie felt off. Honestly the dragon annoyed me sometimes and the jokes were lame, it's for kids so that's expected. But overall I liked it especially Raya and the overall theme of the story.
Brett Smith
Brett Smith 25 gün önce
I saw this in theaters and Chris is right. It is original and you'll enjoy it. I recommend it!
Noella T
Noella T 26 gün önce
anyone notice she is the first princess with no prince, but a best frenemy. LOOVE!!!
Vincent Pauvarel
Vincent Pauvarel 26 gün önce
Boun is awesome
Checkma8s 26 gün önce
the story is soo fast. for me
Viko1188 26 gün önce
I feel like we didn't watch the same movie. Terrible disney movie with paper-thin characters and morals of trust that always result in characters being back stabbed. Not something I'd want my kids to take away from this. An ending so stupid I can't even. Disney lost the magic.
musique1o1 26 gün önce
We absolutely loved this movie. This will be a classic for us that'll be rewatched over the years.
Kassy Q
Kassy Q 26 gün önce
SPOILER ALERT...... Okay so somebody help me understand. By the time Raya teams up with her new friends, at least 6 years have passed since the Druun's last siege. How is Noi still a 2-yr old toddler? Everyone else has aged, naturally. If anything she'd be 6+ years. Is this more of Disney logic or am I missing something? Is it baby magic? Is Noi a Skrull? Was she turned to stone then the monkeys brought her back 6 years later?
Azel8 RRP
Azel8 RRP 26 gün önce
People wanting to be represented in foreign countires seems so childish to me. Despite being American Citizens for over 100 years, Puerto Ricans have barely any representation in US media, but it doesn't bother me cause we get represented in our own Island. People acting like their culture in a Disney movie is the greatest honor they could receive is... laughable. Wanna see your culture in a movie? Watch a movie made in your own country. It's not that hard.
SigmaZer0 27 gün önce
Action and animation is amazing but the rest... meh. Shrimp-boy and the baby is the best part of the movie.
rodrigo reimanis
rodrigo reimanis 27 gün önce
i feel like it actualy lacks a bit of music... like atlest 1 or 2 songs allthru like moana and where she was riding the boat to the island or something
khanh nguyen
khanh nguyen 27 gün önce
this movie is good it almost make me cry 2 or 3 time, i feel bad this one got push to disney plus and didt get their theater releases, i hope of they releases this one in theater later on cause this movie deserve a theater realeases
Andro Cyber
Andro Cyber 27 gün önce
Strangely didn't bother her physics i just focused on the story!!! That's what i like bkut movies and i was really insecure of how this movie was going to look like but it turned out really good
Fred 99
Fred 99 27 gün önce
"Bling is my thing" My family hated this movie.
beennamedIcy 27 gün önce
This movie made my heart flutter; I was the only one in the theater, so I was able to yell at the screen a couple times 😁
MoneyIsNowHere 27 gün önce
My gf: You sure you want this? You might drown in it. Me: *"I'm a strong swimmer"*
GO SAM 27 gün önce
i loved akwafina as the last dragon. so funny
Sly 27 gün önce
A- ?!?! I'd give this movie a B- at best. I thought it was very mediocre, despite wanting very much to like it. Generally turned off at the start of movies that go into a long, convoluted explanation of the current situation rather than just showing you it in the actual movie itself. The whole "learning to trust people" message the movie had was great, except she kept getting backstabbed by people over and over... so whats the message? Give someone who screws you over a a 3rd or 4th chance- no that makes you an idiot. Sorry, thats just dumb. It was also dumb when Namari shot Sisu the dragon, despite loving dragons, for no reason at all. Like, she was getting upset and had her finger on the trigger as Sisu was approaching her for what reason? It made no sense. Then Namari STILL almost left them when they all sacrificed themselves to trust her for the 3rd or 4th time. I really wasn't a fan of Sisu's voice... Awkwafina sounds like a 55 year old woman who's been smoking her whole life. Sidenote, Raya literally just looks like they copy pasted Moana and made her an adult... when I first saw this trailer I thought it was Moana 2 (and was excited).
HAAnimation 15 gün önce
It ain't even Moana 2
Last airbender
Last airbender 27 gün önce
i personally hated the movie cliche after cliche after cliche after characters I don't care about in the slightest because I had nothing that would me feel anything about any character after fights that the outcome of is really predictable after cliche it was just.... bad to be honest with you even my little brother liked only the animation like I only did too it was like I've seen the movie a thousand times before
Hanif Ahmed
Hanif Ahmed 27 gün önce
finally! a great disney movie in years!!
Canceled Culture
Canceled Culture 27 gün önce
the only thing i didn't like was the motivation of the rival character. Seemed super shallow and didn't do it for me. She felt more like a puppet that never broke her strings and the reasoning for her entire character was well mom told me too. I kind of wish I saw or felt more of a since of two people fighting over the right way to go about something and it felt more like a well we need an antagonist for the movie that never really became her own person in the movie.
Matches Malone
Matches Malone 28 gün önce
All the exposition may be because so little is known about Southeast Asian Culture. To Southeast Asians, the scenes, the characterization, even the food are all familiar. This is a film that will make SEA kids say: “finally, we have representation!”
Jupiter Kalambakal
Jupiter Kalambakal 28 gün önce
The movie is very, very Southeast Asian. It needed those expository parts. Not only to explain, but that’s part of the storytelling culture in the region, of oral traditions being passed on on from one generation to another, especially from that of a parent to a child: Raya’s father telling the story of Kumandra, Namaari’s mother on how proud she is of their Fang tribe, and Sisu telling the story of her dragon siblings herself. It highlights reverence of elders, people in authority, of removing slippers/sandals in places of honor, in honoring your parents.
Tes Set
Tes Set 28 gün önce
Uh oh, I thought it was just aight. Cool to see SEA inspired stuff, very pretty animation, and good it has no forced romance or music numbers. But, I thought the movie was just a C+/B-.
Skarf 28 gün önce
I really liked this movie! But since Disney overall is a trash company I took too the seven seas to watch it. Imagine paying a monthly sum of money and then being charged extra because the movie is "new". Also, the baby didn't really work for me. I know it's a land of dragons, but a baby doing all that? Way to unrealistic :p
Josh Pinchuk
Josh Pinchuk 28 gün önce
I am surprised at Chris's review here. Just watched this with a 9yo and my wife. We all noticed how poor the story was. And the woke message of blindly trusting your fellow man rather than having that trust earned was nauseating. Yes the action and the animation were wonderful. But with the computer power that is thrown at all modern movies, this is the norm rather than being exceptional. I have Blindpotting to watch now and hope it's as wonderful as Chris thinks.
Mahooi 28 gün önce
I saw it at the cinema and it was beautiful 😭
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops 28 gün önce
Polished, soul-less cliche.
Artemis 28 gün önce
It's a good film but the plot is way too cliche for me I feel like i'm just watching Moana and Mulan all over again. Don't get me wrong I'm Asian and I'm happy about the representation but I just feel like the story was not new to me.
RobloxianSlayer21 28 gün önce
Dan C
Dan C 28 gün önce
These decent films are a testiment to how to make original content and tailoring it to meet the "new" market. It confounds me should I meet anyone who has seen the 'live action' Mulan, but they haven't seen UP. I think the biggest reason I hate the live actions is because of the way it attempts to change aspects of the characters in respect to social comfort. I'm all for proper censorship and social relativity, but that isn't an amendment in the film industry, its just a cognition. You can't go back and change your mistakes, you can only move forward and avoid them, and these films are a prime example of that.
Caligula Germanicus
Caligula Germanicus 29 gün önce
Maybe he will review peppa pig episodes next. Dork
something about someone
I hate it so much. And yes, y'all can love it, I admit the animation, fight scenes and visuals are GREAT. The NARRATIVE SUCKS. Taking a carboard cut trope and just executed step by step without changing anything rages me. It makes me so mad, because i'm out here trying to make a book, i'm not using tropes, it's a good guide tho, but hurts me to see that if you take a trope and copy it you'll sell a lot and nobody is gonna say anything. I'm saying it: If you narrative is just a copy carboard trope that has another thousand twins in the market, I will hate it. Because it's a big studio like Disney, and they could have added something, they could have made it real. They choose to use pre made stuff and called a day. And the tropes they use are the most used; Mcguffin (looking for an object everybode wants), Fellowship Trip (reunite a group of people that shouldn't be friends but they will because they have a common goal), Heros Journey (leaving home to fix the world) and Redeemable Antagonist. All of them, have been done together so many times, why was it so hard to add something new? Maybe they could have never let Raya get the third piece, and just go to take Namaaris one, have all the weird conversations and trust issues there, and then everyone go raid to the mountains to face a whole army of people that is a better fighter than them. See Namaari anf Raya fight side to side in the climax, willing to save the world in that last battle. YOU COULD EVEN HAVE NAMAARI APOLOGIZING IN THE TRIP TO THE MOUNTAINS. That was done in seconds, it took me second to think in a way to make the movie not fall into a carboard trope. And yes, the example may have flaws, but as a writer you gotta work them. And this feels very personal to me, because I want to sell books that really have been put thought into. I been planing them, changing this, and that, trying to make every character as real as possible, letting the story guide itself without falling into deus ex machinna. If charactet X is gonna make the plot go in a way I don't want to, then Character Y is my protagonist. Because their dessicions make the plot, not me adding a Dragon that is gonna be used each time they need Raya to trust.
MS 92
MS 92 29 gün önce
Lol no it's garbage
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 29 gün önce
It was fun, but lacking in consequence.
Lumiex 29 gün önce
I’m Vietnamese and also have an intense respect for animation, and I’m just super glad Disney made a film dedicated to a different part of Asian culture. But I do agree that this worldbuilding is too immense to fit into a single film. still an amazingly created film :)
Hasdiman Man
Hasdiman Man Gün önce
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micah white
micah white 21 gün önce
This honestly should've been a series instead
Rinny 22 gün önce
They can make a cartoon (similar to Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures on Disney Channel) to explore the other worlds.
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