Ravens vs. Steelers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2020

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The Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season.
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2 Dec 2020




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Henry 15 saatler önce
The final day of greatness
Vernon Keefer
Vernon Keefer 9 gün önce
I am a Steelers fan and I do not like how they played they played like the jags
The Red Guy
The Red Guy 10 gün önce
Hey Boo
Eric parra , Edrizzle
Eric parra , Edrizzle 14 gün önce
RG3 , Stellers need a QB. Dynamic to go agaist revival Ravens.Odonald Jets curse Namath?
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 17 gün önce
Who here after the Steelers got sent home 😂
fruitloops 21
fruitloops 21 Aylar önce
Worst game of the year?
Games lane
Games lane 25 gün önce
Naw that was amazing lol
Michael Caz
Michael Caz Aylar önce
Used to like Juju - back when he was Riding his bicycle to work, and Antonio Brown was Bullying-him & taking-his-lunch-money. Now he is Disrespectfully . . . "Dancing on opposing Logo's" and the Bengals Lit Him Up!!! - so Happy to see Steelers fold.
Don Oakman
Don Oakman Aylar önce
Steelers have had a great year..but I would of loved to see them pick up a corner at trade deadline..although I still think they can win it all..injuries are going to be a factor
Ca Perry
Ca Perry Aylar önce
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Ibraheem Rao
Ibraheem Rao Aylar önce
NO 2015 redux for Baltimore.
John Dupee
John Dupee Aylar önce
Steelers and the Ravens!
Tristan Woodard
Tristan Woodard Aylar önce
We need a new QB like the Steelers are one of my favorite #1 team and Ben head is somewhere else
Tristan Woodard
Tristan Woodard Aylar önce
No hate tho let's go 11-0
Warsame Egal
Warsame Egal Aylar önce
thereal_dinoking Aylar önce
Go seelers
Steven Ramirez Loves The Earth
Steelers 16-0
Gaurav Ghose
Gaurav Ghose 16 gün önce
This comment aged well
ba ba
ba ba Aylar önce
Hunter Watkins
Hunter Watkins Aylar önce
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Benjiman Goodman
Benjiman Goodman Aylar önce
I bet if they gave to dez bryant they wouldve won
Michael Sever
Michael Sever Aylar önce
Number78 of Pitt. has got to be all-pro. That guy is a rock.
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
That was great!
Who Cares
Who Cares Aylar önce
Pittsburgh Steelers Best Team in The NFL, Numbers don't Lie 11-0 & most super bowl rings in the League
Humberto Martinez
Humberto Martinez Aylar önce
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kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
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Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick Aylar önce
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antonio brown
antonio brown Aylar önce
that, 4th and goal 44 FB was wide open quick slant, he extended the play for nothing
Chris Green
Chris Green Aylar önce
The ravens are better than the Steelers
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Interception in the end zone, whoever put this highlight together must have been thinking "so nice show it twice"
Libby Bartle
Libby Bartle Aylar önce
GOOOO Washington beat them squealers it's 2020 anything is possible lol
Seth Freeman
Seth Freeman Aylar önce
Same play is in here twice
KingZayFrmqb Aylar önce
How is the steelers 11-0 rothles buger ass
Ekquizit Sounds
Ekquizit Sounds Aylar önce
They just lost to the washington football team hahahahahahahahahaha
KingTray Aylar önce
sloppy but glad we got the W
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Ravens suck...lol
JapanLucas Aylar önce
gg but a terrible edit
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Aylar önce
Ravens should’ve benched rg3 earlier probably would’ve won
steezy tv
steezy tv Aylar önce
great game
Benjamin Tully
Benjamin Tully Aylar önce
the Steelers looked awful against a severely undermanned and disorganized Ravens team...
Who Cares
Who Cares Aylar önce
@Benjamin Tully Fair enough my friend I probably would have respected the loss to Baltimore more rather than losing to Washington but it is what it is 😅
Benjamin Tully
Benjamin Tully Aylar önce
@Who Cares I agree yall have a good team and chance at the Super Bowl, but a fully-manned Ravens team would have beat yall...
Who Cares
Who Cares Aylar önce
@Benjamin Tully not on your life were still in it and we can't win them all lol
Benjamin Tully
Benjamin Tully Aylar önce
@Who Cares wanna delete this comment now... ngl i didn't expect yall to fall to Washington xD
Who Cares
Who Cares Aylar önce
How do the Steelers look awful there 11-0???
Andre Ribeiro
Andre Ribeiro Aylar önce
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Samuel Aylar önce
Ya there going to the super bowl
Gaurav Ghose
Gaurav Ghose 16 gün önce
Lol funny
Chris Steele
Chris Steele Aylar önce
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DBSaucce !
DBSaucce ! Aylar önce
Steelers are overrated
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Aylar önce
Such an awesome video!
assassin beast gaming
Is it just me or trace mcsorley should be starting QB
Mad Era510
Mad Era510 Aylar önce
Stoolers got away with so much this game. The Shitty Ravens should have won.
Five Twentyseven
Five Twentyseven Aylar önce
Unstoppable this year !
Gaurav Ghose
Gaurav Ghose 16 gün önce
Scotch on the Rocks
espresso Martini, poisoning livers since....
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Aylar önce
11-0 nice
Rob Bob
Rob Bob Aylar önce
Ravens suck...lol
Gwong _
Gwong _ Aylar önce
If Lamar was there they would of won
hdbgbdgfhvvdghg Aylar önce
Good morning
Hue Jkaulk
Hue Jkaulk Aylar önce
Who else is just here for Dez ? X
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One piece is the worst anime of all time
So what exactly do you idiots like about this boring bs sport?
Marc Vargo
Marc Vargo Aylar önce
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta Aylar önce
Steelers were toying with this guys
F.B.Eye Aylar önce
Baltimore needs to chill on the designed QB runs I’m callin it right now Lamar is gonna get injured yeah I can see if your bout to get sacked or maybe every once every quarter
jjfndj eek
jjfndj eek Aylar önce
Jasper J
Jasper J Aylar önce
Chiefs vs Steelers 🔥
Sho Tori
Sho Tori Aylar önce
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Mohamed Hedwan Hedwan
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 boo boo-boo boo-boo
isaac madrigal jr
isaac madrigal jr Aylar önce
11-0 nice
Joshua Gregory
Joshua Gregory Aylar önce
Is it me or does it seem like the Steelers don’t make an obvious adjustment until the end of the game
THE Fourth Willie
THE Fourth Willie Aylar önce
This was the worst Wednesday Day football I've ever seen
Grace Dalton
Grace Dalton Aylar önce
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Slim Jones
Slim Jones Aylar önce
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Unknogne Aylar önce
This is what happens when yøu put Jamar Lackson as a QB😑
Unknogne Aylar önce
@Ekquizit Sounds hope not😭
Ekquizit Sounds
Ekquizit Sounds Aylar önce
He didnt play today
Vicious Vigilante
Vicious Vigilante Aylar önce
That TE should be fired. How do drop a TD like that. Just woww
Tyler Aylar önce
He didn’t drop it. He got Minkah’d
Ted Rowland
Ted Rowland Aylar önce
Tommy TheOne
Tommy TheOne Aylar önce
Then why did 2.1M people watch this video? Go ahead and explain. Go ahead. I'm listening.
Justin Clinger
Justin Clinger Aylar önce
Snell needs to start every week
Sara Travenski
Sara Travenski Aylar önce
Gorege Jones
Gorege Jones Aylar önce
Wow nnno one can catch the ball losers football is a lame and ignorant sport
Edahkiah Aylar önce
TopSecretVid Aylar önce
Baltimore sucks..dang
Danny Schultheis
Danny Schultheis Aylar önce
Baltimore Ravens will go 10-6 or 11-5
Courtney Card
Courtney Card Aylar önce
The ball must really hate the Steelers receivers 😂
Devender Singh
Devender Singh Aylar önce
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DJ Salad
DJ Salad Aylar önce
This isn't the first time a play in the game has been shown twice in the highlights....makes me trip when watching like bruhh did I double tap rewind accidentally or what
Biz Denardo
Biz Denardo Aylar önce
#Steelers the angriest unbeaten team ever,, no cap.
Go getta ghutta rich
Best game since football started
Philip Patterson
Philip Patterson Aylar önce
They clean up of those dropped passes and they would have won by 3 more TDs. Not as terrible as everyone is acting, just need to work on the receivers in practice this week.
Sugarist0 Aylar önce
Did the first interception play twice or am I trippin
Anthony G.
Anthony G. Aylar önce
Sloppiness of a game. Glad steelers won! And I'm from Baltimore
random Dan
random Dan 20 gün önce
I am reporting yiu bye bye and never watch football again
Minhvantrinhthu Troicaodatrong
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Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez Aylar önce
Anyone else think of John Dupee while reading who was playing
Jordan Helton
Jordan Helton Aylar önce
Love how the Shittsburgh steelies get to cheat week after week
GuitarSoloist 19
GuitarSoloist 19 Aylar önce
Really how
zocker HD garantiert
Where is Ju Ju smith schuster?
Ralph Dank
Ralph Dank Aylar önce
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Mitchell Webb
Mitchell Webb Aylar önce
If you thought this game was boring you aren’t a real football fan. I saw two master defensive performances by two defensive masterminds. Ravens defense kept them in this game and gave their double running back offense... I mean Lamar Jackson-less offense every opportunity to win. This was a chess match where every play matters. If you thought this was a boring game you don’t understand football.
Nickolas Barton
Nickolas Barton Aylar önce
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Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels Aylar önce
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Legit Paircaptcha
Legit Paircaptcha Aylar önce
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Flower Man
Flower Man Aylar önce
Was it just me or did they play red zone at beginning twice
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Aylar önce
Steelers vs. Chiefs AFC CHAMPIONSHIP...49ERS VS. GIANTS NFC. TBC...........😎👍
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo Aylar önce
steelers will win their division at max they will lose to the bills and cheifs almost lost to a second string Ravens team and the ravens are 6-5
Terry O
Terry O Aylar önce
At first I thought #7 was Kyle Boller😂😂
Jesus is King
Jesus is King Aylar önce
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Simon George
Simon George Aylar önce
Steelers are not going to go 16-0 I think the bills will beat them and the browns
Jose Izquierdo
Jose Izquierdo 16 gün önce
@The Original Kirbi and the Browns. 🤣
The Original Kirbi
The Original Kirbi Aylar önce
@Shy Dinosaur Productions and to the Redskins.
Shy Dinosaur Productions
Well u were right cause they lost to the bills
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Aylar önce
Washington and they can lose to the browns and the bills
Katerina Vialpando
Katerina Vialpando Aylar önce
Yeah but that may be the best thing that'll happen to them. Everyone is 100% sure the chiefs will win it all again. I don't think so. Steelers are literally on the stairway to 7 march and after they win, Big Ben will announce his retirement. Trust me. You'll see...
Erik Price
Erik Price Aylar önce
I was sick when he dropped that punt and how many passes we dropped...ben threw the ball 54 times and they dropped half of em lol.
Erik Price
Erik Price Aylar önce
We couldn't catch the ball...we played horrible...but a wins a win...I'll take 11-0 all day...stop the hatred for the steelers lol.
Tropics Hockey
Tropics Hockey Aylar önce
I really liked RG3 but the ppl saying injuries ruin his career are wrong, His attitude was. He literally NEVER learned how to slide. If he was more humble he coulda taken help to preserve his health but instead gambled & ended up losing.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Aylar önce
@Tropics HockeyArm strength to an absolute 100% certainty means *JACK SQUAT* if you can't hit the target.Jeff George could throw the ball 80 yards in the air and Dieter Brock with the Rams once threw the ball the entire length of the field back in the 80's in practice (They called him the Birmingham Rifle) As for injuries cry me a river - Brady missed an entire season once. Hey pal you are not talking to an imbecile
Tropics Hockey
Tropics Hockey Aylar önce
@Trev Mac the guy had a cannon,he had that pass 70+yrds in the air to Moss, if he developed his accuracy over the years he coulda also had that in his game as well. He was injured & out of a job within 3 yrs (early 20s) if he stayed on the field & was actually coachable maybe he woulda got better
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Aylar önce
Reality is he was a below average thrower
Taylor 954
Taylor 954 Aylar önce
Who's evers wife is screaming the whole game needs to shut the f up
Eduardo Arizmendi
Eduardo Arizmendi Aylar önce
Someone Shut that woman up!! 😑
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics Aylar önce
steelers defense is fire yo . They are literally carrying the streak, they along with the specal team literally scored more points this match.
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