Ranking Guys by Their Dating Profiles | 6 Guys VS 6 Girls

David Alvareeezy
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19 Nis 2022




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David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
Who had the best dating profile? WE GOT A BET GOING ON! so please comment!
Edon Uka
Edon Uka 2 aylar önce
wtf 14:45 wheres the door of the jeep lol
yay 9 aylar önce
Niharika Soni
Niharika Soni 9 aylar önce
Tatiana Gaudin
Tatiana Gaudin 9 aylar önce
i want reggie and jake in this so bad!!!!!!!!!
Lindsay Rae
Lindsay Rae 9 aylar önce
the fact that the boys just roasted each other and I already know the girls video is gonna be them hyping each other up the whole time 🤣 as they should
Poop Poop
Poop Poop 9 gün önce
@Reddington_FL yea I couldn’t even watch the girls vid shit was mad boring.
NOT yolanda
NOT yolanda Aylar önce
@Reddington_FL Nice try doing what lmao she was right
Mio Thau
Mio Thau Aylar önce
I feel really bad about this, but to me the guys seem more genuine and natural in almost all of those videos. Still trying to figure out why that is.
Aliah Rose
Aliah Rose 3 aylar önce
the girls are always just so sweet. the whole life of the party! in the ranking girls profiles, they has me wishing i had friends like that 😓😭🤍
nicole avery
nicole avery 4 aylar önce
@Laxy P yeah only guys tell jokes..lame jokes ok
Kevin Langue
Kevin Langue 9 aylar önce
wish my profile was more exciting ugh it’s literally just pics of me and my family :/
Moreno994 4 aylar önce
v 9 aylar önce
it’s okay kevin their just blind
Avneet Saran
Avneet Saran 9 aylar önce
😂😂 adopt me into your family pls
Anita Machuca
Anita Machuca 9 aylar önce
Poor Reggie getting mistaken for facetuned kian 😂😂😂
Faye Hakeem
Faye Hakeem 5 aylar önce
bro that part made me laugh so hard HAHAHAH
Marie alfaro
Marie alfaro 9 aylar önce
I actually liked bobs profile it was genuine and it was a bit funny and cute, I agree to how the girls ranked them at end! excited to see how the girls do
Ashley H
Ashley H 9 aylar önce
LOL same. But I don't think the girls know who Adam Sandler is or maybe what he sounds like 🤣 🤣
maddie weeks
maddie weeks 9 aylar önce
Amanda Beraho
Amanda Beraho 9 aylar önce
LMFAOO he had to throw in his lil catchphrase
Virginia Gomez
Virginia Gomez 9 aylar önce
Ashlyn☀️ 9 aylar önce
Bernie Owens
Bernie Owens 9 aylar önce
Bobby is the obvious fan favorite amongst the ladies and in the comments and I agree. He is a sweetie and we must protect his golden soul at all cost! He is just so wholesome like I appreciate his presence on TRvid. Crawford and Kevin are honorable mentions lol.
Bernie Owens
Bernie Owens 9 aylar önce
@Zoey Jenner Right! He is a gem!
shooby shooby
shooby shooby 9 aylar önce
Zoey Jenner
Zoey Jenner 9 aylar önce
Not sure how Bobby’s Adam sandler impression bit flew over the girls heads lol
m 9 aylar önce
bobby is such an icon. what a lad.
Alex Kilgore
Alex Kilgore 9 aylar önce
bobby was like "no one hurt nezza though. no one hurt her" 😭
Kassie P
Kassie P 9 aylar önce
the hard work you’re doing on these kinds of videos don’t go unnoticed, i appreciate you!
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
wow i needed to hear that. thank you
Lindsay Hernandez
Lindsay Hernandez 9 aylar önce
Your vibe, friend group, editing skills, and effort put into each video really shows 👏🏻 These videos really keep me going and make me laugh when I most need it. Glad to see you representing us Latinos. Never stop what you’re doing. 🙌🏻
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
us latinos gotta stick together! keep watching and supporting together let’s win baby
Kassandra Palacios
Kassandra Palacios 9 aylar önce
David’s content is fire and this friend group is literally everything! Keep the great vids coming, honestly helps me get through college. Ily
Janissa Romero
Janissa Romero 9 aylar önce
10:32 🥹
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik 9 aylar önce
That was adorable, he’s the sweetest watching out for his friends 🥹
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
so adorable. that man protects all of us
Saul Banuelas
Saul Banuelas 9 aylar önce
I have a friend that had put “homeless romantic” on his profile instead of “hopeless romantic.” He realized like four months later, after wondering why no one had hit him up! 🤣
Ganda lang ambag ko
Ganda lang ambag ko 2 aylar önce
AL C 9 aylar önce
yo Its me
yo Its me 9 aylar önce
Kim Z
Kim Z 9 aylar önce
I can not stop laughing at tara thinking kian photoshopped was reggie 😭😭😭. Amazing video David, you did it again! 💗💗
Sheria 9 aylar önce
Honestly I think a good amount of us thought it was reggie at first, haha
anz 9 aylar önce
oops, didn't get that far in the vid haha my bad.
Kt 9 aylar önce
@anz Tara thought it was Reggie too
anz 9 aylar önce
you mean jc lol
Anne Naks
Anne Naks 9 aylar önce
The line up we got: David: 5'9" fire hydrant Crawford: the scammer Alex: the athletic one Bobby: the funny "walk on the beach" Kevin: yikes Jc: the edgy bad boy
Grace Rogers
Grace Rogers 9 aylar önce
Bobby saying “no one hurt Nezza tho” SO SWEET
Jessi 7 aylar önce
Meanwhile scamford 🌚
M C 9 aylar önce
@Cindy Martinez-Lazo 10:34
Cindy Martinez-Lazo
Cindy Martinez-Lazo 9 aylar önce
time stamp?
Avneet Saran
Avneet Saran 9 aylar önce
I love how much effort you put into your videos I genuinely enjoy them ☺️
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
a lot of effor but worth it if you enjoy it
sharon villa
sharon villa 9 aylar önce
please include bobby more ! he’s so funny and genuine
Sheba 9 aylar önce
I'm only on David's profile and it's my favorite. The way they are roasting you, the song that describes your life, the way you edited the pic with Jc, Ryan and Kian 🤣🤣
Sam 9 aylar önce
I need Bobby in more of these videos! He’s so genuine and funny
itsbobbymares 9 aylar önce
let's gooooo!! 🥳
crawfordcollins 9 aylar önce
Chedits 9 aylar önce
Only if u venmo me $10
Tori Garcia
Tori Garcia 7 aylar önce
I love how they hyped Bobby up and made him all happy 😄🥰
Victoria Alexandria
Victoria Alexandria 9 aylar önce
made my night so much better thank you david for always putting a smile on my face :)
Victoria Alexandria
Victoria Alexandria 9 aylar önce
@David Alvareeezy definitely bobby’s 🥺 the first photo super cute ❤️
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
yay! what was ur fav?
Kennya Reyes
Kennya Reyes 9 aylar önce
Bobby's: No one hurt Nessa, no one hurt her at 10:34 is so wholesome 🥺 I need guy friends like him in my life 😩
Rebeca Valencia
Rebeca Valencia 9 aylar önce
JC is probably the most richest / confident but easily can be roasted in a second 😂
NadineKBA 9 aylar önce
Bobby’s was the sweetest and David’s was the funniest. Soooo fricken funny. Well done 👌🏼
Kyra h
Kyra h 7 aylar önce
I knew Alexxis and Alex were exchanging some looks there, I kept thinking they’d be so cute together while watching this, and now they are🥹
Fabiola Mejia
Fabiola Mejia 9 aylar önce
Literally died laughing when the guys reacted to Alex’s voice recording HAHAH
Jersey Jordann
Jersey Jordann 5 aylar önce
i’m literally cryingggg😭😭😭
Saniyah Watson
Saniyah Watson 9 aylar önce
i just wanna say how proud i am of this guy he never fails to constantly inspire me and make me laugh ive been here since the old old skits and seeing him grow and create new ideas makes me so happy love you papo❤❤
Arifa Patel
Arifa Patel 9 aylar önce
This was probably one of the most easiest rankings the girls have had to do yet LOL can;t wait to see the video with the girls profiles next!!
Betsabé Aylar önce
This video was so hilarious 😂 honestly love your content! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed with these videos David!!
LunarLyca Wulf
LunarLyca Wulf 9 aylar önce
The fact me and my friend watch your videos as a bonding moment is just great. We both had different answers for first: Hers was JC and mine was Alex 😂 Keep up the great work!
Naomii Ebonyy
Naomii Ebonyy 9 aylar önce
i really appreciate & love that in david’s videos they’re so real & authentic within the people that he brings on. yeah he does a twist on jubilee’s videos but his are more interesting since it’s within a friend group instead of total strangers. so in david’s videos they can be more honest & genuine with each other & comfortable.
Tiana Irvine
Tiana Irvine 9 aylar önce
so glad you're back with a new video, i needed a good laugh right now!! thank you for the content david!!
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
always here for you
Vanshika Dhanuka
Vanshika Dhanuka 9 aylar önce
can always count on david to come out with a video that will cheer me up love you david
Ralisha Miller
Ralisha Miller 9 aylar önce
I absolutely love your content David! Always looking forward to it 👌🏽 Also, I love you and this friend group! ❤
Deandre Hawkins
Deandre Hawkins 9 aylar önce
David keep putting out the Great content as always and Kevin is so hilarious 🤣
Ashley Dougherty
Ashley Dougherty 9 aylar önce
Literally cannot WAIT for part 2!! Davidddd you’re killing it with these videos!!
mehrnoosh saeedi
mehrnoosh saeedi 3 aylar önce
It’s really refreshing to hear you all laugh like that :)❤
Kassie P
Kassie P 9 aylar önce
i love these types of videos, you’re doing amazing david! keep it up
isabella macae
isabella macae 9 aylar önce
Can’t wait for the girl’s version! This was so good and funny ☺️
Michelle 9 aylar önce
I love that Bobby is in this video. This was great. These videos are fun.
Star 9 aylar önce
I would date any of these guys, they all seem really fun and I feel like they would be great boyfriends ❤😊👋
coco raymond
coco raymond 9 aylar önce
i never want this era of david’s parody cut videos to end these are too good
Kassie P
Kassie P 9 aylar önce
so proud of you david!! loving this content
Cittlali 9 aylar önce
bobby’s made me laugh a lot 😭 def well deserved place!
toxic sparky
toxic sparky 9 aylar önce
love your work David! watching your videos make me laugh so much!!
Eloquent Murmurs
Eloquent Murmurs 9 aylar önce
Empath prediction: Alex and Alexxis are gonna start dating 😍🙏🏾💕
the complexion
the complexion 3 aylar önce
He was acting mad weird
Diana Porto
Diana Porto 9 aylar önce
this made my day, david ur a legend keep doing what ur doing
Alo.02 9 aylar önce
David keep up the fire ass content!! You’re doing great sweaty 😍
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
oh i got a lot of good shit coming!!
Sammy John
Sammy John Aylar önce
damn i’d swipe right on all you cutie patooties !!
Maria Camila
Maria Camila 9 aylar önce
fr though, you are easily becoming one of the best content creators i watch. top tier!!
NadineKBA 9 aylar önce
Second this! 👏🏻
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
top tier?! LETS GOOOO
vanessa huerta
vanessa huerta 9 aylar önce
David's videos never fail to make me laugh
Cherish 9 aylar önce
This is such a good video idea also loving the production and quality of the videos, they're very crisp.
Jeannette Bruno
Jeannette Bruno 9 aylar önce
yall are creating really cool videos! keep it up! :)
Sondos Zahra
Sondos Zahra 9 aylar önce
“no one hurt nezza tho” “no one hurt her” BOBBY IS SO SWEET
Jessi 7 aylar önce
Meanwhile scamford 🌚
Logan Phillips
Logan Phillips 9 aylar önce
David I absolutely adore you. You are honestly my favorite content creator. Thank you for being exactly who you are. 🖤🌻
Logan Phillips
Logan Phillips 9 aylar önce
@David Alvareeezythis world needs more David's honestly. 🥺
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
aww i adore you too! i appreciate the nice words. i hope i live up to them and keep creating your favorite videos. i’ll keep pushing for you!
Mishi Farooq
Mishi Farooq 9 aylar önce
David just keeps hitting these out of the park ♥️♥️♥️ another home run 💯
Luna's tortilla
Luna's tortilla 9 aylar önce
David editing Kian, Ryan and Jc's face, I just can't 🤣🤣but such a great idea lol
anz 9 aylar önce
okay, am I the only one who has ALWAYS thought that Kian and the Webber brothers could be siblings?!?!? They have very similar features lol
Jayda 9 aylar önce
seriously love the creativity you have for your content!
Frankie's phucking around
For once a video with a lineup I can agree with, the girls made the right one BTW not the boys
Amber Phillippe
Amber Phillippe 9 aylar önce
I 100% agree with the girls about Bobby. His looked the bet and he was funny and sweet
Alyssa Lopez
Alyssa Lopez 9 aylar önce
i was da just binge watching ur guys and girl ranking videos and now this vid was uploaded an hour ago thank you david for feeding me my bad habits lmao its 4am but when im finished with this vid its gonna be about 4:40am luv you David you the man the myth the legend🥰 btw you not feeding me my bad habits lmao but you keep me entertained at the right times especially now cause i've been drinking and im vibing but now im bout to be vibing to some more david alvareeezy content lets get it poppin
Marisa Montoya
Marisa Montoya 9 aylar önce
Bobby's profile was the best one, so when the guys put him toward the end I knew I could count on the girls to put him first lol
Brittney Wong
Brittney Wong 9 aylar önce
always love watching your videos, david!! ❤️
Brittney Wong
Brittney Wong 9 aylar önce
@David Alvareeezy i’m obsessed with your jubilee inspired videos with all your friends! the “do all youtubers, girls, and guys think the same” videos are some of my favs! this tinder video is also one of my new favorite videos from you. can’t wait to see the girls’ tinders next!! i love and appreciate your hustle!
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
which ones have been your favorite??
Abbey Collins
Abbey Collins 9 aylar önce
so happy seeing bobby in this!! love these videos david xx
Hudzie 9 aylar önce
great video David! thanks for giving me ideas on how to make my profile more interesting 🤪
Jessica Milano
Jessica Milano 9 aylar önce
i love these kinds of videos. can’t wait to see the girls!!
elaina 6 aylar önce
mia 9 aylar önce
giving us great content, I loved this video! 😂😂
Viktoryia Shylkouskaya
Girls did a good job! I would rate exactly the same way!
Content Domo
Content Domo 9 aylar önce
I just love how I isn’t Tara is, when she’s reading thru the profile and everyone is behind her lol. ❤
AG 9 aylar önce
Love these videos! I would love to see the Merrell twins and Aaron because I know they will crack some jokes 😂
ideCLAIREwar203 9 aylar önce
Enjoyed the video. Always love your content. Loved Bobby and Alex’s profile. Lolz
blamo 9 aylar önce
can i just say i LOVE how much both the guys and the girls hyped up Bobby
Ashley H
Ashley H 9 aylar önce
i LOVE how you each just straight roasted each other LOL
milla hewitt
milla hewitt 4 aylar önce
Jc and bobby for SURE had the best profiles. jc honestly took the W there
Cynthia Muniz
Cynthia Muniz 9 aylar önce
Hehe I love Bobby 🤍 the guys are tooo funny 😂. The girls are such sweeties 🥰
Cintia Martinez
Cintia Martinez 9 aylar önce
I like the fact that everyone has no shoes only socks as expected lol 😂😆 I dig it!! I liked jc profile and David fuckin hilarious 😁
Robert Hammer
Robert Hammer 9 aylar önce
Appreciate you David. thank you for the new video and thanks for being a great guy.
Robert Hammer
Robert Hammer 9 aylar önce
@David Alvareeezy thanks David. Your welcome.
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
thanks for noticing! you’re a great person too :)
Tiffy Tindell
Tiffy Tindell 4 aylar önce
Bobby's was the best! So glad the girls agreed Haha. The Adam Sandler impression cracked me up!
Deepika Kamble
Deepika Kamble 9 aylar önce
I wanted Kian on here! He's so witty!
coco raymond
coco raymond 9 aylar önce
we need part two with the girls!!
Tamara Dulisse
Tamara Dulisse 8 aylar önce
crawfords profile is too funny. especially the photo of Nezza with the knife 😂🤣
Kari Molina
Kari Molina 9 aylar önce
This are my favorite videos to watch!!! Amazing content David. 👏🏼👏🏼 the voice memo form Bob sounds like Billy Madison (Adam Sandler)😂😂😂 can’t wait for the girls video
Danielle Elizabeth
Danielle Elizabeth 9 aylar önce
“The fire hydrant looks huge compared to him” the way I SCREAMED 😂😂😂 love u Dave
Jordan Shi
Jordan Shi 9 aylar önce
this might have just become my favorite video, well done david!
dreambig 9 aylar önce
dreambig 9 aylar önce
@David Alvareeezy I’m so ready!! Thanks for always putting out great content! P.s. I love how long they are it’s like watching a full episode
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
Brandy Anne
Brandy Anne 9 aylar önce
If the ladies didn't pick Bobby as number one, I honestly was gonna be a little pissed, haha. Personally I would say... Bobby, Alex, JC, David, Kevin, Crawford.
Melly 9 aylar önce
Let the record show that I would date Bobby in a heart beat
Diana 8 aylar önce
JC is so right about bobby’s, i would’ve swiped left without immediate context
MISU 4 aylar önce
I love how the girls such good believers to believe Kevin's photo's were real hahaha
Allie Danielle
Allie Danielle 9 aylar önce
I wanna see more of Bobby please 🥺
Ariel M.
Ariel M. 9 aylar önce
I like that there's a different variety of guys & girls in these videos, as opposed to the same group every time
inluvwithjace 9 aylar önce
genuinely excited that bobby is finally in one of these
Mahti Man
Mahti Man 21 gün önce
What I learned from this as a man: 1. Put a cute picture with a dog 2. A cheesy text about love or whatever, the cheesier the better (pretend to be a hopeless romantic) 3. A picture with a celebrity or some other flex 4. Something funny Goddamn I'm disappointed how this matches the stereotype of what girls want, I expected better Ps. If a guy has a profile like this they're 100% a fuckboy and are following the textbook of every fuckboy ever
Courtney Wegman
Courtney Wegman 2 aylar önce
I would switch JC and David and then I agree with the girl’s ranking.
Sailor Laughlin
Sailor Laughlin 5 aylar önce
All of the girls looking at Bobby’s profile “omg I love Adam Sandler huge fan” but didn’t know he was literally impersonating him during the voice part… they thought he was acting like his dog??🤣🤣🤣 cmon ladies
Fiona Dale
Fiona Dale 9 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see the guys react to the girls profiles 😂
Genesis Crystal Flores
I love that you brought out Bobby!!!!!
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 9 aylar önce
took a lot to convince him but i got him
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