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PART 3: trvid.com/video/video-dSuKs44w_vI.html

Despite having very different tastes, Jay and Rich both love John Carpenter movies. Just maybe not the same John Carpenter movies. We decided to do a ranking of every single one of them. Disaster ensues.

Halloween commentary track: redlettermedia.bandcamp.com/t...

Escape From New York re:View: trvid.com/video/video-ff2YU6XtZ9o.html

The Thing re:View: trvid.com/video/video-wSFXYKl_rf0.html

In the Mouth of Madness re:View: trvid.com/video/video-e6VNAcd1Dgs.html



24 Eyl 2021




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Israel Brandon Garcia
Israel Brandon Garcia 6 saatler önce
I love Enrinco Moricone
Anthony Zulian
Anthony Zulian 10 saatler önce
To answer the question at 31:20ish, Cyphers has actually acknowledged this and in the early 80's just after THE FOG, is when studios started to take over (kind of) and they would have had that kind of control over casting. This was the end of sticking with his more so posse (Nancy Loomis-Keyes, Tom Atkins, Adrienne Barbeau, Charles Cyphers, Tommy Lee Wallace and even Debra Hill). So no, lol, the weather man did not hook up with Stevie Wayne.
Blue is Not a Warm Colour
Blue is Not a Warm Colour 15 saatler önce
Halloween is boring as hell. The music and ending are great though.
Nikki S.
Nikki S. Gün önce
GTFO putting Halloween that far down 🤣
Emil Heidkamp
Emil Heidkamp Gün önce
A friend of mine is a minimalist electronic music composer who has never seen a John Carpenter movie but owned all the soundtracks and went to a horror convention John was appearing at to get his vinyl records signed. When John Carpenter heard that they were BFFs for the rest of the weekend.
Bryan Hastings
Bryan Hastings 12 saatler önce
I hope this is real that's real rad
Lord Rayden
Lord Rayden Gün önce
“It’s just an opinion…. It’s fine” Is it really jay? Is it really?
Cel Gün önce
Oh my sweet birthday boy, I was worried you were going to say The Thing
AndyPandy Gün önce
My god, that guy in the grey shirt, ..his voice ..how annoying.
PM Gün önce
Rich sounds identical to Charlie day
asdfasdf 2 gün önce
John Carpenters story telling is the stuff that I love. John Carpenter movies are weird, they don't really bother telling you much because who cares, and they are the perfect blend of show don't tell without being pretentious like modern movies. Dude just made some really interesting movies IMO.
Carl Red Bird
Carl Red Bird 2 gün önce
You would have to have lived in LA during the 90's to understand how spot on and funny escape from LA is, things like shady maps to the stars, over the top plastic surgery, armed surfers, basically everythings a parody of the 90s
Dom Brownyo
Dom Brownyo 2 gün önce
Rich hates Haloween as theres no rape scenes.
DJRxx24 2 gün önce
In RLM's Blair Witch reView Jay and Mike talk about how Halloween wouldn't be scary and is boring to a younger audience that grew up with all these crazy slasher movies. In the context that The Blair Witch probably isn't scary anymore to younger audiences that grew up with all these loud mainstream horror movies. Rich is a part of that audience that they were talking about and Jay seems to have heard all this before, I'm sure he was totally disappointed to hear that from Rich, lol. FYI, Halloween isn't a slasher, comparing it to dumb slashers like Friday the 13th is comical.
LS P1974
LS P1974 2 gün önce
Courtney Love was supposed to be in the Natasha Henstridge roll in Ghost of Mars. She got hurt and Natasha was cast.
jimi1is3king 2 gün önce
I've always wanted to see a Halloween and Rambo cross over where Loomis and Trautman have a 2hr conversation pleading with each other over who raised the deadlier killer
Trancendental 3 gün önce
I love when Jay says “oh no what are we doing here” when Rich drops the Halloween bomb
Marc-Antoine Chabot
Marc-Antoine Chabot 3 gün önce
I think Jason Statham has a "make movies boring" aura.
The Fat Bastid
The Fat Bastid 3 gün önce
Listen to the dvd commentary for Ghosts of Mars. At the end Natasha says to John "yeah but you called it a piece of crap everyday" or something. There must be a story behind it. Why make a movie he hated/disliked/was bored of from day 1?
Kurington Kuriton
Kurington Kuriton 3 gün önce
John Carpenter Western Zombie movie.
Sidecar James
Sidecar James 3 gün önce
Jay needs to ditch Red Letter Media and go solo. The cringey tone and condescending attitude of the others doesnt suit him - he is the reason I watch any of your videos.
Crimson King
Crimson King 3 gün önce
Did anyone point out the clip with Crispin Glover is from part 4 and not 6 like the clip suggests?
410MaXiMuS 3 gün önce
I think I’m the only person that loves Ghosts of Mars
zxq9 3 gün önce
I just realized how critical it is for TRvid to retain an exclusive deal with RLM and Critical Drinker: If those two moved on to Odysee or Rumble the way everyone else has, I would probably never visit TRvid. No idea what your contract looks like, but you need to juice it pretty hard because there is a ton more juice to be had for every squeeze. PS: Rich looks really good -- got more of an edge back to him. Working out? Nice.
Kent Jensen
Kent Jensen 4 gün önce
The Fog on 15???????? I almost unsubscribed. WOW
Jane Dough
Jane Dough 5 gün önce
Just going to pop my nerd self in here, rather than scrolling to see if someone else gets it right, but the kid who turns old on the bike and can't leave In The Mouth of Madness is Hayden Christensen damn it. He IS NOT THE PAPER BOY AT THE END. NERD RANT OVER AND OUT
Young Productions
Young Productions 5 gün önce
Hey guys I would love some help! I have a moment from an RLM video seared in my mind. I need help finding it! They are discussing a horror film.. I know Jay is in the episode.. but don’t know if it’s half in the bag or ReView. But they cut to a shot from an older film that is also a horror film. The shot is stuck on what looks like a living room with multiple shelves and cabinets. Then out of nowhere something jumps out of one of the cabinets and starts running towards the camera unexpectedly. If someone could point me towards that episode that would be awesome!
ClickbaitCan 9 saatler önce
One of the suspiria reviews and i think they talk about it in the psycho review part 2 of 2 hope that helps
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor 5 gün önce
I agree with Rich. I find the Horror genrum difficult! Of all the grenrums...
Kurt Kriz
Kurt Kriz 5 gün önce
@23:40 Astute analysis of Prince of Darkness - concept & atmosphere good - atmosphere being very Lucio Fulchi. john Carpenter needs to make the Penultimate John Carpenter movie - Western Zombies & Cowboys... in Chinatown.
Knight Rider
Knight Rider 5 gün önce
That Halloween evaluation was terrible. We're talkin top five, and you haven't seen it in twenty years haha??? 👀 Also, how are you going to talk about one of the greatest directors of horror movies, if you don't like horror movies 😂🤦🤦...🤔
Eric Funk
Eric Funk 5 gün önce
My issue with Rich's placement of Halloween isn't even on if he liked it. You have to acknowledge the impact of it. Friday the 13th would not have existed if it wasn't for Halloween. It really spawned the slasher genre, everyone was trying to make their own Halloween movie.
xbrobeansx 6 gün önce
I remember getting Halloween 3 as a kid on VHS and was extremely disappointed. Watching it again as an adult I realized it's the best one out of the franchise.
Mr.D L
Mr.D L 6 gün önce
I really hope they saw The movies that made us episode on Halloween after this. Because hearing him say the movie was well made is funny once you see how chaotic the whole filming process was.
perydwyn 6 gün önce
Soy voice
Jackson Wilson
Jackson Wilson 7 gün önce
I also didnt really like Halloween. I mean it was alright
Peter Dodd
Peter Dodd 7 gün önce
These two should be commenting on Scream or I know what you did last Summer or House of wax.... So many mistakes in the commentary
Peter Dodd
Peter Dodd 7 gün önce
One guy is worse than the other
inconspicuous tendril
inconspicuous tendril 7 saatler önce
Hey you clearly really like complaining, can you complain about me? It'd be an honor.
Peter Dodd
Peter Dodd 7 gün önce
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 7 gün önce
Halloween was intended to be an anthology series
saeklin 7 gün önce
"Mom can we go see the new Doom movie?" "No, we have Doom at home." At home... (Ghosts of Mars dvd)
Andres Solorzano
Andres Solorzano 7 gün önce
I feel Rich on this. Saw Halloween for the first time in my twenties and thought "that was it huh?" I equate it to something like Super Mario 64, established a whole genre, but just not into it today.
The Pyro
The Pyro 7 gün önce
Just saying there's one movie that has to be number 1 or at least in the top 3
Alex S.
Alex S. 7 gün önce
Vampires was awful. And Ghosts of Mars.... yuck!!
ThinLion Films
ThinLion Films 7 gün önce
I loved prince of darkness when I was young. Gotta watch it again
neighbor peace
neighbor peace 7 gün önce
great show fellas!
Nikola Georgiev
Nikola Georgiev 8 gün önce
Just passing by to say that i liked "Escape from LA" as teenager.
Chris Santiago
Chris Santiago 8 gün önce
Halloween that low on the list should be a federal crime
Fenrir077 8 gün önce
Shwah 8 gün önce
I even like Vampires, Village of the Damned and Prince of Darkness a lot more than I like the most overrated horror movie of all time. Thank you, Rich, for putting Halloween in it's place.
Ghostlight X
Ghostlight X 8 gün önce
I just don't know what can be said for putting Dark Star last.
Nick C
Nick C 8 gün önce
1996 I snuck into the spare room when I was 6 an watched The Thing. That movie scarred me for a while lol
Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}
"I don't like Halloween" ....urge to kill rising "I really like Synthwave" ...urge to kill gone
ShoRyuBarbie 8 gün önce
32:20 Rich's hand pauses perfectly next to the number 12.
MrZiljon 8 gün önce
I'm actually totally with Rich about Halloween. Never saw it's appeal. To be fair I've never been much of a slasher movie fan (the one I like the most is Scream I think). The score is amazing tho but overall I was very bored and annoyed by the characters.
Justin Chimento
Justin Chimento 8 gün önce
I'm so glad Rich Evans had Halloween at 12 because I as well just don't get the appeal of that movie. There is just so much that it could have done which I understand it came before all that gore movies like Friday the 13th but it could have used some gore and I just can't stand Jamie Lee Curtis's character she just pissed me off when I watched it the first time and still pisses me off. I understand if you like it but it is just forgettable compared to other horror movies. That being said my favorite John Carpenter movies are They Live and Prince of Darkness. Yes they have their flaws but I like movies that have flaws that can be overlooked.
TelenTerror 8 gün önce
Someone once explained to me the "fear" of Halloween movies--Michael Myers skulks around being creepy and doesn't actually do anything you could call the police on him for, until he starts killing people and then there's no help. It's something resonated with a lot of people, especially women. It's the helplessness and dread of it that you know he's no good but you can't actually do anything to stop him short of killing him first but you don't know he's THAT bad yet.
Jon Alexander
Jon Alexander 8 gün önce
i like it i understand rich.
lolgang100 9 gün önce
Yo, yall got a bug problem in your studio XD. My eye caught some crawlers right behind Jays chair. 18:31
Stephen Eaton
Stephen Eaton 9 gün önce
The Birthday Boy is free to love or hate any movie he wants
Patrick A.
Patrick A. 9 gün önce
18:32 roach
Captain Xorro
Captain Xorro 9 gün önce
Whenever I hear Rich talk about watching movies with his sister, I just picture Rich in drag a la "Jack and Jill"
Richard Wicks
Richard Wicks 9 gün önce
Dark Star is one of my favorite films!
Wes s
Wes s 9 gün önce
I cracked up when he thought that was a cameo of John Carpenter 3:52
Frater Tzadkiel
Frater Tzadkiel 9 gün önce
Although I do not agree with Rich's ranking of "Halloween", I also do not get why people get so angry about the Rob Zombie remakes. You would think someone remade "Citizen Kane" or something. The sequels after III taint the franchise far more than Zombie ever could.
Eric Fisher
Eric Fisher 9 gün önce
I think the Camp in the "Escape" movies are less about humor and more an attempt to capture a sense of Insanity, and chaos.
Eric Basta
Eric Basta 9 gün önce
I agree with your list except with one thing: Dark Star would be on the top at #1. Beach balls, elevator cleaning, phenomenology, "Commander Powell Would've Named It!" - nothing like it!
jimmyj1969 9 gün önce
I loved Dark Star!
cbaby gags
cbaby gags 9 gün önce
I actually don't like Halloween either as a movie, I don't find it interesting and I also think it gets repetitive by the end.
Commander Kruge
Commander Kruge 9 gün önce
I like the concept of going through all movies of one director like this. Mebbe more of this?
Comrade_Dornish 10 gün önce
I just furiously typed in the comments for HOURS just to delete it and concur.
Tabe8 8
Tabe8 8 10 gün önce
18:31 roach makes cameo appearance.
TheCowHerder1 10 gün önce
Hey guys, I work at AMC Port Chester and today a guy came in with the original Halloween station wagon. He parked it in front of the theater so everyone could take photos
xenocore01 10 gün önce
Ghost of Mars just reminds me of a one-shot Role Playing Game session. I can see the character sheets watching movie.
Marc Shepard
Marc Shepard 10 gün önce
Vampires was not that bad. Except for Bon Jovi.
Wang Monkey
Wang Monkey 10 gün önce
I'm not a fan of Halloween either.
Kenobi 10 gün önce
I have a BTLC comic book that had a touch of western woven into the lore. I'm curious if John had any involvement with the comic? I cant remember if it was a sequel or prequel story either lol. I should find it
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 10 gün önce
Ahh, Escape from L.A. Man that movie brings back memories. Summer after freshman year of college. Went to see it with some buddies and we ended up walking out halfway because it was so bad. There were only a few people in the theater if I remember correctly. Good times.
Mel Sapiandante
Mel Sapiandante 10 gün önce
Enrico Morricon
JohnDaWhale3 10 gün önce
I love Ghosts of Mars...
KB 2020
KB 2020 10 gün önce
I admire Halloween for the concept, and the influence it's had in the horror industry. But on its own, it's just an ok film. Not terrible, not amazing, scared me to death as a kid when I saw it for the first time. But there's virtually no enjoyment in rewatching it imo. It's not like the original Scream for instance, where you get to see how your family and friends react to the twists.
MattyS54 10 gün önce
Prince of Darkness is easy top 5 material for how tightly it's made. low budget, mostly single location, classic Carpenter score - a directing masterclass. not to mention returning alumni from Big Trouble.
Turd Fergusson
Turd Fergusson 10 gün önce
I get why Halloween was the baddest shit around when it came out, but it's a concept that after was done better. Im with Rich. Friday the 13th is Halloween but better. Micheal Myers was NEVER scary to me.
phantomshTTer 11 gün önce
Putting the fog at anyone's number 15 of John Carpenter movies completely discredits anything they may have to interject there on. The Fog is the best ghost story horror movie ever made! Then follow with Prince Of Darkness on your list!?!? WHAT A BUFFOON!!!
TheeGrumpy 11 gün önce
When I make my "two reviewers rank a filmmaker's entire works," I'll alternate from each list, and after it appears on one, the other reveals its number.
targetthyself 11 gün önce
Putting possibly the most iconic horror movie below Vampires is such a classic Rich move.
Forrest Devine
Forrest Devine 11 gün önce
Sweet babby Jesus, I love Jays shirt. Where can I buy one?
ted mowsby
ted mowsby 11 gün önce
It's painful listening to people with bad taste in movies speak in detail about their opinions on movies.
M P 11 gün önce
Where did they get that pumpkin?
Palmer Eldritch777
Palmer Eldritch777 11 gün önce
Way too lazy armchair critics, guys............. do we really have to listen to you guys being know it all guys ...without ever having made a movie ? Just stick to reviewing good movies and try to say something worthwhile about them...... Carpenter is legend : the Good, the Bad AND the Ugly
Geordie 1974
Geordie 1974 11 gün önce
Prince of Darkness is in my top five horror films. There's just something about it. Claustrophobic and broad, alien and very human. On such a low budget. Love it.
theylied1776 11 gün önce
It's obvious that you guys didn't do any research on John Carpenter. John Carpenter's father was a professor of music and a composer.
Book of Numbers
Book of Numbers 11 gün önce
I’m going to watch this entire 3 part series. But thank god I’m not a “horror guy”
Gandaleon 11 gün önce
I feel like a weight of my shoulders has been lifted after many years. I feel seen. I feel validated. And it's all thanks to Rich agreeing with me on Halloween. I never got the appeal of this flick. It isn't scary. It isn't fun. It isn't particularly nail biting, either.
Terrence Phillipson
Terrence Phillipson 11 gün önce
Jay, I just can't hear you over that shirt.
goonymiami 11 gün önce
I guess the likes of us can come out now. I don’t like Halloween either. And i love horror movies. Thanks Rich.
Joe McKeown
Joe McKeown 11 gün önce
Rich putting the film that is the reason for Rich doing this list this month so low in the list is the most Rich Evans thing ever. And I kinda appreciate it.
FinalGamerJames 11 gün önce
I'm pretty sure being chased by a serial killer's a better bowel cleaner than Acitivia yoghurt, Jamie Lee Curtis would know that by now
Crucify 11 gün önce
18:32 Mr Roach appears to check on things.
ViktorShep 11 gün önce
Why make a 3 part series? Why not just make 1 long video?
Stef Pugsley
Stef Pugsley 11 gün önce
Escape from LA worse than Vampires? Are you insane?
MrShahraman 11 gün önce
I need more videos like this, ranking the whole filmography of different directors. You guys are the best!!!!
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