Ranch Broncs - 2019 (32nd) Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo (Saturday)

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These working ranch hands are not used to rodeo bucking livestock but they do there best to hang on for eight seconds using their own saddles normally used on the ranches. #CCCRR #BroncRiding #Rodeo
Fourteen working cattle ranches compete for honors at the Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas. Each invited ranch competes as a team and only the 12 top teams will be invited back the following year.
Wild cow milking is very unpredictable because every cow has not been milked by hand before so it is a completely new experience for them and each cow has its own personality and reaction. In this event, one cow decided she had just had enough of the whole affair. She got down on the ground denying access to her teats refusing to budge. It took a while to persuade her to leave the arena so rather than bore you with the whole affair I edited out almost five minutes of the event. The team was able to get a do-over with another cow.
All the events in this rodeo reflect the type of skills used by working cowboys on cattle ranches throughout the year. The ages and experience of the team members may vary quite a bit as these are not professional rodeo cowboys.
For more information about the Coors Cowboy Club organization and the ranch rodeo itself, here is a link to the official website: www.coorsranchrodeo.com/
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