Rams vs. Packers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Los Angeles Rams take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 12 of the 2021 NFL season.

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27 Kas 2021




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Beer4U&U Aylar önce
That was refreshing to see a Packers pick six. Haven't seen one of those in a while.
Killian Krummel
Killian Krummel 21 gün önce
Stokes dropped an INT too that if caught was a surefire pick six
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Follow of Christ get over yourself already
Follow of Christ
Follow of Christ Aylar önce
@Adam B34 I’m sorry I haven’t tried to offend you any way I love you dearly God is good Jesus Christ is Lord and savior
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Follow of Christ typical troll. Ignore what I said and just repeat the same Bible verse over and over. So sad. You have no idea what you're talking about, you're just regurgitating Bible verses. You have no idea what the verses mean now or what the verses meant when they were written. You have no sense of history or biblical history. I doubt you've even studied the Bible or theological history, you just cherrypick the random Bible verses you like and repeat them ad nauseum.
Follow of Christ
Follow of Christ Aylar önce
@Adam B34 There is 1 God 3 persons, Trinity, Father, Son, And the Holy Spirit 3 persons 1 God Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. He shed His innocent, sinless, perfect, precious blood. He did it for you and for me. And He rose again on the 3rd day And He offers you eternal life. To have eternal life you must repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ You must be born again to enter heaven Jesus loves you He died for you Please put your faith in The one who created you He wants a relationship with you I love you dearly I urge you Repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ
C eugene Jones
C eugene Jones Aylar önce
The packers d needs a raise for what they did on the field, and Adam's is absolutely on fire!!
Nick Showtimez
Nick Showtimez Aylar önce
@Squeaky Betz shut up
A A Aylar önce
@JxrZ nah fam. Anytime they’ve played adams always smokes Ramsey
JxrZ Aylar önce
@A A Ramsey ain’t that bad bro. He’s one of my top 5, Jaire will always be #1 tho cos I’m a packers fan but I have ton of respect for Ramsey cos he still gets the job done. Tae against Ramsey was still 5/5 for 40+ but I think he shut down Adams deep ball, just not his feet lol and that’s hard to guard.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Edward Corey what? In this day and age (2021) only one team in the nfl is giving up at least 28 ppg, the Jets. Any DC giving up 28 ppg today will either be fired or on the hot seat to be fired.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@LilSmart cobb = 2 catches for 31 yards per game... not great
Kimanzi Constable
Kimanzi Constable Aylar önce
Whoever edits these videos does a good job giving us highlights without the videos being too long. Kudos.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Yomama Bin Fartin bro... calm down. Bad plays are part of highlights homie. A highlight is literally "something that is very interesting, exciting or important"... dropped passes can be important and they help paint the full picture of what happened in the game. You're super triggered over nothing.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Coastfog bro it's not that in depth to be honest. They are essentially just showing each play from snap to tackle. There's only about 10-15 seconds of actual action per play in the nfl. It's pretty easy to edit these videos in no time at all. I could show anyone how to do it in less than 10 minutes.
Yomama Bin Fartin
Yomama Bin Fartin Aylar önce
@HitlerActually Exactly what i said a couple weeks ago. Back in 2016 the average time for highlight vids was 8-10 mins. Now the average is like 13 minutes. I realized how they increased the length of the time. They’re adding clips that aren’t even highlights such as DROPPED/INCOMPLETE PASSES. Incomplete passes are NOT a HIGHLIGHT. This is how they’re able to tack on an extra 3-4 minutes to increase that ad revenue smh
Yomama Bin Fartin
Yomama Bin Fartin Aylar önce
@HitlerActually Exactly what i said a couple weeks ago. Back in 2016 the average time for highlight vids was 8-10 mins. Now the average is like 13 minutes. I realized how they increased the length of the time. They’re adding clips that aren’t even highlights such as DROPPED/INCOMPLETE PASSES. Incomplete passes are NOT a HIGHLIGHT. This is how they’re able to tack on an extra 3-4 minutes to increase that ad revenue smh
Yomama Bin Fartin
Yomama Bin Fartin Aylar önce
@HitlerActually Exactly what i said a couple weeks ago. Back in 2016 the average time for highlight vids was 8-10 mins. Now the average is like 13 minutes. I realized how they increased the length of the time. They’re adding clips that aren’t even highlights such as DROPPED/INCOMPLETE PASSES. Incomplete passes are NOT a HIGHLIGHT. This is how they’re able to tack on an extra 3-4 minutes to increase that ad revenue smh
Not Adam
Not Adam Aylar önce
im really proud of EQ. Hes been getting more and more consistent every game. He made some nice plays today and ALMOST had the insane tipped pass catch.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@tae johnson lol... your comments are blatantly obvious to understand. Stop pretending i don't understand you... You think EQ St. Brown is a good wr who just hasn't gotten the opportunity to showcase his skills because he's had some injury issues. You think he's tall and kind of fast so if he was healthy he would be good... wow, sooooooo complicated! HAHA!! Now, EQ St. Brown was a scrub coming out of college who barely got drafted (6th round, 207th pick) and has shown very little signs of being a productive wr. He has very poor route running, he has below average hands, he does not excel at catching in traffic, he's not a good enough athlete to beat defenders purely with his speed, size or strength and EVEN WHEN HE'S HEALTHY the Packers have put him on the practice squad or cut him numerous times. The only time he ever gets promoted to the active roster is if the receivers on the active roster can't play for some reason and they need a wr to fill a roster spot. They never put him on the roster just because they WANT HIM TO PLAY, it's always out of desperation because their active roster wrs are injured or out for some other reason. This year he was waived (meaning cut from the team) then put on the practice squad BECAUSE NOBODY IN THE NFL CLAIMED HIM OFF WAIVERS LOL! Think about that big guy... 31 other teams could've picked him up for free after Green Bay waived him AND NOBODY DID. He was demoted to the practice squad FOUR TIMES JUST THIS YEAR ALONE lol. He's played in 34 nfl games, stop pretending he hasn't had any opportunities to prove he can contribute lol. He's had 4 years of opportunities to prove he should be put on the active roster permanently BUT HE'S NEVER DONE ANYTHING IN THOSE 34 OPPORTUNITIES OVER A SPAN OF 4 YEARS THAT SUGGESTS HE'S A NFL LEVEL WR WORTHY OF A PERMANENT ROSTER SPOT ON THE ACTIVE ROSTER. You're acting like he's only played 5 games and because he's played so few games he just can't get noticed but the reality is he's had 4 years and 34 games played to get noticed and he's done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with all those opportunities. Go look at Allen Lazard and you'll understand what it takes to get promoted to the active roster AND STAY THERE... Lazard was undrafted. He was on the practice squad his rookie year in 2018. He has battled injuries the last 4 years as well. He's played in 38 games the last 4 years, only 4 more than EQ has played in the same time frame. But in those 38 games he has 94 catches for 1,233 yards and 10 tds. In the 34 games EQ has played he has 34 catches for 507 yards and 1 td. Notice how Lazard has seized his opportunities when given them while EQ has fallen flat on his face when given thise SAME OPPORTUNITIES? That's because EQ isn't good at all while Lazard is at least nfl level and deserves a roster spot. In short, stop pretending EQ is just being held back by injuries. He's had 4 years to showcase his skills for the Packers coaches and 34 games played to showcase his skills at the nfl level... he's played in 22 games the last 2 years and in those 22 games he has 13 catches and 1 td lol. He's just not an nfl level wr. Nothing you've said disproves that.
tae johnson
tae johnson Aylar önce
@Adam B34 It's even more so that you can't comprehend my comment about injuries after I explained it to you more than once. My comments are full of common sense and factual information, not biased, baseless opinions like casuals tend to do.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@tae johnson it's cute that you think you're "explaining" anything to me.
tae johnson
tae johnson Aylar önce
@Adam B34 It seems you're having a real hard time understanding my comment. Injuries are the reason he's been on and off the 53-man roster. They obviously love his potential, which is why they stashed him to the practice squad to begin with and is still with the team. Once again, if it wasn't for the injuries he sustained, he would be alot further along in development. Injuries equals setbacks and lack of cohesion. I wonder how many more times will I have to explain injuries before you finally understand it.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@tae johnson lol... it's not my opinion it's literally what is actually happening in real life. You can see every single negative thing I said about him with your own two eyes. And guess what, they pretty much have canned him multiple times, that's what you call getting demoted to the practice squad and being released... two things the Packers have done to EQ. Did you forget they waived him and cut him at the beginning of this season? Did you forget he was sent to the practice squad FOUR TIMES THIS SEASON?
ProfPolish Aylar önce
Things I took away from this game as a Packer fan. GB defense is for real AJ Dillion is a Dump Truck Adams truly is a cut above They never should’ve let Cobb go Aaron Donald hates GB because they figured out how to block him up so he chokes dudes
Titanicus FirePower
@Ben Scott pffft Cobb looks very fast from what I've seen from him. He is extremely valuable come postseason time
Ben Scott
Ben Scott Aylar önce
Cobb was very washed when they cut him and he's been a role player so far, glad he's back but yea no
ProfPolish Aylar önce
@Jeff Warren Anderson if, if, if… none of that happened though. The Rams went all in and have lost 3 straight. They traded for Stafford, they traded for Von, they over paid for OBJ and Aaron Donald was a no show again.
Jeff Warren Anderson
Uh... if GB played with Matt Stanford... and LA with Aaron Rogers... what might happen then? meaning Aaron led the team to this win... starting with running it in...with his immunized toe.😂
risk Aylar önce
Aaron Rodgers had a great performance for the Packers.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Sum Yung Guy it is even more telling that you keep coming back and actually need the last word. You can have it, just gotta work for it, and I know you will.
Sum Yung Guy
Sum Yung Guy Aylar önce
@Adam B34 it is telling that you actually think what I posted took much effort.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Sum Yung Guy do you need the last word or something? Will that fulfill you? Ok, it's all yours... but your desire for the last word only furthers the embarrassing behavior you've displayed here.
Sum Yung Guy
Sum Yung Guy Aylar önce
@Adam B34 zzzzzzz.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Sum Yung Guy you try so hard, it's adorable.
Tony M
Tony M Aylar önce
The way rodgers carries an offense is unique and super fun to watch. The way he communicates and how his offense can adjust to his audibles is amazing and scary for the opponent. He can read defenses like a children's book...
Tin Tran
Tin Tran Aylar önce
@Killer Champion common man, the offense literally cannot function without Rodgers.
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones Aylar önce
Not so much in January but this is the best the Packers have looked under Matt LaFleur.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
@Killer Champion well he kind of has carried our offensive sense 2008
Dylan Vazquez
Dylan Vazquez Aylar önce
It’s so good having Cobb back. It’s a shame the way things played out prior to him getting traded. But he really brings an energy to this receiving core
Crusader1815 Aylar önce
The amazing thing is that Cobb has a better catch to target ratio than Adams does, which says a lot. This is the best receiver duo in the NFL.
Don Solo
Don Solo Aylar önce
And he has rodgers ultimate trust. Just like Adam's
Don Solo
Don Solo Aylar önce
He has been hella clutch the last couple weeks. He has been making big plays left and right that dont show up on the stat sheet.
TechNick Aylar önce
Even with that dropped punt by Cobb, he still played really well. You can tell he's glad to be back at Lambeau., and so am I!
Relayer6a Aylar önce
What really impresses me with Rodgers is how he finds the open receiver.
A A Aylar önce
@Bob Bowie true
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie Aylar önce
O line holds all day that's why.
A A Aylar önce
@Roy de Vries de Vries huh
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Aylar önce
You cant flip bradys game on to rodgers. Rodgers has a broken toe and only one good receiver
Roy de Vries de Vries
@A A Not according to the stats (28 outtta 45). I love what I see from the Packs D but it is the offence that worries me. How many times this season we saw how Rodgers had all day and still could not find an open receiver? To many I'd say. But who's to blame for that? I'm in Holland, Europe and I don't get to see all angles/total vieuws on plays. So you please tell me. Rodgers fault or are the receivers to blame? The D played terrific and the Rams offence sucked but look at the final score. Five years and longer ago the Pack would have scored 55 points in a game like this.
Ryan Courtney
Ryan Courtney Aylar önce
AJ Dillion is so fun to watch. He makes the first guy miss and then he flat out runs over the next guy.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Jared Cates Dale is one of those uninformed fans who doesn't understand how the Packers draft and why they draft who they draft. He's mad because he doesn't understand, not because he has a valid point.
Michael Hull
Michael Hull Aylar önce
Lol As soon as I read this comment he did it he made a guy miss and ran through the next
Jared Cates
Jared Cates Aylar önce
@Dale Dan-Irabor try again. Josiah dogara was our 3rd round pick that year. The packers had 4th rounders and traded both of them to move up for love. Josiah tore his acl in his first game but was supposed to get the opportunity to be a contributor in his first year
beram taib
beram taib Aylar önce
Jonathan Alvarez perfect nickname for him, his quads are massive
Sharkbates Aylar önce
@Isaiah Brown 12:28
Luciano Aylar önce
Rodgers better make it to the Super Bowl this year dammit I can’t take another playoff loss😩
diapersFTMFW11 Aylar önce
@kato robles And fully defeated in championship rounds
Luciano Aylar önce
@kato robles touché
kato robles
kato robles Aylar önce
Well to be technical about it the conference championship isn't the playoffs it's its own championship and to get more technical they're undefeated in the playoffs the last two years
Techno Mage
Techno Mage Aylar önce
Gonna be one and done
Cold game Veteran 🥶
Great overall game for my Packers. Both defense and offense looked great. 2 busted coverages 2x for 6 was the only issue I truly had. But we look great going into a bye week #GoPackGo
Travis Hollingsworth
Cobb finally showing he's still got it!! What a game.
Pete Bates
Pete Bates Aylar önce
1rpheus Aylar önce
A shame he got injured tho he definitely is getting used well
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson Aylar önce
He’s been showing that all game. Great pick up by GM Aaron Rodgers.
H C Aylar önce
7:56 - the cleanest touchdown celebration I’ve ever seen.
BIG NA Aylar önce
Was dope
Chuppy Aylar önce
Or or or you just get impressed very easily by the simplest things…
Drew Drewski
Drew Drewski Aylar önce
Desmond Howard did the robot in the Super Bowl, so gotta go with that.
Sports311 Aylar önce
The Packers Defense deserves the game ball for the way they made Matt Stafford uncomfortable in the pocket
James Smith
James Smith Aylar önce
@Hanging Around lol good nickname
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre Aylar önce
Yeah they looked great
Doofapotamus Aylar önce
@Officer Greg They were also playing one of the best offenses in the NFL, without their two starting cornerbacks and well over 100 of those yards came in the 4th when the game was decided. If Crosby hits that field goal the game isn't even close. They were also playing with their #2, #3 #8 and #9 pass rushers but were still able to get pressure. That's impressive.
Francisco Davis
Francisco Davis Aylar önce
@edpi91 yea hes been choking it away. Idk what he was doing this game
Harrison Mueller
Harrison Mueller Aylar önce
@Officer Greg point is consistency. Rams did not consistently move the ball on the Packers and there were very few times in the game where they were able to methodically march the ball down the field. A majority of their points came on two guys blowing their coverages. Besides two bad plays the packers defense played very well and it was clear from the get go who was in control.
Gamer4Life_07 Aylar önce
As a Niners fan, Greenbay also did great today. Aaron rodgers is still a great qb. Randall Cobb and Davante Adams are still really good players.
J Aylar önce
@415alkeez The Niners got molly whopped by the Colts, bad logic my guy.
415alkeez Aylar önce
The 9ers gave the Packers more of a game. Done to the wire. The Rams are trying to buy a Super Bowl that will never come lmao
Eric Fricke
Eric Fricke Aylar önce
And Aaron Donald continues to choke people when they shut him down.
Stephen Lennartz
Stephen Lennartz Aylar önce
The Rams' logo was my favorite when I was a kid collecting those little NFL helmets. The new logo looks like something from a box of laundry detergent! 😂 It's a dangerous move graphically when you start messing with tradition.
Conner Aylar önce
Joseph Kostinko agree the new one is so tacky
Joseph Kostinko
Joseph Kostinko Aylar önce
I had all them helmets as a kid. They were so cool. I wonder where they all went. Lol
monQsurlaKomod Aylar önce
as a Cardinals' fan, I must admit GB is scary!!!
Wally Palmer
Wally Palmer Aylar önce
I was there yesterday. What an awesome game! Go Pack Go!
Jean Lutz
Jean Lutz Aylar önce
Let's talk about Amos, he is damn good!! The guy holds a short 3rd and a very short 4th on his own 😱
Dude Lol
Dude Lol Aylar önce
Wow this was a great game over all, as a packers fan I’m impressed by how the packers offence and defence handled every situation so well, but I won’t lie mr.Kupp is quite good man, imagine if he was built like metcalf, he would be dangerous!
Roy de Vries de Vries
Metcalf is way faster too.
LifetimeGrinder Aylar önce
Aaron still is the best thrower of the football in the game right now....watch out league, we have grit this year!
God is Everything
In the regular season, yes. But I’m January, he is Tim Tebow II
God is Everything
@Don Solo what do you say now ??! Hahahaha, Aaron Rodgers sucks when it comes to the playoffs
diapersFTMFW11 Aylar önce
Only to lose in the championship round like always
God is Everything
God is Everything Aylar önce
It’s the same song every season before they crushed out of playoffs
Don Solo
Don Solo Aylar önce
I've been saying it since the cardinals game, I saw something from the packers in that game that I haven't seen in a while, some real grit!
kevin cabral
kevin cabral Aylar önce
Biggest takeaway from what I've been seeing with the Rams is that injury to Robert Woods is much more impactful than they'd care to admit. OBJ was a good pickup but Woods did exactly what they need him to do. Going over the middle of the field, his great route running & the heart in Woods is undeniable.
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
McVay running the ball with 50 seconds left, no timeouts, down by 10 is straight mind numbing.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@Arizona Hobbies & Rec hey dummy, getting an onside kick at all is a HUGE stretch so scoring a td, then getting a 2, then getting an onside kick and then getting into field goal range and making the kick all in less than 50 seconds with no timeouts is as close to impossible as it gets. If you weren't so busy getting your Uncle Ricco on and bragging about your high school football days you might have had time to look up the success rate of onside kicks in the nfl. But since you're too busy talking about your glory days of high school football I'll give you the numbers... - Out of 79 attempts during the 2019 season, only five of them were recovered. This resulted in just a 6% success rate. - In the 2020-2021 NFL season, there were a total of 71 onside kicks attempted during the regular season. A whopping three of those kicks succeded. That makes for a success rate of just 4% So, the numbers say the Rams only had a 5% chance of even getting the onside kick. Once you factor in all other variables like... 1. There was under 50 seconds left. 2. The Rams had 0 timeouts. 3. They needed a td, a 2 pt conversion, an onside kick recovery, a quick drive to get into field goal range and then they needed to make the field goal. 4. The Packers defense is elite and had been stopping the Rams for the majority of the game. ... you can clearly see there was absolutely no chance of the Rams making any sort of comeback. They really didn't even have a chance of getting the onside kick much less scoring a td, getting a 2, getting an onside, driving to fg range and making a long fg all in less than 50 second with 0 timeouts lol. I mean, I know back in your day you could throw a football a quarter mile but we're not discussing your lame high school football days big guy. We're discussing an nfl game with nfl onside kick rates and nfl defenses and an nfl clock... not some random game featuring 16 year olds lol. But here is the real and only reason I need to post to prove you wrong... THEY DIDN'T GET THE ONSIDE KICK SO EVEN IF THEY SCORED A TD AND A 2 THEY STILL WOULD'VE LOST Hahahah!!!! All of your whiny nonsense is utterly meaningless because THEY DIDN'T GET THE ONSIDE KICK so even if they had a full 1 minute left after scoring a td and a 2 IT WOULDN'T HAVE MATTER BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T GET THE ONSIDE KICK ANYWAY. And do you know why they didn't get it? Because the nfl changed the rules after the 2018 season and the new rules have made getting an onside kick nearly impossible as evidenced by the 5% success rate. But hey, Uncle Ricco, you played high school football so you know everything about scoring 11 points in under 50 seconds with no timeouts left in the nfl 🤔 🙄 🤣😂🤷🏈
C.K.888 Aylar önce
@Karen Hardie and what if they don’t get the touchdown?
C.K.888 Aylar önce
@detectif god forbid an owner try to make his team better
C.K.888 Aylar önce
@DIVISIONINCISION They can still win the division over the grossly overrated Cardinals
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
​@Adam B34 lmaoooooooo Gen Z'ers make me laugh. Stop talking little boy. You don't believe an instant like can happen on a post where I almost have 1000 likes? Also, why are you so concerned over likes? Is your life that miserable? I have a homework assignment for you, go look up "NFL Onside kick comebacks". Coming back from being down by 11, with 50 seconds left, while you're in the red zone REALLY isnt that much of a stretch. You score, 2pt conversation you recover the onside kick, you go 20 yards and kick a field goal. Just admit you've never played sports and you have no idea what it takes to win or be on a team. You clearly have a losers mentality and it's everything wrong with your generation.
James Tillinghast
James Tillinghast Aylar önce
Cobb’s ball flip after a touchdown is so iconic I love seeing it every time
Jr 10
Jr 10 Aylar önce
Was at the game today and it was amazing 😩 ! GO PACK GO
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
Thank you Packers from a 49ers fan because we’re now one game behind the Rams in the wild-card race!
Michael Burgarino
Michael Burgarino Aylar önce
Thank you Niners for beating the Vikings
Noel Diaz
Noel Diaz Aylar önce
That last hit on Savage was brutal !
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen Aylar önce
The way Aaron Roger threw the ball makes him a legend 😍
Sauce Godxx
Sauce Godxx 4 gün önce
@Daylon Burks naaah that’s def an opinion my boi 🤷🏼‍♂️
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks 4 gün önce
@Sauce Godxx not even an opinion just a fact lmao once again nice try 👌🏾
Sauce Godxx
Sauce Godxx 4 gün önce
@Daylon Burks that’s just your opinion but huh nice try 😗👌🏼
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks 5 gün önce
@Sauce Godxx he’s not the goat lol nice try, definitely one of the goats that’s for sure
Frank Anderson ll
Frank Anderson ll Aylar önce
I was saying the same thing his throwing is satisfying lol
wocatyy Aylar önce
Anyone gonna give credit to Rasul Douglas’ incredible defense tonight !? And I agree with some GB fans who noticed some missed opportunities in the 4th to close the game earlier. Still a great win against a quality LA team 👍🏻
Jaehong Park
Jaehong Park Aylar önce
Getting OBJ and Von Miller might get all the attention, but the signings of Campbell and Douglas have been 10x better signings
@Samicle X He only has a 1 yr deal anyway
Samicle X
Samicle X Aylar önce
Time to release King
Quiet Englishman
Quiet Englishman Aylar önce
I didn't expect that seeing as how banged up the Packers are and playing that All-star team after a bye. Outstanding performance. Cobb rolling back the years and some of those Rodgers passes defy belief. Now rest-up and recover and come back refreshed in December.
Montray Brown
Montray Brown Aylar önce
Crazy game man my goodness. It had me on the edge at times. My packers pulled it off. It’s always a chess match playing Sean McVay and his rams.
Cody Aylar önce
Getting Cobb back was one of the better moves they've made in a long time...
Anx23 Aylar önce
Him and Kevin King are why I like the Packers
Cody Aylar önce
@cell9899 I know it was , just had to point out the fact we got him back was a great addition
Shaun Duquette
Shaun Duquette Aylar önce
@cell9899 he'll retire directly into being GM,lol
cell9899 Aylar önce
That was a Rodgers idea
Roman H.
Roman H. Aylar önce
Beautiful performance. It's not always pretty or perfect but we are 9-3 and still haven't played our best game. Hope everyone gets healthy and in two weeks we go on a run. GoPackGo
Jeffery Reed
Jeffery Reed Aylar önce
Lmao I love when Ramsey tries to go one on one coverage against Adams he might be able to stop the other WRs in the NFL but he can't stop Adams
Adam B34
Adam B34 Aylar önce
@JJ not even his teammates like obj, what planet are you living on?
JJ Aylar önce
@jeeri stueo being unlikeable and you personally hating them are not related are all, ur just negative
jalen ramsey
jalen ramsey Aylar önce
@cj Salazar nah its cuz they scared of jram 😆🤣 stay mad bozo
cj Salazar
cj Salazar Aylar önce
@jalen ramsey it’s called having a good coach who can scheme players open . By your logic you mine as well throw the receiver in triple coverage and see if he’s good enough 🤣 stay salty
jalen ramsey
jalen ramsey Aylar önce
@Kohner 2k ok bandwagon
Lane McWilliams
Lane McWilliams Aylar önce
Rasul Douglas was such a great pickup from the waiver list because he is absolutely playing sensational. 🔒 CORNER
jason lyles
jason lyles Aylar önce
Had to come back and watch after hearing Rodgers didn’t even practice 😭🔥
Mark Jantz
Mark Jantz Aylar önce
Cobb was good, WR's=17,18,19, D-line was excellent, and finally their first score with Aaron taking it in not only was the exclamation point on that game but was their best play of the season so far. They are, barring any injuries, this year's NFC Champs.
ToxicTonic420 Aylar önce
If im being honest having watched all 12 Packers games, the score looks closer than the pacing of the games, most of the time. I’ve never felt Green Bay is going to lose. Sure a couple of their games have ended 24-14 24-10 type scores, but they’ve always had control. Their clock control is wicked 🔥
Not Adam
Not Adam Aylar önce
@14:00 that dirty hit was so cheap. He wasnt even going for the ball. Just launched himself to hurt someone
Bob G
Bob G Aylar önce
I enjoyed this game. Good plays all around, though I thought Rodgers had some great laser throws. I like Stafford, but he missed some easy ones. Good game.
Randolph Tolbert
Randolph Tolbert Aylar önce
He did that in Detroit too along with the pick sixes. He’s a turnover machine, always has been.
Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng Aylar önce
Cobb and Adams very underrated duo. Their the best duo WRs in the game💯🔥
William Walter Joseph Hamilton
The Packers mngment deserves some props......we keep coming up with guys THAT CAN PLAY! Especially in the secondary and O-line. Yosh Nijman is a monster lol!
Ace 1
Ace 1 Aylar önce
Very good back and forth by two very good teams. GB had it all last night both on defense and offense. Rodgers was clinical and sharp throughout. Well played Rams.
Brandy Halabi
Brandy Halabi Aylar önce
Aaron Rodgers what a game, what a performance for the Pack 💯… He is one of the best quarterbacks fr 🔥🏈🔥..… And to everyone all around the world, stay safe stay blessed💯🙏🏽✨🙏🏽✨🙏🏽
Mijanur Rahman
Mijanur Rahman Aylar önce
He always does. That’s why he is one of the best all time. If he cools his head down. Serious chance for him winning this time. Let’s see. Good to see. Great for the young players to learn.
That was refreshing to see a Packers pick six. Haven't seen one of those in a while.
Faraz Shahzad
Faraz Shahzad Aylar önce
Healthy packers team wins the Super Bowl. It is incredible how they are beating all these top teams with third strings everywhere.
Brandon Hook
Brandon Hook Aylar önce
@Jamarius Williams Fr he sucks
Jamarius Williams
Jamarius Williams Aylar önce
@jeeri stueo don’t put king on there bro
jeeri stueo
jeeri stueo Aylar önce
And then we lost to MIN. I guess losing Rashan and Aaron Jones was the straw that broke the camel's back last week. Now if only we could get *Zadarius Smith *David Bhaktiari *Elgton Jenkins *Josh Meyers *Kevin King *Jaire Alexander Back.
I’m watching Green Bay just to see Aaron make these mind blowing timed passes! Gg LA
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Aylar önce
@Red X Well for the last 11 years my mouth hasn't been shut yet.. Fraudgers hasn't let me down in over a decade
Red X
Red X Aylar önce
@Trev Mac Also barring any injuries, it looks like Rodgers actually has a squad to match up with the other 52 guys Tampa has, so if the Packers and Bucs meet in the playoffs, your mouth is going to get shut real fast.
Red X
Red X Aylar önce
@Trev Mac Brady also had the luxury to play vs the Packers without Bahk twice last year, the Packers are clearly a different team when he’s on the field.
Red X
Red X Aylar önce
@Trev Mac You don’t need to be an official to see obvious interference xD Also, how about 2014 when they met and both teams were actually healthy? 3 months earlier, during that game Rodgers lost Bahktiari, and had 1 bad game in a season in which he still won MVP over Brady? You want to use arguments that are out of Aaron’s control, but when both Rodgers and Brady played with a healthy squad in 2014, it was Rodgers strike to Jordy that created the separation to beat Brady in that matchup. Rodgers can do everything Brady can and better, if Brady was in Green Bay all these years, he’d have 0 rings.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Aylar önce
@Red X I never knew you were an NFL on field official , wow I'm honored.. 3 months earlier when Rodgers got a beat down by the Bucs (38-10) and he threw a couple of INT's and a pick 6 were you also the official in that game??? And here's the major difference.. When Brady gets a turnover he turns it into a 50 yard bomb TD 2 plays later (21-10) Bucs At The Half When Rodgers is handed 3 turnovers he turns it into 3 points.. And that is really why one guy has been to 10 Super Bowls and the other guy 1
Huzayfa Khan
Huzayfa Khan Aylar önce
Glad i was at the game. Great first experience 💯
Bo Aylar önce
GO PACK GO 🏈💛💚 I will always love the Packers! 🤩
Aps_Aries Aylar önce
This “L” stands for “Lesson” for us Rams. OBJ and Stafford are making the effort to involve each other at least. Kupp a walking dub. Gg Packers & Rodgers.
Anc1ntkn1ght Aylar önce
L stands for Losers lmao, scrubs
kato robles
kato robles Aylar önce
That game could have been way worse for the Rams the way they stayed in it shows they have potential
Chris Nichols
Chris Nichols Aylar önce
Best part of this game from a Rams standpoint was the bomb to Odell for a TD. The defense is just….. soft. No one plays with aggression. I was at work doing my deliveries and I check the score and I’m just like really? Y’all have a nice bye week and come back just to keep losing? But I noticed something that no one is talking about in this game…. Every big play the packers made, the rams showed zero emotion. Zero reaction on the sideline… this tells me something. Tells me that we just don’t give a damn anymore. Robert Woods is clearly the mvp on this offense. Without him the rams look like they don’t know what to do. Odell better get more comfortable fast. You can see the lack of chemistry when Stafford underthrows him. They’re still working on that. But to be 7-4 with the niners now creeping up. Better turn this losing into winning real fast. Next week we play the Jaguars. If we lose that I’m done with football. That should be an easy 8-4 and a good chance to get the mojo back before facing Arizona in the rematch. People will now say the packers look like they’ll be representing the nfc in the super bowl but I wouldn’t make that claim just yet. They do look damn near unstoppable though I won’t even lie. Rodgers is just too good.
Aey Phan
Aey Phan Aylar önce
We could only imagine that if this packers team was available. How well they would play against the chiefs
IntheHunt 1982
IntheHunt 1982 Aylar önce
@Charles lol......But whats your point?
Melles Ghiday
Melles Ghiday Aylar önce
@IntheHunt 1982 coming from a packers and chiefs fan obviously
Melles Ghiday
Melles Ghiday Aylar önce
@IntheHunt 1982 dont underestimate them now the curse was getting to patty because he was on the cover and Tom brady just lost to Washington they are back they won 4 games in a row
Hai Boai
Hai Boai Aylar önce
SSLYYY Aylar önce
We still could have beaten the Chiefs. If our "field goal Unit" wouldn't have botched two easy field goals and made the 55 yarder that Lafleur didn't even try , we would have won
have a nice day :)
have a nice day :) Aylar önce
Losing woods was big for LA it's going to take some time to create chemistry between Miller,OBJ, and the Rams.
J Aylar önce
@James Jones The Packers only advantage is bringing west coast teams into their climate.
James Jones
James Jones Aylar önce
Packers lost Jaire, Zadarius, David Bahk, Elgton Jenkins. All pro bowlers and all pros. No excuse.
Labyrinth Dweller
Labyrinth Dweller Aylar önce
12:31 I have no words to describe the pure raw power that AJ is capable of.
chikin likin
chikin likin Aylar önce
@jeeri stueo 🤡
jeeri stueo
jeeri stueo Aylar önce
Give him Derrick Henry carries and he'll have Derrick Henry numbers. I said what I said.
Demarcus Curry
Demarcus Curry Aylar önce
I love this team so much great win 🥇, we could’ve hung 50+ on em
GHOST Aylar önce
I’m a cheifs fan but these 2 teams are my favorite non hometown teams so this was a hell of a game to watch. Also besides Ramsey and miller the rams seem to chill and play 1 play at a team and don’t get in their heads and I respect that
Bryce Lambert
Bryce Lambert Aylar önce
Bro I’m so glad we got Randall Cobb back
Jimi-J Malfamé
Jimi-J Malfamé Aylar önce
Finally OBJ is find in this playbook. They need to make more adjustments in the offense. Jefferson is good kupp is legit ! Stafford need to deliver better balls for each and everyone according the situation like rodgers do with his receivers ! Rams will be good
Falk Firebeard
Falk Firebeard Aylar önce
Whenever they show a punt and a guy calling for a fair catch on these highlights, you know what's about to happen.
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre Aylar önce
Man that pass from Staford to Jefferson was amazing. What a pass. I wish Lamar Jackson could throw passes like that. Lamar really disappointed me in the last game with 4 interceptions. Hes a beast of a runner but not to good of a thrower.
Adi Sridhar
Adi Sridhar Aylar önce
The Rams fought through the 4th quarter. Congrats Packeds
Travis Jazzbo
Travis Jazzbo Aylar önce
AJ Dillon is a good back. I always feel teams need to take a page or two from Bill Belicheck... the LINE makes the back... Pack gave Jones a big contract and didn't need to. I don't think Belicheck ever gave a running back a big contract... It is about the line, having a good tight end, an excellent slot receiver for shorter passes, at least 8 a game, and a disciplined QB
jgould30 Aylar önce
14:02 I thought players weren't supposed to launch themselves and hit with their helmets? Dude speared him in the legs...
Will Aylar önce
I hope that dude got suspended
Eric TheRed
Eric TheRed Aylar önce
Yeah that was some bullshit on a guy who was clearly not expecting it and was almost defenseless.
Dre Dunc
Dre Dunc Aylar önce
Green Bay ate #17 lunch on punt return @ 8:50 🤣 and #56 Rams straight cracked #26 GB at the end on squib kick he ain't even touch the ball 🤣🤣 Good game!
reynarain Aylar önce
Everybody thought Randall Cobb was washed up. Imagine if the front office took more of Rogers advice. Sometimes chemistry is the best option.
Shaun Duquette
Shaun Duquette Aylar önce
he'll get a fat check and leave again in off season,the cycle continues
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
3:24 -- Wow, what a great downfield block by Deguara (Packers TE; #81) to spring Cobb for an even bigger gain.
Vignesh S
Vignesh S 6 gün önce
I would expect this to be the NFC championship game coming up..🔥
Dirty Beef Curtains
McVay going for it on their own 29 yard line in the second quarter 😂😂
Daniel Strawder
Daniel Strawder Aylar önce
My Packers won against the Rams. Now they get a much deserved bye week. Hopefully the Packers have more key players back for week 14. That pick six by Rasaul Douglas was awesome. Green and Gold forever baby
Quiet Englishman
Quiet Englishman Aylar önce
I'll second that.
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants Aylar önce
@Laissez Faire you know the packers let their fan buy shares right just being a smart ass but clearly your an upset fan But truth is Matt Stanford IS WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS
Hai Boai
Hai Boai Aylar önce
Eccentric Aylar önce
@Laissez Faire chill out he’s just supporting His team. if anyone needs a life it’s the guy who camps in comments hating on people who don’t even know you
Laissez Faire
Laissez Faire Aylar önce
"My Packers"? What, are you giving them some of your pithy insights during team meetings? Get a life.
mid-90’s _ to _ early 2000’s ViBEZ
*I’m* *not* a *Packers* Fan, *But,* they *sure* *did* *have* *fun,* filming *”The Silence of the Lambs”* 😂😂😂
Thomas Sawyer
Thomas Sawyer Aylar önce
Glad to see Dillon in there, a real contributor to the run game. With Adams and Cobb as deep threats and Rogers always a threat to run, they keep defenses guessing.
Randolph Tolbert
Randolph Tolbert Aylar önce
The “Real” Stanford has stood up. You guys in LA wanted him, good luck. He’s a turnover machine.
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith Aylar önce
Damn! Rodgers is in the lead for the MVP. Brady is close second. Brady is the goat of NFL but this season I want Rodgers to succeed and shut them media clowns
bruce lau
bruce lau Aylar önce
Davante Adams , and even Amari Rodgers has his moments , just great offense today from the GB Packers all around
Aaron godgers
Aaron godgers Aylar önce
@901 Stop Lacking stop talking you casual
Jaehong Park
Jaehong Park Aylar önce
@901 Stop Lacking MVS is one of the fastest player in the NFL with legit 4.37 speed. And he's tall too. EQ has decent 4.4~4.5 speed, which combined with his size is pretty decent as well. I do agree that we could use another shifty speedster though because Amari Rodgers makes AJ Dillon look like Tyreek Hill
Jaehong Park
Jaehong Park Aylar önce
@901 Stop Lacking Marquez Valdez-Scantling reached a top speed of 22.09 mph on his 75-yard TD reception late in the 4th quarter of the #Packers loss to the Vikings, the fastest speed by a ball carrier this season.
901 Stop Lacking
901 Stop Lacking Aylar önce
@Jaehong Park How? Dude was hurt for like 8 games.
Jaehong Park
Jaehong Park Aylar önce
@901 Stop Lacking MVS is literally is the fastest ball carrier in NFL this season so far dude
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre Aylar önce
Aaron Rodgers had some beautiful and accurate passes this game. Rodgers played very well. The Packers might go all the way this year if they don't choke in the playoffs.
Brian Gamboa
Brian Gamboa Aylar önce
For someone that played against the Packers their whole career, I expected a little more from Stafford……
Luciano Aylar önce
Tuh not me as a lions fan this man simply cannot win against Rodgers it’s crazy he always shrinks usually
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
That was refreshing to see a Packers pick six. Haven't seen one of those in a while.
Jimi-J Malfamé
Jimi-J Malfamé Aylar önce
Aaron rodgers play very well in the first half to put the packers in front, but wahouw ! We need to give credit for their defense ! They made play after play ! They are unstoppable in this stadium with this crowd and this weather !
Donald Sexton
Donald Sexton Aylar önce
Rams better pick it up considering the way they mortgaged their future for this 'all in' season.
Joseph Kostinko
Joseph Kostinko Aylar önce
@J Stafford doesn't need to learn the offense to stop throwing pick 6s. 12 years in the league, should know WTFs up.
CammedLS3 Aylar önce
They’re garbage, just because you sign to washed up “has beens” doesn’t make you an instant winner glad they’re losing and close to being out of playoff contention
The wurm
The wurm Aylar önce
@J Truth, but Bucs have The Hated GOAT and coach Arians, two very fiery dudes and obvious leaders. My "soft" Rams unfortunately have no one close to having that kind of fire to inspire the players to be great and demolish opposition, other than maybe Ramsey, who seems frustrated. I will root for the Clams to make the playoffs but, then we'll probably end up back at Lambeau. Hope they can right the ship soon because our schedule isn't getting any easier...
The wurm
The wurm Aylar önce
@Yes, and Yes Yikes, truth!
J Aylar önce
@Flaccid Ego All in? we didn't go all in on Odell... And people said the same thing about Ramsey, Ramsey was supposed to be a toxic cancer. The only thing killing us is chemistry, Stafford is still learning the offense, now we have Odell going through the same thing.
John Blze
John Blze Aylar önce
Love watching the rams struggle
Endospore Aylar önce
Damn, I felt that hit on no 26 packer at the end. 14:01
Don Cosme
Don Cosme Aylar önce
McVay needs an elite running back for this system to work. Ever Since Todd Gurley went down, his whole system has been trash
jxxxsn Aylar önce
Knowing him I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked up Saquon Barkley tbh
Wes Warden
Wes Warden Aylar önce
It'd been nice to see a replay of that 2 pt conversion, bc it really didn't look like he had both feet inbounds
First Bell Productions
I love how both gb players jumped the play 4:26
Sheri Barnhart
Sheri Barnhart Aylar önce
I'm just happy to finally see Matthew Stafford shine with a great team. He just never really stood a chance being with the Lions. Yes Aaron Rodgers is a badass, he's been with the Packers for 16 years they've had time to gel.
Reginald Drake
Reginald Drake Aylar önce
3 losses in a row Sherri
Ma'teau Kalua
Ma'teau Kalua Aylar önce
Packers defense finally playing good congrats on the w.
The Bearded Marco
The Bearded Marco Aylar önce
These passes are unreal man
David Rieger
David Rieger Aylar önce
How good is Aaron Rodgers, didn't even have his best game and still torched the Rams. In a season where Brady is having a big statistical year, young guns like Murray, Allen and Herbert are really stepping up and Cousins his throwing at 10:1 TD/INT ratio, Rodgers still right up there making throws no one else can. Easily the most talented QB to play the game.
Mark5513 Freeman
Mark5513 Freeman Aylar önce
So glad Packers won. 👍Hopefully they go to the super bowl 🏈
Rami Al Hamad
Rami Al Hamad Aylar önce
After this match and watching all teams I think packers are the best
Joseph Kostinko
Joseph Kostinko Aylar önce
@Cody ware If they lose this weekend to the Jags, all bets are off.
Cody ware
Cody ware Aylar önce
@Joseph Kostinko I think the loss to 49ers and Tennessee was just new players coming in not knowing all the plays and mistakes on staffords part but I think we have the team just need to clean up the mistakes
Joseph Kostinko
Joseph Kostinko Aylar önce
@Cody ware Agreed. I think this game was similar to last years meeting with them. They have to figure out how to beat them. Keeping it close won't cut it. They are not a come from behind team.
Cody ware
Cody ware Aylar önce
@Joseph Kostinko atleast they kept it somewhat close I mean beating Green Bay is tough in general I think the rams did a good job either way
Joseph Kostinko
Joseph Kostinko Aylar önce
That suggests you thought the Rams were a good team. I'm not so sure. They haven't beaten any good teams yet.
S G Aylar önce
14:00 That very last hit was *Savage...* 🔥🔥😑🔥🔥
cell9899 Aylar önce
Dirty AF
pure_gold_xx Aylar önce
@epic yall loss
epic Aylar önce
@MassSpark W hit
jeeri stueo
jeeri stueo Aylar önce
And it reaked of saltiness. Rams are piss poor losers. You got Donald choking guys cause he can't beat them clean as well. Bunch of brats.
Landon Martin 2
Landon Martin 2 Aylar önce
@MassSpark I agree. It was horrible sportsmanship
Phase9 Aylar önce
Going for it on 4th down, at your own 30 yard line, down by 7 points early in the game? Having an untested young receiver, with neither speed nor moves returning punts? Continually leaving Stafford in an empty backfield, while your offensive line is getting beat? A final onside kick that doesn't go 10 yards. A defense that can't seem to guard receivers. The Rams players aren't performing, but they are also being poorly coached. Three straight games getting their butts kicked by better coached teams.
Miguel Redfoot
Miguel Redfoot Aylar önce
I went to this game and it was the greatest expierence of my life
Eddie Cardwell
Eddie Cardwell Aylar önce
I’ve been going through all of the Rams games this season and Ramsey gets cooked in everyone, yet he’s still praised so highly. Seriously go watch any game of his this season. lol.
Do It
Do It Aylar önce
Odell looking across the field at the packers sideline realizing he made a mistake…
Fractured Solace
Fractured Solace Aylar önce
Go Pack Go! I'm loving AJ Dillion he is a beast!
Sean Doody
Sean Doody Aylar önce
I swear the older Rogers gets the better he gets. He’s on fire this year. Got some great receivers but his balls have been right on point and getting them in some crazy tight places. Hats off to him man. Another GOAT 💯💯💯
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