Rampart Is INSANE Now! New Buff And Opening Her Heirloom! - Apex Legends Evolution Event

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Rampart Is INSANE Now! New Buff And Opening Her Heirloom! - Apex Legends Evolution Event

0:00 Lagging Through The Pack Opening
3:49 The Real Pack Opening Begins
10:40 Rampart Heirloom Animations First Look
14:17 Rampart Ultimate Buff Showcase

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14 Eyl 2021




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Victor Negrete
Victor Negrete 3 gün önce
Arent pipe renches more for plumbers than mechanics?
R0AD _killer
R0AD _killer 8 gün önce
"You actually hear voice lines from her..." Mirage: "Am I a joke to you?"
Jamesdied 12 gün önce
3:28 huhhhhh
Dovahkiin R
Dovahkiin R 16 gün önce
Guys it’s not a wrench it’s a f clamp
Karrots 26 gün önce
Not sure about 3:29 use of vocabulary
Dr_Gorilla 26 gün önce
skip to 3:19
Omar Al-Nidawi
Omar Al-Nidawi Aylar önce
After the new update, you can spam inspect while running and it look so smooth
Tj boi
Tj boi Aylar önce
Bro I got it yesterday and so that I call my friend but he's bullying me for what he don't like .like I get it its not the best one out warith or lifeline and bloodhound but its what I like 🤦‍♀️
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
10:47 idk why but this just kills me everytime. The death out of nowhere & the stunned silence are just hilarious
Will P
Will P Aylar önce
3:39 🤨😳
YC1073 Aylar önce
Ppl actually watch this stuff? Lol waste
Its JustACup
Its JustACup Aylar önce
I don’t care for any hierlooms right because none of them are for crypto
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
him petting the pack was the most adorable thing ever
idk. Aylar önce
This buff is what i tought rampart shouldve have been from the start!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Aylar önce
top 5 heirloom in the game hands down the effects,sounds and animations. make up for it just being a wrench. even the pose is fire
billy Whelan
billy Whelan Aylar önce
Why does she get one before Watson, watsons been in the game waaaay longer
Sxnburn Aylar önce
I hate how rampart was so underrated until this event
Ben Gore
Ben Gore Aylar önce
3:29 lmao
Ben Gore
Ben Gore Aylar önce
@bilishu aliss listen to what he says at that time i said
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Aylar önce
I’m really starting to think they care more about the money than the game, cause the servers have been broken for so long and the matchmaking.
JaYaR Truth
JaYaR Truth Aylar önce
The fact that they made a wrench cool shows the care for the game.
Card Credentials
Card Credentials Aylar önce
Killer ehan
Killer ehan Aylar önce
3:27 you racist
Brooklyn Butterfield
I am watching the laggy part half asleep and it makes me questioninmy sanity
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
ramparts heirloom turned out it no cap makes me want to be a rampart main ngl
DuckXCycle Aylar önce
So cool to see more blunt/big heirlooms instead of funny knife go shing shing shing
Vora, The Harbinger
Bow I cant wait for my horizon heirloom
Vora, The Harbinger
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
ofc she got a buff, why else would any sane gamer buy a virtual Wrench
You should time stamp when you get to the point
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Aylar önce
him petting the pack was the most adorable thing ever
Leighton Treharne
Leighton Treharne Aylar önce
3:29 👀
Killer ehan
Killer ehan Aylar önce
Racist 💀
TheWhiteMamba3000 Aylar önce
Bangalore looking like Thanos.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Aylar önce
Can you start a wattson heirloom change petition to get wattson the Fencing sword instead what ever the heck they giving here next season!
Ji Ji
Ji Ji Aylar önce
I'm new to apex. What do heirlooms do??
Ji Ji
Ji Ji Aylar önce
@Kalen Plant ohhh, thank you for explaining!
Kalen Plant
Kalen Plant Aylar önce
They're just cosmetics that change the way your melee attacks look by adding a weapon in your character's hand
RAGEGAMER21 P Aylar önce
Onec again respawn fail, its so annoying to see, an underwhelming event, completely broken servers and matchmaking still, an overpriced shop, and a stupidly op legend buff. I’m really starting to think they care more about the money than the game, cause the servers have been broken for so long and the matchmaking.
RezPoNez Aylar önce
the octane skin reminds me of golden experience idk why 🤔
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
Imagine if there was a rare chance to to pack recolours that you have the skins for
羊羊 Aylar önce
SERVER SO BAD :)))))))
I do not know what to put here
I really want to get valkery but now I want rampart idk which one to choose
- tobyy -
- tobyy - Aylar önce
3:30 and 3:32 lmao
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
just seems...different somehow.
Hank Baxter
Hank Baxter Aylar önce
YET ANOTHER blue and gold 3030 repeater skin. Not that I'm complaining.
Gh0st Aylar önce
Its not just A wrench. Its a Monkey wrench
ninja hattori
ninja hattori Aylar önce
ofc she got a buff, why else would any sane gamer buy a virtual Wrench
羅尹澤 11
羅尹澤 11 Aylar önce
They need to fix this trash of a game . The laggy and the crashing is what I play most of the time and it’s winning
Cyraneau Aylar önce
TGM is truly one of the nicest guys I've ever encountered, damn you're an awesome human. I hope good things happen to you, you definitely deserve it. I'll try to be as chill as you, you inspire me. From France with love.
Cyraneau Aylar önce
Yaaaaay my comment finally added! TGM I think I love you, your humanity and all I know from watching your videos. J.K. though damn. Just damn. I'd love to meet you.
Tyson Grant
Tyson Grant Aylar önce
Can you start a wattson heirloom change petition to get wattson the Fencing sword instead what ever the heck they giving here next season!
Marqueso's Cheesy Life
What do i think best bloody day ever 💀
Travis Murtland
Travis Murtland Aylar önce
Merchant just trolling them like "come on packy, don't be shy, just open on up"
Zan Aylar önce
3:29 🤨🤨
JRTZX Xbox Aylar önce
3:30 😀
Leon Aylar önce
3:29 was racially motivated 😂
Zero Aylar önce
Not about the video but when I was warming up in the firing range, I tried to do the moving bots easter egg but it doesn't work anymore. I don't know if it's just me or not, can someone explain this to me pls?
Cryptic Cypher
Cryptic Cypher Aylar önce
the lmg's got even faster reloads now with rampart i never remember her just ejecting the mag on the devo and spitfire in .02 seconds. although I never played much of her but it just seems...different somehow.
RepairOmega Aylar önce
So no one reported the rampart taboo glitch?
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Killer ehan
Killer ehan Aylar önce
I Am Reflex
I Am Reflex Aylar önce
lmfao so before this update, rampart was one of the worst legends in the game, and now everyone's saying this buff is OP when they see clips of random people beaming absolute bots in pub matches. can't even take this seriously. TGM is a rampart god, so obviously he's gonna make her seem good
Aracoixo Aylar önce
James B.
James B. Aylar önce
I’m so pissed that LTM’s arent a thing anymore during collection events. Why is this happening?
aal Aylar önce
we all know that this evolution update is dedicated only to TGM ahahahahahha
jessbozo Aylar önce
You can go on zips with sheila
Monkey Man
Monkey Man Aylar önce
3:29 😳
Ludde Aylar önce
I love the Pathfinder skin:)
收三网手机卡 Aylar önce
There is no need to do part-time online, only need foreign Apple users.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Aylar önce
Her wrench also being a gum dispenser is awesome lol and only rampart would have something like that . Her heirloom suits her well 😆😂
Euclid Ave
Euclid Ave Aylar önce
Dale Pidcoe DuBoistown,PA. Which episode of the classic "SESAME STREET" was the first to take place in the bathroom at night with Bob's voiceover announcing the letters and number of the day with the lullaby theme and which month,date and year was the first to have that and also what were the letters and number of that night and what were they doing in the bathroom at night?
Lano Aylar önce
your taste in skins is very bad...
Kalen Plant
Kalen Plant Aylar önce
@yuitr loing I don't think TGM has that kind of power not gonna lie chief
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Aylar önce
Ask him for a place in Heaven, and he will save you from eternal damnation in Hell.
Kartik Malik
Kartik Malik Aylar önce
Rampart is still not good if you are prediator you will know what i meant it takes 2 second for animation to shoot and meanwhile players give u headshots and fire 20 bullets on you and you dead. It is only good when someone is blocking door so you use ultimate and kill them right away.
Aaron Aylar önce
*Hey, to you reading* ..... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
DAYR Aylar önce
make me so sad how exspsive it is. how can anyone who works and provides for there family afford 200£ of digital good every few months. This is what turns me off from this game it has 0 value for money just feels like a rich kids game. Sorry for the moan :(
Thicc Shrek
Thicc Shrek Aylar önce
3:29 ayo…
Mediocre Aim Horizon Main
I swear bro they Buffed Rampart just for you😂😂😂
Ashura The Harbringer
why the hell is it so expensive to do the collection events its like wth its almost impossible to get anything for free in this game sigh
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
I'm waiting to spend my heirloom shards for Wattson (my main) when she gets her heriloom in 2026.
kmabernethy Aylar önce
It would b nice to play. Good thing the event isn't for a limited time.
Horacio Sharp
Horacio Sharp Aylar önce
I haven't experienced a rampart using shiela running full speed at me in a fight yet. I don't think she that scary yet lol
McQueen Manz
McQueen Manz Aylar önce
11:12 lifelines harloom
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
I’ve been a rampart main fro a long time now so this is just and insane buff and now she will be even more fun to play Wait my name is octane main
Lox Aylar önce
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Nour amr El Hawary
Nour amr El Hawary Aylar önce
"a good ol' fusey skin mate" that impression was so good it deserves an award
FaZe_Yoda Aylar önce
If u don't buy me hierloom ur grandma will never bake u cookies and u will be in the back of my van
Jason BENNARDINI Aylar önce
She’s way to op now…makes other defensive ops look like garbage
John Pearson
John Pearson Aylar önce
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B Abel
B Abel Aylar önce
I can't believe that they let you fire an entire Sheila mag, place it, and instantly fire another without reloading.
Elliott does games
Elliott does games Aylar önce
3:29 wtf 😬
I’m not here
I’m not here Aylar önce
Melee only rampart???
FluffyBoi Aylar önce
Me watching this as a wattson main thinking “why are we still here, just to suffer”
kuhhry ズ
kuhhry ズ Aylar önce
3:29 tgm ?
Dave G
Dave G Aylar önce
Apex sucks. You can sink 500 hours and you in the same spot as someone just starting . its pointless
LORD NINJON 16 Aylar önce
"Its not that laggy" pack takes 1 minute to open
Discord Moderator 👨‍⚖️
3:30 UHHHHHH!?!?!!
Renataa↘️ Aylar önce
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Renataa↘️ Aylar önce
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Octane Main12
Octane Main12 Aylar önce
I’ve been a rampart main fro a long time now so this is just and insane buff and now she will be even more fun to play Wait my name is octane main
emloj Aylar önce
I think killing the character after switching sucks, you can’t easily heal after a 1v1 anymore
Vorxxyy Aylar önce
3:28 ayo merchant on a mad one 😅
RDW_Octane Aylar önce
That Bangalore Skin looks like Thanos
egymario Aylar önce
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coldmirror117 Aylar önce
AreYouSellingMints Aylar önce
@Leif a man can dream....
Leif Aylar önce
@AreYouSellingMints wouldnt risk it. Its a bot who got like boostet by other bots.
AreYouSellingMints Aylar önce
Bro does the link actually work? I'm a rampart main but can't afford this heirloom
willedawale Aylar önce
3:29 i shouldn’t laugh at this lol 😂
Mr_HEartlEss Aylar önce
Still wraith kunai is on top
Andtr3s Aylar önce
At least you played the game, I couldn't 🤣
NR Layne
NR Layne Aylar önce
Who else was watching him do this live
KDR Aylar önce
I wish i could play on my account i had an heirloom and i got perma banned for saying idiot in chat can anyone help me get unban?
Farzan zahed
Farzan zahed Aylar önce
Hey guys I'm looking for a teammate for arena or br rank so we go to masters or pred. Reply me your id (BTW I'm in Frankfurt server)
Blu Scout
Blu Scout Aylar önce
That wrench reminds me of the engineer’s wrench from TF2 for some reason
The Entire History of Apex Legends
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