Rain Sounds for Sleeping - Sound of Heavy Rainstorm & Thunder in the Misty Forest At Night

Nature White Noise
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Rain Sounds for Sleeping - Sound of Heavy Rainstorm & Thunder in the Misty Forest At Night
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Hello friends I am a fan of rain music.
If you are having trouble sleeping or stressed, tired, try listening to nature sounds of rain in this video. The sound of natural rain is a sound that helps you relax your mind, reduce stress, fall asleep easily and sleep well all night.

I have been having trouble sleeping at night and being stressed because work is so pressure One day it rained, I felt my human being in the best way, I kicked to learn about the sound of rain.

I hear drops falling on the ground, the tinkling of the water that impacts incessantly and you notice how your body gradually relaxes. It is the effect that the sound of falling rain causes in our body. An automatic and unconscious effect for which thousands of people do not hesitate to put this music close to their ears when they go to sleep or need to relax.

Undoubtedly, the sound of rain is one of the most popular melodies of nature that exist: it helps not only to relax but also to fall asleep for children and adults.

But why does it cause this effect? Many experts in music therapy have analyzed the effects of the sound of rain on our body. When listening to music of this type, our minds usually transport us to a rainy day in our home, where we are sheltered from it at home and in which, protected, we simply listen to the drops fall on the ground, while we see the storm in the window, without getting wet.

Agile but calm sounds that give us relaxing minutes, bringing to mind that particular smell of wet earth and projecting on us the color of landscapes after a storm. The sound of rain, therefore, gives us pleasant moments and a feeling of protection.



5 Nis 2022




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Soothing Vibration
This sound is so calming. Whoever read this comment I wish you peace of mind, health and relaxation.❤
Ama La Pioggia
Whoever is reading this, I hope you find peace and harmony for your day. Whatever you're going through right now, I promise, it'll be okay. Peace be with you, my friend. ❤
RAIN Sounds
RAIN Sounds Gün önce
It's crazy to think how many people are probably listening to this kind of greatest natural music right now all around the world, sleep well my friends ❤😴
Relaxation Soothing Music
To anybody reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace confusion. may peace and calmness fill your life. ❤
Bad Insomnia
If you are reading this, I want to tell you that everything will be fine. You are incredible, you are unique, you can face anything in your life, you have the strength within yourself to overcome any obstacle, loss or situation. You are not alone, you are loved, you have the right to feel bad and good, you have the right to feel. Be blessed by these positive vibes and live your life to the fullest. I'm sending my love to the universe
Rain & Thunder
This takes me back to camping with my dad before he passed and in my sleep i dream of our trips sometimes when i wake up i realize I’m an adult and he is gone but it doesn’t make me sad because it’s like I get to spend a weekend with him again even if in reality it’s only 5 to 7 hours of me sleeping. I swear before I’m fully awake and realize where I am I can smell the camp fire. Crazy how powerful the brain can be. Goodnight my fellow campers good luck on catching a monster bass tomorrow lol.
Nature Sound - Rain sound
I miss the summer rain storms with thunder and lightning. And smell of rain, mixed with lavender from the garden. Pure zen!
 Relaxing White Noise
My eyes are literally watering. I do not know how to express it at the moment. I'm not getting enough sleep because of depression and anxiety, listening to it is such a great relief. Sad how we're missing on such simple and beautiful things available in nature.
Relaxing Sleep Music with Rain Sounds
hey, i see you scrolling through the comments. you should be sleeping, you know? i’m not gonna stop you, but i’m here to say... hey. close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, listen to the music for a few seconds. inhale, exhale. come on now, eyes closed. inhale, exhale. everything is going to be fine. you’re doing great. i’m proud of you, don’t stay up too late!
Kimthuy Duong
To whoever is reading, I wish you the best nights sleep! Wake up feeling happy and fresh 😌
Chuva Relaxante
The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !
i'm not sure why, but lately i've been so depressed, and mentally unstable and i've been feeling so weird lately. listening to this is actually helping my anxiety!
힐링트리뮤직Healing Tree Music
I spend hours of my day studying with this in the background. When the reading gets a bit much I just look up and out to the horizon in this video and imagine myself lying on this beach with the hot summer sun on my face with a cool beer in my hand. It really does 'take you away' to another place. I hope that one day if work hard enough and do my studies, that I will be able to afford to go to these places several times a year for a couple weeks to let go of the stresses of work life in the UK. Thank you so much for uploading. This has made my life so much more bearable.
Relaxing Sounds
can we all agree that the sound of rain is one of the best sounds ever, it’s so relaxing and calming👍
Madison Gün önce
i’ve been listening this for the past week to sleep it helps so well
xSebyx 14 gün önce
This video sure helpd Me sleep. Last night it was raining but I couldn't keep the window open to enjoy the sounds of rain cause I'd get cold. So I get on TRvid and sleep listening to this video. Now that I woke up I just watch the video,cause the rain drops and the scenery is so amazing. Good Job on such amazing video
I've been putting this on in the background while I listen to the silent hill 2 OST.... it is an extremely ethereal experience
Relaxing - Helena
This music helped me to sleep during the darkest time in my life. Couldn’t sleep due to sadness caused by being sick. Please pray. May the mother nature protect you all.
Michela Dessì
I had a horrible nightmare just now
not funny at all
I had to study but I was feeling very tired, stressed and nervous , so I'm listening to this and my headache is gone and I feel really calm and I studied peacefully, I'm still tired tho- but I feel it has eased my fatigue even
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