Raiders vs. Bengals Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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14 Oca 2022




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Savage Brick Sports
The last time the Bengals won a playoff game, the Soviet Union was still around
I was at the game. I'm 30 and had never seen the Bengals win a playoff game. Glad I could watch it live. I've never heard the stadium so loud. Lot of energy and emotion in the building. I saw grown men crying when the game was over. Finally the Bengals have won a playoff game in my lifetime. Now they can focus on winning it all. There were a lot of Raider fans who made the trip. Most of them were pretty cool
Shadow Raider
As a Raider fan I'm disappointed they didn't win but was a hard fought battle 😕 congratulations to the bengals they deserved the W on a game well executed
Jeremy Hark
Finally after 24 years I’ve seen my home team play a fantastic playoff game with a clutch ending. To Cinci this is the first roster in a long time we’re truly proud of.
Jim Beaux
So proud of my Bengals, man. Idk if I ever thought I would live to see a playoff win.
Sheena Rea
Damn the Raiders played fierce. Carr is an amazing quarterback, wow!!!
The fact that the Raider still made the playoffs after all the drama in their team this year is impressive
HUGE respect to both teams playing their hearts out. Say what you want, but Derrick Carr has seen improvement over the years. The fact that these teams made the playoffs after a long drought is really humbling.
Most underrated part of the Bengals offense is Evan McPhersen. He scored more than half their points today and it feels like he hasn’t missed since that crazy Packers game early in the season.
Jeovani Lael Robinson
Congrats to the Bengals and their fans for their first playoff win since 31 years. They truly deserved this win! Also, I want to give credit to the Raiders on their effort this season. Even though their was bumps during the road, they still managed to prove everyone wrong and made it to the playoffs. The Raiders deserve as much praise as the Bengals! Great game to both teams and I can't wait to see them next season!
Sean Lane
I’m proud of the Raidersssss. After everything this team has been through, we still had a shot to take this into overtime at the end. Go Raiders!
Been a fan of the Bengals since the 80s. I remember how my city was when we went to the superbowl. The feeling and excitement wverybody had was amazing. I have been waiting on that feeling for over 30 years and I am glad that I can breathe a sigh of relief that we areb1 step closer to the ultimate goal! WHO DEY FOR LIFE
NFLMISTER17 Productions
The fact that the raiders even got themselves back into the game after being down 20-6 at one point, and almost forcing overtime is impressive. This game did not disappoint, came down to the very last play.
CJ Raven23
What a game!!! It’s honestly really great to see Cincinnati in the playoffs, it’s so different!! I’m rooting for you guys!! 💪
Frank M.
This was such a great game. Congrats to the Bengals! You'll get em next time, Raiders!
Free The People
Respect to the Raiders for playing a great game. As awesome as it is that we finally won a playoff game, I don't wanna get too hyped bc I think we can win more playoff games this year. AFC is a very tough division this year tho.
steven marquis
Congrats to Bengals. Bright future. Life long Dolphins fan. Burrow and Chase look good. Good luck in your playoff run. Would like to see them hoist the Lombardi.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
As a Niner fan, congrats to both these squads 🤝🏾
That roar you hear at
Julie Brown Is Silly
Congrats Bengals from a die- hard Cowboys fan. Nice job!
Sean Rii & Jenieo - Jealousy
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Sean Rii & Jenieo - Jealousy
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