Race Highlights | 2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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It’s our inaugural race in Qatar - who shone brightest under the lights at Losail?

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20 Kas 2021




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Moonlight Guidance
Moonlight Guidance 2 aylar önce
The thumbnail really nailing not only this race, but also the rest of the championship ✨
Mahriz Hossain
Mahriz Hossain Aylar önce
I thought the thumbnail was a gateway to 1985
Razeena P
Razeena P 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt bro 2012 is the best season or top 3 like emotions oh lord it was high
Connor Clinton
Connor Clinton 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt the same as 2014, yeah
shane🇮🇪 2 aylar önce
Who are all these (tic) bots
Allain Angcao
Allain Angcao 2 aylar önce
That is also horrifying if you were in the cockpit yourself, can’t see the track and just a hail of sparks… 🤣
Girvan Dave
Girvan Dave 2 aylar önce
Alonso getting a podium finish is not a celebration, it is an emotion.
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo 2 aylar önce
Dejoel F
Dejoel F 2 aylar önce
This year both Alonso and Sebastian's podium were emotional. Alonso's last podium from Ferrari 2014 hungary and Sebastian's last year from Turkey.❤️
Alejandro Portillo
Alejandro Portillo 2 aylar önce
The tyre management of Fernando with soft was unbelievable, rookie of the year
Pao 13
Pao 13 12 gün önce
Y'all can't take a joke fr fr
I guess
I guess Aylar önce
@TibbetEd or because its his first season (jk)
Sven 124
Sven 124 Aylar önce
@MEDI PEACE try 2009
MEDI PEACE Aylar önce
@Sven 124 let me guess, started watching F1 yesterday ?
Sven 124
Sven 124 Aylar önce
lando too
Oliver Xie
Oliver Xie 2 aylar önce
I started watching F1 when Alonso dethroned Schumacher and won world championships back to back. So happy to see him back to the podium! Absolutely loved it!
Firebolt 7 gün önce
@Minerva's Owl Yawn... This hasn't been as entertaining as I expected it to. Anyways keep coping with the fact that your idol hasn't won a championship since he was outperformed by a rookie Hamilton.
Minerva's Owl
Minerva's Owl 7 gün önce
@Firebolt Don't care didn't ask plus ratio plus giga cope plus this race.
Firebolt 8 gün önce
@Minerva's Owl I have nothing to cope with. His last title was in 2006. 2006, more than 15 years ago. *Hilarious.* No titles since Hamilton *outperformed him as a rookie* in 2007, which is even more hilarious. And have I mentioned that the last time Alonso won a race was way back in 2013? Lol. Speaking of salt, aren’t you the guy that hates on Hamilton everywhere? *Yes you are.* *People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, buddy.*
Minerva's Owl
Minerva's Owl 8 gün önce
@Firebolt And that's cope number two. Do keep it up Anglo, your tears could sustain the Spanish salt market for years to come.
Nicholas Jonhson
Nicholas Jonhson Aylar önce
@L.A. Thorne Alive on TRvid 😂
c4rlos 2 aylar önce
Alonso: Gets a podium Everyone: *Likes that*
Minerva's Owl
Minerva's Owl 8 gün önce
@Firebolt Well well well, look who I find coping in the comment section about Fernando again...
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll Aylar önce
Lewis Hamilton: crying into his billions of dollars he receives from Shell companies.
Thegoodplace Aylar önce
I wanted Perez on that 3rd place, cause of the constructors fight with merc, but OK!
bruhmoment Aylar önce
@Rhys Morris not everyone, but I did
aleksi hänninen
aleksi hänninen Aylar önce
@Firebolt Typical narrow minded Hamilton fan
REVERSAL 2 aylar önce
As a relatively new Formula 1 fan over the past 3-4 years, seeing Alonso on the podium feels quite special and I'm happy we got to see this! I hope we also get to see Kimi somehow on the podium before he retires!
Fred Freddy
Fred Freddy 25 gün önce
@Rockingham18 Cool, an old school extravaganza. Just for fun can I add, Mark Webber returns! oh
Bruce D
Bruce D 25 gün önce
You are boring with amateurs comments
Bruce D
Bruce D 25 gün önce
@Fred Freddy Agree
Don Aylar önce
I’d be grateful. Kimi needs a proper send off 🇫🇮
Frederick Sharon
Frederick Sharon Aylar önce
As much as i love kimi, nope. Maybe if saudi or abudhai has rain and all the cars slip through.. Maybe then
TheSighBored 2 aylar önce
Great show by Alonso 👏
User name
User name Aylar önce
@Ben Reed Considering his car is inferior to both red bull and Merc it's a great result.
Ben Reed
Ben Reed Aylar önce
Lucky podium thanks to bottas!
Rhys Morris
Rhys Morris 2 aylar önce
Alonso is the only driver that can defend an overtake from Max then just to overtake Gasly in the very next corner. Pure skill.
DJ Kleb
DJ Kleb Aylar önce
@Yaminabototal he is always whining and crying whenever someone do something he doesn't like
Fanuel Aylar önce
@HFR83 makes sense Max had Gasly as his roommate, Riccardo very close friends with Max and Alonso is rooting for Max to win the championship
Canal JCL JCL Aylar önce
@mudr kk Es lo mismo que hace Hamilton
Qwerty Uiop
Qwerty Uiop Aylar önce
@Gta Gamer lewislover
Luca Aylar önce
@KGI KlikoNL Like Bottas and Russel in Imola? Or Norris and Hamilton in Stiria?
Ak9sh 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: 336 podiums between these three, and this is the first time all 3 stand together on a podium
Melbourne Obello
Melbourne Obello Aylar önce
The best Podium drivers we have seen in years.
SIXITHS 2 aylar önce
Max wasn't even in F1 the last time Fernando stood on the podium.
Karl Vincent Arlantico
No matter who wins Hamilton or Verstappen History will still be made And the season we had this year is all worth it!!!
TINGZ Sifundza
TINGZ Sifundza Aylar önce
@pascalpascal85 why is he better
Nicholas Jonhson
Nicholas Jonhson Aylar önce
@Martinus V of course! "Comfortably ahead" because Max only wins in the fastest car 😂. Lewis is outdriving his Mercedes in slower machinery when Max is underperforming in the fastest car. Even if Max wins, he will never be considered as a real champion
Martinus V
Martinus V Aylar önce
@Nicholas Jonhson Max would've always stayed comfortably ahead of Lewis in the points, if Lewis hadn't sent him into wall at Silverstone, lol. Which one do you think played a more significant role for the GC, Monza (where both got 0p) or Silverstone (VER 0p, HAM 25p)??
Nicholas Jonhson
Nicholas Jonhson Aylar önce
Max will never be a real champion. He will probably try to take out Lewis in the last 2 race. Max :Can't beat him so let's crash like in Monza!
Andruid 50
Andruid 50 Aylar önce
@DriFtLewis of course he has talent, but when his car was not superior to the Red Bull he didn't do all that well, the results show this, and if Max had not lost 25 points at Silverstone, hadn't had the back end of his car battered by Bottas that left him with another no point race, it would all be over now. But ti is making an exciting season
cvdzijden - Supercar Videos
Let's make Kimi Raikkonen driver of the day at the last race ✌ I want hear that interview
G A M E S T I A N 2 8
@The Angel Artist GB toxic fan
Crisped Nano
Crisped Nano Aylar önce
Yes yes a million times yes
Abdurrahman Shamma'
Speaking of which, any idea how to vote for the Driver of the Day?
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Δανιελ1611 Sumire Heanna: I SAY FOR WHAAAAATTT?!!!!
Δανιελ1611 Aylar önce
Dan 2 aylar önce
Tushar Bhatia 2k20\A8\12
Seriously. And he always is going something amazing even when he was in McLaren. This podium was such a delight
avarmauk 2 aylar önce
Alonso still one of the most versatile drivers ever. So happy to see him on the podium!!!
kobie luize reyes
kobie luize reyes 2 aylar önce
Fernando-Tell Esteban to defend like a lion ALONSO LIKE A FATHER
Huy Tran
Huy Tran 2 aylar önce
I still love Alonso. The little defense he tried on Perez was still awesome. Still competitive to the end
Ignacio Quindos Landeras
@Baraket Andemicael No it wasn’t, Alonso got overtaken by Perez before Perez went for 2nd stop and Alonso defended against him… 🤦‍♂️
Baraket Andemicael
Baraket Andemicael 2 aylar önce
That was Ocon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Anton Geurts
Thomas Anton Geurts 2 aylar önce
Those spikestrips behind the curbs definitely added another dimension to the race!
supadejsr 2 aylar önce
FIA noted the comment for the next seasons races
Krumhorniger 2 aylar önce
they are what we need you go off the road you are punished gravel is bitter but this is also ok
Tylbi 2 aylar önce
@nickname87 How
Jon Einar Mattias Visser
@Jay B i not scared. Hated it he didn't puncture now he won he shouldn't be world champion again Max Verstapoen is way better
nickname87 2 aylar önce
Hamilton car (cheated) bottas normal
Bruno Brant
Bruno Brant Aylar önce
Hamilton o Brasil está com você
Futre Aylar önce
Alonso was someone I rooted against in his Ferrari years. Now I'm celebrating a podium of his. Time does weird things to people.
Cveti Mareti
Cveti Mareti 2 aylar önce
Fernando back on podium goosebumps, my eyes watered, my teen years hero.
Al J
Al J 2 aylar önce
Happy too see Alonso back on the podium. He drove a great race.
aapnootmies Aylar önce
Happy to see him in a terrorist dessert
Santiago Vera
Santiago Vera 2 aylar önce
“Tell Esteban to defend like a lion” gave me chills and I’m a perez fan 😂
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis Aylar önce
Perez is my favorite driver. Super fun to watch during this race
Spyros Bellos
Spyros Bellos 2 aylar önce
@stlouistbl the effect from the slipstream is stronger than drs
Jamie Ngo
Jamie Ngo 2 aylar önce
@mudr kk nah I think Perez had too much to do, he was like 10 seconds behind with 3-5 laps to go
Max 2 aylar önce
I know I felt conflicted 😐
Lumri C khiphur
Lumri C khiphur 2 aylar önce
@mudr kk yeah exactly
Karen Olarve
Karen Olarve 2 aylar önce
Although I have a huge support to Red Bull (especially Max and Checo), I am happy for Alonso that he has his first podium in 7 years... I can sense that Nando is on his prime once more. :))
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
Hamilton off on his own driving into the sunset. Lovely drive. Glad he trusted the team too!
Tobi Clarence
Tobi Clarence Aylar önce
What even impresses me most is that Verstappen is still leading after two dnfs one costing him 25-26 points another costing him possibly 18-25 points. He has do great this season
Maureen mucureezi
Maureen mucureezi 18 gün önce
The season is long and had lotsa races..that's it. And he only had two dnfs. Hungary he completed and got 1 point
magei Aylar önce
da frate!
Phineas Flynn
Phineas Flynn 2 aylar önce
Get in there Lewis🔥 also amazing drive Nando, great to see you back on the podium 👏
Austin 2 aylar önce
I'm so happy for Alonso. He finally got his first podium after 7 years. Congrats to Alonso and Alpine
gracesy lee
gracesy lee 2 aylar önce
@SUNTZU Academy was.....its......buts excuses everywhere
Miguel 2 aylar önce
His 98th podium
OG ShanX
OG ShanX 2 aylar önce
@Jake what do you mean lucky podium, he had an amazing pace this weekend and wow, everyone having punctures on the ir 30-32 laps on Hard tyre and Fernando even having more laps om his tyres didnt had it, maybe he knows how to keep those tyres alive into the end
Anon69 2 aylar önce
I'm a Checo fan, but ain't even mad about it. Alonso fought for it and he got it.
Lam rof
Lam rof 2 aylar önce
To see how great Lewis is, just see Bottas.
JuliS01_ 2 aylar önce
Alonso is just magic behind the wheel.
ZXman 2 aylar önce
Alonso on the podium again was the best!! So happy for him.
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
Seeing Alonso take the podium brought back so many memories today was a great day , it was one of the best f1 moments
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau 2 aylar önce
It was such a comfortable and smooth sailing race for Sir Lewis. Perfect weekend for him.
RickStrolled 2 aylar önce
This championship is going down to the wire, also congrats on Fernando for the podium!
lee3r24 2 aylar önce
@Rahul hardly an excuse its an objective fact, not to mention two of the DNFs were caused by the championship rival team
LethalWalou 2 aylar önce
@Its Reaz I guarantee you, Hamilton will win in S.A with FL and Verstappen will be fourth. After that the gap will be 6 points, with Hamilton leading. Then in last race Verstappen will win and Hamilton will be 2nd with FL. They will be at equal points and Verstappen will win WDC because of his 10 race wins vs Hamiltons 8.
Alan Glozik
Alan Glozik 2 aylar önce
@Freek de Groot Really?! :D Yeah I know, but I was referring to mechanical DNFs, because I mentioned his luck and the last problem was in 2018, that was out of his hands, but the Monza you mentioned was partly his mistake too, so it's out of the context regarding the luck-thing what I was writing about. :)
Alan Glozik
Alan Glozik 2 aylar önce
@Marcia Vasquez Sorry, but nobody ever had such luck like Hamilton had throughout his career. :D Sometimes I think that FIA let Mercedes dominate the F1 so it would create new sensation in the form of a 8-time WDC, so the F1 has a new star (an ambassador), because the other I think more legendary star (Schumi) is not available because ... well, we know :(
Freek de Groot
Freek de Groot 2 aylar önce
@Alan Glozik Hamilton's last DNF was Italy 2021...
rob norish
rob norish 2 aylar önce
Been watching since 96 seen some battles , and just savouring this immense battle !
Ed P
Ed P 2 aylar önce
First started watching F1 when Alonso was in his prime with Ferrari, really awesome to see him back in the game with a podium for Alpine!
TheThomska Aylar önce
You mean Renault 2x Champ ;) long time ago when I go to school and he still drive :D
JwalK YT
JwalK YT 2 aylar önce
What. A. Race. Aside from those curbs this track is amazing to watch and I’m sure it’s insane to race on. Congrats Alonso! The fight is still on for max and Lewis too
César Silva
César Silva 2 aylar önce
Let'go Hamilton!!!
Avinash Anish
Avinash Anish 2 aylar önce
Bottas’ weekend Fast in Practice 📈 Loses pole to Lewis 📉 Starts P3 on the clean side of the track 📈 Gets a grid penalty 📉 Max gets a grid penalty as well📈 Loses 5 positions at the start📉 Charges back to P3📈 Gets a puncture📉 Retires📉📉📉📉 TRADITIONS
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong Aylar önce
@Klumsy Kameleon nah he’s just tested badly by Mercedes, partly due to him not as skilled as Hamilton
Andruid 50
Andruid 50 Aylar önce
@Klumsy Kameleon this does seem to be the case, if a Merc breaks, its usually Bottas that it happens to, no conspiracy i just think Lewis seems to have more than his fair share of luck, when Bottas took out Perez and caused Max a no point race, he missed Lewis by a couple of inches, not that im taking anything away from Lewis as a great driver, i just dont like the hypocrite that he is
Nerrix J.L.
Nerrix J.L. 2 aylar önce
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 2 aylar önce
Did u get ur pointers from george russell? hahaha
Shoail Waniya
Shoail Waniya 2 aylar önce
@Moustafa Ahmed Ummm NO !!! Russell is young and will only improve. Bottass on the other hand knows only how to bottle everything. It's clear that Mercedes have had the dominant car for the last few years YET Bottas makes it look like they have a mid/bottom tier car with the number of issues he has. I reckon if he and Hamilton were to ever swap cars he would still fail to perform and bottle it as only he can. The guys as useful as a wet towel in starting a fire.
Albra 2 aylar önce
1:18 love max saying thanks to Alonso here for not battling him
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Aylar önce
Unfortunately the onboard can't be seen. In that moment the onboards were showing Max's front wing and Fernando's rear wing.
Futre Aylar önce
Is that what he did? Looked like he ripped a tear off visor
74HiTzErSTriKE47 2 aylar önce
Just seeing Alonso‘s expressions being on the podium makes me feel lucky for him.
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Seems like a very forgiving track if you happen to go just over those green curbs lol Edit: Very nice to see Alonso on the podium!
Tirth Pandya
Tirth Pandya Aylar önce
@Ren hahaha kids these days cant believe a F1 fan has to make these types of accounts.
Ren Aylar önce
Bro you forgot to change your acc or what?
Pete McFadyen
Pete McFadyen Aylar önce
Hu by
Pete McFadyen
Pete McFadyen Aylar önce
Hu by
Lappin 2 aylar önce
Fernando "defend like a lion".....chills 💪👏
LamboWalker 2 aylar önce
Bottas, Russell, and Latifi getting punctures Alonso: *sweating profusely* Mega drive
Joaquin Egea
Joaquin Egea 2 aylar önce
@Alberto Pino Blanco Yes, you are right, I just saw the video now. Slow puncture... you can see sparks coming from left side when pitting.
Joaquin Egea
Joaquin Egea 2 aylar önce
@Alberto Pino Blanco Norris got a puncture?? Didn't noticed it!! I thought he changed tyres just to be caution. Bad luck... 😔
Joaquin Egea
Joaquin Egea 2 aylar önce
@Alberto Pino Blanco 😂😂😂 bueno, solo estoy dando a Firebolt su misma medicina
Alberto Pino Blanco
Alberto Pino Blanco 2 aylar önce
@Joaquin Egea is a hater. Just thumb down his comments.
Alberto Pino Blanco
Alberto Pino Blanco 2 aylar önce
@Moby Huge Norris got a puncture as well
23Hamlet24 Aylar önce
Great to see Alonso on the podium again his 98th, I’d love to see him reach 100 podiums in his career.
mark nvt
mark nvt Aylar önce
In 2019 Hamilton had his most dominant season ever with a 400+ points whole season. But could you say that Hamilton has his best season ever now, where faults are hardly made? I think i can count his faults on almost 3 fingers, which is insane.
gggfx Aylar önce
I think Merc went too conservative not investing in upgrades early in the season and may have left it too late now. If Hamilton loses I think Wolff should be out
full bass
full bass 2 aylar önce
And they say losail is going to be a snoozefest. The drivers liked it and not so bad of a race specially in the midfield.
Bryan Jeske
Bryan Jeske 2 aylar önce
Excellent coverage of a wild race - as the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen gets intense , but nice to see Stroll grab a 6th. place and Alonso back on the podium - a little variety !!!
Casper Skovgaard
Casper Skovgaard 2 aylar önce
“Tell Esteban to defend like a lion!” Man the way he says that just sends chills down my spine!
pc Aylar önce
@Senna458 what, you still here grumpy granny???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are missing some goo' ol' racing somewhere over the rainbow, leave us here with our "fake racing"
Senna458 Aylar önce
@pc Hey know-it-all go on and tell me how "genuine" that last "race" was. Not contrived at all was it? Not manipulated at all was it? Not fake at all was it?
pc Aylar önce
@Senna458 what, you still here grumpy granny???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are missing some goo' ol' racing somewhere over the rainbow, leave us here with our "fake racing"
Senna458 Aylar önce
@pc What exactly was so exciting about that race? Please enlighten me since you know so much, you speak for everyone and your opinion is the only one that matters.
pc 2 aylar önce
@Senna458 fine by us, go back to watch nascar and leave us to watch "fake racing"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damielz 2 aylar önce
In the last few races, Lews is even stronger than usual when it comes down to it all. This was also seen in 2016
magei Aylar önce
In the last few races, Lews is even stronger than usual when it comes down to it all. This was also seen in 2016.
Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson 2 aylar önce
Just imagine if the next race Hamilton wins with fastest lap and Verstappen gets p2 they will enter the final race with the Championship on the line tied! Wow what a season!
Maureen mucureezi
Maureen mucureezi 18 gün önce
Happened exactly this way
CoolDL 2 aylar önce
Hard to believe but it occurred to me that this is the first race all season that Hamilton led from start to finish, without any serious challenge or issues.
kim torvs
kim torvs 2 aylar önce
Love how alonso tells ocon to defend like a lion, prob the most spanish thing ever 😂
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
Fact: The last time Nando got a podium… Seb was at RB Lewis was a 1 time WC Max was in gp3
magei Aylar önce
His sister is still Victoria
Kieron Johnson
Kieron Johnson 2 aylar önce
@Alexander Strachan He still is.
Raes Suleiman
Raes Suleiman 2 aylar önce
And Bottas was at Williams Perez was at Force India Ocon was an F3 champion Time flies it seems
Anne Dank
Anne Dank 2 aylar önce
@Vitor Ferreira can't argue with that. I want to see Vettel and Alonso in competitive cars again to see them going at it again. I got into f1 as a kid during the 2009 - 2013 era. Unpopular opinion but to me that era is what i think of when i think F1
Vitor Ferreira
Vitor Ferreira 2 aylar önce
@Anne Dank To be frank, Vettel is dominating his teammate harder than Alonso is, and Ocon and Stroll are pretty much on the same level in terms of driving ability and speed. Plus, the Alpine has been comfortably better than AMR for most tracks this season. Only in a handful of tracks was the AMR better than the Alpine. And without the DSQ in Hungary which wasn't Seb's fault, he would've been ahead of Ocon and close to Alonso. Still, happy to see that both Seb and Alonso got podiums this year. Two legends which were once rivals in what was IMO the best years in F1. The V8 era from 2006 to 2013 was golden, not a single boring season even when it had dominant teams in some years.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 2 aylar önce
Congrats for your long awaited podium, Alonso. 🎉🎉
Alfred Chan
Alfred Chan 2 aylar önce
So happy to see Alonso on podium again. Keep going🏆
RAD CLIFF 2 aylar önce
"LETS HAVE SOME FUN" from Maxx its a sign of pressure. Lewis had the most fun just mirroring what RB is doing.
Aizuddin Fahmi
Aizuddin Fahmi 2 aylar önce
Stewards: Track limits are widened. The Track: I dare you, I double dare you!
Milind Nelli Dongre
Milind Nelli Dongre 2 aylar önce
What an exciting season this is turning out to be 👍🏼
Matthew Laubtner
Matthew Laubtner 2 aylar önce
I'm really curious how a race with the new regs on this track would be.
Adam TwoStars
Adam TwoStars 2 aylar önce
Feel like this Alonso kid really has a bright future ahead of him
sahalze 2 aylar önce
Jermaine N
Jermaine N 2 aylar önce
Hamilton off on his own driving into the sunset. Lovely drive. Glad he trusted the team too!
CrashForce 2 aylar önce
Seems like a very forgiving track if you happen to go just over those green curbs lol Edit: Very nice to see Alonso on the podium!
Gaming for fun
Gaming for fun 2 aylar önce
@mudr kk He doesnt mean unforgiving, he means forgiving with one curb to watch out for, well bit after the curb :)
CrashForce 2 aylar önce
@리카르도 아보카도- That's correct, at least based on what the commentators said during the race earlier today.
mudr kk
mudr kk 2 aylar önce
You mean unforgiving?
리카르도 아보카도–
@Gaming for fun well. It's certainly not a computer design track. This track had been on use on MotoGp since 2004. It's not really a F1 specific track. But I heard a rumour that they will change the track into a street track in downtown Doha,
Pandoe 2 aylar önce
This track made especially for MotoGP racetrack though, the runoff area were made to protect rider safety so they wouldn't hit the wall when a crash happen.
Brian Mwangi
Brian Mwangi 2 aylar önce
Alonso is just pure class! Well deserved podium 👍
Angelo Louis
Angelo Louis 2 aylar önce
Watching alonso on podium really make me feel happy..It such a long time not seeing he on podium
Lucaro 2 aylar önce
See Alonso on the podium again was for me the best thing this season❤🇪🇦💪
REJISH ISRAEL 2 aylar önce
Happy to see sir Fernando Alonso back on his wining performance 👏
Shadow 3091
Shadow 3091 2 aylar önce
Ocon did a pretty solid job at trying to be Alonso. His first defense wasn't great but his return fight was wonderful
fer262 2 aylar önce
Thats the important part, not giving up, he did indeed fight like a lion
Andre Chartier
Andre Chartier 2 aylar önce
@有华不辱 武汉病毒 hahahah that’s hilarious u can see the comments are a bunch of pathetic cringe attempts at having a most liked comment
Mr Velic
Mr Velic 2 aylar önce
@L yes a lion with the faster car, fresher tires and softer compound, you mean a house cat in a lion suit
vinod joby
vinod joby 2 aylar önce
Ocon tried his best but his defence didn't help really
有华不辱  武汉病毒
My man firebolt got 650 comments on this channel with a 2 months old account, averaging 15ish comments daily. His sole purpose of life is to fish for likes on TRvid yikes😭😭 I though IG influencers were pathetic man was I wrong
Hayden Kaminski
Hayden Kaminski 2 aylar önce
Look at Alonso man, so inspirational
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Aylar önce
Fernando back on podium goosebumps, my eyes watered, my teen years hero.
Lee Brian
Lee Brian 2 aylar önce
Growing up watching Alonso as a kid and really happy for him back to the podium! 🥺 Makes me want to cry
aadith sookhdeo
aadith sookhdeo 2 aylar önce
Fernando obviously finally got the rocket ship he has been waiting for. Legend and love this guy!
Ricky911 2 aylar önce
This Fernando guy seems promising. I have a feeling he might win a championship or two some day.
Femi Falase
Femi Falase 2 aylar önce
@George Reynolds I stepped into it also...Just lucky enough to see you step into it first
iLYa 2 aylar önce
@agua r/woooosh
Mitu plays
Mitu plays 2 aylar önce
​@Peters Yeeters Stroll's teammate?!?? yea he ain't doing anything anytime soon . Don't @ me understand the joke
Usha Chouhan
Usha Chouhan 2 aylar önce
Yeh and he will surely fight with schumacher for championship
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 2 aylar önce
@Ricky911 i bet Hamilton may prevail for that.
Branko Jerbic
Branko Jerbic 2 aylar önce
Great to see Alonso back on the podium where he belongs 👌
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Ocon did a pretty solid job at trying to be Alonso. His first defense wasn't great but his return fight was wonderful
Fred does XC
Fred does XC 2 aylar önce
@peter pan this is just a bot that copies and pastes other people's comments
Moeez Raj
Moeez Raj 2 aylar önce
@peter pan dude, you replied to a bot…
peter pan
peter pan 2 aylar önce
The first defense couldnt be better. What did you want him to do, weave around to block him? He's not max.
Lucas Alexandre
Lucas Alexandre 2 aylar önce
I can't believe what redbull made to perez today. They took him out of the podium for a terrible strategic mistake
IND1G0_MINECRAFT 2 aylar önce
Amazing race, this will be a very close season
F1 Kozza playz_
F1 Kozza playz_ 2 aylar önce
Alonso has to be one of the best rookies of all time
ND9 Productions
ND9 Productions 16 gün önce
@escolopendrapower Lewis is 3-1 with Rosberg, 2-1 with Button and equal with the then-world champion Alonso as a rookie. What are you getting at?
escolopendrapower Aylar önce
@K&S freestylers and what is the difference from being a rookie when we are speaking that Alonso ended 10-7 ahead on face to face, all excuses they ended the season with a difference of 0 points my friend not enough to destroying careers LoL, if so, where was Hamilton from 2008 to 2014 if he was that multiple champ, that he is now thanks to mercedes?
K&S freestylers
K&S freestylers Aylar önce
@escolopendrapower Alonso only finished more races ahead because 1)Mclaren high fueled Hamiltons car for the first 6 races 2) because Hamilton was way unluckier (turkey, China, germany, brazil etc) 3) Hamilton was just a rookie Rosberg only managed to beat Hamilton once out of 4 years only because Mercedes literally gifted the 2016 title to him. Button only got close to Hamilton in 2011 because Lewis had bigger problems behind the scenes. In 2010&2012 Hamilton smoked him. Oh, and since you like H2H race results: Hamilton ouraced Button by 24-12 whilst Alonso outraced Button by 13-11. In qualifying Hamilton absolutely ended Button career whilst Alonso was just 1,5 tenths faster than JB over the course of their two year together. (Hamilton wasnt even in his prime when he faced Button, Alonso was. Button was in his prime when he faced Hamilton not when he faced Button) Context is important isnt it? Go watch some Nascar
Raes Suleiman
Raes Suleiman 2 aylar önce
Istg this joke is getting outdated
beefcake502 2 aylar önce
Tylbi sook
Atos Domani
Atos Domani Aylar önce
I'm a little disappointed they didn't show Hamilton and Verstappen fans celebrating side by side, that was certainly one of the highlights of the race for me. I'm very happy to see Alonso back on the podium though!
aapnootmies Aylar önce
I'm a little disappointed that they didn't say a word about slavery, human rights, and the criminal money that's being used to build all this nonsense
Christopher Adolphe
Christopher Adolphe 2 aylar önce
Did I miss something, Max finished Q3 in P2 on Saturday, how come he is starting at P7 on race day ? Hats off for Fernando for finishing P3, he really deserves it after such a great race.
Christopher Adolphe
Christopher Adolphe 2 aylar önce
@Raju Thirumal Oh I see. I Guess the penalty was given after the qualifying event though because I did not catch that while watching the highlights. Anyway, It was a great race. Thanks
Raju Thirumal
Raju Thirumal 2 aylar önce
He got a penalty because he didn't respect double waved yellow flags in qualifying
George M.
George M. Aylar önce
Alonso absolutely fabulous like in "old"times👍 fantastic job from an "old" driver(he's younger than me, so i'm just joking about age)!! But sad to see, that something 💸 made sure that Verstappen could save the extra point for quickest round to the finish! How else would you explain, that a car standing out of danger zone, nd could stand there until the race was finished(no yellow flag, just when Max has made the 1 point for quickest time, they started weave, and then FCY and finally virtual SC), so Hamilton didn't get the chance to fight back! Probably RedBull for free for al Qatar for next 50 years? Who knows....
Ducati Kawasaki
Ducati Kawasaki 2 aylar önce
Seeing Alonso spraying the champagne brought a massive ear to ear smile to my face. FORZA ALONSO
Heyn _17
Heyn _17 2 aylar önce
As a Spanish fan this race was thrilling. All my family losing hope of an Alonso podium when Pérez and Bottas passed him. Then Bottas's puncture and questionable RB strategy gave us hope. Then the Norris pit stop scared us, but when safety car showed up, we said "thats it". ¡¡HE DID IT!! MAGIA EN LA PISTA DE NUEVO 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
DJ Pfarner
DJ Pfarner 2 aylar önce
@Heyn _17 when Perez won Baku seb said something like "Feliz navidad or whatever you say"
Fernando 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt luck comes with the greatest driver. better to be lucky then be a sore loser hating in your mom basement
Kos Sylvie
Kos Sylvie 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt stop being so based man, they cant understand your levels of based-ness
Ortiz 2 aylar önce
@Heyn _17 A llorar al parque. Y a dormir que mañana hay cole.
Adrian 2 aylar önce
@ZEEWUONPIS WORLD Incorrecto. Alonso venía gestionando los neumáticos y la distancia con Pérez muy bien. Pérez no habría podido alcanzar a Alonso en las vueltas que restaban y manteniendo los ritmos que venían demostrando ambos. La única duda es si le hubiera aguantado el neumático delantero izquierdo o no, pero eso ya son especulaciones.
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
I’m very sad to hear that we’ve lost Frank Williams today aged 79
Somu 2 aylar önce
Now things are really heating up brilliant driving 🙌
Alejandro Calle
Alejandro Calle 2 aylar önce
Bravo Alonso tremendous driving image you in a Red Bull wow. 👏👏
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher 2 aylar önce
I'm following F1 madly these days..Well done lads 🎉🎇
TheTB 2 aylar önce
Even this season is already on fire, but seeing Alonso on the podium for the first time since 2014, made it even more special
Mc GetRekt
Mc GetRekt 2 aylar önce
Don't forget the McLaren 1-2 finish earlier this year aswell, that's special
Aitor Díaz
Aitor Díaz 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt 98th podium btw
Bearical 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt stop it already mate
Saket Chaturvedi
Saket Chaturvedi 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt I lowkey hope whatever void you have in your life might get filled. Alonso is a legend getting love from millions of people and getting paid so much that several next generations can be sustained with ease. Hope you stop hating and fill whatever void you have inside yourself
Saket Chaturvedi
Saket Chaturvedi 2 aylar önce
@sandman1347 Give em same cars and watch em go 🔥 one can only dream lol
Trisha Leow
Trisha Leow 2 aylar önce
3:49 *"tell esteban to defend like a lion"* my heart went: 🥺😭
Bruce Wayne#Tumbla
Bruce Wayne#Tumbla 2 aylar önce
Another Win for the Champ!!get in there LEWIS 🔥🔥🙌🏁
Milton Ferreira Junior
muito bacana ver Alonso e Alpine no podio...😎😎😎😎😎😁😉😉
samson bahari
samson bahari 2 aylar önce
This is indeed the best season of their era . It's still undecided who will win this season championship.Tq Lewis and tq Max.
Patrick Mulligan
Patrick Mulligan 2 aylar önce
I like the part where Fernando is like, "will we make it?", then a random Haas rejoins the circuit; dust flying everywhere.
Rashed Hasan
Rashed Hasan 2 aylar önce
Amazing race by Fernando ...just wow
Im fernando fan since 2004 Im so happpppy this year his caameback and unbelievable podium TT lets go third world champion 2022!!
Maguslloret Munoz
Maguslloret Munoz 2 aylar önce
Brilliant race from Fernando, such a great driver!!!! Come on Lewis, this 2021 title is closer and closer!!!
AMG DIAMONDZ 2 aylar önce
Sometimes Alonso is off the pace, but I say that he has the best racecraft on the grid. He's just born to race, stunning overtakes and brilliant defenses. And he can go long on the tyres.
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll 2 aylar önce
@Paul Rouhan that's your opinion which you're very much entitled to but in my opinion the only championship which has been impressive was the 2008 one when he actually had an equally fast car to fight against, the rest not so much. If he wins it this year then that'll make it 2 championships which he had to fight for. Regarding him doing well in his 1st season he was in the best car so he should have
Paul Rouhan
Paul Rouhan 2 aylar önce
@Lee Carroll Hamilton in his first season came second. That is amazing. Especially against a double world champion team mate. Not as amazing as the 7+ championships he has won since though.
Paul Rouhan
Paul Rouhan 2 aylar önce
@gzi kab The rules are clear on why Hamilton came second and Alonso came third.
Tushar Bhatia 2k20\A8\12
@Gold even if the garage was loyal to nando. If the team favours one driver they will be getting the new upgrades. The actual inside details which helps in car setup and eventually get the faster car. There you have the answer you've been looking for 🙂
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll 2 aylar önce
@SirSkullington oh look she's found a voice, now off you f***, adults are talking 🤫
Hardnoise Official
Hardnoise Official Aylar önce
Retomando el RITMO FERNANDO ALONSO🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Iran Orozco
Iran Orozco 2 aylar önce
Perez is doing amazing in Redbull 👏
AlotL1keVegas 2 aylar önce
Fantastic racing this year!
Arnaud J.
Arnaud J. 2 aylar önce
Alonso winning a race this year (or next) will make him break the record for the longest amount of time between two F1 wins. His last one was the 12th may 2013 so it could be more than 8 years wait. The current record holder is Patrese with a wait of six years and seven months. If I did my maths right, Kimi had it in terms of races but not in years Patrese : 99 races - 6y (1983-1990) Kimi: 116 races - 5y (2013-2018) Anyway Alonso would beat both records if he manages to win a GP.
Medizin 2 aylar önce
Absolutely incredible performance by Alonso for his first podium in 7 years. Equally amazing performance by Perez, he probably made the most overtakes out of anybody in that race and salvaged a bad RB strategy to take P4. If not for the VSC at the end, he would’ve probably been on the podium. Great recovery by Max as well, 3 places gained at the start.
Bhargav lekkala
Bhargav lekkala 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt Alonso maintaining a single stop strategy is indeed a gr8 drive!!
Deny Rachmat Ramdhany (New)
p_nilly 2 aylar önce
@NaughtyGoblinsFromNeptune I think they made the right choice with a 2 stop, but they didn't bring Checo in on the right laps. He may well have caught Alonso despite that VSC if they'd left him out a bit longer on the hards (He took 2 laps to pass Vettel)
StrobeLightGaming 2 aylar önce
Anything else?
Stryker_1995 2 aylar önce
@Firebolt look guys, an idiot is his natural habitat
Andika Putra Pradana
Andika Putra Pradana 2 aylar önce
I got goosebumps for Alonso I'm not his fan tho
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