Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

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Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.

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6 Şub 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Dd 31 dakika önce
Это лучший момент! из всей серии фильмов Люди Икс.
Jeff W
Jeff W 34 dakika önce
I thought he left his twinky in the air so he could catch it at the end. Or did the writers forget about it?
Jeff W
Jeff W 39 dakika önce
If anyone was moved that quickly (without the benefits of CGI) their internal organs would be made into mush and they would die instantly from multi-organ and brain failure. Imagine going from a standing position to like 100G's within a fraction of a second. Comic Book movies (which I don't watch anyways) would be so much more interesting if the characters had to think of creative ways of using their powers without instantly killing other people. Or, like if Quicksilver could only use his powers to stop enemies (by turning them to mush), but would be useless trying to help people.
ZySteMax 56 dakika önce
0:23 ....On A RUSH....
Md Khalid Rahman
Md Khalid Rahman Saatler önce
Probably the most visually stunning scene I have ever seen.
Johongir Boltayev
Johongir Boltayev 2 saatler önce
Можно названия етого фильма по русски пж кто может написать
Sean Bernath Walker
Sean Bernath Walker 4 saatler önce
solid moonwalk
VARYAGIN 8 saatler önce
Taters gonna Tate ...
Lad Boii
Lad Boii 9 saatler önce
There are 2 casualties. Both of them cant swim and died
See it or Flick it.
See it or Flick it. 12 saatler önce
2:11. The dog has been saved. I am absolutely serious mean you can kill any of the X-Men but just don’t kill the dog. Dogs are better than people and that includes X-men.
SprinX Z
SprinX Z 4 saatler önce
So dogs can work, make money, cure cancer?
Jesse Zumbado
Jesse Zumbado 13 saatler önce
Fun fact: The reason he's always wearing headphones is because he has to listen to the song in super speed. You hear the song in regular time because that's what he hears. That's also why the song cuts out as soon as time is normal. Oh and the shades/goggles are for eye protection. His body and eyes can handle the increased speed but it still causes irritation.
Leeman 13 saatler önce
Love the Rush shirt
joseph velasquez
joseph velasquez 13 saatler önce
he is sooooo coooooool
Юрий Тимофеев
Юрий Тимофеев 14 saatler önce
Это просто ахрененно
Fernando Ruiz
Fernando Ruiz 14 saatler önce
This scene makes no sense. He's speeding while shit is happening in slo-mo. He's grabbing people faster than the shrapnel that's about to kill them. At this speed everyone else should have the consistency of butter to him.
emily Ramnat
emily Ramnat 14 saatler önce
Maxim 😱 From free fire
Imam Fajar
Imam Fajar 15 saatler önce
the only good thing from this movie
Darius Peek
Darius Peek 16 saatler önce
Name 16 saatler önce
this bugs me, he is basically a G O D, and yet....
Fish Fart
Fish Fart 17 saatler önce
Its crazy how many people come back to this everyday... this song is masterpiece!!!!!
MrGonzale09 17 saatler önce
awesome clip. but he didint saved everyone. watch the movie again dude.
modulguru 17 saatler önce
He didn't save everyone ! ☝🏻
Lisear 17 saatler önce
That was great 😅
Robert Paul Guidry
Robert Paul Guidry 18 saatler önce
good clip
chortle 18 saatler önce
Brock Powell
Brock Powell 18 saatler önce
I dont care what anyone says, this scene still slaps almost 5 or 6 years later.
Oxxnarr D'flame
Oxxnarr D'flame 19 saatler önce
Awesome but. Totally loved it.
Doggin BeBe
Doggin BeBe 20 saatler önce
I'm a huge fan of of the flash but Quicksilver was by far a better character. Funnier and utilized his speed better than all the useless shit flash did in the movies.
just a normal guy
just a normal guy 20 saatler önce
Everyone acept dog be like miricle
TylerThaGamer 20 saatler önce
That was wikid !
cujoedaman 20 saatler önce
When the writers fail to realize his power is to run really, really fast, not slow down time. But, still fun to watch, nevertheless.
Is It Worth A Sandwich
Is It Worth A Sandwich 21 saatler önce
BassJunkie 21 saatler önce
I've always skipped the X-Men films, this one scene has made me rethink watching all these.
3la1n3p3r31ra 22 saatler önce
De vez em quando eu passo aqui.
Andrew 22 saatler önce
Just awesome 😎
Sora Kirito
Sora Kirito 22 saatler önce
He saved Putin….
Neko 23 saatler önce
If someone is using toilet that gonna be awkward🤣
ANONYMOUS GAMING 23 saatler önce
Cameramen is faster then ALL super speed guys.
The Mask
The Mask Gün önce
Quicksilver(Fox version) vs The Flash(CW version), who ya got?
omegangel Gün önce
Funny how cyclops is driving… imagine those glasses come off.. lol
Applesauce Gün önce
Quicksilver got the best songs
Why does he look like Cameron Boyce?
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz Gün önce
Great actor, nice scene, awful movie
ShyGamers Gün önce
wish he came along others xmen member in Dr Strange 2....this quick silver is so OP...
droopysplay Gün önce
Not everyone :(
Siva Joseph
Siva Joseph Gün önce
Speedsters are the best 😘
zsuzsoka131 Gün önce
This character needs his own movie. 🥺
MrGonzale09 17 saatler önce
the flash got his own series and movie. marvel should do a movie about quicksilver. but I think they only do movies about the important characters.
Jamairence Sevilla
This is my favorite scene its amazing how quick he is i wonder who is faster flash or quick silver
Someone Gün önce
Almost everyone
Jonathan Mckernan
So sick.
MCR22 Mike Csiki Racing
Needs his OWN movie!!!!
MrGonzale09 17 saatler önce
agree. if flash has his tv series and movie. quicksilver should get his movie.
jerr Gün önce
this was my fav part . he did all that like it was easy to him .
richie kho 熊
richie kho 熊 Gün önce
Thanks but evenone is now deaf, and some bone fracture
richie kho 熊
richie kho 熊 Gün önce
Hate to say but impulsive force is change in momentum divide by time.
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo Gün önce
That was dope.
B Torres, Jeanne Ronald U.
The editing skills of the editor is such a pro, 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000+ social credit for ya
Diego Cristian Polastri
Loved this scene!!
Diego Cristian Polastri
"Sweet dreams are made of this......"
Punky Pinko
Punky Pinko Gün önce
One of my favorite scenes from any movie. I just don't think about how impossible it would be, ie, he would break everyone's neck (or setting them on fire from the friction of moving through the atmosphere) from moving them so fast, etc. And how do you drink a cola faster than an explosion? How do you kick a table out a window faster than an explosion? But ... still an awesome scene.
Sky Bot
Sky Bot Gün önce
Well il guessing the table kick had his energy of being fast af and he's faster than the explosion the table would have enough time to be thrown through the window and break and the soda would be him slurping it really fast. And most of the time he's carrying the people by their toros
Marek Gün önce
I just noticed something. He’s moving at super speed even while everything is in slow motion. That means that his perception of things is still really fast, but not as fast as his speed. If he were able to perceive things as fast as he runs, he would just be walking around while everything was practically stationary. What a neat detail.
Jeff W
Jeff W 34 dakika önce
I just noticed something. Quicksilver is moving people from a standstill to over 100G's within a micro-second. Moving anyone that quick would be enough to destroy all of their internal organs and kill them instantly.
Chiribum Gün önce
K'oNTv Gün önce
Logan's Walk
Logan's Walk Gün önce
My first reaction was "hey wait where's Havoc?" then I realize where he was before the fire ball.
Çhristian Borg
Çhristian Borg Gün önce
I love flash more but this quick silver is litearly the best
Rage4Ruin Gün önce
well... almost everyone.
Paula WC
Paula WC Gün önce
Ok, I have two hours left, today is my birthday I am 46, mother of four kids, two pair of twins, I know of X-men as comic and cartoon. Kids have flown the coup, any advice on where do I start watching, I mean this don't look like an old movie. Is there like an episode one, and what year?
Midnightxx9626 Gün önce
This video introduced me to one of my favorite songs thanks for uploading it!
А р т у р
А р т у р Gün önce
Они совсем забыли про физику. Послали ее в жопу.
Mikołaj500 Gün önce
This will be Sonic rescuing entire Smash Bros roster in story modr from Super Smash Bros: Battle Network that will release in 2028
etherraichu Gün önce
I love that "Wow" at the end. Like even he was impressed with himself.
Langford_artist Gün önce
Pre ZSJL Flash reversing time scene This was easily the best live action speedster scene in a film ever. I remember how hyped I was when he showed up in WandaVision and to be so disappointed
myoriginalname Gün önce
Who would of knew Tate from AHS would turn out to be a super hero
Chris McLean
Chris McLean Gün önce
Shouldn't their bones break because of the passed on velocity to their bodies?
With all the bad stuff happening now we need a movie of quick Silver
Kangaroo Ninja
Kangaroo Ninja Gün önce
The g-forces from that kind of speed would shatter their bones and rupture all of their internal organs. They would be skin sacks of chunky goo after that.
I like quick silver the best out of the X-Men
Dimitrios Barbosa de Castro
The best.
Tyler Gün önce
Sadly he couldn't save everyone 😢
84n70 Gün önce
Cool....except it does not make any sense. He can not be so close every time, since explosion is happening in once.
rex hill
rex hill Gün önce
All about the music 👍✌️
Anton B
Anton B Gün önce
I mean lets be real, moving people at that speed would completely crush every bone and organ in a persons body.
HexOmega Gün önce
1:48 the moonwalk was epic
Cypher Punk
Cypher Punk Gün önce
My wife calls me Quicksilver in the bedroom, I now know why.
Notis Senju
Notis Senju Gün önce
Everyone got the wiplash of their lives right there in this scene
Andy H
Andy H Gün önce
Special effects at there best, hats off you the entire team on this one.
wellington gonçalves
o engraçado é que a unica cena memoravel desse filme é a unica cena que não se leva a sério...
Arte Kawaii
Arte Kawaii 2 gün önce
es mejor flash que la copia
99Gara99 2 gün önce
And all their internal organs have become liquid
Dan Iacobescu
Dan Iacobescu 2 gün önce
Still, the kid's hairdo sucked eggs LOL. I never liked this movie and frankly, after wasting an hour and a half of my life watching it I regretted for that one and a half hour of my life that I would never get back...
this is LoL
this is LoL 2 gün önce
Megasawa Channel
Megasawa Channel 2 gün önce
best scene of x men apocalypse
Jokemaster27 2 gün önce
Quicksilver is easily my second favorite out of the X-men, the only one who beats him is Nightcrawler.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 2 gün önce
Without the context of the movie this scene is really stupid.
Random Travels
Random Travels 2 gün önce
My reaction was the same as Quicksilvers at the end
Raphael Lim
Raphael Lim 2 gün önce
SuperVince1010 2 gün önce
fun fact he killed them all due to G forces
Ochin 2 gün önce
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Brian 2 gün önce
What could save people from a dangerous explosion that might cause their bodies to experience accelerations too intense for the human body to survive? I guess maybe a super hero that would prevent them from feeling those accelerations, by making them feel different but even higher accelerations... You'd think quicksilver just touching people would mean his fingers would go through their gooey bodies like a bullet going through water balloon.
Brian Gün önce
@Mark Andrew It's not that he can't touch people. It's that when the whole world is going so slow that he is running around much faster than an explosion, when he touches people at a "normal" (to him) speed, it actually means he is touching people moving faster than an explosion. His fingers are moving much faster than bullets. Those people should be experiencing accelerations worse than the worst car collision that ever occurred in history. I get that his power can be whatever in a fictional universe, so yeah maybe his power allows him to alter the physics of other people too. Maybe it would have been cooler to demonstrate that. Like maybe the first person he tries to save just vaporizes when he touches them, and he realizes he needs to do things in a way that accounts for the physics of others.
Mark Andrew
Mark Andrew Gün önce
Super heroes always have a required secondary power that allows them to not hurt the people around them. Oh, physics say that if he touched someone they'd become a splatter of blood? Nah, his power is just built different.
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