Queen's Funeral: Highlights and Unseen Moments

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18 Eyl 2022




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debbi rastelli
The funeral was fit for a Queen who served 70 years. She did deserve all the respect she was given, without a doubt.
Alyssa Jaderholm
As an American, the entire procession was incredible to watch! The lying in state portion was beautiful to watch - the changing of the guards and the lines of those paying respect ❤️ just beautiful and somber.
Just a name
I'm still in awe of this moment in history. The security involved, the precision, truly monumental. Over 4 billion viewers, over 500 world leaders and heads of state. Millions lined the streets. Millions posting condolences. A Country UNITED peacefully as one. Wow. One Woman and a 1200 year old Monarchy can have such support is an inspiration. Again Thankyou to ALL who orchestrated and participated you were faultless, respect to all.
Paul Bowman
I'm far from being a Royalist but this Woman has served this country like a true warrior and we'll never see another one like her ! EVER ! RIP MA'AM ! THANK YOU for everything you did for us ! RIP ! GODBLESS...
Cynthia Narkoff
I'm from the U.S. and I always adored her. She was so beautiful and elegant in the outfits she wore. What she accomplished from the time she was young serving the country, all the way up until her last days were truly amazing. I often wished that I was able to be honored enough to meet her and have have a little bit of lunch and tea with her to really get to know her. It was like losing my mother all over again.
pena romeropsoidemer
It was the most heartbreaking the moment Queen Elizabeth's crown was taken off the coffin, it really meant a lot, decades after decades and probably GOD said " my child, thank you for your service you've given almost entire of your life and now I will give you the rewards of the everlasting Rest in Peace " . The entire funeral procession was absolutely SOLEMN and INCREDIBLE that I've ever seen. Once again, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are now together and they shall rest peacefully forever and ever.
Katie Beveridge
Aside from the over 4 billion who watched her funeral , aside from the population of Great Britain and the commonwealth…. A family lost their mum , granny , gan gan , aunty and so on - that was the most heartbreaking to see . Seeing their faces reminded us all of how we felt when we lost someone special. My heart goes to them !
The entire funeral party were exceptional in their duty and responsibility. The faces on the Pall Bearers, the Royal Navy gun carriage bearers, the Royal Guards, the Police and all others portrayed grief, dignity, and a steely determination that their Queen would not be let down on her last journey. Much respect to you all from an old Royal Australian Navy Veteran. Thank you, Your Majesty.
bilinas mini
I have no words very emotional. Well done to all those involved in organising this full day. You did our queen proud.
Dogsense Foru
Funerals bring back memories of those we loved. A funeral so exquisite symbolised everything we wish we could've given - and still wish we could give - to loved ones who've passed - especially those who cared and sacrificed above and beyond. 🙌.
I was about to cry but didn't until I saw her pony and her dogs and that did it. I absolutely love that she did that little skit with Paddington because my daughter and my husband watched Pad's movie recently and I couldn't it made me cry. That little guy is so adorable and so English and I just love that she did things like that. And I love that she was always there, solid and dependable as a rock, it made me feel safe and now I don't. There have been no male leaders in my lifetime that have made me feel that way. They usually make me feel scared. All she wanted was peace and prosperity and happiness for everyone unlike the Vladimir Putin's of the world and Trump's.
All I’m going to say is this was just beautiful, and you can just see the pain in all their faces💗
Alison Moore
My applause goes to the wonderful guys who had the job of not dropping HM coffin .
HJ Thomson
It's hard to believe she's gone. I loved her & shall miss her. May she rest in the peace she indeed has earned. Long live the King.
Pam Rungsung
Not a British, but spectacular it was. Blown away by the royals grace, decorum each day leading to the final interment.
Cynthia Creamer
The most beautiful tribute I ever witnessed💗
Beautifully Broken
You can never prepare for the loss of a parent. Devastating regardless of how much you think you are ready. Lost my grandmother at age 93. My mother, her daughter was 73 at the time. Devastating for my mother is an understatement. No matter how old you are, you will always need your mother. When she's gone you will learn the new normal of permanent grief. It's sad they feel they can't show emotion. It's normal and they are are human and this is not a show. People need to see the human side of them.
BiBi ZaabY Ali Toronto,CA
Still can't get over the Monarchy funeral how she is gone. She was such a humble, warm and dedicated Queen of UK. R.I.P
Alison Parker
The precision of the Queen’s funeral has been stunning. Absolutely brilliant.
That entrance and the choir singing gave me chills.
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