Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story | Official Trailer | Netflix 

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The romance that started it all. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, streaming May 4 only on Netflix.
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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story | Official Trailer | Netflix
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Young Queen Charlotte's marriage to King George of England sparks an epic love story and transforms high society in this "Bridgerton" universe prequel.




22 Mar 2023




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Faith Sinvula
Faith Sinvula 2 aylar önce
I don't think anyone understands how comforting the Bridgerton series has been. It's not about the sex it's about the chemistry between characters, the artistry of the show, the inclusivity of the show. I LIVE .(13k likes, wtf )
Lexi 2 aylar önce
YESSS she provides representation to many and an excellent plot!
Dia 2 aylar önce
Yes. And inclusivity not just in skin colour but in terms of culture, struggles and adaptability.
Redrosemallow 2 aylar önce
Lizzo Beach
Lizzo Beach 2 aylar önce
Bridgerton was the first screen world for me where the distinction of color vanished. After the first 10 minutes of sheer awe at what I was watching in the first season I stopped seeing it and just fell completely in love with it all. The randomness was sheer brilliance. SO happy to see an on screen world start to reflect real life.
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise 2 aylar önce
But let's be real the s3× doesn't hurt 😉 Some steamy spicy scenes sprinkled in for fun just add to all the rest of the awesomeness!
Mush 2 aylar önce
When Charlotte says "I want to fight with you", it shows that she is a very courageous person. It takes a lot of courage to say that to someone you love. I'm so excited to see their relationship evolve over the course of the series. It's going to be magical.
lehnxx 2 aylar önce
That's not courage, that's stubbornness
Osei Hannah yetunde
What season is this
leila middleton
leila middleton Aylar önce
@Osei Hannah yetunde it's a spin-off about the king and queen's love story, so it's an entirely separate thing to the bridgerton show, while being set in the same universe, just decades prior.
rayeasom Aylar önce
Frankly she came across as the type of women you should avoid at all costs. Toxic and confrontational from the outset. If that’s how she is when she is during the early meeting stages how is she going to be when she has her claws dug in.
Canelaa Aylar önce
Yess. Thought the same. She isnt a doormat and speaks her voice regardless. They seem to work great together.
Atia sanjida
Atia sanjida 19 gün önce
"Farmer George" "Your line will live on" "Our line" "You didn't go over the wall!" Oh, what a series! The most emotional and dramatic Bridgerton story till now. Never thought a series of this franchise would make me cry my eyes out. It was nothing but perfection.❤❤❤
Swaumu Hussein
Swaumu Hussein 13 gün önce
I almost cried too 😢 this scene ❤🎉
Aashes 11 gün önce
Ah same I cried during that whole scene at the end and when he said "you didn't go over the wall" I cried even more.
Kaustubhpachori 11 gün önce
@Aashes felt so bad for george
Jessie Njoki
Jessie Njoki 10 gün önce
That part made me 😢😢😢
If you not a barbz then electric chair 💅
perfection you Said it🎉
candy5 22 gün önce
In the ending when he says (you didn't go over the wall) man that made my heart so warm 😢❤ literally a greatest story so far.
shirley w.
shirley w. 22 gün önce
Yesssss beautiful love story & ending 🥰
Samantha Lourdes Billones
That scene made me cry so hard.
candy5 19 gün önce
@Samantha Lourdes Billones me too
vegan lunch mom
vegan lunch mom 19 gün önce
Rosa 18 gün önce
lydia mongane
lydia mongane 2 aylar önce
Bridgerton is the only show that makes me geek over the love interests holding hands 💀
Ororoghaebi Favour
Ororoghaebi Favour 2 aylar önce
Neha Shrestha
Neha Shrestha 2 aylar önce
Exactly,i felt it too
Maryam Nelson
Maryam Nelson Aylar önce
Girl watch more period dramas-that’s everything. 🤪👏🏽
cherry cocoa
cherry cocoa Aylar önce
have you tried kdramas? 😩😭
Yasmin Flower
Yasmin Flower Aylar önce
I had butterflies at that scene 🤣 and spiciest scene do nothing to me
MrsCash Morrisey
MrsCash Morrisey 22 gün önce
Just finished binging all six episodes. What an absolute masterpiece. I cried so much at the end but at the same time smiles as much knowing the great love that the King and Queen had. Not many people have the pleasure of experiencing that and particularly those whose marriages were arranged. I loved seeing the backstories of the other characters come to life. There is so much still to be told and I hope another series will be brought to life in the future.
Gulrida Shaikh
Gulrida Shaikh 21 gün önce
The scene where she asks the king if he loves her. Oh god I'm still not over it.
MrsCash Morrisey
MrsCash Morrisey 21 gün önce
@Gulrida Shaikh Agreed. I am in awe of her and her strength at such a young age and in an era when women have no voice. Even in 2023, I'm not that strong and I'm a grandmother. :)
Long Distance
Long Distance 21 gün önce
@MrsCash Morrisey You should take your meds and allow it to work properly before writing a logical comment 😆
MrsCash Morrisey
MrsCash Morrisey 20 gün önce
@Long Distance Are you okay? Do you need a hug?
the_scrunchies_studio 20 gün önce
Hey can you me what happen to raynold in the end?
Tao Yamazaki
Tao Yamazaki 2 aylar önce
But to be honest this hurts me so bad because we all know the king's fate in the future. The Queen will also be very sad.
Hassan bin Sobar
Hassan bin Sobar 2 aylar önce
Yeah, getting his ass kicked by 13 colonies really broke him.
Amara Emme
Amara Emme 2 aylar önce
@Hassan bin Sobar well, his daughter dying too
Tumelo Lesenyeho
Tumelo Lesenyeho 2 aylar önce
Yeah. I'm literally holding back tears 😢😢😭😭
PhoenixRose119 2 aylar önce
@Hassan bin Sobar It was actually the French, Spanish and Dutch that won their independence for them. The colonists (who were really still British themselves at the time), would have been obliterated without those European powers holding their hand! 😂
It's_ Ardee
It's_ Ardee 22 gün önce
By far, this is the best out of all the Bridgerton seasons that was released so far. I just love how warm it made me feel, it made me understand Queen Charlotte's character more and now I understand why George loves her so much. But, why!? Brimsley's side story hurts soooo bad 😭😭😭 the dancing scene?! I can't with that, I cried so much that my eyes were puffy and red afterwards. I wish he had a happy ending 😭
guarJa Melanistic
guarJa Melanistic 22 gün önce
New to this series… What happened to Brimsley’s partner? Did he die or something???
Jessica Neptune
Jessica Neptune 22 gün önce
I cried so much for him.
Mokang 21 gün önce
I agree!!! First I thought this is boring but It becomes my favorite season of bridgerton 😭
undercover_idiot 21 gün önce
Brimsleys scene almost broke me
Suman 20 gün önce
Dude l cried as hell....😂
CHIJIOKE 22 gün önce
This series is like no other. It delivers all emotions. It made me laugh, laugh very hard. It could make u cry...tears dropped from my eyes more than 3 times. Sometimes the series will make u hold your breath for such a long time. The classical versions of the popular contemporary songs used in the series. I love Lady Danbury. She displayed the highest level of friendship with Charlotte. She was truly her best friend. Never stabbed her in the back. I won't lie, my heart broke when she sobbed before the King's mother in episode 5. And how glad I was that the writer used that very moment to teach women how to treat one another at their lowest point. Isn't this the most wonderfully acted story?
Collingdale Library
Collingdale Library 21 gün önce
yes, all that you said about how women display levels of friendship and what the 2 women discovered about one another was so admirable and respective.
Eshwari Ganesh
Eshwari Ganesh 11 gün önce
That is so true. And what was more interesting was it was not like a lecture or monologue in a soap box. It was so subtle, yet it was so powerful.
Ogboko Edoghogho
Ogboko Edoghogho 23 gün önce
Just finished the movie and I literally shed tears. I love the way queen Charlotte was so patient with George till he was old.they are a perfect match but it was unfortunate that he was still sick.i love brigerton
Beverly Florence
Beverly Florence 21 gün önce
Who came back after watching this on Netflix? This is one of the best series ever! I watched the series not knowing what to expect but I honestly didn’t expect much. However, this series proved that love conquers all. That love endures. That true love knows no conditions. I laughed. I cried. It tore my heart out. This is a MASTERPIECE! The casting was perfect. A story that stays long after you watch it.
ryn O'black
ryn O'black 20 gün önce
I loooved lady Danbury. Especially the younger version. She did that role justice
Z 15 gün önce
She killed her husband
Sasha v.
Sasha v. 15 gün önce
Yes! Same, she was so captivating 😍
Nicky Coulibaly
Nicky Coulibaly 13 gün önce
No she didn’t
Kenderellaaaxo 2 aylar önce
I’ve never read the books, but as a viewer of the series I can see why she made Daphne her Diamond in season 1 from this trailer. She reminded her of herself at that age. She knew she’d never just settle for being married she wanted real love like her parents had.
MissElite 2 aylar önce
The queen was never mentioned in the books. She became a major focus in the series because of Shonda
Marta Levin
Marta Levin 5 gün önce
"I’ve never read the books" what a surprise
Jenika 23 gün önce
Coming back to say this spinoff was more amazing than I imagined 😭
Ardente Patience
Ardente Patience 21 gün önce
My favorite 'season' hands down...what phenomenal acting, the queen and the king were seamlessly moving, so real. (Those wigs are (those gifts that keep on giving) masterpieces, dayum) . This story is a masterpiece, running deeper than the previous ones (+ the lighting, framing and music). I cried my heart out.
M. E.
M. E. 2 aylar önce
The actresses playing the young queen and Lady Danbury did well picking up their nuances! Excited to learn more of their backstories ☺️
Irises 3
Irises 3 23 gün önce
This show is worth it 😭😭❤️it's beautifully filmed, well acted and heartwarming
Master Chief
Master Chief 22 gün önce
its pc garbage
Kordei -
Kordei - 21 gün önce
@Master Chief you guys gonna keep replying to every comment? This show has a lot of fans just get over it
John Reb
John Reb 5 gün önce
@Kordei - why do they continue to re write European history as if black people have always been a part of this continent. Why are they erasing my ancestors past and replacing us?
Filmflex 2 aylar önce
Bridgerton is one of those bingeable shows with many such doses. This lavish period drama inspires teas and duvets and speaking with outrageously posh syntaxes. I'm excited for this Spinoff 🤩🤩🤩
zx Ishu
zx Ishu 2 aylar önce
मैं कार का वीडियो बनाती हूं पर कोई सपोर्ट नहीं करता है 😭😭😭💫😭
Arif Hanafi
Arif Hanafi 2 aylar önce
Tbh, you sound posh yourself 😆
AMINA LISA 2 aylar önce
I read this comment in a Bridgeton English voice ... ❤️❤️❤️
EP N 2 aylar önce
Quite right!!
Amara Amby Mohiuddin
Amara Amby Mohiuddin 2 aylar önce
To be honest, one of the best reasons of watching Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte is they way change the diversity too. I remember reading and enjoying the novels of Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, and dreamt about being part of that world. And after watching the series and now with Queen Charlotte’s story, the change and acceptance of diversity among the characters and society as a whole is something we needed around the world, and am literally proud of Netflix, producers of Shondaland for making these visionaries the best thing to ever happen, kudos to them 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen 2 aylar önce
How well they casted the actresses. Just looking at them making me believe they really cast the young version of the characters by time travelling
Inbal Feuchtwanger
Inbal Feuchtwanger Aylar önce
Beautiful comment. Reading through all the comments here I cannot tell if this is satire or sincere and I love it. I think we should just keep rewriting history until people start believing Great Britain was always ruled by Black people.
Zerqio vs
Zerqio vs Aylar önce
I agree, when will people finall realize that the british royalty was mainly african?
krish kandel
krish kandel 25 gün önce
​@Zerqio vs 😂
qwerty link
qwerty link 24 gün önce
@Zerqio vs 🤣🤣🤣
D Bai
D Bai 19 gün önce
This was honestly one of the best shows and love stories that I’ve seen in a long time!! I love all of the Bridgerton stories but this one grabs a hold of you until it’s over. The love story was beautiful! Such a great lesson on loving your spouses through heavy difficulties and obstacles. Unforgettable show!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
mich cu
mich cu 15 gün önce
I love this show even if it hurts. 😢 10/10 ❤
Fariha 20 gün önce
This story line is best by FAR. Absolutely loved it
Murchana 12 gün önce
I want to see Brimsley with his happy ending 😢 And the last episode made me teary. I was never a fan of Bridgerton 1 and 2 but this special season made me change my mind. Exceptional acting by each and every individual. This show Deserves all the awards
FrancoC BarreraJ
FrancoC BarreraJ 9 gün önce
Me too I wanted to see brimsley happy ending. I got sad, when he was dancing alone. I was curious, at the finale. Brimsley walk away, when queen Charlotte told him to stay outside.
Martin Portnoy-Bernstein
Great series, I liked it more than Bridgerton... and the ending is indeed beautiful
Megan Thomas
Megan Thomas 2 aylar önce
I know this is obviously fictionalised, but I’ve always found this couples love story touching. The Real George III called his wife ‘the Queen of my heart’ ❤️
Mira Lang
Mira Lang 2 aylar önce
In the movie "The Madness of King George", elderly George and Charlotte affectionately call each other "Mr King" and "Mrs Queen", which was the one thing I found rather adorable in such a sad story.
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Mira Lang
Mira Lang 2 aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ What has that got to do with this?
Megan Thomas
Megan Thomas 2 aylar önce
@Mira Lang Yes! I really enjoyed them as a couple in that film. Especially the part where he says ‘we have been happy haven’t we? And shall be again’ after his illness has passed. Going to have to watch it again!
SubeTheWench 2 aylar önce
@Mira Lang It doesn't. But people like that like to go onto videos and spam comments like that as a means of trying to convert everyone, ignoring the fact that it's incredibly obnoxious. It's the digital version of people who leave Jack Chick tracts everywhere.
oddz lukreng
oddz lukreng 20 gün önce
After watching this, I felt like i deep dive in Queen Charlotte's Life and i find the beauty of her story. I just love it! The actors did such an amazing job and the young Charlotte and the young king Georges chemistry was awesome
AviiigaiL 22 gün önce
It is honestly a great show. It has some depth and it gave laughter, sadness and sometimes anger. There are definitely points that could trigger some discussions, but overall I loved it ❤
Rei Rei
Rei Rei 23 gün önce
Just watched this and I must say this is my fave among all. The last scene 🥰 hits differently. Can’t wait for the next one.
David de Koning
David de Koning 8 gün önce
u have an anime pfp
Z Z 2 aylar önce
I like how they are using popular romance and fanfic tropes in this series, so far we have : Season 1: fake relationship. Season 2: enemies-to-lovers. This spin-off: arranged marriage. Season 3: friends-to-lovers.
이에엔 2 aylar önce
Season 3: friends to lovers
Atia Albury
Atia Albury 2 aylar önce
@jhnnybear that's season three friends to lover
jhnnybear 2 aylar önce
@Atia Albury ur right I forgot
Bela Rose
Bela Rose 2 aylar önce
Season 2 was BARELY enemies to lovers, they liked each other after 1 min
seth410 2 aylar önce
Season 4: ENDGAME
Renalyn Castigador
Renalyn Castigador 22 gün önce
I just finished the series! Love the chemistry of the King and the Queen! 🥰 Best series of all! 👏
cc x
cc x 20 gün önce
same 😻🥰
S Hadi
S Hadi 12 gün önce
I came over here after finishing the last episode... and I am still in tears! The last episode was just so emotional! This was the best story out of all bridgerton stories! Absolutely beautiful! Truly! I will be rewatching this show again and again and again! ❤
Shawlom 2 aylar önce
They had 15 children together. Freaking 15! It's painful to know the kings future, but truly they were one of the few royal marriages in history that are reported to be happy and loving. I'm so down for this!
Sonakshi 2 aylar önce
So you are telling that this is based on a real story😮
Raya Ahmed
Raya Ahmed 2 aylar önce
​@Sonakshi not entirely but this does have some truth to it
Mary Corbett
Mary Corbett 2 aylar önce
@Sonakshi George and charlotte did exist in real life. But the real life charlotte was white, that’s probably the biggest deference since the brigerton universe is essentially Europe if racism was no longer a thing and charlottes marriage seems instrumental to that in this story. Irl her husband was king George the third. The king The Who lost the American colonies. I I won’t say why, but things do become sad for them despite their marriage being very loving. It’s probably part of why older charlotte appears stern and tough at times, life has hardened her.
Manushka 2 aylar önce
@Mary Corbett Queen Charlotte is of mix ancestry, hence the mixed race actress portraying her. She was in fact light skinned with African features. You can look up her portrait. They even called her ugly and made a caricature of her because of her race. Racism may have been well and lively but they’re were still prominent black and mixed race persons and free persons.
Mayurakshi Roy
Mayurakshi Roy 20 gün önce
I just finished watching this series and I want to cry but I can not because I am also in a peaceful state due to this story. I loved it .. acting , emotion, background score, each and every story and George! Oh George ! My heart is full with bursting emotions right now.
mrKpooper 12 gün önce
Vivian Alice
Vivian Alice 6 gün önce
This story was even better than both bridgerton storylines!!! So heart warming!
beth runkle
beth runkle 23 gün önce
They did a fantastic job casting the actress that play young Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury 👏👏👏👏 the actress portrayed the younger versions of characters so well.... It's not hard to see them as the same people.
Dhea Novia
Dhea Novia 23 gün önce
Love much this series. Every single of these series have many meaning, but this series is the best from the best. The story, the chemistry, the plot are the best i ever watch. So much feeling watch this drama👏🏻
Whitney Kadalie
Whitney Kadalie 23 gün önce
I'm hoping they continue with Violet next.
Rokhaya Diouf
Rokhaya Diouf 2 aylar önce
This is the kind of series that I love watching. The setting, the time period, the chemistry, and the true love. We need more shows like this.
P T H K 2 aylar önce
Reason why I LOVE the film adaptations from jane Austen’s books!!❤
nissi abban
nissi abban 2 aylar önce
I second that 😊
a gay actor named Michael Douglas
Does the fact she is blake not ruin the immersion for you?
Ibrahim. A
Ibrahim. A 2 aylar önce
​@a gay actor named Michael Douglas normal it would I won't lie, but bridergton is just different maybe cause there is no explicit discussion of race at all its like a different world.
MsStarclockable 23 gün önce
I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 series of The Bridgertons. But this series Queen Charlotte was absolutely the best of them all.
W3d Alenzi
W3d Alenzi 9 gün önce
ok they are my fav couple they are the definition of " in sickness and in health " 🥺 IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS AND I LIVE FOR IT.
Marc Alexander Raison
Marc Alexander Raison 19 gün önce
Just finished watching all 6 episodes. The last scene with the old king and queen made me cry. MAGNIFICENT.
Candy Rodriguez
Candy Rodriguez 17 gün önce
Me tooooo, I cried like I personally went through this 😂😭
Maily 23 gün önce
Bridgerton is the best thing that’s ever happened to Netflix. Lowkey wish life was still like this
MrsCash Morrisey
MrsCash Morrisey 22 gün önce
In some aspects but there is no way I would want to be a woman during those times. No way at all.
ila kaizen
ila kaizen 13 saatler önce
Their love is so pure it breaks my heart, this is the best Bridgton series of all time
WonderWoman116 2 aylar önce
This is the show we never asked for, but we are damn grateful it happened. This is going to be awesome, I know it❤
Andrea 2 aylar önce
easter worshipper
easter worshipper 2 aylar önce
There werent black people in UK at that Time.
December 2 aylar önce
@easter worshipper yes they were what😂
Sara 3 gün önce
The scenes where George broke down and went “mad” were done so well! Corey was phenomenal and damn he knows how to make us cry. Mental health ain’t a joke, the pressure he felt by his family can be felt by all the people dealing with mental health issues for sure!! Charlotte really grew on me. I didn’t like her when I saw her at first but then damn she killed it! 😊 Young Lady Danbury stood out to me so much!! I only wish she could have had a lasting love too! But I respect her decision to stay single. Violet Bridgerton’s later episode scenes made me cry cause of the love she had for Edmund but also felt lonely. When she spoke about her garden, I was 😢🥺. Lord Ledger reminded me of an older Harry Styles for some reason. Maybe it’s the smile and the aura, but he reminded me of Harry. 😅 y’all probably think I’m crazy for thinking this. Overall, the chemistry between the leads felt so natural. This is better than season 1 and 2 of Bridgerton, in terms of the chemistry. 10/10 for sure ❤
Kate Fresca
Kate Fresca 11 gün önce
This has me crying the hardest. The only series that I have an emotional attachment. This series tackled a lot of Mental health, with King George and how Queen Charlotte dealt with such illness. I suffered from mental illness, and until now I am on medication. To have someone to confide with and be with you in all your seasons is a huge help. I love this series. I am satisfied. Good job to the creators, directors, and writers - who has done so well. Blessings!❤
Rosa 18 gün önce
Odio las novelas y los dramas. PERO Este es el unico show que tiene romance tipo novela, que me gustaaa. Quien hace estas historias tan maravillosass. Te juro siempre termino llorando.
Isy Doyle
Isy Doyle 21 gün önce
I CRIED AT THE END. DANG THIS WAS AMAZING!! The acting was superb!! So so much better & the chemistry was palpable🥲🥲
EbonyLovely 2 aylar önce
“Fight with me, fight for me” -a word from Queen Charlotte
SkepticTank 2 aylar önce
I loved it when she said, "You may take out lives, but you will never take our freedom!"
AL VD 2 aylar önce
I love this!!!
Klein Kiesling
Klein Kiesling Aylar önce
It's the new Pick me chose me love me from Grey's Anatomy! Lol
Collingdale Library
Collingdale Library 21 gün önce
the best line of the whole movie
Cindy Vasquez
Cindy Vasquez 20 gün önce
This was the best season!!!!! I loved all of it 😭❤
Hannah Manlapaz
Hannah Manlapaz 8 gün önce
I hope there is season 2 because I really love this series! George love you huhu. The love of Charlotte and George is so precious that it made me sad that I already finished watching the series, i wanna watch it for the first time again!
Moumita Bar
Moumita Bar 19 gün önce
Just finished the series. Now this is a mature love story I wanted to watch for a long time. My most favourite bridgerton series... undoubtedly ❤️ so many valuable messages throughout the series. Loved the chemistry between the king and the queen 😘 loved the scene where violet decided not to hold grudges against lady danbury for what she had done in the past ♥️
His Royal Highness King Kenzo
At first, I couldn’t understand why they had insert a different storyline between the original series. Now I know why. This story is just too good to let it wait. I know it’s not an original story because this was based in real life. And though nobody can really be certain what sort of personalities the queen and king, I think the writers made an excellent job of bringing them to life. I enjoyed it more than the original series.
Strength Within 725
Strength Within 725 13 gün önce
At the end of the ball, they played "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston..It was a beautiful instrumental version of this great song and so fitting of their love story..The tears started fallen 😢 Overall it was great had me on emotional rollercoaster ❤
shiloh goes
shiloh goes 2 aylar önce
The young Lady Danbury emulates the older one so well!
amar byrd
amar byrd 2 aylar önce
Lady Danbury was always a true Peer of Badassery 💛💥
Sukanya Das
Sukanya Das 2 aylar önce
She never got married?
amar byrd
amar byrd 2 aylar önce
@Sukanya Das I think her husband was much older and she was widowed. There are stills of "Lord Danbury and Agatha Danbury" and the man whom I thought was her father in those pictures might instead be her husband 😮
Candy 2 aylar önce
I agree the casting is perfect! 🔥
Charley Benjamin
Charley Benjamin 2 aylar önce
@amar byrd Yeah that’s her husband 😬
Judith Msanjila
Judith Msanjila 2 aylar önce
Their chemistry will blow up my phone daamn, the cast is SPOT ON. I simply cannot wait
Daikiri Aylar önce
Yeah, where the WHITE Queen is played by the BLACK actress, and even at the time where segregation existed?)
name nome
name nome 24 gün önce
@Daikiri well writers are woke and can't come up with original stories
M J 19 gün önce
I didn’t get into any of this until the last few months. I normally don’t like period dramas but a lot of people said this was different. All I will say is I binge watched the whole two series of Bridgerton and have become a huge fan 😂 so I decided to watch Charlotte and I’m even more blown away. Wow, what an amazing series, getting to know the back stories. So we’ll written and the actors are phenomenal. Seriously this whole thing has been some of the best tv I’ve seen in years. I love getting to know the characters and this spin off was so beautifully touching, I even cried at the end and I never cry at stiff like this normally. I invested in every character and felt like it was a biopic of such. I can bit wait to see what comes next and I hope this carries on for a long time. Definitely my favourite thing. Im almost obsessed 🤩
Jnaring 12 gün önce
I will never get over this series.NEVER!!!
So far this was the best ☺️ storyline in the Bridgetown series , lovely performance and master piece storyline , in love with everyone and everything but couldn't really get what happened to Reynolds, and watching brimsly dancing all alone was soooo damn heart breaking , I cried like a baby there
Garlan Tyrell
Garlan Tyrell 28 gün önce
I can’t wait to see Queen Charlotte and Brimsley together. She may always boss him around but since she kept him close to her all of those years, she probably saw him as a friend and grew to care about him as one. Same with her ladies-in-waiting if she had them for years.
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman 24 gün önce
Oranges and apples dont mix....
Goat Amv
Goat Amv 2 aylar önce
The official synopsis of the story reads: "Centred on Queen Charlotte's rise to prominence and power, this Bridgerton-verse prequel tells the story of how the young Queen's marriage to King George sparked both a great love story and a societal shift, creating the world of the Ton inherited by the characters in Bridgerton."
Sleep Meditation
Sleep Meditation 2 aylar önce
I am so excited to see the story of Charlotte. I freaking love this characters. I honestly would put this show right up there with Outlander and perhaps even Downton Abbey.
Nuzhat Tanzim Khan
Nuzhat Tanzim Khan 2 aylar önce
I remember how in season 1 it was mentioned that it was only after Charlotte married the King when blacks and whites lived in harmony in the society with no differences between them
Sivajini Kadambaratnam
i hate the idea of that they could've just not had that part, and just call it colorblind casting or whatever
King BullyRock
King BullyRock 2 aylar önce
@Nuzhat Tanzim Khan That was bull$hit history.
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 2 aylar önce
You sound like Lady Whistledown.
moo_joos 21 gün önce
This series was my favorite one so far out of all of them. Made me feel all the feels 😢 So good 👏
Maria Gonsalves
Maria Gonsalves 17 gün önce
Never thought a bridgerton show would make me cry so much❤
Shwetal Lautre
Shwetal Lautre 21 gün önce
I finished watching this last night in just one go, they all do justice to their characters and I love them all, love this spin off series ♥️
H.B 22 gün önce
This was my favorite Bridgestone story. Prepare to cry your eyes out❤
Alisha Nelson
Alisha Nelson 21 gün önce
Who else had a feeling of pure enjoyment while watching. This spinoff caught me by surprise and I’m glad loved it binged it in one day couldn’t get enough
Sasha v.
Sasha v. 15 gün önce
It’s the only one I truly loved. It focus much more on the women, and their journeys, and it was a masterpiece. This love story was the best one too 🥰
denise 2 aylar önce
This looks even better than the traditional Bridgeton .. I guess I will be re-subscribing to Netflix again just to watch this.
Irises 3
Irises 3 2 aylar önce
Aura Az
Aura Az 2 aylar önce
Same here😂
Rehema Shomari
Rehema Shomari 2 aylar önce
Me too😂
Angel Morrow
Angel Morrow 2 aylar önce
same haha
amar byrd
amar byrd 2 aylar önce
They got us 😅
Sandra Nel-Hawkins
Sandra Nel-Hawkins 13 gün önce
Loved everything about this show very well done and what a love story had me in tears twice once at the end👏👏👏👏👏👏
Rabi 17 gün önce
I just finished and it was more than beautiful. Definitely my fav out of all the others: the secrets, the chemistry, the unraveling, getting to know the george as sad as it was😭 just simply amazing!!
Nimijm 5 gün önce
This is the BEST among all Bridgerton series that have been released so far! Everything is just perfect! A MUST-WATCH indeed!
Michelle Monaghan
Michelle Monaghan 2 aylar önce
1:56 “I want to fight with you! Fight with me! Fight for me!” Has to be my favourite quote, love rewatching this part of the trailer. Can’t wait for May 4th!😍😱
noctanal 6 gün önce
Everyone who went in to the creation of this master piece thank u. Brilliant Am going to need season 2 b4 the end this month thank u. Side note we need atleast 10 episodes😢
Denny 2 aylar önce
Now we will truly understand Queen Charlotte and see how strong she is for keeping it together so long and alone.
M K 2 aylar önce
You’ll truly understand Queen Charlotte as she’s played by an actress who looks nothing like her?
Denny 2 aylar önce
@M K This story is fictional with adaptation of real characters. It's not the real Charlotte's story.
haliyah olowookere
haliyah olowookere Aylar önce
​@M Khere we go again
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman 24 gün önce
What queen ??? It will never Happen in real life . How different we live since the old days
Toyosi Ogundusi
Toyosi Ogundusi 22 gün önce
Their story is so beautiful I’m literally crying right now. I just finished it. It’s really not easy standing by someone going through things mentally, this is a beautiful beautiful story 😭😭😭😭
******Alley******* 17 gün önce
This show was AMAZING! I can’t wait to rewatch it. Such a beautiful love story ❤
Mss Nina
Mss Nina 22 gün önce
loved the show so much. more than the main shows itself. perfect cast as well. end was perfect as well ❤❤❤
Jen 10 gün önce
I wouldn’t have thought the most beautiful and moving love story I have seen in a long time would be from Bridgeton series- ( notable mention to Alchemy of Souls which would have been this if they hadn’t changed the lead actress after 20 episodes) I sobbed with tears running town my face in then end, her love for him so great her mission was to secure his line through an heir. Young Charlotte and George were just beautiful together. ❤
jason grech
jason grech 20 gün önce
I binged through this over 2 days. It’s beautiful.
Cymba McReynolds
Cymba McReynolds 2 aylar önce
That "Fight with me. Fight for me." had me tearing up. I'm ready and excited.
KD BEE 23 gün önce
Just binged this. Definitely worth it.
Lee Creates
Lee Creates 21 gün önce
Sobbed long after watching the mini series. Happy tears.
Vanessa VIADENOU 21 gün önce
I cried like a baby😭😭😭. Mental health is not a joke. In the last episode, George said: I’m happy you didn’t climb over the wall . He was happy she didn’t leave after all these years. 💔
Li Duś
Li Duś 17 gün önce
"Your flower metaphors make me nauseated with their sweetness,but I applaud your point."😅😅😅Gotta love Queen Charlotte!!This was absolutely amazing ❤❤So can't wait for season 3😊💕
Favour Roland
Favour Roland 19 gün önce
Best of three seasons, I cried my eyes out at the end
Roxanne Wise
Roxanne Wise 2 aylar önce
"True love changes. It forgets. It forces u to remember who u once were. And it forces u to choose how u will live with it, again and again." (Queen Charlotte)
Vanshika Aggarwal
Vanshika Aggarwal 2 aylar önce
Which episode of which season, if you remember?
Roxanne Wise
Roxanne Wise 2 aylar önce
@Vanshika Aggarwal Season 2: episode 6 - the choice
{The Autumn Wind}
{The Autumn Wind} 24 gün önce
please just type “you”
Shreya Khanna Doodles
Shreya Khanna Doodles 23 gün önce
I love how they’ve managed to keep the old eras aura and mingled it with the modern sense of how we see the world.
Patricia Sanderson
Patricia Sanderson 6 gün önce
I just see it as odd.
PK Collins
PK Collins 23 gün önce
I have watched it all today - LOVE it! Love it. The acting and writing has been fabulous and both of the main characters did a phenomenal job!
18doves Gün önce
Absolutely love this series and the entire cast! ❤❤❤
Fatima Zohra
Fatima Zohra 13 gün önce
Amazing love story it made me cry in public while watching it, because the King and Queen may not have had the happiest life, but they sure did have the best of what life could offer, To love and to be Loved. The lesson here, however, is that it wasn't served of a silver plater, they worked on it, they fought the world to be with each other, they reminded each other of who they are, protected each other and mostly they had a healthy and clean love. In a way we can all relate to it, we might not be kings or queens, but we all do have moments where we feel like we are not enough, that the world is bigger than us, and that we have no choice, sometimes thats true, but with the right person our gardens can bloom again : )
Nicola Jan Smith
Nicola Jan Smith 20 gün önce
Just finished watching this and the richness in storytelling is wonderful. From the King and Queen to Pugsley to Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton. Loved it.
M Camelot
M Camelot 2 aylar önce
This looks glorious. The costuming alone is so amazing, and a step up from the first two seasons which were great, especially some of Kate's dresses, but Queen Charlotte is coming for the crown.
Jennifer Galloway
Jennifer Galloway 23 gün önce
I commend the writers of this series! What an emotional experience. Even with the knowledge of the outcome I was still rooting for them 👑
ananya 17 gün önce
the story was told so beautifully , one of the best stories out there...for sure
Aghase Stays
Aghase Stays 22 gün önce
I finished watching it. I love the two seasons of Bridgerton but this prequel is top-tier! The chemistry? the acting? everything is perfect!!! and it made me cry!! p.s Brimsley, you're my fav! Netlfix pls give him a happy ending
Lady JWC
Lady JWC 21 gün önce
Watching Bridgerton season 1 & 2 hits differently after I watched Queen Charlotte! I see her now. I see her.
Sara 3 gün önce
I just finished watching it today and damn I am in my feels. Corey and India were Brilliant and Phenomenal actors! Corey’s mental outbursts and the highly emotional scenes were so real and raw!! I loved the Reynolds and Brimsley actors too! 🥺 Spoiler: tbh why y’all reading comments b4 watching the show? Anyways, the scene where the King is at the Kew and Reynolds says something about how the Queen is perfect for the king because she is also a lil mad was damn cute. The scene where the kjng “orders” charlotte to leave but she just gets closer and closer was too much for me 🥺 I was balling and I never get emotional when watching tv!! And I Loved When Charlotte went right to the George and stopped the insane doctor from torturing her husband!! 😊 And the scene where they are under the bed on the last scene and she looks at him and remembers the man she fell in love with all those years ago!! And I especially love when she talked about how love is a choice you make with someone and a promise to love them through everything. I related to it a lot cause arranged marriages are kinda like a choice and the love comes afterwards, usually, I hope. 😊 I guess south Asians and other cultures can relate to the sacrifices made by the women in the Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte series because of responsibility and compromise to marriage life made by women in our daily lives.
Kbae Lay
Kbae Lay 2 aylar önce
Omg that’s gonna be one of my favorite lines “I want to fight with you! Fight with me! Fight for me!” 😩🔥
VoicesEnEspañol 2 aylar önce
Pure Shonda Rhimes. Gives me deja vu from early seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Reminds me of Meredith's plea to McDreamy: "Choose me. Love me. Pick me."
diibadaaba87 5 gün önce
Oh boy, didnt Netflix deliver with this masterpiece!! 😮❤ Just finished watching, binged it during a long weekend away on trains and flights... The casting, the storytelling! 😮 The cast do such an amazing job I am astonished... Corey is perfect. The absolute Hunk In one scene, the most believable sufferer of a mental illness In the next... Like someone said, loved how the young cast, especially the young Queen and young Lady Danbury did such an amazing job with delivering same mannerisms to their older co-actresses. Perfect binge for long travel ❤ The trains and flights, the waiting have never felt so short 🤣 Also thank goodness for the ability for fast download for plane mode in mind 😁 very happy customer of Netflix at this very moment😂
username 4 saatler önce
I love the ending of QC. It's different from the typical romance/period dramas
Caterra Handy
Caterra Handy 3 saatler önce
Please keep this show going omg I love it!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
sparklykha 17 gün önce
as expected. this is the best brigerton series so far
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