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Quavo paid tribute to his late groupmate - and nephew - Takeoff at the 2023 Grammys.

The Migos rapper took the stage Sunday night with Maverick City Music to perform “Without You” as they remembered the life and legacy of Takeoff, who died on Nov. 1.

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4 Şub 2023




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BranDaGenius Aylar önce
A beautiful performance. Rip Takeoff🚀🚀🚀🚀🕊🕊🙏🏽🙏🏽💯💯
nateWRLD Aylar önce
They should put this collab on Spotify
Keiara Price
Keiara Price Aylar önce
This was beautiful I can see Quavo's Soul through this heartfelt tribute I'm 😢 🥺😭❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹💔💯💯🥀🥀🥀🥀R.I.P takeoff 🕊🕊🕊
Edwin Robledo
Edwin Robledo Aylar önce
That performance had tear come out it was beautiful and nice amazing
Blessark Aylar önce
The pain his eyes😢
C.J Dallas
C.J Dallas Aylar önce
@Alisha Tate79 exactly what I’m saying 😂😂😂finally
King Of New York
King Of New York Aylar önce
@C.J Dallas Was that supposed to be English? Put the splif down my boy.
C.J Dallas
C.J Dallas Aylar önce
@King Of New York 😂😂😂worked just likes I liked keep watching😂clown
Alisha Tate79
Alisha Tate79 Aylar önce
@C.J Dallas Lol!! These people are crazy
Michelle Arriaga
Michelle Arriaga Aylar önce
It's him singing to the chain that just broke my heart
LenaLove Aylar önce
❤ love this song
Shawnchray Mcleod
Shawnchray Mcleod Aylar önce
He looks so sad I can only imagine how hard that was for him
Tawidba Aylar önce
Makeitright Aylar önce
@Tropical99 I think what makes it even more traumatizing. Is the fact that he literally saw him losing his life in his own arms, not being able to do anything about it. Really hope that he gets the right people to help him grieve and process this trauma.
Tropical99 Aylar önce
It's like losing your best friend. They both knew eachother basically their entire lives. I think that for Quavo it's impossible for anyone to fill Takeoff's shoes. Too many memories!
David Martin
David Martin Aylar önce
That one eye symbolism doe. How could anyone sacrifice another ...
D Chews
D Chews Aylar önce
I wanted to watch this last night but didn't have the strength to. I still can't believe Takeoff is gone 😪😥
Wishfulthinking33 Aylar önce
Saddest most heartfelt song I’ve heard in a long w
tmill Aylar önce
rip takeoff man. never gonna b the same
Amauri & Asia
Amauri & Asia Aylar önce
Would’ve been nice to see Quavo and Set stand together in honoring their brother and band mate
Ivy Labonitah
Ivy Labonitah Aylar önce
Bravooo Quavoo Continue resting in peace Take off
Lavender Aylar önce
Beautiful 👏bravo quavo
Quat Mann
Quat Mann Aylar önce
So gorgeous and sad❤🔥
Quat Mann
Quat Mann Aylar önce
@Working Man These folks arent government funded. And if you dont have money to buy music you like, then you are in bigger trouble than you know..m
Working Man
Working Man Aylar önce
What’s sad is that we waste our resources and tax dollars on these people.
Ro G
Ro G Aylar önce
Family in the truest sense.
Temet Nosce
Temet Nosce Aylar önce
These clips the NYP is putting out of the Grammys are phenomenal! I’m getting dizzy…from all the…diversity. 🥴
Evan Carney
Evan Carney Aylar önce
He took off to heaven
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
These clips the NYP is putting out of the Grammys are phenomenal! I’m getting dizzy…from all the…diversity.
Carr Covers
Carr Covers Aylar önce
Rest in paradise TAKEOFF
Eazy Peazy
Eazy Peazy Aylar önce
I’d go permanent with the mask.. dope.. RiP Takeoff
Rico Aylar önce
Rip take 🙏🏽
Brian. Aylar önce
*Guavo killed Take.*
Merican Modi
Merican Modi Aylar önce
American pop music has never been worse. the 1940s were better
The human nug aka ReemSupreme
Ahhhhh when whytes would steal black art with no push back
Kim Aylar önce
how come offset is partying every weekends? looks like he doesn’t care about take off’s death!! I see Quavo’s pain through his eyes
Lorraine Lovee
Lorraine Lovee Aylar önce
They actually invited offset to be in the tribute but Quavo didn’t want him too. They had a whole fight backstage! TMZ reported.
Mightyman Sterling
Mightyman Sterling Aylar önce
People cope different. Seem like you’re the one who don’t know pain
Shawnchray Mcleod
Shawnchray Mcleod Aylar önce
Offset has his wife and I'm 100% sure he hurting but his wife is keeping him going cardi B is looking like a great wife in my eyes
TaurusHere Aylar önce
We can't say that. I've seen people grieve differently. When my Mom died, the grieving wasn't obvious outside but we all still have moments when we break down so he is perhaps doing what he knows will help him cope
TheWeeknd Aylar önce
RIP takeoff 🕊
Good Vibes TV
Good Vibes TV Aylar önce
RIP Takeoff 🙏😢💔
tanya daley
tanya daley Aylar önce
Just imagine your nephew being killed and people are saying you had him killed so you could take over his music because u were jealous like this world is cold R.I.P takeoff and I hope quvao and offset get the healing they deserve
D Chews
D Chews Aylar önce
@Alisha Tate79 I've already read everything there is to read about this situation. Don't you realize that the media likes to keep drama going? As soon as somebody dies, the first thing they will say is their partner had it set up. They said the same thing about P Diddy when Biggie was killed. C'mon, you should know better by now
Alisha Tate79
Alisha Tate79 Aylar önce
@D Chews Because TRvid removes it. Go do your own research
Alisha Tate79
Alisha Tate79 Aylar önce
@D Chews I do know I'm not posting any evidence
D Chews
D Chews Aylar önce
@Alisha Tate79 that's because you don't know
Alisha Tate79
Alisha Tate79 Aylar önce
@D Chews it's not my job to do that
Ice tanary Griffin
Ice tanary Griffin Aylar önce
Rip 🙏 takeoff
MbmLaflare Aylar önce
That mask , eye for a eye….migos never won a Grammy ever yet they making quavo perform for takeoff. Something not right
Breaking Barriers With Kwame Johnson
Now quavo wanna cover one eye after he sacrificed takeoff it be ya own family sometimes 😢
Karisse Murray
Karisse Murray Aylar önce
Rip TakeOff💔
Nanda Chara Molina
Nanda Chara Molina Aylar önce
Jas SBG Aylar önce
That wasn’t his group mate. That was his nephew
He paid the price 😔
Kamin Veljigopal
Kamin Veljigopal Aylar önce
Rip takeoff😥😥
Neiya Valley
Neiya Valley Aylar önce
Amina Hartley
Amina Hartley Aylar önce
He looks bad smh I know this is hurting him real bad 😢😢😢😢😢
Dana i.
Dana i. Aylar önce
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Aylar önce
When did the grammy's get turned into the vibe awards ?
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
Guavo killed Take.
Mikos Monroe
Mikos Monroe Aylar önce
😞 😔 😢
Ferra Hamby
Ferra Hamby Aylar önce
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones Aylar önce
Rip Takeoff and long live takeoff in this video in life right know today for us only okay
The Realest
The Realest Aylar önce
The chain 😢
OneAway Aylar önce
Great performance I just hope ones start promoting a different energy do we don’t have to be honering the dead 💀 ones can live longer embrace life being here know
Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil Aylar önce
Tell the rappers to stop getting murdered Scott La Rock Paul C Danny "D-Boy" Rodriguez Charizma Stretch Seagram Tupac Shakur Yaki Kadafi The Notorious B.I.G. Fat Pat Big L Freaky Tah DJ Uncle Al Jam Master Jay Sabotage Camoflauge Half a Mill Soulja Slim Mac Dre Blade Icewood Proof Big Hawk VL Mike Dolla Lele Magnolia Shorty Bad News Brown Adán Zapata Lil Phat MC Daleste Lil Snupe Pavlos Fyssas Depzman Doe B The Jacka Flabba Chinx Drugz Bankroll Fresh 2-Mar XXXTentacion Jimmy Wopo Smoke Dawg Young Greatness Feis Kevin Fret Nipsey Hussle Pop Smoke Houdini Huey King Von MO3 Einár Young Dolph Drakeo the Ruler Snootie Wild Archie Eversole Sidhu Moose Wala Trouble JayDaYoungan PnB Rock Takeoff AKA
Charlotte Gant
Charlotte Gant Aylar önce
👀 "that don't look like dayday to me !" not quavo
Merican Modi
Merican Modi Aylar önce
Everyone with a college degree is wondering 'what happened to music'...
issa cole yt
issa cole yt Aylar önce
it’s always that left eye
BS Had Him Hit..You Knw How It Is In The Bizz..Hope He Cant Live With Him Self
Tawidba Aylar önce
These people are Godless
Freetown2006 Aylar önce
With that mask in his face. Rip takeoff these celebs weird
Paul King
Paul King Aylar önce
Mr refuse to talk but he still sings, he sings???
ButterCookie Aylar önce
1-eye symbalism
ButterCookie Aylar önce
@silvernblack21 Yep.
silvernblack21 Aylar önce
You already know what this means, most will be blind to it though 🤷🏽‍♀️
Abbie Baby
Abbie Baby Aylar önce
You can do better
J B Aylar önce
Te Best...guava macleando
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon Aylar önce
Offset should’ve been there
Tarkeema Lewis
Tarkeema Lewis Aylar önce
This is sad
Santonio Brown
Santonio Brown Aylar önce
Stay woke my tribe 💯 💪!!! Smdh
Chris Aylar önce
What is the face mask symbolic of?
Arlene Dennis
Arlene Dennis Aylar önce
@Frranncoo I love that idea
TaurusHere Aylar önce
@Frranncoo RIGHT
Frranncoo Aylar önce
his other half is gone
Johnell G
Johnell G Aylar önce
Yeah but he rocking that Illuminati mask really hard isn't he? Had to have been a sacrifice
Chavontey Pleasants
I wanna know why offset wasn’t up there with him 😢
Nikki Aylar önce
Offset is stuck in a legal battle with QC so he technically can’t preform with Quavo who is currently still with that label.
King Of New York
King Of New York Aylar önce
Offset probably wouldn't have been able to keep it together.
Jim bob Fisher
Jim bob Fisher Aylar önce
We know what time it is 😂👁
Raheim Bowen
Raheim Bowen Aylar önce
It's time for lunch
Amanda Conley
Amanda Conley Aylar önce
What time is it?
1bbyShiesty Aylar önce
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Aylar önce
Joshua Prets
Joshua Prets Aylar önce
King Of New York
King Of New York Aylar önce
lexie LEXIE
lexie LEXIE Aylar önce
Left eye covered up. Hmm 🤔
slickrick Aylar önce
Nice tribute. Just wish they would cut the lame auto tune out. Can he even sing or is it all effects?
Trevor Owens
Trevor Owens Aylar önce
It’s the phantom of the opera! Lol
King Of New York
King Of New York Aylar önce
Paul King
Paul King Aylar önce
Say something instead of letting mob do all the talking pavo
Tonya Jones
Tonya Jones Aylar önce
All Migos fans Hopefully Takeoff get Justice on March 9th 2023 he mostly definitely deserve it. Those murders were supposed to been locked up for killing other innocent people's before the killed innocent Takeoff anyway. The problem is this USA Justice system is broken 💔...
Polo Aylar önce
Rick Avis
Rick Avis Aylar önce
I hope you all realize life is an illusion and it's all a staged play.
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia Aylar önce
Y’all all sound crazy. This wasn’t no tribute. Straight sacrifice
Chris Ubias
Chris Ubias Aylar önce
Olivia Aylar önce
This was kind of cringing
The COVID-19 Coronavirus
No idea who either of them are. Look forward to forgetting already
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders Aylar önce
Big steaming piles of virtue signaling.
Working Man
Working Man Aylar önce
Horrible “music” and obvious agenda. Hard for me to feel sad when I see right through it.
King Of New York
King Of New York Aylar önce
@Alisha Tate79 If it's in the name of saving lives and bringing awareness then lay it out for me cause I'm open to listening to your message so don't speak in code, don't be vague. Have a literal conversation with me and please explain to me what you think is really going on.
King Of New York
King Of New York Aylar önce
@Alisha Tate79 I don't think I'm gonna change your mind on this but let me just ask, why? I mean honestly what would logically be gained from these sacrifices? What signs or evidence lead you to believe what you believe? What patterns are you seeing?
Alisha Tate79
Alisha Tate79 Aylar önce
@King Of New York Since you guys want us to stop speaking truths, your wish is granted. I will speak to my associates and let them know that the majority doesn't believe it and it's too many that's against us. We will now remove ourselves from all social media platforms and allow you to defend for yourselves. I give up 😑 Happy Now? We have officially aborted this mission. I hope yall are happy now.
Southwest210 Aylar önce
lt was his fault that dude ain’t around anymore and he ain’t ever said shyt bout it never
Southwest210 Aylar önce
@DKO o i didn’t think of that 🤔 💭 🧐
Chris Aylar önce
@DKO o he might don't know. He just gotta do what they tell him to do.
DKO o Aylar önce
Why you think he's wearing the two face mask
A55hol3 Actual
A55hol3 Actual Aylar önce
Nobody cares.
Robert Franklin
Robert Franklin Aylar önce
Tibore Goldberger
Tibore Goldberger Aylar önce
Alissa Tome
Alissa Tome Aylar önce
That mask , eye for a eye….migos never won a Grammy ever yet they making quavo perform for takeoff. Something not right
Mcflyy IsHere
Mcflyy IsHere Aylar önce
Exactly something sounds well off then the fight happening also it’s strange that out of all the ppl that called out j prince he only had energy for offset then days later a fight happens I feel like Quavo knows a lot 🤔
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