QAnon Fans Doubt Their Faith After Nothing Happens In November | Dr. Oz Is Running For Office

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Stephen reopens The Q Files to check on QAnon followers whose faith was shaken after a string of false predictions failed to materialize in November. In Pennsylvania, a man known for his work as a syndicated TV doctor launched his campaign for a U.S. Senate seat.

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29 Kas 2021




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TimeBucks Aylar önce
The writers on this show are amazing
ReEducated Ronin
ReEducated Ronin 20 gün önce
@Vaughn Bilodeau now That’s funny😄
Vaughn Bilodeau
Vaughn Bilodeau Aylar önce
The writers are old politicians
JAMES C Aylar önce
@Let's go Brandon Sniffer 👈 the courageous Russian hype machine slandering our nation. 🖕🖕🖕
JAMES C Aylar önce
Most of them are burns you can find over the past two nights on social media You mean it is delivered well by him
50police Aylar önce
Anthropocene Atheist
Even after the pandemic ends I’ll still be washing my hands after meeting a Republican.
Tseleng Botlhole
Tseleng Botlhole 7 gün önce
Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing 21 gün önce
@AsselParty Do you like rules for the sake of rules? Do you like being lied to about what is good for you "according to science"? Do you like having been made a fool of by those entrusted to look after you? People have been ridiculed, kicked out of school and other places, fined and even arrested for not complying with mask rules that "science" has always known were innefective. You are ok with that?
AsselParty 21 gün önce
@Metal Roofing So you are complaining that there are not stricter mask mandates in place?
Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing 22 gün önce
@Chris Emerson They lie about science and medical reasons being the basis for arbitrary rules and regulations yet they are not scientists nor medical professionals themselves for the most part they are lawyers and rule makers only. At least finally a CNN expert is admitting to the mask buffoonery. trvid.com/video/video-wH-iUasUKeM.html Are you going to try to tell me they didn't know this wasn't based on real science all along?
Chris Emerson
Chris Emerson 22 gün önce
@Metal Roofing No proof in your statement. Perhaps you meant the balance of power was re-established. Unlike the frumpers who wanted a king. Now if Manchin and the AZ nut would just go away.
ski e
ski e Aylar önce
The fact that people can run for senate seats and not be required to have lived in that state for like 20+ years is absurd.
LynnP 12 gün önce
@александр караманов Right? That one was just horrifying.
DaGhost XXX
DaGhost XXX Aylar önce
@jim bob There should be a literacy test, like do you know how our government works ?
Fish Sticker
Fish Sticker Aylar önce
You should be allowed to, if you don’t know the state enough people won’t vote for you, no point barring people from it
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
@Judith Chambers america loves for others to play by the rules but when it comes to to certain people they try to bend them 24/7. that’s exactly why i don’t vote. i don’t represent EITHER SIDE. they are all garbo. only americans can’t see that. the rest of the world has figured that out years ago
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
​@Von Pilkington you guys really need to fix your party obsession & willingness to endure anything for party loyalty! We have party loyal here in Oz, but less & less, the younger generations are becoming more vote savvy & we've had numerous cases here where grass roots movements have replaced that sort of politician with a local person, who has all the same political beliefs, BUT is willing to represent the people & so is chosen to stand as an independent & replace the party fool who took their constituents for granted. Basically locals who have had enough get together in meetings & discuss their feelings, engage with the whole community to welcome them to the meetings, then they select a meeting regular to be the independent candidate for the area & door knock & share with all the community until that person is well enough known & supported to take out the sitting MP. Last one that did this, they got a jump start on that process too, by choosing a former Olympian, who therefore had name recognition before even beginning the process & they replaced the PM with her, cause the PM refused to acknowledge global warming (all other views she had totally matched the conservative party she was replacing the member from though. She primarily votes along conservative party lines in Canberra, but will break from them on anything that's not in her local constituents best interests ie any corporate sell out decisions, she votes against)
Notthemaster Aylar önce
You know for the last few years i got a kick out of insulting these people, Then I got scared of them after "touring the capital". Now I'm realizing these people have driven away there family and are literally hoping for anything that'll tell them they are right because if they are wrong they destroyed every relationship they had for nothing. Honestly even if these people realized they were wrong, I think the damage is done to a point that society still wouldn't accept them back and its really really sad.
Russell M
Russell M 20 gün önce
@Carolyn Kuhn No, I don't have to go back to 1993. I believe a corrupt election judge named Domenick Demuro was just convicted last year. Protesting illegal State election law changes that enabled ballot harvesting on a mass scale is not insurrection. Ps don't wish death on ppl. Seek help
Carolyn Kuhn
Carolyn Kuhn 20 gün önce
@jim bob Yeah? You need permission? Your point being? The unvaccinated DIE so bye-bye Republican voters.
Carolyn Kuhn
Carolyn Kuhn 20 gün önce
@Russell M You have to go all the way back to 1993? That says something when right now half of the GOP are SUBPOENAED or INDICTED for insurrection, collusion and 20 other charges! Wake up!
michaelccozens 28 gün önce
These people have consistently chosen self-serving bigotry over truth for years, if not decades. It's not that they don't know they're wrong; it's that they choose not to know. And yet they would absolutely still be welcomed back if they were to sincerely recant their evil and work to make up for it. Save your sympathy for the vulnerable people they've endangered and damaged. Wonder why you had to be told that.
Scottamu Aylar önce
Its a new 'variant' of mental illness... for real
Denis Ashby
Denis Ashby Aylar önce
"dr oz had a lucrative career as a liar peddling questionable health advice on television" in other words the republican party's ideal candidate
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Aylar önce
There ain't nothin' wrong with my stock of ivermectin I got at the feed store, I just know I ain't gonna inject that experimental nanobot vaccine in my body. It is about my freedom! ... Oh and President Trump is still president, he is makin' the inflation and gas prices look bad so Biden gets kicked out and we get a real president reinstated in Washington DC.
Timothy Barcus
Timothy Barcus Aylar önce
Just heard doc Oz is going to commit suicide in near future... nothing to do with the Clintons though..
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Aylar önce
I didn't have sex with Monica it's all A VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY
Raymond Mejias
Raymond Mejias Aylar önce
Totally agree with you 💯 That man is 🥧 piece of 💩 big time, definitely a Republican... 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤣🤣☠️🧟‍♀️
Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing Aylar önce
And on top of that, he's pro vax. What a nut job
Mary Oaks
Mary Oaks Aylar önce
Love the edge Stephen’s monologue when calling out the bs. He hits them where it hurts while making it impossible not to laugh!
HS Aylar önce
I wonder who will have the last laugh?
Lauren Aylar önce
Was at the taping and this was SO fun to see IRL. He has this energy THE entire time. From the Q&A to the thanking of the musical act
Mary_Ann Nytowl223
Mary_Ann Nytowl223 Aylar önce
I'm happy that the energy is real!
diamondsmasher Aylar önce
You can tell he thrives on the attention
chocolatemeatballs Aylar önce
I had gotten bored watching his at home segments, but when he's in front of an audience the magic happens :)
Mᴥāz Kalīm
Mᴥāz Kalīm Aylar önce
Do you represent "the OP" or anything, Mr "@Neil Z."? If the answer is synonymous to ‘no’, then: Thanks but no thanks, as my query is specifically for her.
Neil Z.
Neil Z. Aylar önce
@Mᴥāz Kalīm if you give me $100 i'll tell you what i know
Billy Everyteen
Billy Everyteen Aylar önce
Last year, I missed Thanksgiving with my family because I had Covid; but it's good to know that that's apparently not as bad as JFK Jr. not rising from the grave to arrest Satanic pedophiles or whatever the fuck.
Nikki Botts
Nikki Botts Aylar önce
@Darrell May It's actually all the Rep. have to offer.
Stephanie Carr
Stephanie Carr Aylar önce
Eddie Chestnut
Eddie Chestnut Aylar önce
M. Washington
M. Washington Aylar önce
Darrell May
Darrell May Aylar önce
All Rep. Lies!
Sheri Aylar önce
Dr. Oz is what you get when you order a doctor from Wish, and it came severely damaged.
Nathan Davis' Videos
Nathan Davis' Videos 20 gün önce
... Or they're a total Chinese knockoff!
Sheri Aylar önce
@jelle martini Dr. Phil is a POS too.
jelle martini
jelle martini Aylar önce
But I thought he was buddy buddy with Oprah and doc Phil
Dookun Gowreah
Dookun Gowreah Aylar önce
That’s exactly right lol 😂
firefox5926 Aylar önce
well i guess he can keep the dentist guy company...
Scott Nunnemaker
Scott Nunnemaker Aylar önce
Welcome to the era of should-have-retired-years-ago tv personalities running for public office before their audiences die of old age.
Sama Hardy
Sama Hardy 27 gün önce
"I still have enough fans, right? Hmm.... Oh i know! I'll run for office and find out!! Everyone will vote for me and that's how I'll know how popular i am!" Can we don't???
darknightoftroy Aylar önce
@PimpHandDuke Agreed. Ideally, social, economic, and political power would all be kept fairly separate. The more they get mixed together, the more they corrupt each other.
PimpHandDuke Aylar önce
I think we should Just Say No to celebrity politicians. Hasn't worked out too well in the past.
darknightoftroy Aylar önce
Oh..... that hurts.... it's too true... and it shouldn't be. I'm beginning to think that voting shouldn't be restricted by age, but rather by maturity.... and people voting for TV personalities don't seem very mature to me.
Belly Dancer Em
Belly Dancer Em Aylar önce
Dr Oz needs to go away
Ibin Shkamed
Ibin Shkamed Aylar önce
People, please, think about it. .. ... No more celebrity politicians! Okay?
Troy C
Troy C Aylar önce
too late. we're post-dumbed-down.
Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing Aylar önce
Please no more hateful celebrity comedian political commentators
Johan Runfeldt
Johan Runfeldt Aylar önce
So, you don't want another stint of Al Franken in Congress? Or Oprah for POTUS?
Constance Joyner
Constance Joyner Aylar önce
Lou Sasse
Lou Sasse Aylar önce
Don’t let one ruin it.
C. Hopper
C. Hopper Aylar önce
Dr. Oz used to be an extremely well-regarded cardio-thoracic surgeon who was Very, Very Good at what he did. He's legitimately saved lives with conventional medicine. If only he'd stuck with being a Damn Good Surgeon and saving lives, instead of selling out and preaching lies that make people sick and/or kill them instead. All he cares about is acclaim.
C. Hopper
C. Hopper Aylar önce
@LucyCan As someone who struggles with mental illness, I find it extremely offensive you'd think there's nothing wrong with saying "Maybe he's crazy" as the reason Dr. Oz embraced and supported baseless and often dangerous health advice. That's ignorant and ableist as hell. Oz is not, and never has been, crazy. The Mad Scientist is a trope.
LucyCan Aylar önce
Sometimes science can make some people crazy. Ever heard of the mad scientist. Maybe the formerly good doctor has become one of them
C. Hopper
C. Hopper Aylar önce
@Drago Milosevic Crazy, no. Entirely sane. A "cat lady", you're assuming I'm a woman. Why is that?
C. Hopper
C. Hopper Aylar önce
@William Bravo I absolutely agree that Oz and Carson should've stuck to surgery. Absolutely. They were both brilliant in their specialties, especially Carson, and could have continued to contribute so much to the world if they'd stuck to surgery. If Oz hadn't spread false information on his show--if he'd stuck to the "first do no harm" part of the Hipocratic Oath--he could have put his knowledge and ability to reach the public to excellent use and helped millions. That's what pisses me off about Oz; he had the medical knowledge as a first line of defense and the resources to be able to research info coming in if it didn't immediately scan as hinky. He's the Anti-Doctor, in my opinion. Ben Carson should've stuck to neurosurgery, full stop. He's *not* a capable administrator or public speaker.
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic Aylar önce
@C. Hopper 'knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, playing with cats' so you're the crazy cat lady
sillygilly7 Aylar önce
I think applause for “death comes for us all” pretty much sums up my level of pandemic fatigue.
LynnP 4 gün önce
@Bob Foster so right on the money. Death is the final inconvenience.
Bob Foster
Bob Foster 4 gün önce
@LynnP Ok, I was too dismissive of pandemic fatigue. It's real. Who doesn't have it? My point is that death is a greater inconvenience than pandemic restrictions. "I just want it to be over" is no excuse for irresponsible behavior that threatens the lives of others.
LynnP 12 gün önce
@AnneMarie Bliss Gotta agree. Sadly though, it's a low bar.
LynnP 12 gün önce
@Tracy Tayag Ummmm? So, are you saying _you_ know the truth? And you're cheating on your partner with my partner? *headshake* Wow.
Tracy Tayag
Tracy Tayag 13 gün önce
@AnneMarie Bliss Kudos for fulfilling your roll as a troll. I am sure that the physical description of a troll matches yours to a significant degree as well.
Katie Gray
Katie Gray Aylar önce
It makes sense that Dr. Oz is a republican, because he's been distancing himself from science for decades.
Cam Aylar önce
@C Burkens haha. thread winner right there.
C Burkens
C Burkens Aylar önce
Cam Aylar önce
@C Burkens Prius references are always gold.
C Burkens
C Burkens Aylar önce
@Cam oh yeah the "don't stereotype people" crowd are already branding you and I. The have already assumed all of my beliefs and I guarantee they couldn't be further from the truth. However, it's not a debate they are the same person over and over and incredibly transparent. They can think I'm a "hick" all they want and I'll smile while I drive away in my cash paid truck towing my cash paid boat that I worked hard to have and costs more than their townhouse and prius combined haha.......but I'll be listening to some Merle Haggard so maybe they're right. Either way....they latch on to whatever is convenient and the current majority.
Cam Aylar önce
@C Burkens You're not far wrong. When Uber/Lyft were first launched, free marketers lauded them because their business model challenged the cab medallion monopoly in each city, while the softheads were giddy because they were branded as ''ride-sharing." Anything "sharing" had to be good on multiple levels, right? Then, when the softheads figured out they were basically just livery companies who competed with taxis - sometimes charging less and sometimes charging more - the Left aligned themselves with Big Taxi and started whining about lack of regulations (uber drivers could be serial killers, rapists, drunk drivers, unlicenced, etc.) and that drivers were being exploited (as if anyone was forced at gunpoint to drive for Uber or Lyft). The transformation from good-to-evil in the eyes of the Left happened very quickly. Even more quickly than Bill Gates was transformed from evil monopolist to benevolent philanthropist. I remember watching Late Night With David Letterman in college for the laughs. These days, the r3tards watch Colbert, the Jimmys, The Daily Show, etc. because they think they're news programs. And then they condescendingly call us ignorant hicks.
Anna *****
Anna ***** Aylar önce
You know shit is bad when "Dr Oz running for office" makes you think "That's not bad! I've seen wayyy worse in the office!". This is what the world has come to.
Janae Marlena
Janae Marlena Aylar önce
@targaghjj, oh lordt! Knock on wood!!
targaghjj Aylar önce
I was like "At least its not Dr Phil."
Janae Marlena
Janae Marlena Aylar önce
Agreed, except that is what America has come to...and it's ridiculously embarrassing.
Franz Van Julio
Franz Van Julio Aylar önce
“…lucrative career as a liar…” Thank you, Stephen Colbert. He doesn’t deserve to be held in high esteem by anyone other than those limited to only seeing everything in orange.
Russell M
Russell M Aylar önce
@James maddison do ya? because I'm looking at a peer review and a patent that was granted two weeks ago
James maddison
James maddison Aylar önce
@Russell M Not going anywhere with it. Simply pointing out people aren't mind readers. Don't say one thing when you mean another. Also pointing out youre inaccuracies. Trump said nothing about it, you can infer it all you want but he mentioned nothing about the tech. You yourself ill give you a break yeah, but the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? NO. Doesnt matter which party they belong to. Any and all about presidents of our country absolutely need to be held to a certain standard. I know about healight and know the scientific community determined its an implausible solution. As for u.v, I'm well versed in the electromagnetic spectrum and the properties of various wavelengths of light. My degree is in engineering physics. I stick with objective facts and logic, to limit self bias as much as possible (alot of work at first) not just in my work but in all aspects of my life.
Russell M
Russell M Aylar önce
@James maddison Where are you going with this. The whole conversation centered around an experiment where scientists were able to single out a specific wavelength of UV from the UV spectrum that isn't harmful to human cells but still has disinfectant properties. The first application they talked about was using it in hospitals to sterilize beds/rooms. Or basically anywhere. Hotels, restaurants, homes, whatever. They've used UV for that purpose for some time but only sparingly, because it was full spectrum. Now you can use it and not have to be precautious. Use it all you want. Then that carried over to another idea they called the Healight. It's a catheter (method of injection) that carries the safe wavelength of UV (the disinfectant) through the trachea and lungs. The company that wanted to develop this released their first presser about it, the day before Trump brought it up. That would be one hell of a coincidence. Sorry the man didn't put things as eloquently as a scientist, but gimme a break.
James maddison
James maddison Aylar önce
@Russell M "surfaces" HelloOoOOoo Talking about biologically alive tissue here numbnuts. And I said alive tissue because dead bodies often get hit with all sorts of chemicals depending on cause of death
Russell M
Russell M Aylar önce
@James maddison they use uv for disinfecting hospital surfaces HellOooOOoOoOoO
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B Aylar önce
Dr Oz running for office? Great, another fake reality show celebrity legislating. Just f*cking great.
Crying Broken
Crying Broken Aylar önce
@adam but so was Ahnold...
Crying Broken
Crying Broken Aylar önce
@karl tee sort of, he was a LOT ofvthings before he made his run fir président.
B Bodziak
B Bodziak Aylar önce
@MOOSHELLA 🫐 Q-Anon followers are Literally 100% Republicans.
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B Aylar önce
@adam We've already seen what many people (74 million of them) considered 'pretty decent' as a president. And there were enough of those who thought that the current governor wasn't decent enough. So what we have for a voting population, isn't very well educated at all.
karl tee
karl tee Aylar önce
I mean it worked for Regan, wasn't he a Hollywood actor before he became president?
Chuck Bradley
Chuck Bradley Aylar önce
Only Stephen Colbert can make you laugh about some really screwed up shit going on in our country. Thank you for being able to bring some light Hartness to an otherwise terrible set of events and people
Bryan Benson
Bryan Benson Aylar önce
Saddest of all is so many of these q anon folks are just DYING for these outlandish things TO ACTUALLY BE TRUE! The fact they get bummed when these crazy things DON'T happen worries me. Pretty soon, you'll see them doing these things themselves just so they can say, "See, I told ya!"
John Walsh
John Walsh Aylar önce
Covid Culls the Crazies?
Russell M
Russell M Aylar önce
@Saje Williams I guess you've never read about the Philadelphia Senate race of 1993, the genesis of Rat absentee ballot fraud
Wanda Minter
Wanda Minter Aylar önce
@Crying Broken But it is describing the stages of unraveling of only one person; Person X. There is no need to introduce Person Y.
Amanda Fernandes
Amanda Fernandes Aylar önce
It's a cult. Cults are always upset when the world doesn't end and the devil doesn't abuse your momma as punishment for listening to heavy metal.
Crying Broken
Crying Broken Aylar önce
@SpukiTheLoveKitten75 maybe. Hopefully.
Kev V
Kev V Aylar önce
If you don't vote then don't complain when Mr Oz is in charge of your health care.
Kev V
Kev V Aylar önce
@Metal Roofing I hope you don't think you can understand the world without probability. Covid 19 is many times worse than the vaccine. This is measured. If you can't get that then you're not even being serious.
Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing Aylar önce
@Kev V The good Korean doctor talks a lot about probably this and probably that and we don't know and we need to do more studies. One thing no one knows is the long term effects of the jab. If you want to be the experiment, you are welcome to it.
Kev V
Kev V Aylar önce
@Metal Roofing Here this Korean doctor from South Korea does not work for Biden or the Democrats or counterfeit O'Reilly. So not grade C or Grade F info. trvid.com/video/video-pJHINoHFzbY.html
Kev V
Kev V Aylar önce
@Metal Roofing Count them. Compair them to the population numbers of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. I know, math is hard when you could just listen to counterfeit O'Reilly. Math is important. It's how you can measure the world independent of your masters.
Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing Aylar önce
@Kev V People who cover their faces and get the jab are still getting hospitalized. Everyone who I know that didn't get the jab is just fine. We all need to make our own choices in life. All the best to you sir
Louie LoPresto
Louie LoPresto Aylar önce
As a bears fan I love hearing Rodgers get laughed at. Him and the rest of Green Bay have been laughing at us for years
thedirty530 Aylar önce
It's funny even as a Packers fan! His response is definitely troll worthy even if he's one of my favorite players. Could have been avoided with some simple honesty...
Stephen Velez
Stephen Velez Aylar önce
Cowboys fan here, right withya💪🏼
Jon Hamilton
Jon Hamilton Aylar önce
Look at the bright side, you’re ahead of Detroit.
Carolyn Kuhn
Carolyn Kuhn Aylar önce
Steven, you make me laugh out loud all the time!! Thank you for being such a bright and happy part of my day! ❤️
Gilbert Horn
Gilbert Horn Aylar önce
The only positive thing I can say about Dr. Oz is he performed successful open heart surgery on a friend of mine, who lived another 15 years. Otherwise, not much else to say.
Ashley Aylar önce
It’s baffling to me how fools like Ben Carson and Dr. Oz can also be such absolutely brilliant surgeons and do so much to literally save lives, like your friend’s, and then throw that away for the “fame” of being a half-assed politician.
winesap2 Aylar önce
Those Qanuts sure do have some critical thinking skills. It only takes about 400 baseless predictions not coming true for them to become skeptical.
Andrew Dimitriou
Andrew Dimitriou Aylar önce
Them??? So far it’s only one (lol) but that’s a start.
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
@diamondsmasher lizards always are slippery aren't they
diamondsmasher Aylar önce
To be fair, have you ever tried rounding up an elite cabal of Satan worshipping pedophiles? Slippery bastards.
HighStimulation Aylar önce
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
sceptical maybe, but he still responded to that by writing to the head conspiracy maker, so it's not doing to well at this scepticism thing lol
Kidlike101 Aylar önce
'The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head.' *-Terry Pratchett*
Gigi Armany
Gigi Armany Aylar önce
Vincent Bair
Vincent Bair Aylar önce
Oh good Lord....as someone from Pennsylvania, let me just say, New Jersey can keep Dr. Oz.
Craig McGuinn
Craig McGuinn Aylar önce
@cmconley33 and in a surprise twist that trash isn’t Chris Christie
George Emmons
George Emmons Aylar önce
W?e don't want him either give him to Taxass! PLEASE!
cmconley33 Aylar önce
New Jersey has apparently run out of landfill space and is trying to ship some of their trash here.
Laura E
Laura E Aylar önce
Very, very much seconded. PA has enough crazy people, we don't need another one, especially not that one.
Kathleen Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell Aylar önce
Dr Oz, who found that losing 2% of school children as appetizing last year during the pandemic. Yeah, he'll get the vote of parents of school children after that remark. LMAO
HighStimulation Aylar önce
of course he will. republicans always choose the worst possible and win. cause our country is the smartestest.
Arno Aylar önce
Guy’s n hole, but not what he said.
Common Sense
Common Sense Aylar önce
2/3% !! We’d have lost dozens here in my town by his ok!
Linda Langeheine
Linda Langeheine Aylar önce
The writers on this show are amazing!
Tangarisu Aylar önce
@OhioSteel your time on earth is nearly up. Every republican that doesn't denounce this shit needs to be jailed. Or executed depending on how many they have harmed.
OhioSteel Aylar önce
Or a bunch of lunatics like the rest of them....
Nettie Aylar önce
Well that's disturbing that a "doctor" who claimed you can use an AED and then walk away from the patient is trying to get into something else he's not qualified to do.
Floof Aylar önce
@mta “yEs 🤪”
mta Aylar önce
@Floof yes
Floof Aylar önce
I guess bartender is a better qualification?
Sgt. Sega
Sgt. Sega Aylar önce
Trump wasn't qualified to be president. He was a stupid celebrity.
Tsura Towaru
Tsura Towaru Aylar önce
@александр караманов God dammit. Have my angry upvote.
Cal Cooks
Cal Cooks Aylar önce
“I’d settle for cheaper gas..” ?!?! I believe you’ve covered the climate situation right? $20/gal sounds about right. Let’s just stop complaining about $3.50 while we’re choking on CO2 at 450ppb. Just a thought..
yegfreethinker Aylar önce
How out-of-touch are you? Like seriously. There are people like myself who are on a disability income with barely any other supplemental income who can't afford anything like that. Already fined and feed for everything quite enough in society. Such Notions while superficially noble are actually quite sociopathic when further evauated. Look at the cosequences to real working class people. One doesn't legislate utopia for that is dystopia. One moves closer to a better society by innovating better technologies and solutions and not punishing people for trying to survive. Did we give up the horse and buggy because someone said that they were going to penalize us if we didn't? There are better ways to change society than with a financial bludgeon.
Beth Aylar önce
That would certainly create the needed push for a switch to EV's and alternative transportation.
tantzer Aylar önce
Congress would be perfect for Dr. Oz. He has a lot of experience using his education and communication skills to advocate for those who pay him.
liquidminds Aylar önce
I think he has to wait a few more years before dementia has reached the required minimum-progression for congress.
Kyle Stubbs
Kyle Stubbs Aylar önce
Only Optimus Prime can talk about “re-lighting the divine spark” without sounding suspicious. And Dr. Oz is no Optimus Prime.
George Emmons
George Emmons Aylar önce
Or Jonas Salk either!🤒😷
Aggressive Attitude Era
@The Smart-Casual Gamer. Flopitmus Prime.
Angelaina Marie
Angelaina Marie Aylar önce
The Smart-Casual Gamer.
He's not an Optimus Prime. He's not even a Rodimus Prime. He's not a Gears, a Whirl, even Thundercracker changed sides. This guy is like Spinister. Or Repugnus. Yes, I used this comment to talk about Transformers, I'm a big fan.
sleazybtd Aylar önce
@Sig2423 We already have a Unicron. Close enough.
Rachel Tolbert
Rachel Tolbert Aylar önce
Mr Colbert is SO GOOD at his job!
Dini Aylar önce
😂😂 where do you spawn from I’m curious
Stewart McKenzie
Stewart McKenzie Aylar önce
Stephen you national treasure! -Thanks for all the comedy delivering the news x
Mediumchild 85
Mediumchild 85 Aylar önce
I have been rewatching The X Files and Qanon got all their material and beliefs from that show.
Diana B
Diana B Aylar önce
@HighStimulation I’ve been very disappointed to learn both how poor the research skills and the emotional intelligence is in our country. Quite sad.
zhaDe Aylar önce
better than if it was from the last season of game of thrones tho
HighStimulation Aylar önce
@Diana B there totally are. 99.97% of em', I'd say.
Lazyboy Recliner
Lazyboy Recliner Aylar önce
It's all just a mix of pop culture, sci-fi, religion, and older conspiracies
Diana B
Diana B Aylar önce
I read it was originally a joke and a grift making fun of boomers. Apparently there’s a lot of dumb people out there.
boli milda
boli milda Aylar önce
Well that's disturbing that a "doctor" who claimed you can use an AED and then walk away from the patient is trying to get into something else he's not qualified to do.
zedmelon Aylar önce
@Misty Benefield :,) All sarcasm aside, I'd say Dr. Oz is an idiot. ...except after decades, he's still "earning" money bilking people, so he's got SOMEthing figured out.
Misty Benefield
Misty Benefield Aylar önce
@zedmelon Please let that be snark.
zedmelon Aylar önce
Dude, pay attention and quit picking on the good doctor. AED: *_Automated_* external defibrillator. You're _supposed_ to walk away.
Bennie Parker
Bennie Parker Aylar önce
Love love love Stephen Colbert’s monologues!
Ed Rowlands
Ed Rowlands Aylar önce
Qanon should start a comedy show, they could keep their fans with canned laughs for the next three years. Guest stars could be Trump, the Pillow Man, Sancho Panza Giuliani and the rest of the Republicans in Congress.
Amin Jones
Amin Jones Aylar önce
@The football geek 23 comedians knows me, some a bit too well; It's not so thin, she was chubby. Satire is dead.
The football geek 23
Does Stephen mention Chris Coumo's unethical and Andrew Cuomo's moral/unethical/illegal indiscretions so I know I can watch a fair and balanced satirical news segment?
MOOSHELLA 🫐 Aylar önce
No one follows qanon on the right we aren’t idiots but also they have a lot of stuff right too don’t forget that part it’s a shill made to make the truth look crazy soo there is a lot of truth
Amin Jones
Amin Jones Aylar önce
See?, I was invited to speak at the international dementia care conference, invited to write for two medical journals(only two accredited). My library is a work of art.. Qanon was expecting me to do something when I started. I did. Q
Amin Jones
Amin Jones Aylar önce
I am Amin: eamon, Â-min. Back in the EARLY 1800s, the United States had a social movement. A journalist penned it, manifest destiny but really it was a population obtaining land from the indigenous. At around that same time, two men worked for country in two ways: President Jackson pushed out the natives, a lawyer named Nicholas Trist established communication and embassy with our brown neighbors in Mexico. History, didn't quite remember the peace maker. Speaking of which, whatever part of your part of your brain that you nurture will dominate your decision making. Its physiological; I'll get into it more later but let's focus on discipline & serotonin. Decent behavior(not too agreeable, not too disagreeable, not too callow) will build serotonin, namely in the gut(I'll go in to it more later), serotonin in the brain Makes us more dominant & less aggressive-low serotonin from indecency Makes us more aggressive. There's a bunch to cover. As a consequence of being a society we learn how to behave witnessing our peers.. This is called scaffolding, or sociocultural cog dev.. Prison rewards the pathway to aggressive behavior. As the US knows it, We're building prisoners; education built on obtaining, foundation built on obtaining, community rewarded for pushing a golf cart to Dante's third circle because that whole toil of obtaining s$-t you don't need, you're ignoring the human part of your brain, atrophy and plaque develops, before that item degraded.
William Steeves
William Steeves Aylar önce
Oh my God, that bit about Quetzalcoatl's birthday is the best joke I've ever heard on late night television. Bravo.
Savannah Aylar önce
I love when Stephen hands off his imaginary props 🤣
ID10T Aylar önce
The writers nailed this one, give that group a bonus!
Skye Gray
Skye Gray Aylar önce
I’m to the point where I think it’s morally wrong to attempt to stop our CoupAnon friends from eventually going full Jonestown. Their body their choice, am I right?
Jon Hamilton
Jon Hamilton Aylar önce
Hopefully they’ll drink the real KoolAid.
ian stewart
ian stewart Aylar önce
@Ika Ayu lying troll
Chrono Bretz
Chrono Bretz Aylar önce
If they keep it to themselves cool just as long as they don't pull what the Japanese version did in the 90s
Cyrus Jed Binauhan
Cyrus Jed Binauhan Aylar önce
As long as they don't also go full Y'all-Qaeda and forcibly "rapture" as many people with them as possible.
Paul Philippart
Paul Philippart Aylar önce
@Ika Ayu troll
annie Bell
annie Bell Aylar önce
In so happy Stephen pointed out the lunacy of the travel ban in Southern Africa.
Me Here
Me Here 29 gün önce
update, we have a new premier (state leader) in NSW, who doesn't believe in covid restrictions, only "personal responsibility", so 2 weeks on, we're now well past the point where there's any hope of eliminating it from Australia again, massive exponential growth in case numbers now! From a stable 200 a day to 2,400 yesterday & still rising (that's single state numbers, Melbourne's numbers are growing too, the rest of the country not so much yet, but can be expected to follow soon, except the state of WA, they've closed their state borders again & chosen to remain covid free, but everywhere else is now under vaccinations only for control
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
​@A A & just to be clear, we've eliminated covid from our community completely over 20 times now. We know how to do it with relative ease & that's the procedures we're currently following with omicron. We do intend letting it run if the evidence indicates it's safe to do so, but until we have that evidence, we will eliminate it & keep it eliminated, cause there's no second chances with a variant like this if we don't contain it & get on track to elimination within the first 1-2 weeks. Your country's never eliminated covid, not even once, so very silly to say you're on teh same page as Australia or have the capacity to do as Australia is with such an infectious variant & without the entire society being conditioned to what's needed & educated on the steps every individual needs to take to make it happen & having practiced it multiple times with less infectious variants to master the skills required
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
​@A A um no, we don't have it in our community to a point we can't eliminate it again if we choose to, we are actively working to prevent that situation occurring. Tell me, do you genome sequence EVERY case of covid you get to check for this or other variants? Do you isolate every person who has been on a flight with a positive case of this variant for 14 days regardless of their test status? How about people who have had contact with them after their arrival, such as family members? Do you put every one of them into 14 days isolation with covid testing? We do. Unless you are doing teh same, you are NOT in the same situation as Australia! You lot like to pretend Australia's doing well cause we're more isolated than you, well that's total rubbish, as the results on omicron so far are showing. We have 8 cases imported so far & in quarantine, how many cases do you have? If you're in America, with population taken into account, you should have at least 100 cases detected & in isolation so far. The reason countries like Australia consistently do so well with covid is cause we work dam hard at it! We're willing to make the sacrifices needed to maintain control, you are not! You just play politics with travel bans, we use travel bans for genuine control of covid in our country. Seriously, how many people do you have in government supervised quarantine right now? How many states have closed their borders to other states as part of your travel ban covid control management? Our situation's NOTHING like yours is!
A A Aylar önce
@Me Here Dude, everyone is doing it for the same reasons Australia is doing it. Australia already has it in its communities as well so don't pretend the situation is any different from every other country that has introduced travel bans.
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
​@eva tripp get a handle on it how????? What's the plan with that time created? In Australia we do actually have a plan/reason behind it, we're preventing it getting into our community while assessing the risks & if we decide it's too risky, we will then act to keep it out until we have more info & have been able to figure out what to do with it, but countries like America don't have that option! It's already in your country, well & truly spread in your community, well beyond the point of being able to reign it back in, so unless you actually have a plan as to what you will be doing with that time, that couldn't be done without the travel ban, then reality is it's pure politics & racism! You don't even have the correct countries identified as far as where it's coming in from do you! Stop buying into all the propaganda you're told without even thinking for yourself if it makes any sense at all! If you were to think about it, you would realise it does NOT make any sense at all!
Indigo Wolf
Indigo Wolf Aylar önce
I love the Q files that just cracked me up so much. Maybe one of them will run for Senate who knows. At this rate anyone can run for Senate and be elected. I think my neighbor wants to run for Senate. He works at a garage as a mechanic I think he'd make a good senator. I was always told that people in government have to have a lot of experience to be a senator or a congressman. Apparently someone lied to me. 🤔🤔
Souley Says
Souley Says Aylar önce
As a Pennsylvanian, I can say with confidence, you are correct!
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
"I'd settle for cheaper gas", says millionaire Stephen Colbert... Ahh I love it when they try to connect with their audience on the same level.
Guitar Beast 6886
Guitar Beast 6886 Aylar önce
Whoever is feeding this Q stuff is just laughing his ass off.
Jeffrey Roberson
Jeffrey Roberson 27 gün önce
LOL😂 They have to be! Walking a flock of sheep off a cliff 🐑
Tootsla 125
Tootsla 125 Aylar önce
@5th Journey Off-Grid Homestead yup. Ron Watkins.
uriituw Aylar önce
@Qbe Root WTF are you rambling on about?
uriituw Aylar önce
@Qbe Root What? You’re babbling incoherently?
uriituw Aylar önce
@Qbe Root What fuck are you on about?
Lynn Taylor
Lynn Taylor Aylar önce
I didn't think QAnon fans were capable of learning. The more you know.
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
given he wrote to trump about it, I'd say your original thinking was correct
True To myself
True To myself Aylar önce
The distopian Disney joke made me smile and clap my hands….thank you, Mr. Colbert😀
Meagan King
Meagan King Aylar önce
What gets me is they haven't figured out that Trump likes them young. Like most guilty people they talk about other's
L. Titus
L. Titus Aylar önce
@ping pong champion USA '17 Wow, that’s a pretty long list. It must have taken a while to write all that out. I, for one, applaud you.
Servragh Giorsal
Servragh Giorsal Aylar önce
@ping pong champion USA '17 please, please please, PLEASE.send this or contact me so you can mail it to me. I wanted/ need to rescue my brother ( mid 70' s ) from the bizarre denial and conspiracy's he's fallen into. Also several fairly rabid seniors who always saye " Show me where... " And try to bludgeon us with arguments.
merchantfan Aylar önce
I mean they've actively fought with real child trafficking organizations so it doesn't seem like they care that much about real kids being hurt. It's more about those blonde haired middle class fantasy children, we have to protect them.
minot60 Aylar önce
@Boz Bozman bless your heart.
The football geek 23
Does Stephen mention Chris Coumo's unethical and Andrew Cuomo's moral/unethical/illegal indiscretions so I know I can watch a fair and balanced satirical news segment?
Steven Siferd
Steven Siferd Aylar önce
I can't wait to see how the Q-Anon crowd and other right-wing Evangelicals in Pennsylvania (or New Jersey -- whatever) react when they find out that Mehmet Oz is a Muslim who practices transcendental meditation.
KINDNESS FIRST 26 gün önce
@Craig McGuinn Given it's origins in the white supremacy movement it's likely that believers in QAnon are more suspicious of Asians than Europeans since Asians are less likely than Europeans to be judged white.
Craig McGuinn
Craig McGuinn Aylar önce
@KINDNESS FIRST but would it freak Qanon people more if Oz was from Europe or Asia
@Craig McGuinn 95% of Turkey is in Asia but it's true that Turkey is one of the five Asian nations that are partly in Europe. The Q Anon people are suspicious of Europeans as well.
Craig McGuinn
Craig McGuinn Aylar önce
@KINDNESS FIRST part of western Turkey is in Europe though…so we know if Mehmet oz is from that part of Turkey
Not to mention his being a citizen and military veteran of an Asian nation (Turkey).
Dark Zhiro
Dark Zhiro Aylar önce
How many times must crazy conspiracies not happen for crazy people to not believe in them?
Mik Moen
Mik Moen Aylar önce
How many centuries have Christians been awaiting the second coming?
Thehobbes7 Aylar önce
Just tell them “birds aren’t real”. They are government drones spying on us. They’ll run with that for a decade.
Stealth 7
Stealth 7 Aylar önce
conspiracies not coming true is a conspiracie
Russell M
Russell M Aylar önce
Russia Russia Russia
Russell M
Russell M Aylar önce
Maybe you should read about the Philadelphia Senate race of 1993, for example
Cathalia Loth
Cathalia Loth Aylar önce
People used to joke that purging Republicans are a legitimate form of self-defense. Sadly Its not a joke anymore :(
Tangarisu Aylar önce
It must be done. Will it be millions? Yes. But it must be done or they will end humanity in a fit of self-righteous rage.
slida emif
slida emif Aylar önce
"Astrological signs may reveal a great deal about your health." - Mehmet Oz "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." - Carl Sagan
Nonna_SoF Aylar önce
"How's it look Doc?" "Not very good. Mercury is in U'r-anus." "I don't believe that astrology crap." "Neither do I. My thermometer just broke."
Kai Thoren Fawkes
Kai Thoren Fawkes Aylar önce
It took one second too long for me to catch that. So, just 2 seconds. I snorted with envious laughter. Gotta remember that one! Perfect!
Ignacio Alvarez
Ignacio Alvarez Aylar önce
This wins!
Markus Andrew
Markus Andrew Aylar önce
lol, good one 😂
GIJ GIJ Aylar önce
Ba-doom-doom TISH!
ifgezroxy Aylar önce
Holy crap. I laughed way too hard at this.
Angie Allen
Angie Allen Aylar önce
Yeah, like not living in the state has any bearing on whether one can run for the Senate. Utah has one Senate seat specially reserved for out of state Senators. Orrin Hatch (Utah Senator from Pittsburg, PA) held it for over 40 years before relinquishing it to Mitt Romney (Utah Senator from Boston, MA). Give me a break from "visiting" Senators!
John Davis
John Davis Aylar önce
An office friendship that turns to romance is often followed by a trip to HR.
John Davis
John Davis Aylar önce
@Debra Starr 21 years ago it was ok to ask a coworker out. Now it’s a crime.
Debra Starr
Debra Starr Aylar önce
Or 21 years of bliss married to my husband….
CJ LEX Aylar önce
@Deborah Schuler underrated comment 😆
John Davis
John Davis Aylar önce
@Kathleen Ferguson lol
Kathleen Ferguson
Kathleen Ferguson Aylar önce
Home Room?
skug9bob Aylar önce
Of course, the departure of doubters will just make the hardcore true Believers more confident in their rightness and convinced of theIr specialness.
PyroGiz Aylar önce
The part I find amusing is that the Greek letter "X" would actually be pronounced more like the "Ch" in Chlamydia. It's the first letter of "Christ" and it's why you see Christmas shortened to Xmas.
zedmelon Aylar önce
I don't even care if that's true...have an upvote anyway!
Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson Aylar önce
The writers on this show are so damn good
J J Aylar önce
There's nothing like the realization that as a member of society a person in America is nothing but a statistic. As long as the economy's running and the death rate is acceptable well that's life. Take care everybody. Just a matter of concern not a matter of panic.
Matthew Richard
Matthew Richard Aylar önce
AHAHA The Coffee Bean Pills! I will never forget that one! My friend was helping me move when his mother called him to ask where and how fast can she get the Coffee Bean Pills and why he never told her about them (he's a GP) it took him about 5 minutes just to get her to slow down enough to even understand what she was talking about before he had found out she had been reading or watching something about these pills and Dr Oze recommending them as they are a "well known weight loss aide among doctors" (or something like that) and she was totally under the impression my friend had been holding out on her about these pills...
KnifingKing 3
KnifingKing 3 Aylar önce
That hoagie joke made me laugh way more then it should have.
Markus Andrew
Markus Andrew Aylar önce
"I told a few of my awake friends..." So he didn't tell any of his cataleptic friends?
Lord Jude
Lord Jude Aylar önce
I blame Oprah for boosting Dr Oz, Dr Phil and Iyanla's shady profiles.
TitaniumTeddyBear Aylar önce
Oh, for Pete's sake Stephen, please don't insult the ones who are starting to doubt the conspiracies. It just drives them back to the people who don't make fun of them: the conspiracy-theorists :/
darknightoftroy Aylar önce
@Tangarisu :/ No. For multiple reasons. 1) being a sucker doesn't seem to be genetically controlled. 2) Killing your way to a solution doesn't really solve much. 3) Choosing to be a tyrant corrupts oneself. 4) Killing people is wrong. 5) I am not an aggressor. In self-defense, even terrible things may be justified, but to willfully steer things towards violence and destruction is immoral. 6) Even if I don't know how to make the situation better, that doesn't mean it can't be remedied. I have an obligation not to make it appreciably worse.
Tangarisu Aylar önce
@darknightoftroy then need to be jailed or removed from society. Those that fight shoot them. Burn this rubbish from our genome and civilization already 😑
Tangarisu Aylar önce
They need to executed
darknightoftroy Aylar önce
I am so tired of the nonsense that I can't bring myself to care if the nuts recover or not. I would have to believe there would be something of value worth saving for me to devote any further emotional energy to saving them.
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
If he's writing to trump to report the conspiracy theories, then I really don't think he's in a place where he can be pulled out of the conspiracy zone!
DJP O’Keeffe
DJP O’Keeffe Aylar önce
When they find out about Santa they will feel even more sorry for themselves.
Rodney Hiner
Rodney Hiner Aylar önce
I’m going to take a wild guess not hearing about Dr Oz until now that since he was joked about he is running as a Republican?
Jon Hamilton
Jon Hamilton Aylar önce
marshmallowdiptaco Aylar önce
"An evil corporation in a dystopian future that owns your childhood memories, so...Disney." Also, Facebook.
GreyWolfClimber Aylar önce
Ye. And they can take them away. If you’re rude to right wingers too much, Facebook will delete your account. They deleted my account containing ten years of memories.
Annora Aylar önce
Hahahaha I think you mean "meta" much less disturbed name for a company that owns the data of billions and holds the businesses of many countries in it's grasp by being their main connection to their customers. Get out people. Get Out.
Saiqua Tabassum
Saiqua Tabassum Aylar önce
@Daryl in Göteborg or if your parents posted about every single thing you did...
Daryl in Göteborg
Daryl in Göteborg Aylar önce
@Richard Nixon as long as you uploaded pictures of your childhood memories or joined at a young age like this generation then it’s there forever/ theirs forever
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon Aylar önce
How does Facebook own your childhood memories?
Marilyn McKenzie
Marilyn McKenzie Aylar önce
One of his best “ Intro’s” yet! Made my day! 😂
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson Aylar önce
Awesome opening Stephen! One of the best!
Napoléon I Bonaparte
The Taft and Red October movie joke is underrated.
Padraig McCauley
Padraig McCauley Aylar önce
As a fat guy the Taft joke was definitely funny
Beej Mckay
Beej Mckay Aylar önce
He doesn't dumb down his jokes and that's why his monologues are the best on late night
Dan M
Dan M Aylar önce
Truth, dude. coincidentally just re-watched the Hunt for Red October, this weekend. Gnarly how young everybody looked.
Mark Alibozek
Mark Alibozek Aylar önce
As I learned from the Wizard of Oz, anyone with Oz in their name cannot be trusted!
FE Peer Review
FE Peer Review Aylar önce
8:30 So PA voters get to decide whether or not I get to have my "divine spark" reignited? I'm a California boy and this rubs me the wrong way. They need to mind their own divine sparks.
Quix Aylar önce
It's already in the US, the entry testing is just more lax than in those European countries that have reported cases.
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
of course it is! I mean there's already 7 cases in Australia ffs! Australia doesn't even allow non-citizens into the country, hasn't for 2 years & no-one's been allowed out of the country for 2 years either, so very few people travelling in, so if Australia has 7 cases already, just imagine how many are really in a large, open country like America by now! & btw Canada & Australia are both finding cases are coming from Nigeria, which isn't on the travel ban list!
OhioSteel Aylar önce
And you have to have another vaccine to be vaccinated against it. Get in Line!
M Aylar önce
True. One will never know because there is always 'incubation period' sloppy/lax people can hide behind OR lab results not foolproof either. 💐
Grat Ty
Grat Ty Aylar önce
Scientific facts are actually generated inside laboratories not in TV shows, with non scientific writers and hosts. Findings also take time to generate unless it comes from con men.
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
hmm did you ever watch the tv show "person of interest"? They created a scifi world where there was a machine watching every person's every action - they Snowden revealed it was in fact science not science fiction lol
Kevin Knerr
Kevin Knerr Aylar önce
It's true! I saw a scientific fact generator on display at the Franklin Institute! While some science does indeed take place within a laboratory, a lot of scientific exploration and discovery takes place in nature itself. Findings can take place in an instant, like a Eureka! moment in a bath. What takes time is confirmation.
Andrew Spratz
Andrew Spratz Aylar önce
Great job Stephen, good stuff brother
Mike E
Mike E Aylar önce
They can't be that awake if they still buy in to that Qanon garbage.
treylem3 Aylar önce
merchantfan Aylar önce
They're more awake in that "awake for 72 hours straight hallucinating" sense
tomtom86004 Aylar önce
@MOOSHELLA 🫐 are you high?
Joe Horn
Joe Horn Aylar önce
@MOOSHELLA 🫐 copy pasting troll with no facts.
MOOSHELLA 🫐 Aylar önce
No one follows qanon on the right we aren’t idiots but also they have a lot of stuff right too don’t forget that part it’s a shill made to make the truth look crazy soo there is a lot of truth
Catherine Black
Catherine Black Aylar önce
If I was ever crazy enough to run for the Senate, it would be in a literal sense.
tennisbum Aylar önce
Stephen, kudos to the best written monologue I've heard in a long time 👍
D wood
D wood Aylar önce
Stephen, more sound effects please......that was hilarious, especially, the unexpected cat meow at the end...
LynnP Aylar önce
+1 for the writers room today. Outstanding!
Diana Swan
Diana Swan Aylar önce
Thank you so much for pointing out the insanity of the travel bans. It is so cruel and unnecessary, for nations that have endured the UK travel bans in the past for months on end resulting in economic ruin and of no benefit to the world community, as stated by WHO
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
meanwhile in Australia, the country's doing great under 2 years of travel bans
Beth Aylar önce
Yeah. They clearly have not been effective.
AnnoyingMoose Aylar önce
Settle for cheaper gas?!? Stephen! You already have the cheapest gas on the continent!! If it were any cheaper they would have to give it away for free!! Here in Vancouver, B.C. we've been paying the equivalent of $5 USD per US gallon for Regular all year!!
Cristiano Pruneri
Cristiano Pruneri Aylar önce
By the end of november I too have lost faith in my ISP promises about finally connecting us to the optic fibre network ["it should happen by mid October" , they told us]... Sometimes, reality just imposes itself.
N N Aylar önce
Biden is trying to be positive and is working hard for all of us. Will you please leave him alone?
Stine W
Stine W Aylar önce
no all presidents get ridicule
OhioSteel Aylar önce
@Dragon Lady lol I’d be all for the infrastructure bill would all go towards roads and bridges. To bad only 6% would go toward that. Read the Bill. It’s not as great as it sounds. Just like all the Covid reliefs packages. 60 million for breastfeeding counselors? Millions for gender studies in countries that don’t believe in any of that crap? They are just filling their pockets as always. It’s not about democrat or republicans. If you’re paying attention we hate 99% of the republicans as well. Why aren’t they talking about the maxwell trial? Because all the elites are pedophiles and went to the island. And before you say “trump flew on the plane too!!!!” He flew from Mar a lago to New York. Never went to the island like Clinton and many other famous people. If you don’t know Disney, Hollywood and the elites are pedophiles you again aren’t paying attention.
Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady Aylar önce
@OhioSteel um... our infrastructure has long since exceeded any design funtion. Its failing. The longer we wait, the more expensive it will get. This includes roads, bridges, dams, drinking water, wastewater systems (which are financially, scientifically inefficient & wasteful). Trump certainly never came close to addressing this, altho he consistently promised we would see it in just 2 weeks. This alone is of vital importance. So you cant even acknowledge that?
Rob Bullock
Rob Bullock Aylar önce
Hush hush snowflake. Don't start cutting yourself
OhioSteel Aylar önce
@Elaine Campbell also Joe Biden is on the side of George Soros.......not exactly something you should be proud of
Exile Burns
Exile Burns Aylar önce
It never ceases to amaze me what the Q crowd believes. I recently found and entire subreddit that's nothing but people who don't believe birds are real now this?
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
well birds are dinosaurs & dinosaurs aren't real, cause they existed in a time before god created the world, so I guess it makes sense that birds aren't real either - right?
ssj002 Aylar önce
if it's anything like the FB page, the "birds aren't real" subreddit is 100% tongue-in-cheek. It's just there to hold a mirror up to conspiracy people so they see how crazy they are.
Diana B
Diana B Aylar önce
I have a parrot and they might be right. They may be the a devil bot.
Ecliptor Calrissian
I knew I never trusted those pigeons...
concorde p
concorde p Aylar önce
In the future today’s kids if they survive this pandemic will tell their grandchildren “yes it was a crazy time and yes the idiots were my neighbors and you great uncle….”
Avimech 85
Avimech 85 Aylar önce
3:53 One person clapped one time until they realized no one else was going to clap 🤣
"Dr" OZ... "I'm tired of pretending to be a doctor...." "I want to pretend to be a Senator!"
Craig McGuinn
Craig McGuinn Aylar önce
@Jack B Ron Paul was the doctor…it’s rand Paul who deserves those criticisms
liquidminds Aylar önce
it's the better paying role with far fewer lines to remember.
MrMJmusicLover Aylar önce
Is this the same Dr.Oz from Emerald City? Maybe he can give me a wife. 😏😂
Maximus Aylar önce
Just like trump pretended to be President!
treylem3 Aylar önce
Tj H
Tj H Aylar önce
00:56 small correction btw, in case it hasn't already been mentioned. 'Xi' in this case refers to the Greek Letter, which is usually pronounced "Ksi" or "Zai" (in modern greek). Although saying "Zhi" is understandable as most people will have encountered "Xi" only as the asian name rather than the greek letter...same spelling different language different pronounciation.
CAfromCA Aylar önce
Stephen is so much happier in front of his audience. :-)
Drewski Drewski
Drewski Drewski Aylar önce
Priceless commentaries as always 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
ElPayasoMalo Aylar önce
"An evil corporation in a dystopian future that owns your childhood memories?" That sounds like the plot of Johnny Mnemonic.
Luke McCann
Luke McCann Aylar önce
I know Omicron is just basically "O" in Greek but it seriously does sound like the one the tin foil hat crowd has been waiting for as far as the name is concerned
Toney Tucci
Toney Tucci Aylar önce
I can remember a simpler time when chlamydia didn't have a name yet and was called 'non-gonococcal urethritis' or 'non-specific urethritis',; and AIDS hadn't been invented yet, and the biggest fear was herpes, and we didn't have computers in our pockets.
Sam Tamoglia
Sam Tamoglia Aylar önce
I genuinely appreciate that Colbert picks on Biden just as much as the former guy even though Biden is a far better person. Can't wait for people to get mad at that.
Sam Tamoglia
Sam Tamoglia Aylar önce
@Andrew Dimitriou people who are up the former guy's butt because I used the term "better person"
Andrew Dimitriou
Andrew Dimitriou Aylar önce
Who do you think would get upset?
Bryce Bray
Bryce Bray Aylar önce
Stephen is cool. Thanks for keeping shit real.
Low Light
Low Light Aylar önce
"Astrological signs may reveal a great deal about your health." - Mehmet Oz "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." - Carl Sagan
CloudsGirl7 Aylar önce
Maybe you want to go for something less powerful than Sagan; we don't want to totally obliterate the snake-oiler... ...Well, maybe we do... His ego, at the very least.
scott ayar
scott ayar Aylar önce
Hitchens, took the approach of making people mad. As to where Sagan, was more about not demolishing others. I wish Sagan was still with us, a truly great mind.
Jay Fredrickson
Jay Fredrickson Aylar önce
@Drew Lovelyhell I was gonna say that but you beat me to it! LOL
Draco Magnius
Draco Magnius Aylar önce
Is Dr. Oz those "Doctors hate this one trick" ads at the bottoms of a lot of websites in human form?
Drew Lovelyhell
Drew Lovelyhell Aylar önce
Well, whether you believe in Astrology reveals something about your *mental* health..
sealyoness Aylar önce
'The truth is out there; the lies are inside your head.' (attributed to anon, but last quoted by the late Sir Terry Pratchett)
Lowkeylie Aylar önce
@Kai Thoren Fawkes Years ago unfortunately. He and Neil are two of my favorite modern authors. They always seemed to compliment each other well, like two sides of the same coin.
Kai Thoren Fawkes
Kai Thoren Fawkes Aylar önce
I really like Pratchett! He worked very well with Neil Gaiman to make Good Omens. I hadn't realized he had passed away 😥
Lowkeylie Aylar önce
Damn, I miss that magnificent bastard. The world has a little less humor and wit since he passed.
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