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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching, supporting, and being apart of our lifes歹 I LOVE YOU!!! 必歹
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28 Mar 2023




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You're down to Earth, funny, and always come with good vibes
Sasha Herrera
The real ones were never there for the makeup, mainly the vibes. We love your personality and just overall the person you are. Very honest, humble and loving. We just love you girl 綽
Lyndsay Bradley
I was never here just for makeup. Ive always been here for Les. We just love you and your personality and will stick around for whatever you decide to do!
Adriana Farias
Ive never truly cared what you post about. You are one of the very few social media influencers that I feel are like my own friends. Ive always felt that when you post and talk to us, you are talking directly to me as a friend. You motivate and make others feel better when you dont even know us in person. Every happy moment youve had, Ive been so happy for you, just as I have with my own friends.
Jeymye Ballesteros
Shes so real for showing she doesnt have the perfect stomach after pregnancy. I love her. Shes so relatable. Gorgeous Baddie. 手
Sometimes I wish Les would post unedited videos because I love watching her lives and it feels like so natural and shes so funny
Ive always loved how real you are. So proud of all your accomplishments.
Becky Gutierrez
Les,we dont care what you post we just love you弘 thank you for letting us be part of your journey
Sandy G.
What people don't understand is that EVERY kid is different. They all go their own pace & people always have something to say about everyone else's kids until it's their own & then they'll get defensive. Like girl they're YOUR kids and you know what's best for them. My nephew started walking at 10 months . My daughter started walking at almost 1翻yrs old . WHO CARES! keep doing you Les. We all love you you're such a great person inside and out great job on your fitness journey!
Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Yesss!! Been here for the longest and continue to apoyarte!! Like my mom would say Si Les se tira de un bridge yo tambi矇n lmao love how real you are and humilde and watching every accomplishment being all happy for you! 手
Samantha Palomeque
Les, i honestly didnt really noticed when you stopped posting makeup tutorials. I love watching you and now that you are a mom as well, I relate to you so much more! Sending you and your little fam lots of love always.
Daisy Ron
I was out in El Paso this weekend and went to your parents restaurant. I told your dad Im a big fan of you and Danny y me picho la comida 朮歹 love watching you guys, never miss a video! 歹
My New Walk With Jesus
I love whatever you do Les! I've made cakes, I've used some of your make up hacks, I've bought the hello fresh subscription, I love your fitness journey, I've made your coffee's. and when I have kids ill probably take your advice on that too. Us real ones who have been here from the makeup days just love u for u! 歹
Jenna Ortegon
I think we need a LES PODCAST 歹 I can listen to her talk for daysssss
Anna Mosqueda
The first time I came across a Facebook video of yours, you were insisting you were a size 1 The second one was you putting your makeup turning yourself into an ice cream come banging you head against the table trying to get the sprinkles to stick After that I was immediately drawn to your energy and have watched you since. You post whatever you want to post because you are so humble and someone I would have in my circle of friends because your videos are so real You're doing a wonderful job, Les
Heidi Gonzalez
I've been watching you since you were still at your parents house lol! Since I was in highschool and now I'm a college graduate isn't that crazy. but i just wanted to let you know how inspirational you are to me. You are like a big sister that I look up to and even if you don't read this message i want you to know how much you inspire and motivate me. Love all the way from Lubbock, Tx
Leslie Hernandez
As a subscriber since the beginning, I can say that I have enjoyed every different era of lesdomakeups journey . Everyone grows and find their true selves differently . Forever a baby girl
Jessica Fernandez
Thank you for the raw honesty one of the OGs back when wiping brushes on your sisters alfombra was a thing. 1000% motivated to chase my better self
Erika Martinez
i love how you do different things like baking , makeup and now have a athletic brand
Guadalupe Acosta
Thank you Les! thank you for speaking about THE POWER OF POSITIVITY. You have inspired me since a while back but finally said DAY ONE OR ONE DAY, last year. Im no longer obese.