Pure Skill... How Karate Master Knocked People Out in UFC - Lyoto Machida 

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We’ve heard for years that karate doesn't work in MMA, then Lyoto Machida came along and proved otherwise. Performing in the most competitive arenas around the world for over 20 years, the Brazilian Dragon has earned a reputation of a cold-blooded samurai, stalking up a collection of unique knockouts. It's time to recollect the story about the Shotokan Karate master who defied expectations and took the UFC championship belt.
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17 Kas 2022




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@ChainsawFPV Yıl önce
"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. No excuses. He was better than me, and deserved victory. " Words of a good, humble man.
@2sdd Yıl önce
i will never understand how u can trashtalk somebody who just kicked ur ass. dude, if he is so trash what does it make you? :F
@Mostbee Yıl önce
@@2sdd In the gaming industry people seems to think otherwise, and I still don't understand.
A fair ring, A fair fight, and may the best man win.
@SteveWard151 Yıl önce
Being humble makes you strong
@odinsclone3436 Yıl önce
Right one of the few men to step into the ring with enough awareness to stop the fight himself when morally it was time to do so. He was never bitter in defeat and always returned with the same fire he had in the fight before. The dragon was one I always loved to watch fight.. he had a good run and a lethal front kick .
@Toretto16 6 aylar önce
The guys who knocks his opponent out with a single leg kick, sends him to sleep and then stays on his knees. Pure humble greatness. A charater and personality that won't be seen soon in MMA.
@kurtwpg 4 aylar önce
Someone who was underrated for this is Carlos Condit. Absolutely ruthless violence without hesitation or regret, never taking a follow-up shot that wasn't needed and instantly turning into a lamb when the job is done.
@n0xure 3 aylar önce
And using the crane-foot stance (tsuru achi dashi) - most karateka never use this outside of kata. This technique almost like a joke because of that scene in the karate kid - seeing it successfully deployed in a serious fight is so sick.
@Tespri Aylar önce
Umm knockouts generally happen with single kick or punch when someone doesn't expect them or from right angle.
@NazriB 3 gün önce
Lies again? Pit Stop USD SGD
@lipokyanger7685 4 aylar önce
I began loving MMA because of him. In a brutal bloodsport among killers, he was a skilled gentleman and a beast shrouded in honour and tranquility. That's what I really respected and wanted to become as a person.
Machida kicking Vitor in the face and then bowing to his corpse is the most martial arts thing I've ever seen. Such a class act👍
@golputer1 7 aylar önce
I love that Machida sticks to his Shotokan roots every chance he got, with the distinct deep stances, long range offense, kime (explosive attacks) and fast triangle footwork. Classic shotokan. Not to mention keeping karate manners on and off the tatami. The humility, no trash talking, bowing and even getting into a seiza (sit on the floor) and bowing when he knocked out his opponents. A true Shotokan Tiger (or Dragon - as he calls himself). I’m also moved to see GSP & Wonderboy always observe karate manners, be humble and respectful to their opponents too. The three always keep their integrity. The Dojo Kun is their way of life.
@BIZZLLENIZZLLE 3 aylar önce
He was able to draw the crowd and viewers for his fights without being disrespectful or talking trash. Just skill and so entertaining to watch.
He broke his arm in training camp, lost the fight, but made zero excuses for losing. What a G.
@HeyMrDJ25 Yıl önce
Ya if it were me I’d be sayin my arm was f’ed up so I didn’t train properly and that’s why I lost 😂😂 this guys’ humbleness is insane, respects to his father who raised an absolute beast of a legend.
@apathy11303 Yıl önce
He's legit, but he should've pulled out of the fight... His career would've been completely different if he did
Most champions now won't take the fight. Machida was stupid to fight or his story might have been different if he didn't fight that fight.
@jessecadena Yıl önce
@MTK - Deep respect.
@casonwoody 2 aylar önce
Machida was my guy. I was completely bought in to the Machida era. The consistent dominance never happened after he won the title but he deserves immense respect. He's still my guy.
@SplicerYT 5 aylar önce
Anyone who doubts the value of Karate, just look at this man’s precision and effectiveness with his striking. That’s years of practice and discipline on display right there. At that level of skill he doesn’t think to strike it’s just pure instinct. Ultra instinct.
@foolsgold9993 5 aylar önce
Somebody said: "A beginner plans the move he would like to make, a pro executes the move he wants to make, a master remembers the move they've just made."
The Karate people are clowning is the karate practiced in those commercials dojo with people handing out black belts left and right
@Dodgerzden 3 aylar önce
@@JonathanAlliali-Die-go5gl My thought also. In the 80s these schools who focused on katas and point tournaments are what people are thinking about. There were a few hybrid schools you knew only by word of mouth that did full-contact sparring and even some grappling.
@boonamai8926 3 aylar önce
​@@JonathanAlliali-Die-go5glThe karate dojo I went to as a kid was more like military boot camp mixed with Shotokan karate 😂 And half the class failed every belt.
@Sparkey4646 3 aylar önce
​@JonathanAlliali-Die-go5gl yep they are so far away from real karate do its insulting and hugely disrespectful
@yangerjamir0906 5 aylar önce
His longevity in such a physical sport is remarkable.
@miker.9266 3 aylar önce
“Sometime’s it doesn’t seem that your going to make it, but you keep going; thats the warrior’s way” Lyoto Machida❤
@Ziggyziggy1 6 aylar önce
This guy is just awesome, A true champion, Mesmerising to watch, Beautiful style, Unbelievable speed, And a phenomenal human being, You have my outmost respect my man.
@MutedByProxy Yıl önce
His fight against Jackson and him saying “he whooped my ass and I’m ashamed of this decision” shows a ton of respect to the fighter
@bevarsii Yıl önce
he said "he whooped my ass I'm ashamed of myself, my coach is gonna be mad at me" Big props for him to give credit to his opponent
@fuckoff565 Yıl önce
@@bevarsii Its honestly shameful how many clowns in the current UFC space can't even bring themselves to publicly congratulate their opponents on their victory or for the victor to not gloat and pretend they're the best thing to ever happen to mixed martial art.
@Kr4v3rd Yıl önce
@@fuckoff565 Its about selling for the next match. Do you want to see lyoto machida lose? or do you want to see conner mcgergor get his face kicked in? Its the mayweather strategy now. Its all business to get people to pay to see a brash fighter lose. Its the Jake (or logan) paul strategy to make money.
@navyblu79 Yıl önce
Yep, that's Rampage for you. Mad respect for him.
@Vort_tm Yıl önce
Honestly one thing that gives me nearly as much enjoyment as watching a good fight is watching true sportsmanship after the fight. I just really like seeing Machida (and other classy fighters) giving respect to their opponent, regardless of win or loss; especially to opponents who try to hype themselves by being douchebags before the fight.
@MeHaveDonuts 5 aylar önce
Man it's scary how slow we become as we age no matter how fit you are or were. Yet we can still achieve greatness when we truly put our hearts into something. Great man this dude.
@alphamorion4314 7 aylar önce
Both the Dragon and Wonderboy are people I deeply, deeply respect. Both of them proved and still prove that Karate is a fighting discipline that works; much more importantly though, both of then proved and still prove how the discipline is about humility and *respect* above all. That, as a Karateka myself, is what truly elevate both of them in my eyes. They uphold the good name of Karate in all the ways that matter.
@RodieLEE 2 aylar önce
@@kloze809 it's perfect for MMA since it's "mixed martial art", Karate is like ketchup, you don't eat it straight up, but mixed with others it's great as sheittt
@koraegi Aylar önce
​@@RodieLEEyou don't eat ketchup out the tube?
@koraegi Aylar önce
@RodieLEE Aylar önce
@@koraegi depends, if its mayo, yeah
well said, same with me, I am a karate brown belt who recently began training mma and juijitsu, using my mma skills mixed with karate, I have pogressed quickly. Theres a guy who destroyed me the first times we sparred but now I can beat him in only 2 months@@RodieLEE
@davidca96 5 aylar önce
His humble respect is what I find the most impressive, he didnt boast he didnt showboat, and he respected his opponents and accepted defeat when he met it. That's what I like about him the most.
@DexterHaven 6 aylar önce
His rise to the UFC title through Pride was amazing. Inspiring. Especially to all who took karate in their youth.
@joaoluisbarros5029 6 aylar önce
Surely one the most beautiful fighting styles in MMA, most of his fights were awesome to watch! Truly Brazilian Pride!
@MA_rone02 Yıl önce
He came from the best era of UFC. No drama and social media circus. Just amazing fights and title runs.
@areus19891 Yıl önce
fvck u r so right :D
@MannySingh316 Yıl önce
Naaaa not the best era.The best era was clearly the Royce Gracie days and Royce was the GREATEST ,no weight class no BS days…This guy just fought and was really good at the craft,a true champ,one who lost and came back for the people,people like champs like that;Rocky like…let’s remember;No fighter stays on top forever though,cause that would be boring
@@armandorodriguez6447 lmfao no
@3gard0g-s7one2 Yıl önce
yeah... except for the fact that the fights are better now...
@davidvolland7250 3 aylar önce
This was an extremely well done summary of someone’s career. It was interesting and riveting through the whole thing. There wasn’t a lot of excess commentary. The video got to the punchline of each fight with a couple of good highlights and kept moving on kept things interesting I would say this is one of the most well done summariesthat I have seen in a long time
@badgedog 5 aylar önce
the crane kick on couture is my favourite knockout of all time. absolute perfection with the feints, sets it up beautifully and lands it as clean as it gets. respect to the dragon.
@buzztrucker 16 gün önce
I still remember that fight but got to hand it to Randy for stepping in there considering the age gap but that crane kick was beautiful. Unforgettable moment in UFC history.
@bmdecker93 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the upload. Lyoto is a legend and my all-time favorite fighter. Such an incredible career.
@direstknight6697 2 aylar önce
This man delivered justice to the spirit of Samurai , Respect 🙏
@user-qw3en6bz4k 17 gün önce
Bro You ended the debate in my head intelligently. And I still learned something. Thanks.
@dwrabauke Yıl önce
I like how in several matches he did not "finish" his opponent because he saw he didn't have to. Holding back this much says a lot about his principles.
@DEEPMUCH Yıl önce
so true.
@SchiesterMalG Yıl önce
That is why I hated Tito Ortiz as a fighter. He did the opposite of this. He is a terrible blemish and chipped tooth on the face of MMA. It is satisfying to see Machida defeat him.
@joe1deuce27 Yıl önce
My thoughts EXACTLY
@roncar1761 Yıl önce
idk... even though rules were different back then, he still did shit like attempts at jumping double stomp to the head of a downed opponent... 7:30 that's not holding back in any way 🤣
@ProdigyAutomotive 5 aylar önce
I've always loved watching Machida he's amazing, especially in his prime. I trained Shotokan Karate for many years, it's awesome to see him use it to win fights.
@MrJRW1 6 aylar önce
When Antonio Inoki slapped Lyoto upon winning his debut fight, it was shocking. The way that Lyoto handled the situation was incredible. Just imagine how confusing it must have been for him at the time.
@brahmburgers 9 gün önce
Agreed. ....and they were hard slaps, not love taps.
@toke1727 6 aylar önce
i think that Lyoto Machida is 100% a candidate for the Greatest of All Time. He was phenomenal
I never watch such a long video max 10 or 15 mins 'cept movies but this time I was glued till the end. Your nararative was as powerfol as the heroics of Machida !
@jimlahey8210 Aylar önce
Saw him live twice. Watching him end Randy's career in the Toronto skydome was heartbreaking. That was the first ever UFC event in Canada and a weekend I will never ever forget. Was just thinking about it yesterday actually.
@kabal28 Yıl önce
I have no words other than respect for his skills, dedications, and honor for his opponents.
@chalkdemon8019 Yıl önce
What a warrior, he was very unique and entertaining.
The guy just got ground stomped by Fabian Edwards, so much about Karate in real fights.
@@King6d9 exactly what I was going to say. Imagine him around 2008-2009, and Edwards would have been on the ground without question.
@@amarillavenegasriera2234 you have zero class...and intellect. Nothing you could say, would take away from Lyoto's accomplishments. You should be embarrassed...
@elliottgb6161 Yıl önce
Respect? Remember his PED use?
@bricology 6 aylar önce
For me, the 2 greatest MMA fighters will always be Sudo Genki and Lyoto Machida. Thoughtful, disciplined, gentlemanly and humble, with no trash-talking. I wish we had more like them.
@lintu25 6 aylar önce
Huge respect to this dude. What an gentleman, but still so good what he is doing.
@richc.3100 5 aylar önce
Classy, smart, and tough. That’s a wicked trifecta.
@brahmburgers 9 gün önce
Royce Gracie has a great quote. After winning a few in a row, and always being smaller than his opponents, the announcer asked him, "How come you're so good?" Royce's response, with a straight face, "I don't like being hit."
@batman6540 6 aylar önce
Its so refreshing to see actually someone in UFC who has skill...and technique.
I truly respect this guy I haven't ever heard of him until right now I love him wish the best success to him and value everything he has done
@Arshay Yıl önce
I have so much respect for this man taking his father's teachings and sharing his respect for them with the world. I'm moved by his dedication and discipline. Truly a legend.
@fletch88zz Yıl önce
@boitiechee Yıl önce
I saw him fight live twice. He was one of 5 of my favourite figters. At the time he was my favourite. How fickle this reads. He is a legend. Thank you for the fights. Thank you producing this video. Goosebumps
@jonb2756 Yıl önce
Corny comment.
@hankschrader5507 8 aylar önce
Real man
@nicolavincenzo7927 6 aylar önce
I think of it full circle. His dad was concerned about cage fighting because he didn’t think it was honorable, fast forward to today and he is a shining example of how to be. Loud audacious noise is for wrestling. Pure class with this man
@fighterck6241 7 aylar önce
Lyoto proved that karate can work in a real fight so long as you have some grappling skill to go with it. His run gave alot back to the sport.
@OutdoorsHandbook 19 gün önce
This man brings honor, respect and heart into every match. I love his heart and character. Inspiring.
@erranandrews63 6 aylar önce
Lyoto is mesmerizing to watch. He truly shows his artistry by his precision stylistic moves man. I wish I had the opportunity to learn from his father and especially from Lyoto. A True Master. If my son was as dedicated as Lyoto then I would expect his mastery to be whatever he dreamed it to be. Thank you for your enlightenment and mastery, Maestro Lyoto Machida. Love you my brother!
@michealoluwafemi4145 5 aylar önce
His discipline both in victory and defeat is outstanding! 🥶🥶
@CrazyGaming-ig6qq 11 aylar önce
I like how his father, who opposed the idea, still helped introduce his son to a master that could help him pursue his dreams.
@ForzaMemories 10 aylar önce
Lyoto Machida
@informationOD 8 aylar önce
That's what parents do. You watch out for your kid's well being in what ever way you can.
@SomeGuy-up4yz 7 aylar önce
a read dad
@CrazyGaming-ig6qq 7 aylar önce
@@informationOD Exactly, and that is what I like so much about it.
When you love someone you are trying to support them in their goals. At least by being there, his father could influence and protect his son instead of letting him do whatever and regret not being there to so it through properly.
@MNRCRTZ Aylar önce
Respectful and humble. Always a pleasure to watch his fights. This was an extremely well done summary of his career.
@Erebus.666. 7 aylar önce
One of the only true martial artists in MMA. What a legend.
@markokada7311 6 aylar önce
Machida, a half Japanese & the other half Brazilian, has the KARATE skills accompanied w/ that blazing fast Viper-like speed, pinpointed accuracy, & ballistic missile-like explosive power. So amazing, awesome, & breathtaking beyond words that he seems to stand distinguished from the rest although he lost some. His superb & impressive karate techniques cause an unmissable & so indelible special effects on my mind. Good luck on him for the rest of his life. I wonder if anyone feels the same.,,,,,,From the US,,,,,,(08/11/23)
@kevculmstock1 6 aylar önce
I like how humble he is.
What I really appreciate about Machida is his temperance. Look at how many times his opponent went down and he assess if he needs to follow up with a barrage of blows. He almost always held back when he could clearly see the opponent was done. He then bows as a show of respect. This is what martial arts is all about.
@potato7083 Yıl önce
i dont like you
@hmm6667 Yıl önce
Jon Jones
@nolanr1400 Yıl önce
I appreciate the same thing about Ngannou
@kyleschlitt3025 11 aylar önce
@@nolanr1400 yeah he showed amazing restraint against overeem, for example
@nolanr1400 11 aylar önce
@@kyleschlitt3025 or Miocic2 hahaha 😂
@thepro3729 23 gün önce
Good recap. Lots of earlier Lyoto fights I've not seen before
@dilipdivecha 5 aylar önce
Stumbled on this video. Fantastic story of being mentally and phsically strong.
@kismaballs15 6 aylar önce
Saporra da orgulho de ser Brasileiro, ainda tem naturalidade de SAlvador embora tenha a história mais ligada ao Pará mas Lyoto é o verdadeiro Karate Kid da vida Real e um exemplo de Maestria no que faz. Orgulho total
@reymicroc 6 aylar önce
Es japonés
@neggaballs3840 5 aylar önce
o pai dele é que é lyoto nasceu no brasil@@reymicroc
@thesaints-7-andrew. 5 aylar önce
Watching from Greece.hi everybody. He's one of the best martial arts fighters I've ever seen.
When you fight somebody, whether you win or lose, their is a great respect for your opponents after the fights are done and everyone walks away alive. Huge respect.
I'm from Belém, the same town Lyoto grew up. My younger brother wanted to learn Karate so we took him to the best karate academy, APAM Machida. Every day I took my brother there, and every day I saw little Lyoto stretching, training, and even assisting his father on training the starting belts. I was around 13, so Machida must have been 9 or 10 at the time and he was already a purple belt (two behind the black). I remember thinking to myself: this kid is going to be a karate legend one day. He ended up becoming much more.
@whoami8247 Yıl önce
He wasn't born in Japan? Where is he from
@@whoami8247 His father was born in Japan and moved to Brazil
@Denneeyboy Yıl önce
@@whoami8247 did you not watch the video?
@whoami8247 Yıl önce
@@Denneeyboy no.. Without volume, only fights
@markfitz5925 11 aylar önce
@@whoami8247 I gather he was born in Brazil that's why they keep referring to him as a Brazilian. Sure he doesn't look full Japanese but maybe his mum was from Brazil maybe it explained it at the beginning who is good place to start for information.
@user-hz6ck1ft3f 6 aylar önce
Espetáculo! Que campeão! Parabéns sempre de Portugal!!. HUGE respect for Machida, his determination, skill, integrity and class..
@Tanerp. 2 aylar önce
This video piqued my interest in the UFC when it first came out, so thank you VoteSport!
@jacksonvreal_904 25 gün önce
GREAT video. Amazing fighter and person. Major respect, love and admiration for Lyoto!
@kevincorso9757 5 aylar önce
one of my all time favorites, always fun to watch and admired the way he carried himself 🙇‍♂
Probably my favorite fighter of all time. Always very respectful in the ring and very unexpected crazy finishes in the ring.
@JohnDoe-ly6bt Yıl önce
Prime TRT Machida could probably beat Alex Pereira
Funny how Alex is even in the convo, if he fights anyone other than Izzy in the top 5 for title defense he lose 100%
Thanks wanker!
Shame that he gets demolished in every fight lately.
@JohnDoe-ly6bt Yıl önce
@@frankgotbankandbeats LOL ``loses 100%``, you must be new to mma
@PWizz91 5 aylar önce
Really enjoyed watching this guys story.. what a warrior!
@19jake23 7 aylar önce
VERY good advise. "Above all, you must first beat yourself". Well said Sir. Thank you.
@sehvendusk6612 Aylar önce
The legends this dude had to go through is insane! I love his snappy left counter its so fast and precise.
@shanesmart3578 9 gün önce
Definitely one of my all time favorites to ever compete in MMA.
@DreadPop 6 aylar önce
This was such a pro video. Well done, thank you.
@QQRUMBLE101 Yıl önce
The unmistakable proud look on his fathers face when Lyoto landed the KO maegiri as his last fight in the UFC, unbelievably poetic.
@loltime8346 Yıl önce
I could feel how proud he were!!
@wizedo Yıl önce
Plus, ending a fight with only one, essential strike. If i understand martial arts correctly, should it be the whole point?
@HoesLoveCoCo Yıl önce
@@loltime8346 *was
@asdfasdf969 Yıl önce
I wonder if his dad noticed him flexing on the dude
@dnoordink Yıl önce
Just an amazing kick. I am in awe!
@pecicosta7348 6 aylar önce
Machida é o melhor entre os melhores lutadores do Brasil. Incorpora o melhor que existe nas artes marciais e no respeito pelo ser humano.
@DaytonSC 9 gün önce
those front kick ko’s are colddddd
@rogersmith9051 Aylar önce
The best!!! I've watched you for very long time you are the best
@QUINNYQUINQ 2 aylar önce
Hey you've done a great job to highlight the career of a hero. My thanks for that.
@GladeEver-zc5qr 2 aylar önce
Never heard him trash talk his opponents. Such a respectful humble man.
@darkraven178 2 aylar önce
Really nice account of him i leaned towards tkd shoto and kenpo way back before mma it is usually underated but saved my life more than once outside the dojo
@GBGOLC 6 aylar önce
I know nothing about UFC but what a great fighter. Good video.
@tuonosilenteify 2 aylar önce
Che meraviglia vedere un combattente che fa il saluto al suo avversario al termine. Grazie Sensei per questa lezione di vera educazione Marziale e di vita! 🙏
@sebastiandreler7349 6 aylar önce
Was für ein krasser Kämpfer...Endlich mal kein poser!!! Hut ab und keep going
@zibifranz2429 2 aylar önce
Full respect to Lyoto Machida!
@BobSmith-zq6gz 7 aylar önce
Such respect for this man. He didn't climb his way to the UFC by fighting chumps. The list of opponents he faced, their credentials, and the venues (K1 is SUCH an amazing event!) really showed that he was for real. 90% of the people he stepped into the ring with are people you end your career on after you've clawed your way up. But to him, they were just stepping stones.
agreed, within his cards are found the top tier fighters of his era. i remember most of this titles pinned him as the underdog, which made it all the more satisfying when he won.
@Hotep982 3 aylar önce
Keep in mind during his prime this was when the matchmakers rarely gave good fighters trash cans to fight like they do now. Not even kidding go back and look at some of the mid card fights from the 2000s then compare it to a current fight card you'll see how crazy it is.
@ZoiusGM Aylar önce
I won't deny he is an incredible fighter and won the UFC belt. However, after that, didn't he lose all the times against fighters *for* the belt?
@michaelfleming5999 28 gün önce
I've always been a boxing fan and I still am. I may have watched 10 UFC matches in my life, mostly when it first started. If you didn't experience the first year of UFC. Try with all your might to find a way to watch the first 3 seasons the best from what my brother says. He was always a finesse fighter, me I love using my heavy hands but i like tobreak fingers, gouge an eye out, break a jaw with a knee and oh yeah, I don't care how as long as they lose and I win. That Was me now I can hardly walk and I can't open and close my hands. And I'm losing my memory. Moral of the story? Dont be a Mean like I was. Jesus Saved Me. Now, my fight with those demons is over. Jesus changed me and gave me Love, Peace and Joy . I'm I changed Man. When I tried to do it by hurting people to make the pain feel suppressed. It would work for an hour, a minute, or a second but then come back making me more angry. The Jesus Praise the Lord my chains are gone and I'm a slave to Sin and Guilt no more. There is therefore no Condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus. In other words , if Jesus Christ is your Savior then no one, not even Satan, can hold what you've done in the past over you and keep from Heaven. You have been Forgiven :)
@Overclockthis 18 gün önce
Lyoto and Silva are still two of my favorite fighters in the world. So much fun to watch.
@martinpidhany8278 28 gün önce
Humility and respect to his art and his opponents. Traits to be admired. A true gentleman Warrior.
@MikaelBrogren 22 gün önce
Very well put together!
@Bones6987 3 aylar önce
Probably the most respectful and respected man who ever stepped into the octagon
@SuperSaiyaman3 Aylar önce
30:22 what a motivational quote
@kowalityjesus 29 gün önce
great video, thanks so much guys
I love how he stayed relevant and even dangerous well into his 40s. Age-defying badass. Respect.
@user-nb7gl4vb7q 6 aylar önce
Great video, Lyoto is a legend.
@582ChevelleSS 23 gün önce
This guy is absolutely amazing ... unbelievable
@Guitarmissy-wf2vr 12 gün önce
I loved this. Getting to know the fighters fighting beginning to the end. Do other ones.
@MrOnepiece14 24 gün önce
11:13 That sportsmanship is a thing of beauty.
@xXG3TPWNEDXx 3 gün önce
I knew Lyoto was good, but I didn't know he was that good. He's one of my favorite all times now.
@hennycorn323 Yıl önce
I have so much respect for him after watching this. Just the way he literally pauses after striking his opponent hard enough that he sees them dazed & knows if he needs to continue striking or that's enough & will not strike them again. He had so much respect for each & everyone of his opponents whether he won or loss. An showed the upmost respect to his opponent when he did lose. Would've been an honor to watch him live!!!
Typical Respectfulness of Japanese culture.
🇧🇷🥋Lyoto Machida The Real Karate kid 🤜🏻
@Dakeyras83 Yıl önce
What? He jumped on dude face...
@ChrisHarmon1 Yıl önce
@@meltednostrilsbornwithoutn781 Older I get the more I respect them.
@@ChrisHarmon1 Yeah it's unfortunate in America we only mock their culture... But there really is a lot to admire and that can be learned from it. As opposed to other cultures which are braggadocios and arrogant.
@mysticalsoulqc 6 aylar önce
Machitta wise and good - your farther is the greatest he as transmited to you the essence of gong. well done, i can feel the goodness in each kick. made to knock out and not kill!
@AtwnGaming-be7bd 3 aylar önce
honestly one hell of a story glad I watched this.
@pchris6662 24 gün önce
Lyoto is one of my all-time favorites! What a class act!
@Erebus.666. 7 aylar önce
Machida has crazy impressive timing. Some of his knock outs were just beautiful.
@neef68 6 aylar önce
Amazing recount of his bouts and achievements. Very well done.
@cloventusg.2944 Yıl önce
I knew of the dragon, but didn’t realize how deep his career was. This guy fought top level competition his whole life! What a legend.
@JamieReynolds89 Yıl önce
Of course you didn't, you're a kid.
@Chroniknight Yıl önce
@@JamieReynolds89 bit of an assumption there no?
Bit too much kids are that way
@JimMcBeam Yıl önce
does someone know at what years this was?
@Megaalith Yıl önce
Even on his way out, he never fought someone that wasn't bound to be great. I always consider Lyoto one of the greatest in UFC, he's my 2nd favorite behind Anderson Silva
@mrawesome5495 6 aylar önce
I'm a Black Belt in Karate and it was great to see that is isn't some overrated martial art. I love the Stepping Stool knockout.
@cachi-7878 Aylar önce
What a beast! Well done!
@E_train 6 aylar önce
Machida is truly an honorable fighter and one to be admired not only for his great martial art ability but his discipline, well mannered behaviors
@Th3D3m0nJ3st3r 3 aylar önce
And also thank you VoteSport for giving us a really, really good content with all the movie quality
watching more of this I really get motivated off it with all the wins and looses he is a true sport I mean it he is great human
@yasuynnuf1947 Yıl önce
Man, Lyoto is a legend. I didn't know his career went so far back. I only caught the last 30% of it when he started losing. But after watching this video now I know he was an absolute legend. He beat some of the greatest of all time. Thanks for this video.
@juanmata5390 Yıl önce
Going off today's logic he lost so he sucks he's not a legend
@smailmarroc7732 Yıl önce
@@juanmata5390 like.... what dude?
@housebrigade Yıl önce
Check out pride fc. Some real warriors back then. Fedor, cro cop, kazushi sakuraba, wanderli Silva and many more
@@smailmarroc7732 your just a casual bro. Machida lost cause he always fought scrubs tehe
I Like Your Honesty , Unlike Most people on TRvid
@JoaoCoelho101 7 aylar önce
Espetáculo! Que campeão! Parabéns sempre de Portugal!!
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messi vs ronaldo goals😈
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