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Protesters take to San Francisco's Market Street after Tyre Nichols' video released

KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco
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26 Oca 2023




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MrGaryg20047 Aylar önce
There needs to be protests like this for victims of crimes here in San Francisco, CA, and yes if this was the other way around there would be chaos on the streets!
K N Aylar önce
G G Aylar önce
Being a police officer nowadays isn't great
blvirvvitch Aylar önce
oh no time for them to get a real job booohooo
John Mack
John Mack Aylar önce
They remained peaceful “ as they show someone smashing a police car 🚓 🤣
Flee bin
Flee bin Aylar önce
I’m glad to hear the protests were peaceful.
AHKCZplus Community
“Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhood”, or Scorpion (acronym says it all) units are what defunding the police in certain cities looks like. The City of Memphis, & those who pushed to defund LEO own this sickening display of cowardice, & murder of an innocent man by poorly trained, unfit individuals whose sole task was “Restoring Peace in Memphis Neighborhoods”.
Sikobaya Aylar önce
If you've been eyeing that 65 inch TV at Target, now's your chance.
Final Justice
Final Justice Aylar önce
careful someone might take that as literal advice 🤣🤣
Cynthia Bradford
Cynthia Bradford Aylar önce
Yes, we can use the sheriff depth for help. The police don't help us.they kill us. We need help, this is a life of pain and suffering. Age 61 just working 2 jobs just to pay rent, that's our life here in Oregon.
Damond Hoh
Damond Hoh Aylar önce
“More to the story “ like not enough beat down? Please …the attorney wouldn’t have said that if they were beating on him.
TheoTheLeo Aylar önce
“More to the story“ as in more lies by the gang of five thugs. They've already been caught lying in the video. 1- The victim took a swing at one of them as he got out of the car. 2- The victim tried to grab one of their guns.
Nikki News
Nikki News Aylar önce
@FirstName LastName There is more to the story. Tyre Nichols was dating the same woman as one of the cops. The cop decided to delete his competition. I live in Memphis, and people are talking.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Aylar önce
If you watched all the videos and still can’t see that there’s clearly more to the story, you need to check your emotions and rewatch.
Zoran Miletic
Zoran Miletic Aylar önce
There is more of the story. Cynical from the defense attorney. A hancuffed man, beaten to dead, on camera. Come on, if justice served, they should never leave prison, ever.
Da Vinxi
Da Vinxi Aylar önce
The video was horrifying than a murder movie…. Like something scripted but it’s actually happening in real life
Linda Jones
Linda Jones Aylar önce
First time I have witnessed a real murder. I could only watch a few seconds of it.
Ruby Lim
Ruby Lim Aylar önce
Tell me Im not the only one who saw the man get on a car to break a window😂 and sf calls this peaceful 😂
Rocket Boards
Rocket Boards Aylar önce
Clearly you don't live here, cause if you did, you would know that was video from somewhere else, because that's not an sfpd car. We don't have cars with diagonal patterned lights on top. All of our cars have the normal shaped light bar. That video was either Philly, New York, or Chicago from my guess, as they all use that style of police car lights.
Bonita Joy Mojica
Bonita Joy Mojica Aylar önce
Poor Nichols 😔🖤
Sag Kit
Sag Kit Aylar önce
No one cares HEHE HAHA among us imposter ooga booga
Sag Kit
Sag Kit Aylar önce
neckarsulme Aylar önce
so the 5 cops involved have been fired and charged criminally...What else do these people want?
alex bob
alex bob Aylar önce
The charges are not final People want them all prosecuted
Indy Jones
Indy Jones Aylar önce
While people don’t believe it a taser is a deadly weapon. That voltage against the heart can be a killer.
kevx12172002 Aylar önce
@Tired American my friends said I screamed like girl. I'm nearly 6 ft and 230 lbs. My pride was in pain vs the actual pain. 😂
Tired American
Tired American Aylar önce
@kevx12172002 I didnt say it wouldnt hurt.
kevx12172002 Aylar önce
@Tired American I got tased from the back. The two prongs got me from the but and lower back. It sucked. 😂
Tired American
Tired American Aylar önce
@kevx12172002 amperage has to go across the heart to cause cardiac arrest. That means from one hand to the other. Electricity in tasers don’t do that.
A’sCaGarden Aylar önce
“More to the story”… tf… there’s nothing that could justify that.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Aylar önce
@A’sCaGarden Two things can be true at the same time. You aren’t seeing the whole story. And the cops should be charged for murder.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Aylar önce
I assume you didn’t see the first video.
Ella Doz
Ella Doz Aylar önce
Nichols didn't get a fair judgement 😉
Kathi V
Kathi V Aylar önce
Shockingly sick, to say the very least. May He rest in peace. May his family find peace🙏🏼
Kathi V
Kathi V Aylar önce
One should not be beaten to death, by 5 police individuals for resisting arrest !
Kathi V
Kathi V Aylar önce
Resisting arrest is not cause to beat a person to death.!
Eve Aylar önce
It would not have had happened if he did not resist arrest!
Zachboy007 Aylar önce
The protestors blocking traffic could use some of this police brutality.
SnakeyK Aylar önce
This happened in Memphis! It is horrifying, yes. But these people are protesting something in another state, while there are countless problems in San Francisco, that are ongoing. People should maybe get as angry over problems in their own communities as they do about things elsewhere.
J The Body
J The Body Aylar önce
With the diversity hire affirmative action style practices that most police agencies adhere to, you can expect to see these types of incidents more and more
Karel Glasner
Karel Glasner Aylar önce
@Zen and that right there is exactly correct 👏 it's a systemic problem that demands addressing.
Francisco Echeverria
No looting, please.
tensai9999 Aylar önce
@fernarias they can easily move the protest over to an Amazon or bestbuy warehouse.
fernarias Aylar önce
That happens everyday and many retailers will soon be gone.
Alex Blazquez
Alex Blazquez Aylar önce
Not once in this 3 minute video is it mentioned that all the officers involved have been arrested and charged with murder.
S O Aylar önce
they have been arrested
flashfyre Aylar önce
justice for law enforcement also matters. pull over in a timely manner and show some courtesy and respect. many cops suffer from ptsd too.
flashfyre Aylar önce
@Zen technically he passed under medical care but no doubt the police officers who thumped him carry the bulk of the blame for the atrocity.
Zen Aylar önce
@flashfyre you can agree with the tooth fairy if you want it will not change the fact that once again pigs have beaten a young man to death.
flashfyre Aylar önce
@Zen i agree with the experts from this morning, full investigation
flashfyre Aylar önce
@Zen i still like cops, i've only had three minor rights violations with them despite many encounters. the cams have improved things, but this disaster shows the personnel record disclosure and monitoring need a do-over. i hope the dems and gop can agree on it. also the hospital that had him for three days, many people pass every year from medical errors and racial disparities in treatment.
gnome asone
gnome asone Aylar önce
The problem is not the cops,the problem is us as a society,we are our own problem. People protest before hand,destroying other peoples properties,business, as if that is right to do..
Mocheen Aylar önce
It is called looting
If he would comply, none of this would happen. Honestly, i feel more sorry for those officers. It’s really very difficult to be a police officer nowadays.. and those whoever carries “socialism “ banner, you guys better move socialists countries if you don’t like it here
Denise C.
Denise C. Aylar önce
@Sim Mack sorry I don't like little worms!! You go right ahead.
Mocheen Aylar önce
Do not commit the crime and if caught do not resist.
Corporal Sanders
Corporal Sanders Aylar önce
He didn't comply. They told him to get on his stomach so they could cuff him. They don't know if he has a weapon so when he fights and won't be still they fear for their lives. He would not have had a scratch if he would have just calmed down. And let me be clear, I'm really sorry the guy died. It was a real tragedy that didn't need to happen.
S O Aylar önce
he did comply
Ella Doz
Ella Doz Aylar önce
They just got caught 👍
D Baus
D Baus Aylar önce
Things will not end well for Antifa. Prayers for the family.Very sad!
Priscilla Alvarado
Priscilla Alvarado Aylar önce
Here we go again! Nothing would've happened like this if he stopped and being compliance.
Mocheen Aylar önce
Do not resist arrest and it does not end with violence.
Corporal Sanders
Corporal Sanders Aylar önce
I feel bad for him but he did fight them the entire time and wouldn't let them hand cuff him. The police don't know if the suspect has taken gun or a knife so they fear for their lives.
RafutnomSaviR Aylar önce
It’s youre own kind you have to fear
sylvia montgomery
sylvia montgomery Aylar önce
Police need liability insurance
AkiraTheGodEater Aylar önce
Great now there’s traffic everywhere around here.
REN XU Aylar önce
Black police showing out for the white cop - Ice Cube.
Tom Moore
Tom Moore Aylar önce
They always find some excuse to riot in Oakland.
MCM Aylar önce
We have to hold individual's for there action not all I no it's rough out here but our police officers in the bay are nothing I repeat nothing like other cities now do sum make bad decisions yes but not all there is I mean no reason to see what they did an take it out on our cities hold who do wrong for there action not all I'm for peaceful protest scream shout march but peacefully an citizen and law enforcement be safe as well as property we need to show other states how it's done I love our people and the right ones that protect it not all citizens are bad just like not all officers are bad
Ella Doz
Ella Doz Aylar önce
It's not the first time 🤔
Mona kat
Mona kat Aylar önce
In San Francisco? Wtf?
Keith Moore
Keith Moore Aylar önce
Let California be it’s own country.
King 👑 Celebate
King 👑 Celebate Aylar önce
BLM So Quiet
Quin E
Quin E Aylar önce
It’s a lot of sick people on this channel.
Slim Beezy
Slim Beezy Aylar önce
Björnson Aylar önce
So the cops were arrested for murder, what are they protesting? Lol 😂
meehx Aylar önce
@Björnson LMAO.
meehx Aylar önce
@Björnson That's stupid speak for: I'm unable to critically think so let me make humor out of it.
Björnson Aylar önce
@meehx oh no my fragile feelings are so hurt. You called me a name lol.
Trevor Callison
Trevor Callison Aylar önce
What are they protesting the officers are going to be tried it's a done deal
Georg Koenig
Georg Koenig Aylar önce
The blacks can never use the Rodney King video ever again. Now, a group of your own did even worse.
Georg Koenig
Georg Koenig Aylar önce
@Life is Beautiful I don't think I will and your best bet is to move on.
12382576 Aylar önce
For real
Dracula's Traphouse
And they have the nerve the hold up the sigh that says "stop the war on black America" as if it wasn't 5 black cops who kicked his head in
G G Aylar önce
What injuries killed him?
Rocket Boards
Rocket Boards Aylar önce
Theres video of the cops olding him up, while another punches him in the face 7 times in a row, pausing between punches to wind up the arm with as much power as he can. Then another cops beats him in the back of the head with a metal baton over and over while another officer holds him up with his hands behind his back. That's what killed him.
Ruby Lim
Ruby Lim Aylar önce
Only saying the obvious
He already got his justice , I swear what difference is this going to make ? How about making a difference in the community , there’s different forms of evil out there but no protests for every victim , only if they are killed by the police , I swear this countries narrative is bonkers
Life is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful Aylar önce
How about making enough noise to end qualified immunity in all cases not just those when the justice system wants to move swiftly to lock up more black men?
Ruby Lim
Ruby Lim Aylar önce
Exactly there are literal criminals in SF let into the streets 😂
Lauraine Francom
Lauraine Francom Aylar önce
They did not reserve judgment in the field. We will not reserve judgment. That many armed men against one is already unacceptable in any circle of real men. Not these glorified overgrown childhood bullies with shields. One man with no weapon dissarmmed a mass shooter last week that is a hero a real man. Todays police are frightened girly men
Luke Aylar önce
Those racist police officers
Ano Nimothy
Ano Nimothy Aylar önce
As tastelessly sarcastic as you really are, your comment isn't necessarily far-fetched. A lot of Black male police officers are believed to be. Late director, John Singleton even wrote such a one into his classic movie, because of the reality of it.
John Ramos
John Ramos Aylar önce
@Luke good trolling
On5 Samsung
On5 Samsung Aylar önce
As long qualifies immunity exist, law suit settle by tax payers money, po po will continue doing what they been doing for decades.
Carpe Lunam
Carpe Lunam Aylar önce
Thank god their wearing masks
georgegiorgio Aylar önce
So what actually happened to prompt the LEO to beat him? Where’s the whole video?
Zen Aylar önce
@cymruambyth and you think that gives the pigs enough reason to kick, punch, beat, pepper spray and taser him bad enough to kill him? He resisted because he knew those scumbags were out of control and he ran for his life.
cymruambyth Aylar önce
He resisted arrest and refused to obey the officers.
georgegiorgio Aylar önce
@Zen Black Hogs?
Jason Boyce
Jason Boyce Aylar önce
He didn’t want them to kill him. That pissed them off. Nothing could possibly justify what they did to him
Todd Dunning
Todd Dunning Aylar önce
Can I place an order for a 70 inch big screen and some Nikes
lamar patterson
lamar patterson Aylar önce
Be careful what you wish for you just might get it 😉
Mark Aylar önce
its a problem
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo Aylar önce
When I was 16 I was beat in my room by 4 cops and once I was already down and restrained one still unholstered his pistol and out it to my head
cymruambyth Aylar önce
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Aylar önce
What did you do?
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo Aylar önce
@RainPeace I’m 35 now lol
Krogul The Destroyer
Come to my town Antifa, we'll welcome you...
gooKi momor
gooKi momor Aylar önce
all these non black people protesting live in safe neighborhoods and drive their cars never take the bus. They protest but they don't live in those dangerous neighborhoods.
gooKi momor
gooKi momor Aylar önce
@Alan Alameda yes, by supporting thugs and criminals when cops do their jobs
Alan Alameda
Alan Alameda Aylar önce
Who made the neighborhood unsafe?
gooKi momor
gooKi momor Aylar önce
@black pewdiepie they would be asking for police protection if they went there.
black pewdiepie
black pewdiepie Aylar önce
tensai9999 Aylar önce
Let's all forget it's 5 black cops on another black guy
Im Ho
Im Ho Aylar önce
Time for another looting..😅😅
DJ menace
DJ menace Aylar önce
loloy baloloy
loloy baloloy Aylar önce
if a cop stops you, just stop and show them respect. These are not Soviet cops or Filipino cops with zero respect. The escalation really depends on you.
Aries GosserOW
Aries GosserOW Aylar önce
FTP, those 5 M'Fing cops are finishing.
Gregory Tremaine
Gregory Tremaine Aylar önce
End Tutsi violence against the Hutu!
Andre Aylar önce
Why not do it for the kid who just got popped by Tracy PD?
Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring Aylar önce
videos proved the savage cops are guilty
Josh🇺🇲 Aylar önce
Normally it's not the police but this time it was! There's no reason to beat someone while they're on the ground or/& cuffed. This was obviously police brutality.
Sean OBrien
Sean OBrien Aylar önce
* I will ( NOT ) e going to Memphis..., Memphis has serious problems, including its Police and Fire Departments ! ! * 600 murders ( homicides ) per year..., Memphis has serious crime problems... Memphis is ( NOT ) a safe city for anyone... * RIP..., "Tyre." :(
Heiden Aylar önce
resists arrest flee from police… cops did use more force than necessary but they were arrested and charged for their actions. so why is there a violent protest?
Lamar W
Lamar W Aylar önce
They haven't been convicted.
Joseph Harrison
Joseph Harrison Aylar önce
Past Human
Past Human Aylar önce
We don't need police.
hector ruelas
hector ruelas Aylar önce
Bunch of victims
Pedro Guzman
Pedro Guzman Aylar önce
They need to respect the law. Just do as told hands and don't run .
Im Ho
Im Ho Aylar önce
Officer was black too…
King 👑 Celebate
King 👑 Celebate Aylar önce
But no protests on black street thugs
Montana Usa
Montana Usa Aylar önce
Stop commenting crimes then no problems he should have just stayed there and no story. How do the cops know what he may have on him or what he may do. Stop being little babies
Robert Long
Robert Long Aylar önce
LOL he cried for his mom???
GB GB Aylar önce
How about an end to riots??
胡銘峰 Aylar önce
They should protest in Memphis...not SF
Richard Wong
Richard Wong Aylar önce
@Jesse the point is SFPD isn’t at all related or responsible for what happened; it’s a free country but why would protestors act like our cops are as bad as theirs?
Jesse Aylar önce
Why? Protests happen nationwide and even worldwide for decades. It is our right. There ARE protests in Memphis.
Briaa trump
Briaa trump Aylar önce
Where is B.L.M
Briaa trump
Briaa trump Aylar önce
@Oliver Seiler I don't answer questions
Briaa trump
Briaa trump Aylar önce
@Oliver Seiler glade u know me personally 🤣🤣🤣
Oliver Seiler
Oliver Seiler Aylar önce
@Briaa trump you are not black also 🙄
Briaa trump
Briaa trump Aylar önce
@Danny Boy 👦 🔫
Tairone Wassup
Tairone Wassup Aylar önce
Oh god this riot again . Is this so cops can’t arrest any bad behavior or cops should leave all Blacks alone
Rocket Boards
Rocket Boards Aylar önce
How about you watch the video from the over head camera that shows 1 cop holding this guy up with his hands behind his back while another cop beats him in the back of the head with a metal baton, over and over. Then another cop punches him in the face 7 times, winding up each swing, again with another cop holding this guy up with his hands behind his back. This could happen to anyone, he literally tried to give the cop his id, but the cop wouldn't listen. He couldn't get into that pocket while sitting down, an the cop didn't care. When he tried to stand up and grab his id, they went crazy and attacked him. He literally did nothing wrong.
Karim Abraham
Karim Abraham Aylar önce
*lol ugly septum rings are so San Francisco*
jack tran
jack tran Aylar önce
@1:00 woke asian alert
scruffie dogg
scruffie dogg Aylar önce
What happened to Black lives matter?......oh yeah these cups were black. And we haven't seen them since they got rich
Bodyguard 58
Bodyguard 58 Aylar önce
Ignorant protesters. Always the victim, and unwilling to take responsibility for their risky behavior.
Mike San jose
Mike San jose Aylar önce
What the hell happened to Black lives matter
Alan Alameda
Alan Alameda Aylar önce
So true. So many lives and property destroyed by those instigators. The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
DT SH Aylar önce
No 💰 this time, sorry😅
B. Aylar önce
nothing, it was a scam from the start
im russ
im russ Aylar önce
All the cops were black,
Terry Moore
Terry Moore Aylar önce
Nobody see’s the White Man huh
Tewthpaste Aylar önce
*let the looting begins. i need a 70inch flat screen T.V.*
cymruambyth Aylar önce
@bosnianlady10 Truth hurts huh
bosnianlady10 Aylar önce
@banana flesh I never said that was ok. You can hold two truths. You can believe that U.S has a serious problem with their policing system and that people should not loot or destroy property. What is absolutely wrong is you being more outraged with the destruction of material things , then the destruction of a human life and the destruction of a social contracts that should exist between law enforcement and the public. Most people are not interested in vengeance or looting, they want the system to do a better job. We are assuming that these cops violated their own policies this one time and also happened to kill a person? Unlikely , which means their behavior was unchecked . Probably not the first time they violated department policies or used excessive force. In some countries police are required to train 3 years , here only 21 weeks. Also many departments will not hire people with above average IQ tests? Are we even trying to get the best people for this? Five cops show up and kill a person. Not one of them attempts to stop the others. Other cops were there too. So we’re the medics. This is not one bad apple.
bosnianlady10 Aylar önce
Active listening is not your thing.
kc Aylar önce
5 of you 1 of him ... yall Finna get hung out to dry .....
Melbourne Chugging
Melbourne Chugging Aylar önce
Cry babies
Eve Aylar önce
The problem is the CRIMINALS!
Mechelle Jackson
Mechelle Jackson Aylar önce
SPLIF Aylar önce
You can't believe what you see and hear? I'll tell that to the next pig I talk to.
Aaron Dunn
Aaron Dunn Aylar önce
Maybe don't resist arrest and these things wouldnt happen
barnes homestead
barnes homestead Aylar önce
If I were there I'd have my ANTIFA AT WORK sign visible for all to see.
BENCH PRESS 247 Aylar önce
5 finger discounts
itsBayFreshALLday Aylar önce
Also, this was not a protest to loot the mall,,,, gotta love the news commenting how Nordstrom is safe.....FTP & Nordstrom.
WAKE OF THE MUD Aylar önce
This was so unnecessary. The cops should have had self restraint instead of rage and retaliation. Those cops murdered that kid. Why would they want to kill him? The whole thing is tragic. I believe those officers should pay for their brutal gang style attack, acting like a pack of wild dogs on a killing spree. This was HUNTING!!! It was not Policing. DISGUSTING.
Ruby Lim
Ruby Lim Aylar önce
You sir are broken😂😂 that was a criminal running away from law enforcement
Year of the rooster
Black or White Two wrongs don't make a right 👍
Luke Aylar önce
But two wongs can make it white 👍
Lilly Flower
Lilly Flower Aylar önce
This young black man was murdered by black cops. Absolute disgrace. We also need to have same protests for all victims of crime in San Francisco and Bay Area
cymruambyth Aylar önce
And BLM are silent on the matter 🙄
gutfinski Aylar önce
Remember, folks, these five cops did not hire themselves.
LeIgnorant BLM
LeIgnorant BLM Aylar önce
All the officers were ⬛️, they shouldn’t be protesting police violence against blacks the thing they should be most worried about is ⬛️ on ⬛️ violence
Terry Moore
Terry Moore Aylar önce
A White Cop was there also hitting him. Why is it only Black Men charged
cymruambyth Aylar önce
There were 5 cops all BLACK
Fuck Democratic
Fuck Democratic Aylar önce
No more black live matters ?
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US Presidents Play Wii Sports Boxing
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