ProJared: The Story You Never Knew

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This is the story of ProJared. He's a guy. He did bad things. (allegedly.) Some of those bad things were with CommanderHolly. (allegedly.) Those bad ProJared things resulted in the ending of a marriage with AtelierHeidi. (fact.) Oh. And those weren't even all of the bad things. He did a lot more. (allegedlyish...)
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The WHOLE ProJared Story: The Story You Never Knew




16 May 2019

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The Completionist
The Completionist Aylar önce
This is probably the best video I've seen covering the whole situation and I don't want to add fuel to the fire but I just want to clarify a few things. Everyone thinks we kicked JonTron out of NB because of his actions. We didn't kick him out. He wanted to leave the group MONTHS before his situation. The reason why he wanted to leave because he saw what we wanted to do with NB (which was making a TRvid channel) and was concerned that because he was struggling to make his own content and by making a TRvid channel, he didn't think he was going to be able to contribute. We also waited several weeks after everything happened before we announced Jon's departure. We did release statements because what Jon said really hurt guys like myself and Satchell who are the sons of immigrants, and his statements were really hurtful to us. But like all friends do, we forgave and move on, and Jon still chose to leave. I at the very least understand why everyone was so upset, and clearly, it makes sense. However, Jared's attack on Jon was his own and he always owned up to it. Everything else in this video was as true as I know. Thank you for the honest take. Jirard
Annoying Weeb
Annoying Weeb 3 gün önce
Love you, Jirad!
Cassandra Kozak
Cassandra Kozak 3 gün önce
That Yakuza 0 hostess music at the end: made my day.
tall Chocobo
tall Chocobo 17 gün önce
Poor Ross😥
ScrappyBrack 22 gün önce
Very cool that you decided to reply to this man. Glad to see you are handling the situation maturely and progressively.
CnP Sam
CnP Sam 24 gün önce
500th comment
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Saatler önce
The only good thing that could possibly come out of ProJared is a post of Projared killing himself. Or better everyone that tore down his career assassinate him
Not AP
Not AP 2 saatler önce
K but what jontron said made sense ?
Deadbeat Gamers
Deadbeat Gamers 3 saatler önce
Just like all the forgotten tmz trash, I will ignore yet another celebrity story I'm not apart of.
Jason Klosheim
Jason Klosheim 6 saatler önce
When pro Jared's ex wife sent those initial tweets saying she couldn't see what he wrote because she was blocked, you got to be the dumbest mother fucker to believe that shit. You honestly think she couldn't just ask someone she knew what he tweeted? She sounds like a manipulative cunt if you each me. They apparently had an open relationship and she freaked out when he was hanging with holly. Their both shitty people.
Slushee Magic
Slushee Magic 6 saatler önce
Skyrocketed right to the heavens just like his DIC-
tlessmo 10 saatler önce
If you're a minor never trust anyone named Jared. Scratch that even if you're not never trust anyone named Jared.
Arcs Playlists and such
Arcs Playlists and such 16 saatler önce
Death to jarred
Patrick O
Patrick O 19 saatler önce
I'm already guessing that you didn't mention how Heidi wanted an "open relationship", and then suddenly wanted to stop fucking other dudes when Jared was about to get with Holly
Q G 16 saatler önce
Exactly. These retards putting the pussy on the pedestal believing her first.
GoDoBeastBro Gün önce
really had to put the fucking kingdom hearts music wtf
Ryan RSJ
Ryan RSJ Gün önce
17:51 is the reason this shocked me like it did; I had such respect for Jared and Holly and it really really fuckin sucked to see two people I had such respect and love for pull some shit like this. The worst part is Holly won't even say anything; she won't apologize she won't say she didn't do anything, just... nothing. Which obviously makes her look very guilty. Just a shitty situation all around and I hope Heidi's doing much better.
Archerfish Johns
Archerfish Johns Gün önce
Projared has to change his name to Noobjared now.
Silky Johnston
Silky Johnston Gün önce
This is some “days of our lives” BS. He did this all to himself.
Qtoots Live
Qtoots Live Gün önce
Does this mean Holly is a bad guy? I really thought she was nice. Breaks my heart.
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Thomas Gün önce
Why does TRvid want me to watch this video so bad?
Mr. Musica De Dios
This guy lost everything on my birthday and I had no idea. I was too busy eating cake and this is hilarious.
gremlinerd :0
gremlinerd :0 Gün önce
I’m late to the video but my GOD the use of the danganronpa execution audio was actually perfect I’m crying
Xepanator Gün önce
Gather around non cheaters its our job to Unfollow commander holly and pro Jared on all social media platforms and Subscribe to the Game Grumps also don't forget to follow RubberNinja on Twitch. Let our mission begin
anna blue
anna blue Gün önce
His new channel is TheReportOfTheWeek
Greg Fakerson
Greg Fakerson Gün önce
Jesus you guys really really think the public cares about your relationships? This whole video reads like a group of early twenties guys that have awkward social interactions living in the era of social media where you think other people care about your life. i don’t subscribe to projared for his moral compass or his relationship status, i like his videos. and i have no idea who any of the other people in this video are-and for good reason. all i saw in this video was immature and jealous people trying to smear projared... unsuccessfully.
maadcity Gün önce
Some Guy
Some Guy Gün önce
Nigga you gay
cool Gün önce
By keeping this video up you're contributing to ruining someone's life with totally misleading information. Someone who, with the new evidence that has emerged, may be a victim of abuse. It's extremely immoral to keep it up.
Adan T
Adan T 2 gün önce
“Poor whites>wealthy blacks”-jt
Adan T
Adan T 2 gün önce
was there the deltarune music at 5:00
XxkillerslumberXx X
XxkillerslumberXx X 2 gün önce
XxkillerslumberXx X
XxkillerslumberXx X 2 gün önce
dangonronpa : ultimate despair youtubers
Whirl Tempest
Whirl Tempest 2 gün önce
Whirl Tempest
Whirl Tempest 2 gün önce
He has 777k now lol
Greg B.
Greg B. 2 gün önce
"It always takes two to tango." Try saying that to a rape victim who looked attractive or a kid who got beat by his dad for disappointing him. I understand you're trying to be fair but it does not always take two to tango.
dr. oldboi
dr. oldboi 2 gün önce
As a gay man, Jared's penis is nightmare fuel.
Doe Man
Doe Man 2 gün önce
TRvid has been trying to make me watch this ever sense it released.
Neals logic
Neals logic 2 gün önce
Even now pro Jared gives me hope . He dated a hot cosplayer and then fucks his friends wife whom he is friends with. He is a real player who gives all the fuglys hope.
RogerFK 2 gün önce
What JonTron said was a fact. I don't know why people keep saying it was racist in some form. Is reality racist? It's just data, why are you dataphobic?
Fenris Waffles
Fenris Waffles 2 gün önce
Spent some time trying to find any kind of actual data to back what JonTron said, and I sincerely cannot find anything beyond what Jontron's quote. I'm not saying the guy is bad or arguing that, I just want to see where this information came from.
DR NO 2 gün önce
Even Subway fired Jared 🥖
FienX 2 gün önce
classic case of cheating on the ugly girl when you have a cute girlfriend. why are people so fucking dumb lol
Fenris Waffles
Fenris Waffles 2 gün önce
Take it with a grain of salt but some studies and conjectures say that cheating and infidelity has very little to do with physical attraction.
yaboymax 19
yaboymax 19 2 gün önce
This has more discussions than heavy the squid.
Zyngurj Pyrezbaf
Zyngurj Pyrezbaf 2 gün önce
I've hated this wormy cocksucker ever since his MGR review. I'm glad this is happening to him now.
Cokedup Normies
Cokedup Normies 2 gün önce
Can we call this video Anti-Jared?
Kristers Perkons
Kristers Perkons 2 gün önce
Man... I loved projared.... especially his reviews. But i still watch him! But man its sad he stopped uploading on his main channel... 😕
Milka Bogovac
Milka Bogovac 2 gün önce
Projared: *Points at himself* Projared:" Im gonna end this man's entire career"
Quadtronaut Official YT
Wow did you know gaming got a bit weird this year
Lolinator XD
Lolinator XD 2 gün önce
I'm glad I saw this video. It showed more light on how truly disgusting Jared is.
NoStealthSeiya 2 gün önce
TRvid, I’ve already watched this mk.
Droy da ruthless
Droy da ruthless 2 gün önce
two worlds very underrated videogame for the bugs at day one, anyway for the time it was pubblished was ahead many competitors and maybe the bad critics come from that other than the bug (considering how much great and acclaimed games are plenty of bugs) . On steam, anyway, the game is patched and enjoyable
Shigechikiyo Yangu
Shigechikiyo Yangu 2 gün önce
Dosen't Nate wants to battle do anime the covers
A Deep Fried Rat 🐀
i think dick pics counts as proof that jared is a creep
Robert Frost
Robert Frost 2 gün önce
goddamn, 4 and a half minute cold open.
Dirty hairy
Dirty hairy 3 gün önce
He cheated on his wife with that chick Holly wtf Richard you had something good going on and you fucked it up with that pig holly
Poofables 3 gün önce
Me, hears Field of Hopes and Dreams: eyyyy Also me, hears Electric Dreams: EYYYYY
cheapgreaser 3 gün önce
I heard he eats his own shit too!
Evan Hoskins
Evan Hoskins 3 gün önce
F?... I guess?
LoneSoul06 3 gün önce
People make the drama of strangers their own.
Jeishii 3 gün önce
The thing about Heidi knowing about nekkid blogs is that while not standard mainstream situations, slightly open porn positive marriages exist. But it is entirely possible she asked to shut it down due to their marital issues, hard to say if she knew about the underage ones, and ultimately abused people... let things slide they shouldn't. I've been there. It is tough. You hate yourself for it and trying to forgive yourself is hard.
Afterburner 3 gün önce
Why don't people bring up the fact about the open relationship more often? I get that stuff like that may diminish the value of the drama and i don't want people who enjoy judging who's the bad person here stop having a good time but i find it fascinating. I have a lot of questions about how does cheating in an "open relationship" works, and neither of Heidi's Twitts (and they are A LOT) or 20 minutes videos like this explain it. What's with the "i just found out about the cheating" and then "i knew from a long time ago"? And if she also know about the "body positivity blogs" why didn't she say anything? Aren't minors in danger while her now ex-husband was sending them pics of his dick? Don't get me wrong, i'm not defending anyone here. It's just that it baffles me how easily people start hating without knowing the facts (which we may never know). And since we can't wait to know exactly what happened to hate, it's easier (and cathartic, which is the whole point of all this imo) to just start thrashing at someone on the internet... and it seems more effective when that someone had more subscribers than one does. I know this isn'te gonna get much attention, and even if it does i'm sure it will push some buttons. But i don't feel like a hypocrite and that means more to me than being the top comment for "best dank meme".
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
When you're in an open relationship you have to honest about who you want to sleep with. If you don't ask first, it's cheating. If you ask and your partner says no but you do it anyway, it's cheating.
Tawksick 3 gün önce
it blows my mind that a guy like jared would cheat on a girl like heidi. how he was able to get a girl like her in the first place is beyond me. but honestly who am i to judge when it comes to looks.
Zoe DePaul
Zoe DePaul 3 gün önce
*onision has joined he chat*
Is This The Krusty Krab
Idk why people care about other's personal lives.
Michael Haneline
Michael Haneline Gün önce
I didn't care that much about the cheating, it was the pedo shit that made me drop my ProJared sub like a hot iron. It is weird to me that the cheating seems to have much more attention than the sending dick pics to minors.
Nix 3 gün önce
Okay, I watched it, now get off my feed.
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov 3 gün önce
Jdray 3 gün önce
CLEM TIME BITCH 3 gün önce
Dat bloody neck is gross AF
CLEM TIME BITCH 3 gün önce
Currently waiting with my cult in a bunker for our experiment to succeed
Mick Hinds
Mick Hinds 3 gün önce
Ross is fucking Australian lol
FTAK170 3 gün önce
Now do Slazo
Napoleon paw
Napoleon paw 3 gün önce
Harry Fox
Harry Fox 3 gün önce
i heard they were in an open relationship and the only reason she said it was cheating was because he had feelings for the other girl and it wasnt just random sex like his wife has
Smashiwix 4 gün önce
I've seen it TRvid. Now stop recommending it to me.
PR124 Wannabe
PR124 Wannabe 4 gün önce
And that’s why you watch the angry video game nerd
d3v0nl100 4 gün önce
16 is legal of of consent in canada so idk wtf your all so worked up about lol
kirk cavenaugh
kirk cavenaugh 4 gün önce
Is he jewish?
SHSL Bang dream Fan!
10:59 Did this dude really use some Danganronpa Execution music!? Especially leons execution!?? I love this dude so much
Emperor Xander
Emperor Xander 4 gün önce
She totally play the game of thrones better than anyone and took done his career. I hate the mob mentality we have been getting after the me too movement
SmexyHinata13 4 gün önce
Just a btw, LOVING that Danganronpa music in the background ❤
Noor Elahi
Noor Elahi 4 gün önce
TRvidrs are such scumbags
SmexyHinata13 4 gün önce
Holly and Ross got divorced....wha.....wha.....I've got serious lumps in my throat and a stone in my stomach. The grumps, Ross, Holly, all these people I've known since I was a little gal in HS...this is their life now...I miss young naivety, blissful ignorance, and not just that, I miss the good old fashioned, down to earth stuff that used to be put out, before TRvid became this huge money making platform that turned people into machines. They lost what made them so great and I think what made most of us fall in love...it breaks my heart...also, I've had a partner gaslight me before (very abusive relationship I am no longer in) and omg I went insane. I thought I was mad. I didn't know what was what anymore. This whole thing just turns my stomach.
cool 4 gün önce
It turned out that they were in a polyamorous relationship, he didn't even cheat (and there's no good evidence or reason to believe he did), there's good evidence Heidi was abusive, and she threatened to ruin his career to prevent him leaving. There's also no good evidence at all that he solicited nudes from minors. You should take this video down, and it's incredibly irresponsible to keep it up. You've all just lynched a guy that was likely the victim of abuse.
cool Gün önce
@maadcity There isn't any good evidence at all that he knowingly solicited nudes from minors. Two people accused him of soliciting nudes when they were minors. One admitted he never told Jared he was underage, and the other one didn't give any good evidence that he was underage, or that Jared knew he was underage. If there's any actual evidence, show it to me. Otherwise, stop trying to ruin people's lives for things that there isn't any good evidence for.
maadcity Gün önce
he literally had a NSFW tumblr where he'd talk to minors about sexual shit and he'd also send his fans pictures of his cock. stop commenting on this vid, jared. it's not going down.
Kattywampus 4 gün önce
Bjorn 4 gün önce
15:52 people who “unpack” things suck coque by choice.
Big A Little A
Big A Little A 4 gün önce
So Heidi is single, nice
ChaiSpicedD 4 gün önce
I don't know or care who any of these people are but jared looks like a retarded bird. It's crazy how success and money can get you into so many peoples pants. It's pathetic.
Road Goalie
Road Goalie 4 gün önce
that was the ugliest face I have ever seen in the thumbnail
LordFarrock 4 gün önce
Don't worry Jon i still love you
Michell M.
Michell M. 4 gün önce
"What happens next ?" Decent person next to me: what? *holds breath* Me: *whispering* ..we burn the witch
Myles H
Myles H 4 gün önce
He looks like megamind’s disguise
jimmythespy 4 gün önce
Michell M.
Michell M. 4 gün önce
The first thing I said was .... and it wasn't bcs of the scandal .. Ty TRvid for suggestions
Viber Snake
Viber Snake 4 gün önce
Treesicle : "Naughty pictures like the ones I sent Ryan " Me : What Treesicle : What
Waffuls’ Gaming Guide to History
I didn’t know about the part about Ross. Poor Ross...
TheCheesybeef 3 gün önce
We say "goddammit ross" as tears roll down our cheeks
A34 4 gün önce
He look like linguini from ratatouille Hes born that way and i dont mean him no offense
Hajile 4 gün önce
I just feel bad for Ross. Hope he's doing OK.
Henrik Gønge
Henrik Gønge 4 gün önce
I know nothing about Jared or anyone else involved. But in the absence of intimate knowledge of the situation, I'll say this is way overblown. Many ppl assuming many things
EC Kuhl
EC Kuhl 21 saatler önce
Agreed. I think he said a couple times here, "There's no hard proof." Seems more like a "he said, she said" situation.
76 Inverse
76 Inverse 4 gün önce
I give this a *BROKEN MARRIAGE OUT OF 10*
Da Beast From Da Weast
Obvious kidling diddling aside (I will never try to defend that especially with the overwhelming evidence) when I focus in on the relationship aspect of the ordeal, the most I can say in response to this "scandal" is that I wasn't there and none of us will never know the full story. I never watched projared, I only became interested in this story because the recommended tab keeps shoving it down my throat, so I never felt this sense of complete betrayal that a lot of his community is facing, but from what I get out of this story besides the heaps of underage lewds is that everything involving the relationship between him and Heidi is complete hearsay. The potential irony when someone in a relationship throws out the "gaslighting" claim is that they could very well be the one gaslighting the supposed "abuser" themselves. I've seen it happen more times than I can care to remember. For example, since it has come forward that the two were in a polyamorous relationship (which hilariously enough was Heidi's idea in the first place), when the more famous person of the pair ends up getting more action than she originally bargained for, this entire story can be seen as her all of a sudden doubling back on the polyamorous idea and claiming projared sleeping with Holly is a complete betrayal. When Holly comes forward saying "you don't know Heidi" it could be seen as a poorly worded attempt to state that we simply don't know the full story and this entire situation is getting blown out of proportion and that it is Heidi who in fact is the one trying to manipulate the narrative. They go ahead and put their social media profiles on private because anytime they try to defend themselves the community meets them with lynch mob levels of intensity, fast forward a couple of weeks and here we are. I recognize that this is only a small portion of the tale, my claim is probably completely wrong, and that this isn't even close to the full story _but that is exactly my point._ None of us were there and there could always be the potential for holes in the story on either of their parts. That's the irony of manipulation, it can always go both ways. While on the one hand you can have a powerful influencer with the ability to gaslight a poor woman into an abusive relationship, the same can be true about a moderately influential woman with the ability to gaslight an entire community to hating a supposed "abuser." Hell, what's even more likely is that this entire story is probably a mixture of the two. Unless this concrete "evidence" of Heidi being abused she talked about gets brought to lightin the most this can objectively be seen as is character lies on both sides, whether it's Heidi or ProJared
Da Beast From Da Weast
@cool that's interesting, once again the internet blew the story out of proportion and I thought the amount of minors that made this claim was way more than just two. Even still, that's kind of my opinion as well. Since I believe it's a shifty move to get nude photos out of your fans it wouldn't surprise me that he tried to get a couple from minors and found some way to justify it in his head. Again though, it's still just a "it wouldn't surprise me" statement rather than an outright claim I believe to be fact. We simply don't know and it really could be anything as far as we're concerned
cool Gün önce
@Da Beast From Da Weast Two people have come forward accusing him of soliciting nudes when they were minors. One admitted that he never told Jared that he was underage, and the other never provided any good evidence that he was underage, that Jared knew he was underage, or that he told Jared he was underage. Jared took steps to stop minors from following his NSFW blog, and Holly says she's seen receipts that show that he always confirmed ages and consent. So, as it stands, there isn't really anything to back up that he actually knowingly solicited nudes from minors. We can't just assume it's true, or probably true, if there isn't actually anything to actually back it up. I do think that soliciting nudes from adult fans is in itself not appropriate, though.
Da Beast From Da Weast
@cool with the sheer volume of people who came forward and the general demographic of people who use tumblr, if I had to take I guess I'm sure there were probably at least one or two cases of people he knew to be minors that he turned a blind eye to. Under the facade of these photos being used for "body acceptance" I'd guess that this would be how he did the mental gymnastics needed in order to justify him getting these photos as ok at the time. Doesn't make it right, but that's how I see something like that playing out. But again, this is just my guess and nothing more, just like everything else.
cool 2 gün önce
That's a good, thoughtful analysis. I should also mention that there actually isn't any good evidence that Jared knowingly solicited nudes from minors. We don't know if that happened.
Snekcharmer 4 gün önce
*Everyone Gets Their Carrier Destroyed : The Movie*
Snekcharmer 4 gün önce
_a broken mariage outta 10 , review it again_
Nepu-Tech USA
Nepu-Tech USA 4 gün önce
You know someone is a garbage person when on their Twitter Bio they have "She/her them they zim it"
Nepu-Tech USA
Nepu-Tech USA 4 gün önce
He did bad things "allegedly" ??? There was nothing llegedly about those dick picks and him divorcing his wife on fucking Twitter
TheAxeGrinder 4 gün önce
This is why you don't make stupid people famous. Also, "funny" and "creative" content creators is pretty subjective. ED did it better.
Phoenix Pinion
Phoenix Pinion 4 gün önce
Please The name of The song that plays on 3:00
Habibo Habibo
Habibo Habibo 4 gün önce
intro = aids
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