ProJared: The Story You Never Knew [OUTDATED]

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This is the story of ProJared. He's a guy. He did bad things. (allegedly.) Some of those bad things were with CommanderHolly. (allegedly.) Those bad ProJared things resulted in the ending of a marriage with AtelierHeidi. (fact.) Oh. And those weren't even all of the bad things. He did a lot more. (allegedlyish...)
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The WHOLE ProJared Story: The Story You Never Knew




16 May 2019




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Treesicle 10 aylar önce
We understand new information has come out. As we stated in our video, our goal was to outline all of the information that was available publicly at the time, that being said we made a mistake by not contacting Jared. That was a mistake we will not make again.
junliang guo
junliang guo 7 aylar önce
You sounds like delta airline
Anophis 10 aylar önce
Good thing you unlisted. This video still shows in recommendations though - I found this through the autoplay right after Jared's new info video...
DinosBurrito 10 aylar önce
@Rippeditalian 621 agreed. Hope all goes well for ProJared since he REALLY needs the support he deserves. Really wanna see his content again.
ECHtoplasm 10 aylar önce
@Alex Cheng You phrase that as if it's a negative thing. They're owning their mistake, don't be a dick about it and put them down for it.
ECHtoplasm 10 aylar önce
You were far from an anomaly in that regard. I'm interested in seeing how this whole thing pans out, though. His video focused on the underage nudes situation so in depth, but barely glossed over the relationship with Holly, Heidi, and Ross. He's attempting to overcome it all in one shot, but truth be told, the marital issue isn't something he can just dunk on. He fucked up.
Tech101 25 gün önce
Why did this get unlisted.
Chillycap 8 gün önce
he was wrong about stuff
James Hartman
James Hartman Aylar önce
I swear this might be the last
Fool 3 aylar önce
pikachucet the second
pikachucet the second 6 aylar önce
Ok, I may be able tae give him some wiggle room for the pedo stuff, but he didn’t have any good evidence for NOT cheating on Heidi and he downright admitted tae the nude posts. In fact it was confirmed BEFORE he admitted it. Say what you like but I do not think he is a good guy.
Astral Syn
Astral Syn 7 aylar önce
Now that this has been clarified, Jared's ex always gave me some weird vibes, intuition is no superstition, huh. That aside Jared's face on the thumbnail looks like one of those Rayman rabbits, lmao.
Jade[d] 7 aylar önce
Damn you should just keep this up, this video is so good.....
GrowlerCat 7 aylar önce
I like how Jared pretty much fought and cleared his name yet here you still have this video up. And no,putting OUTDATED doesn't make it right.
Morgan Dixon
Morgan Dixon 7 aylar önce
Jared still solicited pictures of minors
Lion heart
Lion heart 9 aylar önce
17:00 and on forward is what I have a problem with. This is why you are such an asshole, you jumped to conclusions without fact checking anything.
jelly darling
jelly darling 10 aylar önce
Thank you all for putting these videos back up! I know it’s embarrassing now but I’m still happy you respond so we’ll to hat wave and keep yourselves to a moral standard in the end.
Mariano Yo
Mariano Yo 10 aylar önce
Unlisted? What a bitch
Smokingpapyrus 10 aylar önce
If you have even a shred of decency you'll be posting a video correcting this one.
Tom Morris Music
Tom Morris Music 10 aylar önce
Question.... has anyone ever phyaically.unaubscribed to someone? I never have but every year TRvid has me re subbing to all the channels I already watch. Or maybe some I forgot about....idk just thinking out loud.
Ludren Dragon
Ludren Dragon 10 aylar önce
Very concerning to know that no proper research is done for the material published.
Atari火 10 aylar önce
Titling it OUTDATED is not gonna help either..
Vhaakaraynen 10 aylar önce
Stop liying
George Perakis
George Perakis 10 aylar önce
Imma have to drop the dislike chief. Nothing personal, everyone else was played like a fiddle too, but that doesn't make this video any less trash.
Rippeditalian 621
Rippeditalian 621 10 aylar önce
Treesicle: The Story You Actually Knew [NEVER OUTDATED]
TrueWolf9 10 aylar önce
The guy isn’t a pedo just a normal scum bag
Cave_Hamster Cubone
Cave_Hamster Cubone 10 aylar önce
so instead of taking down the video which you slander his name for false accusations you leave it up for monetary gain? nice.
Luis Cañamar - MediaBros
[ O U T D A T E D ]
Kaisergun 10 aylar önce
Imagine believing Jared's lies.
Sven Vranken
Sven Vranken 10 aylar önce
delet this
Lion heart
Lion heart 10 aylar önce
you guys suck, you just rode on the scandal drama to get views on your video. you purposefully used jared for your own benefit. You are some real lowlife scumbags.
Ayden Taylor
Ayden Taylor 10 aylar önce
Anyone came from projareds “you’ve been lied to” video? Because if so this video looks bad and very wrong
LLHGames 10 aylar önce
The right way to view things "Innocent until proven guilty" People who want that ad revenue "YO CHECK THIS SHIT!"
Brendan McKee
Brendan McKee 10 aylar önce
Probably just delete the video instead of profiting off of the horrendous thumbnail. This is terrible.
sinplata 10 aylar önce
*Three months later...* ProJared: *Giorno Piano Intensifies*
Sam Dilophosaur
Sam Dilophosaur 10 aylar önce
Thank you for taking measures to correct your video title. Jared needs support right now.
Plutons Productions
Plutons Productions 10 aylar önce
So are you gonna stop monetizing this video?
Kura Zagłady
Kura Zagłady 10 aylar önce
Treesicle: *posts a video about ProJared* Three months later ProJared: *uploads his response* Treesicle: *circus music*
Snipe M.D
Snipe M.D 10 aylar önce
Not only is this video *_OUTDATED_* which you admit to, but you guys are *_STILL MONETIZING_* this false misinformation!?!?! What assholes profit on the expense of another person and their livelyhood? He pretty much lost his source of income because of things like this. *_What the actual shit?_*
Mac N' Cheese
Mac N' Cheese 10 aylar önce
*Take this video down.*
Velocco 10 aylar önce
Doo doo doooooooooooo *YOU FUCKED UP!*
David Forde
David Forde 10 aylar önce
Let's see if he takes the video down
Cioda 10 aylar önce
Doubt it. He doesnt seem to have much in the way of integrity
DPofEternalnessity 10 aylar önce
Take this video down or privatize it, it's a horrendous unethical capitalization of alleged, unfounded accusations against a person you didn't even talk to.
thebl4ckt00th 10 aylar önce
You are a piece of shit
Claude Speed
Claude Speed 10 aylar önce
I hate myself for even believing this shit at first, but after watching a vid a month after the controversy which changed my position to projared side
BananaDoe 10 aylar önce
Imagine actually making a video about a situation involving someone, but leave out said persons own response lol.... oh wait....
WAtheAnum 10 aylar önce
so you already added "OUTDATED" to it. my next idea would be *DELETE IT, DONT TALK ABOUT IT AND FUCKING SAY SORRY ABOUT IT* . how about it~?
Amedeo Trovò
Amedeo Trovò 10 aylar önce
now we know this video is abig fat lie, shame on cancel culture
loli eater
loli eater 10 aylar önce
Lion x Sea Lion
Lion x Sea Lion 10 aylar önce
Noah Shepard
Noah Shepard 10 aylar önce
Hey Treesicle, since you enjoy cancel culture so much, how about you get canceled as well.
Shayne_tha_Mayne 10 aylar önce
Lol trying to add an 'Outdated' disclaimer to the video doesn't change that fact that you made this video to spread hate against someone without proof. You're terrible people. You would just delete the videos if you had class, but I know you don't.
Timothy Hodges
Timothy Hodges 10 aylar önce
You should do what is right and delete this video, rather than leave it up so you can make more money. It's pathetic you opted to add 'outdated' to the title rather than do that in the first place.
DerpyFood 10 aylar önce
See you all in court bois
Mauvia Modi
Mauvia Modi 10 aylar önce
You did something illegal, Treesicle.
Traivlin 10 aylar önce
17:34 "What we do know is this fiasco is an abuse of power, an abuse of platform, and a level of manipulation rarely seen on this kind of scale" Oh, the irony :)
Opigufyt 10 aylar önce
delete this
Krakenjackz1089 10 aylar önce
Aging nicely I see.
Gassy Fennec Fox
Gassy Fennec Fox 10 aylar önce
How about instead of changing the video title to Outdate you put "False" because Outdated makes it seem as if it was real and that everything does not matter anymore.
xfghkhjfsejid 10 aylar önce
TestChannel8855 10 aylar önce
Have some decency and remove the video. Don't put views above morals and human values. Do the right thing.
Alokym's channel
Alokym's channel 10 aylar önce
Please don't delete this video. It's better to learn from mistakes rather than forget and repeat them.
Frybread002 '_'
Frybread002 '_' 10 aylar önce
Unsubscribing from this trash channel for attacking a man just for views.
Josh Wilkowski
Josh Wilkowski 10 aylar önce
This just shows how greedy you drama fucks are keep the video up so you can keep that sweet sweet revenue just put up a pinned comment saying “my b” fuckin slimeball
Varocks183 10 aylar önce
And where’s his apology?
Varocks183 10 aylar önce
Lmao how did this age ya mong?
Emiasis 10 aylar önce
Gullible ass sheeple need to stop believing everything random fucktards say on the internet. This shit is getting out of hand. Projared has explained himself and proved all those liars wrong.
Pab ゴゴ
Pab ゴゴ 10 aylar önce
Lmao you cant just put [OUTDATED] on the title and think its all good
kitty cat
kitty cat 10 aylar önce
Anyone else here just bingeing on projared controversy videos but had no previous interest or knowledge of these people’s existence until the controversy and are just here to enjoy the dumpster fire?
Steven Branson
Steven Branson 10 aylar önce
Me. No idea what happened (was out of the loop on the whole thing), I'm just here to watch a liar melt.
why 10 aylar önce
O u t d a t e d 😏
Ilyas Masker
Ilyas Masker 10 aylar önce
Just takedowb the video ... and make a final video when every single side has spoken.
Mooseosity 10 aylar önce
I hate that he says that projareds supporters have only heard of his side and not hers... in reality it's them who have not seen the other side of the story... I hope Jared recovers from this loss and others will let down their wall and accept him as it is... all evidence that Jared is innocent is on his channel and I hope that all of the haters will change there ways...
Alex Winter
Alex Winter 10 aylar önce
Fuck you for destroying a man's complete career without even talking without him #takedown the video
clio 10 aylar önce
Feel like a clown yet dude?
Marek MMK229
Marek MMK229 10 aylar önce
Just take this down nephew.
Savitar 10 aylar önce
Nobody: ProJared: I'm about to revive my own career
Richie Croteau
Richie Croteau 10 aylar önce
Giys, you are one of my favorite channels. Im subbed on my main account. This is a different one. Anyway. Jarad is also one of my favs. You should take these down. They arent true. I get that you just documented the events, but all of it (or most of it) is based on lies. You guys are better than leaving this keemstar ass shit up here.
Savitar 10 aylar önce
Delete the video
CoopZillaTron 10 aylar önce
Big Yikes.
Gaming Hardcore
Gaming Hardcore 10 aylar önce
another broken video out of 10
Kevin Angeles
Kevin Angeles 10 aylar önce
Private the video, make a statement. This isnt the way to go with the title. This is gonna be alot in the morning
KenseiKitsune 10 aylar önce
This video aged like milk left on a radiator
cmtx 10 aylar önce
Delete it. Marking as outdated will not help anything. Kotaku misleading posts all over again.
cmtx 10 aylar önce
Fucking drama channels seeking for those views.
ThatGeoDude 10 aylar önce
If this now gives false information you'd be smart to demonitize it.
Noah Myers
Noah Myers 10 aylar önce
Best thing you can do right now is private the videos and make an updated one. Maybe apologize to the poor guy while you're at it.
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