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Profit From A Stock Crash… 💥
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24 Kas 2021




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Mark Tilbury Xtra
Mark Tilbury Xtra Aylar önce
Subscribe to my main channel here, for more in-depth longer videos, about money & success tips! www.TRvid.com/marktilbury
Dead Mañ
Dead Mañ Aylar önce
You should talk about investing in NFT .
majestic_souls `
majestic_souls ` Aylar önce
You really got to teach me how to invest properly because I'm barely new to this
Delon Mcgarrell
Delon Mcgarrell Aylar önce
Ri dan
Ri dan Aylar önce
You look like everybody's homophobic Dad and they're gay uncle at the same time lol 🙂🙃🙂😎
Ariti Naomi
Ariti Naomi Aylar önce
Locky Aylar önce
That’s called a DCA. Tried and tested strategy for stocks, crypto etc
sabila ahmad
sabila ahmad 9 gün önce
@Cartier Videos it's good for average event but will fall if there is a momentum gain.
cloutsucka Aylar önce
@Riskyy omg so sad, suck it up
o k                  also i haev no pfp
@Riskyy bro dis Strat doesn't even work
Gerome Cruz
Gerome Cruz Aylar önce
IMO if it's a necessity, like food/beverage. Especially if it's one of the most popular chains, it'll be pretty safe to invest most of your funds in it while the prices are lower.
Vaxxed Nezuko
Vaxxed Nezuko Aylar önce
Does it work?
Noaage Aylar önce
DCA is one of the best methods of investing, you buy the highs, lows and the middle
Noaage Aylar önce
@Casp Hax No TRvid is the only place I use this pfp.
Casp Hax
Casp Hax Aylar önce
@Noaage is there any chance you’re using the same pfp on discord? I think that’s where i know it from a really old friend of mine had it i think
Noaage Aylar önce
@Casp Hax sassy from big lez show :)
Casp Hax
Casp Hax Aylar önce
i’ve seen ur pfp somewhere but i can’t seem to remember where what’s ur pfp
Soinetwa Aylar önce
@Ridho Alamsyah i tried that once it kept going up >___
Killer Macchiato
Killer Macchiato 23 gün önce
Well that's the thing about stocks its all a risk in the end. That "dip that keeps on dipping" could honestly be the lowest its gonna be for the next year and tomorrow it could spike right back up to average. And in that case the new investor would make more profit than the pro. Although I guess if your looking for the low risk version than the other strategy is more consistent.
rtguffy Aylar önce
DCA stands for dollar cost averaging. Helps you get the average price over time.
Mysterious Gamer 101YT
I love this channel alot because I'm actually trying to find good stocks I like to learn about finances
screams musically
screams musically Aylar önce
my dad likes crypto coins and got me into tracking them with him. even though after we sold one of said things and it kept going up, we still made 5x the price we bought it for which was pretty damn amazing
Lawrence Weston
Lawrence Weston Aylar önce
Yeah … in theory, but when you’re paying $6 a trade your cost is now 2.4% which is higher as opposed to 0.6%. Something to think about.
TXZ ColtN Aylar önce
Channels you can be taught things school will never teach you Mark - Money advice Law by Mike - Screwing over the cops Gohan Khan - high school/collage tips David Paykin - how to screw over your manager for firing your or anything else
Heinrich Hitzinger
Heinrich Hitzinger 14 saatler önce
The lock-picking lawyer - how to pick almost every lock and create locks immune to picking
NotRecognized YT
NotRecognized YT Aylar önce
@TheOnlyJoe_ yes!
We are very alike
SquishThatCat Aylar önce
@Cadel Fowl salty character spotted
SpeedKing Aylar önce
@Cadel Fowl onlyjayus must be the most useless channel in existence
Diego Eloisa
Diego Eloisa Gün önce
The best strategy to do is only invest when it’s down for the day, like only invest on Red days.
Jaden Dennis
Jaden Dennis Aylar önce
I hope this man lives forever
ImMrLink Aylar önce
Ian’s going to invest $1000, well I’m going to invest $250 to day and tomorrow… yeah well ima put $15 in and wait till my next paycheck.. 😂
Breth 12 saatler önce
@Aty rich boy over here stop flexing, please catch the sarcasm.
chuckie MX
chuckie MX 25 gün önce
@Aty why do you only make 20$ a day 😂😂 no wonder you’re broke you don’t have a job
Aty 26 gün önce
@chuckie MX bruh. I earn 20$ a day *wHaT dO yOu mEaN sPaRe ChAnGe?*
chuckie MX
chuckie MX 26 gün önce
sounds like you are broke. You probably shouldn’t try to invest until you can come up with more than 15$ in spare change everyday
Aty Aylar önce
Facts lmao 🤣
Tiktok_must_die Aylar önce
Si you should invest step by step and not put it all in ? Like for example, for cryptos ?
Anish Nuhya
Anish Nuhya Aylar önce
Nah, buy high sell low. The sigma male grindset doesn’t fear negatives
YefranG4LG Aylar önce
Actually yes, in a nutshell, we did this to avoid loss in stock
Alisha Joseph
Alisha Joseph Aylar önce
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Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell Aylar önce
I can't believe I'm just now understanding why this is better. Just witnessed a stock I bought three shares in go down another 2% percent before market close..I had already invested my allowance for the month..
Ariti Naomi
Ariti Naomi Aylar önce
Kid Card Wiz
Kid Card Wiz Aylar önce
mark you’re the best!!
Wizdom Aylar önce
@Riskyy Shutup we know you’re desperate
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
The Charles Show
The Charles Show Aylar önce
This is an alternative universe where everyone is Mark Tilbury.
Call Me RESPECT 9 gün önce
in this video i'm the new investor and it just happen a while ago :) , anyway gotta take it as a lesson. Thanks mark!
Maaz Ahmed
Maaz Ahmed Aylar önce
We need a detailed video on this specific topic
But what do you do if it starts rising in that time period?
FITTOFAT2 Aylar önce
A short that will actually help me thanks old man
Chiran Aylar önce
This is a VERRYYY important advise and I did this last week 😂😂 I learnt my lesson
shmodzilla 18 gün önce
Same. I think we all do it at least once before learning
Void Aylar önce
That was really helpful
silas schriever
silas schriever Aylar önce
Thanks man that’s very helpful
Vaccinium augustifolium
Or you just wait until the stock start to gain momentum again, either you get in near its bottom or it recovered so fast you return green and its no longer a problem. Edit : I find it quite funny that I wrote this 12H hours before the global dip we just had today 😅
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery Aylar önce
"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful." Warren Buffett
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
shmodzilla 18 gün önce
That was my biggest mistake, going in too hot. But lesson learned and I just have to wait it out.
KERO THE VILE Aylar önce
May God bless this old man
Bagiet Majster
Bagiet Majster Aylar önce
Mark Tilbury: Its not about being rich Me: Its about power
Robert Gould
Robert Gould Aylar önce
With power you get the women.
Liris Viole
Liris Viole Aylar önce
@Riskyy tell mark to go sleep
Unstable Psycho
Unstable Psycho Aylar önce
@Riskyy stop
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
Not only power... "It's about drive, It's about power. We stay hungry, We devour. Put in the work, Put in the hours *And take what's ours!* "
KanjiKami Aylar önce
How do stocks work in theory? Like where does the profit come from?
Michael Okafor
Michael Okafor Aylar önce
The profit comes from when u sell the stock that I originally held. For example, let's say you bought a stock worth $100 and years later its now worth $1000. Once you sell the stock(which is now valued at $1000), you made $900 in profit. (this doesn't include taxes that goes with selling a stock) You can also make money from stocks if the companies hands out dividends. This is basically the company thanking you by giving you money for investing in it's company.
Littlesparksm Aylar önce
Congratulations on getting on number 10 on trending
austin kaylor
austin kaylor Aylar önce
You should do video on the military career choice and if it is a good choice
RyD Hawks
RyD Hawks Aylar önce
Being in the military, at least in the USA, is not a good idea if you want to be paid a lot. My suggestion is enter a military school, then enter the real military, and you’re way closer to being a high rank, so you’ll get paid much more.
S1 M
S1 M Aylar önce
Is it but only if you go for the good jobs (intelligence, engineering, etc..)
CrypticPortal Aylar önce
@Paintplayer1 real men and women can’t think for themselves and kill others on command based on outdated, primitive, fear based control tactics like patriotism and nationalism.
Paintplayer1 Aylar önce
@CrypticPortal someone has never left mommy's basement
Paintplayer1 Aylar önce
@SaltyBread thank you for your support!
boyhoodwonder86 Aylar önce
Known as "dollar cost averaging"
normal citizen
normal citizen Aylar önce
Dca is useful in stocks but when it comes to crypto (mainly ethereum) gas fees almost cover half of your capital investment already
Ya Boi GamerDouji
Ya Boi GamerDouji Aylar önce
That’s some good advice
Scrappy Aylar önce
I learned the hard way when I first started buying crypto last week. Bought $50 of REQ for $0.67 and sold for $0.87. Then it dipped to $0.65 again so I bought it again. Now it is below $0.45 and keeps on dipping 🤣 boom goes my profit
A1bxl Aylar önce
Where do u buy crypto
Aaron LeRoy
Aaron LeRoy Aylar önce
Yeah it's called dollar cost averaging, and it's investing 101.
cloudy Aylar önce
Imagine hearing I’m gonna follow you for more when talking to a person
TheDustyHoover Aylar önce
yourmominator Aylar önce
"wow I'm gonna follow you for more" can mean very different things when online or in real life
Aight i was skeptical of this guy at first but he makes some good points imma start investing
GilangThe Human
GilangThe Human Aylar önce
@GOOGLE GOOGLE thats a bot account, ignore it
@Riskyy link?
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
Such Investment
Such Investment Aylar önce
Ooo Mark I was with you until you said not to buy the dip. ALWAYS buy the dip
Richard Phan
Richard Phan Aylar önce
This is what I do and I didn’t even know it was a real method.
big rock
big rock Aylar önce
you invest a quarter in the first dip, another quarter 24h later OR when it stops dipping, and the other half when it reaches your first dip.
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
-[EMMA] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
DCA is one of the best methods of investing, you buy the highs, lows and the middle
F Freddypopcolletor
It’s not about being rich it’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devaour put in the work put in the hours and take what’s ours
Commander Cree
Commander Cree Aylar önce
Plot twist: the pro investor doesn't have any social media, so the new investor has been stalking him
Riskyy Aylar önce
*Mark left a rude comment on my recent video, idk why*
Ace Aylar önce
My parents say to put money in an account and hire someone to do stocks for you so you don’t mess it up
anonymous anonymous
Very good advice.
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Aylar önce
With bitcoin you should still do this but its not going anywhere so youre pretty safe putting in lots of money
Lewis Crane
Lewis Crane Aylar önce
Best time to invest in a company/crypto is when their stocks are low because that's when you can get them cheap and they have a better chance of improving over time
Cavalier Skittles
Cavalier Skittles Aylar önce
Yes but the best strategy is to not go all in at once, gradually, because stocks which go down can keep going down
PetSven Aylar önce
This is a myth. Dollar cost averaging has been shown to make less money on average than investing all your money at once. Although it is safer.
EpicSC Aylar önce
It's not about making a bunch of money, it's PRECISELY about being safe lol.
Coach Yaccu
Coach Yaccu 10 gün önce
R.I.P Ada. Buyed 7K when it was at 3 Dollars. Then spend another 3K when it hit 2.7.... we all know where Ada is now. R.I.P 2 years of hard savings
Ace Trifolium
Ace Trifolium Aylar önce
I read all these explanations and I still don’t understand how DCAs work.
sal may
sal may Aylar önce
So like a casino, only if people treated investing like gambling a lot of problems would've been avoided
Dylan160w Aylar önce
the stock market is just sophisticated gambling. So is buying a house or any investment. There are ways to hedge your investment and diversify your portfolio though to limit losses. If you avoid this you’re setting yourself up for financial struggles later
Daniel Aylar önce
Mark I’m buying stocks on Cash App everyday. $5 here or $10 there, but I’m unsure if I should approach investing this way.
nyahuh?!?! Aylar önce
if my family ever asked me how i got so rich id simply show them ur youtube channel
Riley Aylar önce
This is actually real good sense
Mark Rayes
Mark Rayes Aylar önce
meanwhile me : 😂😂 sold all AMC at close to it's peak and made a killing Me a few weeks later: 😀😟😵 sh!@ ....taxes.... about a majority went into my savings, the rest into the safe ro have cash on hand in case i need it in a emergency, since my current work hours are insane and i usually can't make the bank in time
Swayam Gaming
Swayam Gaming Aylar önce
Thanks I just bought a lil shares of Axis Bank pls help me avoiding taxes
Angelo Aylar önce
Just made it 1K likes! that was satisfying
KillSwitch Aylar önce
But every time u buy u pay tax right ✅
George Jenson
George Jenson Aylar önce
Good advice
Benjamin Graffagnino
And pay 25usd brokerage fee each time
Christ With Josiah
Christ With Josiah Aylar önce
Hey mark im 13 years old I would like to learn more and would love if you could help me. (Mainly how to invest in stocks and crypto)
[REBBECA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Si you should invest step by step and not put it all in ? Like for example, for cryptos ?
Josef Adams
Josef Adams Aylar önce
Lump Sum beats out DCA 75 percent of the time
sleep less
sleep less Aylar önce
You are amazing!!@
PineApplePizza Aylar önce
Its called dollar cost averaging
PaulWilSlapUGGs Aylar önce
What does investing mean?
Ty Hassard
Ty Hassard Aylar önce
It’s ok apes, stay strong 💎👋
F3 editz
F3 editz Aylar önce
Well said
Jay Bell
Jay Bell Aylar önce
You need to personally coach me in stocks hahaha 50/50 split on profit 😉😉😉😉😉😉
Even tho he's old he's still making these shorts
Jalal Ahmed
Jalal Ahmed Aylar önce
This method is good, if you don't know technical analysis, or if your doubtful
Rizi Cz
Rizi Cz Aylar önce
Ill use this thxs!
M&M Corner
M&M Corner Aylar önce
Can you care to explain why the market is going down becusse of the new covid variant?
nikolassilos _
nikolassilos _ Aylar önce
Why not just short the stock?
Kaleb Schemensky
Kaleb Schemensky Aylar önce
I did this with a stock and it went down 20 percent in the next 3 days
Theodore Smith
Theodore Smith Aylar önce
$ cost averaging is awsome
Cyon Ruiz
Cyon Ruiz Aylar önce
This guy can defeat Elon musk
Jomary Ambrosio
Jomary Ambrosio Aylar önce
Remember this only makes sense when it's going for a crash. Else you'll be losing money if you're not carefull
nana Aylar önce
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SGXBOT Aylar önce
Yeah id love to have the money to invest 250 a day.
Marius Rares
Marius Rares Aylar önce
The dip that keeps on dipping.
Lilbowwow6688 Aylar önce
It’s called a value trap and you need to be careful and understand why the dip existd
Tyson Jame
Tyson Jame Aylar önce
Don’t stocks have a minimum buy in price?
John Mark Nuguid
John Mark Nuguid Aylar önce
But why invest in a crashing stock?
sirlopty Aylar önce
Lump sum have proved to be more lucrative if you know what price is cheap enough
JellyAnya Hewston
JellyAnya Hewston Aylar önce
Hey my dad owns a business and is quite rich but we live in a small house but it is big enough so could u do one about not looking rich
FifaPlayz Aylar önce
Why did i lose 30 seconds of my time watching this video "Because i follow Mark Tilbury"
Ashley IHATEZOOM Aylar önce
From knowing this much you must be a millionaire!
Ashley IHATEZOOM Aylar önce
Djoko Setiono
Djoko Setiono Aylar önce
I Love It
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery Aylar önce
Past performance does not guarantee the same future performance. Because the past doesn't always equal the future. For the only thing that is sure, is nothing is for sure. And the only thing predictable about the future, is that it's unpredictable.
Fre Sch
Fre Sch Aylar önce
So what you gonna do when you have like 50$? Invest 10 every day?
DrGashingtons PHD
DrGashingtons PHD Aylar önce
I invest $2.50 today, $2.50 tomorrow. Ballin 😎
Ingmar Van olffen
Ingmar Van olffen Aylar önce
Yea i bought eth at 4100 about 250
Matthew Zepess
Matthew Zepess Aylar önce
$250 today, tomorrow and so on is $91,250 a year worth of investing. I don’t believe that’s possible when the average American makes half that.
Jackson Panos
Jackson Panos Aylar önce
Alote of people say money is everything but my grandpa and grandma have a paid off house and 3 semis just because he did what he liked and my aunt and uncle have over 8 rigs and a house worth 800k paid off so follow your dream not what others want u to pick
L2-SPIRIT Aylar önce
Pretty smart 😄
YeetBot8 Aylar önce
What if your loyer sues you
Ehh? Aylar önce
Ill try investing when i have a job :))
ShnizelInBag Aylar önce
It's not a loss unless you sell
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