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The views expressed in this video are not those of King's Politics or King's College.
Information on how you can support Ukraine: ukrainewar.carrd.co/
This interview was recorded on Tuesday 15th February before Russia invaded Ukraine.
Professor John J. Mearsheimer is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, where he has taught since 1982. He graduated from West Point in 1970 and then served five years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He has published six immensely influential books on international relations theory. In 2020, he won the James Madison Award, which is given once every three years by the American Political Science Association to “an American political scientist who has made a distinguished scholarly contribution to political science.”




20 Şub 2022




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PR Perfect
PR Perfect Yıl önce
You can change the title of this video but you can’t change the message. Very powerful. Proud of this professor. We need more like him to make people learn their history.
deadpoetlive Yıl önce
There is even a Ukraine flag while waiting to skip ads now....The attempts to block reality is astounding
droppinloads 09
droppinloads 09 Yıl önce
Just saw this too.. copied the link I sent a week ago and it was a surprise
kaziqta Yıl önce
Sergey Samoylov
Sergey Samoylov Yıl önce
Thank you for your great lecture! Really enjoyed it! What really scares me is that modern world only thinks, speaks and acts in category of threat. This means we are bound to see wars and conflicts. I understand well that it is current reality, but it does not make me happy.
Christine Hayes
Christine Hayes Yıl önce
Thank you for educating us on this subject matter. I have a complete different view now. I will be watching for any new videos with this professor.
Aleksandar Georgiev
Please, include Russian and Ukrainian subtitles and share this video! Stop the war!
Chris Bremner
Chris Bremner Yıl önce
Well done Kings , you yet again prove that you deserve to be rated as the best University in the world , students who appear far superior in your logic and diligence than the foreign policy experts of the Western economies.
TC Johnson
TC Johnson Yıl önce
Been listening to this man for years. Common sense and facts. You would think ANYONE in any government would also. But no, they don't. We just don't learn here in the USA. Our arrogance is criminal.
Christopher C
Christopher C Yıl önce
ive been following ukranian - russian issues intently for a few years now and have recently felt extremely bewildered by the public reaction to recent events. i cant believe I'm just coming across Mearsheimer. basically everything I felt as a non-expert was happening, he was able to establish coherently. After seeing his speech from 2015, i finally feel like im not crazy, and that I'm not a victim of propaganda from either side and more or less got it right. huge relief. Thanks!
Christopher C
Christopher C Yıl önce
well not a huge relief.... because this is going to get ugly
britheramer Yıl önce
Guys it officially began last night, Ukraine is getting “wrecked” as he so elegantly predicted in 2015. Mearsheimer was right
Theolich Yıl önce
@Ricardo Cima He is both a power hungry authoritarian (which the world has no lack of) and a seasoned player on the board of great power struggle, not a comic book villain/fool that can't see what's coming.
Servando Constantino de Jesus
Ashish Mitra
Ashish Mitra Yıl önce
Fantastic session by the Professor ! In future I would be keen to hear him talk on the current rivalry between India and China ! I am sure his views will benefit the policy makers in the Quad countries who each see China as existential threat in future!
FactsOnly Yıl önce
Thank you so much Professor! Hope and pray that more and more people of America and the whole World hear your Voice. We all want to live in PEACE .... with no NATO expansion.
Orlando Furioso
Orlando Furioso Yıl önce
John Mearsheimer is one of the few persons who sees what is going on.
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Mitchell Yıl önce
John is a blessing in this modern age.
Taran Murray
Taran Murray Yıl önce
Would love to hear Dr. John Mearsheimer’s thoughts now that Russia has invaded. As always, thank you so much for your life dedication to this field and for sharing your hard earned knowledge.
Bubblehead Yıl önce
He’s got an interview from a few days ago. I can’t remember who it was with. It’s with him and Ray McGovern.
sung po-yu
sung po-yu Yıl önce
You are the limited people who notice him making a gravely wrong prediction at the end of video.... Those who praise him like a god here probably haven‘t even watched the whole thing! Historians are good at explaining history, not very good at making prediction I guess.
Bubblehead Yıl önce
@sung po-yu he even admits he was wrong in his latest interview but his reasons for thinking russia wouldn’t invade are pretty spot on. It’s already very costly to them for instance. And years ago he did say that if Russia ever does invade Ukraine, they’re looking to tear it down and pressure nato into reconsidering. Seems to be half right, unless Russia has decided to ravage and level all of Ukraine. You’re right, they can’t tell us the future but they can attempt based off what they know about the past and present.
Taran Murray
Taran Murray Yıl önce
@sung po-yu I mean, that's kind of the gig. And of course we have, sometimes predictions come out as hopes. People are allowed to be wrong eh? So what if he gives an hour and a half of well spoken and good information and then makes a false prediction on the other side? No big deal. What, are we supposed to read Putin's mind?
Mangraced Results Centre
This is pretty helpful. Thanks to this indefatigable Prof. If truly we want peace in the world. We should try and spread this to help clear the rough air created by the so called world power... Prof John Mearsheimer is a sincere American.
Latosha B
Latosha B Yıl önce
Can you have this professor back on the show to speak about the events that have happened since this was recorded?
Osya Kisa
Osya Kisa Yıl önce
Agree, it is important to understand that it was recorded on Fe.15 before the Russian invasion into Ukraine and Pf. actually states in Q&A that he does not think that Putin would do that
Ele Smilemaker
Ele Smilemaker Yıl önce
There was a discussion "Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Salon | Ray McGovern, John Mearsheimer" on the 4th of March, and the professor kept repeating the same facts all over again
the0cool0guy Yıl önce
Very nice overview, such clarity of detail, thank you professor Mearsheimer. Americans: Please learn to really see the truth in other cultures like Russia and China and especially India. That's how the world will become one; not by forcing your version of capitalism on the world. And who knows, this might solve your own county's problems. - A well wisher
Hadron Of Theseus
"such clarity of detail" Is that really what you got from this? Because I what I heard was a bunch of armchair assertions and gut feelings that, correct or not, certainly did not display "clarity of detail".
the0cool0guy Yıl önce
@Hadron Of Theseus Well I felt he went sufficiently deep given the time limit and without skewing the overall picture. What detail was unclear to you or which you felt he should have covered?
Hadron Of Theseus
@the0cool0guy And I found he gave absolutely no support for his assertions at any point despite having ample time to do so. For instance about halfway in he baldly asserts that many people in the West suffer extreme paranoia regarding the character and motivations of Putin, but he doesn't elaborate in any way and he doesn't delineate any conditions for evaluation. What is an intelligent listener to make of this nebulous claim, and how is this scholarship, even by the extremely relaxed standards of extemporaneous conversation? Could you give me a time stamp where any argument of any kind is actually made? I certainly heard none.
Xingjian Hou
Xingjian Hou Yıl önce
​@Hadron Of Theseus Well, then how do you guarantee that the conventional western wisdom is totally based on evidence but not bias? Isn't it more likely that all wars have a cause, not that the Russian leader is such a fool to introduce so much cost of war?
Hadron Of Theseus
@Xingjian Hou "Well, then how do you guarantee that the conventional western wisdom is totally based on evidence but not bias?" This question is much too broad. Please ask me something more precise. "Isn't it more likely that all wars have a cause, not that the Russian leader is such a fool to introduce so much cost of war?" No. And if you wield Occam's razor that unskillfully you're going to wind up badly lacerated.
Angela M
Angela M Yıl önce
Came here to get confirmation what i am not a “Russian bot” as everyone who’s looking deeper now into this terrible special option is called this way:( I am standing with UKRAINIAN & RUSSIAN people who pray for PEACE ✌️
Егор Кузнец
Thanks from Russia. The professor says everything correctly. On my own behalf, I will add that for us Ukraine is like one of the states for Americans. The same people live on both sides of the illegal border. Most of them had relatives on both sides of the borders. In Ukraine, Russians began to be lynched because they do not recognize the separation and want to speak their native language.
Kellen Dunkelberger
@Егор Кузнец bullshit
Rob M
Rob M Yıl önce
@Kellen Dunkelberger It's not entirely bullshit. There is some level of truth to that, as there are certainly extremist groups in Ukraine who've gained power and have committed atrocities against Russians ever since Euromaidan. It's certainly not as widespread as the Russian government and media would have you believe, but it was certainly a thing that was happening to some degree in 2014. The extremist groups and the Ukraine government nearly ended up turning on each other (though not about this specifically). And if Egor is from Russia, youcan hardly blame him for believing this narrative. Just like we can't blame westerners for being oblivious to the extremism in Ukraine. I do completely agree with the OP however, that I'm standing with the people of Russia and Ukraine.
Paerigos Yıl önce
@Егор Кузнец and there is still 30 million people who simply dont want to speak russian and dont want to be rullled by Russian from Moscow. (one can consider that just using administrative borders from times of USSR was a mistake but it doesnt change the fact that majority of Ukraine really does not consider itself "russian" and doesnt want to be russian since Holodmor perpetrated by Stalin. there is 30 million people who definitely wish absolute separation now after the military action.
Егор Кузнец
@Paerigos if everything is so transparent and the United States is ready to accept and, most importantly, listen to the will of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, then why was it necessary to hold on to those territories that would never have reconciled with the Kiev regime. After all, there is a law on secession from the USSR, but people were not asked, but how slaves were given along with lands to another state. In the state whose state policy is the destruction of all Russian. There is no democracy here, there is only the geopolitical interest of the United States in initiating this dirty war. Russian Russian Slavs will kill a Russian Ukrainian, so that no American soldier will be injured.
37Dionysos Yıl önce
Grateful for this distinguished historian's fine-tooth understanding and his realistic proposal for a way out of Ukraine's nightmare. The wisdom he derives from study is obvious, as he predicted 2022 events back in 2015 (see his YT talk "Why Is Ukraine the West's Fault").
della Chiesa
della Chiesa Yıl önce
He actually didn't predict anything he just explained realism theory. It's like having a formula in math; all things constant with the formula you get same result and that's what Ukraine crisis is all about.
della Chiesa
della Chiesa Yıl önce
@37Dionysos I fully agree. It's immoral to provoke war in the name of policy.
Ayagil Fernandez
Ayagil Fernandez Yıl önce
Well said Professor thank you for your video, hope that more people can watch this and serving as an open eye to everyone of us . God bless you Prof.
Greg T
Greg T Yıl önce
True. Unfortunately you didn't understand professor at all.
Simon Linford
Simon Linford Yıl önce
This needs to be shared far and wide to educate people.
NiceMan Yıl önce
Professor John J. Mearsheimer makes geopolitics seem so easy
Ben Brandon
Ben Brandon Yıl önce
And scary, knowing the people who are currently in charge. 😊
Bogdan Baudis
Bogdan Baudis Yıl önce
"Professor John J. Mearsheimer makes geopolitics seem so easy" Because you cannot comprehend complexity.
Valentina Danilina
Valentina Danilina 11 aylar önce
It's easy if you know history really easy.
David Qin
David Qin 9 aylar önce
An overrated professor
Ben Brandon
Ben Brandon Yıl önce
Great video that makes total sense when you take time to listen and analyze what he says. Of course, this doesn't take into account that the entire issue could be a planned part of the great reset that is obviously coming.
Тимощук Алексей
It has always been surprising how sober and honest analytics is in the U.S. and, at the same time, how far from the White House it is.
Marcin Pasikowski
It has always been surprising how some drunk of power and Russian imperialism people try to justify invasions on other countries and how far from a regular Russian people it is.
Aaron Michael Daley
IKR. Thing is, Mearsheimer kind of stands alone when it comes to US analytics. He is just one voice in a massive sea of warmongering think tanks that are still working off of relics from the Cold war like the wolfowitz doctrine and liberal Democratic hegemony. All funded in one way or another by various military contractors.
Bob Gibson
Bob Gibson Yıl önce
She also stated that this is the first incidence of invasion of one sovereign nation by another since the formation of the UN. Conveniently forgetting Iraq and all the other clandestine US invasions.
mcgeufer Yıl önce
Oh, those were not invasions, those have been humanitarian interventions.
deltadia Yıl önce
@krysti musik wtf is wrong with your spell checker? And whether a country has a dictator or not, it's not a pretext for an invasion. Russia is doing what US did to Iraq except Saddam Hussein probably was more willing to cooperate to US re. WMD search than Zelensky was willing to cooperate with Russia re. neutrality. And many in the West calculated wrongly that Russia would not invade and the consequence of that is just on the innocent Ukrainian citizens
Nusaibah Ibraheem
Nusaibah Ibraheem 9 aylar önce
And Afghanistan
A Zh.
A Zh. Yıl önce
Профессор много лет говорит и пишет очевидные вещи, жаль в ЕС и США адекватная точка зрения не популярна и они продолжают витать в своих розовых замках
Dana M.
Dana M. Yıl önce
For your infomation, DeepL translator is quite an accurate free tool if you want anglophones to read your comment.
Turritopsis dohrnii
So true. Kind of like other empires throughout history that led them down the path of eventual destruction--whether in status or reshuffling of 'importance'.
Steven W
Steven W Yıl önce
This man has been right on the money for decades now and the fact that we need college students to interview him on the state of the Ukraine/Russia/NATO issue and his voice cannot be heard on mainstream media tells you about the state of the world we are in.
Morgan Yıl önce
Let's be real he did make some mistakes like saying Russia would never invade Ukraine in his famous talk about this conflict
Jack Yıl önce
@John Latham Why are you pasting the same comment in this section?
Steven W
Steven W Yıl önce
@Morgan he said it was unlikely because it doesn't make sense as he gets most of the benefit with almost no cost. This is a tricky one to play gotcha with because almost everyone was wrong on putin invading ukraine. Certainly no one was predicting a full scale invasion a few years ago, maybe limited incursion into the Donbas at most.
Bertrand Juan
Bertrand Juan Yıl önce
Very well explained Sir. Let's hope good sense prevails on both sides. Unfortunately, many innocents will be caught up in the crossfire. In any war, there are no winners.
Алиса Ерофеева
Thank you guys for this video, it's clears everything up. Make an ad with it to spread it out all over the world, please, many thinking people will reimburse your expenses for it. I will, definitely)
AK Li Yıl önce
@Theknow All Thanks will check it out
AMS Yıl önce
Rather than being sucked into the mass media propaganda, as many were with the previous, yet still existing covid problem, it’s reassuring to know we have people having dialogue and balance with people like Mearsheimer……
Michael Dromes
Michael Dromes Yıl önce
Mearsheimer who's predictions failed at almost every level.
Selcuk Cilek
Selcuk Cilek Yıl önce
@Michael Dromes Ok. Ready to listen to you. WHICH of his predictions failed and/or were wrong?
Etop Abasi
Etop Abasi Yıl önce
@Selcuk Cilek 😄
Selcuk Cilek
Selcuk Cilek Yıl önce
@Etop Abasi I meant constructive argumenting people NOT clowns.
Etop Abasi
Etop Abasi Yıl önce
@Selcuk Cilek 😄... Seems you misunderstood. I was reacting to your comment at @Michael Drones not you. It seems he's still searching for a reference to back up his comment.
Evelyn Yıl önce
Wow! This was presented in a very easy- to- understand dialogue! Thank you!
Aaron Michael Daley
I tell people about this guy everyday all day. He's my most favorite person in academics currently.
John Smith
John Smith Yıl önce
Too bad he doesnt talk about Americas domestic politics. Would love to hear his in depth take on those issues.
Hazel Wray
Hazel Wray Yıl önce
Vanja Zigic
Vanja Zigic Yıl önce
Living in democratic countries, being citizens, we sort of have a responsibility to be aware and listen to people like him.
vitalis Yıl önce
Same, I've been reposting his talk from back in 2015 so that hopefully more people stop contributing negatively to the conflict online and use more than two brain cells to think critically about what's at stake.
cheesecakefiend Yıl önce
Thank you Professor Mearsheimer! Learned a lot and could listen to you talk for hours!
- ODupker
- ODupker Yıl önce
Great lecture, thank you, Professor!
Alison Green
Alison Green Yıl önce
Fascinating, purely fell across this by accident and I have been really impressed with everybody that put it together all the questions, really fascinating
elangelYT Yıl önce
I don't discuss anymore with my friends. All i do is send them this video. Amazing job, and thanks to Dr Mearsheimer, for showing the truth.
vitalis Yıl önce
Send them this video as well trvid.com/video/video-JrMiSQAGOS4.html. Everyday I try to do my bit in the comments promoting his talk so that this doesn't become another Iraq.
Marc Chen
Marc Chen Yıl önce
same here
Simon Keen
Simon Keen Yıl önce
Amen to that. This is actually the only thing that could save Ukraine from destruction. But the drones cheer on... it's so frustrating and sad ..
illimited knowledge
check out 'Ukraineonfire' from OliverStone
Z Yıl önce
So do you think NATO should break up ?
Richard Bradford
Richard Bradford 7 aylar önce
This guy's a genius, 100% correct and he has a TRvid channel.
terminal affluenza
terminal affluenza 3 aylar önce
how's he correct? he predicts that russia will not invade in this very interview... and he was proven wrong mere days later
Мария Варинова
Благодарим за максимально объективный взгляд на происходящее!
Dzyn Design
Dzyn Design Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this honest analysis. It should also be noted that Russia withdrew its troops from the Warsaw Pact countries in exchange for a promise not to expand NATO to the East, and also fully paid Ukraine's part of Soviet debts to the United States in exchange for Ukraine's promise not to join NATO. Sorry for my English.
cocomaan Yıl önce
Good call on Warsaw Pact, probably something well within memory
The Intellectual Exchange
It is a fallacy to say that the invasion of Ukraine has something to do with Russia’s national interests. This is said by people who have a very shallow understanding of the Russian heart. If Alexei Navalny would be the President of Russia, Russia would never have invaded Ukraine. If Navalny would be the president of Russia, you would see the reestablishment of democratic norms and checks and balances to power in Russia, and you would see Russia drifting back into the European family maybe even one day joining the EU and even NATO. The Problem is Putin, and sadly those fools that believe the Russia state media blindly
The Intellectual Exchange
@施博修 I am confused. Can you tell me when Russia asked to join NATO?
Abhinav Choudhry
Abhinav Choudhry Yıl önce
@The Intellectual Exchange During the Clinton administration. It has been documented.
poklonik ya
poklonik ya Yıl önce
Thanks to professor for unbiased speech
Денис Дмитриев
Thank you Mr.Mearsheimer for your detailed and balanced analisys. Had the politicians such balanced attitude there would be less bloody wars in the world!
Dana M.
Dana M. Yıl önce
They say politicians make war when diplomacy fails; did anyone try diplomacy?
Valentina Taylor
Valentina Taylor Yıl önce
@Dana M. million time. Professor forgot to mention Neo-Nazi in Ukraine.
Nathi Tshabalala
Nathi Tshabalala Yıl önce
I must admit I've been living under a rock for a long time only wake you to this gem, Professor John Mearsheimer. I'm honored.
софья сергиенко
Thank you so much for being brave and sharing this information.
CZ ZC Yıl önce
I hope all those finger pointing peace loving people listen to this guy and hopefully realize that we have to make it work for all - what’s happening ? Did covid destroy our critical thinking g skills?
Theknow All
Theknow All Yıl önce
@Yeong wen Lee Your name could be of Chinese origin. I admire the Chinese, but from the way they obey the government mandates they seem to be very compliant. After research, I am of the opinion that the ruling class that is driving this war is best described in a video such as, 'All Wars Are Bankers' Wars', narrated by Michael Rivero. Lots of copies on odysee. On the topic of critical thinking, I believe that the ruling class is causing a reduction of this skill in humans. Their main two campaigns for achieving this are i) vaccines and ii) fluoride in the water supply. There are other campaigns that input toxins into humans. Campaign i) is particularly effective and greatly increases profits for big-pharma by also causing auto immune diseases, i) does not assist human health in any way.
Yeong wen Lee
Yeong wen Lee Yıl önce
@Theknow All I am a Chinese, but not from China. I am from south-east Asia. And I received my higher education in the States. I have been in the States for about 7-8 years and then I left and return to my own country. And recent years after I left (before pandemics), I return to the States to teach for a short period and notice a huge change and differences in academic settings. It is only after I left and return home again that I realise the ‘woke culture’ which very much reflect upon my experience. The main regards to that culture is the fundamental approach in thinking process, which is often ‘black and white’ or perhaps ‘all-or-nothing’. And too often students that I encounter jump into conclusion in such absolute way before investigating and attempt to understand deeper. The ability to have meaningful discussion and to have contrast point of view seems to be absence. Which is very different from the experience I had 20 years ago when I was still at student at US. So that is why I responded the way I did. :)
Theknow All
Theknow All Yıl önce
@Yeong wen Lee I agree. I am retired and from my point of view, I have found that there are many people, (intelligent in most respects), who are not capable of critical thinking if they listen to the corporate media. They are absolutely rigid in their beliefs and won't look at evidence that contradicts the media. They follow the media and the government like a sporting team. The 'pandemic' or 'plandemic' has made me realize how many people are like this.
Yeong wen Lee
Yeong wen Lee Yıl önce
@Theknow All yeah. I think too often, many follow a presumption of moral or ethics code of justice. Though that suppose to a good thing, but when such is blindly followed, any good thing can turn out to be deconstructive. In addition, cos it is base on moral and ethical code, any challenges will be perceived as ‘evil’, and that doesn’t allow any further discussion to understand better beyond the surface. Thus with Ukraine-Russia crisis, it is easier for many to assumed good and bad and to decide which role each individual is playing, and perceiving the events based on the assigned roles. And such perception, often creates more division and tension, rather than resolutions and understandings.
Rendszerhiba Yıl önce
This situation analysis should go on for 24 hours on leading news feeds, so that everyone understands exactly what is going on. I don’t know where there are experts in the U.S. government who can interpret the world so simply, factually and understandably like this excellent professor? ...as we can see from the situation, unfortunately none of these are there...
Invisible Yıl önce
You really think they dunno? Lmao this is the situation they want
Invisible Yıl önce
Now Russia is rank 2 country export natural gas and petrol to Europe. So if the Russia higher the price then who you think will supply to Europe
Rendszerhiba Yıl önce
@Invisible Well... If someone makes a statement (EU Parliament) that - from now not just women's, than "genders" can give birth - so in this context for example a ~a man also can give birth ~ just because this is a modern and liberal way of life - and who support this... I think they are not entirely on that intellectual level to understand this... just a little bit complexed case... So the answer is yes at least for the majority of the EU, and what i read about americans comments, for them also "yes" is the answer. The public is uninformed and does not even want to be informed... Thinking is tiring, what they get ready and build on someone’s hatred makes it easier to embrace...
Rendszerhiba Yıl önce
​@Invisible Here in Hungary, we have a long-term contract with Russia on a favorable price for a huge quantity.. You know, there’s a leader who anticipates and negotiates, and there’s some who are completely stupid and in retrospect brings sanctions that do the most harm to themselves. They can buy shale gas from America on multipled price. I can only congratulate them on this ...
SoonTong Quah
SoonTong Quah Yıl önce
They need to manufacture a new war to replace Afghanistan. Kissinger makes the point in a recent article to focus on how this crisis will end. But, and that is a big BUT, this assumes that the US is interested in winning the contest and a favourable outcome. But, if the objective of the MIC is to provoke and prolong a war, then a long drawn out conflict is the desired outcome. Many people think Afghanistan is a total failure. But, for the MIC and the politicians who are financed by them, it has been a very profitable 20-year US$3 trillion ride all the way to the bank.
Ayagil Fernandez
Ayagil Fernandez Yıl önce
Mr.John should be awarded for an academic..
Yuliya Rue
Yuliya Rue 18 gün önce
Thanks a lot to Mr.Mearsheimer for his objectiveness and patience in explanation of his position
Daria Popova
Daria Popova Yıl önce
The cuban crisis started when the USA put nuclear-tipped missiles in Turkey. The soviet actions were reaction to that. That's important to understand.
phill rob
phill rob Yıl önce
That’s correct. And the crisis only ended when the US agreed to remove their missiles from Europe.
Otto von Bismarck
so, what was provoke russian-ukrainian 2003 Tuzla Island conflict. It's important to understand.
Strong by Lee
Strong by Lee Yıl önce
Probably might need to go one more critical step earlier: the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.
Theknow All
Theknow All Yıl önce
The knowledge in this thread all misses the main component. View the video, 'All Wars Are Bankers' Wars', narrated by Michael Rivero. Lots of copies on odysee.
Suprotyv Yıl önce
Guys please use critical thinking and stop blaming West for what is happening, you are taking thigs out of context. Russia has always been aggressive, USSR was aggressive as well (the ideology of communism and world global revolution), USSR was allied with Nazi Germany and started the WWII together! Which caused huge problems to the whole world and the U.S. in particular. After "liberating" territories occupied by Nazis, USSR has occupied all these territories of independent countries! NATO was created as a response to this, don't fail to identify the CAUSE and the EFFECT. Claiming that West and NATO expansion is CAUSE of what is happening, means to ignore hundreds years of Russian history, as well its attacks on independent countries like Chechnya or Moldova or Georgia (first Georgian war), all these conflicts happened in 90s! Long before NATO was expanding.
Gord Starivlah
Gord Starivlah Yıl önce
Thanks a lot!!! Hope that more people can watch this and coming from US citizen is gives hope for better world.
Larionov Alexey
Larionov Alexey Yıl önce
Tom, thanks very much for that incredible content! We had a chance to hear the one of smartest men ever. That makes such a big difference from what BBC and CNN brings to our ears. We in Russia now (the thinking part of Russia) are now bothered with the question of how could we (our government) prevent the situation? Where did we loose control over the evolving crisis? What was the point of no return? Where did we loose the information war? Was that all preventable? Our brothers, slavic, christian people are now in serious threat in Ukraine. We did we (our government) do wrong? Do you still have a chance to address that follow-up question to professor?
Noel Odra
Noel Odra Yıl önce
Well your government is doing the best it can do. The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Lu Yucheng said that he, “agreed with Moscow’s assessment that NATO’s unchecked expansion in Eastern Europe and the failure to address Russia’s national security concerns had paved the way for the current crisis. He said a simple “commitment of no eastward expansion could have easily ended the crisis and stopped the suffering.” “Instead, one chose to fan the flames at a safe distance, watching its own arms dealers, bankers and oil tycoons make a fortune out of the war, while leaving the people of a small country with the wounds of war that would take years to heal.” There’s a whole world behind your country and its leadership.
Juliana Chumak
Juliana Chumak Yıl önce
Thank you for hosting and publishing such an insightful cover of the topic! 👏👏👏 hopefully more people see it ☀
The Dolphin
The Dolphin Yıl önce
Great analysis. A real paradigm breaker.
Sebastian Gil
Sebastian Gil Yıl önce
This is the truth! What is gooing on with the most journalists in the world that they are simple see things the other way round. Great interview and a very good lesson. Lets solve this issue and make Ukraine great as a neutrale country!
Бегларян Гоар
How brave it is to speak so openly!! Thanks a lot!!!
Philip nik
Philip nik Yıl önce
Thank you for this interview, very insightful
Tezoc Mixtec
Tezoc Mixtec 2 aylar önce
It is truly tragic that even Proffessor Mearsheimer believes that the U.S. needs to "pivot" to Asia to contain the Chinese "threat". Just imagine how the world would be if relations between countries and peoples were based on trust, cooperation, and the common well-being.
name Yıl önce
Please translate the interview into Russian and Ukrainian so that it becomes available to everyone! It is very important! Thank you for your coverage of the topic. please support the comment with a like so that it can be seen. Пожалуйста, переведите интервью на русский и украинский языки, чтобы оно стало доступно всем! это очень важно! Спасибо за освещение темы. пожалуйста, поддержите комментарий лайком, чтобы его было видно.
Дина Смирнова
@Lele S если скопировать ссылку на это видео и открыть его через яндекс браузер, то браузер предложит сделать синхронный перевод (вполне сносный)
Дарья Михайловна
@Lele S Нейросеть яндекс браузера вслух очень неплохо переводит. Намного лучше субтитров, хотя я к ним привыкла, все фильмы с ними смотрю.
blessyou Yıl önce
никто слушать не будет. я изза этого рассорилась со своей семьёй
Maria Maria
Maria Maria Yıl önce
@blessyou аналогично
Helen Helen
Helen Helen Yıl önce
Как вовремя это интервью!! Поделилась в Канаде и США: пусть изучают факты и снижают градус русофобии, действительно, она была и сейчас обострилась, увы. Лайк- непременно!!!
Jyly Hughes
Jyly Hughes Yıl önce
Brilliant. Thank you Professor Mearsheimer.
AM M Yıl önce
Hats off to prof. John. This is indeed remarkable to see how western nations are oblivious towards Russia’s reaction. Social media is flooded with hatred for Russia and Putin, and if someone sympathises with Russia, they are labelled as villains. Whereas Prof. John has truly utilized the right of free speech 👏🏻👏🏻
Johannes Tirén
Johannes Tirén Yıl önce
Like blaming a rape victim for her situation? Always worth cheering! (Irony might exist...)
Z Yıl önce
What about sympathy for Ukraine? Or sympathy for Alexei Navalny ?
Pekka Mustonen
Pekka Mustonen Yıl önce
The Finnish government needs this man urgently! I'm not joking. I MEAN NOW!!!
Ysckemia Yıl önce
we should make many clones of this man and send them in every countries of this planet.
Aaron Michael Daley
🤣🤣🤣 but seriously you are NOT wrong
Eetu Lehtonen
Eetu Lehtonen Yıl önce
Otto-Ville Kuusinen olisi ylpeä. Allegro kulkee vielä joten hyppää ihmeessä kyytiin.
sikajaperkele Yıl önce
@Eetu Lehtonen Trolli.
VP P Yıl önce
Great job explaining that there is no smoke without a fire! Many people in the US jump to conclusion seeing what's happening now. It's easy to digest provided to you information and not to think about the drivers of it. But there is always more to it. And people can't be so blind to what was done in Syria by the US and than when Russia does the same to Ukraine acts like it's a different story.
Sergey Eremin
Sergey Eremin Yıl önce
Exactly! When you are shown the bad guys, ask yourself who and why benefits from it
Rolf Bangert
Rolf Bangert Yıl önce
...big thank you for this from Germany! Understanding complexity and history is largely not that hip in a soundbite ridden culture and easily steered by media.
nastiia Yıl önce
it's nice to see that someone from Germany is interested in the truth, and dont read Bild newspaper
Deborah Dean
Deborah Dean Yıl önce
How do the germans feel about European, and their own, involvement ?
Little Grace
Little Grace Yıl önce
Thank you for the honest and comprehensive explanation, professor! I am from Russia myself and I'm so desperate that most people don't know this history. For sure everyone is against war. Hope this video will be watched by everyone to understand the situation.
Eng0926 Yıl önce
Thank you, Professor! ❤️❤️❤️
Alena Krasner
Alena Krasner Yıl önce
This interview was recorded on Tuesday 15th February, 9 days before the war... Thank you, professor!
Àlex Costa
Àlex Costa Yıl önce
Fantastic interview. A little bit of common sense in the world is always more than welcome. Thank you.
Kodiak Trickler
Kodiak Trickler Yıl önce
I was leaning towards the views expressed within this video prior to watching it, though the rhetoric and social movement all push the whole "Russia Bad" narrative that I was starting to think I may be wrong in my leaning but couldn't find real information on it.
Theknow All
Theknow All Yıl önce
@Kodiak Trickler Prof John Mearsheimer is unique because he has integrity and sees truth as important. But he had a privileged position at the University of Chicago, therefore there is one component of all this that he is not allowed to mention. View the video, 'All Wars Are Bankers' Wars', narrated by Michael Rivero. Lots of copies on odysee.
Theknow All
Theknow All Yıl önce
@GreenGrayBear Listened to that. Kotkin is another lackey for the establishment. After the fall of the Soviet Union 30 years ago, NATO made agreements to Russia not to move eastward towards Russia's borders. It is indisputable that NATO lied and Putin explains this clearly in his speeches. Today NATO countries border Russia and USA missile systems sit on Russia's doorstep. To counter nuclear missiles directed at Moscow there must be a distance limit for security and the Ukraine border is too close to Moscow. Russia has been airing its security concerns for years but they are ignored. Big-money is in control. The USA were funded to organize a coup in 2014, ultimately financed by the cabal who have $billions at their disposal because they control the central banks. The coup in the Ukraine is explained in great detail in the documentary. When the coup was over the USA appointed the unelected puppet, current President Volodymyr Zelensky. As expected, Ukraine joining NATO was then proposed. Would the U.S allow Russian missiles on its border? Not a chance. Putin has been talking about this NATO aggression for years. He has been more than patient. In December Putin and Lavrov sent written proposals expressing changes take place to ensure Russia's security, like removal of weapon systems (remember NATO moved towards Russia's borders not vice versa). These proposals have been rejected. Russia has been backed into a corner. Ukraine has a long history with Russia, Kiev once being Russia's capital.
Joseph Brennan
Joseph Brennan Yıl önce
I am pro-ukraine yet I still agree with the principles in this video. Too many people in my country just want to believe the simplistic Russia= bad guy, west= good guy.
Rishi Singh
Rishi Singh Yıl önce
I hope this kind of information gets some traction after the dust settles and people realize who is really at fault.
Mapping History
Really opened my eyes to the other side - I read and study history and have read Thucydides peloponnesian war - you can learn so much from that book regarding the situation in Ukraine
Carmen Perez
Carmen Perez Yıl önce
I am glad to hear a person with knowledge and common sense.
MightBinder Yıl önce
What and enlightened person.. why doesn’t the world listen to him.
IndUK Life
IndUK Life Yıl önce
It is hard become a neutral country between 2 great powers. Indonesia, my country for example. We are sandwich between US (with its allies: Australia etc) and China. Both powers use our water but not involving us merely because they see us as powerless country. 😞
Oklahoma 123
Oklahoma 123 Yıl önce
This man is the only academic that has got it right ! If you want to understand geopolitics.listen to JOHN He is not some wimp from Harvard that says the right thing because he wants to remain on the iron rice bowl of paid academics !
Lana GEM & Music Mind
I'm very thankful to this video! There's a hope that common sense will eventually prevail... Is there any way to create a world petition? 2 major demands: 1) Make Ukraine/U.S. government stop fueling this war conflict and come to a compromise with the Russian government -- NATO missiles shouldn't be near Russian borders; 2) Stop introducing sanctions against Russian people and cancel everything that was already introduced that influences our lives badly! Currently everyone blaims only Putin and asks him to stop the war. But he's not the only responsible party. The whole situation can get even worse: Ukrainian people and their ruling elite is spreading hatred among Russians pushing us towards a civil war (smth. similar to the Maidan revolution). Nobody wants this. Nobody wants this war! It's 21st century and we are not savages. And dear America, Europe - where's your tolerance that you were so actively talking about all these past years?? Ukrainians suffer a lot now, but why should Russians also suffer??
c a
c a Yıl önce
I agree, sanctions should hit Russia's wealthy but not the population. My deepest empathy for both the Russian and the Ukrainian civilians
abel aschalew
abel aschalew Yıl önce
Thanks professor simply magnificent
Ferdinand314 Yıl önce
I almost didn't click on this because I thought it would be boring! The time sped by. I'd happily listen to another 3 hours of this brilliant man's insights. Thank you!
Sing Ling
Sing Ling Yıl önce
Politicians should take note when JM gives a lecture or shared his opinions.
balvinder singh
balvinder singh Yıl önce
Very wise person with deep knowledge of history.
Gen Athome
Gen Athome Yıl önce
oh the hybris in this interview.... how "lovely" to hear so much admiration and respect.
El Barca
El Barca Yıl önce
Excellent interview. Professor John Mearsheimer is a thought leader and helps us understand why Russia behaves as they are, irrespective of your views on Ukraine invasion.
The Russians' behaviour, as indicated by the current surge of atrocities is simply unforgiveable. It is barbaris similar to what was allowed to happen in Syria.
Politically Cleansed
This is most excellent. I was honestly thinking I was going crazy. The more I thought about this the more I realized our media was just full of lies yet again. This validated all that I KNEW of this recent history and I drew the same conclusions.
John Bany
John Bany Yıl önce
Thank you professor for enlightening us in these difficult times. I hope that many people will watch this video.
VictorLiberty Luis
So clear, great talk, great thinker
J R Yıl önce
The professor makes so much sense about western missteps although his assessment whether Russia would actually invade is of course off. That apparently fooled and perplexed most experts including Russian commentators.
annushka0113 Yıl önce
I don’t believe he discounts invading Ukraine but said that HOLDING occupied Ukraine would be extremely difficult.
Monita WONG
Monita WONG Yıl önce
Good analysis of which few EU members aware of this perspective. But it is very true and valid.
joe ferdin
joe ferdin Yıl önce
John Mearsheimer as usual brings the problems to the surface and he has the intelligence, experience and guts to present solutions too. I wished that the Europeans (Germany and France) would stand up to the foolish influence of the US more often.
Willo James
Willo James Yıl önce
France can't stand up to a stiff breeze
zarni000 Yıl önce
@Willo James lmao
smurfiennes blue
smurfiennes blue Yıl önce
There are 2 people from Germany and France who were with Nuland and Pyatt during the presidential coup in Ukraine in 2014. So I think they are as deep as the US/EU in the mud in this case.
smurfiennes blue
smurfiennes blue Yıl önce
@Willo James remember Srebrenica? The Dutch Bats were left there and had to witness the massacre despite their repeating calls to UN. France should’ve sent airforce, but they chose to do nothing
Dankirk Yıl önce
This has some great insight into what US and Russia think and how we got here. Less so what should be done or what is right. Smaller nations are not just toys for the big powers. Sovereign nations do have their own opinion (despite external influences) about their own affairs, alliances and everything else. It is ultimately their right to choose regardless of their neighbours. Anyone trying to undermine that is an aggressor and in violation.
Myla Yıl önce
Whilst I agree with what you say in principle, I think as Meersheimer says, smaller countries in reality have to take account not just their own histories but their geographies too. They need to take account of their neighbours especially so if those neighbours are great powers. That requires diplomacy and finesse and realising that if you want peaceful relations you might not be able to join all the institutions you would like to. Unfair you say? Well, yes. But it's the reality. If you push ahead anyway (encouraged or played by another great power) then the consequences, as has turned out in Ukraine, can be dire. We can label countries aggressors and in violation but that hardly helps Ukraine who is now paying a heavy price for not compromising.
J. Lawton
J. Lawton Yıl önce
Thanks for having an actual foriegn policy expert speak on this complex issue. I'm so fed up with left/right wing ideologues just appeasing their target audience on TRvid with name calling an blaming. People like John are the ones that deserve all the attention. Not the profit motivated youtubers/MSM corporations that just slap some out of context bullshit in a 10 minute video. The sad part is that these people that have no idea what they're talking about drive public opinion.
strwind Yıl önce
You are so right. I hope there’s a dedicated video platform for these interviews that have actual values to people. The talk has so much depth and makes so much sense even for people who don’t understand geopolitics.
Ricardo Cima
Ricardo Cima Yıl önce
What?? This guy is a known US-hater.
topspin too
topspin too Yıl önce
@Ricardo Cima You are exactly the kind of uninformed people @J, Lawton is talking about. Thanks for making his point.
Osya Kisa
Osya Kisa Yıl önce
the notion of the Minsk accord implementation being essential part to proceed now is puzzling. With most population in break away regions in Donbass having the Russian citizenship now, what relevance can it have? Under Russian law, ppl have to forgo their other citizenship upon acceptance of the Russian citizenship. Many point of the Minsk accord are based on the local population being citizens of Ukraine. I would love to see Professor John J. Mearsheimer answer to that
fnaust Yıl önce
An excellent analysis, should be translated to many languages and published widely.
Theknow All
Theknow All Yıl önce
@Selcuk Cilek I agree it's not a synonym. The establishment is more international. The main central bank, the BIS, is in Switzerland. The establishment is currently destroying the USA economy.
J Shield
J Shield Yıl önce
Americans only know one language so give us a break
Ульяна Захарова
Thank you so much for sharing! Could you recommend some EU media which provides the views from both sides, please? I liked Euronews before, and got dramatically disillusioned these days... We pray for peace
Leo Yıl önce
it's a free world, this is not the cold war anymore, professor - Let's keep moving!
alismail ibrahim
alismail ibrahim Yıl önce
I wonder how come such incredibly bright Americans like John Measheimer can't influence their country's political elites?!!!!
Cally Arts
Cally Arts Yıl önce
So good! It really got to the essences and critical points of the current Ukraine crisis as well as the global geopolitics. Thank you so much, Professor Mearsheimer.
The Intellectual Exchange
It is a fallacy to say that the invasion of Ukraine has something to do with Russia’s national interests. This is said by people who have a very shallow understanding of the Russian heart. If Alexei Navalny would be the President of Russia, Russia would never have invaded Ukraine. If Navalny would be the president of Russia, you would see the reestablishment of democratic norms and checks and balances to power in Russia, and you would see Russia drifting back into the European family maybe even one day joining the EU and even NATO. The Problem is Putin, and sadly those fools that believe the Russia state media blindly
Renan Rodrigues
Renan Rodrigues Yıl önce
@The Intellectual Exchange Russia asked to join EU (and OTAN also) in the past, it was categorily denied.
The Intellectual Exchange
@Renan Rodrigues I just looked into this and its true there were some discussions. But there was no formal request. But there was an interest by Putin. I think this will happen in the future.
The Intellectual Exchange
@Renan Rodrigues I think the NATO -Russian cooperation was working, but then Russia engaged in hostile threats or actions against Moldova/Transnistria(1992-2016); Georgia (2004-2012); Estonia (2006-2007); Ukraine (2014-present); Syria (2015-present) and Turkey (2015-2016), among others. Then in 2014 tensions increased between NATO and Russia as a result of the Russia's move to annex Crimea: On 1 April 2014, NATO unanimously decided to suspend all practical co-operation with the Russian Federation, in response to the Annexation of Crimea, but the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) was not suspended.
PT Yıl önce
Thank you for posting this conversation!
Вне коробки
Despite the title, I do thank the source for sharing such truthful information. We all need clear, fact-based information. The truth is the only way peace in the world can be achieved. Interestingly, it’s the Russian language where there is the same word for “world” and for “peace”. And we stand for peace, no matter what the media coverage is. When such wars as WWII occur on your land, the nation will always know and remember the price of it. If something has started, the only reason is that they had no other way and the government is eager to finish it without hurting anyone else. We all pray for peace, because so many of Russian citizens have relatives or friends there.
Егор Кузнец
In Russian "Мир" has a deeper meaning. This is a complex system that is in balance and everything obeys certain laws.
増田有加 11 aylar önce
ありがとうございます。 善悪二極論はないという事をしっかりと理解出来たこと。 沢山の人々に理解できる様に伝えて下さることに感謝します。 沢山の言語で伝わることも願っています。
Dragos B
Dragos B Yıl önce
Thank you for bringing light and "Real Politik" to the actual situation in Ukraine. I've been watching so many pseudo-intellectuals and famous professors who either do not know the facts or for "political correctness" reasons are afraid to analyze the situation the way you just did. (or both) Unfortunately, the US refuses to accept the reality that we do not leave in a unipolar world anymore. Thank you, Professor.
Cynthia Soroka
Cynthia Soroka Yıl önce
Thanks 🙏 for explaining the History of this Ukraine situation.
Mahmood Mirhashemi
great discussion, thank you for organizing this.
Razvan Zamfir
Razvan Zamfir Yıl önce
Great interview. Are you 100% certain they announced Georgia and Ukraine would become part of NATO, or did NATO officials say that these two countries' situation would be "reexamined" in December?
vitalis Yıl önce
I'm Asian European and have shared his videos everyday to do my bit, the only thing I'm concerned is him painting China as the "real" threat. I mean common, I'm so sick of that mainstream narrative that anything and eveything China does has to be viewed through that lens. But, that battle with be for another day. Let's just get through this without starting WWIII.
smurfiennes blue
smurfiennes blue Yıl önce
You should watch Mearsheimer’s lecture at Yale about the false promise of liberal hegemony. You’ll understand why
Paul Marciniak
Paul Marciniak Yıl önce
Wow! I had only recently found and listened to a few of Professor Mearsheimer lectures from 6-10 years ago; and been awaiting his analysis of 2022 current issues in Ukraine. Thank yous.
Thomas Reinstadtler
The problem with these arguments is it ignores the idea that Ukrainians have the right to self determination.
Paul Marciniak
Paul Marciniak Yıl önce
@Thomas Reinstadtler please explain.. do you mean the "People's Republic of Donetsk and Luhansk"? Putin did state that he recognizes these as independent states. Is it true that NATO/USA has been financing bioweapons labs in Ukraine since 2012 and prior? Perhaps we should have a Legitimate world court procedure to let all sides present their evidence and witnesses to find out the truth.
Thomas Reinstadtler
@Paul Marciniak What I mean is that Ukraine is a sovereign nation that controls their own politics and economic policies. If they would prefer to have closer ties to the west, it’s neither NATO’s or Putin’s right to determine otherwise. If they want to have closer ties to Russia, it’s also their business. While I don’t dispute the Professors points about NATO expansion and US policy playing a large role in this conflict, he simply takes the good vs evil narrative and flips it. Maybe there’s more nuance to it. Maybe Latvia, Estonia and other former Soviet republics saw signs that Putin wanted to make Vassal states of them all and sought the protection of NATO.
Paul Marciniak
Paul Marciniak Yıl önce
@Thomas Reinstadtler let's find out if it is true the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk eastern provinces did indeed have a people's vote to declare themselves People's Republic(s) of Donetsk/Luhansk? If that is verified as truth then those 2 provinces had already changed their status into 2 new nation states independent of both Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps is still in process and they requested support of Russia to complete it? It will be interesting to watch this unfold.
Ouch.. 🙈
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