productive vlog | changing keycaps, desk makeover, notion tour (ft. Filmora)

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22 May 2022




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Munchi 9 aylar önce
Download Filmora for free! bit.ly/2TSG08C - 💌So much has happened since my last upload! That video reached 450k? and we reached 38k subs! Thank you so much for both! i hope this channel can be a safe and motivating space for you! Also if you aren't following me yet on instagram, feel free to do so! (@munchi.official) i'm being pretty active with posts and stories and we're overall having a great time on there!
김혜진 7 aylar önce
lee chan
lee chan 9 aylar önce
love your videos!
Sitam Govekar
Sitam Govekar 9 aylar önce
Your vlogs are literally so calming and aesthetic ✨
johanndane 6 aylar önce
Same thats why i love her videos and i also subscribed her😍
lovelycrystal 6 aylar önce
Munchi 9 aylar önce
thank you!
P Anika
P Anika 9 aylar önce
about filmora: keep in mind that after the second video you save, a huge watermark will appear on all your following projects until you buy the premium version. It also has problems playing the projects during the cut. The quality needs to be very low in order for it to stop lagging every five seconds. That are my experiences..
-Blu31x14_0 4 aylar önce
Thank u sm
hyunlix🧡lover👬 9 aylar önce
She is literally free therapy 💗 her nails💖And her editing skills *chefs kiss*💫 I am obsessed
hyunlix🧡lover👬 8 aylar önce
@Fairy pi 💗🦋
Fairy pi
Fairy pi 8 aylar önce
100th like, YES✨
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you sm!💌
charina 9 aylar önce
the chan’s room completes it all. also, love the colors of your keycaps
nat 9 aylar önce
Aside from lube, people usually pack the inside of the board case with soft foam and/or use a desk mat! Gets rid of the hollow sound
Munchi 9 aylar önce
thank for the information! i appreciate it!
Anam Nazir
Anam Nazir 4 aylar önce
She honestly is like life goals idk how else to say it 💀
Sierra Nicole
Sierra Nicole 4 aylar önce
I started watching all your videos and I’ve changed my entire room setup to white and green now 😭 I even bought the green iPad Air because of youuuu 💚 sending love~ I love your channel so much
Naomi Nicole
Naomi Nicole 9 aylar önce
So glad to find a youtuber that loves green as much as I do! Definitely will check that keyboard out if I have the budget. I've been binge watching your content for 2 days now 😭
Swapnali Khule
Swapnali Khule 4 aylar önce
I am obsessed with your vlogs! 💜 They are so calming and aesthetic whenever I get bore I watch your video that make me happy and relaxing 💜 and you are so beautiful 💜😍
danita 9 aylar önce
i’m in love with your content, it’s perfect for winding down and reminding me to be productive✨
throneofpages 8 aylar önce
i was not expecting to see my notion template here ahh i'm so happy you're enjoying it 💗
Munchi 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much for your amazing work!
Caitlin Gabrielle Dela Fuente
while watching this video i was also planning on redecorating my room, now i am! I am in love with your room decor
Yᴏᴜʀs ᴛʀᴜʟʏ, Nᴇɪᴀ
You're videos give me the motivation to study and be productive every single day!
cheska ysabelle
cheska ysabelle 8 aylar önce
a tip with making pngs on procreate is to use the automatic option under the selections tool (the ribbon icon). then you can press the background and it will select it automatically! it works better if the picture you found has a solid color. hope this helps!
c q n d y m l k
c q n d y m l k 9 aylar önce
your vlogs are so pretty and aesthetically pleasing to watch ☺️💗 congrats on 39k!! you deserve it 🥳
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much like always!!
ToughCuukie 9 aylar önce
Ah I'm so happy you posted! I just found your channel and been watching for a couple of days, your editing style is so cute and aestethic I love it!😻🥰
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it’💌
hiyobun 5 aylar önce
Your videos are so motivating and relaxing! So glad I found this channel, a gem truly
lyanny Silva
lyanny Silva 8 aylar önce
Esses vídeos são muito agradáveis ☺💕💕
Grace 9 aylar önce
hi! new subscriber here! i love how chill your videos are, i sometimes watch them during long breaks. saw your latest vid right after watching this week's episode of Nevertheless. also go Team Potato Boy!! hope you have a great day! btw, we have the same laptop stand and keyboard (but mine is not hot swappable)!!!
Cassy Lancaster
Cassy Lancaster 9 aylar önce
your vlogs are so inspiring! they honestly make me want to be more productive!!
Mikayla C
Mikayla C 9 aylar önce
I just found your videos yesterday and I love them so far! The fact that you called the guy in Nevertheless "potato boy" has me laughing because that is what my friend and I call him too when we are watching it!
Fiorella Solano
Fiorella Solano 9 aylar önce
Please do a notion tour it’s so cute! ✨
Kendall Hallberg
Kendall Hallberg 9 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-pC9Nmvwjjxg.html this video does a full run through of the OG templates 💖
☾︎ ʟᴜɴᴀ
☾︎ ʟᴜɴᴀ 9 aylar önce
I love the series nevertheless too, It is so good 👍 😍 Nice choice 👌
Madiha Urooj
Madiha Urooj 6 aylar önce
okay but when we have such beautiful and aesthetically pleasing videos that you make, we really don't need therapy. thank you sm for this. love xoxo
NYLPAULA 6 aylar önce
I just found your channel yesterday and I am very happy about it 💚 I watched almost everything already 😩
nico menéndez
nico menéndez 9 aylar önce
your editing skills are out of this world!!!keep going queen love your content🦋☁️
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much!!
O Kay
O Kay 4 aylar önce
Such a well made vlog! Got Filmora bc of this :) cool fonts tho, which ones did you use if it's okay to ask?
rin 6 gün önce
this vlog was so beautiful omgg gave me such good vibes to start the day
Eman AbdelKhalek
Eman AbdelKhalek 4 aylar önce
Literally these are soooo aesthetic and amazing! My favorite color is this aesthetic green! Also I think I'm getting the same ipad!
ENGENE 9 aylar önce
i love you and your videos! you are one of my inspiration on becoming a productive and very aesthetic person.❤️❤️
Nana Esi O. Nyarkoh
Nana Esi O. Nyarkoh 9 aylar önce
Really loved this video! And yes, I'd love to see a video with how you do your nails! And more vlogs too 🥰 maybe a a more in-depth editing tutorial as well haha :D Don't mind me I'm just excited for more videos
Munchi 9 aylar önce
would love to do a "how i edit" video in the future! thanks for the recommendations!
Windy Mind
Windy Mind 9 aylar önce
I love your videos! So calming, you’ve cultivated such an aesthetic space!!
Munchi 9 aylar önce
thank you so much!
Rumana Aktar
Rumana Aktar 9 aylar önce
i love your vlog!your vlogs are literally so aesthetic💕
Lunar24 ♡
Lunar24 ♡ 9 aylar önce
I am in love with your vlogs!!!! The editing , the aesthetic , pure serotonin istg😭😩💜💖🤌✨ I hope you have a great day/night!!!
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much!!
keiteu 8 aylar önce
i love your vlog keep working on it!
Kine Mamac
Kine Mamac 9 aylar önce
Just recently found your channel and now I’m binge watching!! 😩🙌🏼
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Hope you enjoy!
scarlett. 9 aylar önce
Hi, i‘ve been watching your vids for a long time now and became a big fan of yours. so i‘m really happy for u that ur account has grown so fast in these last few weeks^^ i wish u all the best for the future. much love from germany
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much!!
Alix Eme
Alix Eme 6 aylar önce
I see Lee Know and Channie and just click it, finally a stay aesthetic vlog
Jasmijn 9 aylar önce
Youre vid are so aesthetic! And youre editing work I am in love😍🙂✨🧸
Butterfly 1411
Butterfly 1411 9 aylar önce
Omg your videos are so asthetic! Oh and can you give us the Notion template too so we can use it? Because it look so detailed!!
Roo 9 aylar önce
hii munchi!! ur videos are rlly cute and inspiring:) keep going i rlly enjoy ur videos!
Roo 9 aylar önce
@Munchi ofc:)
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much!
Miriam Torralvo
Miriam Torralvo 2 aylar önce
Ive become obsessed with this videos pls don’t stop doing them
Michelle Kleier
Michelle Kleier 9 aylar önce
i see minho, i click. and i don't regret it at all. this video is so aestheticial pleasant omg
Susan Godani
Susan Godani 9 aylar önce
Your vids are sooo inspiring and relaxing, i love them, thank you so much! Also I just wanted to know what you edit them with? (Sorry for my bad english) :) ♡
Liandry 9 aylar önce
I remember when you were only at 12k subs and now you're at 41k! You're such a queen and an inspiration. I hope you're doing well.
MOCHI 9 aylar önce
Always so happy to see that you posted ! Your are so relaxing to watch.. ⭐️
Karla Griselda
Karla Griselda 9 aylar önce
i just found your youtube channel and i am so in love I have told my family about your videos
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much!!
XoXo C
XoXo C 9 aylar önce
Your editing skills are sooo good omg you need more subscribers!
Iraa kiyo
Iraa kiyo 9 aylar önce
Thank you for posting ur video, I love it so much and keep up the good work!❤
Yeni Varela
Yeni Varela 9 aylar önce
I always get so excited when I watch your videos☺️☺️❤️ Great job!! 💖
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you sm!
Jade Gan
Jade Gan 7 aylar önce
Was randomly checking keycaps changing then I saw you watching Chan's live 😢❣️
diah mega
diah mega 9 aylar önce
I love this so much it was super relaxing😌💗
Jazmin Bermudez
Jazmin Bermudez 9 aylar önce
new subscriber here! Ah! I'm so in love with your videos! thank you so much for posting the content that you do! Take care!
Melanie Hernandez
Melanie Hernandez 9 aylar önce
I love your vlogs! It's like chilling w a friend : )
Munchi 9 aylar önce
i absolutely love that!
Jessica Kethan
Jessica Kethan 9 aylar önce
ive been binging your videos ever since i found them a few days ago !! i love your vibes/aesthetic sm. hello from a new subscriber
days of kami
days of kami 9 aylar önce
i just wanted to say that i love your blogs so much!! i’ve been watching them for awhile now and you inspired me to start my own youtube channel and vlog 💖 your content is so beautiful!
vanniennieahyoo 9 aylar önce
I really love your vlogs 💗💗💗
Nikita Lanke
Nikita Lanke 9 aylar önce
She is so theraupatic 💖 omg loved her channel !!!
devika s.
devika s. 9 aylar önce
okay but can we talk about her whole aesthetic?! and her nails tho
farhanahriqa 9 aylar önce
OMG! I really all of your videos 🥺🥺 Soo inspiring♥️♥️
Angelina Khang
Angelina Khang 9 aylar önce
Obsessed with your vlogs 🤍
Munchi 9 aylar önce
thank you!
NYLPAULA 6 aylar önce
everything is so calming ☁️
CosmicCloud 9 aylar önce
Your vlogs are litterly so awsome, I'm so obsessed
вика. 9 aylar önce
I love your videos so much and can't understand why you have not many views? thank you for amazing & inspiring videos!!!
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you!!💌
Sedighe 9 aylar önce
This was randomly recommended to me but I regret nothing after watching it 😍
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Aahh thank you🥺
isacute 9 aylar önce
so aesthetic i love it😭💟
Diasukke 9 aylar önce
Watching your videos makes me so happy omg!💛
Anjana A G
Anjana A G 5 aylar önce
Oh girl, your videos inspires me alot
Lei 9 aylar önce
hello, love your youtube content. we really have a lot in common with your favorite color from your fashion and so many things. I just want to ask from my curiosity how do you put live wallpaper or GIF on your notion page because your notion tour is not in detail, I wish you do a detailed notion tour because I like how you do your notion, actually I follow what you put in your notion. thanks and have a great day ahead. cheers!
tanisya auvie
tanisya auvie 9 aylar önce
so in love with your vlogs 😍😍😍
Study Harvest
Study Harvest 9 aylar önce
Literally Amazing 🤗 ! Love The ASMR Of Keyboard ⌨️🥰
ryuniverse 9 aylar önce
i'm in love w/ ur videos bestie. ur living the life i want to live ! :) 🍀
Pruela & Paula
Pruela & Paula 9 aylar önce
AHHHHH EARLY!! I RECENTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH YOUR VIDEOS ❤ THEY INSPIRE ME!! They've helped me a lot to focus on positivity 😃😁
praise 9 aylar önce
I recenrlt started watching your channel and i love the aesthetic.
GM 9 aylar önce
here after my study sesh your videos are so cute a new subbie💛
Munchi 9 aylar önce
Thank you! 🌷
ESR 9 aylar önce
the vibes this bring me at 1am✨🥰
Sharafa Ashley
Sharafa Ashley 9 aylar önce
Ur vlogs always motivate people alott
Yareliz 9 aylar önce
Early And your video are so calming I love it 😊✨💕💖
Parinita Priyadarshini
So she's cool, watches anime and is a STAY?? *SUBSCRIBED*
Femke O.
Femke O. 9 aylar önce
I loooove your vlogs, and found out in this one, that ur dutch!! Its just so 'aestethic', happy that I found out about you!
Ashley 9 aylar önce
If it's possible, can you provide a link to your Notion format? I love the setup!!
Kendall Hallberg
Kendall Hallberg 9 aylar önce
I think she got it from this vid: trvid.com/video/video-pC9Nmvwjjxg.html 💖 I loved adding all the widgets to mine ✨
mon 9 aylar önce
EEEE THE NOTION TOUR IS HERE!!! love ur videos as always munchi!
Ida 9 aylar önce
Your nails on the last video really inspired me to do my own nails, can’t wait for your nail video!
Sheanna May
Sheanna May 9 aylar önce
How is your life so aesthetic!!!! 🥺❤️
this is miray‘
this is miray‘ 9 aylar önce
love thissss so aesthetic
aishaa 9 aylar önce
wahh i really like your videos. They are very inspired
Mariama Guirassy
Mariama Guirassy 9 aylar önce
hii :) i loved ur video , can u do a notion tutorial ? i want to do a similar theme but idk how to do it haha
lacasitos60 8 aylar önce
A tip to make your photos png, is to edit them and then you have a pen which lets you select by color, so you select the white space and then click the delete button. And then save it
Moochie xo
Moochie xo 9 aylar önce
Your videos are sooo relaxing
Candice Guilaran
Candice Guilaran 9 aylar önce
Subscribed!! Your vids are so aesthetic it's really relaxing. Nice to meet you fellow Army! 💜
Megan Kesbai
Megan Kesbai 9 aylar önce
the editing 😍
Meagan 9 aylar önce
This is so pretty and I love your channel!! Please don't take this as hate, but you really shouldn't print off artists' work from the internet. As an artist myself, this is upsetting as the original artist gets no credit nor money for their hard work. Most art on Pinterest is reposted without the artist's permission and it's the bane of artists' existence. It's a void where credit for work goes to die :( A lot of the art you printed is sold as prints by the original artists, so I recommend checking to see if you can support these artists before printing it yourself! Again, not hate, I know a lot of people don't know or realize this. Loved the video though
Munchi 9 aylar önce
i'm so sorry about that, i searched very carefully to not print any etsy prints but i wasn't aware of the fact that people re-post some of them without any credits! i will make sure to oder prints next time, thanks for telling me!
iman💕 9 aylar önce
If I had a pretty set up I would be so much more productive😄
Alfia Rahmayanti
Alfia Rahmayanti 9 aylar önce
Oh God, i'm fall in love to your video. I hope you will be a success youtuber! Fighting♥
dreonthetube 9 aylar önce
So aesthetically pleasing
Sylvana 9 aylar önce
I for real feel you on the 'green is going to be my only personality trait at this point' cuz same
Megan Kesbai
Megan Kesbai 9 aylar önce
this video is so beautiful 😍
Gwenasha 8 aylar önce
can you do "how i edit my videos" i would love to know the fonts you usually use🤎 i love your editing sm
•Park mi-so •
•Park mi-so • 9 aylar önce
sooo aesthetic 😣❤
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