Product Design - How to Get Started (in 2019)

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How do you get started in product design?
AJ&Smart's Brittni Bowering takes us through 5 steps to learn product design fundamentals, approach product design professionals and get started in your product design career!
Brittni shares 5 steps to get started in product design. Ranging from the tools you should be learning to use, what books and courses are on offer, and gaining some experience. How to plan your first career moves, and how to get expand your skillset.
Thanks for watching!
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How to get started in Product Design (Links):
The Futur’s TRvid Channel: trvid.com/u-TheSkoolRocks
Learn design without school (The Futur video):
Learn the Tools:
Jesse Showalter’s video on design tools:
Get some experience:
Global Service Jam Network
Find someone to look up to:
Tobias Van Schneider: www.vanschneider.com/
Ryan Singer: medium.com/@rjs
Whitney Hess: medium.com/@whitneyhess
Find a Job:
Our video on getting a job in product design: trvid.com/video/video-za39f3hAF5A.html&t=

Watch a FREE 1.5 hour Design Sprint webclass, featuring Design Sprint creator Jake Knapp:
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Product Design - How To Get Started



3 Dec 2018




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AJ&Smart 11 aylar önce
What would be your dream product design job? Do you have any other tips for getting started in this field? Let us know in the comments!
Francisco Aguilera
Francisco Aguilera 8 aylar önce
AJ&Smart I have a bachelors of science and masters in architecture and a minor in graphic design. Am I qualified to be a product designer?
RED TAG 8 aylar önce
What's your hangout mail id is??
karan srivastav
karan srivastav 9 aylar önce
U r amazing 😘😘
John Tha Creator
John Tha Creator 9 aylar önce
Hi @AJ&Smart , I'm just getting started on Product designing. I'm actually learning Product design so I can be very skilled in Bag Designing (Backpacks specifically) I started An African fashion accessory Brand (Jolis Brand) and I intend to create much quality and lovely Products with this skill. I would love if u can suggest books, maybe videos and probably heroes/mentors who could help me visualize and make this dream a reality. Thanks❤🙏
Bosa Jussiek
Bosa Jussiek 10 aylar önce
I actually will move to potsdam for userinterface studies and my dream is to get an intership at aj&smart.❤️ You will recieve my application in about 1-2 years😄
Theblockyhero kuso
Theblockyhero kuso 3 gün önce
So basically.... there isnt really a program in uni or college called product design, because most are self taught?
Mikhail Averyaskin
Mikhail Averyaskin 7 gün önce
Good content, but as a UX designers you should (Must, I really tempted to use this strong statement) be very detailed in everything. I am talking about the Penis, which pointed on your shoulder from the painting behind you. Is this intentional choice, or something else? Someone can really skip this video just because of it and definitely will not share it. Other than that good video. Regards
Alex Wolowiecki
Alex Wolowiecki 10 gün önce
Dream job is product @ Spotify!!
William Phox
William Phox 10 gün önce
Those underwear are too tight 🙉🍆
Oluwaseun Daniel
Oluwaseun Daniel 23 gün önce
Thank You :)
AJ&Smart 17 gün önce
Hope it came in useful!
monikamoon14 27 gün önce
Work for free yes - also have a part-time job to support you!
monikamoon14 23 gün önce
@AJ&Smart I know , I'm kind of working for free at the moment but still need to pay for food.
AJ&Smart 25 gün önce
Hey we hear ya, and it's always divisive advice, but even if it's a small project for a friend or family member, the dividends from being able to show some real world design solutions will be beneficial at the very start!
sam john
sam john Aylar önce
Holy sh**t! Emily Blunt is talking product design.
AJ&Smart 17 gün önce
Emily Blunt was in our office?!?!
Mayur J
Mayur J Aylar önce
Gread video.! And brittni you're cute af!
Alex Aylar önce
Thank you for the information! These are super helpful!!
AJ&Smart Aylar önce
No problem Alex! More to come! Thanks!
Ishi Ri
Ishi Ri Aylar önce
we gonna ignore that dick in the back
Adesina Daniel
Adesina Daniel Aylar önce
Good day, am Daniel, and am a 100% beginner, and I think am lost I don't know where to start from.
Ezekiel Brown
Ezekiel Brown Aylar önce
Thank you for the help!
AJ&Smart Aylar önce
Thanks Ezekiel!
Raji Nair
Raji Nair Aylar önce
I am such a huge huge fan of urs. U r just an inspiration to me. I am just unable to express. Thank you.
AJ&Smart Aylar önce
Thanks so much Raji! Feedback like that REALLY means a lot to us!
Blessed Offor
Blessed Offor Aylar önce
Thank you Brittni and AJ&Smart
Ahsanul islam tapadar
Thank you so much for uploading this video. You have told your name but i havent get properly. Do you have Instagram?
Jon Crane
Jon Crane Aylar önce
Is learning product design the best way to approach becoming a toy designer- like with action figures and such?
Manny Donaire
Manny Donaire Aylar önce
I have 'a controversial' question (hypothetical). Senario: Designer Joe has 7-10 years as a graphic designer-turned senior designer-turned art director, now wants to get an entry level position as a UXer...ahem..'product designer'... he's still paying off design/university debt... so he has to get unpaid work? Let's drop more info on Joe. He's taken some UX courses at a community college (not $10000 for 10 week general assembly), he's been to 15-20 meetups, and has studied the in and outs of UX design process from the popular UX books, and medium blogs and podcasts. He has 'bills' and has a family to 'support' and he's in his mid to late 30's. Now, let's turn turn the tables... you being in Joe's position, what would you do? Yes, he has a portfolio with 2-3 case studies that he's 'interated' at least 4-6 times based on feedback from users... AND.. most importantly, he knows the UX design process AND understands it's about solving the NEEDS of the user. OHHHH..let us not forget he's passionate. Can he still get some paid work (he's not asking for the world of a salary, just basic starting salary)? What would you do?
giovanni martorella
Manny Donaire oh I appreciate, I will definitely work hard to get a internship or a junior position. I will keep you peeps updated! 👍🏽
Manny Donaire
Manny Donaire Aylar önce
@giovanni martorella good luck and I mean it. Noone from AJ and smart are replying, so I'm assuming that it's a .05-2% chance of getting a 'paid' entry level UX design job. Let me know if you find 'paid' entry level UX or paid internship.
giovanni martorella
Good question, im currently in a area where i studied for 4 months on my own. Gathering amazing resources and using them to learn UX design. Now im just trying to find any entry level position or internship for UX design. Im based in New York.
Jan O
Jan O Aylar önce
Thanks for insightful advice Brittni. I am a designer, transitioning into UI/Product Designer. And my dream product design job is get an internship maybe in google/CBN company
Real Life Experiences
Real Life Experiences 2 aylar önce
Hi! The background picture is doing irritate us. Please, change the background picture in your's future videos. It's not a good design. Thank you... Regards, Muhammad Asif Khan Love from Pakistan
Almatik Kozha-Akhmet
Almatik Kozha-Akhmet 2 aylar önce
Product design mess with industrial design MB material design?
POP DATA 2 aylar önce
How much is it possible for one to work from home in this field? I'm not the 9-5 kind of guy :v
Homie Nanavati
Homie Nanavati 2 aylar önce
Pierce with package that large, this video should be age restricted.
Price Ostia
Price Ostia 2 aylar önce
I’m new in your channel. Honestly I was hooked because you are super cute.
Ethan 2 aylar önce
Hello Brittany . 1. Is it any possible way for me to get a job or start a company, my situation is don't have any college degree none much educated. just have some cleverness in trivial matters. 2.can you recommend some Financing platform?
nouran aborbah
nouran aborbah 3 aylar önce
Thanks you how i can choose a field on product design? I do not like UX or UI i like making a physical product
marco gomes
marco gomes 3 aylar önce
Blowing mind video, doesn´t matter what career you are in....thank you for this video...
Chris Block
Chris Block 3 aylar önce
At least i can tick off step 4 right away. Very distracting hero
Gursimran Singh
Gursimran Singh 3 aylar önce
Mam i am a begginer an i have just cleared my high school and i like creative thinking and to solve unslove puzzles but mai after sketching what should be our first step... i mean to say how should i start making a design. ... hope u understand my querry.... waiting for your reply and this was a superb video
MachineryInDisguise 4 aylar önce
Gosh love your personality & humility Brittany, definitely could jive with. Especially at the end ‘thank you’ part, its hilarious! Subscribing ur channel :)
Fernando Forero
Fernando Forero 5 aylar önce
This girl has a really long inspiration on the background.
Lilly Caines
Lilly Caines 5 aylar önce
This was such a great video! I’m about to start my first year of ID studies at a university! So excited!
Manohar Achar
Manohar Achar 2 aylar önce
hey! which university do you go to?
Hazem Sitta
Hazem Sitta 5 aylar önce
I wanna work at AJ&Smart realy you're so good and i learn from your videos
Korea Rose
Korea Rose 5 aylar önce
She's awesome!!
anirudh bhandari
anirudh bhandari 5 aylar önce
hello ma'am it was a very good video actually it was very helpful and also covered everythung i wanted. thank you very much love from india
Rex Christian Elle
Rex Christian Elle 5 aylar önce
I am from the Philippines can I work at AJ&Smart remotely?
Rex Christian Elle
Rex Christian Elle 5 aylar önce
@AJ&Smart Thanks! 😁
AJ&Smart 5 aylar önce
Hey Rex, any openings usually get posted on our linkedin and instagram pages so check there!
antoshahorosha 5 aylar önce
Too many steps I quit
99CrazyCam 5 aylar önce
UI and UX design is not Product Design, Product Design is more physical (chairs, phone, stationery, etc...). It is a part but it would be more correct to call the discipline you're referring to as Digital Product Design.
Luke Frahn
Luke Frahn 4 aylar önce
You're spot on. Industrial Design was renamed 'Product Design' to help people better understand what it is, then a heap of Software and Service Design people hijacked the term for no apparent reason. As an Industrial Designer this really ticks me off - designing physical and digital products are VERY different.
AJ&Smart 5 aylar önce
Hey, perhaps a fair point in terms of the title, but we take our leads from the major tech companies and their job ads / hiring criteria and 'Product Designer' is now a very common job title in the Tech sector. Hope it wasn't misleading in this instance though! We'll change it up in future!
Sercan Yavasoglu
Sercan Yavasoglu 5 aylar önce
This post could be a Medium post rather than a long 11 minutes video. And are you actually considering Tobias Van Schneider as someone can look up to? Dude is so 2010.
AJ&Smart 5 aylar önce
Hey Sercan, sorry you didn't enjoy our round up! We often create Medium posts from our video content, or vice-versa, but sadly not in this instance!
Ramin Yesharim
Ramin Yesharim 5 aylar önce
Sercan Yavasoglu dude.... you suck
ALentertainer 6 aylar önce
Leke Ojo
Leke Ojo 6 aylar önce
Melon head!!!
Khanh Tran
Khanh Tran 7 aylar önce
I'm so grateful for these videos! You guys are amazing!
Lauren Foster
Lauren Foster 7 aylar önce
This was much needed! All of the things you mentioned, I already knew but it's a nice reminder that I have all the resources and tools at my fingertips! I need to stop bullshitting around and finally make the switch from graphic designer to product designer.
Erik Pen
Erik Pen 7 aylar önce
Who would I like to work for or with? You listed a few people that would be super amazing like Chris Do at the futur or Blind, Ran Segall of Flux, and of course Brittni & Jonathan at AJ&Smart. As I research frameworks of strategy I am finding groups like yours that is more of a collective than an agency and I am really liking that structure & philosophy. Product design has come a long way since the waterfall method.
AJ&Smart 7 aylar önce
Great insight Erik thanks so much for sharing! Yeh all those channels are ace and doing similar things for UX / Product Design as an industry. Thanks for commenting!
Dlfmacudogp Wkraud
Dlfmacudogp Wkraud 7 aylar önce
Hi, Britney. I'm Winnie who is dreaming to be UX designer(or product designer) at Silicon Balley one day, but I was definitely no idea how to start to be:( And I found this video!! Thanks for telling almost everything you know about how to study and entering the product design field. This is really helpful for me. Hope we could meet as UX designer! and I will look forward your video:) * Reply to your question at last: I hope my product which I designed will solve social problem no matter it's big or small. The product will be app or web, actually, I can't assure which kind of it will be, but hope one day I could make my own product to solve it.
Tech Witch
Tech Witch 7 aylar önce
Show people the work you did under your belt. Wait...
Raaj Ampolu
Raaj Ampolu 7 aylar önce
A Funny one..!!
AJ&Smart 7 aylar önce
Thanks Raaj!
Ray Tejada
Ray Tejada 8 aylar önce
overflow zeroheight
Alex Banaga
Alex Banaga 8 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for this wonderful video
Javad Mohmed
Javad Mohmed 8 aylar önce
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
Thanks Javad!
Manoj Raj
Manoj Raj 8 aylar önce
My dream product design job would be being part of self-sustainable design solutions for the future. Products and solutions that help build an organic self-sustainable infrastructure for nations so that development need not be at the expense of natural resources. But find ways to harness the energy around and apply eco-friendly solutions. Design + Technology + Nature.
D B 17 gün önce
" organic self-sustainable infrastructure"... Like, houses made from dirt?
pushpank sharma
pushpank sharma 24 gün önce
That's fascinating it should be start with transport, the veins of any country.
King Man Chow
King Man Chow 2 aylar önce
You need to be an engineer
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
Great insight thanks Manoj! Thank you so much for sharing!
Jeff R
Jeff R 8 aylar önce
Great Video Thank You!! Starting a boot in May. Will definitely check out these resources.
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
Great to hear! Let us know how it goes! Thanks for the feedback too 👌
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh 8 aylar önce
Amazing Video
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
Thanks Sandeep!
Laura Kaci
Laura Kaci 8 aylar önce
Hi guys, could you please make a video about ways to improve customers website. For example, I'd like to propose a customer 3 issues I've noticed on their website. Could you make a flow of identifying the problems and coming up with solutions. Deeply grateful! Laura
caleb mutenje
caleb mutenje 8 aylar önce
plz plz plz help me get some links on how to become a better product designer here in Zimbabwe together with big companies which are in need of product designers here in zimbabwe
Somesh K S
Somesh K S 8 aylar önce
This is an amazing effort from your channel! ❤ Just loooved your talk 😍
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed!
Christian B.
Christian B. 8 aylar önce
in the portfolio should we include the whole app functionality or can it be just showcases?
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
We'd always recommend that showing the process, concept and planning, and being able to talk through why you did this, why it works, and how it provides a solution, is much more important than showing a fully polished prototype, but if you're able to do both then that's a bonus too! hope that helps!
Claus Øeland
Claus Øeland 8 aylar önce
YOOOOUUUU ROOOOOCK!!! I'm hooking up with some friends to make a company that mixes product design and Growth Hacking for startups, so a mix of you guys and Growth Tripe. You have really inspired ,and still do, so much.... I am glad though that I have a formal design masters degree behind me to have that process really forced in to my bones. Keep on spitting those videos out :)
AJ&Smart 8 aylar önce
Thanks so much Claus! That's great to hear! Please please please keep us in the loop and let us know how it goes? As always, if you have any question just get in touch!
heynoella 8 aylar önce
PC Sim
PC Sim 8 aylar önce
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