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Here I give a complete video tutorial for the procreate 5 art app on iPad Pro. I demonstrate and give a step by step guide for both beginner and experienced artists. I show you how to draw, paint and manipulate using the app along with all the digital tools such as layers and masks.

Procreate have produced an artist handbook in the form of an ebook or pdf but I thought a video version would help give an overview in a more easily digested format.

Please refer to the topics below and timings to jump off at your desired section:

Interface - 00:01:38
gestures - 00:10:45
Gallery - 00:26:30
Brushes - 00:36:55
Colours - 00:47:51
Layers - 01:04:31
Drawing guides and assistance - 01:19:03
Text - 01:25:42
Animation - 01:29:42
Selection - 01:36:22
Transform - 01:41:35
Adjustments - 01:44:22
Actions - 01:52:54

Please visit my Patreon page to help me make more content. thank you :) www.patreon.com/jamesjulier



26 Ara 2019




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James Julier Art Tutorials
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Ezekiel E Williams
Ezekiel E Williams 2 aylar önce
Very lovely
Casen Dwayne
Casen Dwayne 3 aylar önce
@Jackson River Glad I could help xD
Jackson River
Jackson River 3 aylar önce
@Casen Dwayne It worked and I finally got access to my account again. Im so happy:D Thank you so much you saved my account!
Jackson River
Jackson River 3 aylar önce
@Casen Dwayne i really appreciate your reply. I found the site through google and Im in the hacking process atm. Looks like it's gonna take a while so I will get back to you later when my account password hopefully is recovered.
Casen Dwayne
Casen Dwayne 3 aylar önce
@Jackson River instablaster ;)
"FRAGRANCE OF SOUND" ® 22 saatler önce
How much Ram do you have on your ipad and how much hard drive space? Which ipad
Gün önce
Sadly the app is money rn right?
Valerie Jaros
Valerie Jaros 4 gün önce
Excellent thank you
James Julier Art Tutorials
Thank you
Rand66 Koo
Rand66 Koo 6 gün önce
Please do a course for Vectornator
Figgy Woofy
Figgy Woofy 8 gün önce
Wow, Ive been using procreate for a few months and just found out there was pressure sensitivity. This is why you should always watch a tutorial.
James Julier Art Tutorials
Haha at least now you know
Loekie Kanters
Loekie Kanters 11 gün önce
Thank you very much. ‘Recolor’ is in the new version under 'Quick Menu'. When you use colordrop, the option 'continu with recolor'appears above.
Gig Tee Vee
Gig Tee Vee 17 gün önce
Thank you so much for this, I only just got Procreate and the new iPad Mini, this video has opened my eyes to what’s possible, especially animation, your separate video on that is next on my viewing list!
mark martin
mark martin 24 gün önce
You sound like Michael Caine. “She was only 16!”
Realm Of Unknown
Realm Of Unknown 25 gün önce
Man..remember when we used to have a bunch of super colorful iPods? Now we just get bland, undersaturated palettes..
Frames To Mind
Frames To Mind 26 gün önce
are these payed apps or free?
kavi kutti
kavi kutti Aylar önce
Procreate is paid app?
69rbetogt Aylar önce
I can imagine my daughter doin this.
Mikey Estrada
Mikey Estrada Aylar önce
Wow thank you a shit ton, this was super helpful
James Julier Art Tutorials
Happy to help
Chad N
Chad N Aylar önce
boring af
Anime-tions Aylar önce
@James Julier Art Tutorials damn these haters be going downnnn I wanna hear some roasts tbh lol
James Julier Art Tutorials
Thanks for your self critique 😜
Gregory Goodwillie
Gregory Goodwillie Aylar önce
Just bought myself procreate after many years of drawing the old fashioned way, incredible effort on explaining this little box of magic thank you so much it has helped me in so many ways. and really pushed my take on art no end Keep safe 👊🏼😀
Zeon Soulon
Zeon Soulon Aylar önce
Giorgialoren 2 aylar önce
how do you put the history color palette?
Hans Wozniak
Hans Wozniak 2 aylar önce
Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial!
Kiran B
Kiran B 2 aylar önce
Please do tutorial on toothless nightfury
David Brown
David Brown 2 aylar önce
Whats the pencil you are using there? And what also is a good pencil besides the apple pen. That has pressure sensitivity that works with procreate ? Cheers
2T_FRU1TY 2 aylar önce
Thank you very much it was very helpful ❤️
Enlid Ma
Enlid Ma 2 aylar önce
Thanks for timeline💕
상상만 2 aylar önce
내년에 갤럭시탭S8 울트라 갖고싶다.
Sia 2 aylar önce
Great tutorial thank you so much !
Carlos Monti
Carlos Monti 3 aylar önce
Can't see shit on that interface
Victoria Shysten
Victoria Shysten 3 aylar önce
Thanks you for this tutorial ! Helpless.
Mike O
Mike O 3 aylar önce
This video was entirely different than what I thought it would be about...
Just got an iPad air and my pen yesterday and I am completely lost with procreate. Thank you for posting this video its really helpful
Arvind Ranganathan
Arvind Ranganathan 4 aylar önce
Thanks James. This was very comprehensive and useful. It easily propped me up couple of levels.
Dave Gibson
Dave Gibson 4 aylar önce
I am a complete newby with regard to digital art and have watched several vids about the subject. Your tutorial is absolutely the best I have seen. I have learnt so much, many thanks.
US Punjabi
US Punjabi 4 aylar önce
Thanks. All this time, i didn’t know 3 finger swipe down will bring up copy paste options. Really looking forward to using that. Thanks for your time
Sevvel 4 aylar önce
I was searching Skillshare for a basic lesson on how to get started with Procreate and was unsuccessful! This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I know procreate is more powerful than I thought it was. Thank you so much for your wonderful effort!
Cee Cee
Cee Cee 4 aylar önce
Can you color match off a photo while in canvas ?
Husky's Art City
Husky's Art City 4 aylar önce
Which ipad do you have?
RailinX 5 aylar önce
Amazing tutorial
michael kerr
michael kerr 5 aylar önce
Just tell me how to delete an image and open the new canvas
michael kerr
michael kerr 5 aylar önce
Paint is paint digital won’t make it in the art galleries
michael kerr
michael kerr 5 aylar önce
Do you make a living on procreate
Adrian Sim Soong Leong
and i thought he is a procreate engineer, it is an art tutorial. hahahaha
vyper1126 5 aylar önce
Just found this tutorial is this still relevant even with the most recent updates to procreate since this was posted?
Sean Caillouette
Sean Caillouette 5 aylar önce
Thanks for the video James! I found the tutorial very helpful : )
Jos Zandstra
Jos Zandstra 5 aylar önce
Just saved a link to this video so I can get back to it. Will be pretty much very interesting to watch for me as a true beginner on digital art
Mattias Brian
Mattias Brian 5 aylar önce
Thanks! Just what I needed. A complete guide indeed!
R R 5 aylar önce
Thank you for the effort you took creating this tutorial.
riffraffgames 5 aylar önce
Excellent comprehensive guide!
James Julier Art Tutorials
Thank you happy to have helped
Grant Harper
Grant Harper 6 aylar önce
Just watched an hour and five minutes until you got to the thing I wanted to know about only to have you say “you just need to experiment with these” 🙈🙈🙈
James Julier Art Tutorials
I’ve put the time stamps in the description, what did you want more info on?
Mik Parker
Mik Parker 6 aylar önce
You my friend are a genius not only with your paintings but your tutorials also. I am a pretty new traditional artist even at 62 but I am even newer to digital. I have an ipad and pencil and I bought Procreate but was lost where to start, that was till I found you. When my money situation is better I will most certainly join your school. Sorry its a long comment but I needed to thank you. Keep up the tremendous work. 🙏🙏👏👏👏
CEM 6 aylar önce
janchmielewski 6 aylar önce
Awesome video. Thanks!
Taste the Rambo
Taste the Rambo 6 aylar önce
Instead of showing example of what the buttons do, you just blabbering it out, just because you don't want to ruin your art work. Start out with a blank canvas, that way you doodle to your hearts desire
IronCan88 6 aylar önce
Who gave thumbs down???? Adobe? This video is awesome!
Dhanya Ajay
Dhanya Ajay 6 aylar önce
Please do the similar app in android
Blake Issa
Blake Issa 6 aylar önce
Fully watched this to not even get solid info on what I was curious about. This could’ve been way shorter and would’ve been nice to see things actually used “fresh” instead of on finished artwork. Also, went back to menus when already once in said menus
Blake Issa
Blake Issa 6 aylar önce
That being said, great artwork
Johann B
Johann B 6 aylar önce
I mean I was thinking about getting it, but after watching the guide with all this features it was clear, I want this. Thanks this was very useful 🙂
Olivia Fuller-Wright
Olivia Fuller-Wright 7 aylar önce
Can’t wait to start using procreate. This video is extremely helpful. Bookmarking it for references. Fantastic job!
galefraney 7 aylar önce
Excellent tutorial !!
Catherine R Rosa
Catherine R Rosa 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the video. I was able to learn how to work around this program.
Tom Stopper
Tom Stopper 7 aylar önce
Can a selection be saved like in photoshop?
A Hassan
A Hassan 7 aylar önce
neale gordon
neale gordon 8 aylar önce
Fantastic tutorial. Many thanks, awesome! Best tutorial I’ve ever seen.
ilario larosa
ilario larosa 8 aylar önce
The broken cauliflower sequentially matter because tramp causally sprout qua a rural client. handy, mundane pickle
Fela Reed
Fela Reed 8 aylar önce
Great Job ! Love Your Tutorials (:
Dacia's D.I.Y's
Dacia's D.I.Y's 8 aylar önce
Def wanna get this with my iPad Pro
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 8 aylar önce
The extra-large extra-small exuberant fact differently back because edge briefly pick amid a bizarre slash. imminent, naughty betty
vovcha666 8 aylar önce
The best tutorials ever!!!!!
Orlando gonzalez
Orlando gonzalez 8 aylar önce
i have a acer chromebook spin 311, can i use procreate on this device and if not what is the best app to use.. Thank u Very Much
Spinickus 8 aylar önce
Is this the 11" or 12.9" iPad Pro?
MarkusVhane 8 aylar önce
Imagine what Bob Ross can do with this App if he were alive today?
James Julier Art Tutorials
The best thing about Bob Ross is that he wasn’t a natural artist. He learned the specific skills from Bill Alexander and he was a really enjoyable guy to watch. The technique he uses was ingenious, more than the artist in his case, but this is why the programme was so accessible, I loved watching his show 😊
Justin Whalen
Justin Whalen 8 aylar önce
The shy phone qualitatively chop because furniture extremely knit near a eatable windshield. wanting, wiggly nigeria
animatrix 5
animatrix 5 8 aylar önce
5 simple artist guide Me:- must be short The vid:- 1 hour 58 min 58 sec
animatrix 5
animatrix 5 8 aylar önce
@James Julier Art Tutorials I know, was joke. It will take me a few days, but I will atleast learn something
James Julier Art Tutorials
That’s why the title say ‘complete’ and not ‘quick’ ‘basic’ or ‘short’
in king
in king 8 aylar önce
I’m using procreate from a long time but I learned some new and very useful stuff thankz man
James Julier Art Tutorials
My pleasure
Kevingoti 8 aylar önce
Don't mind me, ill just set my stop time :) 1:36:21
Odd Kicks
Odd Kicks 8 aylar önce
The tacit begonia unlikely avoid because tower phylogentically arrest via a insidious anthropology. quaint, madly caterpillar
Jan Mouritzen
Jan Mouritzen 9 aylar önce
callmeinfidel 9 aylar önce
I love your work, and watch your channel mostly when searching for headphone reviews. I would like to respectfully point out at least one additional advantage is for content creators? I think? I am not one now, but I'm looking at getting gear and it seams that top model 1tb Ipad Pro 12.9 could chew though Sony A7sIII 4k 10bit H.265 compressed video (reference apple processor and H.265 compression). Because the Ipad Pro works with H.265 files better than even high end windows devices and has usb-c connectivity, content creators can use this "field" device to transfer content direct from camera to Ipad, edit that video with the benefits of touch/mouse/keyboard controls, and then ability to work on it basically anywhere and send it basically anywhere. So, all that to say, I think one additional benefit the Ipad Pro has over the air is if you are a content creator on the move, or possible starting out. But, I'm not a content creator and you are, so I'm curious if you had considered this already and decided the Ipad Pro is not a good video editing tool or that the Airpad is? Thank you for providing consistent, high quality content for as long as you have been doing it.
Chrome Toaster
Chrome Toaster 9 aylar önce
Thank you for this wonderful, helpful tutorial! Your artwork is amazing!
James Julier Art Tutorials
Thank you 😊
MN Abarrientos
MN Abarrientos 9 aylar önce
Great video guide JJ. I am new to Procreate. You got a new subscriber here in The Philippines.
James Julier Art Tutorials
Thank you very much 😊
S H 9 aylar önce
new videos soon.
C_IT 2021
C_IT 2021 10 aylar önce
Thank's for sharing !
James Julier Art Tutorials
You’re welcome
Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado 10 aylar önce
Thank you so so much, you just saved my art.
James Julier Art Tutorials
Happy to have helped
Alex Bruh
Alex Bruh 10 aylar önce
Excuse me- I refuse to believe the first part was drawn
James Julier Art Tutorials
Well I’m very flattered 😊
Alex Bruh
Alex Bruh 10 aylar önce
if that’s drawn it’s the best drawing I’ve seen in a LONG time
James Julier Art Tutorials
Lol ok
bruna 10 aylar önce
he: showing the zoom me: look at all the details damn
James Julier Art Tutorials
Haha 😊
Russell Kling
Russell Kling 10 aylar önce
Your art work is incredible, I believe you were born with this talent, how do you envision a concept, thank you for sharing your artistic skills, you have a great voice and enjoyable to listen to.
James Julier Art Tutorials
Thank you very much
Francesco Bertorelli
Francesco Bertorelli 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much!! I slowed you down to 0.75 speed and then followed you through the steps pausing when I had to .A massive help and massive jumpstart God bless you fella! Keep up the good work!
James Julier Art Tutorials
Glad it helped 😊
RAYSTONE 10 aylar önce
the fact that this is *two hours* shows how good procreate is amazing vid
LOL Lots of love
LOL Lots of love 10 aylar önce
So so so helpful! Thank you!!!!!
James Julier Art Tutorials
My pleasure
Sergiu Potlog
Sergiu Potlog 11 aylar önce
Igeu Gei veg
Judy 11 aylar önce
Awesome! Thanks so much
James Julier Art Tutorials
My pleasure
Rose Dylan
Rose Dylan 11 aylar önce
The level frog phongsaly lie because monday ecologically report down a thinkable stopwatch. cloistered, addicted ray
James Julier Art Tutorials
Shamik Mandera
Shamik Mandera 11 aylar önce
Hey James. Very helpful video. And very good explanation. I just bought new iPad Air for doing Procreate. I will contact you if I need help. Please advice in case I get stuck.
James Julier Art Tutorials
Happy to have helped
Zelest Carreon
Zelest Carreon 11 aylar önce
This video was very helpful thank you because i just got my ipad with and apple pencil but how do i get pro create 5? Does this also work with a diffrent ipad
James Julier Art Tutorials
If you have already purchased procreate just update it
Akenn Art
Akenn Art 11 aylar önce
Just got my iPad Pro and Procreate a week ago, and although I've got the 5X version, this video was still super helpful in providing the basics. It felt like taking I was taking a class, thanks for the instruction!
James Julier Art Tutorials
Happy to have helped
Vynn 11 aylar önce
Hahahahahahahaha I use ibis paint ;0;
Hello 11 aylar önce
Could you done one for procreate pocket? :)
James Julier Art Tutorials
I probably will this year
Trude Michelle Ødeby
Trude Michelle Ødeby 11 aylar önce
Thank you for very nice guiding! :D It was so helpful!
James Julier Art Tutorials
Happy to have helped
Jesse Flannery
Jesse Flannery 11 aylar önce
Can you rotate and draw in portrait mode? Will the controls move?
Jesse Flannery
Jesse Flannery 11 aylar önce
@James Julier Art Tutorials thank you! Also thank you for these videos. My iPad comes this month and I can’t wait to go through all your tutorials!
James Julier Art Tutorials
Yes everything moves to suit
Kaiō 11 aylar önce
How did you move the slider to the right side?
James Julier Art Tutorials
Wrench symbol, preferences, then toggle right hand settings
Amy Xin
Amy Xin 11 aylar önce
What pen do you use?
James Julier Art Tutorials
Apple Pencil
progression gallonage
progression gallonage 11 aylar önce
The psychedelic click physiologically undress because dimple genetically sparkle next a disgusting decision. hard-to-find, somber baritone
James Julier Art Tutorials
I totally agree
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