JISOO 'FLOWER' Editing is Simply Stunning 

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30 Mar 2023




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IM SO HAPPY JISOO GOT HER SOLO! This is honestly really cool for me and im really too happy to even come up with words to say, it's that mesmerizing
I've seen a lot of people complaining that the production is too empty, but I love it. Kpop producers rarely leave so much space, and the samples are crisp as hell.
Jisoo's solo is definitely THE REVOLUTION. The concept is very calm but fierce, the outfits are very beautiful, totally my favorite solo of all the pinks solos.
It’s just been 8 hours til jisoo’s flower mv came and we have him reacting❤😂😊
YG really said 'we're gonna use the hell out of Jisoo's acting skills'. That was the perfect decision too! The song is really good, it makes me feel warm inside. And Jisoo was amazing here, I can clearly see why she's a BP member. She has raw charisma and talent.
The fact that he can teach us about editing while being funny at the same time
Queen Jisoo serve all in this song. VISUAL,VOCAL,ACTING, BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT.. This song Perfect.
Finally, someone talked about the story, the theme, the music video wants to portray, the art of it. THANK YOU! all I see are people reacting with the outfits. Basically, the surface. Not connecting it to the song. And it bothers me because Jisoo likes to tell stories and she's very much creative.
for me i just see and understand the criticism for this song but the song, the lyrics, the music, the tonality all come together perfectly with the mv shots, colors, jisoo’s acting and styling and it’s just all so perfect to me that i’m satisfied with the final product i’m so happy it’s been so long since i’ve been completely immersed into a kpop comeback aside from my ults and jisoo did THAT
i would like to add a thing that many people didnt really notice... the scene
I actually think that Jisoo is, like she says on the lyrics, a butterfly, and her ex, was the flower. After they broke up, "there was nothing left but the scent of a flower". Her looking at the flowers where here being mesmerized with him, here throwing the flowers was her angry at him, she was the butterfly, attracted to this flower. Butterflies are also colorful, and on a scene, she was wearing a bright black outfit at night, like night butterflies or moths. Thats the reason she takes out her flower choker at the end, cause she no longer has that flower.
Actually the entire MV is a reference to Everything Everywhere All At Once.
Jisoo has an air of misery and elegance. she is unpredictable, with her there is always surprises that's why I like her.. she will not give you a typical or common style or performance, always unique and different.. ❤
This solo debut really suits JISOO🌺
The whole aesthetic of the video makes it look like a big Dior commercial which i am absolutely here for.
It’s so unlike any Blackpink project I’ve ever heard! I’m freaking in love and it doesn’t sound like Kpop at all🖤💗🌺
The chapter names makes sense when you put it together: Next Day, Same Time, Same Place.
I also noticed Jisoo’s teary eye in
Her solo album is so addictive, literally played it over 20 times already. Thank you for a breakdown of this gorgeous mv Jordan!