Princess Charlotte's 'incredibly touching' tribute to the Queen 

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Princess Charlotte of Wales has been praised for her "incredibly touching" tribute to her great-grandmother during the Queen's state funeral service on Monday.



19 Eyl 2022




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She's 7 and already seems very versed in her Royal duties.
@spnn4s106 Yıl önce
Watch out - when she gets older she is gonna not going to take any sh*t from anyone! Don't play w/ her because she will not be the one!
@OriginalPuro Yıl önce
@@spnn4s106 shit* I don't understand why people are unable to type basic words, but rather "censor" them. Are you afraid of the internet police coming to arrest you for being naughty?
@stephm4349 Yıl önce
Yes, she certainly is. It’s quite amazing! Impressive.
@Cozycountry1 Yıl önce
They are children and with them this needs to stop. Royalty is not justifiable in a modern wrold and they are human like us. Already these children are being told, because of titles and inherited wealth from theft and slavery, that their future is to sit on a throne and do useless tours. Charlotte looks like a girl who knows her own mind like her great-gran and they shouldn't be told this is their future in such an archaic role.
@Lex-cg3ee Yıl önce
Charlotte is the spitting Image of her grandmother. Same sparkling eyes, just lovely.
@spnn4s106 Yıl önce
I rather think she's got her dad's eyes which are DIana's
@karenryder6317 Yıl önce
@@spnn4s106 I also see William's eyes when I look at Charlotte. Didn't William say once that he mistook a photo of Charlotte as if it were a photo of Diana?
@JohnSmith-zw8vp Yıl önce
Inside though she's her great grandma all the way
Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are a credit to their parents .
@sysop224 Yıl önce
and their Norland nanny
@siison1390 Yıl önce
So far. Harry was ready at one time too. Cross our fingers they stay true to their future calling. 🍀
@schen5425 Yıl önce
🦜~ let's not forget the youngest .. 😉Louis !
@niecedspain3568 Yıl önce
Prince George looks like his daddy!
@dixiehuston4869 Yıl önce
Fantastic Video..very touching. Princess Charlotte reminds me of Queen Elizabeth when she was younger..Strong and Confident ready to take charge..
@Dee-qx3pr Yıl önce
Queen Elizabeth would be so proud of Princess Charlotte and Prince George, on such a dark day for their entire family, these two children were the shining light.
😓😢 *I literally cry reading this..totally true...🧚‍♀️💜💙🧚‍♂️*
@lisap.2791 Yıl önce
How true! Be sure she was proud of them, she knew them since the day they were born! Bravo to the two adorable kids and congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate for being the living example to their children! ❤️
@andrewbowers_ Yıl önce
Charlotte reminds me of Elizabeth at the same age. Maturity at such a young age is a sign of many positive traits, most notably, dignity and intelligence. Elizabeth grew into an accomplished and treasured leader. Perhaps the greatest of all time.
Yes I agree
@simonsimon2888 Yıl önce
She inherited her great- grandmother's X gene. A very bright girl time will tell.
@elainebines6803 Yıl önce
I think Charlotte looks like her great granny too... If you look at pictures when the Queen was seven
@karencap1690 Yıl önce
Charlotte seems to be old beyond her years, as the Queen herself was, she seems to understand protocol- a testament to the way her parents have raised her. She already knows when to bow, even reminding Prince George- incredibly touching
@user-my5tu1gf3v Yıl önce
Не старая ,а зрелая по уму в свои года
Stop the adulation of a kid, yes she resembles the queen as an older woman but at 7 the queen was a feminine pretty little blonde, this child is absolutely average. course she acts correctly she's 7 , not 3.
You clowns already forgot how a few years ago as a baby you were all calling her ugly,.now you're ready to crown her queen, what if she lets you all down, what if she decides to vacate the premises? you all put your expectations on a kid. she only does what her parents tell her to do, nothing more.
Going by her behavior at the funeral for her beloved Gan-Gan I think the young princess is definitely going to be quite an accomplished adult! 👍( Not adulating her, just have a feeling)
@mindyschocolate Yıl önce
She’s like a mini-Anne.
@EIbereth Yıl önce
Princess Charlotte is a total sweetheart. Prince George has a stunning resemblance to his great grandfather King George VI.
Yes. There is a bit of Diana's family as there is a resemblance to Diana's brother. But Prince George looks a lot like early photos of his Great grandfather King George VI and Edward VIII.
@dabooser1048 Yıl önce
Prince George always looks like there is so much thought going on behind his stoic facial expressions.
He's very much like his father.
thought? he looks as if he doesn't know where he is or why he is anywhere he goes,
The children are growing up beautifully. They will make a great team supporting each other. 💕
@debseitz7030 Yıl önce
Princess Charlotte and Prince George were amazing so mature, respectful beautiful children. Prince William has a beautiful loving family so happy for him .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@susanbullock512 Yıl önce
Charlotte resembles Queen Elizabeth So much!❤️
@tigerlily2378 Yıl önce
I agree so much with you. 💜
@mayaweaver1142 Yıl önce
Yes she does Like
@helensu1919 Yıl önce
So do I …
@voices_vary Yıl önce
Yes, she always has!!
exactly, since I saw their portrait of the ski trip years ago, she looked like the Queen
@sueq8862 Yıl önce
They are absolutely gorgeous children…. Prince William and Princess Catherine have done a remarkable job raising them. A beautiful family.
@Royeblack-nv9et Yıl önce
Yeah so beautiful family
@Royeblack-nv9et Yıl önce
I pray to God to give you a lot of beautiful days, and I hope God bless you to have a great day today, I'm Roy from Overbrook Kansas. Where are you from ?
@ruthmccue3914 10 aylar önce
Princess Charlotte shows how much she has grown and her love for Gan Gan at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth ❤❤❤
@fransirahome Yıl önce
Very classy atitude of Princess Charlote. Love seeing her.
@davidsworld5837 Yıl önce
her action were far beyond the demands and complains of Meghan A 7 yr old whos actions were amazing. a real royal member of the family.
Prince George rightfully gave her a return look of either, "No Wahmens-Hulks🧟‍♀ allowed" or "Nah nah a boo-boo, stick your head in doodoo".
D España admirable comportamiento d esos niños más q nada la niñita tan chica y todo responsabilidad y protocolo asumido
@julesrose4452 Yıl önce
@@davidsworld5837 When interviewed 2 weeks ago, Megan continues to blame the Monarchy for not "teaching" her how to act, as much as she says she tried. Her excuse; I'm an Actress and I'm used to being told by others how to act, where to stand and what to say'. No class! Either your born with it or your not! She has none!
@zameisie7016 Yıl önce
Charlotte is the new star of the royal family
I agree with you. She is smart & has a good behaviour. She is my favorite royal family
Maybe she can look after Emma the pony . 🤔 ❤
@lauramalek3128 Yıl önce
@@carolynwoodman1734 she definitely should!
@alicenelson8615 Yıl önce
@@carolynwoodman1734 she received her own pony for her last birthday. But I suspect Emma will be well loved and taken care of.
@sandydee8003 Yıl önce
What joy Prince George and Princess Charlotte must have given their Grandmother. Everyone is proud of them.☺️
@ianfinney7820 Yıl önce
Princess Anne 2.0. Old beyond her years. Will be an incredible princess throughout her life.
A little Queen. A no nonsence unpretentious sweetheart. Love her.💖💖💖
Not so much a little queen as a glimpse at the one who will fill Princess Anne's role, not only as the next princess royal but also the no-nonsense dedication to duty. It would be interesting to see what kind of training the children are experiencing for her to behave as she already does.
@geologist1970 Yıl önce
@@mortimerbrewster3671 Yes, I agree. Looks like Princess Royal very much
@cillamurfin258 Yıl önce
@@antoniociniglia3685- so like all the harkle squad - you can’t “love” anyone but them right???………
They were amazing, Royal to the bone, god bless them ❤️
@shackledcitizen Yıl önce
That little lady, is a sheer delight. All credit to her parents in raising her to be a credit to them and her late majesty.
@LC_from_MO Yıl önce
She’s amazing and beautiful and noble for a 7 year old girl. Royal in every way and a help to her big brother. Just as Anne is to Charles ❤
@geologist1970 Yıl önce
Yes, exactly. She reminds us of Princess Anne
She is soooo impressive. Just 7, and she has sooo much poise and elegance. She has 2 great role models, her parents.
So mature and polished at such a young age. Her parents should be proud of her always helping her older brother. ❤
@daveworthing Yıl önce
They were lovely, well behaved kids. They stood for all that time without creating a fuss. Wonderful with wonderful parents.
@kirstieb8025 Yıl önce
@liam2386 Yıl önce
denying a child a carefree relaxed childhood isnt exactly wonderful
@JohnSmith-zw8vp Yıl önce
Charlotte no doubt knows that QE2 is counting on and depending on her and she most definitely wouldn't even dream of letting her great grandma down.
@@liam2386 It sounds like you know nothing about these children.
@2ndhandSue Yıl önce
@@liam2386 - The children attend royal functions maybe 1% of their time. They live in a mansion that is the absolute Mecca for playing hide-and-seek, they have a beautiful sandy playground on the property which is shrouded by trees and where they can play for hours in privacy, they have a tree fort which was reportedly built by William and Harry when they were boys, and they have a bevy of nannies and personal assistants to "play" with them when parents are involved in Royal duties. I don't think they lack for a single childhood memory that is carefree and relaxed.
@Lyn4817 Yıl önce
William and Kate made the right choice. I think it was incredibly important for both George and Charlotte to be at their Gan Gan's Funeral. They will appreciate it even more as they grow up, that they were apart of this historical occasion and the fact that their Gan Gan was the Queen of England and all the Commonwealth Countries. Of just how really important their Gan Gan was.
@trevorhart545 Yıl önce
I agree , our son was 10 when his Great Grand Auntie died and asked to go to the funeral. We were worried BUT it was his way of dealing with the death. She was an Auntie in every sense of the word. It was the correct decision and George and Charlotte will grow up realising it was the right thing to do.
Elizabeth II, was Queen of the United Kingdom, not just England. The clue is in 'United' and 'Kingdom'. She was also Queen of 14 other Commonwealth realms. The last Queen of England was Elizabeth I. She died in 1603. England = a country within the island of Great Britain; England shares land borders with Wales to its west and Scotland to its north and is part of the United Kingdom. Great Britain = large geographical island in the British Isles comprising three small countries: England, Scotland, and Wales. United Kingdom = country and kingdom consisting of four smaller countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. English = belonging to or relating to England, or its people: Englishwoman, Englishman. British = belonging to or relating to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or to its people (English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish) or its culture. Englishwoman = me. Hope this helps. xx
@milabrandt8924 Yıl önce
@@pussypostlethwaitsaeronaut8503 Se agradece su información.
@annaverano5843 Yıl önce
I agree my father died when i was around George's age and my grandmother and my mom were in a heated discussion over me attending my father's funeral and I sided with my mother and didn't go to my fathers funeral ( i didn't really understand death at that age ) i now regret that i sided with my mom and i wish i would've went . I believe it would've given me closure on that chapter of my life . I believe William and Catherine did the right thing by giving George and Charlotte the choice to attend or not
@JohnSmith-zw8vp Yıl önce
@@pussypostlethwaitsaeronaut8503 Yeah why is that done so much? It'd be like calling Joe Biden the President of Delaware or Donald Trump President of New York City or Barack Obama President of Illinois and so on.
@voices_vary Yıl önce
These children seem very well adjusted, behaved, and sweet. It was so good that they participated in this together.
@marymathis3519 Yıl önce
Louie is a different story, lol
@voices_vary Yıl önce
@@marymathis3519 He's a pip! And so sweet. They enjoy his antics very much--which is important!
@cybersal7 Yıl önce
I know he could not have been included but I’m thinking the Queen would have been enjoying his antics had he been there. As I say she liked it sometimes when things went wrong and she still enjoyed mischievousness.
@@marymathis3519 On his 3'rd birthday little John John stood at attention at his father's coffin and saluted it as it passed by, the president John F. Kennedy. but Louie could sit still.
@cherylk.2474 Yıl önce
@@marilynwillett804 Yes, such a touching moment. He had been holding a rolled up paper prior to that moment, he must have given this to his mother to hold so he could make that salute. She was holding it while he saluted. Such a smart little guy to turn to his mother, hand her the paper so he could properly salute. Somehow he knew to do this.
@reenierossi3724 Yıl önce
It seems she was just that little baby looking so much like her great-grandmother even then, not so long ago.My goodness. 💕💜👸🌌🌠
Yeah but it’s so lovely she had an opportunity to have such lovely great grandkids. Princess Charlotte was more than a royal. She’s so confident and had the Queen’s blood flowing through her vain 🌹
@afuliloitalia7 Yıl önce
This kids are so adorable they are going to miss their great grandmother completely.
@MANOFKENT149 Yıl önce
@@antoniociniglia3685 You're not English so who gives a fig what you think?
@tracyparker550 Yıl önce
@@antoniociniglia3685 quit being so rude.
@dragosapina5692 Yıl önce
if they remember her
The children behaved as perfect Royal children have always behaved - dignified, well-trained for their role in life. Princess Charlotte bears a strong resemblance to Her Majesty. God bless the children.
@malagupta4289 Yıl önce
Well trained?? Is she a child or already a robot?
@lj6079 Yıl önce
@@malagupta4289 she's a child in Royal household where I'm sure she has been taught something which the child living down the street from you or me wouldn't have been
@malagupta4289 Yıl önce
@@lj6079 yes TAUGHT not trained as all children are in every kind of household all their lives. You can't be interested in teaching about children's early learning years and then "train" them to attend their grandmother's funeral! Such a dichotomy ...
@lj6079 Yıl önce
@@malagupta4289 I bet she has been TRAINED to attend the funeral.
@user-eh8ri3wu5f Yıl önce
@JsYTA Yıl önce
She takes so much after her former majesty, Princess Charlotte is going to go on to make her grandmother very proud.
@ac8191 Yıl önce
This little girl not only looks like her great grandmother but seems to have also her caracther. Lovely
@mitgirl03 Yıl önce
Yeah... i do agree.. she has very strong character.. same like her great grandma...
@Gigi1111Layna Yıl önce
@lovelitany Yıl önce
This poem is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II may she rest in peace Queenie I love the Queen she was never horrible I never mean, she was a wonderful head of state, with all the worlds problems on her plate, like politicians destroying her country, upholding traditions and all their superstitions, she was assiduous to her duties, carried out with grace and beauty, she Devoted her life to the service of this country, a dutiful wife, bringing life, bearing the sorrows of her nation, Regal and sovereign A Jewel in the Crown Of gods beautiful creation, Love Litany ✨👑🙏🇬🇧👜✨
@ganymeade5151 Yıl önce
Charlotte has the Queen's sense of propriety. How to act and what to do when. She is amazing. Credit to her wonderful parents also.
This girl is a Princess Anne in the making... 👍
HUGE compliment. Well said.
@sya8547 Yıl önce
It does remind me of Charles and Anne
Princess Charlotte is just too cute for words.. what a little sweetheart like her mom, so dignified, beautiful, watch her, she's going to be a force to reckon with, like Pr. Anne.
Sure she is so adorable🥰🥰
So how are you doing today Monique?
Charlette is such a outstanding child, all the children are really, but she seems to take on that "care-giver" role that her great grandmother, grandmother and mother have, and at a very young age. She will make the Royal Family very proud.
I just can’t stand camella next her her It’s a punch in the stomach every time
@snoopy4802 Yıl önce
Princess Charlotte is turning into a young fine steadfast lady. What a great leader she will be as she grows up to be a beautiful lady.
@reneejones5675 Yıl önce
Aww 😍 I love the wales' They are adorable and also future King, and Princess royal oneday likely.. they are such little inspirations 💚👑
@katdag2490 Yıl önce
Beautiful Princess Charlotte!!! She is really a Windsor girl ❤and Prince George is a handsome young boy!
@imanikingel6103 Yıl önce
Charlotte is going to be the next force to reckon with
@imanikingel6103 Yıl önce
@@antoniociniglia3685 Because her mannerisms tell a lot through videos/pictures. That’s how I know
@Westralia Yıl önce
You can tell from a lot of footage that young George is beginning to grasp of what life could be years ahead as a royal.A solemn face all throught and this occasion has been an incredible learning for him.
@Gigi1111Layna Yıl önce
Yes, I too saw something from the future. I dare say that it may even by pass George and go directly to Queen Charlotte! We never know, he may choose to step down or abdicate. We love them either way...💙❤🙏🙏 Idk..but I've predicted a many things in life that have come to be.
@JohnSmith-zw8vp Yıl önce
@@Gigi1111Layna You do remember what happened the last time there was an abdication right?
Wow, an incredible introduction to Princess Charlotte’s impeccable protocol at her great grandmother’s funeral!! So delighted to see these young royals at the occasion!! Thx for the history of her ‘royal’ brooch! What an honor for her to wear this historical piece of jewelry! Also, another glowing example of her mother, Princess’s Kate’s oversight and tutoring of her children!!
she is one to watch in years to come
@judithgray1836 Yıl önce
Dear Lord, these children were just wonderful. Prince George and Princess Charlotte paid their final respects to their great grandmother with such dignity. Really touching. The funeral was amazing, what a wonderful historic farewell to a wonderful Queen. May she rest in peace. 🖤
@witchhazel4135 Yıl önce
Why aren't there more articles praising little George? He seem to be such a shy and well behave boy like his grandmother Diana. Poor bashful boy is deserving of more tlc from the media, right?
true. He is my favourite.
@LoveU_Lots Yıl önce
So far so good. Hoping the media will be easy on him for many years to come. The devil Harkles and their demonic followers “the sugars“ are waiting in the wings to give him h*ll.
@anneattep4390 Yıl önce
Me too shy like grandma Diane
@cillamurfin258 Yıl önce
Love William, Catherine and their little family. Respect to them.
@phangirlable Yıl önce
Diana wasn't shy and certainly not well behaved. XD
@nancysasso5556 Yıl önce
Precious children, princess Charlotte looks so much like her great grandmother. They did such a great job raising them.
Such well behaved and dignified children. Gan Gan and Granny Diana would be so proud. Charlotte reminds me so much of Princess Anne. Always loved headstrong women❤️
@angelhelen84 Yıl önce
They were one of the highlights for me. Some clever person has found that brooch belonged to the Queen Mother and even shared pictures. As for the 'heartwarming' moment between Harry and Princess Charlotte, that is media hyperbole, he barely raised a smile - stop exaggerating.
@j.e.t.8385 Yıl önce
And she seemed to have scooted toward her mother during that exchange.
@desres2281 Yıl önce
Harry now radiates evil and malevolence like his vile wife. The children can sense it and pull away! 😏
The look on her face in church was more’ who is he?’,and her look at the wife,’ that’s the lady who said I was cubby and made me walk round in new shoes with no socks.
@jackie1740 Yıl önce
Thank you for this comment
@jackie1740 Yıl önce
Thank you for this comment
Princess Charlotte certainly has the charisma that her grandmother Princess Diana had. I think she will continue to be a shining light for the royal family. I was very impressed with both her and her brother George as they attended their great grandmother's funeral.
So beautiful both, just like how you would imagine little prince and princess
@edithsmith4131 Yıl önce
Charlotte carries Elizabeth’s heart. I think they were great friends.
@Karime18 Yıl önce
This little girl is making history and so many already admire her. She's going to be a wonderful leader one day. She reminds me a lot of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne.
@janesansome8393 Yıl önce
This little princess gives me our late beloved queen vibes all the time a stickler for protocol her smile the shape of her eyes looking out for her big brother making sure he does the right thing and all at 7 years old she's absolutely adorable
@lisap.2791 Yıl önce
I just couldn’t agree more! The two little royals left the best of the impressions to the whole world! God bless you George and Charlotte! I hope I live long enough to see William being crowned as the King and you two growing and flourishing! God Bless the King! ❤️
@henriettahenson Yıl önce
The sweet child is an old soul..👑.. Chip off the old block...👑 💔😥🐎🐶💐🕊️⭐✨🌟🕊️
@shawngower6812 Yıl önce
@oot8089 Yıl önce
Love those kids for being so good. God bless them!
@rachelmcentush1102 10 aylar önce
Princess is so respectful, a true little lady. She has been strong and raised quit right .
@sandralopez8807 Yıl önce
Incredibly touching is Princess Charlotte! God bless this sweet child!!!
Sure... She is so adorable...
So how are you doing over there Sandra?
@karenrhodes9973 Yıl önce
It is very plain to see that Princess Charlotte is already taking her Royal duties very seriously for one so young. She is definitely like her late Great Grandmother, The Queen, in more ways than just appearance.
@dixiehuston4869 Yıl önce
Thank you for the video of these heart warming and innocent children in this sad time. Prayers for the family.
@Sandra-yk8qq Yıl önce
Such adorable kids so well mannered and groomed with authentication of true royalty
@txurbanbunny Yıl önce
They are such beautiful children. I’m glad they were old enough to remember their Gan Gan.
@mishzguafa Yıl önce
I do sense princess Charlotte is a strong backbone for her siblings... Similar to princess royal.
@Merisana76 Yıl önce
She's definitely the next Princess Royal, the heiress of Princess Anne.
I love them both. They’re so adorable and have great chemistry. I hope they stay close as they grow up 😊
❤️❤️She looks after her older brother ❤️❤️
She is very bossy
Credit to their parents God bless. 🙏
@VKS4life Yıl önce
The little royals were so well behaved. Their Gan Gan would be so proud.
@davidbje1 Yıl önce
She could become Queen one day.
She’s so adorable. She has a bright future ahead of her.
Sure she has a very bright future ahead of her..
So how you doing Vic?
@natzbah Yıl önce
She's so cute, smart, and already 'awake' at this young age. I think she'll be a great person someday. lovely Princess.
@RedGucciGirl87 Yıl önce
Omg Princess Diana would be so proud of Harry and his brother. They are outstanding parents.
@dxb8086 Yıl önce
'Outstanding' is a strong word. I love my nieces and my nephew to death. Am I also outstanding?
Harry brought his kids to live in pedo hollywood land, where they wont know their own maternal grandfather, none of you sickos care about right from wrong,
@stephm4349 Yıl önce
These children are amazing to me. The poise they both already have at such young ages. The posture and seriousness of Princess Charlotte, I believe, shows that even at her young age, she is aware of her importance. No doubt her mother, Princess of Whales has taught her well and is molding her into the Royalty she is. I am an American, but I truly adore the Royal Family. Their lives are fascinating to me.
Thank you for the moment with Princess Charlotte and Prince Harry. Long live our King.
@leannemayor5755 Yıl önce
She is like her Aunty Anne Very sweet
Yeah you are right and she is so adorable..
So how are you doing Leanne?
@deltaqueen8164 Yıl önce
She reminds me of my youngest daughter. My heart was so broken watching her wipe her tears. My father passed away a few months ago and I have seen first hand how hard loosing a grandparent and great grandparents can be for a little one. Keep your head up young princess! You already carry yourself so gracefully just like the Queen, God rest her soul.
@chrislim7615 Yıl önce
She'll definitely make(Gann 2)proud*
@togelz Yıl önce
she understands the pride, dignity and the responsibilities that is required and expected for any royal at such a young age, unlike her uncle
@angelroseglow Yıl önce
Her uncle didn’t ask to be born a royal. The royal family are fancy mascots for their country - they aren’t rulers. Some people think the royals are outdated and should be abolished. So, not everyone is cut out to be a mascot - let alone worshipped/hated mascots so closely watched and critiqued over every tiny little face expression or outfit worn. Dude couldn’t even get married without hateful judgment. I would never want to be born a royal. I’d love to be rich - but hell no to being a royal. The royal cult fanbases are nutcases about every little thing you do. God forbid you just get to be a human being. 🙄
@togelz Yıl önce
@@angelroseglow Royals isn't a mascot but the head of state and symbol that unites the people, i get it that not every royal is worthy of their tittle, but if you upheld the value, dignity and do your responsibilities people will support you nonetheless, everyone dislike a rich kid who is "oppressed" and doesn't want to do their job, but i guess people can make a career by being a victim nowadays
@katepausig8562 Yıl önce
@@togelz Harry didn't have a choice in his "job" he was forced into it by birth. He doesn't have to do squat if he doesn't want. Even royals should have a say of what to do with their lives. Please, shut up.
@togelz Yıl önce
@@katepausig8562 apparently Harry is the one who can't shut up, doing podcast here and interview there, while backstabbing his family Granted that all Royals have their duty that must be fulfilled and sometimes the that duties and all protocol that they have to follow isn't easy, but that's the exchange for all the privilege they've received since birth, noblesse oblige right? so you're saying that you are okay with Royals who has and still received their perks without the fulfilling the responsibilities they required to? if really wanted to go then just go quitely, no sane person will treat him as a victim after all the facilities and privilege he received
@angelroseglow Yıl önce
@@togelz There are people who are born rich and live exactly like royals but they don't have "duties". Yes, people envy those people but they were just born rich - they didn't ask to be. It is the same for royals. They didn't ask to be born one. Their "head of state" status is for show. It IS nothing but a fancy mascot title. They do not rule. Get that straight. They don't have a duty to anyone. They act like they do so as to keep a semblance of deserving their titles and respect. But they are human beings and there are problems in the royal family that stem from outdated mindsets about what it means to be a royal. People have been hurt. They ALL need therapy in my opinion. The whole family. Talking about and acknowledging the toxicities in your family is not "playing victim." But British Royalty are terrible at seeing their own errors because they have an image they uphold. An image people like you are obsessed with. That creates a toxic atmosphere I wouldn't want to be anywhere near. I grew up with a king wanna-be obsessed with his public image like a royal, and I am not playing a victim to point out what a terrible life he made for our family. It was horrible. And neither is Harry playing victim. Playing victim is when you are guilty of doing wrong but you pin the blaim on others. Harry hasn't done anything wrong. There is nothing for him to pin. You all are still mad he married an Black American women. Get over it. Maybe you should get a life. You can't even watch a funeral video and leave one simple positive comment about someone without judging and leaving negative little snide comments about Harry. No wonder he moved to my country. You're all obsessed with picking him apart like fanatics. Pick apart the new king instead. He helped create the toxic family life Harry wanted to escape. Or maybe shut it if you have nothing nice to say and watch the funeral videos in peace. The queen is dead. The next few years are gonna change everything. You'll have plenty of new things to complain about.
@tonywoodham3760 Yıl önce
Quite an Adorable young Lady I bet mum and dad are very proud of them both.
@rneustel388 Yıl önce
They’re such beautiful children, and they’re definitely not too young to be at a beloved grandparent’s or a great grandparent’s funeral.
@julesrose4452 Yıl önce
Prince George and Princess Charlotte's display of Royal Protocal, is a reflection of their Parents respect for the Monarchy. Prince William, and Princess Catherine lead by example and their children follow. They learn by the life experiences set before them as they grow. The Prince and Princess of Wales must be very proud of the outpouring of positive compliments of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's perfect behaviour ❤️ 👑👑👏🏻👏🏻👑👑🌹🇬🇧🇬🇧
@slassos236 Yıl önce
It’s a touching gesture from her mom, Princess of Wales 😍
@Freya_BlueDaisy Yıl önce
The little princess is a real Pearl in the Crown, she is an EXTRAORDINARY treasure !!! Big brother is also a GREAT treasure, while Little Charlotte is incredible ... Meny meny kisses for Both Children! We say - children should be and are a consolation and support for parents in their old age !!!
@newman653 Yıl önce
Princess Charlotte is all class just like her granny.
@David-nn9hr Yıl önce
Bless there hearts, its so warming to see that from someone so young...were in good hands for the future🥰
Oh my God, isn’t Princess Charlotte just adorable! She is an absolutely georgus child with impeccable manners! And the older she gets the more she is beginning to look like a young Queen Elizabeth which is a wonderful thing! Px
@helensu1919 Yıl önce
They are so young! The elder brother is 9 years old and the younger sister is 7 years old, but they have to suffer the pain of life and death! 😭😭😭 The reality is so unfair! May God bless them! ! ! ❤️🙏🙏🙏
@julesrose4452 Yıl önce
Beautiful Princess Charlotte, in the final photo, with her chin down and looking up with her eyes, is the signature pose we have seen from her Grandma Princess Diana, and Father Prince William of Wales many times over. Very adorable!!
@acflarios1 Yıl önce
So beautiful seeing educate children again. God, thank you for the opportunity you gave me of still witness this parent’s achievement. Most of the actual time, children own their parents and do whatever they want at any time.
@ronmercado3404 Yıl önce
These 2 kids were admirable during their granny's funeral. Behaved, polite, and following their royal protocols in every move. Can you imagine a 7 and 9 yr old keeping up on a grueling long hours of funeral with adults? If I'm in that age, I would have walked out.
Charlotte's lovely outfit got me. The sweet child looked adorable.
@morgansober2156 Yıl önce
I think it was so touching that Queen Elizabeth’s most favorite horse (Emma) & her two Corgi’s were a part of the service to see her coffin pass by 🥺💔🙏🏼
@helamej2111 Yıl önce
Beautiful Princess 👸 and the Prince 🤴🏻the future King 👑❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@donnalynn3589 Yıl önce
I love how Prince George let the ladies exit the vehicle first. He is definately an asset to the Royal family. Such manners at his young age! 💕
@novwin1058 Yıl önce
😍Princess Charlotte
@marymartin1106 Yıl önce
That moment as Charlotte looks at harry, the innocence of hope,she's 7 and nothing else. Charlotte normally looks like such a grown up but in that one instance the potographer picked up a 7 yearl old wanting her uncle's attention.
@user-pd5xu6mh9f Yıl önce
Мне кажется, она очень хотела с ним пообщаться
@Silvina46 Yıl önce
Harry DIDN'T smile at her 😡
It’s so warmly to see the smiles from an uncle to a niece. Such an adorable family and we mourn the loss of our great Queen. 🌹 I will visit my home (Scotland) maybe Christmas again.
he did not smile at her, he smirked at her.
Noticed when H looked at her, she moved closer to her mom, practically in front of her mom. Hmm
@zakiahau5979 Yıl önce
A very touching piece♥️
This was so precious…Ms Charlotte reminds me of Queen Elizabeth and carries herself like a royal. She knows who she is.
@Mr_Spliffy Yıl önce
@yoyomi Yıl önce
Sometimes, when I look at Princess Charlotte, I feel I'm looking at the Queen. It's a look she has, that looks just like her great-grandmother. She has become so polished. Catherine & William have done a great job preparing their children for their lives ahead. 👏❤