Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte share touching moment during Queen's funeral

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A touching moment between Prince Harry and his niece Princess Charlotte was caught on camera during the Queen's funeral on Monday morning.



19 Eyl 2022




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I think BOTH Prince George and Princess Charlotte did a wonderful job in honoring their great-grandmother. They are well-behaved and well-mannered. Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Catherine! 👏👏✨
The tears in those two babies' eyes broke me up. Still does. Can anyone imagine the entire world watching you grieve a dear family member, much less at their tender age? SUCH composure!
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine 💖
Precious, precious, precious children George and Charlotte are. Their parents are doing a wonderful job of raising up the next generation of royals. They were composed, they were focused, they were amazing! God bless them both!
George and Charlotte are so sweet together and so close and I love the way that he responds to her and she tells him what to do😄- and she seems to know. She seems to be advanced for a person of her age. It brought me to tears to see her crying. We all know what it's like I think to lose a loved. One grandma's and great grandmas are very important. They are the Hub of the wheel. Sweet kids. I really do like them and Louis of course -who has his own fantastic personality.
Charlotte is going to be a wonderful support system to her brother. Both of the children behaved impeccably as did all the royal children. A credit to their parents! :-)
The maturity of that little girl and her brother George is astounding. God bless them both.
Must be incredibly difficult to have to go through learning about death, and all the other ugly parts of life, with a so many people always watching. Bless their hearts. Such poise and dignity. Princess Charlotte is an impressive little girl, obviously being raised well by her mother. Prince George looks like he’s taking his position very seriously as well. Such good parents to raise good children.
Charlotte is a little gem, we noticed these little movements regarding George, she is so pretty, so diligent, and will be a loving and caring woman one day and will be a total asset to the family.Well done little Princess, your a star!!
The way both Princess Charlotte and Prince George behaved at the Queens funeral were both impeccable and dignified for children of that aged,both the Prince and Princess of Wales must be immensely proud of their children on how they did during their Grandma’s funeral and I’m deeply proud of them myself.
I saw it happen during our beautiful Queen Elizabeth's really beautiful funeral it really was so heartwarming, very moving and so beautiful to see. Made me melt the touching exchange between them both.
Charlotte is going to be a pure gem in the family - she has an open personality and there have been many photos or films of her being a perfectly normal, cheeky, charming, confident young girl, yet also with the almost instinctive style of a royal . . . . and I say that NOT as anyone who has any particular interest in, nor loyalty to the family. She's just a great kid and will be a wonderful woman.
Читаешь комментарии и ком в горле, сколько тёплых слов сказано в адрес королевы Елизаветы и ее семьи. Хочется поставить всем лайки. Люди, давайте жить дружно! Неважно какой ты национальности, из какой ты страны. Всем мирного неба над головой!
Lol this is so emotional! 😂😂
It’s hard for little kids at funerals. They were amazing considering the circumstances 😢🙏🏾
This little girl is gonna takes us places in the future 💪🏻 she is already showing the strength,,wisdom and courage she gets from her parents, great grandmother the queen and grandmother, Diana the peoples princess ❤
At the end of the day, they are a family who clearly love each other. 💕
I think both of the children did exceptionally well considering the length of time and the fact it was their final goodbye to their great grandmother. Wonderful loving preparation and support from their parents and other family members. God bless you all. I pray God comforts, strengthens, and encourages King Charles and all of the royal family members. Much love from 70yr old Gracie Bentley from Detroit Michigan USA
Prince George and Princess Charlotte did a phenomenal job - I was nowhere near that composed and mature at 9 or 7. Prince William and Princess Catherine have three beautiful precious children and they’re really a testament to their elders. God bless them.
The saddest part about this feud between the brothers is the kids. I hope they work through this for all the children of Harry and William!
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