Pretty Young Thing! | GLEE 2x12 REACTION 'Silly Love Songs' | First time watching 

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Join me on my reaction to Glee 2x12 'Silly Love Songs'
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18 Oca 2023




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Stark Raving
Stark Raving 4 aylar önce
A lot of people talk about how how Naya didn't get enough solos, and she didn't, but I truly believe we were robbed because Jenna Uskowitz got pushed so far into the background.
atmorb 4 aylar önce
Especially her being one of the originals 😭
mio 4 aylar önce
this episode has so many iconic moments, i love it. they did tina so dirty tho. jenna is one of the best singers on glee & she shouldve gotten more solos that dont end up in her crying or getting interrupted
Irfan Anwar
Irfan Anwar 4 aylar önce
This!! Justice for Tina/Jenna 🥲
MCMNasty2 4 aylar önce
So much talent in one show.
Ja La
Ja La 4 aylar önce
There were a lot of the Glee cast that I feel like should have been used more than they were. Santana and Tina come to mind... but I think Artie is the most underrated among the whole cast. He had a great soulful R&B sound that made his voice really good for songs like PYT in this episode... I always loved when he got a solo, and feel like they should have used him a LOT more.
Travis Views
Travis Views 4 aylar önce
I do LOVE Arties voice !
JA C 4 aylar önce
Santana was not underused, and Artie sang on the 3rd most songs.
kev7161 4 aylar önce
@JA C Ha ha, right? I always cringe when I read comments about this character or that were underrated and deserved more of the spotlight. The LEADS of this series were Finn and Rachel (and maybe Mr. Schu). The other characters grew in importance as the show progressed and I think everyone got their chance to shine every season, usually multiple times (even Sue!), not only with solos and duets but with plot lines focusing on them. If it were me, I'd hate to have to have solos almost every episode. Learning your lines, learning songs, possible choreography, blocking, taking time out for interviews, etc. could be exhausting!
Kayla Thomas
Kayla Thomas 3 aylar önce
@kev7161 the thing is Finna and Rachel being the “leads” is only do to Ryan’s favoritism. The show is about Glee, not Rachel Berry and Star Quarterback. The show should’ve had a health balance of the main cast Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Tina and Mercedes given they were the original members
xxShadowOfTheWolfxx 3 aylar önce
@Kayla Thomas actually, the only leads in my were rachel finn and shue and sue. the plot came first with them in mind first. the other characters were added later on, even the original memebers. i do agree that the original cast should hace got more attention. but it's understable why rachel got the most solos, they could have done little better with prortions
Madelyn Blaze
Madelyn Blaze 4 aylar önce
All the bestest to messiest couples in this episode are fun, but my favorite part is that it leaves Kurt and Blaine both single and open for a new romance!
Josie B
Josie B 4 aylar önce
The end when Rachel was talking to Finn in the nurse's office was the most mature conversation she may have had on the show. She was calm and rational, didn't overreact or anything. Earlier in the episode? Absolutely.
Daisydana 4 aylar önce
Blaine has so, so many performances that just shake the earth, but I think this is one people forget about. The scene is iconic for sure, but I don’t think people appreciate his vocals as much as they should in this episode.
Travis Views
Travis Views 4 aylar önce
It seems like they have a habit of adding some unneeded vocal distortion to his vocals sometimes …
Irfan Anwar
Irfan Anwar 4 aylar önce
They did Tina soo dirty with “My Funny Valentine” 😩 For god sake she does not get enough solo in the first place and then when she get one her solo gets interrupted 🤚🏽
Lou B
Lou B 4 aylar önce
i love this show so much ^^
GAMEY 64 4 aylar önce
one of the best Glee Episodes
Jalyn Corzine
Jalyn Corzine 4 aylar önce
yeah sam eventually gets with like every girl in the glee club lol but you’ll see the one girl he truly loves is MERCADES!! they date in s3 and 5
Clemer M. Silva
Clemer M. Silva 3 aylar önce
Poor Santana she was taking so many L's this season 😭😭😭😭😭
gaymer 07
gaymer 07 4 aylar önce
This episode has my favorite fight lol
Storm D
Storm D 4 aylar önce
What is your favorite ship so far? I must know 😂
Travis Views
Travis Views 4 aylar önce
up to this point, or what ive actually seen and put on Patreon! Im on 3x10 over there lol
Storm D
Storm D 4 aylar önce
@Travis Views ooo I would take either, but I guess for suspense just what we see here on TRvid! (Tho I may need to check out that patreon)
Luis Dominguez
Luis Dominguez 4 aylar önce
I want moree!
Hannah 4 aylar önce
How did I miss a glee upload?!
Caroline Kaeser
Caroline Kaeser 4 aylar önce
See everyone kicked up a stink when they “discovered” that Blaine was younger than Kurt later on but this episode already told everyone. The “your underage” line means he’s likely 15 about to turn 16 here where Kurt is 16 turning 17
Elizabeth Sommerer
Elizabeth Sommerer 4 aylar önce
My theory is that Blaine has a fall/winter birthday and missed the enrollment cutoff to be in the same grade as Kurt et al. So even though he was born in the same calendar year, he was born in October or November, and everyone else who graduated at the end of S3 was born earlier. And maybe Finn was born late the year before, or he got red shirted for sports. Explains why he's so much bigger.
gaymer 07
gaymer 07 4 aylar önce
Well that guy at the gap was like 20 something lol and Blaine is only a year younger than Kurt since he graduated a year after Kurt.
Yolande Morgan
Yolande Morgan 4 aylar önce
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