Preston TRAPPED Me in Underground Bunker!

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Preston Trapped Me in Underground Bunker with Brianna 👊

If you loved these bunkers you can visit Chase's: www.titanranch.com/ or Bri's www.airbnb.com/rooms/46711243... and make sure you look up! The stars are amazing!

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26 Mar 2023




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Brianna Aylar önce
Who would YOU rather bunk with: Brianna👑 or Chase🤪?
Real fairy_8
Real fairy_8 20 saatler önce
do you know happy little dinosaurs a board game
Bri because bri is nice 👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂
McKenzie Cone
McKenzie Cone 4 gün önce
Pippaburbidgo 5 gün önce
I want to bunk with u Brianna! You are the best!😃😁😚☺️🙂🤗😊😉
Sara Ingerson
Sara Ingerson 6 gün önce
Brianna of course . she queen of youtube
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Your videos are amazing
ZFire1 Aylar önce
Why wouldn’t she?
Alice Heaton
Alice Heaton Aylar önce
jeshuamincraf Aylar önce
💪 Excelente
Funvideo Aylar önce
Thumbs up
Supriyanto Aylar önce
Thumbs up
Coleen Aylar önce
I love how brave bri is ❤
Jissele Demirjian
Jissele Demirjian 24 gün önce
Markelle Rieken
Markelle Rieken Aylar önce
Markelle Rieken
Markelle Rieken Aylar önce
Markelle Rieken
Markelle Rieken Aylar önce
Markelle Rieken
Markelle Rieken Aylar önce
LeahsLuvBug ♡
LeahsLuvBug ♡ Aylar önce
you are so brave Bri!! I wish you the best of luck since I haven’t watched this yet!! Bee you 🐝💙
Madalynn Vega
Madalynn Vega 10 gün önce
I rather be with Bree
Kitty Aylar önce
@jennifer ling Bri*
jennifer ling
jennifer ling Aylar önce
𝔹𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝕝𝕦𝕔𝕜 𝔹𝕣𝕖
nuggsgod Aylar önce
I like how at 3:37 the lights go out and she just immediately starts praying 🙏🏻
GalaxyBloxy Aylar önce
Plot twist: The bunkers are connected and Bri could have just went to the luxury bunker…
Arianna Juskowich
Arianna Juskowich 7 gün önce
@K Read they are I’ve seen them both made in the same video
K Read
K Read 14 gün önce
@Arianna Juskowich I don't think they are
Renee Chiew
Renee Chiew 17 gün önce
That's A Real Life saver
Cataleya Abel
Cataleya Abel Aylar önce
But Chase was cheating and she should’ve went to the luxury bunker not chase
kendall_ Aylar önce
lol yeah
Susanna Galens
Susanna Galens Aylar önce
Bri is nice and fun and brave!
JaxonH playsRoblox
JaxonH playsRoblox 28 gün önce
Legend has it Chase is still stuck there to this very day...
Subbing to Everyone Who Subs to me 100k
Brianna never fails to entertain us
Sacdiyo Ahmed
Sacdiyo Ahmed Aylar önce
You always make my day better with your videos
katherine bennett
katherine bennett Aylar önce
My favorite is spiders
katherine bennett
katherine bennett Aylar önce
My field is spiders
Stephanie Poole
Stephanie Poole 11 gün önce
DVFT Aylar önce
Awesome video man, saw this video in my feed and decided to stop by! Keep up the great work.
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran Aylar önce
Ellie Aylar önce
I love your videos Bri!!!❤❤❤ Keep making them!!! Be you!!!🐝
cici smile
cici smile Aylar önce
you go girl! go bri!
The Twins
The Twins Aylar önce
The way he says envelope 😂😂
Mckenzie Unger
Mckenzie Unger Aylar önce
Brianna’s bunker would be the best settings for a horror game
Joykhan dd
Joykhan dd Aylar önce
I love how brave bri is
Kindl Aylar önce
Legend says that chase is still stuck in the tunnel
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran Aylar önce
minh van
minh van Aylar önce
Amera Thompson
Amera Thompson Aylar önce
@8isksi8ksmmmw how.
8isksi8ksmmmw Aylar önce
Bro ungrateful
Tanika Allen
Tanika Allen Aylar önce
Love it keep it up
Jodi Stone
Jodi Stone Aylar önce
u are a strong girl im so proud of u keep it up love u
Darcie Aylar önce
I love your videos
•l• Klee •l•
Fun fact! The place Bri was at was ALSO visited by another youtuber called benoftheweek!
Albert Harder
Albert Harder Aylar önce
Bre you were so brave and what I’m really afraid of is spiders and the dark in a little bit of snakes
Crazzzyyyy Aylar önce
Im supposed to do my homework rn but i’d rather watch this video lol❤️
Kenland Asare
Kenland Asare Aylar önce
lol same
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans Aylar önce
Brianna. You need to find a way to get payback on Chase. He definitely deserves it.
Victoria Spang
Victoria Spang Aylar önce
I love your videos. can you make more among us videos plz
Katie West
Katie West Aylar önce
the worst design fail in my house is probably the entrance to the attic. its on the ceiling!!!
just Reina the froggy kid
To be honest I would say that Bri isn't alone cameraman went with her
AvanAmiri Aylar önce
let’s 𝓰𝓮𝓽 𝓫𝓻𝓲 𝓽𝓸 10𝓶𝓲𝓵
Lily Freeman
Lily Freeman 6 gün önce
bri we all are so sorry that you had to do that!
Karina Medvedkova
Karina Medvedkova Aylar önce
Hahaha when Bri screamed I literally jumped🤣🤣🤣love you Bri💗💗
Kylah freeman
Kylah freeman Aylar önce
Next can you concer the fear of small spaces like 24 hours in a slide with no way out until the 24 hours is over
Caroline's Angel
Caroline's Angel Aylar önce
Bri I glad you conquered your fears!! Chase haven’t been what u have in these vids u at least deserve something as big as he got that bunker!I hate drama and people not knowing the other thing . Is that bad?
Steve Acquafredda
Steve Acquafredda 10 gün önce
i love your vids
I love your vids Bri! I dont like or know why Preston puts u up to these but gl girl u got this! :)
Łucja Plays123
Łucja Plays123 Aylar önce
Congratulations Briana!!🎉🥳
Kids B Gaming
Kids B Gaming Aylar önce
Brianna the video you did when you spend 24 hours alone really help with my fear of being alone
Jackie Gregory
Jackie Gregory Aylar önce
for the next challenge, stay in a submarine 1000ft underwater for 48 hours, with someone or by yourself
LillyLove576 Aylar önce
Bri i know you can come over the fear you are so brave
sultan alali
sultan alali Aylar önce
I love how there is a mistake in the title!
BeeBerz555 Aylar önce
Hi Bri! I LOVE your videos!!!
Aster Kifle
Aster Kifle Aylar önce
I love how in the end chase gets the more scairer place to sleep than bri, in my opinion, Bee you
Siena Ryan
Siena Ryan Aylar önce
bri you are soooo brave I would never do that!! bri you should get back at chase for that!!! I love you bri!!!!🐝🐝
The Sisters
The Sisters 6 gün önce
Love you bri 💙🐝💖
Holly Tisdell
Holly Tisdell Aylar önce
I love you so much please remember to be brave and don’t give up❤😊
Kaleb Johnson
Kaleb Johnson Aylar önce
I think you are the sweetest person and I love your videos
Chloe Miel Balacio
Chloe Miel Balacio Aylar önce
Bri your so brave!love your videos!your videos always bring me a smile on my face!!
Beastlyboy24 Aylar önce
Shouldn’t the sickle be called a snickle
andrea cook
andrea cook Aylar önce
Yes she does 😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😄😃😀🙂😁
Minecraftsterls Aylar önce
chase needs his own channel
Shelly Gardner
Shelly Gardner Aylar önce
bri is so brave
luke 81
luke 81 Aylar önce
i cant belive that you are even a youtuber your amazing
Junior Code
Junior Code Aylar önce
Bri: Talking about Jesus *Lights off* Everybody: "Why are their pants wet"
Jayveon Dixson
Jayveon Dixson Aylar önce
0:30 I Can't Believe Chase Switch Scary Bunker To Luxury Bunker 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Elizabeth Millay
Elizabeth Millay Aylar önce
Keep up the amazing work guys!
Erin Timmers
Erin Timmers Aylar önce
@Brooklyn Scheu hehe hehe
Brooklyn Scheu
Brooklyn Scheu Aylar önce
I agree😊❤❤❤
Horror_Dude15 Aylar önce
i want you to conquer the fear of staying in thhe dark for 24 hours next
Maxfun Aylar önce
Bri you are so brave
Marcos S Rojas
Marcos S Rojas Aylar önce
No way I'd survive the challenge too spooky
{Drista the cat} :3
I love how brave is bri and stay strong Brianna but I don't like chase changing the envelope that count as lying.
Twining Aylar önce
She’s at the benoftheweek bunker😂
Evie Cven
Evie Cven Aylar önce
Your videos are amazing and always make my day
EYstreem fam rule
EYstreem fam rule Aylar önce
This video was awesome
Emery Aylar önce
Love it
Michelle Stafford
Michelle Stafford Aylar önce
Did anyone see that the B 67 tv tower is in front of Brianna’s bunker entrance 😮
Jamie Aylar önce
Brianna you are amazing and very brave you can do anything
rylin saylor
rylin saylor Aylar önce
can you face fear of height on a mountain i love your videos
PLAYS AJ Aylar önce
Keep up the great work bri!! Be you!🐝
THICC SQAUD Aylar önce
Poor BrE, YOU deserve better
Smell my fingers
Smell my fingers 7 gün önce
Bri should go into a forest all alone for 24 hours
Rishav Rauthan
Rishav Rauthan Aylar önce
Nice video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emzy741 Aylar önce
I would love to see you conquer the dark
Grace Medina
Grace Medina Aylar önce
I’m afraid of public bathrooms lol
GlitchedMello Aylar önce
Be you ❤ Your content is the best!
Elizabeth Estrada
Elizabeth Estrada Aylar önce
I’m scared of the dark and I wish I could meet you Bri your videos make my day better be you🐝😊
Anneudy Castro
Anneudy Castro Aylar önce
Same I'm also scared of the dark
Molly Love
Molly Love Aylar önce
21:02 when chase was sleeping, one wrong move and he’ll be soaked!!
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Aylar önce
very nice bunker
Brittany Robinson
Brittany Robinson Aylar önce
I was having a bad day but you made my day!🐝 be you
•°Alone Potato°•
My fears r being alone being in the dark spiders dead silence and being on stage
king of shorts
king of shorts Aylar önce
Okay but if she's alone then what about the cameraman?
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Aylar önce
You always make my day better Love from a fellow creator
Danielle Kilgore Photography Photography
bri is the best youtuber on planit erthe
Danielle Kilgore Photography Photography
what i mean yes
Charlotte Starnes
Charlotte Starnes Aylar önce
I would definitely bunk with Branna But I feel like she would’ve died if there was a demon in there
Lena Li
Lena Li Aylar önce
Great job Brianna i I'm so happy for you
Noodles77 Aylar önce
Bri is sooooooooooooo brave
Thewavefinder 9 gün önce
What is everyone’s biggest fear Mine is stalkers
Eliora Abossey
Eliora Abossey Aylar önce
love your videos can we all appreciate bri 👏
Graceigh Soutullo
Graceigh Soutullo Aylar önce
Brianna you are really brave❤😊🎉
Monkey king
Monkey king Aylar önce
You should conquer staying on a roller coaster for 24. Hours that’s one of my fears
LongGone Aylar önce
3:25 𝘎𝘰𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥🤣🤣🤣
Kennythia Igkurak
Kennythia Igkurak Aylar önce
I love your videos bri!
Elsie Bäckman
Elsie Bäckman Aylar önce
I like your videos
• Nichibotsu •
• Nichibotsu • Aylar önce
I’m literally crying for you, your so brave I would have literally died if I did that. Be you!🐝🌈
MBZ76 Aylar önce
I feel so sad and bad for bri.😢
Westwind Lodge
Westwind Lodge Aylar önce
Brianna should do a video where her dad has to guess her mom.
Jellyreab Aylar önce
Can anyone notice that another youtuber visited this bunker too?
Not necessary
Not necessary Aylar önce
Keep up the great work bri!!
Itsss_Roxyyy Aylar önce
I'm afraid of being in a zoo for 48 hours with all the dangerous animals
Child_full_of_woe Aylar önce
I love your content Bri ❤. Be you 🐝
Cat Grande
Cat Grande Aylar önce
I feel so bad for Bree.
Tara Kerr
Tara Kerr Aylar önce
I’m really scared of wasps and I think you should do a video about bugs 🐜 -Kellan
Sumaya sumaya Sumaya sulthan
Your video is amazing
David Lane
David Lane Aylar önce
I would bunk with bri she makes it look like she can do anything.🌟
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez Aylar önce
Your the best bree
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