Pressure Washing Our OLD abandoned $700 Tractor its Absolutely Filthy

Westen Champlin
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We pressure wash our old tractor and try some old farmers tricks before we replace the injectors..
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24 Eki 2019




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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 2 yıl önce
I hope you guys like the new video...I am really happy how this video turned out and I made a playlist for this tractor if you want to check out all the episodes. trvid.com/group/PLxps8cLCwSU7qsi44OHivmqD0xTdLuu8b
Cathal O Mealoid
Cathal O Mealoid Aylar önce
Sorry dude, won’t be subscribing to just be stranded with half finished projects. Have enough of them in my own life
Cathal O Mealoid
Cathal O Mealoid Aylar önce
Would really like to see the rest of this, did you recon the injectors ? Did you change the valve stem seals ? I know it’s old but even a text update ????
Big lad Stu
Big lad Stu 3 aylar önce
@Nick Fox ggg
M 9 aylar önce
Where's the video of repairing/fixing/stopping the oil leak?
Kendall Jay
Kendall Jay 10 aylar önce
Do u still have that nice tw30 ford
Troy Treasure
Troy Treasure 10 gün önce
Love your content
Will Cleere
Will Cleere 10 gün önce
Did you ever fix the Ford tw 30 smoking
John Seier
John Seier 22 gün önce
best car TRvidr that i now
Wes Thoma
Wes Thoma Aylar önce
What did you use to clean your tractor
Geert Sturm
Geert Sturm Aylar önce
canadia, the herb centre
fifth-scale productions
Brake clean in intake on cranking would have fired it up 😁
x420Blitzedx 2 aylar önce
Love the vids but song name tho 👀
Momo Was
Momo Was 2 aylar önce
Any news about the tractor?
Fast In The Corners
Fast In The Corners 2 aylar önce
Nobody: My brain: ITS A SIGN OF THE TIMES 🎶
herewegofans 3 aylar önce
Subscribed to keep an eye on you fellas and report any unusual ma less taste chen of tractors unconsented or what not.
Big lad Stu
Big lad Stu 3 aylar önce
Todd King
Todd King 4 aylar önce
Another project that we will never see again......
Hamid Khan
Hamid Khan 6 aylar önce
For all of us who wanted/wanting to knw the band playing when foaming its ELLIPTIK ‐ EXPANDING.
Colin Cox
Colin Cox 6 aylar önce
What ever happened to this project?
Grow With Me
Grow With Me 6 aylar önce
Woot Canada Ontario! I’m there!
Frans van den Berge
Frans van den Berge 7 aylar önce
How is the tractor now?
Mark Currier
Mark Currier 7 aylar önce
Name it TANG
Joe Schoonmaker
Joe Schoonmaker 7 aylar önce
Old tractors are like Harley-Davidsons they don't leak they just mark their territory
Andrew Hixson
Andrew Hixson 7 aylar önce
for something you only paid $700 for you could probably get about $10k for if you wanted to resale it.
Andrew Hixson
Andrew Hixson 7 aylar önce
Before every oil change I was always told to run a quart of transmission fluid in a full take with the diesel. It cleans the entire fuel system and injectors way better then those fuel system cleaners will.
Scott Morris
Scott Morris 7 aylar önce
This dude is so weird that it's what makes this channel interesting. Lol
Harleydiesel18 7 aylar önce
Does anyone know the name of the song in this vid?
Jeffrey Morgan
Jeffrey Morgan 7 aylar önce
I like old things that even called and cracked put paint job on it clean it up and put it maybe you don't have to paint it put one a paint job on and clean it up for see how you like it and it don't think any pain and change the oil check the oil
sunset lenord
sunset lenord 8 aylar önce
Usually u would wash from the top down because the dirty water will not go over what has already been washed
Elizabeth Sexton
Elizabeth Sexton 8 aylar önce
Do you know why it’s broken it’s a Ford
k B
k B 8 aylar önce
When’s part 3 coming would love to see it!
Nathanael Webb
Nathanael Webb 8 aylar önce
osrs 8 aylar önce
I love that people like you exist this is wholesome work dude! Love seeing neglected machines get taken care of
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand 8 aylar önce
As a canadian, im happy for your canadian tractor
King smelting
King smelting 8 aylar önce
Video starts at 12:17
Gutta Som viser
Gutta Som viser 9 aylar önce
You dident use the right battery
Justin Beaumont
Justin Beaumont 9 aylar önce
What’s the song in this vid?
Do not resuscitate
Do not resuscitate 9 aylar önce
12:28 when they finally wash the tractor jfc
swotteh 9 aylar önce
Umm guys, safety glasses when water/air blasting stuff!!!
Eli Akers
Eli Akers 9 aylar önce
So satisfying watching old stuff getting washed
Nico Mariconi
Nico Mariconi 9 aylar önce
13:24 ahhhh 😌
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 9 aylar önce
$700....... i smell bull doo doo
Robert Lahman
Robert Lahman 10 aylar önce
sea foam
Jason 0
Jason 0 10 aylar önce
The tractor clean up was oddly satisfying to view.
Ksenia Knevska
Ksenia Knevska 10 aylar önce
I wish Marty T washed his machines like this
Maurice Fancey
Maurice Fancey 11 aylar önce
watch the Canadian joks but i still tike your work
Kurtis Risatti
Kurtis Risatti 11 aylar önce
Where in Ontario That dealership probably around me lol
zigz0911 11 aylar önce
Its got a primer pump....
SOVT 11 aylar önce
Do diesels normally start when the fuel filters are full of transmission fluid?
Master_ Gam3rs
Master_ Gam3rs 11 aylar önce
next video on this tractor?
Hi Otis from WWE
Jessica Kroeschel
That 401 ford engine has a bleed screw on the side of the injector pump, you crack it every time you change fuel filters, then crank the engine over and they will fire right up. Once running close it back down and good to go. I Learned it the hard way after fighting my 9700 for hours after changing the fuel filters I broke my pride and called the dealership
oliver77&88 Yıl önce
Clifford the big red dodge
Phillip Bremer
Phillip Bremer Yıl önce
Want quick fix air or use heat oil or wash engine internal with diesel fuel system cleaner yes trans fluid additive fun gas cleaning gas diesel engine clean up fluid dynamic
Phillip Bremer
Phillip Bremer Yıl önce
Recodition batterys working lot auto recycling better than walmart cheap battery still worth $12 or 50cent lead
Phillip Bremer
Phillip Bremer Yıl önce
In the end lot matieral supply's keeping up with maintain thing lots work on moewing crawl or walk every thing bleeds just not same thing oil or fluids it's talking
Phillip Bremer
Phillip Bremer Yıl önce
God gift snakes jobs eat mice plus good thing keep in car nothing like rattlesnake respect them they responded .
Cesar Varela
Cesar Varela Yıl önce
I give you the $25.00 hundreds bucks
Jack Brydges
Jack Brydges Yıl önce
You have no idea how good your at doing how intersting your videos are.
O’Neal Farms
O’Neal Farms Yıl önce
Lol just saw this and when you pulled out the oil filter wrench I thought to my self I said self the boys are not old enough to know anything about them CVM filters lol glad you figured it out before you broke the housing
Saray Chea
Saray Chea Yıl önce
I need it so much for my small farm - It's old but Tructor like this can help me change my future life
Dave Ledoux
Dave Ledoux Yıl önce
You talk to much
ram2791 Yıl önce
Used to put trans fluid in carbs to clean them up. Trick my dad taught me
Chuck Lucas
Chuck Lucas Yıl önce
It's a ford it will run unless the crank is broken
ManofInterests Yıl önce
Man... I haven't seen an eskimo joes shirt in forever. brings back some good memories.
Kevin Touw
Kevin Touw Yıl önce
What is happening with this tractor?
Patrick Gibson
Patrick Gibson Yıl önce
How did your canadian injector work of from Canada 🇨🇦 love the videos buddy
allan pelkey
allan pelkey Yıl önce
Is the tractor repaired yet? Did you record it when repaired? I'm very interested.
allan pelkey
allan pelkey Yıl önce
What would you sell this for?
Adam Hill
Adam Hill Yıl önce
also a lot of smoke can just be because its was sitting for so lonh
Brian Gets Played
I see that BOAT
Noah McCleary
Noah McCleary Yıl önce
Anyone know the music title at 14:11
Westin Yates
Westin Yates Yıl önce
What about the cat
jeffrey hollink
jeffrey hollink Yıl önce
we have ah ford 8830 on the injection pump where the full shut of is sids ah littel button that the easy start first put your hand trotel on full trohtel than push in the button than start the tractor the momend the tractor is running you pull the stop button altheway oud and push id in fast and pul the trothel back to about 900rpms garatie id wil start
Ada Vazquez
Ada Vazquez Yıl önce
Washed it FIRST...
Aiden's Ultimate Vlogging
10:54 wow so funny not it’s actually kind of funny pull start XD
Monica Candice
Monica Candice Yıl önce
New camera sound isn't working very well. Love the content though!
Tom Bristow
Tom Bristow Yıl önce
I know I’m slow, but trans fluid in the fuel filter???
TOYOXUS#1 Forever
At 15:38 name of the song and singer please?
Black Hills RC
Black Hills RC Yıl önce
So are you still waiting for that injector? 🤷‍♂️
117 Chronicles
117 Chronicles Yıl önce
Did it all get fixed after the injector was replaced?
George Ulicny
George Ulicny Yıl önce
Love videos of getting old stuff functioning again.
Pete Neustaeter
Pete Neustaeter Yıl önce
I'm for Ontario canada 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Maurice Hayden
Maurice Hayden Yıl önce
What happened to this tractor
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner Yıl önce
If you spray degreaser on the.old gunk not the motor exterior and let it soak for about an hour you will get rid most of the greasy oil crap then hit it with detergent.
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner Yıl önce
It should have an electric or Manuel pump and bleed screw near fuel pump Westin
Rob Mosher
Rob Mosher Yıl önce
Could have been a good video if it showed the subject, being the tractor and not the cameraman.
Thomas Yıl önce
Anthony Flahive
Anthony Flahive Yıl önce
Are they both filters for transmission fluid?
John McAfee
John McAfee Yıl önce
Where can i get that end attachment with the foam?
PumpsAndVacs Yıl önce
Cat named cummins . Yes please!!!
N ROOD Yıl önce
i never knew about the transmission fluid being used that way. i guess it is a good idea im watching these videos.
Jack Roosa
Jack Roosa Yıl önce
Whould you sell it
Nic Borutski
Nic Borutski Yıl önce
I’m from Ontario it’s shit
Beerz Gaming
Beerz Gaming Yıl önce
Hell yeah this video came out on my birthday
Joaquin Rueda VI
Joaquin Rueda VI Yıl önce
pow-rr rr-shing
Robert Drennan
Robert Drennan Yıl önce
Going to be a hot Run Tracker when you get it done train graduations bud
Wayneo vmax
Wayneo vmax Yıl önce
BTW cobalts a well made boat, 😊😊
Wayneo vmax
Wayneo vmax Yıl önce
Hey budd long time watching your videos. What up w that boat next to the tractor?? Is it a future project?? I'm a boat freak..
Adam Vowless
Adam Vowless Yıl önce
It cleans the tractor so you don't have toooooo
Shane Madden
Shane Madden Yıl önce
By the way, hi from Ontario Canada
Mr.Philmon Yıl önce
What was the backround music? I kinda curios, I like the music. Also, great video keep up the good work!
Noah Lane
Noah Lane Yıl önce
thats the best thing about these old school mechanical tractors is that you can get literally everything wet and it'll still run like new. The new stuff thats got all these computers and shit would never start after you wash it like this one.
Dylan Weygandt
Dylan Weygandt Yıl önce
I love you and dom.. You guys are the best! I say 12 valve swap in that boat!!
Elcarposuave 1453
Greatest channel I’ve seen in a long time. Keep up the great work guys! Big blue is a beautiful old girl
Matthew Phipps
Matthew Phipps Yıl önce
Weird to say but build the tractor into a farming best
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