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0:00 Intro
0:16 Introducing...The Power Loader!
1:26 Hacksmith Corporate
2:26 Is the design accurate?
4:34 Time to test!
15:09 Coffee Run
16:35 Car Destruction!!
20:04 Outro

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24 Kas 2021




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MegaBots Inc
MegaBots Inc Aylar önce
SO awesome to finally see it in action! Incredibly well executed!
blizzard stormer
blizzard stormer 24 gün önce
challenge the hacksmith and power loader, against eagle prime and iron glory, itll be awesome to kick back up the giant robot fighting tournament
xanzan Aylar önce
MegaBots Inc you need to battle the power loader!!!!!
Grim Tech 1337
Grim Tech 1337 Aylar önce
@MegaBots Inc So what are you gonna do now? Going to be the inventor like HackSmith or JLaservideo?
voltfox Aylar önce
Do you guys ever sell your ideas to companies
Matthew Ellis
Matthew Ellis Aylar önce
How about a break the unbreakable box vid for it
Built IRL
Built IRL Aylar önce
Incredible work, Bogdan! And kudos to everyone who helped out too. Even though we knew from the beginning that this wasn't necessarily going to be terribly practical, I'm shocked how usable it looks here. I guess with all that flow and articulation, it's able to make somewhat natural moves, and it looks great in motion! I guess now, though, you need to start the whole thing over on a new design that includes cupholders ;)
Conor K
Conor K Aylar önce
As a 360 excavator I would say it needs longer to arms to distance the operator from the target more and to improve functionality, also an excavator style blade to stop damage to the power loader itself and also to assist with picking things up or moving them. I would also suggest a larger counterweight or a counterweight that could move further away and nearer towards at the rear of the vehicle to cope with larger weights being moved or picked up. One other thing would be a stronger undercarriage and wider tracks to allow for these upgrades and for versatility on moister terrain. Finally an engine upgrade to account for the things I’ve suggested. It’s a great job to even complete this thing though so credit where it’s due guys! Ps it needs a cup holder
Onikage-056 26 gün önce
Yeah, needs cup holders, maybe a small stereo or MP3 dock with speakers. Oh, and spotlights, in case they decide to use it at night. Hm... maybe a custom plate with a Xenomorph head on it with a NO sign on it. (Like the Ghostbusters emblem.)
daniel der gamer nicht 2.0
forklift 2.0?
beans Aylar önce
The most important upgrade is the cup holder
Keith Waggoner
Keith Waggoner Aylar önce
So basically you’re saying rebuild it 3x the size…
Conor K
Conor K Aylar önce
@khristian boulton, just adding my advice as someone who understands, operates and owns machinery of this kind, eg; hydraulic mainly. My additions were added as advice and operators insight. It’s up to them what they do with it. Thanks
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
There's someone else who is an Aliens fan and has experience with operating heavy machinery. Adam Savage would love to give this thing a spin!
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd Aylar önce
OMG you did it, you really really did it!
electronicsNmore Aylar önce
When does mass production begin? :-)
Matty Sharella gaming
@Adam Bragg not true it can replace certain forklift trucks such as reach for small areas
Cinderace 28 gün önce
In 3041
David Nagore
David Nagore Aylar önce
@Kelan Yoshikawa Can't argue that!
Kelan Yoshikawa
Kelan Yoshikawa Aylar önce
It would be stupid to sell this to the public because there are a lot of stupid people.
Sandeep Sanatani
Sandeep Sanatani Aylar önce
Military might want this.
Death Skill
Death Skill Aylar önce
I remember watching the first vid of the series in my childhood home. Now I’ve graduated and I’m in post secondary. Crazy to think of how much time and dedication has gone into this project. Amazing!
Minos027 Aylar önce
Totally different setting but I feel like this is the beginning of industrial Mechs. The precision that can be achieved coupled with different arm attachments could make this a very useful base machine. As others have said, debris clearing from disasters down to moving large and heavy crates at shipping hubs. The possibilities with this thing are amazing.
Tanner petersen
Tanner petersen Aylar önce
Yea if I worked in a lumber yard and watched the clip of him man handling a log like a broom handle I'd consider its viability.
בננת ספה
בננת ספה Aylar önce
I think adding a reinforced window to the front of the cage frame would be great for keeping the pilot safer.
Tanner Olson
Tanner Olson Aylar önce
AAAAHH this is so cool! Only thing I'm a little miffed about is that it doesn't seem like it can pick stuff up at it's feet. It would be awesome if there were some way for it to be able to pick up standard pallets and stuff and then be able to put them on shelves like a forklift, since that's basically what it's supposed to be. Pressure sensitive hands would be cool too.
Egon Freeman
Egon Freeman Aylar önce
That's what the side handles are for. The original P-5000 also had these limitations - you don't see pallets when a power work loader is expected, you see _side handles._ :D
It's Wheels
It's Wheels Aylar önce
A giant paintbrush should be made along with a larger canvas and a self portrait of the powerloader should be attempted
Mohammed Umair
Mohammed Umair Aylar önce
Great idea
Sean Lindberg
Sean Lindberg Aylar önce
Hey your power loader is amazing, just a suggestion, it needs leg guards in case something heavy breaks and swings in the direction of the operator, great job guys.
AG.Floats Aylar önce
I feel like there should be shielding protecting the person operating it.
KevinGames_101 Aylar önce
I want to say congrats to all you HackSmith people for completing your biggest project ever that’s taking you 3 years to finish I’m so happy to see it fully completed. Looks wicked sick!!! love all your videos been here for to long to remember 😆 but glad to be here to watch all these projects come to life. Ty HackSmith Team
Cavi587 Aylar önce
It was amazing following this project from start to finish! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Marty Journal
Marty Journal Aylar önce
I actually genuinely hope Sigourney Weaver hears about this and gets in contact with the Hacksmith, cuz her driving a real Power Loader would be so freaking cool not only for us to watch but for her to experience probably.
Fancy Jen Cosplay
Fancy Jen Cosplay 28 gün önce
I'm happy to substitute for her in my Ripley cosplay
Click It
Click It 28 gün önce
@Zakk Mylde Oh, a Ghostbusters reference?
B 51
B 51 Aylar önce
@Jacob Peters bro
Clogica Aylar önce
Zakk Mylde
Zakk Mylde Aylar önce
There is no Sigourney there is only Zuul.
Carter Morrissey
Carter Morrissey Aylar önce
This is crazy, I remember seeing the first video ages ago, and now I finally get to see a real life power loader. It’s been an epic journey
Micah Santiago
Micah Santiago Aylar önce
Dude this thing is freaking insane. I’ve been watching since this first started. It is just incredible that you were finally able to finish this monster of a project.
wilmar arroyave
wilmar arroyave Aylar önce
seeing this thing come together from day one has been a huge treat. You guys are awesome keep it up.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Aylar önce
I've popped in and out watching the creation of this beast of a machine. It is so cool to see it's completion. I almost want to build one myself, almost 😁
Zach Vogelsang
Zach Vogelsang Aylar önce
I think my favorite part about this whole project is still the fact that the lower section is made out of a real CAT brand mini lifter, so the power loader is legitimately partially made and funded by the real CAT company like it was in the movie XD Can’t get much more real than that
Only Gaming
Only Gaming Aylar önce
@Esa Karjalainen ik it could be done now but that's a huge upgrade with many challenges not many people have faced
Esa Karjalainen
Esa Karjalainen Aylar önce
@Only Gaming Could be done now, but, it's tricky. Maybe with co-operation from Boston Dynamics?
Only Gaming
Only Gaming Aylar önce
I think when robotics improves a leg upgrade would be fun
MR/TROLL Aylar önce
@KarmicDread The paint actually made it SO COOL!
KarmicDread Aylar önce
They also provided decals, controls, and the paint
Christopher Metcalf
An upgrade I'd like to see is perhaps some sort of sensor(s) on the clamps, so that the Power Loader doesn't crush absolutely everything it grabs. That way it can hold that egg without cracking it, and the next time you go for a coffee run, you can grab the coffee with the Power Loader. Also the side mirrors, and cup holders mentioned in the video, along with perhaps a way to see what's behind you (so you don't run anyone over backing up), and lights, so you can see when it gets dark. Aside from that, you guys did a great job on this, it looks incredible!
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson Aylar önce
I've haven't missed a single upload on this build and just want to say, its beautiful in form and function. Well done lads, well done.
jan musekamp
jan musekamp Aylar önce
I’ve been with you along this whole journey. It was amazing. How about real iron man armour (mark two or three) next? Edit: Bulletproof mark one iron man armour with flamethrowers that can be powered for 15 minutes (like in the movie) and With a explosive missile in the left arm would be really cool. Idea 2: Hulkbuster!!!
Fred Krazé
Fred Krazé Aylar önce
I'm really liking the way that MK 1 sounds!!
Manaws Aylar önce
This is so awesome and very inspiring! Keep it up! You are the best guys!
Daniel Mahon
Daniel Mahon Aylar önce
i want to see a professional heavy equipment operator drive this thing around a ware house and see what the platform can do or at least give it caterpillar to see what they can do with the concept because as far as i am concerned this is the most dexterous fork lift stile platform out there and the rc function is just a bonus
Egon Freeman
Egon Freeman Aylar önce
If you could include actual lifting ability (so that the whole shoulder/arm assembly could lift up 1-2 meters), that might actually be useful for handling odd shapes and such. Still, we already have some incredible machines that are specialised for that sort of stuff - automated systems that can move in all three dimensions (X on a rail, Y through elevation, Z on extendible forks) and, coupled with a computer tracking system, can organise, retrieve and store items at speeds you wouldn't want any humans _near._
PNW SciTech
PNW SciTech Aylar önce
@Sean Thompson this needs to be top comment!
trance peirce
trance peirce Aylar önce
@Knite The clickbaity titles 'Professional X react to Y' does really work well.
@Hacksmith Industries patent it to get more funds if industries decide to use it xP
K-Wong Aylar önce
@Knite sounds like an episode for hacksmith. Take it to CONEXPO and have the professionals try it out.
Boss Dog
Boss Dog Aylar önce
Well having watched the progress of this for years I guess this is the closest and most practical way to configure the loader. Having a walking version like the movie would have been cool but very difficult to make in reality. You might be able to rent that out to the movie studios.
Immortal_Fish 20 gün önce
been following this project since it's started, feels good to see it finally complete
TheMah1337 Aylar önce
i remember watching you way back then in your garage playing with your lazer machine, and now your building has things like this. incredible
SMavTMB Aylar önce
The power loader looks like a production level product. Incredible
PureNrGG Aylar önce
You guys should install pressure sensors on the grippers and have a sort of "fragile" mode to pick things up so you can close the grippers full speed but it would cut power as soon as the pressure sensor read X lbs of force. It would be amazing to see this thing able to catch a football or something without popping it!
Egon Freeman
Egon Freeman Aylar önce
To be fair - something like this can be done, and you're not thinking fully with computers here. Such a pressure-sensitive system would be constantly aware of exactly how much force it's applying to the object, and could start to gradually limit the force on a ramp - it wouldn't "cut out" (as that risks overshooting), it would gradually stop. Microcontrollers can do these calculations hundreds of thousands of times _per second._ :D
Atomic Gearworks
Atomic Gearworks Aylar önce
I had this same thought. It’s got the textured plates inside the grippers that could have sensors in them. You could also break up those pads into smaller sections, each with their own pressure sensor and maybe some flex to better contour to complex objects.
Jonatan Krogh
Jonatan Krogh Aylar önce
@Ivory AS did someone say baby?
Ivory AS
Ivory AS Aylar önce
@Jonatan Krogh Bruh, baby steps, lmao.
Lee Myers
Lee Myers Aylar önce
I would love to see them iterate on the design and make the grabbers more dynamic, maybe even as simple as allowing the tips to move in and out from the main portion they could be more sensitive, like real fingertips are.
hugoh26 Aylar önce
Cool, gives me the feeling of a hybrid between the aliens powerloader and centurions weapon system 😊
Zacattack Aylar önce
I remember seeing the first episode of this in high-school. I was so phsyced to see this project go. And man it did more than go. Congrats on achieving this.
1980’VINZ Aylar önce
Wow. That was very impressive. And I'm really surprised how this beast is precisely maneuverable and fast in the same time. I think it will interest a ton of companies......
Emma Aylar önce
Ok. This is awesome. Seeing it from a couple plans to now a fully capable, working machine. Is brilliant. Seeing you guys can build this maybe a Iron Man Mark XLIV Armor aka hulkbuster next haha.
Devesh Parsekar
Devesh Parsekar Aylar önce
I saw the first exoskeleton build video back in like 2015 when James actually said his dream is to build the aliens powerloader... And now here we are, what a journey... I'm proud to be a hacksmith fan.
MilouLois Aylar önce
Cant believe that was 6 years ago
Flipside Gaming
Flipside Gaming Aylar önce
me too
Lucas Clement
Lucas Clement 9 gün önce
With the right modifications, the Power Loader would be perfect for use in carrying material loads in rock quarries/lumber yard/construction areas; removing road obstructions (wrecked cars, fallen interstate bridges, and fallen trees); and lifting and carrying heavy crates and storage containers. Basically, it's the forklift of the future.
paul bogumil
paul bogumil Aylar önce
For more mobility you could upgrade brazos extensibles. It would help to destroy car doors. If one arm hold the door and the other arm push the car away.
shadowtheimpure Aylar önce
Funny enough, I can think of a large number of actual practical applications for a machine like this. It would make pipeline construction a breeze.
FatNinjaWalrus Aylar önce
my favorite part is that once you guys run out of things to build for it and crazy challenges to make for it, it'll still be useful. you can just use it around the shop!
Adam Westervelt
Adam Westervelt 7 gün önce
Ideas: Extendable arms so that you can have it close for heavier lifting to keep center of balance appropriate but longer for things out of reach, an indestructible see through cockpit like plexiglass or something, also a display could go on said plexiglass that has cameras at every blind spot for tighter maneuvers and increase the speed of rotation. Now you need to make a gundam lol
Ludicrous End 6
Ludicrous End 6 Aylar önce
I cant believe its already been 3 years since the start of this project. This is absolutely amazing
Christopher Stube
Christopher Stube Aylar önce
It looked to me like it would be really useful for loading logs onto a truck or into a sawmill.
Tamir Kraus
Tamir Kraus Aylar önce
It's so amazing to see it all completed and working... Been watching from the start and can't believe it's been 3 years... I feel old lmao
BananaKraken Aylar önce
And to think that Bogdan was a fan, now he's nerding out in a frickin mech suit. Way to go man
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer Aylar önce
yea his progression at hacksmith is insane from beeing someone asking for an autograph to building a giant mech with them
Tanjiro Kamado-
Tanjiro Kamado- Aylar önce
@john morgan lol
Drake Nelson
Drake Nelson Aylar önce
Yes it is
john morgan
john morgan Aylar önce
Who wouldn't nerd out when faced by that.
Gilby Aylar önce
You can tell he was totally nerding out. I would too.
Fahmid Sarkar
Fahmid Sarkar Aylar önce
From the first day to the last watching it being complete!❤️ Man! sure it's beautiful! Congratulations to you guys, and I love every video of yours ❤️love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
YourSnottyBoI Aylar önce
Seeing one actually built and functional makes me wonder why we don’t have these in use now
Jacob Keltz
Jacob Keltz Aylar önce
I'd like to see maybe some stabilizers so it can lift/brace itself without having to worry about tipping over. A giant saw would also be sick to give this thing
Make a sharp hook type weapon for it so it can use that to pick up more things or tear apart things with it and also a giant round blade to cut things. Upgrade it's hand to be extended with hydraulic type things so it can pick up things which are very low and it can also throw things also with that feature.
Dismythed Aylar önce
It needs programming to make the claw arms move in tandem when shared handling of a single object so that you can minimize damage to the held object or the arms themselves. Speaking of which that thing is massively durable. I'm still in awe.
Ender Duck
Ender Duck 5 gün önce
@HiImYellow the power loader is nothing if not proof that a PRAWN suit can be made.
Fapalapagus Aylar önce
@master shooter64 yeah I’ve seen videos on it and it’s right up my alley I just have no spare money to buy it on my switch. And Nintendo isn’t known for its cheap prices
master shooter64
master shooter64 Aylar önce
@Fapalapagus You should play it, it's fun as heck
Adam Aylar önce
@Hacksmith Industries maybe an arm control lock out for one of the joysticks so all arm control is transferred to one?
Anne ☥紘☽
Anne ☥紘☽ Aylar önce
Gurren Lagann! 😎
General Nagster
General Nagster Aylar önce
That’s pretty awesome, I got a feeling that someone is gonna try to buy rights to make it as a mass powerloader
McDodge Aylar önce
Maybe you should make an augmented version of the grips with massive wedge/blades inside of it with the top being a singular blade while the bottom is 2 blades which the top can fit imbetween so it can KINDA chop things like that massive log
Thunder Mane
Thunder Mane Aylar önce
That was a nice touch @ 2:22. Got a lot of laughs on that. Just icing on top of the most awesome build you have ever done!
OnePercentMilk Aylar önce
I can see this being used in some building projects, they need to be made
John Derat
John Derat Aylar önce
I actually genuinely hope Sigourney Weaver hears about this and gets in contact with the Hacksmith, cuz her driving a real Power Loader would be so freaking cool not only for us to watch but for her to experience probably. Btw sorry for self promo but feel free to subscribe if you agree with my comment ^^'
NYCMP1 Aylar önce
And to say those famous words……👍
Ivory AS
Ivory AS Aylar önce
John Derat Yup, _especially_ considering how _the _*_last_* thing went with Thor/The mountain...
Richard Black
Richard Black Aylar önce
Fabian Gjika
Fabian Gjika Aylar önce
Tag her everywhere to ser this video
Frederick Evans
Frederick Evans Aylar önce
I second this suggestion
George Bland
George Bland Aylar önce
This is the coolest project! I want to see more things with it!
mabs503 13 gün önce
I want you to make a presentation of the Power Loader to Caterpillar engineers. Would be awesome to se and hear their reactions. As an engineer specializing in industrial robots I am very impressed with how strong and usable it seems to be. It's not just a fancy prop.
TheMightyDuo Aylar önce
The next upgrade is to be able to make it rise up and descend down for mobility and reach.
Freddi Fish
Freddi Fish Aylar önce
That is an absolutely gorgeous piece of engineering, folks. Can not imagine the fun you guys had putting that beast through it's "testing". HTF does this have only 67k likes with 1.1 million views. HTF does this have only 1.1 million views? Are people really so lazy and thoughtless they can't lift a finger, literally, to show some support?
Birb God
Birb God Aylar önce
This is the most real thing they have ever done. Like... it's the most real it could be compared to the original fictional piece. This is a huge achievement. Won't be surprised if they make a time travel car in a few more years.
Jelly Pastrami -get beaned lol-
@Blake Erenhouse ah
Blake Erenhouse
Blake Erenhouse Aylar önce
@Jelly Pastrami -get beaned lol- they said “they couldn’t even make it with legs”
Jelly Pastrami -get beaned lol-
@TheWarDoctor they deleted their comment what did they say
Jay Cee
Jay Cee Aylar önce
Oh I totally can see the hacksmith breaking through and making a time machine
Crib Aylar önce
@said what really… the damn thing can pick up a car and spin around with it and you have to comment with it doesn’t have legs…
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Aylar önce
The amount of power this thing has and the torque it can handle holding those weights out straight is mind boggling.
InjusticeGods_YT Aylar önce
I can’t wait for them to build another giant mech, tbh this was epic!
quickstrides Aylar önce
I think a mode to lock the arms movement together for loading would be good
That Guy
That Guy Aylar önce
You guys are making the stuff engineers can only dream to achieve.
WM DIY Aylar önce
Plot twist, this was Bogdan's plan from the beginning now he is unstoppable.
lazyatbeinglazy games
I already hated him.
Central Biz
Central Biz Aylar önce
well mounting a bazooka on it do sound like a good idea
william travis
william travis Aylar önce
Never Snows
Never Snows Aylar önce
@Noel Snave no**
Ben Atlas
Ben Atlas Aylar önce
Nine now eight, are the rest of you out there?
Sanuga Industries
Sanuga Industries Aylar önce
Wow I have been watching the powerloader series since 2018 so happy to see it finish.
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia Aylar önce
At this point this team is making fantasy into reality👏🏼👏🏼 amazing
ruby neo
ruby neo Aylar önce
the fact that its also remote control is so awesome and useful
Sekliley 16 gün önce
Only upgrades I can think of would be flood lights on top, some sort of protective screen for the front of the roll cage, and maybe a rearview camera or mirror to avoid accidents like backing into people or the wall.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Aylar önce
Just the sheer joy in everyone's faces and voices makes this video of destruction incredibly wholesome. much love guys!
Zac Britz
Zac Britz Aylar önce
Plus the great game olug
YouBurntMyToast Aylar önce
I love that it really is just a giant toy. I can't imagine the type of person you'd have to be to NOT just be excited playing with it
JustIdkBro Aylar önce
Amazing work from y’all as always, but could you try making a vision from genshin impact whatever element is fine whichever is easiest for y’all.
Anthony Foreman
Anthony Foreman Aylar önce
Am I the only one wondering if this thing could actually be commercially viable? Especially with some modifications (a little bit more driver protection, swappable arm attachments, cup holders, etc).
Karen’s vs kids
Karen’s vs kids Aylar önce
I’d love to see some tools like a hammer or even a sword, but it’s amazing already!
Club Internet Dragonet
It seems to me a feasible product, great job!
MineTerra Gaming
MineTerra Gaming Aylar önce
"It is normal when first piloting a Prawn suit to feel a sense of limitless power. Prawn operators receive weeks of training to counteract this phenomenon. You will have to make do with self-discipline." -P.D.A., Subnautica
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober Aylar önce
Reading this as James is battlecrying while breaking through a wall to dubstep
Rebecca Hunt
Rebecca Hunt Aylar önce
Gsrsesgs Aylar önce
This is one of my favorite quotes in gaming
Mig Aylar önce
@ChipSet PG3D its very similar, what you talking about?
ChipSet PG3D
ChipSet PG3D Aylar önce
@Mig it isnt tho....
Jaden Miller
Jaden Miller Aylar önce
It would be hilarious if you guys did some type of cooking show/challenge and tried to make an entire meal with the power loader!
TheGamingDuck YT
TheGamingDuck YT Aylar önce
Effort takes time but the time you spend working on that effort is worth the outcome. Congrats on succeeding in this incredibly enormous project
Ventard Aylar önce
I had a thought between videos where you could hide the power source and gas tanks in a staff in stead of a small blade handle. Think about it, The world’s first spear saber!
Benjamin Kimbrell
Benjamin Kimbrell Aylar önce
Looks great. I'm glad to see that it's complete.
Yeah Man
Yeah Man Aylar önce
I'd honestly like to see this be used in a bunch of different work environments. Like construction, mining, or warehouse shippers. I feel like it'd be neat just to see the reactions from people who use forklifts and stuff everyday of their life to use something like this and get their opinions on it.
Joe K
Joe K Aylar önce
Soooooo, about four years I was a welder/fabricator for a Natural Gas/Oil/Pressure Vessel tank manufacturing company. On a regular basis, one would have to use a machine to pick up a Schedule 40, 8inch, 20ft long piece of steel pipe. Forklifts could get the job done, but it is very dangerous to use. Often we would use a "Boom-truck" ( that is what we called it, I am not an operator so I do not the official name for the piece of equipment) to wrestle the pipe. This POWERLOADER defiantly has field applications in the Nat/Oil and Manufacturing industries.
Martin Jones
Martin Jones Aylar önce
Scrapyards too, surely?
Paul Klement
Paul Klement Aylar önce
Its probably pretty useless compared to the equipment they already use.
Shay Morcormick
Shay Morcormick Aylar önce
@trance peirce I'm from the PNW and the moment I saw him lift that log i had that feeling too. Loggers would love it. Can we ask them to build a big chainsaw for it?
Jodi Williams
Jodi Williams Aylar önce
Yeah, I’d like to buy one
residualmind Aylar önce
Cameras in/on the grippers so you see exactly what you're gripping. Distance meters in the grippers for a HUD in the camera image. Pressure limiting in the grippers, so you can set a maximum resistance (for making the omelette). Badass bumper sticker.
Pappy Smear
Pappy Smear Aylar önce
The ultimate test that needs happen is clear. Build two power loaders simultaneously both equally and then fight them against each other.
Biohazardousss Aylar önce
If they keep this up they are gonna have enough robots and weapons from video games to rule the world
Octavius Quentin
Octavius Quentin 12 gün önce
I can imagine these being used in the future on every building site worth its salt
Adam Bragg
Adam Bragg Aylar önce
"What can we do with it?" A valid question. So far, as amazingly cool as it is, the Power Loader is actually pretty limited in it's usage. Due to the type of grippers it has, it's pretty much just an over-engineered forklift. There is little practical advantage in a mech style forklift, regular forklifts are themselves pretty awesome at doing basic lifting and carrying. So... what if the grippers could be removed and replaced with job-specific attachments? A jackhammer? A massive drill? A welding arm? An giant wreaking maul? Perhaps a large chainsaw attachment? With configurable "hands", the Power Loader can be so much more than a forklift with robot arms. You've designed so many degrees of movement, such precision, and such strength into those arms, it's a shame to see it be limited to "pick up object, crush object, put down ruined object".
Darius Crawford
Darius Crawford Aylar önce
I'm going to have to disagree, forklifts are great at picking up things that are on pallets. But if you're trying to move something that is not on a pallet and outside of a warehouse. Such as in say building demolition this might have a use as is. Skid steers already can attach a range of tools for different tasks. But this allows for a wider range of purposes than most
Adam Bragg
Adam Bragg Aylar önce
@The Sky Is Blue True, and it accomplishes this in style! I freaking love this project for it's entertainment value, not it's applicability in industry, construction, or rescue work.
Mark Fergerson
Mark Fergerson Aylar önce
Are you old enough to remember when people said "the laser is a solution in search of a problem"? I am, and look what lasers have been used for since their invention.
JasmineDragon Aylar önce
chainsaw seems to have a lot of application
The Sky Is Blue
The Sky Is Blue Aylar önce
I mean it wasn't meant to be useful it was meant to be awesome
Maurice Murphy
Maurice Murphy Aylar önce
It's so fun to see how excited Bogdan gets!
Flipside Gaming
Flipside Gaming Aylar önce
I own the same barbell they use in this video, it didn't break cuz it is olympic grade and it can hold well over 1,000 lb
Major Park
Major Park Aylar önce
be really good if you guys got a bigger operation and produced these. It would be so useful in so many places.
Intent pascal
Intent pascal Aylar önce
This could actually be used in agriculture aspect of life good job 👍🏽
Willof12 Aylar önce
I could honestly see this becoming a commonplace construction machine with some minor modification (longer arms, longer wheel base so it doesn't fall over, protective cover over the cockpit so stuff doesn't just rain down on the driver etc.) because it just seems so strong and versatile.
MKD Gaming
MKD Gaming Aylar önce
@Digital Nomad that's not neccessarily true. You can lift anything that has ground clearance in the right place. But even aside from that, pallets are hugely convenient because allow you to move many small items at once. And no, a box is not equivalent. A pallet can hold many boxes.
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad Aylar önce
@MKD Gaming Forklifts can't pick up objects, unless they're on a pallet or equivalent or you put them on the forks by hand.
Captain Kefler
Captain Kefler Aylar önce
@Karl Emmanuel Sanchez Laursen I don’t think the power loader can swap pallets faster than an experienced forklift operator. Swapping pallets takes little time to do, depending on who’s driving and what they are driving.
Captain Kefler
Captain Kefler Aylar önce
@Dick The Dorkwing I don’t think people understand why mechs aren’t a thing outside of being a toy. Everything this thing can do, modern equipment can do better. It’s very expensive, those hydraulic hoses can be caught on something and can be too complicated to teach how to operate efficiently. There’s probably more reasons that I can’t think of.
MKD Gaming
MKD Gaming Aylar önce
@Dick The Dorkwing i don't view the tipping argument as valid. Forklifts suffer the exact same flaw. They counteract it with counter weights in the back. You can look and see the plates on some designs
Snakewind Aylar önce
There's someone else who is an Aliens fan and has experience with operating heavy machinery. Adam Savage would love to give this thing a spin!
Sean ODrudy
Sean ODrudy Aylar önce
This is so amazing! next tr yto make a lightsaber MK II, with a maglev spinning electromagnet, (or maybe the casing electromagnet,) and the flame way more concentrated, and use one of those bladeless fans to propel the flame, and use one of those Co2 tiny canister things, and challenge, use sounds in it.
Richard Jonaus
Richard Jonaus 24 gün önce
This is craziest and most awesome creation i’ve ever watched someone make
DrRoxor Aylar önce
I like how they used the finished product to build the instructions
Half Fast Garage
Half Fast Garage Aylar önce
Some load cells on the gripper pads tied to individual meters visible in the cabin would be awesome for fine manipulation and pressure modulation. Great job.
SuperLink Aylar önce
Thx for the info all o' you😄👍
Raiden Okami
Raiden Okami Aylar önce
@SuperLink ..Basically cells on the gripper that tells the pilot how hard the grippers are gripping, so for example Bogdan could have grabbed the egg without breakin it cause he would have had readouts tellin him how hard he was grabbing
Half Fast Garage
Half Fast Garage Aylar önce
@Onemynde I was thinking of the cameras, too. That rabbit hole goes pretty deep lol. It'll be interesting to see how far they decide to refine the platform. It would be a neat unit for remote operation in hazardous environments.
Half Fast Garage
Half Fast Garage Aylar önce
@SuperLink load cells are basically just a part that measures pressure. Then they could tell how much force they're applying on the gripping part of the "hands". Useful info for the egg trick or picking up things they don't want to squish. 👍🏼👍🏼
Onemynde Aylar önce
Better still would be cameras and monitors as well, with small mushroom joysticks on the main sticks for fine manipulation, possibly with a set of low-flow bypass valves to give more delicate control. I can see CAT picking this up as a construction tool with accessories able to be gripped or replaced as needed for the job. A whole new customizable equipment line with a built-in customer base of sci-fi nerds as well as industry.
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
These guys have started a new era, probably without knowing it. In 50 years from now people will be looking at this video as history.
Groovemonkey 9000
Groovemonkey 9000 Aylar önce
Two cool Ideas: -Two more tracks on the back with hydraulics and another engine -Adding precision grips around the pressure pinchers. These would act as faster, lighter hands that can be used to grip things better before crushing them.
Hacksmith Industries
What would the extra tracks on the back for?
FrostedMike Aylar önce
Got a few ideas for upgrades: 1. Gentle operation. This power loader is destructive and powerful. It will be interesting to see it do something that isn't destructive easier. Like that egg challenge, or pick up an egg from the ground and put it on a precise place on a table without breaking it. For the extra challenge: do it without someone looking from the side who directs the operator. Operator judgement alone. 2. It seems like it can be tipped off very easily. Maybe more weight at the bottom could help? 3. All terrain mode. Navigating through tougher types of terrain.
caoss Aylar önce
I think this would be amazing for areas with high amounts of natural disasters cause it would make getting to people way easier
master shooter64
master shooter64 Aylar önce
"It is normal when first piloting a Prawn suit to feel a sense of limitless power. Prawn operators receive weeks of training to counteract this phenomenon. You will have to make do with self-discipline."
master shooter64
master shooter64 Aylar önce
@Great Gandini Lol Same
Great Gandini
Great Gandini Aylar önce
I want to see them construct a version of the prawn suit now. with the ability to relatively easily replace the arms like in game.
King of the play structure
as i was watching this, i could feel the power of the mech going to their heads, and immediately figured it must be akin to piloting the prawn suit for the first time
Overseer Games
Overseer Games Aylar önce
@stillth4tguy WE GOIN TO THE DUNES
stillth4tguy Aylar önce
"Detecting multiple leviathan-class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you're doing is worth it?"
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