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24 Eyl 2021




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Craig Green
Craig Green Aylar önce
The way he said “ur mother” in the most menacing way
Ninja Blaze
Ninja Blaze 2 gün önce
What did Alice say guys?
CAT★ 2 gün önce
@Sponge bob what they say pls tell me
danica aera goron
danica aera goron 11 gün önce
@alice💛🌈 deboy SUS
Jessica 15 gün önce
@naki-chan ok good well have nice life:) 👍
naki-chan 15 gün önce
@Jessica nah-
Heart Angelo Te Estrosa
You're videos Devin are keeping me entertained💖
lotus taly
lotus taly Gün önce
I really like ur nose lol
Robin Toomiste
Robin Toomiste 3 gün önce
I cant bieleve a your mother joke got me
PuffyClouds 3 gün önce
She said I really like ur nose 🤣🤣
Funny gaming moments HD
Dude u are a fucking weirdo
cookie_crazy 5 gün önce
Idk why but I like it when other people laugh
The Mysterious One
The Mysterious One 6 gün önce
Ah yes, a girl want to hangout with you because she likes your nose, that have happen to me before
YipPeEE ZeNiTsU 6 gün önce
Xx mochi xX
Xx mochi xX 7 gün önce
I like your nose really
Sarika Shanmukayya
Sarika Shanmukayya 9 gün önce
I really like your nose, we should hang out sometime! Me: wtf
DeathStarter 9 gün önce
“Ya motha” made more than him laugh 😂
Julian Tackett /GalaxyWolfy
Pt. 2???
Bushra Plays Roblox
Bushra Plays Roblox 10 gün önce
"Hey I really like your nose" had me dying 🤣
Penguin 11 gün önce
Ur fav animal is penguin? Thank you:D
Han jisung
Han jisung 12 gün önce
My name is Julia!!! 😌😆
Tbh his laugh cute Def not a simp Wait wat
Um what " I really like your nose " I'm so confused Why would any normal human being say that XD I mean like if u like his nose then um go for it? But i think its just weird lol
Kylagh mcCusker
Kylagh mcCusker 12 gün önce
“I like ur nose “ 😂😂😂😂
Mai Jessica
Mai Jessica 13 gün önce
hayLie 13 gün önce
I like your noseeee we should be friendssss
Huslen Huslen
Huslen Huslen 13 gün önce
YoUr MoThEr👹👹👺
Eren Yeager The GOATed Tian
I really like your nose
Chris Riniker
Chris Riniker 15 gün önce
Glxssy_442… 16 gün önce
“ I really like your nose let’s hang out” 😂😂😂
Wisp 16 gün önce
''i really like your nose we should hang out sometime''
ShinySahil 17 gün önce
Have you tried this thing called a *knife*
kaylee mason
kaylee mason 17 gün önce
I really like your nose we should hang out sometime got me 😂
Rosie Stone
Rosie Stone 17 gün önce
Why was that laugh cute 😭
sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ 17 gün önce
The part that said i rrly like your nose is so funny
One Shot Gaming
One Shot Gaming 18 gün önce
"he has 0 laughs nerd"
sequelz&editz 19 gün önce
i really like your nose *_flert_*
Eddie Bragar
Eddie Bragar 19 gün önce
That’s not even funny
Rani Da Queen
Rani Da Queen 19 gün önce
"I really like your nose, we should be friends sometime" What the John is that compliment?!
NoxuumasX 19 gün önce
I really like your nose?
Cookie Dog
Cookie Dog 19 gün önce
Cursed ur mother noise doesn’t exist Cursed ur mother noise
Chad 20 gün önce
Good one 😏😏😏😏😏
KingAdam_Playz 20 gün önce
"i really like your nose" Wow...just wow
00KillJoy00 21 gün önce
The voice they made when they said your mother
17lolbat 21 gün önce
Who comes up to you and says I like your nose we should hang out
Rose Rivera
Rose Rivera 22 gün önce
My name is Julia
Juice Face
Juice Face 22 gün önce
I only realized this now but on his computer I have the same cam as him
t0by_ 22 gün önce
🤖your mother🤖
Ke'Arie mcdowell
Ke'Arie mcdowell 22 gün önce
@craig green you are never let anyone down❤❤💚💚💜💜💙💙💛💛💓💓😍
Fanimations 22 gün önce
No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Jesus himself: Julia: I like your nose
Leticia Rojo
Leticia Rojo 22 gün önce
I know right
three dogs in a tenchcoat
“I really like your nose” what kinda person compliments somebody like that XD
《`Abson`》 22 gün önce
That was the most unfunny joke ever but alright
aldiinfinity 23 gün önce
Bentellect be like : infinite laughs
4_lifers_😝 23 gün önce
DID SHE REALLY SAY “ i really like ur NOSE” like what!! hold up let me walk up to someone and become BFF’s with them Bc I like their NOSE
FairyGhostGirlGaming 23 gün önce
We need part twooooooo
🖤Pika🖤 23 gün önce
Awwww thats cute dang it
Furry.Wolf-_- 23 gün önce
Julia: I lIkE yOuR nOse Julia's 💭: Crap, you almost blew it
Dog 23 gün önce
How does him having no laughs make him a nerd?
Beautiful eyes, Perfect face, Make many wonderful videos, handsome ❤️, that blush, Youre... Just Perfect ❤️😭😍👍🏻
The Weird Channel
The Weird Channel 24 gün önce
I really like your nose,we should be friends. This is the new way to make friends
Kitsunez 24 gün önce
Yeah I really like your nose.... *So let's date now cuz I like your nose*
Riley games
Riley games 24 gün önce
"I really like your nose" who tf starts a conversation like that
YoloMcSwagPie 24 gün önce
The way she said your mother
showdow_lord 24 gün önce
Him: "wernt you just making fun of me Her: I like your nose
Isabella Kinnersley
Isabella Kinnersley 24 gün önce
Why dose this girl say I like your nose like what
Figet guy
Figet guy 24 gün önce
Sh@@ why is they mean they big a$$
Thederpycat😳 24 gün önce
Villian in a movie: I KILLED UR MOTHER!!! Him:i killed yA mAtHa Villian: demon...
Cassandra Villarreal
Cassandra Villarreal 25 gün önce
The guy has a really cute face
Lovely day Today
Lovely day Today 25 gün önce
The comment 💀😂
DarkAnonymous 25 gün önce
Who tells someone that they like their nose lol
Jacobi-vision 25 gün önce
Bro these bullies are the reason he’s not smiling tf
Frank Stump
Frank Stump 25 gün önce
Penguin is mine to
Pratikshya Giri
Pratikshya Giri 25 gün önce
Hahaha😆 he can’t laugh he is dum no one likes him he is the worst tictocker
BTS fan
BTS fan 25 gün önce
that girl tho Julia:I liKe yO NoSe 👃
PoppylovesHP 25 gün önce
What a beautiful thing to tell someone: I like your nose 😃
검은 -- 서 지 아
검은 -- 서 지 아 25 gün önce
All it took to make home laugh was ur mom? How did no one say that to him before 💀
Renee Rose
Renee Rose 25 gün önce
ur mom 😂😂
mina farquharson
mina farquharson 25 gün önce
"I like your nose" 😂
Kylee Floyd
Kylee Floyd 25 gün önce
big head=big brain
amogus 26 gün önce
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 26 gün önce
That joke made no sense, he said Penguin not chicken.
Ale Cheer
Ale Cheer 26 gün önce
Where is part two
{¤B•L•A•H¤} 26 gün önce
hollyklutz 26 gün önce
who tf meets a person for the first time and compliments their nose
The Gamer Bros
The Gamer Bros 26 gün önce
if they haven't laughed compliment their nose lol
Morganmacaroon 26 gün önce
Did this girl really say she likes his nose like what the f
Kermit Suicide
Kermit Suicide 26 gün önce
I'm sorry but the way he curses is hilarious ✋😭
doliio volay
doliio volay 26 gün önce
Plot Twist: Everyone Who Never Smiles That Is Confirmed Russian
Moda Domdom
Moda Domdom 26 gün önce
"I really like your nose we should hangout sometime" "oh sure thats so normal alien i i mean human yeah thats what i meant"
Peacemaker 26 gün önce
I have a theory. This guy is actually an alien and while trying to learn how to blend in,, the first thing he found was soulmate aus.
:D 26 gün önce
When she said “I like your nose let’s hang out” that broke me😂
John steven Javier
John steven Javier 26 gün önce
Its the opisent
doliio volay
doliio volay 26 gün önce
I like ur nose killed me
Isaac The Commenter
Isaac The Commenter 27 gün önce
The Most UnderRated Joke Cured Devin?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 27 gün önce
“I really like your nose, wanna hang out some time?” Okay then-
Ashley 27 gün önce
The way he said “ ur mother “ it’s sounds. Funny
Nobody 27 gün önce
“I like your nose” what kind of creepy school is this I would want to leave too🤔🤔🧐🤯🤫
Ducko Is Meh
Ducko Is Meh 27 gün önce
"I really like you nose" Bruh, what kind of complement is that.
Eight Animation
Eight Animation 27 gün önce
Why’d the chicken cross the road? Why? *becomes the snail slug lady from Monsters Inc.*
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 27 gün önce
It basically sums up my whole life
bio wyvern
bio wyvern 27 gün önce
Too easy
My Mel0dyz💗
My Mel0dyz💗 27 gün önce
I can already tell this is a joke LMAO
Reese Delashmit
Reese Delashmit 27 gün önce
Your hou
Joey M
Joey M 27 gün önce
When they were sayin his head was big I cut off the video at the h and it sounded like they said big a$z d-
pough keepsie
pough keepsie 27 gün önce
your mother got me too, can't stop laughing 😭
NeroToxic 27 gün önce
I like ur nose killed me
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