Porsche 997 Muffler Delete

Adventure South Life
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Custom muffler delete. I opted to try a local speed shop instead of the fabspeed exhaust. I’m very happy with the modification. The sound is what I was looking for. What’s the next mod?




19 Haz 2019




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Kenneth Avery x Real Estate
Any noticeable drone? Still running this setup?
Kenneth Avery x Real Estate
@Adventure South Life awesome! Thanks for the quick response!
Adventure South Life
Adventure South Life 11 aylar önce
It’s a loud set-up. Sounds awesome. If your looking for loud but not obnoxious this has been great. When you get on it it comes alive. Normal cruising speeds it’s totally fine to daily drive.
Noa O'oa
Noa O'oa Yıl önce
Gundo. $300.00. Can't go wrong......
Adventure South Life
Noa Kaloa I’ve had a chance since deleting the mufflers to do a side by side comparison. The delete sounds far better than the Gundo hack.
earlwallace Yıl önce
Are you sucking helium?? Maybe its a audio problem
Peter Carolas
Peter Carolas 2 yıl önce
Are you still running muffler delete ? I have 996 c2 cab , debating between doing delete or gundo. I don’t daily drive just not sure if it will be unbearable for wife on highway trips. Appreciate the clips though.
Peter Carolas
Peter Carolas 2 yıl önce
Adventure South Life very good. Thanks for the insight. Greatly appreciated. May give a delete a shot for spring. It’s a little cold up north for convertible. Thanks again !
Adventure South Life
Peter Carolas yes, I really don’t mind it and my wife says it sounds good. It’s loud but not unbearable. When you’re not hard on the throttle it’s fine. So 5th and 6th gear is tame.
Benjamin Alvin Black
Sounds deeper than my Fister mufflers. The Fister mufflers are kinda raspy and higher pitched
Frank Armstrong
Frank Armstrong 2 yıl önce
Gundo hack would have been better.
Louie Gallucci
Louie Gallucci Yıl önce
Whats Gundo Hack?
Adventure South Life
I just changed out the spark plugs in the 997. No mufflers, no problem. Lighter weight too. I’m very happy with the delete. Much louder than the Gundo hack. That’s what I was going for.
Dale Bautista
Dale Bautista 2 yıl önce
How is the drone at 2-3k rpm?? Not too head-rattling??
Adventure South Life
Dale Bautista just finished a 740 mile day trip. It’s not bad at all. I really like the sound. It’s fun to goose it from time to time. My daughter and I were able to listen to music and talk at the same time. But I’ve always liked a car with noise. If you’re worried about drone it’s definitely there but it gives me a better connection to the car that I really like.
Peachypupp 2 yıl önce
Did you notice any low end torque loss ?
Peachypupp 2 yıl önce
Adventure South Life thanks for the response. I did it to my 996 a few weeks ago and can't tell, but several people have posted low end torque loss.
Adventure South Life
Peachypupp no low end loss. It actually feels a bit more responsive at the low end. Maybe it’s the weight reduction.
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