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We add a MEAN Poppy Playtime Mod in Modded Among Us!

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27 Kas 2021




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the_hornet Aylar önce
Hey Ssundee, would you mind doing another random roles mod? I love those videos, probably watch them every week, and waiting for more.
Dovydas Kadzilauskas
Jordan's World
Jordan's World 15 gün önce
Dream_ YT
Dream_ YT 25 gün önce
CloverPJJJ 27 gün önce
khristy alcantara
khristy alcantara 27 gün önce
I love it to
Potato Turnip
Potato Turnip Aylar önce
As usual, a like deserved. How does the creator of the mod code new mods so frequently? That’s what I want to know…
Shahad alorf
Shahad alorf 2 gün önce
FwuffyDoesStuff yeah me to
UwUistic 21 gün önce
@Emmet shut the up
Emmet 25 gün önce
Hi I’m dream
FwuffyDoesStuff Aylar önce
Aidan Hare
Aidan Hare Aylar önce
he made a horror game family-friendly. That is when you know he's smart
lori barch
lori barch Aylar önce
I like how he sometimes makes scary mods but sometimes good or fun mods
Mark Wooten
Mark Wooten Aylar önce
Yeah I agree
P & P Heard
P & P Heard 4 gün önce
20M come on 0:03 Wilhelm Scream😵😵😵 1:32 Jump scare 1😱 2:30 The extended arms!!! 2:54 Kate hugged to death 3:55 Henwy Incinerated 4:48 Biffle escaped 5:00 SSundee escapes 6:15 Sigils Dies
Jeanzye-Rush Ho
Jeanzye-Rush Ho Aylar önce
Thank you so much Ian for making so many videos to keep us occupied when we are bored, thank you for filling in our empty souls ((of course I thank god too)) keep up the good work Ian 😌😁
Melissa Acevedo
Melissa Acevedo Aylar önce
I agree. He is the best. Digital high five 🤚
AlexProGamer222 Gün önce
SSundee: "If you've heard of Poppy Playtime then hit the like button!" Also SSundee: *doesn't know anything about Poppy Playtime except Huggy Wuggy* I feel clickbaited, SSundee almost doesn't know a shit about Poppy Playtime
Foodlover Plays
Foodlover Plays 29 gün önce
the squint face that sundeee makes when he gets impostor is just PRICELESS!
tjjbrown20 22 gün önce
Max Turpin
Max Turpin Aylar önce
Have you ever thought that every among us video he makes, he always gets imposter the second round, huh? anyone notice that?
♡melmelツ Aylar önce
its because he'll probably get a video of the crewmate, and then there is a lot of rounds we *don't* see..i mean do you really wanna watch 10 rounds of the same thing over and over again? - and then once he gets imposter he'll put it in as the second video.
Timtogan Aylar önce
Some Meme Guy
Some Meme Guy Aylar önce
Idea: do custom maps with different impostors Example: the custom Poppy Playtime map with some other kind of impostor or mod
Eta Etta-Agbor
Eta Etta-Agbor Aylar önce
When ssundee uploads he makes my day instantly better
Anh Trung
Anh Trung Aylar önce
Hi you well ok
Simone and Jake
Simone and Jake Aylar önce
Luffy and Goku Skits
I love when Dundee goes: MLBLOGHOULO in the mini game🤣 especially this one 10:39
Shahad alorf
Shahad alorf 2 gün önce
Oh yeah
Dansoy Aylar önce
If you don't know what those hands are, that's the GrabPack, it's used for solving puzzles and, well basically, grab things
Basel Bannoud
Basel Bannoud Aylar önce
"And if you're not lying, it'll turn blue!" Me, who's lying and still has it turn blue: *900 IQ IMPOSTER*
Moana Ngata
Moana Ngata 7 gün önce
I watch u everytime I get off school love ur vids and you are my fav yt u make me laugh all the time :D
i7ma7hz Aylar önce
I appreciate the content that you make ssundee it provides entertainment and its family friendly. Keep it up 👍
Batchleo Nao
Batchleo Nao Aylar önce
SSundee: "Dog" Me: Realizes its a cat.
Fluffygamer 25 gün önce
hey ssundee idk if you have done this already but can you do an aftons mod? yeah also your amazing and ive been watching for 4 years and its been alot of fun watching!
meilerss Aylar önce
also the hands are called the grab pack it gets items that are far but it can only do it to small items and handels
The Black savage
The Black savage 15 saatler önce
This is definitely one of my favorites
Sr. Waffle
Sr. Waffle Aylar önce
Props to who made this mod, the animations are amazing!
Kimberley Moore
Kimberley Moore 24 gün önce
Australia yesterday was the only time we had last night at my place towers so we were able
Eyon Graham
Eyon Graham Aylar önce
No they are not i almost felt like my soul left me bbbrrrruuuuuhhhhh😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😰😰😰😩😩😩😧😧😧😒😒😞😞😞😵😵
That is the best sentence I've ever seen
Lucas Bliss
Lucas Bliss 14 gün önce
Love you bro, keep up the content
Zakaria islam
Zakaria islam Aylar önce
hello, imma really big fan your vids are epic, I didn't have a clue what poppy playtime is , when I watched this vid you explained everything about it tho thanx
John Roblero
John Roblero 15 gün önce
When we saw that the poppy toy doesn't move when looked at, but it twists your neck to kill you, who else thought of SCP-173 (The Sculpture)?
Aaron Minor
Aaron Minor 10 gün önce
I did
Charlie Hunnisett
Charlie Hunnisett Aylar önce
These mods get more insane
Idrez Parker
Idrez Parker Aylar önce
Can we appreciate how ssundee is single handedly keeping among us alive with him and his friends
Polite Cat
Polite Cat Aylar önce
@Yesn’t yes
Yesn’t Aylar önce
I kinda wish he just went back to his old content
Pheng Ang Gaming
Pheng Ang Gaming Aylar önce
Lol it is dead it is entertaining because of the mod
Father Corpse
Father Corpse Aylar önce
Honestly, in my opinion these mods are getting out of hand, like it's not even among us anymore, i personally like ChilledChaos playing the other roles/TownOfUs or what SSundee would call "Random Roles"
Cute doggy_vegan_britian_18
The thingy with the hands you picked up is called a grab pack it's is needed in the game
chris be chris
chris be chris Aylar önce
I like how everytime he's it he try's nit to laugh
Dat one Steelers Fan
Dat one Steelers Fan 22 gün önce
Garry: This is a plot twist LOL
Fadi Haweel
Fadi Haweel Aylar önce
You never fail on entering us good job
Delt spicy gaming fun videos and fun time (: 💯
5:05 I like how he escaped just as he died so now everyone is dead and it says they escaped lol
MandaGetFit 26 gün önce
0:28 Crewmate 5:15 imposter
Edward Ortega
Edward Ortega 25 gün önce
This Puppy Playtime modded is so good
BurgerGod 🍔
BurgerGod 🍔 6 gün önce
Poppy is actually a good character and there’s 6 corrupted dolls and poppy was working for the factory she was getting older and she wanted to be younger and poppy is gonna help you take out more of the corrupted dolls
Dipti Krisna
Dipti Krisna Aylar önce
Who else would love to watch Ian playing the actual poppy playtime game??
Sarah Bennett
Sarah Bennett Aylar önce
David PAHUN Aylar önce
@Ryan Buckley wdym
David PAHUN Aylar önce
JP Hess
JP Hess Aylar önce
Definitely me one 100000000000000000000000 % me :)::):):):):):):):):);):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):)):):):):):);)):):):):):):)):):):):):)):):)):):)):):):):):):):):)):):):)::):):):
Chachi Clemens
Chachi Clemens Aylar önce
eq Aylar önce
Is it just me or does the doll remind me a ton of SCP-173?
Kari Madsen
Kari Madsen Aylar önce
I like how you can stretch your arm when your Huggy and grab people
Stockify 27 gün önce
Epic, keeping up with the trend 💖
Laura Mc Kinney
Laura Mc Kinney 16 gün önce
I really like the game poppy playtime!! I love this video.Oh and I’m new , so I subscribed
Said Masimov
Said Masimov Aylar önce
I love the moment when Ssundee uploads a video no matter what even an scarie monster
Said Masimov
Said Masimov Aylar önce
@The Mallings oh look who it is mr.grammar.just go and show your english skillz to indians
@The Mallings its scary
The Mallings
The Mallings Aylar önce
Its scary not scarie
@Gab Pacardo true not cap
Gab Pacardo
Gab Pacardo Aylar önce
I commented that mod
Dr kal-el
Dr kal-el 2 gün önce
Ssundee: gets slowed* Now I'm slowed forever! Me two seconds later after he gets unslowed: what?!
Christian Pedersen
Christian Pedersen Aylar önce
I like How the Thumbnail says:”poppy” but there was a picture of huggy wuggy
kagokass Aylar önce
Poppy is actually cute in my perspective.🖤
Grace Abbott
Grace Abbott 25 gün önce
Is it just me, or does his laugh sound like Elmo?
Irish Like Potatoes
Can we take time to appreciate how every single kill, puth the crewmate outside the walls?
Jonah Z
Jonah Z 29 gün önce
you should do a mod where its about pain, the imposter is a busted up dude with a bunch of injuries. and some abilities they have are finger in door, stub toes, paper cut, lego step, and anything else you would like and the crewmates have to finish their tasks and make all the dangerous area safe, the dangerous area can be places where the crewmates pain bar can go up because they are being hurt, if the pain bar goes up all the way then they die. the imposter has a mini game where there is a maze of paper on the walls, and you have to go through the maze without getting cut by the paper. PLZ DO MY IDEA
freejvaK11 27 gün önce
As usual, a like deserved. How does the creator of the mod code new mods so frequently? That’s what I want to know…
Markpiler JR
Markpiler JR Aylar önce
10:13 You boys better run, I’m walking up the stairs right now, I’m going to get you.
Microsoft fortnite
Microsoft fortnite Aylar önce
Big fan of your channel you do amazing videos I would be really happy if you donated some money to team seeds and I think it would be a really good video
Sanity Shorts
Sanity Shorts Aylar önce
The amount of mods Ian has in stored for us is just insane...
Allison Pickhardt
Allison Pickhardt Aylar önce
I wake up every day and will weight on til he has posted a new among us video, keep up the great work Ian.
Darrela's world
Darrela's world Aylar önce
@Christofer Pezet sUs
TJM Jackson
TJM Jackson Aylar önce
Have you ever wondered ever mod that they have played in there's never been a report button or emergency button
Christy Boulware
Christy Boulware Aylar önce
Is it just me or does Gary’s laugh sound like a witches
Destruction Ra
Destruction Ra 17 gün önce
ssundee your my favorite youtuber keepn up the great work
Amber Dent
Amber Dent Aylar önce
How do the other people smile when they’re actually poppy playtime
me and him
me and him Aylar önce
I like it how he just walks it doesn't rushes to hug the crewmates like I don't know why but I will literally be running rushing and out of breath LOL
Tree Branch
Tree Branch Aylar önce
The hands you got are called grab pack they they help you to get stuff from far away
sonic and wispy
sonic and wispy 12 gün önce
ssundee:nooo am gonna be slowed for ever *2 seconds later gets normal speed again*
Sue Haro
Sue Haro Aylar önce
I have a question why is it that ssundee is always the imposter the second time.
Jayden Graham
Jayden Graham 20 gün önce
Demon Slayer mod Tanjiro:Flood the map with water Zenitsu:Tyunder clap and flash Inoske:slice someone into pieces Nezuko:explode two Peaple with blood Rengoku:50% chance on getting burned or surviving Muzan :turn anyone into a imposter(one time use) Yorrichi:summons a big sun and launches it at someone The only way to survive the water is by hopping in one of the boats on the map MINIGAME:team death match, each player gets a random team(demon and slayer) and you have to hit the opposite Team to get points, team with most points wins and one person on loser team gets eliminated The goal: become a Hashira by leveling up to lvl 5 (it’s supposed to be lvl 8 since that’s the actual lvl to be a hashira but it would be too long so lvl 5)
Daisy_mooシ Aylar önce
Can we appreciate how sundee has to be so energetic every round so everyone else’s videos have his energy in the video- we thank you for your effort sundee, I say sundee bc I can’t spell Ian is that it? Ian?
Dylan Watkins
Dylan Watkins Aylar önce
Can you do a call of duty mod Ian
matty418 Aylar önce
@Heather Shoemake it is
Heather Shoemake
Heather Shoemake Aylar önce
It’s Ian I think
Brayden Liekens
Brayden Liekens Aylar önce
Yes it is ian
Melissa Aylar önce
@Kennedy Gill no she/he isn’t
Emanuela Alves
Emanuela Alves 23 gün önce
sssunde you should make a christmas mod when there is a grinch stealing christmas and santa saving the day making shure the grinch does not steal christmas
sylentqx 26 gün önce
This is SUCH a cool mod
david whitfield
david whitfield 25 gün önce
its wird how he gets inposter 2nd always
Tony bruschetta
Tony bruschetta Aylar önce
If you keep on making these type of videos poppy playtime is going to go down and ashes and in popularity
Tpose Noob
Tpose Noob Aylar önce
Mod Idea: Ice Scream Crewmate abilities: -There are freezers around the map. The crewmates can save others from these freezers with a key Impostor abilities: -Turn into Rod and go invisible -Jumpscare people -Throw ice cream to freeze people -Put people in freezers for 20 seconds -Feed people ice cream til they are fat and eat them -Run people over with your van -Minigame: Everyone has to make the ice cream as it looks in the instructions they are given. If they mess up they're screen is frozen for 5 seconds.
the_hornet Aylar önce
That is genius
cursed cat
cursed cat Aylar önce
rhufer montejo
rhufer montejo Aylar önce
U have to comment on lookumz channel/Vid Bc He the only one that does mods
Jelte Bontekoe
Jelte Bontekoe Aylar önce
Thats. Some smort peopl shit right there
Rene Fijar
Rene Fijar Aylar önce
2:52 You had a grab pack but I don’t know what it does in the among us mod
Keithleen Camille Dela cruz
Ssunde this was my first video that i watched when i started watching you ahhh brigs me back to so many memories
RedDominos 11 gün önce
Is nobody going to talk about how Huggy naruto runs everywhere?
Pringles Cat
Pringles Cat Aylar önce
With the new update in among us, I killed and one of the engineers popped out of the vent, and they reported it :(
Lily Costello
Lily Costello Aylar önce
Mod idea: The. Birthday Party Mod Imposters can throw confetti to blind everyone, Put on their birthday hat to go invisible, Throw presents at people to stun or kill them, Place present bombs down so crewmates blow up if they step on them, and a mini game that makes you race through a maze and there is presents falling, (the last person to make it through the maze gets crushed by a present) Please like so Ssundee can see!!!!
this would be a such great mod!
Kobra Aylar önce
@Bettyann Clarke Ok
David LIGHTFOOT II Aylar önce
Bettyann Clarke
Bettyann Clarke Aylar önce
@Kobra I just searched. They didn’t do the birthday party mod.
Diogo Paias
Diogo Paias Aylar önce
They didn’t and that’s my idea :/
The Way of the Shishkabob
It is called a grab pack and it is like rocket that shoots hands and you can grab things
AccuracyYT roblox and more!
Ssundee is always impostor after the first round
David Pack
David Pack 2 gün önce
Mr. SSundee, Good morning and hello, my name is Dave and I felt I had to write to you because my 7 year old son Tristen came up with 2 Awesome theme ideas for the Among Us game. He thought it would be a good idea if they had a Smurfs theme and just now he turned to me (while we were watching your show) ,and get this, he said “ Dad, wouldn’t it be cool if they had a Family Guy game?. I don’t know about you but I thought that was an Outstanding Idea. Just think of all the possibilities. You could go through the whole lineup and use them as the imposter. Well I’m not trying to write a book here so I’ll end with saying how much me and Tristen Love your show. Your show is actually the only thing I personally watch on TRvid. And Tristen has his SSundee marathons. Your definitely a great entertainer and you seem like a descent guy. Hope for a successful career and health. Dave and Tristen
Morph Aylar önce
Yall bully pat for no reason... I love it 😂
Dark Aylar önce
Mod idea: Christmas mod. The imposter can strap crew mates in presents, steal presents, and throw people up a chimney. The crew mates have to find all the presents that will be scattered across the map and put them under the Christmas tree
mobile king - gameplay
@u just got beaned u mean I stole someone’s comment or someone stole mine
mobile king - gameplay
@u just got beaned no it isn’t
u just got beaned
u just got beaned Aylar önce
@mobile king - gameplay stolen comment
Boomer Aylar önce
And they should have candy canes
Mostafa Ghazaly
Mostafa Ghazaly Aylar önce
I wish it was real
Αθηνα Παπαδοπουλου
Henwy: YOU'RE A MONSTER! Me: I think that's pretty visible
0:55 turn on captions 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼 “punchy cocky”
✌︎ÅRÏĘŚʕ•ᴥ•ʔ_ÇØØŁ_DSMP✌︎ (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)
(🦶 FOOT🦶 )THATS Ssundee’s favourite word you know what Ssundee you should make a foot mod
Mr. J King - Deputy Headteacher
That’s so funny how you burned her into a toy
TinkerClockworks Aylar önce
Anyone else hope he’d play the real poppy playtime? That would be hilarious
AGOTI with a cute kitty
13th! Not bad
TheDarkFireX Aylar önce
@what? yeah I’m only eight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheDarkFireX Aylar önce
RandomLaura Aylar önce
Yes you are right he shoud play Poppy Playtime and learn about the story.
TinkerClockworks Aylar önce
@Morbid Soul oh I know it’s not scary but I think seeing ssundee go through that game would be intriguing- they did play phasmophobia a while back so it’d be fun lol
Anime Wolves
Anime Wolves Aylar önce
Ok stupid question but how do you get all those cool mods for among us
Katana AG
Katana AG Aylar önce
Do a Scp mod where the imposter can transform into Scp 093 or 173 that wouldnbe cool
EnderBoy267 17 gün önce
This isnt about among us but how do you get the crazy craft 2.0 modpack ? Also keep up with the awesome vids your making.
Ketut Swandana
Ketut Swandana Aylar önce
I would love a marvel mid. (please do this, it will change my life.)
K Aylar önce
He’s taking the mods to the next level in this game and it’s keeping the content fresh good job
Laura Mc Kinney
Laura Mc Kinney 16 gün önce
So cool
Laura Mc Kinney
Laura Mc Kinney 16 gün önce
Laura Mc Kinney
Laura Mc Kinney 16 gün önce
Evan Xu
Evan Xu Aylar önce
Sheesh I'm first
Stephanie Harris
Stephanie Harris Aylar önce
I watched this 8 times and I still get scared
Tagg Romney
Tagg Romney Gün önce
Moonlight-G01 Aylar önce
it annoys me how he’s calling the cat a dog
Jin Riley
Jin Riley 28 gün önce
POV: SSundee clutched.
Anis Eryna
Anis Eryna Aylar önce
9:53 If Garry stayed a little longer he would know Ian is Huggy Wuggy
Marie Tariman
Marie Tariman Aylar önce
Is The game has a sans mod
hubert rowan
hubert rowan Aylar önce
omg huggy wuggy preys on every body why is he a toy of prey help me.
Prome gamer
Prome gamer Aylar önce
Angela ellison
Angela ellison Aylar önce
Ashley Aylar önce
Mikhail Aylar önce
how do you get these mods in among us ?
UKjaydee 15 gün önce
2:38 Those hands are called grabpack
Cece Vitale
Cece Vitale Aylar önce
The thing with hands is called a grab pack
spoonsivic Aylar önce
Those red and blue hands are called a ‘grab pack”
Quack Aylar önce
Is it just me or is Gary's evil laugh just awesome 👌
✨This is Me✨
✨This is Me✨ 3 gün önce
✨This is Me✨
✨This is Me✨ 3 gün önce
GlowinqxLilli Aylar önce
Very good soup
GlowinqxLilli Aylar önce
Gary’s evil laugh is epic
GlowinqxLilli Aylar önce
Nah it’s isn’t bro
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Aylar önce
The hands are called a grab pack you use it to help on your adventure
Gamer 26 gün önce
SSundee Glitched The Game By Getting Jumpscare And Escaping For 1 Second The Game Glitched
Katie_plays Aylar önce
Poppy playtime is scary in life but it looks so much fun
Adeline Yeager
Adeline Yeager Aylar önce
you make the best vids!
Aqif Naufal
Aqif Naufal Aylar önce
i just realized that from start of november until now, when ssundee makes among us videos, he always keep garry for last and garry always wanted a 1v1
Epic Broz
Epic Broz Aylar önce
can you sub to epic broz
lourdes cosmilla
lourdes cosmilla Aylar önce
Even garry is the imp he cant kill ien lol
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