Pokemon Shining Pearl but they randomly evolve every level

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I've modded Pokemon Shining Pearl so that all my pokemon randomly evolve every level--and their sizes are scaled to be their real sizes. Oh--and this was modded DAY ONE of the game coming out. Watch the insanity.

GET THE EVOLVE MOD YOURSELF HERE: discord.gg/pointcrow
-Randomly Evolve mod was created by CraftyBoss
-Size mod was created by DistantKingdom

▶TWITCH: twitch.tv/pointcrow
▶MERCH: pointcrow.shop
▶VOD Channel: trvid.com/u-pointcrowvods
▶Twitter: twitter.com/pointcrow
▶Discord: discord.gg/pointcrow
▶Instagram: instagram.com/pointcrow

Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editted by: twitter.com/cosmizoey




25 Kas 2021




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PointCrow Aylar önce
follow me on twitch if you want to catch me doing all of this live :) twitch.tv/pointcrow
Goose 15 gün önce
15:41: SASUKE!!!!!!! NARUTO!!
OverDose 21 gün önce
Soyboy soyboy
OverDose 21 gün önce
This game is the most shitty pokemon ever made.
Bob riker
Bob riker 22 gün önce
No lmao
DoomWarrior 23 gün önce
You should put that squished wailord as you profile pic😂 it was hilarious
FlamingPickle88 Aylar önce
I love that the accidentally caught Bibarel carried the team on his back out of sheer spite
-Chiq- 13 gün önce
literally yes
Gamerboi3604 22 gün önce
He is the prophecy
Guy With A Face
Guy With A Face Aylar önce
Crow: You're a failure. Accident: Proceeds to become a doctor, and gain a law degree.
Ink⭐Sanz V 11
Ink⭐Sanz V 11 Aylar önce
bibarel is the true chad
TheGamer'sClub Aylar önce
And the Seedot using flamethrower
yeet meat
yeet meat Aylar önce
"If accident turns into another trash pokemon I'm releasing it" Accident: *I'm about to carry this man's whole career*
Mkitty 19 gün önce
Time stamp: 21:45
PythonPlusPlus 25 gün önce
I love how they all evolved into really derpy pokemon for the hall of fame
The Visionary Leo
The Visionary Leo 14 gün önce
they didn't need their 100% power. They were able to rest.
MGlBlaze 26 gün önce
I love the "real sizes" mod and I'm honestly both sad and rather irate that the games haven't actually done that properly since Battle Revolution. I suppose there is the properly-sized Wailord in the overworld of Isle of Armour but that's about it. I desparately wish sizes were portrayed properly more often.
Autumnfrost-Art 17 gün önce
The issue is largely that the games have kept the screen about the same as in all of the 2D games. Close together trainers and a certain amount of space that a model is allowed to take up. If they would just drop this and make a larger battle area like in Revolution the problem would be solved. As for following Pokémon I mean - yeah just scale them down but make sure big ones actually look big behind you.
Sneaky-Boi The Sneakiest Boi
Crow: One more disappointing evolution and I’m releasing Accident. Accident: YOU WHAT? *Casually evolves into Lugia*
Wizard4k Aylar önce
It’s weird just how much more immersive the Pokémon size mod makes the game when it’s such a simple change
King Wobbegong, Sea Urchin Farmer
@Iminumst like with Pokemon battle revolution
Iminumst 11 gün önce
Yeah, it would be even better if the camera angles accommodated the scaling.
King Wobbegong, Sea Urchin Farmer
@ferret I have kids, and they found that the new games (gen 6-8) are far too easy compared to the old ones (gens 1-5). There is even objective proof the old games are harder, even as an adult.
ferret 14 gün önce
@King Wobbegong, Sea Urchin Farmer it's not bad faith, also nobody said kids were dumb, but when I replay Pokémon games now as an adult, they are easier. We only see them as hard because we were kids back then.
Krystyne Ballestero
Krystyne Ballestero 16 gün önce
Yeah, and ILCA actually wanted to do something more like the size mod but Gamefreak didn't let them.
Lukenn3k 25 gün önce
i love how you caught a pokemon on accident just because you slipped, but then it ended up being your favorite pokemon. One button changed your ENTIRE stream.
KosmoZer0 Aylar önce
I was so hoping that Dialga would've evolved into a Magicarp, I would've just died laughing 😂
Dark Aylar önce
Rowan studies Pokémon evolution, so this mod must be completely perplexing to him.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Aylar önce
The real size mod is literally how the game should be and I won't budge from this.
Rat Aylar önce
You stubborn and defensive, yet I don't think a single person here would disagree with you
X the Wolf
X the Wolf Aylar önce
Crafty Boss is a literal legend, not only did he single-handedly make Mario Odyssey online multiplayer but he made this mod the day the game came out. Good job to Distant Kingdom on the size mod as well
Call me Zelda ONE moar time
@JoJo Reference #4 this is the dumbest comment in human history, congratulations.
JoJo Reference #4
JoJo Reference #4 11 gün önce
@Call me Zelda ONE moar time dmc5 is garbage and Bdsp is better lmao stay coping
Juan Star (Old Channel)
help also did a lot
The Legacy of Gaming
The guys crying in these comments about how somebody modded something else is hilarious 😂
Jory Johnson
Jory Johnson Aylar önce
Why hasn’t Nintendo hired him yet
Benjamin Owens
Benjamin Owens Aylar önce
I like how you said “hope for the freeze” so many times. The freeze never came lol
Wesley Oldham
Wesley Oldham Aylar önce
10:09 I love that the Shellder trolls him by sticking its tongue out. And, still in denial, he calls it a Cloyster.
shorty 25
shorty 25 Aylar önce
A shiny catch would have been awesome because of constant shiny evolutions
Lumi's Corner
Lumi's Corner Aylar önce
I still think if an attack is 4x effective ot should say it was super duper effective
FGV Cosmic
FGV Cosmic 15 gün önce
Ultra effective?
Regan Lewis
Regan Lewis Aylar önce
“If accident evolves into one more trash Pokémon I’m releasing it” Accident: *And I took that personally*
RC Rodriguez
RC Rodriguez 10 gün önce
And I took offense to that
@GlaceonLover30 Aylar önce
"what are you doing with steelix?"
The Nethral King
The Nethral King Aylar önce
The look on his face when it became Lugia was priceless XD
Jacob rodrigues
Jacob rodrigues Aylar önce
@Schleepy yes he has left the chat
Windows XPNew
Windows XPNew Aylar önce
Be gone, bots!
Froakie Juju
Froakie Juju 2 gün önce
That brief time of having a Wailord was the funniest thing ever
McBobTheGamer 23 gün önce
all legendary/mythical evolution timestamps: 5:27 Regigigas and deoxys 6:36 subscription button(joke) 8:58 entei and palkia 10:43 azelf 11:22 suicune 14:33 jirachi 18:48 Dialga 21:44 lugia 23:42 suicune no. 2 33:11 rayquaza 35:01 raikou
Mario P
Mario P 4 gün önce
put some respect on biberal's name
Tadano Hitohito
Tadano Hitohito Aylar önce
The fact that Garchomp even had a Yache Berry that did NOTHING is really just the icing on the cake
Adam Harvey
Adam Harvey 26 gün önce
Never watched this man before, but he has two graphing calculators on hand, and that earns him my respect.
Eric Kumbhani
Eric Kumbhani Aylar önce
This randomizer is an extremely accurate representation of digimon evolution
psywolf 11 gün önce
Honestly that's part of why I love Digimon lol
Krystyne Ballestero
Krystyne Ballestero 16 gün önce
Yeah. God knows how many Digimon are linked to Rosemon.
Jin Shim
Jin Shim 21 gün önce
@Tatiana Wisniewska shin megami tensei. Sometimes fusing will go: nah you gettin random shit
Tatiana Wisniewska
Tatiana Wisniewska 23 gün önce
@BobWillGetYou ?????????
BobWillGetYou 24 gün önce
It's also like SMT demon fusion
Matt H
Matt H 23 gün önce
Accident really turned out to be the real MVP of this run. I hope his back is okay from carrying the team so much
KONO DIO DA 15 gün önce
15:40 -this is the most wholesome thing I've seen in 3 years
Some Grape rock
Some Grape rock Aylar önce
I love the realistic scaling mod! wish they used this in the official game lol
Edoardo Spagnolo
Edoardo Spagnolo 24 gün önce
Not gonna lie: the size mod alone is pretty darn impressive.
Igotluck 42
Igotluck 42 Aylar önce
This was the best mod I've ever seen in awhile I'm so glad for this video super funny😂
Daniel Boulrice
Daniel Boulrice 23 gün önce
The real sizes is also amazing. I like seeing how big they really are
Dakota Achord
Dakota Achord 12 gün önce
Never seen a pointcrow video before in my life, but that reaction to wailords size seemed authentic. Actually I take that back I watch botw randomizer before this and that was the first.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
This stream was absolutely insane. I love chaos.
Rainbow Lemniscate
Rainbow Lemniscate Aylar önce
grill: Borrows a Turtwig grill: comes back to Professor Rowan with only a Furret Prof. Rowan: Excuse me, what?
望月花 Aylar önce
Imagine his confusion especially since Furret doesn't appear untill after the leage. So... you took his turtwig, left him heavens knows where, and came back with a pokemon you shouldn't be able to have yet
Eyes0fEnder Aylar önce
@TammyTheRanger hi garcello
TammyTheRanger Aylar önce
Furret: I used to be a turtle but now a moth and now a ferret. WHAT AM I?!?!
spiderdude2099 Aylar önce
And yet he still rolls with it
Joshua Gourlay
Joshua Gourlay Aylar önce
This comment is top tier
Totox 8 gün önce
I mean, this Is the "every battle the Pokémon in the team are random" with extra steps 🤣
LINX_Noob2 24 gün önce
“I hope you turn into a waillord” Turns into literal god of time
Oblivion Gaming
Oblivion Gaming Aylar önce
Most fun I've had watching a video in years!! Loved every minute of it
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
The real sizes are amazing and I wish they were part of the real game
Charles Cox
Charles Cox Aylar önce
The reason Phantina's gym has math is because her signature pokemon, Drifblim, has Aftermath. So her fight comes after math. QED.
Katie Rose
Katie Rose 20 gün önce
EVANEX 21 gün önce
@Schleepy yes, we are too platinum
Peter Peladon
Peter Peladon 22 gün önce
@Hexxter76 I love her Gym being fifth because I think it makes the game route more interesting, but Fantina's gym puzzle in particular should have stayed the same (as platinum)
Wooper 25 gün önce
Kitty727 Aylar önce
@A Different Channel hehehhehehehehehehe
cablecow15 3 gün önce
I love that this shows how stupid the game would be with size accurate pokemon lol
UnstableSparkey Aylar önce
Very well edited! Enjoyed how quick and interesting you made this! 🤗
Eden the cleric
Eden the cleric 28 gün önce
i love how he calls a basically 90% chance gaurenteed catch "luck"
Eden the cleric
Eden the cleric 12 gün önce
@Bagget say that to the 100 ralts I caught without ever dealing damage and all a 1 pokeball catch, I am pretty sure the calculations aren't correct for bdsp
Bagget 12 gün önce
Because if it's not 100% it's 50%
Bryzillah Aylar önce
This was a wild ride and so much fun ❤️
GrandmasterScott Aylar önce
Since Rowan studies Pokémon evolution, this mod must be confusing to a point of insanity for him
Crown Feather
Crown Feather 25 gün önce
@UltraMiner245 intense screaming and many mental breakdowns ensue. If any of you have seen community, think professor Duncan getting his principal prove wrong by Abed.
UltraMiner245 Aylar önce
“Everything was going perfectly fine until _you_ showed up, and now _somehow_ my entire life’s work is worthless?!”
Windows XPNew
Windows XPNew Aylar önce
@Juleha Beby BEGONE BOT
Bones Of Eao
Bones Of Eao 18 gün önce
I like that they gave volkner ways to counter ground types, electric gyms always feel like a joke
Khazzera 4 gün önce
That was a super entertaining video, love it nice work!
Practitioner of Diogenes
1:36 Mildly good foresight from GameFreak for thinking of possible randomizers.
That1Cat Aylar önce
Sheesh, imagine g-max Pokémon with actual sizes
Albe Van Hanoy
Albe Van Hanoy Aylar önce
The real size mod is literally how the game should be and I won't budge from this.
Well_Its_The _Knocc_out_Definition_of_OG_B_gangsta
I think if they do that, the trainer should throw the Pokémon behind them so a wailord just isn’t blocking the whole camera
Laura 18 gün önce
@planets live inside the moon I think you lose online features after modding/ etc because otherwise online play would be flooded with hacked mons and the like. Which were rampant at least in gen 4 days, doesnt make it more fun.
Fat Nugs
Fat Nugs 26 gün önce
@Blood Doll clearly you dont know much about game devolpment either, this is such an easy thing to implement. Especially in unity.
popopop984 27 gün önce
@Albe Van Hanoy The man has experienced game development, he knows how players react. They are like: OMG I WANT THIS. Then when you give it to them they say ehhhhh. You have to do it your own way, and ignore the fans in lots of cases
brandon morales
brandon morales 29 gün önce
@Blood Doll damn bro it was never that deep they just thought it was a cool addition. Lame ah 😂
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Aylar önce
5:55 this is the moment i wish crafty had learned Stomp at some point, it wouldve been perfect
Ben Parton
Ben Parton Aylar önce
Curious. Would an everstone still work so you could stop evolving when you get a pokemon you really like
darknessblade Aylar önce
now i wonder how big a wailord is in the contest hall with its actual size
agr0nianTV Aylar önce
29 hours in 42 mins :O This would be such a fun mod to do a nuzlockes with 🤩
TuRtLe TUrTLe Aylar önce
I love how you get a legendary and it evolves into some tiny baby Pokémon
Alejandro Rodriguez Espinosa
@Do piggy With me Digimon in a nutshell.
nonyplayz 1
nonyplayz 1 Aylar önce
@Eiyi Nasma secso moment
Armund Wolffe
Armund Wolffe Aylar önce
the circle of life
Do piggy With me
Do piggy With me Aylar önce
God turns into little baby
Connor Hancock
Connor Hancock Aylar önce
Would love to see this done again!
robert arriola
robert arriola Gün önce
Voltners tacts is literally my play style for my Raichu. His Raichu messed you up good
Han They_Them
Han They_Them Aylar önce
it would be cool to play with the random level evolution and see what the final lineup would be at lvl 100
Quirino Guy
Quirino Guy Aylar önce
Flygon sweeping Cynthia is outright beautiful.
SaDVeC Aylar önce
Nintendo should fully support the accurate size mod, it makes the game 10 times funnier
Alkali020 20 gün önce
@COLTON the model of the pokemon obvisoulsy doesn't have any collision activate so there is no way you could be soft lock anywhere, and again yes, in that current state the pokemon block your view, but there are ton of ways to prevent this problem and still have your companion following you, and in fact, wailord is really the only pokemon that get this problem because he is WAY larger than any other, so yeah they could have shrink wailord by half his size i agree, but for 99% of the pokemon there is no problem at all
COLTON 20 gün önce
@Alkali020 yeah sure have a oversized Pokemon cover the entire area so you can't see shit, they reduced the size so they can walk around freely and avoid glitches and trainer being stuck or soft lock!
Alkali020 27 gün önce
@Latasha Chenault why ? Like the wailord we see here ? Yeah, but it's not like game freak do not have the budget to program it to stay behind you and not hide all the screen or doing a dezoom. Pokemon games could be masterpiece if nintendo wouldn't be lazy
Latasha Chenault
Latasha Chenault 27 gün önce
@Alkali020 because big pokemons would be annoying
Alkali020 27 gün önce
i really do not understand why the game is not like that by default
Leo Khalsa
Leo Khalsa Aylar önce
the fact that this person played pokemon for over a day straight is remarkable
Jaren Santiago
Jaren Santiago 19 gün önce
21:45 funniest part of the stream
Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark Aylar önce
This is the best BDSP video I have seen.the sizes really made it for me. Soo cool to see. Every 5 levels would make it alot more interesting, you would have chance of actually playing with OP pokemon, on the other hand could get stuck with a terrible team. Risk/ reward, would be awsome.
Pico Aylar önce
I also do enjoy shining pearl. Sometimes I wish some aspects were a little faster though. Like doing a berry cycle takes like 2 minutes per patch come on man chop chop
Porter S.
Porter S. Aylar önce
I could see the everstone being a super powerful item in this mod.
Thesilentcatninja 8 gün önce
@QuickSilverKitsune or you could say “too banned”*SORRY!*
QuickSilverKitsune 16 gün önce
Too bad it’s B A N N E D
Joseph Rosario
Joseph Rosario 23 gün önce
Yea but that defeats the purpose of the challenge
Porter S.
Porter S. Aylar önce
@Neon Rush I legit didn't think of that. 😂
Neon Rush
Neon Rush Aylar önce
Or, just as useful: the 🅱️ button.
Wandering_builder 6 gün önce
You'd think with all the running the legendary dogs do that they'd follow the trainer faster.
Nick Joseph
Nick Joseph 2 gün önce
The bit with 4 calculators! Hahaha this was the best video in the series so far!
0xRosethornx0 12 gün önce
To think evolving into a Mothim gave him sweeping power
Shadowproto17 18 gün önce
I love how you went from hating ,Accident to loving to hating to almost letting him go, to respecting and loving him again
Daniel Costea
Daniel Costea Aylar önce
"Your accident evolved into an Azelf" had me in tears. That shouldn't have been as funny as it was.
insaneshush 25 gün önce
Same here
Adromea Aylar önce
The feeling of absolute POWER that comes with sweeping cynthia's team
DriftWood Aylar önce
Watching this video feels like how characters in shows change. It's only skin deep
Just1Nora 27 gün önce
Watching you walk Azelf then Wailord gave me such joy that I was chuckling like a fool. It shouldn't be that funny, but it is.
Atsu Kana
Atsu Kana 13 gün önce
“90%” of pokemon are tied to evolution” The remaining 10% are already level 100
Thelocalpot8to Gün önce
It’s just fun to watch this seven days before the new game comes out
Ranvir Choudhary
Ranvir Choudhary Aylar önce
the sheer joy this guy gets by seeing big chonky pokemon makes me too happy.
xmqdness 27 gün önce
when you got the regigias and deoxys my jaw genuinly dropped and i was speechless.. wtf are the odds of that?!
BossMr51 Aylar önce
Clean sweeping cynthia was extremely lethargic having played platinum. Just seeing that made me feel satisfied
Plover Tech
Plover Tech Aylar önce
“I can’t hear you over the mop! Cause I’m clean sweeping” best quote I’ve seen this week
Plover Tech
Plover Tech Aylar önce
@FL00PEST yes but I’m quoting a quote.
FL00PEST Aylar önce
you sweep with a broom
A Different Channel
But you don't sweep with a mop though???
Llama Master255
Llama Master255 Aylar önce
your content is awesome keep it up!
Krystle Taylor
Krystle Taylor 19 gün önce
I believe Barry, in the first fight with his starly, is actually programmed to let you win if possible.
Ninten007 19 gün önce
Man, the battles look great. But the chibi kills me when I know I can just replay platinum…
Gem Games
Gem Games Aylar önce
11:40 Probably the loudest I've laughed in a PointCrow video
internet trash
internet trash Aylar önce
Watched this on twitch, this was both a trainwreck and god's gift
GrandmasterScott Aylar önce
Like Sonic Heroes
Luclxy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-j8jjxQtVM04.html meme I made
Code 806
Code 806 Aylar önce
Perfection and perfection
Bingus the all knowing
ConnorIsBored Aylar önce
perfect summary
ZeroBlank Aylar önce
"your accident leveled up!" is just perfect
Ral 19 gün önce
I like how whenever accident evolves the game says "your accident"
Pandalia Aylar önce
I love how you threw the subscription button in there, made me laugh haha 😂 🤣
Goosaphone 27 gün önce
Busting out Wailord for a walk was the best part.
Icicle Aylar önce
You love to see Flygon proving he’s the better Ground/Dragon type by absolutely murdering Garchomp.
QuickSilverKitsune 16 gün önce
@Solaroid Fun fact, Flygon was SUPPOSED to get a Mega Evolution, but due to the design team being unable to come up with anything that was liked, they scrapped it
AdoNir 19 gün önce
Yeah, a flygon with many weird moves he got from a randomizer 😐
Oatmeal 20 gün önce
@066Kshitiz V Singh Don’t worry, I know. The lowered speed stat upon mega evolving is the reason people dont use it.
066Kshitiz V Singh
066Kshitiz V Singh 21 gün önce
@Oatmeal which is in quite a few ways worse than regular Garchomp. Plus Cynthia has used Mega Lucario, in SM, USUM battle tree.
Oatmeal 21 gün önce
@066Kshitiz V Singh Mega Garchomp exists you know.
Gfreak250 Aylar önce
Cyrus: "I find the state of things to be deplorable" Me: "I find the state of you to be adorable"
DedicateShadowz Aylar önce
41:06 i was hoping for Garchomp swept so that we will be reminded of how scary Cynthia was.
martino kidd
martino kidd Aylar önce
Bro, been watching your videos for a while but I only now subscribed, I absolutely LOVE the idea of realistic sized Pokémon, I’ve literally always wanted to see that, it’s unique and it just earned u permanent sub bro Love it 😍
Aisubun 26 gün önce
Seeing the chat love Jirachi as much as I do made me very happy
bread Aylar önce
watching flygon with quiver dance drag cynthia's entire team through the dirt brought me so much satisfaction
Burst Flare
Burst Flare 19 gün önce
16:03~16:05 "Bidoof do be god" It's gonna evolve into an Arceus at some point, isn't it? 41:56~42:07 And... he did not. Damn, I thought that was some serious foreshadowing, but I guess not.
Christian 14 gün önce
Accident: *carry’s the team through like, 5 badges, and spends most of his time as a giant legendary* Also Accident: *turns into a Burmy once* Pointcrow: I’m releasing him.
Owen Cole
Owen Cole 16 gün önce
24:50 that was in sun and moon if your first Pokémon has max affection they will be able to survive with one hp and remove certain status effect.
Kirby113ex !
Kirby113ex ! Aylar önce
Pointcrow: I through the ball by mistakes. Lets name him accident Accident turns into multiple legends Accident: A once wise man said "Mistakes improve, accidents help"
Steve Stevenson
Steve Stevenson Aylar önce
Dude the random evolutions every level sounds like so much fun. I wish Nintendo would actually make this as a new game+ mode or something
Chair Aylar önce
@Trattt and if they did they would release it as fucking trash dlc like sword and shield
Ink⭐Sanz V 11
Ink⭐Sanz V 11 Aylar önce
@Trattt waluigi: thank you bud
Trattt Aylar önce
Never trust nintendo to do something you want But that'd be cool
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter Aylar önce
They should honestly add a bunch of like meme or party modes, maybe even a nuzlocke mode to their games. It would really increase replayability and make people bored of the same old thing want to try it again.
00gaB00ga Aylar önce
Crafty makes so many epic mods, he’s an epic gamer!
Necrozma Aylar önce
his reactions to evolutions are starting to align with purplecliffe's
cristina candela garcia
Now that's interesting. You'd be able to play as almost every Pokemon without actually having to capture them!
Hamer51 Aylar önce
Plot twist the entire team is actually mew and celebi working together going back in time and transforming into random Pokémon just to screw with him after first meeting and nick naming mew accident
Adonay Aylar önce
I love how the game barely came out and people instantly made mods, looks fun tbh
Sleepytubbs Aylar önce
@balls i meant mainline not spin off.
balls Aylar önce
@Sleepytubbs pokemon snap was the first one
Chair Aylar önce
@SilvarusLupus are they actually because if so i could fucking mod the game as i know unity quite fucking well.
Zyrox Aylar önce
@Sleepytubbs and hopefully the last one
Sleepytubbs Aylar önce
@Armund Wolffe it is the first pokemon game to be made by a studio that isn't gamefreak.
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