Pokémon TikTok Star Reacts to "Can You Beat Pokémon Platinum"

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Pokémon Platinum really is hard for everyone huh.
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if you are reading this, why. do people actually read the description box? i bet i could just copy and past the mandjtv segment that he puts in his descriptions and nobody would know. and heck it might even help the algorithm. so here it is

I make Pokemon videos, such as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl content, Pokemon Legends Arceus content, Pokemon playthrough challenges, Top 10 or Top 5 Pokemon videos, Pokemon Talk, Pokemon The People In Order To Form a more Perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility.

there I did it. And i bet you didnt even read it, cause halfway through i started typing the united states constitution instead. Like i said, nobody reads descriptions. Well except for you. And if you really did read this, what are you doing with your life. You could be watching my twitch stream instead but nope you are still here. Anyways have a great day. and really, get some help if you are still reading this.




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Couriway Yıl önce
Winona is also my favorite gym leader
Irom 4 aylar önce
Ducksquad567 4 aylar önce
I’m the 69th reply 😁
NAIVEDYA SINGH 5 aylar önce
in what way ?
Archibald McGee
Archibald McGee 6 aylar önce
I love telling this story. My mom was playing through Let's Go for a second time and the FIRST pokemon she saw when she stepped out of Pallet Town and had Pokeballs was a SHINY ODDISH. And THEN, not an hour later, in Viridian Forest, she found a SHINY PIDGEY. It's literally the best shiny story I have and it's not even mine.
Future The Lord of Garchomps
Man she does have a really good gaming chair
F Chef
F Chef 2 aylar önce
Her gaming chair is unmatched
buff rules
buff rules 2 aylar önce
Does she still have the shinies?
Jarrod Nisly
Jarrod Nisly Yıl önce
Jack - "I am a Platinum expert." Also Jack - "Secret cave?" "You can do that!?" "...who?"
SpaceySucks 12 gün önce
who... you mean who asked? jk
Ftjbdtqiiz Jxdfzrokuw
Ftjbdtqiiz Jxdfzrokuw 4 aylar önce
Pokeinator 5 aylar önce
@Sacred scizor x wooooooshhhhh
Sacred scizor x
Sacred scizor x 5 aylar önce
@Pokeinator 5
Kelly Wheatley
Kelly Wheatley 6 aylar önce
Just hack in every fire pokemon
Waverider 9 aylar önce
I love how Mikey finds a shiny and the poketubers automaticity assemble and enter help mode. Nothings more important that stopping a exploding shiny
ShrubShrimp Yıl önce
Imagine what Mikey's reaction would have been if he found a shiny gible
SuperAran Aylar önce
@Zaeem Nasarullah its not bad the wings change color and its pink
Zaeem Nasarullah
Zaeem Nasarullah 5 aylar önce
Crobat's shiny is also ass but he was excited about having one on his team.
I do something, I guess
@Talin Cassidy gible's shiny isn't ass,garchomp's is
I do something, I guess
@Talin Cassidy gible's shiny isn't ass,garchomp's is
Pump 7 aylar önce
@Talin Cassidy ok we know that's not true
Humid Jack
Humid Jack Yıl önce
love how cliffe has more hours in platinum than all his friends combined and prolly knows the least about it
Sal Calysto
Sal Calysto 7 gün önce
Jeff 14 gün önce
@SirLampsALot you didn’t have to do that to him 😭😭
SirLampsALot 5 aylar önce
Eh… Him having more hours than all of his friends is kinda easy since he doesn’t have that many friends
Jarrod Nisly
Jarrod Nisly Yıl önce
I knoooooooow!!!! It's killing me lol
Necrozma 7 aylar önce
I love how Mikey's doing 1000 calculations at the same time he's doing anything meanwhile Jack's being a bundle of chaos as per usual
N. Colt
N. Colt 8 aylar önce
If you had a nature, Jack you'd be Jolly. Watching you is always fun because you find so much joy in things.
Jarrod Nisly
Jarrod Nisly Yıl önce
"YOU BEAT THAT THING WITH AN EARTHQUAKE!?!?!" ...yeah, Jack.... it's 4x weak to it...
Blade 2 aylar önce
Just realised you were talking about Bastiodon lol
Blade 2 aylar önce
It's not 4x weak it's super effective but lucario is not 4x super effective
Eddie B.
Eddie B. 9 aylar önce
@Darc Hart94 to be completely fair... Card game's another beast. Kinda strange, but hey
Darc Hart94
Darc Hart94 9 aylar önce
You'd think someone who plays pokemon games would have....knowledge of pokemon
Cameron Miyao
Cameron Miyao 11 aylar önce
I assume bastodion EDIT: Yup, Bastodion
L.Mikallie Anderson
L.Mikallie Anderson 8 aylar önce
Jack: The slots are the best part of Platinum! All of his fans: *press X to doubt* Cynthia: *press X to doubt* Micheal: *press X to doubt*
yarichoi Yıl önce
4:14 He didn’t say “purugly” he straight up said “pure ugly.” I died.
CONOOB 7 aylar önce
same ! lmao
Nagito Komaeda (Louis Stan Account)
well it's pure ugliness
Kelily ShanShan
Kelily ShanShan 9 aylar önce
Should’ve been the real name
Chen Dror
Chen Dror 9 aylar önce
Let's be real, that's what it is
EnderGamerBoi 9 aylar önce
I mean it is isn't it?
James McTernan
James McTernan Yıl önce
When Mikey said I did nothing for the first five turns I said to myself I never knew he had regigigas
MoselZag 7 aylar önce
@🏳️‍⚧️Lone Wolf I believe the effect halves his attack and speed for the first 5 turns
🏳️‍⚧️Lone Wolf
@Glicth Cause regigigas have slow start so it always go last for the first 5 turns if I not wrong.
Glicth 7 aylar önce
Grant Woodell
Grant Woodell 6 aylar önce
I hadn't laughed in the whole vid until near the end where you said flint looked like Ronald Mcdonald, and I basically died
Human 11 aylar önce
9:30 I once named a Pokémon “BYOLO” as a acronym for “Born yesterday on the lookout” which means trustworthy, because I had a feeling this was going to be a trustworthy Pokémon, they later died in that nuzlocke in a Crucial moment that led to me losing the nuzlocke. Needless to say that riolu was not born yesterday on the lookout which sucks since I got him at that low chance at the ranch since I was playing black 2 and Lucario is my favorite Pokémon
Terrorcon 20
Terrorcon 20 7 aylar önce
I remember struggling to get passed the last elite four like a good 3x b4 realizing I had to train my Pokémon quite a bit b4 moving on
Crystistic Yıl önce
I love how you have fun when Mikey finds a shiny graveler
Voice O'reason
Voice O'reason 9 aylar önce
I have to assume Iron Island has secret boosted shiny rates. I got my first ever shiny on iron island, and four encounters later, I got another shiny.
Victor Niemann
Victor Niemann Yıl önce
I enjoy watching mandjtv and purplecliffe. These guys are amazing.
HackDakota Yıl önce
“Mikey doesn’t even have a Twitter anymore” well that aged well
meowify 8 aylar önce
@Paul Schultz and that too
Paul Schultz
Paul Schultz 8 aylar önce
@meowify or cuz Twitter just sucks
Ali Sarwar
Ali Sarwar 9 aylar önce
mikey hasnt had a twitter in ages like he had it until aug or sept 2020
meowify 10 aylar önce
@Diamond Miner controversy maybe
Diamond Miner
Diamond Miner 10 aylar önce
Does anybody know why Mikey isn’t on Twitter anymore?
rocklegend1231 10 aylar önce
I had soft resetted for a chimchar shiny after 5 hours I got it. Literally 5 minutes later I encountered a shiny shynx. I was in disbelieve the whole night
Lucas Hagg
Lucas Hagg 5 aylar önce
I love how Mikey gets 3 full odds shinies in one game when I've been playing since gen 3 and I've literally never gotten a shiny aside from the Lake of Rage Gyarados.
CoocooCrazy Toy Reviews
I remember pearl was so hard I lost to two ace grunts many times then I just got stuck before the 5th gym because I didn’t know what to do
Maya Bananna
Maya Bananna 6 aylar önce
I was watching this while playing legends arceus and when he brought up if the crit mattered my hipowdon got a crit
viewmann200 Yıl önce
This actually makes me excited for the remakes, Sinnoh is my favorite region and Pearl and Platinum were two games I always went back to no matter how much I played them
Tiger Warrior
Tiger Warrior 4 aylar önce
@I Gave Up They made the E4 semi competitive (300 EVs to use), and Cynthia's team is straight ripped from a Smogon Build (All 508 EV spreads, best Nature, best Held Item, best Ability). You HAVE to play competitive to even stand a chance.
the whanos
the whanos 6 aylar önce
@I Gave Up its because its harder than the original
I Gave Up
I Gave Up 7 aylar önce
Bdsp is out now, hope you enjoy, I am a kid who was unable to enjoy the original sinnoh games, so I found the elite four in bdsp extremely hard
John Miller
John Miller 7 aylar önce
This….. aged
Louis's MineBlox
Louis's MineBlox 10 aylar önce
Ngl i cant play them even if ther'ye out
Heather and Luke
Heather and Luke Aylar önce
my first and only shiny so far was a Liepard in sword. i was catching them for the dex and i already had one but the shiny just sprinted into me it was incredible
Tyrano34 10 aylar önce
I love how Mikey over levels so much for a regular playthrough... meanwhile pchal doing a half level cap nuzlocke
FizzyFernando 9 aylar önce
I thought everybody knew about that hidden passage for wayward cave, only reason why I knew was because I had the strategy guide book
Chase Buckley
Chase Buckley 7 aylar önce
Sometimes Jack is an asshole sometimes but when he is not he is amazing and funny as hell holy shit!
I_EX SUSPECT_I 7 aylar önce
"In this battle, you are meant to struggle" Me: "but I wiped her pokemon in only two hits..."
coconut_TV 05
coconut_TV 05 4 gün önce
"I'll give you a warning, the champion is MUCH stronger than the elite four" -Lucian
Luna Wyse
Luna Wyse Yıl önce
Pokemon platinum was my first ever Pokemon game. Funny enough I didn't think it was that hard. But now I notice that the later games are really easy.
The devil that smiles
The devil that smiles 5 aylar önce
Nah, I trained my piplup in the grass nearby until he was level 36. I, for some reason, had the nerve to do it. So, Purugly was easy to beat for me.
Sahaj Singhal
Sahaj Singhal Yıl önce
Hydrokinetic Gaming
HadesX Yıl önce
@Sahaj Singhal Na Your Suggestions must be appreciated
Sahaj Singhal
Sahaj Singhal Yıl önce
@UrAveragePokemonShipper Thanks guys appreciate ya
HadesX Yıl önce
@UrAveragePokemonShipper Same
Replying to boost this comment
CruelDrop 6 aylar önce
The fact that Mikey just went with him saying “love you babe” just proves that they are true friends
Christopher Aponte
For people who are unaware, crits in this gen/game didn't do 1.5 time damage they basically did double. Which is another reason why this game was so hard, one crit basically meant instant death l
Dragon034 Aylar önce
I played the new Brilliant Diamond since i never played the OG Diamond and if it shared the same difficulty with both games then yeah its pretty hard, I whited out more times than i can count lol. Also i took the time to get a shiny starter which took about 24 hours and 353 resets total and since that shiny I have gotten two more which surprisingly enough, were the second evolution of zubat, Golbat. I wonder if shiny zubats and their evolutions are more common?
Sherlock Ong
Sherlock Ong 9 aylar önce
618 Yıl önce
By the way, he didn't use a Heart Scale to get Ice Punch. He used Shards.
I just realized that Volo in Arceus has almost the same exact team as Cynthia
MindKrystal 9 aylar önce
man his tangrowth at Wake's gym was the same level as mine during the Lance fight in heartgold, I think I'm doing something wrong
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins 8 aylar önce
My first ever shiny I caught was a shiny wishiwashi before the grass trial but I never used it
Block934 Yıl önce
To anyone wondering, according to my calcs (which could be wrong btw) the crit barely mattered. It would have been left with 2 hp with the highest roll 4:52 btw
Block934 8 aylar önce
@GRönnlund from Paηgεa no i didnt thx
GRönnlund from Paηgεa
did you acount for stab on the Quick attack? Cus I came to a similar conclusion before I acounted for that
Retro Rampage Gaming
Retro Rampage Gaming 11 aylar önce
Fun fact= my first shiny was also zubat in leaf green randomly
Tim Pella
Tim Pella Aylar önce
I was watching this While playing shining pearl, and I found a level 55 rhydon with earthquake stone edge and megahorn. 1% chance.
Lechonk Aylar önce
While rewatching this video I caught a shiny in legends Arceus
DimwitUnsuspected 11 aylar önce
15:49 There are a lot more fire types in pokemon platinum than diamond and pearl, which is the game that has two fire types
Inside The Memes
Inside The Memes Yıl önce
“I lost that fight 20 times.” It’s what we expected Jack, don’t feel bad.
Caqtusss 6 aylar önce
@Mario Ortego Sanz rude
Caqtusss 6 aylar önce
@Michael de Haan weirdo
MR.Bund5 10 aylar önce
So true
Caleb Conley
Caleb Conley Yıl önce
Watching this made me almost cry with all those shinies. My first shiny ever I got two days ago and it was in sword and shield (trash Pokemon game) and it was a bunlebee. It's not fair
Seth Miles
Seth Miles 10 aylar önce
My first Shiny (that wasnt the free one ya get in Gold, silver and crystal, and also HeartGold and SoulSilver) was a shiny Cyndaquil. Only had to do a few restarts to get him too... saddly he is gone from this world 😢 dont worry Cyndy Ill always remember ya buddy.
blackopsmajorr5 11 aylar önce
Wait platnum was hard? When i played it as a kid i thought it was easy. I actualy remember trading everything over and restarting to replay the story a lot.
AxtonIsaqt 6 aylar önce
I actually found a random cave shiny while watching this it's a good omen
Peyton Snyder
Peyton Snyder 11 aylar önce
I once got two shinies in a Pokémon Nuzlocke before. Both were my encounters. They came one after the other. And they were both before the second gym-
Hiya Patil
Hiya Patil Yıl önce
l love Mikey and Jack's friendship because sometimes they'll be yelling at each other and then you have moments like "babe" which is fun. Compare it to Mikey and John's friendship those two are so wholesome almost all the time. It's amazing :)
Hiya Patil
Hiya Patil 5 aylar önce
@Ghost Of The Sea no, I was just joking. They’re good friends, but please don’t ship them because they’re real people with real partners
Hiya Patil
Hiya Patil 5 aylar önce
@Kevin07 agreed! I have the same dynamic with one of my best friends, we’re always bickering but it’s all in good fun
Kevin07 5 aylar önce
You always have that dynamic in a friend group. There's always that one pair who yells at each other for fun but are secretly best friends even though they won't admit it. I've seen this type of dynamic too many times...
Cassandra Spoelhof
Cassandra Spoelhof 7 aylar önce
Cute bromance moment.
Rubik’x 7 aylar önce
@Frape wait *w h a t*
Ruby The fox
Ruby The fox 8 aylar önce
Im happy or not happy to say shining pearl is just as hard, seriously i had to attempt cynthia so many times
Trio Hazard
Trio Hazard 9 aylar önce
I’m doing a Nuzlocke of platinum and when I got to Mars…I had no problems at all. My Machop got poisoned by the previous Zubat but with Focus Energy and Karate Chop combined with the ability No Guard I had no trouble taking out Purugly. I don’t get why it’s considered hard
Dannntheeman 10 aylar önce
Platinum was my first Pokémon game which explains why all other Pokémon games feel super easy to me
Human32 6 aylar önce
35:32 “Everybody’s team platinum team looked like this” one of the best things I’ve heard.
T. Coppin
T. Coppin Yıl önce
Alternate Title: Purple realizes how little he knows Pokémon Platinum
Lauren Faulk
Lauren Faulk 11 aylar önce
Slayer Bg
Slayer Bg 11 aylar önce
Slayer Bg
Slayer Bg 11 aylar önce
Mario Ortego Sanz
Payton Ryan
Payton Ryan Yıl önce
Because he always randomized it lol
SSJMatt 8 aylar önce
Gallade learns different moves to Kirlia I think Jack, along with the fact that he can't teach it Earthquake, he already used the TM for it. Also I don't remember how early you get the exp share.
Scorpionspear77 9 aylar önce
Honestly I’d love to see you, John, or Michael (or all three of you at once) do an extra long reaction to one of Chuggaaconroy’s Pokémon bio compilations
Phiklom 7 aylar önce
Me too
Clayton Waggoner
Clayton Waggoner Aylar önce
What’s funny is when I’m playing pearl I never found defog so I would just go though the fog
No Joke
No Joke 11 aylar önce
For me this was easy and this was my third game played and i was under level for all because i was trying to speedrun so i only used my starter for all the fights lol
E 7 aylar önce
Love how in Pearl, Flint only has 2 fire types on his team which are Rapidash and Infernape
Robo frog
Robo frog 8 aylar önce
I threw 829 ultra balls (no joke I literally threw that amount of balls) on a ducking comfey for a lucky egg in Pokémon ultra sun
Bagle guy
Bagle guy 5 aylar önce
so fun story something similar happened to me with the shinies in legends arceaus i got a shiny spheal and while i was training it up i found a shiny yanma
Efrain Bonilla
Efrain Bonilla Yıl önce
The chances of finding 3 full-odd shinys in platinum are 1 in 24576. Damn.
Robina Raven
Robina Raven Yıl önce
I love how you made the Graveler capture so exciting. That was awesome.
Jordan Dittus
Jordan Dittus Yıl önce
34:12 Throw as much ultra balls as you can. I caught a deoxys with just 2 ultra balls in pokèmon alpha sapphire.
Wolfy Wonder
Wolfy Wonder 6 aylar önce
At this point, I'm inclined to believe that the gen four games have a very strange sense of humor. I encountered one full odds shiny rattata in my Heartgold version back in the day. Not sure what the playtime was back then, but the file is now at 250+ hours. However, despite having sunk 400+ hours into my Platinum, I never found a singular shiny in it until I restarted it for a nuzlocke run and found two shinies within a span of less than 24 hours. These were shiny meditite right next to Eterna City and Mt. Coronet, and shiny geodude directly above Solaceon Town. I still don't believe my luck in my currently 40-50 hour Platinum nuzlocke run, but I am a firm believer in the gen four games picking and choosing exactly when to give out shinies. It's just too perfect of timing
angelanamills 9 aylar önce
I remember that I was training up in the grass with only my chimchar and it got killed.by a wild bidoof because it got a critical hit.
HJGPotatoes 2 aylar önce
Just a reminder, archen has a higher base attack then mewtwo
Darc Hart94
Darc Hart94 9 aylar önce
Meanwhile I'm sitting over here thinking "isnt platinum easier than diamond and pearl"
a_free123 11 aylar önce
in my first play through of omega ruby, my 3rd encounter pokemon was a shiny seedot
Caleb P
Caleb P Yıl önce
There are 2 fire types in diamond and pearl. But there are so many more in platinum…. there’s 5 in total. They’re all on flints plat team.
Caelegand 10 aylar önce
I have a gyarados on my team in a gen four game it’s under leveled for everything but is better than my whole squad combined
Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle Yıl önce
Jack: **makes Mikey face his PFP** Mikey: “Why are you the way that you are...?”
Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle 6 aylar önce
@Can I Get a Doki-Doki did you just… understand a The Office reference…?
Can I Get a Doki-Doki
Can I Get a Doki-Doki 6 aylar önce
"I hate so much the things that you do."
Shen Zhong
Shen Zhong Yıl önce
8:57 is the time stamp if anyone wants it
McGundee Yıl önce
Heh 69 likes
Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle Yıl önce
@Huiming Chen idfk the time stamp
MegaNoah13 8 aylar önce
Jack: "This elite four IS tough man." 6 months later... Jack: "WHAT THE F*** IS THIS ELITE FOUR IN BDSP!?"
Rubywing4 10 aylar önce
I've never raised a Garchomp before, and I never used a Gible/Gabite/Garchomp in my Sinnoh games as a kid either. Mostly because I first got Diamond and Pearl where you can't get Gible until after you get 6 Badges, and by that point, I didn't know about the secret entrance, and besides, why bother train it up when I already have a solid team. And as for Platinum, I didn't know that the secret entrance was available from the beginning, so I didn't go there the first, I believe 2 times I played Platinum? So yeah, never used Garchomp before, never raised a Gible before. I am so going to get a Gible in my next Platinum Nuzlocke though. In the current one I have, I got a Bronzor from Wayward Cave, but he's pretty good too and now a Bronzong. In my previous Platinum Nuzlocke, a Waterlocke though (only Water types allowed), my very first encounter in the cave, on my way to get the Earthquake TM, was in fact a Gible that I caught and named Miranda (coz it was a girl), but sadly I couldn't use it because it's not a Water type. :/ I also caught a Gligar on Route 206 right outside Wayward Cave, again WHY IN THAT RUN?? And in my current run, I caught a Ponyta. :/ And I got the Fire Starter. A female Chimchar I named Estelle, now a Monferno, soon-to-be Infernape.
Fresly 9 aylar önce
Purplecliffe: gambling is my favorite part of platinum Cynthia:he forgot about me
Starlow13 Yıl önce
18:49 you think that’s bad my highest level pokemon was a grotle which was level 27 and I beat Barry right in that battle on two hp like a mad lad without healing
D Tell
D Tell Yıl önce
Him finding a shiny zubat is the exact same thing to me the other day when I was doing a playthrough of platinum and I was trying to get a lucky egg from a chansey, but I found a shiny roselia full odds
Seth Miles
Seth Miles 10 aylar önce
Sweet. Hopefully ya got the lucky egg afterwords lol I hate tryinf to get lucky eggs
Incognito _Peng
Incognito _Peng 6 aylar önce
I got shiny ponyta on my 3rd encounter in a new route(in Pokémon brilliant diamond)
Mr. Guy
Mr. Guy Yıl önce
15:50 i dont wanna be THAT guy, but there are only 2 fire types in pokemon diamond and pearl. platinum got a significant upgrade for gen 4's lacking pokedex and there are quite a few more fire types in that game.
Lilian David
Lilian David Yıl önce
Fun fact: if graveler has self destruct, Pokémon ai will do specific things base on the status on ur pokemon.
king of penguins
king of penguins 10 aylar önce
We gotta appreciate Jack calling purugly “pure ugly”
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 Yıl önce
I used a Bibarel in my first nuzlocke and he shredded through a ton of stuff and was very useful. Granted, Y is an easy game, but the early game isn’t as easy and Elvis the bidoof learned Rollout.
Rubik’x 6 aylar önce
“You are meant to struggle” Me defeating Purugly first try: i am clearly supperior
Cryozone 6 aylar önce
Let's just appreciate that this video is exactly 40:00 long
I know how to make the difference,the golden legendary is Palkia because of the chest they have is different
MrBota 10 aylar önce
Purugly: gets sent out Jack: Look at those thighs
Llamaboi011 10 aylar önce
Purplecliff “I am the best Pokémon trainer” Also purplecliff “ I’ve lost that battle like 12 times”
Remington Leisy
Remington Leisy 11 aylar önce
I don't know who edited this video but they said there was only 2 fully evolved fire types in platinum, but In diamond and pearl that's may be the case but platinums dex is better he has access to 2 at the time of the gym but Magmar is at Fuego iron works, then there's Flareon from the gift Eevee he could take, and he could get hound doom the imidiately previous route during the night as a houndour sooooooooo for once purplecliffe Is infact correct
Internalfire96 9 aylar önce
I still havent beaten a gen 4 game yet, i keep getting stuck at the 7th gym and then i just give up. Hopefully i can beat the gen 4 remakes!
Trap Connoisseur
Trap Connoisseur 5 aylar önce
I beat pokemon platinum as a 12 year old without giratina and my highest mon being a level 55 weavile
Prime Rasen
Prime Rasen 9 aylar önce
4:24 forget about it being faster than a bird it's faster than latios a literal jet
Necrozma 11 aylar önce
Seeing Purplecliffe playing Pokemon Platinum so many times yet being just the most confused with Mikey's video really makes me wonder
Someone 10 aylar önce
I actually grabbed my controller started pressing B and that same attempt he caught the first shiny graveler
Couch Potato
Couch Potato 9 aylar önce
Just a quick comment but from memory. My very first time playing a Pokemon game was Black 2 and during the catching tutorial the Purrloin sparkles. I had no idea that was a shiny
JustThat 8 aylar önce
Jack: "Mickey doesn't have a Twitter" Twitter: *pulls out UNO reverse card*
NxMango Yıl önce
The electivire when gallade lived on 1 hp it was the shell's EVs
I do something, I guess
21:15 He Missed 11 times that fight 10 against staraptor and 1 against heracross
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