Point and Click Abilities: Are They Necessary For The Game? | League of Legends

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For today's video I wanted to go over the concept of Point and Click Abilities in League of Legends. People like to complain about point and clicks for being zero skill or no counterplay. So I thought it might be worth making a video on!

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14 Ara 2021




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~SPONSOR~ Download Guild Wars 2 in time for the new expansion coming in February 2022: End of Dragons!
I'm fine with them, as long as it's either necessary, or the champion's gimmick. Vlad's and GP's Q almost replaces their auto attacks, which I think is cool. Draven completely depends on it too.
A mechanic that is also dispaearing is toggles; ie: Singed Q and Jinx Q. I've seen them slowly remove toggles over the years like with Cho'Gath, Mundo and Aurelio Sol, but I don't really know why.
the immortal eye
Yes ofcourse , otherwise there would be almost no way to counter hypermobility, but they should come with appropriate downsides. Zileans slow for example applies no dmg but is point and click and higjly effective
William Smith
If they werent in the game then the master yi moving at 700 ms at full buils would be unstoppable without any counterplay. But as soon as lulu presses W on him he is complete useless.
Yes, they are. When we're talking about skillshots against mobile champions, the later is always a click of a button away from dodging it. If you're forcing a LeBlanc W, Fizz E or a Zed W with a skillshot, good for you. Those abilities probably have a longer cooldown than the skillshot you threw at them. But then there's Yasuo and Irelia. Do I need to say more?
They’re crucial, especially with how much mobility there is.
Gregory Sandy
Yes, because skill shots are not always reliable and can be easily kited once u prepared yourself. And a lot of the point and click abilities usually trades high end dmg for conditional dmg, requiring u to play a perfect game to succeed with it. The majority of them aren't op on their own and even veigar needs to stack his passive for it to reach his oneshoting dmg.
I really hate the false skillshots being introduced though, just because an ability isn't point and click doesn't mean it's realistically avoidable without flashing.
I would argue that auto attacks are also "point and click" abilities and most newer champions have ways to buff AAs while having mostly skillshots as basic/ult abilities
Bla Bla
Something you neglected to mention: Point and click abilities give you more control over who gets hit in most cases. This can be important in terms of wave management, aggroing jungle monsters, or hitting an enemy hiding behind a wave, all things that skillshots tend to give you less control over.
Bullet Cola
I feel like that while it sets some champs in a nice spot, such as maybe Annie or Anivia, as well as a nice counter to champs who rely on mobility to do their thing, it also can cripple a champs power budget, and be just as annoying and possibly less skill expressive to play with.
The french guy
With champs like irelia and Akali, point and click is needed
I think that it is a necessary thing to the game, for example if an Akali or Zed is up to their bullshit it is extremely hard for a Morgana or Ezreal to defend themselves since their main skill is a skillshot, with a meta where the majority of champions has some sort of mobility and some have a ridiculous ammount of it i think that point and click abilities such as Lissandra's Ult, Syndra's Ult or Malzahar's Ult are necessary to shut them down, the only Point and Click ability that i think is op and should not be point and click is Veigar's ult, Pantheon's W and maybe Malphite's Q
My eyes widened when you said you were sponsored by GW2.
Mark Antez
One interesting thing you could explore is the effect of Rengars Q becoming a skillshot for a while. Even though it was still pretty hard to dodge at its usable range, it was still miss-able. Lucian/Senna Q is another one that could be discussed. Probably wouldve made the video a bit long though
azur clerx
Lillia’s ultimate is not point and click, it’s doesn’t require to select a target
Christian Goggins
The editing on the Orianna vs Syndra Ult comparison was really well done. Props to the editor.
Emmet Watcher
I don't play anymore, but when I did I never really had an issue with point-and-click. It was just part of the game back when Annie and old Warwick were common. Made playing a lot easier too, both as a character with one and against one, because you only had to worry about range. You didn't need reflexes, just spacing, and as someone who liked the strategic aspects of League more than the mechanical side not having to worry about aiming Veigar Q into Ult, just click and go, was actually quite appreciated because it meant I could focus on how the teamfight or lane as a whole was going, and not about aiming my abilities. Even if the enemy was Veigar you knew exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to do it and the conditions for making it happen. Just stay out of range. No pressure to dodge Q, just thinking about how to force Veigar as a whole to back away or playing around the space he controls. It was much simpler and felt much more strategy-oriented that way.
Based on the amount of mobility in this game, yes, yes they are necessary
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