PlayStation Showcase 2023 - Accessories Sneak Peek 

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Take a sneak peak at new accessories revealed at today’s Showcase - the Project Q device for playing games installed on your PS5 and streamed over WiFi, plus our first official wireless earbuds offering lossless audio on PS5 and PC. More details to come in the months ahead.
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23 May 2023




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Mr. Atari 2600
Mr. Atari 2600 4 aylar önce
This felt like a step backwards from the PS Vita. Not only the PS Vita is its own portable gaming system, but it can Remote Play as well.
JohnLucPicard 4 aylar önce
“Streaming” Sony sure loves to stream games! I’m certain that this will work perfectly with all ps5 games! Jokes aside it’s a neat concept, and if the price is right? Maybe
Noclu 4 aylar önce
Ngl PSVita and 3DS are kinda difficult to sell to ppl nowadays considering stuff like steamdeck and switch.
WillyWomby 4 aylar önce
@Noclu what are you on, 3DS and Vita prices are at a all time high with how easy they are to mod
SP 4 aylar önce
​@WillyWomby where can I got a molded Vita? Thank you in advance
Andrew Meredith
Andrew Meredith 4 aylar önce
I would gladly wait 1-2 years for this to go back to the drawing board and come out as a standalone handheld console!
PlayStation Papi
PlayStation Papi 4 aylar önce
Exactly! I think we would rather wait as many years as it takes than to just have a handheld that's only useful on the crapper.
Phriffo 4 aylar önce
Nice PlayStation switch.
Darrell G
Darrell G 4 aylar önce
My guess is that they're going this route because in order to create a handheld powerful enough to independently run PS5 games, it would cost more than an actual PS5.
iLostThis 4 aylar önce
mrbisshie 4 aylar önce
"Wow, the Switch is such a neat concept, and is selling like crazy! Let's copy the Wii-U!" - some Sony executive
Ian Edman
Ian Edman 4 aylar önce
Imagine if they made an updated psvita like handheld with the ps plus catalogue and backwards compatability with vita and psp. Would be perfect
Kitz 4 aylar önce
Except they decided to make this horrible looking thing lol
HOSSgv 4 aylar önce
It would dominate all
Jasepo 4 aylar önce
That would be Pro-consumer. Playstation is far from that....
A strange trap
A strange trap 4 aylar önce
How would it be backwards compatible with the original psp if the pap used a totally different format for it's games
Kitz 4 aylar önce
@A strange trap There's a little something called emulation
Francis Solis
Francis Solis Aylar önce
Will definitely buy this! the portability what sells me and the awesome exclusives. Imagine playing this *anywhere.*
Francis Solis
Francis Solis Aylar önce
Note: Oops, wrong post... I post this on Nintendo but it autoplays...
AST800 4 aylar önce
The earbuds look amazing! Cannot say the same thing about the handheld.
moontecker 4 aylar önce
Earbuds are my interest
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 4 aylar önce
Razer has already a licensed PS product that’s about the same. I hope these are actually better though
Nothing nor neither
Nothing nor neither 4 aylar önce
Really bruh?
D Jacob
D Jacob 4 aylar önce
These will be overpriced, I just got the Soundcore vrp10 with 2 Dongles, I use them on the ps5 and my pc.
Persi 4 aylar önce
@D Jacob i could get them for the aesthetic tbh
The Royal Cass
The Royal Cass 4 aylar önce
I have never had my smile fade so quickly than it did while watching this reveal
Darrell G
Darrell G 4 aylar önce
I'm sorta excited about the ear buds, but it's mainly because I'm hoping that they will add Bluetooth compatibility to the PS5 so that i can pair earbuds to it that I already own.
@Darrell GYou think they would magically add support so you can take advantage of it 😂😂🤣 sorry bud, that’s not in their best interests
The Yuca-clan
The Yuca-clan 4 aylar önce
The Royal Cass
The Royal Cass 4 aylar önce
@OnlyBetasGetOffendedByStrickland heh sorry bud. get it? because earbuds
@The Royal Cass Bro stole my joke 😅
Kah P
Kah P 4 aylar önce
Remember when Sony did amazing handhelds?
Ignochomp99 4 aylar önce
🍇I member!🍇
burgers and bingo
burgers and bingo 4 aylar önce
Psp for the win
UrbanNinjutsu 4 aylar önce
Pepperidge Farms remembers......
wasupm 4 aylar önce
Pepperidge farm remembers
Nemisis 007
Nemisis 007 4 aylar önce
And gave them zero respect.
Connor Raab
Connor Raab 4 aylar önce
I love PlayStation handhelds and really want a new one, but I don’t think this was the way to do it. This is a design choice that got weeded out by other companies years ago now. There’s a reason the Switch is held in much higher regard than the Wii U. I really hope Sony sees these comments and reconsiders their design, because I would love to see them make a killer handheld again.
BigBadChevy 4 aylar önce
The design is fine....its just that this thing is a paper weight unless the ps5 is on which defeats the purpose of a handheld completely.
QF Dan
QF Dan 4 aylar önce
the design is decent but the usage is limited
Michael Ruiz
Michael Ruiz 4 aylar önce
agree this looks to funky
Spongiroth EnaPants - EnaTenkiyoGaming
​@BigBadChevy Nintendo switch fanboy alert 😂😂😂😂
Scarbucks 4 aylar önce
That tablet thing has to have a very competitive price since there are full featured portable machines for around $350
fujitsubo 4 aylar önce
yep thats almost steamdeck money and that can stream the ps5 anyways and play games and emulate all the old stuff like a beast. sony is so out of touch with what people want.
Renne 4 aylar önce
You can just get a Backbone One for $100 and that’ll do almost everything the Project q does, minus the DualSense haptics
That Guy
That Guy 4 aylar önce
@Renne you can get a phone mount for $4
Big Boss
Big Boss 4 aylar önce
@Renne well thats completely different than actually holding a dualsense just saying
Felipe Freitas
Felipe Freitas 4 aylar önce
Well why would someone spend 350 on that if they can just get a switch or a steamdeck Sony is crazy
Qasim 4 aylar önce
Honestly im more excited for the earbuds more than the Q lite, i really think the Q lite is pointless if its just used for remoteplayand cant use the handheld on its own
B M 4 aylar önce
I'd be really surprised If it had no storage and couldn't connect to wifi it literally needs wifi idk seems like it's a no Brainer to have it work away from console as long as ur connected to wifi might only be able to fit like 3 games tho
Conor O’Brien
Conor O’Brien 4 aylar önce
Hydroflasks 3 aylar önce
Dissappointing that its only usable with a ps5
Geir Eivind Mork
Geir Eivind Mork 4 aylar önce
I remember the PS VIta being touted as a remote play device when they realized they couldn't get the install base big enough to warrant more AAA releases. I tried using mine as that, but it sucked so badly since the layout was so different and it hurt your hands after a while. So the ergonomics of this looks to be top notch in that department, and I guess Sony doesn't want to have two platforms once again. Personally I'm looking at buying this if the price is right. But hardly doubt it'll be a huge seller, unless they have a few tricks they haven't revealed regarding its use outside of just a remote play device.
Nades 4 aylar önce
One thing I’m loving about PlayStation this gen is the look of the console and accessories. The Pulse headset, remote controller, charging dock, camera and now those earbuds all perfectly match the console’s aesthetics.
Azrael 4 aylar önce
Bro has a masterchief profilepic
Nades 4 aylar önce
@Azrael So?
Quick Learner5G
Quick Learner5G 4 aylar önce
@Nades xbox fan
Nades 4 aylar önce
@Quick Learner5G I get both Xbox and PS every gen.
Vittorio Malnati
Vittorio Malnati 4 aylar önce
Yeah, I mean, aesthetics are half the reason they get you to buy that junk. I've been playing on playstation for most of my life but they've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for a few years at this point. Kinda sad, really
Michael Marbach
Michael Marbach 4 aylar önce
Glad to see PlayStation bringing back the Wii U.
(Blue Exodus)Mr. Bobby Wright
Nah vmu
James Mussell
James Mussell 4 aylar önce
@sermando 362 nah more like wiiU as you can take the switch anywhere and play games. You need to be in the same house to use this
Kyurom 4 aylar önce
PlayStation U
José Gálvez
José Gálvez 4 aylar önce
PS vita could do this
Marav Reloaded
Marav Reloaded 4 aylar önce
​@sermando 362It's NOT a Switch. Switch doesn't rely on any external device. This is a Wii U Gamepad.
St errn
St errn 4 aylar önce
Super ruch w kierunku graczy 👍
kokopuphs6 4 aylar önce
Give us a actual handheld with dedicated games.
Lemmy 4 aylar önce
lol no
QF Dan
QF Dan 4 aylar önce
genblinko 4 aylar önce
fr, we need a handheld with ps4 level components. someone's gotta do it eventually, right?
Ghost sandwich
Ghost sandwich 4 aylar önce
That's a problem see ps5 games are extremely big in gb plus they probably are going with remote play cause of the hardware limitations of the ps5
genblinko 4 aylar önce
@Ghost sandwich yeah for sure. a ps5 level handheld is out of the question for at least another decade. especially if they compensate for game size with a large ssd drive. the handheld would be over $1,000 if it released today.
Gorila_Trubusx69 4 aylar önce
el portátil se ve bien buen consejo! Lo suyo sería que Sony hiciera una app especializada, para el mando con la pantalla lite q, que tuviera una interfaz con algunos añadidos a TRvid, Twitch, Netflix, jugar en la nube, un plus premium para los que se han suscrito , como es mi caso, y se puede jugar, con el remote play.+ pero con una interfaz personalizada para el mando. Con sus cosas pues te digo que esta a la altura de comprarla, seria mas jugosa y tendria nivel para competir. Ahora necesitamos que los ingenieros den el primer paso. espero que hagan algo si aún está en desarrollo tendrían que hacer cositas que nos sorprendan!!!
martinsaenz96 4 aylar önce
I'm so glad to have a Steam Deck since not only do I have the ability to play PS5 games via Steam, but it's also full backwards compatibility via Emulation (and with not only just PlayStation consoles). This here is just a kick in the nuts as a PSP/PS Vita successor. Imagine finally announcing a whole brand new PlayStation handheld over 10 years after the launch of the PS Vita, only to have it a Wi-Fi only streaming device that looks like a DiY off brand iPad controller. Otherwise known as a Wii U 2.0. I feel like Sony now just isn't the same Sony from the PS2/PS3 era. And this here is one of the examples.
martinsaenz96 4 aylar önce
@Matteo De Vellis Exactly
Luis 4 aylar önce
I do hope they do a dedicated handheld system though, project Q is cool and all but I feel like it’s basically a wishbone pro, better controllers built in and a bigger screen but so far pretty much the same. The earbuds are cool too but honestly it would be kinda a pain to buy them and take them around along with my AirPods Pro and always be carrying two earbud sized devices. Anyways let’s see what goes down cause I’m hopeful! There’s plenty of games on their library so I hope they can focus on maybe bringing back some more PS1,2,3 titles to be able to play everywhere.
ls4ava 4 aylar önce
We need a new PSP, not a Streaming device
Raul de Jesus Lopez
Raul de Jesus Lopez 4 aylar önce
ShinySpidy600 gaming
ShinySpidy600 gaming 4 aylar önce
PlayStation + switch is PlayStation switch!!!
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed 4 aylar önce
I think this is supposed to be that but idk what the execution is going to be
GreatJL3 4 aylar önce
Nope…if the library is not PS5 games…I won’t work!
Gamer2010 4 aylar önce
Veron Namutebi
Veron Namutebi 4 aylar önce
For all commenters, you guys said the right things about project q and I found it obserd that Sony never learned from Vita neither Wii U. But in same time, a streaming device is not the end of the world. Some will buy and most won't. I wished as well for PSP-console like PS5 which can play games locally but in this world, especially competition from steam deck, Nintendo Switch and now ROG Ally can make it hard for Sony to be competitive but I optimistic so things can change...(I hope)
Gungrave123 4 aylar önce
but they don't even have a streaming service ..
Doryan Vousemer
Doryan Vousemer 2 aylar önce
Nobody said it was youre just fighting imaginaty comments
that1dude317 4 aylar önce
I had high hopes when i heard about a new playstation handheld. These streaming devices seem to be hitting a small niche rather than going a psp-like route. I mean this look to literally just be a small tablet with a controller hooked on the side. Might as well just use your phone or something like steam deck if you have one
Burrito Dog
Burrito Dog 4 aylar önce
Exactly. This will probably be a flop pretty quick. I really wish they went the psp route
QF Dan
QF Dan 4 aylar önce
the next wii u
Acertive Pillow
Acertive Pillow 4 aylar önce
That's what i'm doing, lol
Marco Vicencio
Marco Vicencio 4 aylar önce
You can already stream games from your Xbox to your cellphone with game pass.
hoodrich902 4 aylar önce
​@Marco Vicencio welcome to 2006 remote play been around since ps3
ZoyBoy 4 aylar önce
Truly a product!
Vylkeer 4 aylar önce
I like how the handheld accessory is literally an enlarged dualsense with an 8-inch screen fitted in between the grips. Not really interested in that as you can do the same with a smartphone and a phone holder for the dualsense. The earbuds seem interesting but it'll all depend on how they're priced.
shinski 4 aylar önce
The earbuds will prolly be 200 dollars
Sunny A.
Sunny A. 4 aylar önce
The whole thing is a waste of time. Remote play connectivity is awful
Shawn Michaelis
Shawn Michaelis 4 aylar önce
it looks like they had a 5 year old design it, 2 braincells put that thing together, maybe an extra chromosome too
Boppy L Nabubbas
Boppy L Nabubbas 4 aylar önce
it very much is I don’t understand why they’re going through with this idea
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 4 aylar önce
​@Sunny A. ​@Sunny A. Remote play works great for me. When I am at home. I wanted a separate stand-alone device to play on an airplane or something.
TMossBoss 4 aylar önce
Bringing me back to 2005 when the PSPs released
ExTazy_Z3r0 4 aylar önce
imagine doing a portable console not portable
StarCaleb 4 aylar önce
i miss the vita and psp ;-;
e 4 aylar önce
wii u be like
Gabex42 4 aylar önce
Better than cloud switch games
atlbraves1983 4 aylar önce
Imagine calling something one thing when it was never presented as what you think it is 🤡
ice 4 aylar önce
Wii u haha
Tommy He
Tommy He 4 aylar önce
This has to be WAY much better than my current remote play solution , which is mounting the mobile phone via clamp on a dual sense controller. It only costs me $5 on top of existing devices.
𝙎𝙐𝙉𝙉𝙔! 4 aylar önce
It’s not
YoBoyMoi 4 aylar önce
If they somehow made it stream directly from the PS5 without noticeable delay this would change everything, something how the Wii U gamepad did with the Wii U
𝙎𝙐𝙉𝙉𝙔! 4 aylar önce
@YoBoyMoi what’s it changing exactly?
Francisco Jimenez Cruz
I do the same... Something is telling me (and I hope I'm wrong) they are planing to remove ps remote play from app store in order to sell this hand-held
YoBoyMoi 4 aylar önce
@We Play VR true, ig this approach is cheaper to manufacture and less risks involved with game optimization/development if they would to go the dedicated handheld route. Something tells me this is just them slowly going back into handheld but the safe route.
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 4 aylar önce
im lookin forward to the ear buds. i still think its goofy sony wont let us use OUR ear buds we already own. but the ear buds, if they sound better than the VR2's ear buds, will come in handy while using VR2. the "controller with a phone screen" thing is an oddity for me. will it be laggy since it runs off your wifi? input lag will be a huge deal and a make-or-break for it. i can see people buying it to play it when someone else is using the tv in the house for example, but i cant see use for it otherwise. neat idea. but i think PS fans would rather see a PS VITA 2 that features remote play but also has its own unique library of games to buy and play. i never had PSP or VITA and would love to buy a new version if sony would ever make one.
Aravind Vinayakan
Aravind Vinayakan 4 aylar önce
The Q better be $150 max, anything higher than that and it'll be absolutely impossible to sell. C'mon Sony, I get that it must be hard to want to try handhelds again after the Vita, but PlayStation is in a much better place in the post PS4 era. Nintendo (and Valve I guess?) has proven that people still want handhelds. The reaction to this announcement should be proof enough. You can do better than this, we all know that.
genblinko 4 aylar önce
honestly. plus, with the swarm of games incoming, people aren't gonna have money to spend on this wannabe sony product. this should've been included in a ps5 bundle or something
Sergio Ballesteros
Sergio Ballesteros 4 aylar önce
$ 150?? HA! The Dual Sens Edge costs around $ 189. This with an HD Screen? This will go around $200-225.
CensorshipTube 4 aylar önce
$250 Sony gotta have that apple Premium mystique for suckers with too much money and zero sense.
Luther T.S.
Luther T.S. 4 aylar önce
$150. That's probably less than the manufacturing price of the screen on it.
Untamed Beast
Untamed Beast 4 aylar önce
get a backbone pretty much the same and its only $95
R D 11
R D 11 4 aylar önce
very innovative, never seen before, always a step ahead of Nintendo.
Donxx120 4 aylar önce
to be fair this one might sell
Arthur Semeghini Gallo
​@Donxx120 it won't
Average Democrat
Average Democrat 3 aylar önce
This is just a the same idea of the Wii U.
_WoblyLeg_ 3 aylar önce
@Donxx120 to be honest with you it won't
The_MuffinHan 2 aylar önce
Bro this is a Wii U rip off no one can change my mind about it
John 4 aylar önce
From legendary PSP to this….monster
dumpling 4 aylar önce
Nice. The Wii Q is looking lit.
miles 4 aylar önce
i will definitely buy those PS5 earbuds 🙌🏻👏🏻🔥
Pakitorocker 4 aylar önce
Has the cost for the earbuds been revealed? Never been a fan of wearing headsets for long times (that's why I haven't bought the Pulse 3D or any other compatible headset) but I'm definitely interested in those, eardbus have always been more comfortable for me.
Shocker Aylar önce
It’s been priced at 200
SonicEcho 5
SonicEcho 5 4 aylar önce
Beyond the disappointment of it being a streaming device, it’s also weird to see that it’s literally just a DualSense with a screen jammed in the middle, rather than something compact that makes more sense to hold as a portable device.
Nettle Nite
Nettle Nite 4 aylar önce
It's a Wii U Gamepad
CensorshipTube 4 aylar önce
Sony: why design stuff our suckers err valued Customers will buy our premium quality designed products with the maximum production savings for us for a mere $250
ExTazy_Z3r0 4 aylar önce
they basically gave us what we could do with a controller and remote play
Douggames705 Aylar önce
Este com certeza irei comprar👌
REEZY 4 aylar önce
I miss the PSP 😪
호쿠사이 4 aylar önce
난 vita
Sam Chan
Sam Chan 4 aylar önce
Pspgo as well
Potolococo 4 aylar önce
Comprala si la extrañas tanto.
Piss Off
Piss Off 4 aylar önce
Ya know I have this thing called a steam deck. It plays steam games from my digital steam library, within it's capabilities. It doesn't stream them, it downloads them and has expandable memory. It also has a variety of other apps to download and enjoy.
metalgearfan 4 aylar önce
Actually kind of excited for the earbuds. Always preferred earbuds over headphones but even the higher end bluetooth earbuds out there are TRASH for PC gaming with all that delay. Excited if this actually does work well on PC with no real delay.
Sayib and Susu
Sayib and Susu 4 aylar önce
When we said we wanted a playstation portable we didn't mean a phone with a controller attached.
uk7866 4 aylar önce
The ear buds look superb!
Notorious 313
Notorious 313 4 aylar önce
I think the handheld can be a great device if commercialized with the right price. I am sure it will be able to stream from your PS5, plus it will also support streaming games from the cloud (PS Plus).
Kevin R. López Flores
Dennis Cartagena
Dennis Cartagena 4 aylar önce
Me too
Brian Medina
Brian Medina 4 aylar önce
Yeah Sony always makes a sick ear bud.
En Are
En Are 4 aylar önce
I wish it weren't only streaming games but an actual portable console that allows downloads like the PSP or PSVITA
Peoples Coronado
Peoples Coronado 4 aylar önce
Yes thank you ear buds finally but would also like to see in the future a docking headset station for charging unless there's already one
James Brincefield
James Brincefield 4 aylar önce
I’m going to try the earbuds when they release but I feel like there’s about a 75% chance I’m going to immediately regret it and just go back to my Airpod Pros.
GGMattt_ 4 aylar önce
I hate headsets as they irritate my head after a short time wearing them so I'm looking forward to getting these earbuds! I currently use some Sony earphones plugged into my controller which get a little annoying with the cable. The streaming device is okay but it would be cool to be able to download the games to the device and play on the go without needing an internet connection...
HeckmanFT7 4 aylar önce
Finally a PS5 announcement we can skip, amazing
ProGaming TV
ProGaming TV 4 aylar önce
WiiU 2: Does not exist Sony: Fine, I'll do it myself!
Ryan C
Ryan C 4 aylar önce
Those ear buds look pretty slick. Hopefully the don't cost a fortune.
Tyler Anglace
Tyler Anglace 4 aylar önce
probably between 120-200. more than pulse bcs true Bluetooth no USB. doubt they'll even work on ps5. :/
Luke Carney
Luke Carney 4 aylar önce
Oh they will. And will offer the same amount of quality as ear buds that are half the price.
j 4 aylar önce
​@Luke Carneythey'll probably charge a subscription too lol
TELEVISIBLE 4 aylar önce
​@Tyler Anglace it said it can connect at 2.4ghz wireless and Bluetooth at the same time of course it has usb dougle, ps5 has no Bluetooth audio , are you telling me they are making a PS 5 earbuds that won't work on a PS 5 ?
Dave 4 aylar önce
As long as you don't use mic, grab a USB to bluetooth adapter, it's a great investment.
Trigun*26 4 aylar önce
Gotta be honest, I would’ve been interested if the earphones had hooks or something since ear buds always keep falling out when I use them. Not only that but given these are Sony products, you can be sure you be paying that premium price for them. Same for the streaming controller.
Daniel Velkovski
Daniel Velkovski 4 aylar önce
Why not get 3rd party memory foam ear tips? My airpods never come out now not even once
Xicor Escalante
Xicor Escalante 4 aylar önce
Honestly I would really like it if this device the project Q could be a on the go type of device it makes more sense because that’s pretty much all I need.
Leuchte086 4 aylar önce
We need a new PSP
ValorKoen 3 aylar önce
I was looking into proper Remote Play options, like using a phone holder for the DualSense, which works fine. The PS BackBone was a bit of a let down, so I can’t wait! Just hope the price is reasonable enough. Sure a PSVita2 would’ve been great, but this is a nice addition for accessibility (not as a handheld competitor).
Investor9872 4 aylar önce
The Project Q looks like a few step backwards from the Playstation Vita that was released a decade ago with an OLED screen!
joel meza
joel meza 4 aylar önce
The screen is bigger then the switch oled js
Reggie Fils-Aime
Reggie Fils-Aime 4 aylar önce
@joelmeza123 why does that matter? Honestly the vita is like a peak handheld. The size of everything on it is perfect
joel meza
joel meza 3 aylar önce
@Reggie Fils-Aime if it was peak handheld it would still be here
Reggie Fils-Aime
Reggie Fils-Aime 3 aylar önce
@joel meza it's almost like things get outdated. Or companies don't want to support them anymore. And Sony has always made great sized portables. With the exception of the psp go
CrimsonW3b 4 aylar önce
Needing Wi-Fi to play games that ends up lagging or crashing might be the most dumbest idea ever
Carl Worthington
Carl Worthington 4 aylar önce
Hopefully It’ll be better than the handhelds we currently have Im looking forward to getting one.
Who Am I
Who Am I 4 aylar önce
Such a detailed game must also be matched with detailed and beautiful hardware🤨😏
Carlos JR.
Carlos JR. 3 aylar önce
Precisamos urgente de um Novo PSP Sony ,
ESH1998 4 aylar önce
Looks great! I hope we get a controller with a built in full sized keyboard as well 😊
dani_i89 4 aylar önce
No, this looks trash. Up your standards.
Terminator T-X3
Terminator T-X3 3 aylar önce
I am interested in Project Q, but scared of the price point.
AVM3798 4 aylar önce
So its basically a wii u tablet... It seems sony didn't learn from nintendo's mistake
Will Lima
Will Lima 4 aylar önce
It's even worse cause as far as I'm concerned Sony doesn't have any sort of exclusives that would make use of two screens at the same time.
AVM3798 4 aylar önce
@Will Lima true
KXVXII9X 4 aylar önce
@Will Lima AND it isn't bundled as reasonable one cost since you have to buy it separately.
BlueAizu 青
BlueAizu 青 4 aylar önce
@Will Lima I wouldn't expect them to do that anyway. With the Wii U, every console came with a GamePad so games were designed around it, but with this it's a separate accessory so not every PS5 owner's going to have one.
Will Lima
Will Lima 4 aylar önce
@BlueAizu 青 me neither, that's why I said it's worse. It's basically a probably overpriced Wii U gamepad without the fun functionality the gamepad had
Assassin863 4 aylar önce
Finally the earbuds for the Ps5 now this puts a smile on my face
Chalk0073 4 aylar önce
It would be cool if the Q also had a dreamcast VMU/ Wii U tablet 2nd screen function.
etherclip 4 aylar önce
exactly what i was thinking!
Casey Gonzalez
Casey Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
Hopefully there is some kind of function like that implemented
Mr_Valor 4 aylar önce
I think it only streams
Adrian Rios
Adrian Rios 4 aylar önce
If they come out with a second version with expandable memory to hard install games like a switch I’d get it
mimi9306 4 aylar önce
I wish it was it’s own console but I’m still excited 😆
Big Mike
Big Mike 4 aylar önce
Im just glad they got earbuds. Thats perfect
Thee Natural Heel
Thee Natural Heel 4 aylar önce
Same here, finally..
abdul malik
abdul malik 4 aylar önce
@Thee Natural Heel i dont get how it works, ps5 doesnt work with bluetooth
Natalia Torres
Natalia Torres 4 aylar önce
​@abdul malik maybe they have their own usb like the pulse 3D? 🤔
Danny Taggart
Danny Taggart 4 aylar önce
The earbuds look INCREDIBLE
dark 4 aylar önce
If the price for the earbuds are reasonable I will probably buy them since I've been looking for some.
OverClockeD_GR 4 aylar önce
150 i say :P
N1nsoka 4 aylar önce
Robin Banda
Robin Banda 4 aylar önce
@OverClockeD_GR not reasonable. I’d say £89-99
Pix_PT 4 aylar önce
Pix_PT 4 aylar önce
the main problem is that we can't test them before buying them. so we have no way of knowing how they sound until we spent the money 💀
Drope Fox
Drope Fox 4 aylar önce
Both look awesome tbh, hope they're not too expensive.
switchstuff01 Aylar önce
MBDana0 4 aylar önce
we don't like remote play we wanted a stand-alone handheld console
RP Dwreck
RP Dwreck 4 aylar önce
I want to be able to take my Project Q to a friends house and play with them on online!
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 4 aylar önce
I’ve been holding out in hopes Sony actually drops a portable system but I might as well cop my steam deck lol
Cole 96
Cole 96 4 aylar önce
Steam deck need to go on release an oled screen and im in.
Rip Me
Rip Me 4 aylar önce
Both looks great but I hope we can remove the side controls from the screen so that we can carry it easily 😊
BattleModeBainbridge 4 aylar önce
I want those earbuds for real.
Noah Gibbs
Noah Gibbs 4 aylar önce
I don’t know if I’m the only one but i kinda want the ear buds. Headsets just heard my head when wearing them for to long so these will be more comfortable
Dalton Melancon
Dalton Melancon 4 aylar önce
I wonder if the streaming will have a lag delay like the ps remote play app on IOS does or if they’ll be able to improve upon that 🤔
JameXPower 4 aylar önce
glad too see sony making wireless buds, I am absolutely them as a new PlayStation gamer. but for the handheld I am definitely not, I would get it if it was like the ps vita 2 I think u know what I mean by that
PLASMA MAN 4 aylar önce
A HD screen ? Woah 2009 vibes lets gooooooooo🎉🌈🌈🌈🌈🥸
Seeking Solutions
Seeking Solutions 4 aylar önce
I am hyped for this!
presto gameplay
presto gameplay 4 aylar önce
this is very confidence-inspiring for me, I'm sure I'll buy one when it comes out 🥰
Kazutrash 3 aylar önce
Those earbuds look pretty dope
JHX: Games Life
JHX: Games Life 4 aylar önce
Oh my goodness! I love it, it's so cool 🤤
SavageBoi 4 aylar önce
Would you pay $300 for that. It does look cool.
joel meza
joel meza 4 aylar önce
I was going to get the pulse 3D but now ill wait for the earbuds
Woopslap 4 aylar önce
They really made the Wii U
Jack H
Jack H 4 aylar önce
Handheld aside, the case for the ps earbuds looks like a tiny ps5 and its kinda adorable.
Nazo- kage
Nazo- kage 4 aylar önce
This has basically been some thing that I felt PlayStation needed to do if not this consul generation, then the next. (they also need to fix the backwards compatibility issues, but one miracle at a time)
Thatonedudewhosthere 4 aylar önce
What bc issues?
Nazo- kage
Nazo- kage 4 aylar önce
@Thatonedudewhosthere basically if nothing else, they couldn’t make an attachment for the PS5 (or 6) It’s basically if you’re on the disc, you can pop it into the consul and play it.
starsandcats17 4 aylar önce
​@Thatonedudewhostherethe streaming of PS3 games
MSZ Gaming
MSZ Gaming 4 aylar önce
The wireless controller is the greatest ive ever seen
Eder Lopez
Eder Lopez 4 aylar önce
Necesito esos audífonos yaa!! 😮
Speeder Light
Speeder Light 4 aylar önce
I was hoping this would be a psp but for the ps5 😭
Ali Shuja
Ali Shuja 4 aylar önce
How could they possibly fit a ps5 in your hands without severe compromise?
Rami Naja
Rami Naja 4 aylar önce
@Ali Shuja steam deck can play demanding games fine
Ali Shuja
Ali Shuja 4 aylar önce
@Rami Naja Which would cost more than the console itself. An absolute asinine business move guaranteed to flop. It's not feasible and you know it.
Epoch Won
Epoch Won 4 aylar önce
@Ali Shuja Last I checked the Steam Deck was cheaper than a ps5
CruxisDango 4 aylar önce
This could be amazing if you guys do a low latency type of streaming like the Wii U tablet did. It’s the only streaming that ever felt great
Joker1904 4 aylar önce
I will get this later this year as yeah people will laugh at it because it’s not a fully fledged handheld but it will definitely come in handy especially in my house…
elPajolero 4 aylar önce
The "handheld" looks like something you could get off Aliexpress for like 12 bucks.
LilMoy RTrap
LilMoy RTrap 4 aylar önce
Me gustaron esos audífonos espero tenerlos pronto🍀✨
iTz_D3MON1O- X
iTz_D3MON1O- X 4 aylar önce
Sabes cuando salen y tiene el sonido 3d como los cascos ? No se ingles 😅
 JXJ 2.0
JXJ 2.0 4 aylar önce
Now I hope there's one thing that they'll finally do that they'll finally do someday again maybe Samsung maybe the PlayStation should work out on phone devices for Samsung as well cross my fingers because if they do then that's great
James Levy
James Levy 4 aylar önce
I hope that device will come in Midnight Black.
uzi clip
uzi clip 4 aylar önce
What we really need is more games with mouse and keyboard support. Most games don't even have deadzone and threshold settings for controllers. At least for single player/co-op games.
ChepuFlay 4 aylar önce
La pantalla 2 cm arriba o 3cm y seria un modelo mucho mas comodo, tenindo en cuenta la comodidad de los brazos al jugar y la dirección de los ojos al jugar, siempre miras por arriba de nuestras manos no por debajo, seria un lujo tener la pantalla mas arriba tambien seria mas comodo
MAI 4 aylar önce
O al menos haber agregado un sistema para regularlo, que piensas? Poder subirla o bajarla según tu comodidad
ChepuFlay 4 aylar önce
@MAI Eso seria aun mejor ciertamente
NOTDARK-_- 4 aylar önce
Honsetly those ear buds is honestly pretty 🔥
hector delgadillo
hector delgadillo 4 aylar önce
We want a new psvita not a streaming device that we can literally get anywhere
Gvnady 4 aylar önce
i miss those old days of psp and vita, it was ahead of its time huh
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