Playing in the OFFICIAL NBA ALL STAR Skills Challenge + 3PT Contest 2020

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I got to play in the NBA 3 point contest and skills challenge! I also got to judge the NBA All Star 2020 Dunk contest rehearsal! - tune into allstar Saturday night on TNT 8pm ET. #NBAallstar ►

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14 Feb 2020




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Beckett Shaw
Beckett Shaw 2 gün önce
10:39 the dude in back😂😂
Marcello Koja
Marcello Koja 3 gün önce
GoodBoy Raxe
GoodBoy Raxe 4 gün önce
Still Cant Believe he did more better than Trae Young...🤣
DriII Wizard
DriII Wizard 6 gün önce
12:31 of course Dwyane Wade gave it a 9 😂
Michael Oliveira
Michael Oliveira 6 gün önce
Chris Staples is filthy, did he play college ball?
Ralph Lim
Ralph Lim 7 gün önce
Wait I thought you were Bam Adebayo but why did Kris became Bam in the 2nd round? Anybody notice that?
Ethan’s Chance
Ethan’s Chance 8 gün önce
Do you see this coat
faze faze mello jjj
faze faze mello jjj 8 gün önce
The ones that roast him is the South shore drill team
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly 8 gün önce
10:33 predicted the future
Best songs Sports
Best songs Sports 8 gün önce
Jimmy C
Jimmy C 9 gün önce
Jesser did better than Trae young
Zuhayer Shadman Khan
Zuhayer Shadman Khan 10 gün önce
Even fake DWade hates fake Gordon too wtf
RealNoahAshton 7
RealNoahAshton 7 10 gün önce
Um you didn’t make the mnt dew ball thooo
Luthbrok Ragnar
Luthbrok Ragnar 10 gün önce
It’s funny dwade gave a 10 a 9 too
Diego A
Diego A 10 gün önce
Yo the real Derrick Jones jr did all the dunks that the guy as Aaron Gordon did
PeytonFN 10 gün önce
Hush 🤫
Bernard Watson III
Bernard Watson III 10 gün önce
When Aaron Gordon got robbed in the final round in this and in real life
OGC GODLY 10 gün önce
Jesse did better than trae young 😳
ttv btw
ttv btw 10 gün önce
Dami mo alam
Kayy Bxnds
Kayy Bxnds 10 gün önce
Jesser mad fat and slow
Daniel Larkin
Daniel Larkin 10 gün önce
Why does his camara keep on going in and out
Lennox St Pierre
Lennox St Pierre 10 gün önce
Jesser: I hit the Mountain Dew shot Comments: You didn’t hit the shot tho
Gianluca Serafini
Gianluca Serafini 10 gün önce
ure jump is the slowest in the world😂
Joeyy -
Joeyy - 11 gün önce
he didnt hit his mountain dew ball tho
zac4three 11 gün önce
Crowd is invisible
Trevor Anderson
Trevor Anderson 11 gün önce
Jesser shoots so slow
tbbaxter 11 gün önce
ball rotation on your shot is whack
Cam’Ron North-Rugel
Cam’Ron North-Rugel 11 gün önce
When will Jesser get a girlfriend?
Jayswag 123
Jayswag 123 11 gün önce
So Bam won and Jesser filled in for Bam 🐐
Joe Corbo
Joe Corbo 11 gün önce
12:29 watching this now it’s kinda ironic that the dude that voted 9 was acting as d wade
Cam Pico
Cam Pico 11 gün önce
Anyone watching this after buddy heild hit the last shot for the 3 point contest
KineticHippo 11 gün önce
My man did not hit the mountain dew shot
Unknown ?
Unknown ? 11 gün önce
At least he did better than Trae Young .........👌
Snorkel Egg
Snorkel Egg 11 gün önce
My second fav yt josh horton
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 11 gün önce
I counted he had 15 pts that first round smh at the announcer lol but Jesser did pretty good considering his form is terrible and he's putting sidespin on the ball somehow
flatbed freestyle by playboicarti
12:32 really aged well....
Nlmb Jmoney
Nlmb Jmoney 11 gün önce
4:45 to save you some time
DA 458
DA 458 11 gün önce
nlmbmarcus- 11 gün önce
kessler shoot so damn slow
RMP Crew
RMP Crew 11 gün önce
12:31 DWade robbed AG, same thing happened in the dunk Contest
FlareXD K
FlareXD K 11 gün önce
Ayyy I love dame
K1NGGAM3R31 11 gün önce
LMAO they foreshadowed dwade giving a 9💀💀
K1NGGAM3R31 11 gün önce
Who was the Aaron Gordon guy
Used Burrito
Used Burrito 11 gün önce
How did Jesse do better than trae young lmao
Pat Ws
Pat Ws 11 gün önce
Whos here after AG got robbed hardddd
chickadee1035 11 gün önce
It’s kinda obvious why Chris staples got Aaron Gordon
Brittany Z
Brittany Z 11 gün önce
Jesser is trash at that 3 point contest
Brandon 714
Brandon 714 12 gün önce
Anyone one else notice that Dwayne wade gave Aaron Gordon a 9 on here too😂. Was it planned the whole time?
Dark Nemesis
Dark Nemesis 10 gün önce
steph goat
steph goat 12 gün önce
Cant believe jesser made more threes than trae😂
Cowh23 12 gün önce
Dude wut a small coincidence Aaron Gordon dunked over tacko fall 7 feet 6 and here he jumped over Kris 6 feet 10
Minariii 12 gün önce
12:31 well that look somewhat familliar
luke g
luke g 12 gün önce
Hield and Jass ftw on the last shots
Lil Ghosst
Lil Ghosst 12 gün önce
Just listened to Tight Road by Lil Ghosst that shit was hard ASF
Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt 12 gün önce
They seriously predicted all star weekend
ATIT PATEL 12 gün önce
Chris won 2!
ATIT PATEL 12 gün önce
Isn’t it great when your 31 miles away from famous people but you can’t talk to or see them.
mAveN_tHe_tEchiE 12 gün önce
Is that the one guy from slamma jamma movie
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 12 gün önce
Still did better than tre young in the 1st round
McCoy Miller
McCoy Miller 12 gün önce
Jesser: I gonna be bam Adebayo Me: He won the skills challenges
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 12 gün önce
Why is Canada not an option to buy some merch to
Gaven Strong
Gaven Strong 12 gün önce
Jesser bro you slow
Hdog 5
Hdog 5 12 gün önce
did better than Trae Young