Playing a 72 Hr Game of Tag Across Europe - Ep 4

Jet Lag: The Game
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Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Motion graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess, Max Moser
Audio by Graham Haerther, Donovan Bullen, Henry Ariza
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster

The production has offset 10x its estimated carbon impact through a cookstove replacement program in China certified by the Gold Standard: registry.goldstandard.org/cre...



4 Eki 2022




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TeFax Aylar önce
Love how the delay actually helped Ben because it masked the real departure time of his train 😂
E 3 gün önce
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mrSquid100 Aylar önce
like "he must be doing challenges lets go through the shops was so clutch for him
speedchess Aylar önce
@SoggyCan I don't believe it. I spoiled the next episode without even watching it
speedchess Aylar önce
@SoggyCan nah i was just joking, some people took it srsly lol
SoggyCan Aylar önce
@speedchess thank god i didnt watch this video right when it was posted
Archie Johnston
Archie Johnston Aylar önce
Sam and Adam - ‘He’s playing mind games, he’s gaming the timetables, we’re playing 4D chess, there’s too many variables!!’ Ben - ‘European towns are so pretty’
E 3 gün önce
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KRS_LP Aylar önce
@Vigilant Cosmic Penguin the real treasure is the scenery you saw along the way
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
I think the most important part of the game is appreciating the scenery. It's not going to affect who wins, but I think it's what really matters.
default Aylar önce
tbf they are
Mordechai Wolkenbruch
I love how Ben outsmarts Adam and Sam by being dumber xD
E 3 gün önce
E‎ ‎ ‎
Koolkid Good
Koolkid Good 15 gün önce
But his strat is pretty good tho
Minimonis Jimin
Minimonis Jimin Aylar önce
Honestly the word "dumber" is pretty uncalled for in this context, even if its 'just a joke'. He's by himself, in a completely different country where he doesn't speak the language while also being under pressure. The same thing would happen to lots of people
Georg Kour
Georg Kour Aylar önce
ikr lmaoo
rvjtnermnxb Aylar önce
Stumptdragon5 Aylar önce
After this is over, you HAVE to do this again. It's so fun to watch
E 3 gün önce
E‎ ‎
Rovil 10 gün önce
yeah this time in asia
Bea TM
Bea TM 15 gün önce
I'd be curious about a less distance version, but they're not allowed to use trains
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer Aylar önce
ganyusbiggestfan Aylar önce
they should do it in eastern europe next, the trains will be tough there
Arif Hossain
Arif Hossain Aylar önce
it took an incredible amount of internal strength to not name this series "Geo-tag"
E 3 gün önce
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JC tube
JC tube 27 gün önce
They could’ve just named it “Tag, Eur-It!” As referenced to the thumbnail of part 1.
mrSquid100 Aylar önce
@Péter Vazinay yeah i really get that vibe with all that predicting-where-the-runner-will-go shit
Skyquaky Aylar önce
@OMYgoodyneYT yes
OMYgoodyneYT Aylar önce
Andrew Aylar önce
The most painful part for me was looking up all of the supermarkets in Saint-Quentin on Google Maps where Ben could have bought profiteroles and seeing the Lidl 3 minutes from the station that he could have gone to instead of vetoing the card. It worked out for him in the end, but he gave up too quickly.
E 3 gün önce
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Dahaka 4444
Dahaka 4444 14 gün önce
@Kristian Hansen Well, people loved Kenny in Kenny VS Spenny whet it aired
Dahaka 4444
Dahaka 4444 14 gün önce
@Bea TM Can you really be sure that THEY are not doing that?
Bea TM
Bea TM 15 gün önce
@Dahaka 4444 that's why you are not playing the game
Bob Hurren
Bob Hurren Aylar önce
There was a Monoprix right behind him as he pulled the card!!!!
Octofinite Aylar önce
Ben has insane population guessing skill!
Bea TM
Bea TM 15 gün önce
I guessed 60k as well, but i had the advantage of seeing Sam's mess up earlier
Phoenix Aylar önce
And so we meet again, Octofinite...
GavinGaming ☻
GavinGaming ☻ Aylar önce
@don't be surprised I don’t need to know how to cook a thing
DrDewott Aylar önce
I mean guessing populations here in Europe often isn't that hard, like you can tell on a town and the number of shops and the kind of density and urban design of its centre and bits around it what kinda size it is.
Shrum Rii
Shrum Rii Aylar önce
@Christian Herberth r u high
Average Joe Films
Average Joe Films Aylar önce
I love this show so much. It’s become a part of my Wednesday routine
DEV 11 gün önce
B Z Aylar önce
omg same, me and my friends run home on Wednesday to watch XD
Private Confidential
I absolutely agree
Carlos182 Aylar önce
this show is amazing!
hucklebucklin Aylar önce
I'm literally excited all day at work for it hahahhahaha
jspihlman Aylar önce
Ben's strategy of taking trains to smaller towns seems to be paying off.
Zach Green
Zach Green Aylar önce
@K I also interpreted "wait period" as "rest period," which I think is where the problem lies. I agree that they can track during the initial 45 minute period after the new runner takes off.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Yeah, that's such a simple strategy but it makes the game so much more complex.
K Aylar önce
@Zach Green Seriously? It clearly shows them predicting where the runner is going during that time in order to cut them off
Zach Green
Zach Green Aylar önce
@K Can they really? I didn't realize that.
K Aylar önce
The problem is they can track through the entire wait period. All pressure is on the runner. They should only have the last 5-10 minutes to track and plan. They can plan every possible route when the runner can't
Leduncano Aylar önce
I love how every “disadvantage” is always an advantage
DanDann Aylar önce
@Leducano life lessons. but also, Lol @Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson Aylar önce
like when Adam couldn't use his phone?
Sebbir Aylar önce
Except for the squads. His legs must be burning while running around europe
Cedonia Peterson
Cedonia Peterson Aylar önce
Pro tip for next time: you definitely could have found that dessert in a grocery store!
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Maybe he just has standards.
Shrum Rii
Shrum Rii Aylar önce
@Florian Basier lolol who cares about the quality of the dessert when all u care about is coins
the roy boy
the roy boy Aylar önce
preety sure the 2nd card was better
Cedonia Peterson
Cedonia Peterson Aylar önce
@Florian Basier I mean it beats a veto, I wouldn’t recommend it as your first shot lol.
J Aylar önce
Noah Royale
Noah Royale Aylar önce
Ben’s blind luck is top tier content lol
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
This series is absolutely great, I've never seen anything like it before,. You guys should have so many more subscribers.
Crevulus Aylar önce
There no shows on TRvid, on other streaming services, or on TV that I anticipate more eagerly than this one.
Zilvarro Aylar önce
I discovered the channel last week and immediately proceeded to binge-watch all of the previous seasons 😅
saraa_bunn! Aylar önce
@Angel Gonzalez FR
Hans Hyttinen
Hans Hyttinen Aylar önce
It's the Not-So-Amazing Race that we wanted in the first place.
Jared Costello
Jared Costello Aylar önce
@DarkBrave that and real life lores modern conflicts series
DarkBrave Aylar önce
@Jared Costello It's literally like one of two reasons I subscribed to Nebula.
Mujtaba Zafar
Mujtaba Zafar Aylar önce
Sam’s brilliant knowledge of trains is massively offset by his overthinking
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
when Adan realized Ben was going north, we all felt that.
Kaylee LaBeouf
Kaylee LaBeouf Aylar önce
You could see the adrenaline rush go through Ben’s body when he got that population card right. Just pure elation
K W Aylar önce
Nice to see him with a big smile and having fun!
Kaylee LaBeouf
Kaylee LaBeouf Aylar önce
@Shrum Rii he really did!
Shrum Rii
Shrum Rii Aylar önce
He took a big risk and it paid off huge in the end! LFG #TeamBen
Alessio Zinna
Alessio Zinna Aylar önce
Im being 100% honest when i say this, Jet Lag is the best channel on youtube right now, you guys are living the dream, i really want to play these games one day with a group of friends it seems so damn fun. thank you guys for making such amazing content
Siddhant RS
Siddhant RS 15 gün önce
If the city is like completely unknown and way more chaotic like umm Delhi or Singapore it could be way more intresting
Gabriel Straus
Gabriel Straus Aylar önce
@Steinchen drei von und zu vierzig Tom Scott did something similar on his second channel (Tom Scott+)
Chris Hockman
Chris Hockman Aylar önce
@Steinchen drei von und zu vierzig my friends did this in Sydney when we were teenagers. We also wanted to go for the record for fastest through the network
Marvin Schmoll
Marvin Schmoll Aylar önce
@Alessio Zinna There is actually a company called "Eurail" (or "Interrail" if you are from the EU). For around 200$ (or 200€) you can get a pass that allows you to take pretty much any train within Europe. The only thing you need to pay extra are reservations on some high speed rail and some local transport if the local transport company does not partner with Eurail/Interrail.
Alessio Zinna
Alessio Zinna Aylar önce
@Steinchen drei von und zu vierzig thats a really good idea actually, much more budget friendly
Rinkeli Aylar önce
It is funny, how the delay actually helped Ben!
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter Aylar önce
We are sitting here absolutely loving that part!
Hhannahh Aylar önce
Yeah I think they help by making it less obvious what's happened
don't be surprised
don't be surprised Aylar önce
Here is the full clip : thank me later trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
MrZorx Pog Man
MrZorx Pog Man Aylar önce
So excited for this! This is your best series yet imo.
MasterQuestMaster Aylar önce
I think so too! It’s so intense!
don't be surprised
don't be surprised Aylar önce
Here is the full clip : thank me later trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
Robbo 13
Robbo 13 Aylar önce
This must be the first time in history that a delayed train has actually helped someone Also Ben getting the population guess that close is brilliant!
Keveloper Aylar önce
@Alexey Stulevich Yeah I feel that way too. 60k was my guess for the previous episode where population count game up, but the answer was a few hundred over 75,000.
Alexey Stulevich
Alexey Stulevich Aylar önce
I think the pop guess was overall mathematically more reliable. its not a big city, it wont have huge numbers, and 60k is just in the middle, which covers smaller and bigger pipulations of small towns.. Looks like luck, but I feel like its math sense B)
Noé Fillon
Noé Fillon Aylar önce
If you are late to show up at the station it can help you. I'm sure it already helped a lot of people
Fluffiddy Aylar önce
This episode was literally “A fool is sometimes harder to read than a wise man.”
Ryan Sims
Ryan Sims Aylar önce
i like how ben just randomly took a guess at the population and nailed it and the other dude who tried to researched it missed by a mile
Bròccoli Aylar önce
More of an educated guess, he knew it was a small-ish town because that's what he selected from the train station in the first place, as per his new strategy.
Jake Aylar önce
i cannot overemphasize how much i am on team ben after watching this. he is a treasure and he must win.
Michael Argent
Michael Argent Aylar önce
20:02 "It's like three levels of game theory." Trouble is Ben is only operating on one level of game theory!
Chokyo Aylar önce
Would love to see a Scandinavia/Northern Europe version of this series!
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw
Yes, but defo stay in Europe. A series like this would never work in America, lol.
Chokyo Aylar önce
@soap_bubbles yeah. more areas in Europe would be great
soap_bubbles Aylar önce
or easten europe or balkan or adejkwdkwjdwiefwe
Neil Aylar önce
I love how Ben says "I'm not that smart," proceeds to do super-dumb thing (get on the train that Adam & Sam should have been arriving on), and makes a stunning escape because of it.
DrDewott Aylar önce
Yeah this is some 5D chess with multiverse and time travel level stuff!
Yugank Gupta
Yugank Gupta Aylar önce
Ben's first run was a bust but the second one is really showing how he learnt n is now playing smart . I guess all the Bad luck of going first is now paying back with good luck
Banana ARMY - Roblox and Among Us
this is the best series ever, i hope you guys never stop!
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
This would have been SOOO much better starting is Switzerland, one person ending in Italy, one in Germany and one in France!
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
This would have been SOOO much better starting is Switzerland, one person ending in Italy, one in Germany and one in France!
Emgua G
Emgua G Aylar önce
@Johan Soons the fuck
Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr Aylar önce
@Johan Soons ok buddy
Johan Soons
Johan Soons Aylar önce
evrything stops at some point, so.... what u are asking, is surrealistic. at some point we all die :D
minecrafter0505 Aylar önce
I love this tag game. And with trains it's much more exciting than the flying challenges (and less bad for the climate, too!). Would love to see more seasons of this, maybe even with more teams.
Eff bar
Eff bar Aylar önce
@Jacob Hinger yea
Jacob Hinger
Jacob Hinger Aylar önce
@Eff bar Which is why they don't use private jets
Eff bar
Eff bar Aylar önce
Private jets are much worse
Fraser Davidson
Fraser Davidson Aylar önce
Huh? The flights would operate whether the JetLag boys were onboard or not. The increase of pollution as a result of their, I dunno, 300lbs of bodies and gear per team is infinitesimally small.
Eff bar
Eff bar Aylar önce
@minecrafter0505 they made a video on thag
hucklebucklin Aylar önce
Ben is just the most relaxed man on Earth if he was running from the law he would be as chill
Gautam Borchetiya
Gautam Borchetiya Aylar önce
Absolutely loving this series. I think you guys should try doing something like this in South/South-east Asia. You'd not have consistent network coverage, most of the online time tables would be ridiculously inaccurate and nothing would ever leave on time. That would definitely add to the fun 😂😂😂
GladeGaming Aylar önce
My suggestion: When a player gains coins, don’t use the same noise as when they lose coins. Use a low to high pitch effect. P.S. I love your show.
Julian Portes
Julian Portes Aylar önce
This has been the best parody of the game tag I've seen in a while but one change I think would make it fairer is the taggers not being able to see the runner's location during the 45 min the runner has to run. you can check trains and all that stuff but they can't check the runner's location, but other than that, This is really fun to watch.
Klaus Fuchs
Klaus Fuchs Aylar önce
was too lazy to write my own comment, so I just searched yours ! :)
Function Aylar önce
when Adan realized Ben was going north, we all felt that.
Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions Aylar önce
@Joseph Carter at first i loved Sam but after watching the previous cities i'm always rooting against his big brain plays
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter Aylar önce
Yeah, but let's face it: We're all rooting for Adam and Ben… Sam's too damned smart about this travel stuff.
Itz The R3
Itz The R3 Aylar önce
KitTheKat Aylar önce
I love this series! The editing is perfect, the game is awesome to watch, the suspence is intense... Thanks for making Jet Lag, guys!
Andrea Nari
Andrea Nari Aylar önce
OMG What a wild move by Ben! Powerup + Very accurate guess of the population!
Pozut Aylar önce
#TEAMBEN Also it would've been much better for them to go all the way to Brussels either way as it would give them a bit of a net to potentially catch him with when crossing around Belgium.
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo Aylar önce
I'm surprised no one has used the biking option yet. You could bike next to the train tracks to make the chasers think you are on a train, then once they get on choose a different route.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Aylar önce
Great work, one suggestion. I don't think the chasers should be able to follow the runner's location until the 45min lead time is up. They get to formulate a plan while watching them run away. Kinda unfair in my opinion. :)
TrashGamerYT Aylar önce
"Kinda unfair in my oppinion" 🤓🤓🤓
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) Aylar önce
@Boarbot 78 Gare du Nord, since you ask.
Brandon Lagaert // KAIHO
@John Snow They stop playing at 20:00 so not really possible to get the last bus/train that early.
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
I lost my phone at Gare du Nord! Ik that’s not how you spell it.
John Snow
John Snow Aylar önce
@Todd Fayne the only way to "outsmart" the chaser is going somewhere that has few and infrequent connections, or taking the last train/bus/ferry of the day
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
You know what? I've decided that Ben is my favorite. I'm rooting for Team Ben.
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Mentum Aylar önce
I really think this is you best series yet, just because there are so many more tense moments than there were in Jet Lag for example
Holy.Chris Aylar önce
7:45 Even I - a native French speaker - am not sure if the announcement really was in French 😂
Holy.Chris Aylar önce
@Lannoy Louise What, maintenant que tu me l'as dit j'entends que ça c'est limpide ! C'est comme les hallucinations auditives dans les chansons, une fois qu'on te le dit tu entends que ça, sauf que là on a obtenu les vraies paroles merci 😂
Lannoy Louise
Lannoy Louise Aylar önce
"(...)sont effectué(e)s sur un quai et à l'arrêt. Ne tentez en aucun cas de descendre lorsque le train est en mouvement." Mais j'ai dû écouter plusieurs fois pour comprendre ...
Jeremie Lefebvre
Jeremie Lefebvre Aylar önce
Same for me. Maybe the audio is just bad.
Gregory B
Gregory B Aylar önce
Ben is so chill and relaxed as a runner, its so fun
Codem Aylar önce
Each week I always forget this series exists and each week I'm pleasantly surprised with a new episode
Lin-z Chang
Lin-z Chang Aylar önce
OMG I just realized Profiterole is not what they call it in French, in France it is chou a la creme. I wonder if Ben could have gotten them from the pastry shop if he asked for it using that name
Emiryon Aylar önce
Hi ! I can add some context on this as a French person : actually Profiterole do exist in France, and we use the name. In a culinary point of vue Chou a la crème and Profiterole are in theory the same thing. But in practice when you see Profiterole in a restaurant menu it is usually has a vanilla ice cream filling and chocolate syrup as a topping. It is less common to see the name Chou a la crème in restaurant menu (more common in bakeries or pastry shops) and in that case it will always be with custard or other type of cream as filling and without chocolate syrup.
Jeremie Lefebvre
Jeremie Lefebvre Aylar önce
Yes, we call it Profiterole in French, and I think that someone working in a pastry shop would have known that a chou à la creme and a profiterole are the same thing.
PokemonMaster007 Aylar önce
That impromptu Nebula drop from Sam mid-video was smooth.
AM Aylar önce
I really think the strat for this would be to spam the "double value" power up waaay more, especially early on. They didn't use it even when they were just trying to farm coins
AM Aylar önce
@qwerty112311 most challenges are meant to be a time tax more than a veto risk, especially if you're in a large city where you have access to a variety of shops/restaurants/all the other things challenges are based on. Plus, that bonus is basically free money if you draw a curse card.
qwerty112311 Aylar önce
Unless you know they aren’t behind you it’s a big risk. Risking one hour not being able to do anything other than walk is a big deterrent.
nitasu987 Aylar önce
I just wanna see a tracker of everyone's paths so far I bet it's crazy
Fortzon Aylar önce
Ben was so unlucky with the delay yet so lucky because that delay masked his real departure time because when Sam was looking for possible departures, Ben's train had technically already left 20 minutes ago! 😂
Webster Aylar önce
This channel is incredible man, the commitment and dedication that they have I am surprised you aren’t at a million yet!!
Bernd Beispielmensch
Depending on the rules, getting a Berliner in Germany might be impossible. You can get them in almost every bakery shop, but only in some regions as "Berliner". There are many other names in different regions.
SuperSonic486 Aylar önce
I simply have to check every card, and well, it turns out that dessert card is a bit whacky. Stroopwafels are never a dessert, theyre at most a light snack. Dont really think theres anything close to a national dessert in NL tho.
I Am A Person
I Am A Person Aylar önce
The editor emphasising the fact that Sam and Adam got the wrong wrote in mind is really funny! Thanks editor. 🤣
Autumn Brooke
Autumn Brooke Aylar önce
Came for John Green, stayed for the train adventure
Stephen Malacaria
Stephen Malacaria Aylar önce
Conspiracy theory: Sam intentionally threw in order to delay Ben’s capture until a more strategically-advantageous position for himself to depart from. I say he knew where Ben was going but played dumb in front of Adam.
Taryth Aylar önce
This series is really amazing with all the suspense, and strategy. In the future, I think the players will get better at determining outcomes due to things like veto periods. I think an interesting variation would be if the chasers can split up. It would allow the chasers to cover multiple options, but also potentially allow the new runner to get a bigger head start.
Homelander Aylar önce
This series is so exciting I almost bought nebula just to see the next episode but I remembered I’m broke as fuck so yeah enjoying the series a lot though.
Remo Cagliesi
Remo Cagliesi Aylar önce
Im so excited when someone comes to Germany. It’s going to be so hard to predict all the train lates and cancelations 😂
Yaakov Waxman
Yaakov Waxman Aylar önce
Suggestion: Please add a marker to show scale when it shows the map. Sometimes its hard to tell if they're traveling 10 miles or 100 miles
all1357 Aylar önce
You would think they would preemptively look up the population of whatever city they were visiting just in case. They had the time on the trains.
Seba Aylar önce
This series honestly just makes my wednesdays better, thanks!
Florian Basier
Florian Basier Aylar önce
I was trying to remember the P-destinations from Gare du Nord and thought you would end up in Pontoise. Persan-Beaumont is even worse. I grew up there. That's the closest thing to Iowa that Ile-de-France has to offer.
xeladas Aylar önce
I wonder what would have needed to be eaten if the dessert challenge was pulled in Luxembourg? Do they have a national dessert?
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor Aylar önce
On the basis of 30 seconds' research, possibly plum tart.
Avery the Cuban-American
When you know nothing about Saint-Quentin and its canal Ben crossed: 😄 When you do: 💀 Quite a pivotal battle happened there in 1918 where over 13K Americans, 2,500 Aussies, and 8,800 Britons died fighting the Germans on the Hindenburg Line. Eventually the Allies would be victorious in the battle and take in 36K Germans as prisoners of war. Which was enough evidence to German command that Germany's hope has run out
d6d6d6d61 Aylar önce
This series is so fun, Go BEN!
steelersuniversity 26 gün önce
Dude the editing makes this feel like a TV show! This is amazing!
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
I love this show so much. It’s become a part of my Wednesday routine
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
I love this show so much. It’s become a part of my Wednesday routine
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
I love this show so much. It’s become a part of my Wednesday routine
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
I love this show so much. It’s become a part of my Wednesday routine
Meteor PhaZe
Meteor PhaZe Aylar önce
I just started watching your channel a few days ago... love the unique content you make, exactly what I needed!
duck man
duck man Aylar önce
Ivy Brown
Ivy Brown Aylar önce
Isaac Dupras
Isaac Dupras Aylar önce
i love how there keeps being situations that should theoretically put the runner at a massive disadvantage, yet they do the exact opposite of that
Chokyo Aylar önce
Love this series and the other series on this channel. So well made
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
Love how the delay actually helped Ben because it masked the real departure time of his train 😂
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
Love how the delay actually helped Ben because it masked the real departure time of his train 😂
ᆞGalliumG Aylar önce
I love they the delays and setbacks have been the most effective at helping them
Smixen Aylar önce
Honestly, best episode yet. The anticipation of Ben’s decision really built tension.
Salla Salokannel
Salla Salokannel Aylar önce
I love this series. Keep it up!
AvGeek3 Aylar önce
I can proudly say this is the channel I get most hyped with when a new video come out.
ylr Aylar önce
Ben: “I don’t know what she said but I hope it was something like” Ben again: “weereee goinggg, I hope in French that means werrrree heading outtttt” Ben once again: “we’re not?”
Bròccoli Aylar önce
I'm a native speaker and I still don't know what she said. It was incomprehensible to me.
Mathieu Patureau
Mathieu Patureau Aylar önce
The editing work on this series ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
This series is absolutely great, I've never seen anything like it before,. You guys should have so many more subscribers.
Ahimtar HoN
Ahimtar HoN Aylar önce
Definitely the best of the jet lag series so far!
Francesco C.
Francesco C. 2 gün önce
Sam and Adam are so stressed MEANWHILE Ben: "Okay little gameplay update. I got a little Pan au Chocolat" ahahhahhaha Cracked me up
FrenchCountryball Aylar önce
As a french person, I am very pleased that Ben finds our small french towns beautiful :D
Private Confidential
I've actually traveled all over France when I was 10. Cant remember everything but all I can say is that the north has amazingly beautiful nature.
Ryan Meade
Ryan Meade Aylar önce
14:45 I love how the footage is cut before he finishes
Kossaro Croft
Kossaro Croft Aylar önce
Finally some delay ! I was worried about SNCF being on time for three whole videos, seems a lot to me
David Hunt
David Hunt Aylar önce
Literally wishing it was next week so I could watch episode 6. The suspense!!
Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson Aylar önce
it was a joke guys, just like Nubulatron
David Hunt
David Hunt Aylar önce
Noticed I said “so I can see episode 6?” Yeah I have nebula. Episode 5 is up there right now and we’re commenting on episode 4
odod Aylar önce
@Tim Nelson a year
NaPeng Aylar önce
@Daniel Myhre 14.99
Daniel Myhre
Daniel Myhre Aylar önce
@Tim Nelson $150 a month? They better ship me a Ferrari for that price.
LionHeartSamy Aylar önce
Love to see Ben finally get a lucky break after being thoroughly screwed right off the gate LOL. The cheery music is just the cherry off the top of the cake and makes this much better (and also the first time I noticed the music LOL)
Sarah Waller
Sarah Waller Aylar önce
Go Ben! This was a fantastic episode.
Kevin Morrow Jr.
Kevin Morrow Jr. Aylar önce
Should have a rule that the chasers can't look at the location of the runner on the 1hr grace period
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
So excited for this! This is your best series yet imo.
Eliouz Aylar önce
16:00 - French here, you could probably get some Profiteroles in any supermarket big enough to have a dessert section
Bristol Adley
Bristol Adley Aylar önce
I love how every “disadvantage” is always an advantage
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Ben Aylar önce
Haha I love this show!!! Also would love a timer until the time is up at beginning and end of video
Cy Cy The Puzzles Guy
I love this channel so much. Its becoming a part of my calender on Wednesday evening.
Passport Two
Passport Two Aylar önce
Along with Colin Furze‘s tunnel dig, this is my absolute favorite content coming out on TRvid atm! Keep it up!
Mika B.
Mika B. Aylar önce
AAHH I can't wait to watch the next episode!! It seems like it's all going according to Ben's plan!
Alonso Kymani
Alonso Kymani Aylar önce
46:27* Lets just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?* It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that
Chi-Ha-Tan-Hungary 9 gün önce
@Wendy S It's a bot Same with its first reply lol A bot trying to scam a bot...
Wendy S
Wendy S Aylar önce
Bro they are men
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Dan Holubar
Dan Holubar Aylar önce
They definitely should try using coaches like flixbus/ouibus/national express/megabus, or even hitchhike, or bla bla car. Basically anything that's not on Google maps. Think that would give them an edge.
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