PINK GLASSES (A YouTube Exclusive)

Randy Rainbow
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The Randy Rainbow Show: "PINK GLASSES"
Executive Producer Randy Rainbow
Producer Victoria Varela
Producer Michael J. Moritz Jr.
Producer Jesse Kissel

Composed by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Randy Rainbow
From Randy's first full-length studio album A LITTLE BRAINS, A LITTLE TALENT (Broadway Records)
Get the album (including "PINK GLASSES") here: www.amazon.com/Little-Brains-...

Song Produced, Orchestrated, Mixed, Mastered By Michael J Moritz Jr @michaeljmoritz
Vocal Arrangement: Jesse Kissel
Piano, Synths, Orchestral - Michael J Moritz Jr
Bass- Adam DeAscentis
Drums - Tom Jorgensen
Percussion: Damon Grant
Sax - Ryan Saranich
Flute, Clarinet - Josh Plotner
Trumpet - James Canty
Trombone - Lucas Hullet
Engineer:Jakob Reinhardt


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Kick off summer with a li'l break from politics!




22 May 2022




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Daniel Okarma
Daniel Okarma Aylar önce
Anyone who wasn't smiling ear to ear while watching that has a cold, dead heart. *applause* LOVE THIS!!!!
Karen Mahoney
Karen Mahoney 29 gün önce
I totally agree
Elizabeth Musso
Elizabeth Musso Aylar önce
I realized I had a smile on my face the whole song. Still smiling! 🤓
Kathleen Ryan
Kathleen Ryan Aylar önce
Shawna Burt
Shawna Burt Aylar önce
I'm smiling with my eyes.
Wendy Porter
Wendy Porter Aylar önce
LOVE those pink glasses!!! When my son wanted a purple pair, I told him other people may not be very nice. He said that’s their problem! He looked amazing in his purple glasses!! You go, Randy!! 😁❤️👍🏻
Dorri Olds
Dorri Olds 25 gün önce
Wow. That brings tears to my eyes. Great for your son’s purple glasses.
Heidi Stonebraker
Heidi Stonebraker 29 gün önce
@Lazy I Ranch you sound like a very cool cat. Wish I could see the pictures of you and your prom date 💯
Wendy Porter
Wendy Porter Aylar önce
@Lazy I Ranch Thank you for saying that! Your “prom couture” sounds absolutely stunning! I’ll bet you did look amazing in it! Purple is my fave color, in literally any shade! Lavender to Violet is all great! 😁❤️. I’m sorry people were unkind to you, ypu did not deserve it, but truthfully it says more about the deficits in their life/character than anything about you. I had a lot of the same kind of thing, because I’m not a size 2, or whatever. They can all go take a long jump off a short pier! We’re happy, and they’ve been miserable walking ‘debbie downers’ most of their lives! 😆. Congratulations on being your authentic self, and having wonderful, life-long friends!! 😉❤️👍🏻
Lazy I Ranch
Lazy I Ranch Aylar önce
You're a great mom! I know your son looks awesome in those purple glasses, I got myself a pair of purple catseye specs this year, love 'em! I love purple, especially now that I know the flag colors for asexuality are purple, black, white, and silver. I'm the "A" and "Q" of LGBTQIA, and some people have been unkind to me all my life, especially the ones who stupidly ask, "So, what are you?" because I'm not lesbian, but have always preferred to dress androgynously. I'm not "girly", I suppose, even though I have sewn professionally since age 19, and I love to cook. I made my prom dress in 1979, and it was a sleek black and white satin tuxedo with a long slim skirt slit up the front, with red satin cummerbund and little black velvet bow tie on a pearl choker. Instead of a shirt, I had a white satin camisole with spaghetti straps. The short bolero jacket had tails in the back. I spent 2 months designing and sewing that outfit. My mom said, "No one else will walk in wearing the same dress!" She also told me I looked beautiful. This was when girls were wearing poofy lacy dresses, and the boy's tuxes were pastel colors with wide lapels. My date was a close male friend (we're still friends more than 40 years later) and he wore a sleek vintage tux from the 1950s that Dean Martin would have been proud of, I think it was his grandfathers. I still think we were the heppest cats at the dance!
Carolann Pacific Adam
This man needs to be a Broadway producer and writer. He's just a fabulous creative person. I absolutely love this guy. He's so awesome and adorable 🥰
SomeoneSomewhere 27 gün önce
Suchhh talent yesssss
Carol D.
Carol D. 28 gün önce
Definitely! 👏 Randy's rainbow of songs is just the thing to give us a boost. Our "favorite fairy" 😍💜⭐
Memmer Miller
Memmer Miller Aylar önce
ALAN MENKEN?!? Oh, I’d love a “behind the scenes” on this one. Who reached out to whom? Did the music or the lyrics come first? How did you decide on a subject? So many questions 😍
RaymondHng 26 gün önce
Usually the music is composed before the lyrics are written.
Shannon Harris
Shannon Harris Aylar önce
*all look great 😁
Shannon Harris
Shannon Harris Aylar önce
Loving all of this! And the 3 different shades l look great on you, Randy! 😉😁
rose red
rose red Aylar önce
Agreed! I need details!
marie kastler
marie kastler Aylar önce
Like, a 2 hour documentary!!!!! I am ALL IN!!!
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Aylar önce
Inspiring! You have no idea how many lives you’ll touch with this empowering message.
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen Aylar önce
Randy, you are an absolute treasure and a very bright spot in a world that's looking fairly dark. Keep shining and doing the good work.
Heidi Stonebraker
Heidi Stonebraker 29 gün önce
💜 amen to that!!
Tea Jay
Tea Jay Aylar önce
Put on your pink glasses! The world wont look so dark! You are loved 🥰 more than you know… ❤️ 🌈 😘
Movie Freak
Movie Freak Aylar önce
The world is "FAIRLY DARK but, FAIRY BRIGHT" with Bright Pink Glasses 🤣❗🥰💕🌷 💜💋💜💋❣️😂❣️ Randy you are the Best 🌟🌈
joannespack Aylar önce
Clever lyrics with a positive, fun, affirming message set to a pretty dang great broadwayesqe melody sung by Randy Rainbow…what’s not to love!? Delightful music video with all the classic Randy Rainbow cuteness I look forward to. It’s fabulous, just fabulous Randy. Well done! Bravo!
Bigzie 22 gün önce
I'm pretty sure Jesus had a pair just like Randy's!
Kathleen Ferguson
Kathleen Ferguson Aylar önce
@marie kastler Not everyone believes in the book of Jewish fairy tales.
marie kastler
marie kastler Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ now, see, That is a cogent quote from a book that's just full of good material which is mostly ignored while people keep playing the greatest hits. Thanks for staying on the current subject while bringing up your own area of interest!
Frogpal Peeper
Frogpal Peeper Aylar önce
Fabulous is the word for sure. Also funny. Silly. Charming. Don't forget cute. Ok, stopping now.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Andrea Dietrich
Andrea Dietrich Aylar önce
I love this song so much. :) I want Randy and Alan Menken to write a whole show together!
helen chelmicka
helen chelmicka 26 gün önce
Yes!!! Def!!!
Ardys Otterbacher
Ardys Otterbacher Aylar önce
I love this SO much!! and Randy, you are so super talented - does anyone else notice all the care and detail in the graphics and just assembling this gorgeous mini-movie?? fantastic, mwaaah!!
Charlene Ramler
Charlene Ramler Aylar önce
I was having an awful day, in 30 seconds Randy has me smiling and dancing. Randy is a true gift!
Gerarda Cronin
Gerarda Cronin Aylar önce
The pink glasses are all about expressing who you really are. It’s such a self-affirming song. Brilliant as always, even more so! 🎤💖
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ K
True To myself
True To myself Aylar önce
Well said!
Tre45onous Orange
Tre45onous Orange Aylar önce
And seeing the truth for what it is. You need your pink glasses.
Jack Joseph
Jack Joseph Aylar önce
This guy is great!
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Randy, you got me through those "god-awful 4 years" with your adorable wit and shenanigans. "Pink Glasses" had me dancing in the kitchen. I grew up with Broadway musicals and truly appreciate how talented you are. Keep 'em coming:)
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith Aylar önce
Randy, you are such an amazing talent - I can't find enough words to describe how you have made the world a happier place with your ingenious, glorious videos. You never disappoint. You are THE BEST!!!
Duane Heckman
Duane Heckman Aylar önce
You never cease to absolutely amaze me. Your voice is just spectacular and how you come up with these lyrics is just mind boggling!! "Putridity?" HA!! Good job!!
Brian Varner
Brian Varner 26 gün önce
I’ve been wondering if that’s what he said… No more ways to tantalize than true putridity? I’m not sure. I can’t find the lyrics.
D O Aylar önce
Thank you for this. I love the pink glasses because I know when they come out, the gloves come off. Knowing that they had been your grandmother's makes them even more special. You know, of course, that what separates man from animals is our ability to accessorize.
Tatiana Melendez
Tatiana Melendez Aylar önce
When you have a song composed for you by ALAN "FREAKING DISNEY RENAISSANCE MAN" MENKEN, you know you've made it! MAZEL TOV, RANDY!!!! You deserve it and more!!!!!😍😍😍😘😘😘
TP Aylar önce
A quick Google confirms that this is an original so, yup, the OP is right. Congratulations to Randy! Another big name collab to add to his ever-growing list 🤩
DAMA Aylar önce
@Wurdnurd Exactly.
Wurdnurd Aylar önce
@JoAnne Weiss If Menken originally wrote the music for another purpose, and Randy wrote new lyrics, the credits would still read Lyrics by Randy Rainbow and Composed by Alan Menken. Don't snark on what is a valid question.
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss Aylar önce
@Aylbdr Madison Ignorance is bliss when you want to write crap....guess you didn't see "by Randy Rainbow & ALAN MENKEN"...Google him, you obviously don't watch musicals or Disney movies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss Aylar önce
@Tonton Jeannot guess you didn't see "by Randy Rainbow & Alan Menken"...Google him, you obviously don't watch musicals or Disney movies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bridget Porter
Bridget Porter Aylar önce
This is brilliantly done Randy! I was lucky to find you early in 45’s presidency and you kept me laughing through the tears. You are extremely talented and funny AF. I can’t wait to see where your career takes you. You deserve ALL GOOD THINGS!
F Tonia Romano
F Tonia Romano Aylar önce
Randy, this is another GREAT production! I’m getting pink/ cats eye glasses like yours. You’re so talented! Keep doing what you’re doing!❤️
karla malcolm
karla malcolm Aylar önce
Hey get them on his merch site!! The pink sunglasses are super fun too!
sharon weaver
sharon weaver Aylar önce
That was such a great song, Randy ...I am gluing my granddaughter's stick-on rhinestones on MY (red) glasses! You are an inspiration with your wit and that voice! Bravo!!🎶
KayErin Aylar önce
Having recently finished Randy's (first? I hope so!) autobiography "Playing With Myself" I was so touched by this homage to his wonderful Grandmother! I would have so loved to have known her, she sounds so much like the woman in my life who acted as my on the ground Granny - they both had that indomitable spirit that just surrounds you with love and protects you forever! Here's to Randy's Granny and my "Van" (short for Evangeline)!
Joe-n-Tex Aylar önce
Dude you really got it going on with the lyrics. Every song you have written has been the best. Keep up the good stuff. Thanks.
Linda Sabatini
Linda Sabatini Aylar önce
As expected, you never disappoint. I love your CD. I listen to it often. Your singing voice is impeccable. You have an innant gift of connecting to people and your down to earth humility and kindness is truly heartwarming. 💖
Laura Inlander
Laura Inlander Aylar önce
Yas Queen! I absolutly LOVE this! Everyone needs a pair of Pink Glasses to handle this crazy world. Your talent is immeasurable. I watch your videos whenever I need to smile and brighten my day. ❤
Tim Hammell
Tim Hammell Aylar önce
Randy Rainbow has kept me laughing, singing (and I can't sing a note) and sane for these last few years. You're a brilliant entertainer! Thank you!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 29 gün önce
That was such a great song, Randy ...I am gluing my granddaughter's stick-on rhinestones on MY (red) glasses! You are an inspiration with your wit and that voice! Bravo!!
Rita Galchus
Rita Galchus Aylar önce
No need to spend money on a therapist. This song and Randy on your side is all you need. Thanks, Randy! Love all you do.
Kristie Walton
Kristie Walton 22 gün önce
Julie Wake
Julie Wake 25 gün önce
@Michael Hollings I’ve just realised that I’m smiling while watching this! 😀
Julie Wake
Julie Wake 25 gün önce
He’s a hero in the modern world.
Sandy Covey
Sandy Covey 29 gün önce
Deborah Wolz
Deborah Wolz Aylar önce
Thank you Randy! You are Marvelous Darling! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🥰
Lola Lyle
Lola Lyle Aylar önce
When I’m a little down or really down I listen to you. You’re brilliant, amazing. I saw you on Jane Pauley, you’re amazing. Thank you for always brightening my day and making me laugh. What a talent😊
Karen Wagner
Karen Wagner Aylar önce
Nothing like wearing a powerful metaphor right on your face! Loved this live, and what a wonderful treat to combine your gifts with the incomparable Mr Menking! 🥰👏👏
Lizbeth Leebens
Lizbeth Leebens Aylar önce
I just wanted to let you know that during a time of family tragedy, you helped. Thank you. Also I listened to your book in your voice & it was wonderful. When’s the sequel come out? & since you might have mentioned it a few times, you do not look your age. What a lovely tribute to someone so important in your life. Take care of yourself. You’re a national treasure & very talented.
Michael Kape
Michael Kape Aylar önce
Brava, Randy! Bravo, Alan. A new classic has been born. I just love it and it so perfectly encapsulates everything we love about Randy Rainbow (well, almost as much as his wonderful autobiography, but I digress). This is just fabulous. (PS, I watched this while wearing my own official RR Pink Glasses bought at one of your tour stops.)
sweetiebird 54
sweetiebird 54 Aylar önce
Randy, you got me through those "god-awful 4 years" with your adorable wit and shenanigans. "Pink Glasses" had me dancing in the kitchen. I grew up with Broadway musicals and truly appreciate how talented you are. Keep 'em coming:)
Slade B
Slade B Aylar önce
Because these past two years have been fantastic right. An right now is a golden era for America.
EC Stanton
EC Stanton Aylar önce
...and how amazing does Randy's nana sound. wish I had one like her
Rumple-chan Aylar önce
never liked musicals me'self, but Randy glom'ed my interest with his Cruella DeVos vid the algorithm plopped in my YT feed one day when it was published. shared it with mom, sis, even dad who was a Broadway musical fanatic himself (that's why i hated it). still, Randy Rainbow's music put my father's mind at ease when he was succumbing to his illness (liver cancer and NASH) with Mr. Biden, Send My Vaccine. RIP, ya old coot 🌹
barbara strayhorn
barbara strayhorn Aylar önce
Laughter sometimes is the only thing keeping you and the mental institution or the grim reaper at arms length. Please, keep thinking outside of the box.
Feline FurKin
Feline FurKin Aylar önce
Ooh, an album? Ooh indeed. I love this. Having a foggy, sad time and the words, the cheer, the tune, colourful video and zippy editing all speaks to the simpler brain in particular (I might be wrong on that, but it’s how it feels in there when half of it’s fogged up but emotions are strong). A few years ago I paid extra for snazzy purple frames, and rarely even need to wear the darn things, but pretty glasses indeed are a boost.
Linda Casey
Linda Casey Aylar önce
I absolutely LOVE you Randy Rainbow!!!! So glad you came into this world ... and with a name like that .. you brighten up every corner of it. 💞🌈
Heather Law
Heather Law Aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant! Just a proper feel good old fashioned blast. Love you, and your glasses, Randy!😍
Freedom Finder
Freedom Finder Aylar önce
I love these! ♥️ Thank you for brightening my day with your “bright pink glasses on”!!
rksnj67 Aylar önce
When Randy puts on those pink glasses you know that shit's about to get real!!! Your pink glasses finally get the tribute they deserve!!!
Jerri Hådding
Jerri Hådding Aylar önce
Randy, we can always count on you to brighten our lives! Thanks for “Pink Glasses”. I wore a white pair of glitter cat eyed prescription glasses for several years when I was in high school - and got laughed at too. But I didn’t care cause I loved them. 💜💜
Lisa Jelle
Lisa Jelle Aylar önce
“Break that glass half-empty lease on life”- love it! Fabulous song 👍
Leslie A West
Leslie A West 25 gün önce
I loved this. I smiled, laughed. Felt like I was at a Broadway Show. Randy is just Wonderful. Just love him. 🎶👏👏🎶❤🤗🥰🌟
Matcam Aylar önce
Love the positive message Randy! For everyone afraid to be who they are, watch Randy and put your pink glasses on!!!!
RG M Aylar önce
You know, you should create a line of actual glasses frames on the online eyeglass sites so people can buy 'em. Hell I would, and I'd wear them with pride!
Beth B
Beth B Aylar önce
@Erin S just found the link, may have to order!! Love them in the sunglasses as well!!
Tammy Jean Johnson
Tammy Jean Johnson Aylar önce
Yes to this.
Marcia Madeira
Marcia Madeira Aylar önce
I bought them on his site with +2 readers. Fab!
Lynn Payne
Lynn Payne Aylar önce
Me too! They look great. Elton John had a line of glasses but I think they are now out of stock.
Thespyan Aylar önce
Damn, you are talented, Randy! This is just brilliant! I love it! And, yes, I have a pair of your pink glasses that were purchased at your concert at The Wiltern Theatre in L.A. 🤓
Claudia Hernandez Babic
Oh, Randy… you’ve done it again! A brilliant ode to your pink glasses! Bravo!
Dashing Partycrasher
I can see that Dame Edna and your grandma are just two of the brilliant gems that added both sparks and sparkle to those pink glasses! 🤩 No wonder they're so fierce 💥💥🎆🎆
Jane Lock
Jane Lock 13 gün önce
Literally my favorite Randy Rainbow song. Thank you for getting us through Trump, and thank you for being your unique wonderful self. May we all wear our pink glasses, however they may be, and move the world forward in honesty and love. Thank you, Randy.
Millenial Mortician
Even though we have never actually met, I consider you a friend. Your songs and videos really helped me get through all the absolutely bananas events of the last few years. Thank you and please don’t ever stop!
Heidi Stonebraker
Heidi Stonebraker 29 gün önce
JeanBean Aylar önce
I think we should nominate Randy for the Nobel Peace prize just for getting us through the last few years!
Susan Gold
Susan Gold Aylar önce
Perfectly said! I feel the exact same way!
DonoVideo Aylar önce
The production on this is unbelievable! I know Randy usually does all his own editing, but this one obviously took a team! I would love to see the credits of who did the motion graphics - they are fabulous!
justrosy5 Aylar önce
Thank you, Randy Rainbow! I know the pink glasses are symbolic, but let me tell you something! My first pair of glasses were pink, back in 6th grade, and I got made fun of a lot for wearing them. It was a new school, too, so that made it harder to deal with. Anyway, your song here healed a broken part of my childhood. Thank you!
Courtney Bermack
Courtney Bermack Aylar önce
All the yes! This is brilliant and so bright and exciting. You killed it!
wody 29 gün önce
Randy, you’re just a perfect man! Talented beyond compare, with both your musical lyrics, perfect voice and your obvious digital expertise. You’re beautiful to look at and you have the perfectly correct political viewpoint! I love how you sing so pretty about total idiots and losers! This is your best song yet! I’m just an old straight white lady but I just love you to pieces!
moonbobbie Aylar önce
This is the most upbeat song I have ever heard in my life! Only Randy Rainbow can make that happen!!! 🌈
Graham Richards
Graham Richards Aylar önce
What a swell and uplifting number Randy! Worthy of a Broadway musical. A first too! I’ve never seen the word “putridity” in a song before, just brilliant! Keep em coming!😁
BapaNana 21 gün önce
Randy, your videos have helped get our family through the past few years of "dumpster fires" here in the USA. Cannot thank you enough for the humor, creativity and music. Truly a gift. Also, we all want to get an actual pair of pink glasses... if you don't market them yet, you should. Cheers!
Linda Goff
Linda Goff Aylar önce
Bravo Randy!!! As a fellow formerly teased as a kid person, I appreciate the inspiration and acknowledgement that everyone has the right to be their own, unique person!!! Love from California!!! ❤🧡💚💜💗!!!!!!!
Missy VanWinkle
Missy VanWinkle Aylar önce
Randy, I can't wait for you to get a show! YOU are a tour de force - a masterpiece in a pink feather boa.
Kim Miller
Kim Miller Aylar önce
"Find the thing you wanna be and be it" What a great line. Another great song that blows the clouds away.
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick Aylar önce
Randy had a wise, loving Nana. Good on her! (And good on Randy for this lovely, fun song!)
Joseph Barnett
Joseph Barnett Aylar önce
I added this to my signature line quoted by randy rainbow
TheNinthDoctor Aylar önce
I love it! This is just plain brilliant. Thank you, Randy!
Michael Britton
Michael Britton Aylar önce
Best effort yet, Randy! Absolutely love your creativity and singing talent.
Elsa Martinez
Elsa Martinez 26 gün önce
Thank you for bringing a smile when it feels like shady times You are such a star, Randy Rsinbow!!! Keep shining bright!!💖💖💖
usmale 49
usmale 49 Aylar önce
This is great...a whole choir of Randy Rainbow's! Wonderful video. Thank you Randy Rainbow, you never fail to entertain!🥰😻♥
Allison E
Allison E Aylar önce
Randy Rainbow AND Alan Menken?!? Are you kidding me?🤩. I'm shook!!!! So much love for you both😍.
Annie Ballatore
Annie Ballatore Aylar önce
@Tonton Jeannot It's an original song.
Tonton Jeannot
Tonton Jeannot Aylar önce
Is this an original composition or did Randy write new lyrics to an existing, fabulous song?
Marcia Cortelyou
Marcia Cortelyou Aylar önce
Alan menken
Lisa Sharp
Lisa Sharp Aylar önce
Love it. We need more of this, laughter is the best medicine! You are brilliant Randy!
Cherie Steigerwald
Cherie Steigerwald Aylar önce
Can't wait to get your book-you're wonderful♥️ appreciate call the work you put into you vids
CK Hamlin
CK Hamlin Aylar önce
Absolutely charming! Can always count on Randy to raise your spirits!
Melissa Sawmiller
Melissa Sawmiller Aylar önce
GAH! You can't make me cry at work! I loved it. I needed that. I adore your channel. Thank you. I am going to share this with a few teens I know who are bullied. And who love musicals.
Kathleen Rawley
Kathleen Rawley Aylar önce
Vorkosigrrl Aylar önce
Oh, I really wanna see this song in a Broadway musical! So brilliant and beautiful and fun and adorable and inspiring! Randy, you’re wonderful!
Anne F
Anne F Aylar önce
Absolutely fabulous! You always say what needs to be said in the greatest ways! 👏👏😘
Dean Riley
Dean Riley 26 gün önce
What an incredible talent! I keep saying we need a Randy Rainbow Variety Hour.
Beth B
Beth B Aylar önce
Love this and what a great message‼❣ Randy is so talented! 👓
judd442009 Aylar önce
Randy, You are what you are in your pink glasses. There's no other like you.
daltrainer Aylar önce
Mr. Rainbow, you NEVER fail to improve my day! Thank you for all you do. You are a national treasure in bright pink glasses.
Phila Aylar önce
Love it! Absolutely priceless! Wearin' my purple glasses with pride!
Virgo Sun
Virgo Sun Aylar önce
It nice to hear a feel good motivational song from Randy. I love his political takes but I like the broadway break every so often. His voice is golden!
Sylvia Shults
Sylvia Shults Aylar önce
This is just EXACTLY what I needed today! Thank you, Randy! (PS, our library just got your book in, and I'mma be the first to read it!!! 💕❤️💕)
Simple Simon
Simple Simon Aylar önce
Every time I watch your videos I find myself thinking at the end, "I needed that". This time I REALLY needed that! Thank you, Randy!
Teresa Howick
Teresa Howick Aylar önce
Pamela Landers
Pamela Landers Aylar önce
It's the kind of song that sticks to your day! You are so talented, gurl! Love love love pink glasses. When I was 4 my 1st pair of glasses were pink however they had pop bottle lenses🙄 So glad you are sharing your beautiful self with us🙏
Hoodat Whatzit
Hoodat Whatzit Aylar önce
Phenomenal (as always)! I needed a pick me up today and this definitely fit the bill
macgyvershe Aylar önce
Randy you always hit all my spots! Thanks for all the positivity as well as the broadway musical feels!!
Kel Radford
Kel Radford Aylar önce
Beautiful Randy. Another triumph. We love watching you videos. Wee even hooked a friend on your talent. W showed him Pink Glasses a well as a few others, he was wraped mate. Your work gets better and better. We will be fans forever. Thanks for always making us smile. Your the best. It's time to win every award that there is. You have our 3 votes. Thank you.
Crashburn 32
Crashburn 32 Aylar önce
I was really hoping to hear you got your glasses from someone like Elton John, Liberace, Phyllis Diller or Rip Taylor, but the "Grandma gave 'em to me" story is even better. Keep rockin' those glasses Randy. 👍
The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower Aylar önce
I think if they remake Victor/Victoria he would be an _awesome_ Toddy! (With maybe Anne Hathaway for Victoria)
Paul Aylar önce
Randy is always a favorite, he's good at his thing. I know after viewing one of his videos, I'll feel a little better. Thanks Mr Rainbow! You definitely make the World easier to tolerate.
Lynn Austin
Lynn Austin 5 gün önce
OUTSTANDING!! You are a national treasure, Randy!! Can't wait to see you LIVE!!
patty7beth Aylar önce
SO brilliant! Please tell me you're going to submit this for some kind of award. Musical theater genius should not go unrecognized.
Laura Pils
Laura Pils 8 gün önce
You’re amazing and add laughter and happiness to our days! ❤️
Teresa7087 Aylar önce
Love, love, love this! Great message we should all heed!
I miss everyone
I miss everyone 17 gün önce
Randy, you are just the best - love, love watching you ❤️ your talent is AMAZING and AMAZINGLY BROUD. May you continue to share your many gifts with us, you absolutely make people FEEL BETTER. Always wishing you the best.
BigMamaDave X
BigMamaDave X Aylar önce
Love the song, love the message, love YOU, Randy!
Anna Rundquist
Anna Rundquist 6 gün önce
Randy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all you do for us. You keep us entertained as well as informed and I LOVE YOU!!!! GURRL! Don't stop rocking those GLASSES!😍😍😍😎
Cynthia Aeschbacher
That just made my day! Thank you Randy, you wonderful man!
AvatarPrimus Aylar önce
I´m smiling ear to ear since the first second! Thank´s Randy and God bless you! Hugs from Mexico.
Merry Catsrus
Merry Catsrus Aylar önce
I LOVE IT!!💖 I needed a pick me up kind of song today! And of course Randy delivered I hope you get to write a broadway musical one day. It will be devine
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Clever lyrics with a positive, fun, affirming message set to a pretty dang great broadwayesqe melody sung by Randy Rainbow…what’s not to love!? Delightful music video with all the classic Randy Rainbow cuteness I look forward to. It’s fabulous, just fabulous Randy. Well done! Bravo!
Heather Tomlinson
Heather Tomlinson Aylar önce
I'm grinning. I love this song. A little positivity and self-assuredness is always a good thing, especially with a healthy dose of snark.
ThaliaSky Aylar önce
It's fantastic 👏
Eileen Miller
Eileen Miller Aylar önce
You are so talented and entertaining! I love what you do and express! It brightens my day
Melissa Porter
Melissa Porter Aylar önce
My dear Randy, you are a national treasure! You've got me humming and looking to see if my glass is half full.
Dorothy Brown
Dorothy Brown Aylar önce
Randy, I absolutely adore you. You are an amazing talented person. My darling brother, who I recently lost, enthused about you so much. He loved your TRvid sketches. So, thanks to him I get to smile every time I see you. Thank you, much love 😘
Alice Cd
Alice Cd Aylar önce
Of course I've already got your album but this video -- I soooo needed this today. Thank you for all the joy you bring to this freakin' shitshow world of ours! Mwah!
Keith Melton
Keith Melton Aylar önce
Hi Randy. Just finished your book. Great read. Touching, humorous, poignant. Loved it. I never miss your posts. You make our current difficult times……bearable. Keep up your great work.
Louise Mantle
Louise Mantle Aylar önce
I agree, excellent book. I ordered my through Audible, so I loved listening to Randy read his book to me. Even his Mom was one of the readers. Well worth the money!!
Tim Downey
Tim Downey Aylar önce
I’m about 1/3 thru. Good read.
David Koger
David Koger Aylar önce
Absolutely wonderful thought to release to the universe. Love your songs.
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