Phantom Itch is a nightmare

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Phantom itch: the nightmare I didn't exactly expect!

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29 Kas 2021




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Footless Jo
Footless Jo 17 gün önce
For anyone curious how I lost my leg, my whole story is here! ➡️ trvid.com/video/video-x9EEbrs4oWc.html I appreciate you being here & being interested! 💜
Brandon Plays
Brandon Plays 3 gün önce
Try fake hand real hand thing but on your foot it might work
greenquartz 5 gün önce
It Sounds stupid but have you tried scratching the fake leg and the nub at the same time?
Mauricio Sanchez
Mauricio Sanchez 5 gün önce
Put it in hot water
Steaven Gilmore
Steaven Gilmore 6 gün önce
Not sure if you read these, but I have similar issues with my leg, while my issues is diffrent I get phantom itchs on my leg. I found scratching in different location on the leg will sometimes solve the itch. For me I sware the nerves have been rerouted and scratching the back of my thy scratches an itch on my caf
Drew James
Drew James 6 gün önce
100% real question would you wear a peg leg?
Stacey Stanoyevic
Stacey Stanoyevic Aylar önce
I can't imagine having an itch I just wouldn't be able to get rid of. Saying prayers they find better ways of treating everyone that's missing a limb. You are such an amazing person.
{ * Łemøn_is_Me * }
{ * Łemøn_is_Me * } 11 saatler önce
Technically you can with those throat itches, but this is just on your other limbs
laurenainslee 2 gün önce
I used to get that. I had a number of abdominal surgeries as a kid and it messed up some of the nerves in my abdomen. I used to have one spot that was innnnncredibly itchy but I couldn’t actually “itch” it. I would scratch until the skin was raw or I was actually bleeding on many occasions, and the itchy feeling wouldn’t stop. Luckily, it has improved over the years.
Benjamin Ale
Benjamin Ale 11 gün önce
@Joe Shcmoe Respect. When I wrote my reply to you, I wrongly expected you to be a simple troll. I appreciate you, and I hope you have a great day!
Joe Shcmoe
Joe Shcmoe 11 gün önce
@Benjamin Ale ohh thank you
Benjamin Ale
Benjamin Ale 12 gün önce
@Joe Shcmoe Because she isn't bitter about it. Instead, she makes videos and has a platform intended to help those who go through similar things as her. That is not a personality she puts on for TRvid points, she is just a person sharing her experiences, so that others can feel more comfortable about their lost limbs as well.
Earth Benderloch
Earth Benderloch 17 gün önce
That's insane. Having an itch that you cannot scratch is crazy. I can't imagine how you managed to deal with it.
Michael Otto
Michael Otto Gün önce
My mum hasnt had a lower left leg for almost 10 years now. She has never told me about phantom itch!
polarbearzonthemoon 27 gün önce
One of my only memories of my grandfather was when he used to ask me to go scratch his feet (his prosthetic feet that were all the way across the room) because his feet itched. He was wheel chair bound and an elder, prosthetics have gotten way better recently. But sometimes I still dream of walking to the corner where his legs were and scratching them for him, he said he had to see me scratch and it worked. ( Edited for grammar)
NekoJoneZ 5 gün önce
I’m guessing he found it easer because when he felt the plastic so when you scratched it you felt the plastic and his brain felt the itch going way, the brain is a fascinating and odd body part.
N_H 15 gün önce
@Deise Lino ikr the reason I hate human
N_H 15 gün önce
@Christian Kyle tf is wrong with you😒
N_H 15 gün önce
@Ray of Hope Productions♥︎ He is not lol
Cecil Jordan
Cecil Jordan 15 gün önce
Aww that's sweet. I mean, if it works, it works, right? I wonder how he discovered that. Hahahah
William hatmaker
William hatmaker Gün önce
Thank you for helping me understand what people go through having an amputation I stumbled on your channel by accident but I found it very interesting thank you for what you do
Pearl Fonbuena
Pearl Fonbuena 23 gün önce
I can’t imagine the feeling but thank you for being informative! Hope that future attacks will become more bearable!
TimeBucks Aylar önce
I feel so bad that she has to go through that pain
Angry Durian
Angry Durian 15 saatler önce
Why pity her? She's doing well, she's doing a lot to inform all of us and it's inspiring, I don't feel bad for her because she's making the most out of what she has and it's honestly amazing, also I don't think she wants nor needs to be pitied
Henry N. White
Henry N. White 3 gün önce
Gorgeous Freeman
Gorgeous Freeman 5 gün önce
@Cameron Henderson lmao plagiarism of what. Non copy right or non owned material ? Get reallll
Luis Cardenas
Luis Cardenas 6 gün önce
But it's an itch not a pain
melonenhd xd
melonenhd xd 8 gün önce
Have you seen the video? It’s itch not pain
Zuya Isna
Zuya Isna 26 gün önce
Ever since I heard of phantom itches, I never been so grateful to have all my limbs. Kudos to you and all other amputee's for having to endure! I'm hoping someone invents a prosthetic that sends tiny stingy shocks when you touch it. Maybe that will help??
Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders 21 gün önce
Have you tried pouring hot water over it in the shower? I mean really hot, but not yet burning. Like right below the temperature where it would hurt or be uncomfortable to regular non-itchy skin. It works to get rid of the itchiness. I don't think it's healthy to do on a regular basis, like everyday. But as someone who has had really bad (severe) itching, I think it's totally worth to remove the suffering. It actually works against itching the moment your skin touches the hot water, that's the thing. However, this works in the spot where it itches. I'm not to sure about amputated parts.
Legless Wonder
Legless Wonder 27 gün önce
Mirror therapy has never worked for me either. Slapping the shit out of my stump like I’m playing the bongos is the only thing that has really helped me. I’ve gotten phantom cramps a few times. Whoo boy. I’d take the phantom nail-thru-the-foot pain over that, any day
Jack Labonte
Jack Labonte 9 gün önce
I know this doesn't compare to having a missing limb. However I remember when I broke my arm/wrist on my dominant hand, and had to wear a cast for weeks. The itching was driving me mad. I decided to make it into a game/contest with my mind/will. I decided to try and perceive the itch as simply a sensation, but neither as a positive or a negative. It sounds ridiculous I know. I treated the sensation as a meditation object. After awhile it began to work, and I could actually just focus on the itch as just a sensory thing, and not maddening at all, just simply an object. Have you ever tried/experienced that with your phantom limb? I hope this doesn't come across as pretentious in my part? I know a broken arm isn't a missing limb. Just wanted to share in hopes it might help you. Found your show after falling down the u tube rabbit hole😀. I really enjoy it. All the best from P.G B.C. Canada 🇨🇦.
Jack Labonte
Jack Labonte 6 gün önce
@Cameron Masonthe1st what do you mean? How so?
Cameron Masonthe1st
Cameron Masonthe1st 6 gün önce
I’m not reading that shit
TheRoamingHuman Aylar önce
Read a study a long while back where they had monkeys and tested itching with scratching the spine. Apparently it offered some relief. Id say, since you have nothing to lose, try scratching along the bottom of your spine and work your way out and see if it helps any. Anecdotally, I have gotten itches to go away this way when my feet were packed away in boots, but my limbs are all present as well. Phantom limb pain could work different.
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth Aylar önce
Make sense since the spine is where all the nerves go through before going to the muscle!
Reorders Aylar önce
Luisa 16 gün önce
I've never lost a limb, but I had a massive breast reduction. From time to time, my brain decides that the part of my breast I've removed is itching and it drives me CRAZY bc I no longer even feel the under side of what's left of my boobs, and scratching that dormant skin is very frustrating.
Shuri 17 gün önce
I experience something a bit similar, I sometimes get an itch under my ribcage, and it's impossible to scratch it. My dad told me he has this sometimes too, and I researched it online, and apparently it's just the nerves getting confused, to make it simple 😂 it's very confusing because you feel like you're supposed to be able to scratch it except you can't
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker 5 gün önce
Hey jo! I don’t know if this would help, but normally ice takes the itch away. Maybe you could try putting it at the end of your leg!
Charish Tihms
Charish Tihms 19 gün önce
Just a thought. During meditation classes the hardest part to get through for me was when you have an itch and need to scratch it. Through alot of self discipline you can train your mind to override the itches. Idk if this is relevant to you or not but like I said it's just a thought.
proxy CODM
proxy CODM Aylar önce
This is like when you can't scratch the itch on your palm She's a great person for being very strong for enduring this
Rh3tr00 29 gün önce
y’all all have one hand?
Zuko The Fire Lord
Zuko The Fire Lord 29 gün önce
What? Why couldn't you just scratch your palm with the other hand?
PeripheralMaster 29 gün önce
i know :')
Talha Mughal
Talha Mughal 29 gün önce
@Professional dumbass I try making a shaky sound like vibrating the throat making a roar sound to sort of scratch it. Helps with morning itches because I have a cold.
Professional dumbass
Me having a itch inside my throat: *finger*
Arya Rai
Arya Rai 18 gün önce
I can't even imagine how much pain and suffer this lady must be going through. God bless you!
I have a condition called cholinergic urticaria, my skin fills with hives and becomes extremely itchy the moment I touch heat or exert myself, ranging from exercise to getting too excited. I may not relate to lacking a limb, but I definitely understand the pain of horrible itching that you can't control
@MatthewHannah Crockett Thanks, I hope with time or advancements in medicine, people like us will be free of this awful condition
MatthewHannah Crockett
Me too! But Not with heat. Its awful. I hope you find relief and I hope i get relief too
Nobody 123
Nobody 123 23 gün önce
I’ve broken my ankle a few times, and the first time I had this giant cast that was above my knee, and when it was put on, my knee was slightly bent so if I tried to say stick something into the cast to scratch an itch I just wouldn’t be able to without hurting my leg, so I had to deal with something like this for about a month before I got a shorter cast, but even then I couldn’t scratch any itches I got on my ankle or foot.
Stony2103 5 gün önce
I've had no feeling in my right calf/shin since I had surgery a few years ago and they cut my nerves by accident, and this is the most annoying thing. I usually forget about not feeling anything there, as I've grown accustomed to it, but having an itch and being unable to please it is the worst.
Ciara Foxx
Ciara Foxx Aylar önce
I actually have something to say about this. I read and listened to a bunch of books on phantom limb syndrome. Something I learned was that since all parts of the body converge on the brain, it's possible to "stimulate" the phantom limb by stimulating what is basically it's "brain neighbor". If I remember correctly the front part of the foot was located very closely to the 🍆 part of the brain. They found this out after a veteran with PLS had complaints of an itchy foot and found that scratching his groin alleviated his phantom itch. Im not a science person, nor a doctor. I probably butchered all of this. But I 100% remember multiple sources claiming the guy itched one place and it cured the phantom itch. So if you haven't already tried, you could try itching literally anywhere else and hopefully it helps?
Sanah Kalagara
Sanah Kalagara Aylar önce
Hehe this is exactly what I thought of when I saw the video 😂 it might actually work
Rappin Ron
Rappin Ron Aylar önce
I think you are suggesting a new video.
Professional Commenter
You're correct that the foot and the arousal areas of the brain are very close to each other. That is why some people have foot fetishes.
Ciara Foxx
Ciara Foxx Aylar önce
@Emily Monson Thank you actual science person, for clarifying my previous word vomit.
Emily Monson
Emily Monson Aylar önce
I learned about this in one of my psychology classes in undergrad. The control center for your genitals is right next to the control center for your feet on the motor strip. Sometimes the signals get confused and signals that mean to go to the genitals will go to the feet and vice versa. Some scientists think this is the reason so many people have foot fetishes! The brain is weird haha.
holohulolo 11 gün önce
I've heard of phantom pain and itch for year but just couldn't really understand how it's possible. But somehow seeing this video suddenly it makes a lot of sense. Also I thought the mirror thing would always help turns out sometimes it doesnt.
DrEnthusiast 22 gün önce
"Why are we still here...just to suffer?" Anyway I can't imagine how annoying that must be to have an itch that you can't scratch
DrEnthusiast 10 gün önce
@Andrela Pearl Metal Gear Solid V lol, I didn't know that until years after the game came out and playing it recently
Andrela Pearl
Andrela Pearl 10 gün önce
Wait.. i think i've heard that from somewhere.. is it a quote from movie or something??
Dragon Lex
Dragon Lex 13 gün önce
I think I sometimes can feel something similar. Sometimes i start feeling like my foot itches but no matter how I scratch it, it feels like I'm scratching nothing. Honestly kinda scary and annoying.
-Isabel- 27 gün önce
I have phantom pain, but it's different. On my left ear I was born with a tiny little sort of lump of skin on the lobe. On my other ear, I feel it always itching, even though I have never had it, or lost it
Thy Lime
Thy Lime Aylar önce
This is quite literally my biggest fear. Over spiders, over water, this. Phantom limb is one thing I dread. It must be awful to go through that experience many times
James W
James W 15 gün önce
Must be similar to what I get when I get an itch in my foot that is mostly numb due to nerve damage, so it's impossible to scratch. You can scratch until you draw blood but it's not going to stop the itch.
Prisla Em
Prisla Em 16 gün önce
I get phantom itch all the time and I am not even an amputee...I can't imagine what you must be going through when you get it. It sounds a billion times more irritating than what I've ever experienced. I normally scratch different areas on my body until I find where the actual itch is, but you are not able to do that. I feel for you deeply!
duck quax
duck quax 6 gün önce
I have a similar thing that happens every so often in my thigh but I am not an amputee. I've had a few knee surgeries. The place where the anesthesiologist was poking and prodding to numb my leg was my thigh and since then the feeling hasn't entirely came back. Every once in a while it feels like it itches but I can't like feel the area so I can't itch it. It's also really sensitive and little taps can be very painful. Another weird thing is if I get tapped or hit in the hip it hurts that thigh area. I feel really bad about busting my knee twice, especially because i first injured it in 9th grade then the second time in 11th and my parents had to pay for the surgeries. I also get down in the dumps about not being able to do all the things I used to but and sure am thankful that I still have my leg. Okay it's late, goodnight
Squid_In_A_Party_Hat 15 gün önce
Oh my god!!!! I know kinda what you are going through not being able to gain relief from the itch until it goes away itself, I had spinal surgery last year and lost all feeling in the skin on my back and I can't explain how awful it is to scratch where the itch is and it not going away for I CANT FEEL IT 🤣
Amy Bradbury
Amy Bradbury Aylar önce
After my 2nd C-section I began to have insain itching between my scar and my belly button. Not too unusual, it is a healing surgery, but then I discovered that scratching the area resulted in... Nothing. I could not feel myself scratching, just an insain itch that made me want to scream! I understand it has something to do with the nerves in my skin being cut through twice, but yeah. It took years for the nerves to heal enough to be able to scratch when the itching would start... But the spot I have to scratch is on my side? The area that itches still doesn't have feeling and probably never will again. Just a lot of itching that can be relieved if I scratch my side. Nerves are weird!!!
Crystal Haataja
Crystal Haataja Aylar önce
TheAcidicMolotov, hey there! As a mom who was blessed to be able to have my second son naturally after my first was a section, there are many reasons why a mother may not be able to have what we call a VBAC. Some don't want to take the risk of rupture, and that's fine! Many women may not have access to a hospital that will allow for a VBAC- due to the risks most hospitals won't do them unless they have their own ORs on the l and d floor. And third, some women have medical conditions that prevent natural birth from being an option. My mother in law was such a person. She was born with deformities in her pelvic floor and she needed reconstruction surgery. Therefore for her to birth would mean to undo all her surgeries and need to give her another complete reconstruction, as well as take away the ability for her to have more kids. At the end of the day i absolutely agree! C sections are WAY overdone in this country. However I understand when moms choose not to try and VBAC their subsequent babies.
Nancy J. Ellington
Nancy J. Ellington Aylar önce
Well there is referred pain so perhaps there is referred itching ?
Amy Bradbury
Amy Bradbury Aylar önce
@TheAcidicMolotov I recognize that many C-sections are not 100% necessary. However, many, like mine, are. My pelvis is too small for my children's heads and I lived in a small town with a small hospital.
TheAcidicMolotov Aylar önce
2nd??? You gotta walk more. No need for all these C section babies!
Tomasito el galan
Tomasito el galan Aylar önce
@Jadon Davis trvid.com/video/video-0emJStz8ldc.html
Evieyee Yee
Evieyee Yee 14 gün önce
I'm sorry girll you'll get through it love ya💗
Nobody’s Darling
Nobody’s Darling 3 gün önce
Have the same with my Ankalosing Spondylitis. Not missing any of my limbs, but my body doesn’t know it, especially in the places where nerve damage took years ago.
Chris Stoltz
Chris Stoltz 3 gün önce
How does that even work? Do you just perceive an itch floating in space where your foot would be?
wes 5 gün önce
You mentioning a phantom itch reminds me of an itch I occasionally get. It's like it's there but scratching does nothing. Its also hard to pinpoint where it is, almost like the itch is inside my skin or something. Disclaimer: No I am not pretending to understand what she goes through.
wes 5 gün önce
So I went and researched after this comment and apparently our muscles can itch, neat.
No Cap Hats
No Cap Hats 5 gün önce
I feel that in a sense. I’ve had itches in my ear that were unreachable
M Y L O 11 gün önce
I’ve never got amputated surgically but I always get phantom itches on my palms, thighs, arms, legs, and feet. Even if you scratch the spot where you think it’s at it still would feel like you can’t even feel the relief when scratching it hard nor shaking the spot. It sometimes stings, tingles, & itches at the same time. Frustrating part is to just calm down and wait until the itch fades after 1-2mins.
Generic Name
Generic Name 4 gün önce
Ouch I can feel your pain, even if I have my foot. I also hate when theres like some kind of itch underneath my skin and I’ll scratch the heck out of it but obviously I shouldn’t because that area gets irritated.
Aimee Grober
Aimee Grober 4 gün önce
I get phantom tooth pain. I've had all of my topnteeth removed and sometimes I get PAIN in the teeth that are no longer there. And yeah, there's nothing you can do.
BlueRidge Bunny
BlueRidge Bunny Aylar önce
This is one of my realist realist fears when I came out of my coma and I had paralyzed legs for a little while to the way my body fell and luckily surgery was able to fix it and one of the best feelings in the world was scratching my legs and I have been trying to explain to my friends what it’s like to be scratchy without having a real able to relieve that feeling I am so thankful I got mine back I can’t imagine what it’s like to not be able to deal with this but I can tell you right now my skin is crawling for you and I’m scratching it for you too! Happy holidays!
Tomasito el galan
Tomasito el galan Aylar önce
Jadon Davis
Jadon Davis Aylar önce
@Alice S trvid.com/video/video-91X8MEeultE.html trvid.com/video/video-Yb62-C07WbI.html
Jadon Davis
Jadon Davis Aylar önce
@Alice S trvid.com/video/video-91X8MEeultE.html trvid.com/video/video-Yb62-C07WbI.html
Jadon Davis
Jadon Davis Aylar önce
@Sofia Sho trvid.com/video/video-91X8MEeultE.html trvid.com/video/video-Yb62-C07WbI.html
BlueRidge Bunny
BlueRidge Bunny Aylar önce
@Alice S it’s ok! And thanks for explaining I come across a little dense sometimes too lol! No it was a coma from an accident from the domestic violence situation I was pushed from a third story window and the spinal issues were from the fall and luckily surgery it was amazing and able to fix it. :) happy holidays!
ShinyLightMoon 16 gün önce
I have a dry skin and if this is something I would have to deal with, hoolyy it would be so hard. So i have huge respect for you
SunnytCake 18 gün önce
Corra atrás dos seus sonhos ❤️❤️❤️
EliZephyr 14 gün önce
Phantom pain sounds really painful, but a phantom itch really is super irritating. At some point, my foot would start getting really itchy and despite my hours of finding the itch I still couldn't find it but what helps me is that I soak my feet in cold water and let myself focus on the cold rather than the itch. I dun have a missing leg but I do hope this helps
romazzz93 18 gün önce
One of my colleagues using shocker(tazer) on lowest setting for phantom feelings. He says it works for him in majority of cases...
Crystal Billingsley
Though I still have all of my limbs, I did have some pretty major surgery on my right thigh and I now have severe nerve damage that will never heal. For years I have experienced phantom itches and pains that I can do nothing about since the skin and some of the muscle is completely numb there. Your videos make me feel so heard and understood. Thank you.
Taylor White
Taylor White 14 gün önce
This is probably a weird question and you’ve probably tried it before but… have you tried itching the prosthetic where you “feel” the itch?
108bobman 10 gün önce
Sometimes i get itches that dont go away when i scratch the location i feel it, but when i scratch elsewhere (relatively close by) i feel it go away.
abhi lash
abhi lash 15 gün önce
U must be going through so much challenges and facing them.. you are really brave
⟭⟬ Tommy Ramchiary ⟬⟭
It happens with me too sometimes and it's frustrating 😫
DarkDay2012 27 gün önce
Instead of mirror therapy you could try to sorta focus on the itch, and internally examine the feeling of it, at the same time imagine the rest of your leg and the feelings associated with it, then imagine the feeling of scratching it, the drag of your nails across your skin, weather the skin is rough cause it's dry or it's smooth cause you moisturize, etc. This is more along the lines of visualization exercises, but you may be able to eventually train yourself to use your imagination of scratching as a phantom scratch to get rid of phantom itch. I've been practicing getting rid of itches without scratching them and it works sometimes, but if it's somewhere on my face it doesn't work too well.
Kayla Hewey
Kayla Hewey 8 gün önce
That's an interesting idea I have a loved one who doesn't have the ability to reach many itches I bet they would be willing to tray that! I see how frustrating it can be to deal with an itch you can't scratch for hours.
MsDmeanor 12 gün önce
Does my guy not have a head im confused
Ai Skye
Ai Skye 14 gün önce
I usually just don't scratch it and change my focus to something else to forget it since I feel like the itch always feels worse after I scratch.
Cheetah8Cheese _
Cheetah8Cheese _ 24 gün önce
I do this too lol
こたろみすに 15 gün önce
I'm not an amputee but I experience this.. sometimes when there's an itch somewhere for example in my leg, I know where exactly it is but when I scratch it it feels it isn't there and the itch isn't going away..
Savanna Arnold
Savanna Arnold 22 gün önce
I’m not an amputee, but I do have some nerve damage in one of my legs. It does the itching thing too. Nothing helps it, I just have to wait it out. Hardly anyone else gets it but it is so much worse than the nerve pain.
Tan⁷ ⟬⟭
Tan⁷ ⟬⟭ 13 gün önce
This reminded me of my aunt (mom's sister) ! She had to cut off one of her leg just like this girl...I was like her own daughter (she doesn't have any child and her husband cheated on her) She lived for 5 more years after the operation and later on died for brain infection
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 24 gün önce
I literally started panicking when t he video started. I could only imagine what it feels like to start itching in a place where you absolutely cannot scratch. That would drive me insane
Fritzjerald Domingo
I wish I could give you a hug, to tell you that we can get through this together. People like you who keeps on fighting despite the hardships, I envy you because I barely do anything reproductive despite not having any disease or body problems. So I told myself, I guess I could start by understanding myself better and work my way by helping others
queenofichigo 29 gün önce
@SkippyCat 41 nah, you're good man
SkippyCat 41
SkippyCat 41 Aylar önce
@Aku Maliq What? I'm I the one in the wrong? I'm not trying to be one of those rude correctors ya know?
Aku Maliq
Aku Maliq Aylar önce
@SkippyCat 41 oh no😳
SkippyCat 41
SkippyCat 41 Aylar önce
I think you mean just Productive not re-productive lol
Shakabletax 210
Shakabletax 210 3 gün önce
I've had itches inside my ear and almost wanted to cry, I feel you that must be hell
Nathalia Heloisa
Nathalia Heloisa 18 gün önce
I'm not an expert but I'd like to show you an idea I use to contain muscle spasms that occur in my feet (I don't have any amputated limbs, just really bad foot cramps). I use ice. I place my feet in plain ice or extremely cold water until my feet froze slightly. This stops the spasms. You can try!
John Wilkins
John Wilkins 12 gün önce
My dad had phantom pain. He would be sitting on the couch and his leg would raise up off of the couch almost on its own and he would be in a lot of pain. I was fairly young when he had his worse pain and there was nothing I could do. His amputation was similar to yours it was jus below the knee.
Terracom Studios
Terracom Studios 5 gün önce
Hey so I did a thesis last semester about VR. One of the topics was the application of vr in the medical field. And phantom pains and itches came up that by using Virtual reality you overide your proprioception that you experience and are able to get rid of most of the Phantom pains and itches. I don't know if you will ever read this but I'd suggest reading up on it and consulting with your doctor about the possibilities.
G 19 gün önce
Not as bad but after knee surgery I lost feeling in the front of my knee cap because the nerve was damaged, I get phantom itch in the front of my knee too. I thought it was just me!
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 19 gün önce
U made my day u r so inspirational keep going girl🥰🥰🥰
MostToast Ted
MostToast Ted 3 gün önce
My grandmother used to get phantom itch . She said the only way she could get rid of it was to put on her prosthetic leg and scratch her fake foot .
Ràpido 17 gün önce
Try to itch on the same spot where you feel the itch on the other foot it might work
TheBreechie Aylar önce
My uncle spent 20 years saying mirror therapy didn’t work for him and in the 30th year it gave him everything he ever needed… I hope you find the solution that works for you because you deserve it… My uncle actually found that having someone massage the area where the leg, foot, whatever is exactly what he needed and I hope that you’ve got someone who is willing to massage the air for you or do what ever you need
yosteezy 3 gün önce
I had extra fingers with no bones on each of my hands but since I had nerve endings in the fingers I have phantom itch and phantom pains it’s so annoying haha.
Jochen Stacker
Jochen Stacker 18 gün önce
I'm learning things on this channel I couldn't even imagine existed.
ReVo LuTiOn
ReVo LuTiOn 4 gün önce
Have you thought about sitting down in a bathtube ? Maybe the experience of "beeing under water" lets your mind think it doesn't itch anymore because you cleaned it or something ?
KaoTao 23 gün önce
Phantom itch sounds absolutely torturous. It seems like if feels like an itch in the throat but much worse
Marcus McFall
Marcus McFall Aylar önce
Something that always helped my grandfather was putting pressure above the knee and massaging it fairly hard. I know everyone is different but if this could help someone in any way then I want to share it
Josiah Kiehl
Josiah Kiehl 9 gün önce
I have had a phantom itch several times before without having any missing limbs so I honestly think that the universe just really dislikes me
misses elise
misses elise 22 gün önce
i have no feeling in part of my arm from nerve damage but sometimes that part of my arm will itch SO bad. i can itch the area but it doesn’t help because i can’t feel it
Balu D Leo
Balu D Leo 13 gün önce
Derlaxs 2 gün önce
Hmmm, did you try to stimulate your end nerves with electric shocks when its happening?
n c
n c Aylar önce
I get itches in my skin on occasion that I cannot scratch to save my life and I'm not an amputi. I'm so sorry it must be really hard honestly but you're such a badass for sharing with us!
l • l Annie l • l
l • l Annie l • l 19 gün önce
question: whenever ur "foot" falls asleep can you feel the pain or no? and does it feel numb
Angry Durian
Angry Durian 15 saatler önce
That's just like when I have an itch inside of my body, like inside of my ear and I obviously can't reach it, it's sooo frustrating
Acromotor Remine
Acromotor Remine 12 gün önce
Try to strengthen your muscle there multiple times. If doesnt work try wiggling it or swinging it front and back If it doesnt work try to use that part of your body to step on the floor or massage it using the floor by pressing that part of your body to the floor and move it slow and well pressed in rotational movement.i hope it helps
Rebekah Zammit
Rebekah Zammit 22 gün önce
A question that might be stupid but I'd really like to understand: Would it be beneficial to "itch" the prosthetic foot and watch yourself do that? Maybe that would give some kind of relief through association?
Checkered Candle
Checkered Candle 2 gün önce
I just slap at the numb part. That’s where the nerve damage is and it usually helps
Selin Orhan
Selin Orhan 24 gün önce
Im sooooooo sorry that you have to go through this I hope everything is ok right now and that you are having a good time
Kingster Sreejit
Kingster Sreejit 21 gün önce
Your videos are very helpful Thanks for the contribution
JellyWolf 17
JellyWolf 17 24 gün önce
It might get itchy from being dry or always being inside a case all the time, maybe put on lotion or hydrocortisone cream! If that doesn’t help at all then slap it or rub it! If truly nothing works breathe for four seconds hold for four seconds, then breathe out for four seconds! Focus on breathing!
Grey Area
Grey Area Aylar önce
I'm learning so much from you, my mother is an above the knee amputee on one leg. Thank you ❤️
Digiac OSRS
Digiac OSRS 12 gün önce
What if you drop something on your prosthetic foot when it itches? Might stimulate the nerves to stop the phantom itch?
Dani 22 saatler önce
The body wants to torture us with itches that either is in the throat or somewhere that DOESNT exist anymore 😀
MUD 10 gün önce
I feel you even with all my limbs
Crypted Bullet
Crypted Bullet 21 gün önce
A friend of mine has this It's super annoying base on his description, so what he did was he stood up and swayed his stub, sometimes he stretches it so the skin would be still and he'd rub the side of the stub to make the itchiness and pain go away, or at least dampen it Sometimes stretching the skin would help, but really, standing up leaning to a wall and swaying it or stretching it before rubbing would help - My friend.
Christian Jensen
Christian Jensen Aylar önce
I suffered from VERY severe exema when I was a kid, sued to help cooling my hands with cold water/icepack. Might not work though, no idea how temperature affects amputees, just wanted to bring it up in the hope you can use it 🙂 Ty for the vids btw
Y/N 21 gün önce
I have eczema that's why my feet looks so ugly lmao
T Aylar önce
i have eczema, i put it under hot water and it felt awesome
Salma Begum
Salma Begum 23 gün önce
Do you think you can itch after a long time (years, months or days) ?
Pestilence 3 gün önce
I can only imagine but phantom itch sounds like actual torture.
Silver Tongue
Silver Tongue Gün önce
Sometimes i also have a phantom itch.(im normal) i feel itchy in part of my body but can't be scratch . Usually i stimulate the region and then another part of my skin become itchy and the itch is gone. Maybe my nerve send the wrong signal
I know how that feels😃 You feel like something is itching inside your body and you are scared to scratch it because it can hurt
Watch now Or later
Watch now Or later 22 gün önce
As a person with bot legs i cant completly relate but some times i have this weird itch on the inside of my foot that i can never scratch and i can imagine it feeling some what of the feeling you are getting
Young God
Young God 6 gün önce
this isnt pain that bends until its breaks, it's pain that stays switching till it fades. and then it goes away. comes back someday. youre waiting.
Lieutenant Ghost
Lieutenant Ghost 24 gün önce
I experience the same thing on my foot it's really itchi and I tried itching where the itch is and I can't scratch it even if im already scratching the area where it is it's really annoying and I'm experiencing one right now
Tropical Disaster
Tropical Disaster 14 gün önce
I feel something close to this when the skin under my callouses start to itch. I can't get to it so I end up stamping around like a rhino
Daksha Chandra
Daksha Chandra Aylar önce
I'm so sorry you go through this :( I can't imagine what the pain is like but can feel your frustration praying for you sis ❤️❤️
Jhast Agudgai
Jhast Agudgai 10 gün önce
Itch that changes location everytime you scrach maybe comparable or less to this one
Luke Symmons
Luke Symmons 19 gün önce
There's that classic phenomenon where you cover your real right hand, say, and have a fake right hand uncovered right next to it. After repeated touching of the fake hand, your brain believes the fake hand is your real hand, and some people can even feel the touching happening on their real hand. Maybe you could try the same thing with your leg.
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