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19 Haz 2022




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SKY Aylar önce
*Only the Griffins are allowed to bully Meg*
WhiteSharkGrace 12 gün önce
@Lykos wut
galaxy 19 gün önce
may zigelboim
may zigelboim 19 gün önce
Aaaa in the kitchen Meg…..
ivy 20 gün önce
@Plagg true, i’ve seen so many people do that
Joshua Koteka
Joshua Koteka 22 gün önce
wow for the whole first time ever he's definitely taking a stand for his daughter!?!?
Draco180 Aylar önce
Holy shit! Peter griffin admitted that meg is his daughter. Never thought i would hear that
Draco180 24 gün önce
@Wegwerf Acc cool but i mentioned nothing about the reason he said what he said. Simply put, you are misunderstanding
Wegwerf Acc
Wegwerf Acc 25 gün önce
@Draco180 he said, that's my daugther, but then didn't say "I'm not gonna allow you, to put grspe juice on her". Instead he just went on complaining about the grape juice on the floor.
megacatlive 25 gün önce
Draco180 29 gün önce
@Wegwerf Acc yo he literally said “thats my daughter” who cares why he scolded the bully? That was not my point
Jamie Vargas
Jamie Vargas Aylar önce
It’s actually pretty swag that Meg makes her own Caprisuns, that’s creative and probably tastes similar too if she said its Caprisuns
74 Nova
74 Nova 17 gün önce
@kris thompson be careful with that.
kris thompson
kris thompson 17 gün önce
@74 Nova not if ur using the right bag, also I shared the same concern with her, so she now hand washes them and doesn’t care what I say, so I’ll often clean them for her
74 Nova
74 Nova 17 gün önce
@kris thompson that’s ghetto and super toxic
Isobel... 17 gün önce
Creepy Cors
Creepy Cors Aylar önce
When he said “I’ll knock your teeth down your throat and out your but” I laughed so hard I fell of my bed
Profile 25 gün önce
Xavier Xique
Xavier Xique Aylar önce
"What do we got here lean in a zip lock bag?"
caleb higareda
caleb higareda 19 gün önce
☕️ Espresso Cookie🍪
"I have to make my own capri suns
ElChristianCarrot 19 gün önce
Not the purple potion 🙈
Fishy in Storm
Fishy in Storm 19 gün önce
I 💜 LEAN 😈💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😈😈
Alisibeth Tolliver
Alisibeth Tolliver Aylar önce
The fact he defended his own daughter was kinda endearing.
Jamie Gaskins
Jamie Gaskins 19 gün önce
So you didn’t watch the clip at all
i’ll kiss you right now
@Kidwunder16 *inconvenience**
❝ variant ❞
❝ variant ❞ 26 gün önce
@ر endearing
Romy –
Romy – Aylar önce
@Kidwunder16 you must have short term memory loss if you forgot so quickly how Peter reacted in the beginning of the video.
Gracelynn Barrett
Gracelynn Barrett Aylar önce
“Get on the floor and lick that up” My father used to tell me that all the time when I was little
RF GamingHD
RF GamingHD 18 gün önce
PivotDJ 27 gün önce
Ay wait a sec-
Scott And Tori
Scott And Tori Aylar önce
Ssgss Gogeta
Ssgss Gogeta Aylar önce
Poki Poki
Poki Poki Aylar önce
Its really nice seeing Peter stand up for Meg.
Jayden Deller
Jayden Deller Aylar önce
This is actually how you deal with bullies.
Dashell Rose
Dashell Rose Aylar önce
I really like how Peter actually stands up to his daughter
PRED GAMIN Aylar önce
The fact that he cared more about the floor than his daughter 💀
DeputyFish Aylar önce
@PRED GAMIN aw shit man im down for some
PRED GAMIN Aylar önce
@DeputyFish I'm smoking seaweed
DeputyFish Aylar önce
@PRED GAMIN the word "more" doesnt help you said he cared *MORE* about the floor when again i stated the opposite he said MEG FIRST meaning cared *MORE* about her and was only giving the kid a punishment because it was meg like i was thinking it was a joke so i was just scrolling replys but no i really think your smoking some good shit- give me some
PRED GAMIN Aylar önce
@DeputyFish ohhh, yea, maybe u didn't see that I pointed out the word "more"
DeputyFish Aylar önce
@PRED GAMIN im gonna just restart cause you are in a loop it seems peter defended meg first :The fact that he cared more about the floor than his daughter 💀: implying he cares more for her especially since he only got involved cause it was meg peter bullies meg yes but this was a clear sign of him caring for her which was nice to see so when you say did you even read what i said to the guy, i really wonder if you even read what he said
Tavaris Anthony
Tavaris Anthony 23 gün önce
Smartest thing Peter ever done" "I ain't lying 😂
Julia Benavider
Julia Benavider Aylar önce
Honestly as someone who was constantly bullied THEY NEVER FEEL SORRY literally 10 years later they think it was funny They deserve this type of treatment 😂
Jayceee Azaw
Jayceee Azaw Aylar önce
When Peter said “HEY STUPID” it had me dieing😂😂😂
rice㋛ Aylar önce
I love the fact he cared about the grape juice on the floor and the noise more then his actually daughter
border Aylar önce
“Get on your knees and lick that up!” “A-are you serious?” “YEAH I AM , IM THE PRINCIPAL!” now take that out of context
*🌙BeanSprout🌈* 18 gün önce
Mrs. StealUrHusband
Mrs. StealUrHusband 21 gün önce
@ROS3'SROSE🌹 yes! 😎
Wonderland 21 gün önce
Sounds like a fun after school hours afternoon
Sushii 22 gün önce
ROS3'SROSE🌹 22 gün önce
@Aaron Thakurdin AAAAAAAAHHHH
SMSV621 Aylar önce
This is pretty satisfying seeing Peter actually defend Meg n being genuinely pissed off
Margarita Cordero
Margarita Cordero Aylar önce
Idk why but the way she said Capri suns was hilarious
Saviel Flores
Saviel Flores Aylar önce
The one true time I actually saw Peter defending his family the right way
Shaunski Gaming
Shaunski Gaming Aylar önce
Gotta give Peter props. I still remember the stairs 😂😂
akaki axobadze
akaki axobadze Aylar önce
peter almost had us in the first half ngl even i thought he was defending Meg 😀
VoidGaming404 Aylar önce
@Suzie Dolo ?
Suzie Dolo
Suzie Dolo Aylar önce
No additional charge for your order today
Watery~Lemon Aylar önce
@VoidGaming404 true
VoidGaming404 Aylar önce
@Chris M I meant more in the fact that none of the characters are allowed to show long term care for Meg, including Peter, it seems. It's rare, but when it happens, it shows that he truly cares about her.
Lavender Potato
Lavender Potato Aylar önce
@VoidGaming404 lmao “I just wanna talk to him”
inactive shooter
inactive shooter Aylar önce
I love when he said "I'll knock your teeth down your throat and out your butt" family guy is so funny
Beavis 2310
Beavis 2310 Aylar önce
The only time I've seen Peter stick up for Meg.
Emilia Little
Emilia Little Aylar önce
He almost shot one of her exes for "getting her pregnant"(she turned out not to be pregnant) at like 17
Sadie C
Sadie C Aylar önce
One of the few times Peter was a good dad-
Giselle Barahona
Giselle Barahona Aylar önce
Finally Peter actually cares about his daughter 😭👍
Ooilei Aylar önce
I like this Peter more, I know his actions are wrong, but he's defending his daughter for once
WallBurrito Aylar önce
@Ivansky1 Bad actions and bullying
Ivansky1 Aylar önce
@WallBurrito What is he preventing!?!?!?
WallBurrito Aylar önce
It's not wrong if he's preventing it from ever happening in the future.
Minecraft Er
Minecraft Er Aylar önce
Amazing. Everything you just said was wrong.
Grandmastang Aylar önce
Nah he's defending the floor lol
xtragaming5678 Aylar önce
Give this man an award for being the best dad
EinsamPibroch278 Aylar önce
I love it when Peter puts his foot down.
four20game Aylar önce
First time I’ve actually seen someone stick up for Meg other than Brian
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez Aylar önce
When Peter finds out you picking on Meg but your not a griffin 😂😂
The Gaming Doggo
The Gaming Doggo Aylar önce
I was expecting him to just laugh with the bullies
RainyRxse 28 gün önce
last Aylar önce
Mar Aylar önce
@Herman Adolfsen he wasn’t mad that they were bullying meg he was mad that ppls shoes would get sticky and make an annoying noise
Glitch-T3chhh Aylar önce
So true lmao
Bigfoots brother who has gained access to internet
That actually seems like something Peter would do
Hannah Woodhams
Hannah Woodhams Aylar önce
One of the few times I have EVER been proud of Peter Griffin
Marocco🇲🇦 Aylar önce
I love how Peter Always Care about meg evrey Time someone bullies her!
DeeboSantana II
DeeboSantana II Aylar önce
Imagine getting humbled by PETER GRIFFIN 😂😂😂😂😂
good lord
good lord Aylar önce
I like how he's not even doing it for meg, he just hates the noises of wet sneakers 😂
Joshua Murray
Joshua Murray Aylar önce
If we had more principals like this, we'd have less bullies like that! 😃👍
TimeWhale Aylar önce
@PunkBeluga aka Chessbette i see! How could I have not thought of that sooner?
PunkBeluga aka Chessbette
@TimeWhale Cops: You can't treat kids like that Peter: But I'm the principal Cops: Understandable, have a nice day There 🤣
Rossy Vizcarra
Rossy Vizcarra Aylar önce
Jayce Searle
Jayce Searle Aylar önce
We need to bring back bullies. Who wakes up in the morning and decides their gonna dress and act like a cat?
Kenny Foltz
Kenny Foltz Aylar önce
Agree good thing I live in Missouri where they still SWAT disrespecting pieces of s*** with a belt in school
Bruh 29 gün önce
We need more principals like him
Omnipresent L
Omnipresent L Aylar önce
Honestly, more people need to be humbled like this. Think you're the big shot of the school then the guy in change makes you lock the mess you made.
Husky Aylar önce
Peter the principal of the whole school just really protected meg wow good job Peter
Colton Nesbitt
Colton Nesbitt 26 gün önce
This was low key one of my favorite episodes I usually prefer American dad but this one was good
Swagger Dagger
Swagger Dagger Aylar önce
Peter really just said “I know you aint laughing” 💀
Dargonlord 😶‍🌫️
@SaltyPepsツ why are you making a big deal out of this
Scarlett ☺️
Scarlett ☺️ Aylar önce
@12_gage 🤦‍♀️
Ijai Mambula
Ijai Mambula Aylar önce
He did say, “hey stupid that’s my daughter.” so…
Todd Tamayo
Todd Tamayo Aylar önce
@SaltyPepsツ paraphrasing isn’t reality it’s based off your mind of how you perceive it. So in actuality petter never said I know you ain’t laughing. Sure he put into quotations meaning it’s false. I understand the really part really throws it completely off. Cause he intel’s it’s based off truth.
Matthew Franks
Matthew Franks Aylar önce
This is the first time in a long time Peter actually did something good
PS Aylar önce
Loved this scene, bullies deserve more than that
Anton Poulsen
Anton Poulsen Aylar önce
Well folks, I guess Peter Griffin is the greatest principle of all time. No doubt
Winter Nights
Winter Nights Aylar önce
Dude peter may be a screwup, but he's an amazing principal 😍
Unity Falls
Unity Falls Aylar önce
Peter has a valid reason though. I don't want my shoes to be sticky because some guy spilled juice on the floor.
Rory Tribbet
Rory Tribbet Aylar önce
This is so true tho
NMA_YT Aylar önce
Marcos Cortez
Marcos Cortez Aylar önce
@Unity Falls 3,
Lola Aylar önce
Idk but i think on spongebobs shose
The Thin Blue Frontlines
I mean I really don't see what he did wrong. These teachers and principals have to basically parent these kids while they're at school so Peter made a "Dad" move
Ahri 23 gün önce
The sticky sneakers sound had me dead 😂
Po Chuy Ma
Po Chuy Ma Aylar önce
Finally, Peter stands up for his daughter! The next clip shows how Peter humiliates Meg. The universe is rightfully balanced again. 😆😆😆 LOL!
Starlight_Rainbow 25 gün önce
Seeing this makes me think my dad is like Peter griffin even more
His gf: where did u learn to do this so good Him: *_ptsd kicks in_*
Gacha Film Studios
Gacha Film Studios 24 gün önce
Gacha Film Studios
Gacha Film Studios 24 gün önce
O h
Gacha Film Studios
Gacha Film Studios 24 gün önce
Gacha Film Studios
Gacha Film Studios 24 gün önce
Parlata.taitauve Aylar önce
The part when he said he will put his teeth down his throat out of his hurt made me laugh
TooLazyTo ThinkForName
Peter is the real principal here because he actually care about the bullying in school
Zero z
Zero z Aylar önce
I should'nt be smiling this much in public 😂😂😂
KingofKingz Radio
KingofKingz Radio 29 gün önce
Theface1357 Aylar önce
I feel like this is the appropriate response people should have with bullies
MoodyKat Aylar önce
@San Diego Wrap um no I dont???? Did you just assumed that cus you couldn't think of anything to say or what????? That is literally the stupidest response to any comment I've ever gotten. I was talking about how bully is wrong, where did you even get a Playlist from that????
TheBlueboy7777 Aylar önce
quantum Cry
quantum Cry Aylar önce
@Happy please please please NEVER have kids
dblum3 Aylar önce
@TheExiledNivera I agree. But sometimes it is 100% necessary. One day, they might try to bully the wrong person. Better to scare them without causing harm than for them to be put in a hospital with a few broken bones.
Nick Slaughter
Nick Slaughter Aylar önce
I have seen every single episode of family guy atleast 10 times each, and I still don’t get tired of coming across clips I don’t remember lmao
Return Void
Return Void Aylar önce
That dude is a future police and he will do a perfect job like in this video.
Toxic_tomb123 Aylar önce
Whats bugging me the most about this is the way Meg says caprisuns
Jessica Green
Jessica Green 26 gün önce
I remember he beat up that kid for picking on Chris. 😂😂😂 Peter doesn’t let others bully his kids.
SMA 24 gün önce
Why do I feel like we need Peter as a principal in all schools
Jennie Notsoft
Jennie Notsoft Aylar önce
“Hey stubid,what the hell are you doing? That’s my daighter”
Myha Dixon-Johnson
Myha Dixon-Johnson Aylar önce
I'm I the only one or what I love when Peter defend Meg even though he pick on Meg.
Ja'Quavien Abrams
Ja'Quavien Abrams Aylar önce
You're not the only one.
That man got taught a lesson 😂
Giovane Silva
Giovane Silva Aylar önce
"This is gonna make people sneakers sticky!" petter griffin sneakerhead check💀
Kholi Aylar önce
Actually he finds the noise annoying. Cool story though
Jayce Searle
Jayce Searle Aylar önce
@Dont Check My About Page Link OK I won't.
Giovane Silva
Giovane Silva Aylar önce
@Arvin Dadgar she?
Earn Money Online
Earn Money Online Aylar önce
Read my name
Giovane Silva
Giovane Silva Aylar önce
@Arvin Dadgar sneakerhead from blood
Acehowler 180
Acehowler 180 23 gün önce
Nice to see he will protecc his daughter from other people that aren’t his family
iSuckAtNames Aylar önce
We need more people like Peter tbh. Dumbass, but will fight for what's right.
Armstrong Gaming
Armstrong Gaming Aylar önce
Hey, he recognised meg as his daughter An improvement's an improvement
Dtn Kayden
Dtn Kayden Aylar önce
I thought Meg was gonna say “no don’t take my lean” 🤣
dubnicko Aylar önce
The Griffins being brutally emotionally and verbally abusive to Meg: 😂 The Griffins when non Griffins are bullying Meg: 🤬
Jamie Gaskins
Jamie Gaskins 19 gün önce
Ummm did you watch the clip? Had nothing to do with meg
Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos 22 gün önce
Angel Bynum
Angel Bynum 26 gün önce
@too surreal you just used emojis there fine dude
i’ll kiss you right now
ahh yes… i TOO know what emoji’s are….
pedroBR games
pedroBR games 27 gün önce
It's that "relatives are mine, i can talk 'bout them" thing, you know?
Alex Clingan
Alex Clingan Aylar önce
Bruh literally if I was a principal I would do that same exact thing
Lesser mooK
Lesser mooK Aylar önce
One of few times Peter was a competent character is when he behaves like a father.
Maria Acosta
Maria Acosta Aylar önce
Peter finally stands up for Meg! :^)
4Ever Mr.J
4Ever Mr.J Aylar önce
No one gonna talk about how she making her own caprisuns 😂😂
ThatKyrieFan Aylar önce
“Personally i would never take that level of disrespect”
ZzIAmNOTLegendzZ Aylar önce
You gonna fight that Chicken to the death? I don't think so.
Kenny Foltz
Kenny Foltz Aylar önce
Same here
Yeezzy_ 1
Yeezzy_ 1 Aylar önce
@TeensierKitty42 nvm the fact Peter Griffin is highly likely a 15th dimensional being, omnipresent, omnipotent, immortal, break any walls. There’s more to PG but that’s all I can remember rn.
EysEmperor Aylar önce
You may as well play wrestling with a driving car
Jj Lim
Jj Lim Aylar önce
We talking about a guy that found a new form of death disease from a random mosquito through a dare and did it all in less tha a day.
Brandon _490
Brandon _490 Aylar önce
The way his head boped the floor had me weak.
K.J. Coleman
K.J. Coleman Aylar önce
I thought this was gonna be "embarrassing dad only makes things worse" but it was actually "the godfather protects his family"
Hammerime2.0 Aylar önce
“I have to make my own capri suns “ 💀💀💀💀
Hailey Cassidy
Hailey Cassidy 28 gün önce
"Grape juice in a Ziploc bag?" Meg:"I've to make my own Capri suns."
I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me
"This is gonna make people's sneakers sticky!" -Wise man
Pedja Antonic
Pedja Antonic 22 gün önce
Pedja Antonic
Pedja Antonic 22 gün önce
Pedja Antonic
Pedja Antonic 22 gün önce
@Country Lover hsgy
Mani_kani99 🇺🇦
Mani_kani99 🇺🇦 25 gün önce
Country Lover
Country Lover Aylar önce
At my high school my classes senior prank was supposed to be a conga line through the hallways because my school is anti fun but it dissented into chaos and everyone ran into the bathrooms, the floor was sticky for the next week and a half.
goosy 19 gün önce
“Ay stopid” That made me laugh so much
Nightmare Freddy04
Nightmare Freddy04 Aylar önce
Honestly this is one of those times where peter cares about his kids
Lauren Mann
Lauren Mann 25 gün önce
Oh my God it's so funny I can't resist it 🤣😂
Xecutioner 26 gün önce
He didn't defend Meg, he just didn't want a sticky floor💀
“I have to make my own Capri suns”
Kimberly Sablan
Kimberly Sablan Aylar önce
Grape capris on never heard of it
Khromyak Vsevolod
Khromyak Vsevolod Aylar önce
@HydrosCZ i didn't know you could make *sus* at home!
INDER SINGH Aylar önce
@Leon Dreamcastit’s true tho 🤡
Marcel Primes
Marcel Primes Aylar önce
Had me dying laughing 😂😂😭
Soup Aylar önce
@Dont Check My About Page Link ok I wont
KC Kloppel
KC Kloppel Aylar önce
Seen it but still brings back a laugh!
whoah an ant
whoah an ant Aylar önce
The sticky sneaker sounds are accurate though 💀
V01D Aylar önce
Peter doesn’t even care about the juice on Meg, just the juice on the floor lol
CorruptedShadow 24 gün önce
“That’s my daughter!” *”That’s* my daughter!”
Icy Jay777
Icy Jay777 Aylar önce
And from that day he grew up wanting to be dominated by men in glasses
GothicTeen Aylar önce
@Gregory lmao
Gregory Aylar önce
@GothicTeen good ^^ sum I’m not used to lol
GothicTeen Aylar önce
@Gregory you give me scary vibes 😰
Gregory Aylar önce
@GothicTeen tell me why, bestie
GothicTeen Aylar önce
@Gregory I am officially scared 🤝
alexis flores
alexis flores Aylar önce
Imagine how well behaved kids would be at peters school
hitsuguyathe1 Aylar önce
Funniest part to me is how it’s probably peters fault that she has to make her own capri suns 💀
Danial Hakim
Danial Hakim 27 gün önce
The principal we all need
Lightning slayer
Lightning slayer Aylar önce
Sometimes Peter can be a good guy, in a sense
Yoshiaki desuu
Yoshiaki desuu Aylar önce
Peter is a great Dad
Kyren Aylar önce
When it comes down to Peter actually protects his family
J. David Sapp
J. David Sapp Aylar önce
We lost our schools when we let “write you up” be the answer to “what are you gonna do about it?” Peter Griffin would be a better principal than most I had.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 21 gün önce
Rare moment of Peter being a proper father
KtElite Aylar önce
I hope principal like this exist Edit: to people who take this comment seriously. Get a life
SergentNewVegas Aylar önce
*taking comment seriously noises*
I forgor 💀
I forgor 💀 Aylar önce
why do people think anything in this thread is good
TheBlueboy7777 Aylar önce
@Korbinian123 and i can also imagine kids had a bullet proof bags and vest or john wick bullet resist suit~ thats totally coooool~
skinnyZ Aylar önce
Come to România.
comicz Aylar önce
Peter griffin has single handedly solved bullying in schools
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