Peter Parker vs Flash - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD

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Peter Parker vs Flash Thompson - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ]
Peter Parker vs Flash (2002): trvid.com/video/video-eTAWw_J-EPY.html

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20 Mar 2017




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She was painting on the side of a basketball court, while a game was ongoing. What did she expect was going to happen?
There’s no way she could’ve picked up that bucket on her own. Peterman is a true hero.
Jonathan Baiño
Flash wasn't in the wrong here though. I totally understand why he jumped from marvel to dc. Now he's a pillar member of the justice league. Godspeed to you flash.
I absolutely love how Flash was shown up in the Raimiverse and Sonyverse. A shame we never saw something as cool as this in the MCU :/
Flash was holding back. If he used the speed force, he'd have a chance.
This is exactly what would happen if a teenager got super powers.
Guy catches ball without looking at it, manages to hold onto a ball with one hand while another guy is using full strength to grab it and jumps insanely high to break a backboard.
Brenden Tait
I actually think this scene is very important for story telling it shows the initial arrogance and unresponsible uses of his powers to show he still needs to grow and take his uncles message to heart
Andrew just straight up charging into Flash, executing one of the worst travels I've seen in my life, and then completely destroying the backboard has to be the most uncool cool thing I've ever seen
This scene would be cooler if he actually dribbled and easily got passed him before dunking rather then just charging at him and hitting him full speed and traveling like a maniac
Elle Calladine
I loved the casting for Flash Thompson in this movie. Shame he didn't get much screen time after the high school scenes as I love the moment he sympathises and says sorry to Peter after Uncle Ben dies.
Alexis Alonso
I love the playful music that starts playing when Peter catches the ball, it tells you exactly what sort of mischievous thoughts are running through Peter’s head once he realizes he has a chance to mess with Flash
If Flash did that on purpose, then he has an understanding of trajectory and spatial awareness comparable to that of Captain America.
Phil Denut
I just love how the guy throws the ball straight up with no intention to make the basket just so that Flash could block it. Definetely something you do in basketball
In Flash’s defense, who paints a banter on a basketball court while people are playing?
Sumit Balakrishnan
Peter's Smile..Oh God...💙😅❤️🥰
Now all of these years old clips are gonna get millions of views within weeks
I love Andrew's scenes as Peter Parker especially this one, because this really shows how much anyone would take advantage of these powers.
I'm so glad Peter went and picked up the bucket for her, I can't imagine how she would've done it without him.
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