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15 Tem 2022




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@BeastReacts Yıl önce
We gathered a list of the most talented people we could find on the internet and held our own talent show for a $10,000 prize!
@Tommo3756 Yıl önce
How many sobs can I get from this comment
@thyprsn Yıl önce
@laurenn5448 Yıl önce
@aliwashere666 Yıl önce
@YouTube Yıl önce
bow guy was next level impressive 🔥
@timoteh4585 Yıl önce
@me-14 Yıl önce
I have to agree with you
@cherriegao Yıl önce
Here before it blows up :)
@someguy5354 Yıl önce
indeed it was
@ehdeit420 Yıl önce
It's so fun to watch people whose talents are this impressive, but it's even more fun to watch Jimmy and Chris narrating together.
@lindsey2931 Yıl önce
@WindclanKitten 😂😂😂😂😂 ur too dryyyy😂😂😂😂😂😂
@user-xy8gz1wy9t 6 aylar önce
@user-kc7oi6tn5o 5 aylar önce
There will never be enough appreciation for the actions that Jimmy has taken. Such a good guy.))
@EK_Beast Yıl önce
Lars Anderson is the forefront of historical archery being rediscovered after hundreds of years of lost and forgotten culture. So hell yeah he deserves to win.
@user-om9js3pz9w 7 aylar önce
Definitely give the dog a 100$ bonus just for being there . This is always entertaining and showcases the greatest talents out there..
@IaRnOld840 7 aylar önce
Ахаха 🤣 ору лол
@ItzJuzRandom Yıl önce
Chris: A dog lover Jimmy: A wheelbarrow lover
@Skelotone99 Yıl önce
me: A capybara lover
@Jay-sj2up Yıl önce
me: your mom lover
@foxy11752 Yıl önce
@SpookyBur Yıl önce
Onward men the war it comes.
@kayanmir Yıl önce
@Gabbyl12044 Aylar önce
The fact Jimmy can do almost anything offensive without offending anyone but that if anyone else would they would be hated forever😂😂😂
I love how Chris always wants to give the money to the doggies. Totally with ya there Chris!
@amorinaromero3310 10 aylar önce
Yeees dogs
@user-us1eu2xy8r 9 aylar önce
@user-us1eu2xy8r 9 aylar önce
@xiwhkr 8 aylar önce
@Mrbossman817 6 aylar önce
What the dog doing
@harveylibby1678 5 aylar önce
This is pure viewing pleasure. The banter between you two is spot on and perfect. Keep it up guys. 🙏👍
@MrBuusen Yıl önce
Bow guy is actually from Denmark and as a dane i am proud that he had the talent to impress jimmy and chris!
Koooom nu Lyngby bueskydning
Poggers imagine en dansker vinder siuuu
@@sebastianphilipsen34 tror du rentfaktisk han får 10k dollars
@Tiltern Yıl önce
men arbejdede han måske på din skole før, nej det tænkte jeg nok
Hei Danskemand...
The sword guys deserve 20/10 Imagine Chris and Jimmy doing it
one of them wouldnt make it out
@@grumpydragonaut1232 no
@@grumpydragonaut1232 lol yes
@jaffacakenjoyer Yıl önce
@Kavetion ratio+l
Poor Dlow, still making the beatbox community proud man 🔥🔥🔥
He became 2nd so he did great.
@haizu8326 Yıl önce
@ezrielhecht1032 Yıl önce
True dat
@Iceninja-pp2gw Yıl önce
@jennarash3385 Yıl önce
@user-io6lk6fw4f 7 aylar önce
Para mí los perros se merecen un 10/10. This is always entertaining and showcases the greatest talents out there..
@javierguerrero2731 3 aylar önce
tienes rason son muy tiernos
@noahmoots9901 Yıl önce
It's so hilarious how wrong Jimmy and Chris are about how difficult stuff is
@jonathanc.5364 Yıl önce
@Kavetion No.
@Stirstirplayz Yıl önce
@Kavetion eXcUse mE whO aSkeD 🤓
@aanyagarg223 Aylar önce
oh the last balance was next level too !!balancing on mouth is way harddd !
@falcon4755 Yıl önce
I am so happy for Lars Anderson, (bow guy) that man is truly talented and dedicated to his craft. he also shot three arrows in 0.6 seconds which is unbelievable
@GreatGryphon Yıl önce
He also curved an arrow
@CuP0dz Yıl önce
@@GreatGryphon bow guy
@GameOn0827 Yıl önce
@@GreatGryphon freaking full u-turned an arrow
@dlnk_dl Yıl önce
yea lars is insane
@arjunsb11 Yıl önce
@@GreatGryphon sauce?
@hatefshamshiri4497 8 aylar önce
There is a sport called horseback archery (an Iranian sport) where athletes shoot arrows on a horse while going fast. What the bow guy did was basically the slow version of that sport with a car !
There will never be enough appreciation for the actions that Jimmy has taken. Such a good guy.
@butter5713 Yıl önce
ur mom
bUt he mAkKes MunNyY!!!1!!1
hE diDD It fOr PeRSonAl gAneE1!!1!!1!
(obviously I'm making fun of people who actually believe that)
@trinhgiakiet9873 8 aylar önce
@user-gm2qc3np5o Aylar önce
I'm always wondering how they trained to do that such an insane skill.
@anoobybeast2845 Yıl önce
Balancing human weight on daggers, Jimmy: Nah. Wheelbarrow tricks, Jimmy: Yeah.
@ravenkiller5581 Yıl önce
The two guys should have won.
@camellekent2332 6 aylar önce
For the Taekwondo one I would rate the best because I do taekwondo and seeing how good you can get is so impressive for me
@88feji 5 aylar önce
if you really did taekwondo you would know the wooden planks are actually quite easy to break apart ....
@noonbyul 2 aylar önce
@@88feji do you think that's a show of strength?
Kinda sad dlow (the beatboxer) didn't win but I'm glad to see he's making appearances on bigger channels
@WRSHP Yıl önce
yeah i was happy when i saw him
@serthie4411 Yıl önce
I rly wanted dlow to won that man desirved the money
@silentjb9758 Yıl önce
@@silentjb9758 esh
@kellerkid3156 Yıl önce
@@greysonlenning579 Esh
@thema758 Yıl önce
Wow congrats to dlow ( beatbox guy) for the 2nd place! I‘m watching him already for a long time and i‘m so proud of him❤️
Jimmy should really watch Dlow's (the beatboxer) best moments, he's next level!!!!
@wade7959 28 gün önce
Beatbox guy was legit. He should have won. IMHO
@MeadLongbows Yıl önce
Lars Andersen definitely deserves it, his talent with a bow is incredible!👊
@capbricks6553 Yıl önce
Hes dansih, and Im danish👍
@ubz1558 Yıl önce
@Harambe420 you just reset your character
we gathered a list of the most talented people we could find on the internet and held our own talent show for $ 10, 000 prize !
This guy has no boundaries on how crazy he can get with his videos.
@Aurora8716 4 aylar önce
6:07 태권도가 미스터 비스트 영상에 나왔다고????
@iikpsyt4619 Yıl önce
As a recurve archer myself, I know how much practice it takes to get to his level. He is also using a traditional bow instead of a modern recurve bow or compound bow, which is less precise and takes an extremely heavy draw weight to achieve high performance,
@SentinalSlice Yıl önce
Lars Anderson is awesome.
@sandwichspammer Yıl önce
i'm better than Mr beast
In beatboxing u need atleast a year or 2 to master a basic sounds💀
ya it annoys me when people assume archery is easy
@nightking4132 Yıl önce
Bruh.. that's Lars Anderson .. He can literally curve an arrow.. That guy is a Bow God..
Yeaaaah, I'm so happy he won
@@angelhristov9870 Hes danish too
@Haxris423 Yıl önce
Chris is honestly a great narrator. :epic:
@halfcroisant 26 gün önce
4:25 he is using a danish coin lol
@kla_no 8 aylar önce
20 самых талантливых людей на планете... Вы не представляете, как удручающе это звучит.
@user-yk5ib6rp6y 6 aylar önce
Я тоже умею сидет на шпагат
@firelimonadik1 3 aylar önce
0:22 я это видел в Рязанском цирке, и они почти 2 минуты так держались 🤷‍♂ Это Россия, менчик
@Devinity08 Yıl önce
It’s so cool to just see how dedicated people are to a single talent, Truly inspiring!
@insafwem7608 Yıl önce
Yeah is amezing
@Devinity08 Yıl önce
@Kavetion lol
@jordygamer3676 Yıl önce
@@jordygamer3676 no
@xItzAbdullah Yıl önce
@jthom9041 Yıl önce
Seeing people do this is amazing and it improves the mood with Jimmy and Chris reacting to it
Damn I thought Dlow was gonna win that would’ve been amazing! Regardless hella talent here man glad to see the beatbox community get more and more noticed! ESH
@josselineperez4756 5 aylar önce
@josselineperez4756 5 aylar önce
Misterbis Teamo
@JasonRostro 8 aylar önce
This is always entertaining and showcases the greatest talents out there.
@user-ep8fs7je5b 8 aylar önce
Я могу объяснить что это за сердце это была открыта наверное я тоже каратистка
@franco777tv 11 gün önce
Quiero participar en un reto!! Para darle la mitad a mi familia🎉
@Harry.Elliot16 8 aylar önce
beatboxer guy should have won it is just an insane talent that should be more widely respected.
@Matsuna13 8 aylar önce
Along with Lars Andersen, the beatbox guy is also very talented.
@TheOneWhoAnnoys 8 aylar önce
@user-uu6xk7qt4r 21 gün önce
6:31 We need to think about these words
If jimmy was on a talent show his talent would be giving money to every judge lmao
@pufta5952 Yıl önce
@mauimouse0181 Yıl önce
@Alejandro-hy9nf Yıl önce
@b-lowzero Yıl önce
@The50Baker Yıl önce
You gotta watch the beat box championship.. Those guys are pretty amazing.. Just actually seen a guy helium.. Pretty impressive.
@Imarro8940 Yıl önce
@danielkk1915 7 aylar önce
Queria ver o mr beats na linha amarela de SP akakakakka
@mr.plamish 9 aylar önce
Джими: Напишу "Люди с Удивительными Талантами!" Собаки на экране: 😶
@user-im2fo4yg7h 8 aylar önce
2 русский ком
@mr.plamish 8 aylar önce
@@user-im2fo4yg7hНаши просто шифруются
@user-jp5es6ek9u 6 aylar önce
Ура еще новый бункер русских ( утка покинул чат?
@Puma_5 7 aylar önce
00:10 Я это видела в своем цирке в Нижнем Новгороде -Россия😳
@danilagmurya3229 7 aylar önce
Он никогда не бывал в России об этом даже сам он говорит
@klaus6178 Yıl önce
Bow guy's name is Lars Anderson, he holds multiple world records
@bradjuls Yıl önce
I hope they get to collab
@tommyxtras5058 Yıl önce
@TheGamerKing62 Yıl önce
Lars Andersen*
i know him personly
@BloodFourBlood Yıl önce
@@gabrielhovgaardmller4790 Meget fedt. Ved han godt han har vundet? Ellers så skriv det til ham.
@Fe4rlessKai Yıl önce
I love how you and Chris called the people “Bow guy and Sord guy “😂😂😂😂
@soloopy4398 Yıl önce
That beatboxer made the best sounds I've ever heard in my entire life
@surtivmak4715 Yıl önce
His name is D low
Yeah his name is d low the worlds best gbb beatboxer
@soloopy4398 Yıl önce
Thank you for responding to my comment💜
@rememberlife Aylar önce
4:16 yo that's a danish coin
The fact that he is wearing a $uiciceboy$ shirt makes me love them even more! I'm so obsessed with all of their videos!
@vladimirvladimir8832 10 aylar önce
@winbinsa8159 4 aylar önce
OH MY GOODNESS that was the most impressive thing I saw in my life
@asap3751 Yıl önce
Jimmy should really watch Dlow's (the beatboxer) best moments, he's next level!!!!
@b3ntastic Yıl önce
@golamabbse6084 Yıl önce
@madungaming4461 Yıl önce
ah yang bener kamu
Esh 🔥
@games4061 Yıl önce
Up! They didn’t do Dlow justice with the clip chosen, still happy he got featured tho
Man D-low's beatbox slaps Even he didn't won he's still cool
@gamingqueen4308 Yıl önce
I got to admit, the knife guys are pretty impresive. If I were Mr. Beast I would give them a 10 1/2
@Meisspedzra 7 aylar önce
Why is jimmy’s voice so soothing
The beatboxing guy's name is D-low, really good at what he does and always escalating more and more!!
@Schmidteren 2 aylar önce
Lars Andersen made world record. 7 in a row through a keyhole. :D
@angeni684 Aylar önce
@rajdip6324 Yıl önce
The Beatboxer guy is Dlow and he is one of the best Beatboxer in the world currently. I was rooting for him being a Beatboxer myself
@aradumb4749 Yıl önce
So happy another person knows Dlow.
@Squareslug Yıl önce
Came here to also say that it's Dlow
@saeedag387 Yıl önce
Imo he is the best beatboxer in the world
@Kavetion Ratio to you.
@lead7170 Yıl önce
@Kavetion Shut it
2:59 “I thought ramen was gonna be sliding around the table” 😂 you guys continue to amaze keep it up 👍
Bow guy's name is Lars Anderson, he holds multiple world records
Yoooo Lars is a legend!!!
@prophetloc365 Yıl önce
Bowman is Lars Anderson btw , he’s pretty amazing . Def worth checking his vids out 💯
@Noahcyessurjy 29 gün önce
3:57 impressive
@Tayl3n_yt Yıl önce
Funny that D-low’s passion for beatboxing has got him this far
@robloxcutter7709 7 aylar önce
0:21 which game is this reference?
@Exachad Yıl önce
The sword balancing was more impressive imo. I'm wondering how flattened the tip was though.
@Kavetion agreed
@ferhles Yıl önce
@Kavetion no
@jestawell Yıl önce
its a magic trick they didnt actually balance on the swords
@newqp Yıl önce
@alpinegamer3329 Yıl önce
The security gaurd is the goat
@masterauthor Yıl önce
I'm happy for D-Low (the Beatboxer) appearing on bigger channels!! ❤️
@Beaniez1 Yıl önce
the sword balance was insane and the bow guy was epic
@Justakid-wn8ef 4 aylar önce
These guys are so talented that’s crazy
@yeh734 Yıl önce
Why does Chris look so young 4:08
@phill5435 Yıl önce
If you need to see amazing talent on a human scale look for Ryan Harris floor screeder, he's a beast
@Nba3k193 Yıl önce
00:49 his name is the space cowboy he's Australian, he has magnets in his chest to help him sword swallow. I've met him and I stuck a magnet to his chest XD
@xxlghostxxll1481 8 aylar önce
@hxl5672 17 gün önce
And the dogs it was funny too 1:23
@gagekososky3863 Yıl önce
I love how badlands chugs just chugs an entire 2 2 liters while I struggle to chug a 5 ounce cup of water 😂
@cho.666 6 aylar önce
Что-то между Карлом и Крисом
@saba9655 Yıl önce
You guys are racking up the beast reacts videos quite often! I'm loving it. Always makes my day
@sandwichspammer Yıl önce
i'm better than Mr beast
@Hect0rxP Yıl önce
So happy for Lars. He has even more awesome videos.
@user-iu8cm5rr2d Yıl önce
2 words. ''Pure talent.''
@sky-vx9mg Yıl önce
@scyz3242 12 saatler önce
The dog is so cute 😍 🎉🐕🐶
@marcusm8288 Yıl önce
Lars Andersen is all over the local news right now, absolutely nuts
@user-fp1si2ob1y 12 gün önce
Мистер бинт твоё видео про 7 лет что ты в один большой камень у меня заставила плакать💔😭😭😭😭
@thegodofflorida Yıl önce
@dickymacbeatbox Yıl önce
Maaaan, y'all should send D-low (beatbox guy) ten racks anyways. He's a huge influence in the beatbox community!
@The-skit-kid Yıl önce
These people have a lot of talent😳 Edit: I love ur vids Jimmy!
@sexygirlalexa 7 aylar önce
It's incredible to see Mr. Beast react to people with amazing talent and give them the recognition they deserve!
@funnybeastvibeo 6 aylar önce
It's incredible to see Mr. Beast react to people with amazing talent and give them the recognition they deserve!
@toshisuki5394 Yıl önce
Bow guy really deserves it, I'm glad he won😌🤞
@Urfavjesslo 6 aylar önce
5:01 Love the beat boxing
@gagejohnson4950 Yıl önce
It’s funny how Chris has to explain some internet trends to jimmy 😂 you can tell who spends more time on social media
@gagejohnson4950 Yıl önce
@Kavetion at what?
@Macy_77 Yıl önce
@Kavetion sure buddy!
@@gagejohnson4950 no
@@gagejohnson4950 at being toxic
@Cr0ps_ Yıl önce
2:16 Chris: those dogs are stupid animals 2:46 Also Chris: I'm still mad that dogs didn't win 10 grand
@gardenofseeden Yıl önce
Lars Anderson is the man. He can quick shoot too its so badass.
@Dogs_are_coolie Aylar önce
Jimmy: people with amazing talents Also Jimmy: show multiple dogs
@sahilgupta3612 Yıl önce
I wish Dlow could've won this. Glad he's getting recognized by other creators and artist. Esh?
@user-hf2hl6uc2k 2 aylar önce
6:01에 나온 사람들이 하는것은 태권도에요. 한국의 문화죠. 그런데 첨부된 자료에는 중국이라니 난 조금 슬퍼요😢 저것이 한국의 문화라는것을 알아주세요❤️
@galo-on Yıl önce
In every react videos, Jimmy and Chris always have high energy! And i appreciate that!
@golamabbse6084 Yıl önce
they are the best really
@sandwichspammer Yıl önce
i'm better than Mr beast
@lore_shards Yıl önce
I'm so happy Lars won, I was super worried he wouldn't and you guys didn't even see some of his most impressive stunts!
Exactly what I was thinking!!!
@Iced192 Yıl önce
It’s so fun to watch those who have talents but it’s even more fun to watch jimmy And Chris Narating together
What is it
@robloxplr2023 7 aylar önce
5:55 - *Best joke in my life*
We all need to agree that Jimmy have a Tallent to being kind
@kpop_wor1d 6 aylar önce
на обложке тиль линдемман🔥🔥
@p1x3lat3d Yıl önce
Lol, if jimmy was the judge, all of the buttons would be golden because he loves giving money in people of need and full of talent unexplored.
@p1x3lat3d Yıl önce
@Kavetion nah, this is true
@viktorb4680 8 aylar önce
the security guard's dance was insane
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